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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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government have already forced the m.t.r. stations to be close all stations of the system in hong kong will be shot at 6 pm before the protests starts when important step in sri lanka's upcoming presidential election begins on monday the candidates are filing their nominations with the electoral commission in colombo incumbent president might surprise us or a senate has announced that he will not seek another for another time off to 4 years in office. a constitutional crisis last year when he sat to replace the prime minister that decision was overturned by the supreme court and often and as reports from. a record 41 candidates posting cash bones for the election head of handing in nominations on monday but the president might be a policy receiver not being among that group now when he believes he's pretty sesar that's former president mind the rajapaksa it was a complete we've where he sort of swept that election saying that he was only in
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for one term to bring change however his tenure has been fraught with disappointment for sri lankan voters and despite in recent months trying desperately to mount a real action bid to try and garner support for that relax in bed president seriously and there has been forced to admit that he's not going to make it and today's sort of final list that we see posting bonds and getting ready to contest that presidential race not including president seriously in a he's not had a very sort of an uneventful term let's say the latest being last october when he tried to stage what many people felt was a constitutional call by sacking his prime minister appointing his former rival as the replacement and being struck down by the supreme court of this country as
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saying what he had done was unconstitutional the sort of reasons for public discontent with the serious in the rule has continued just hearing it proved we did see those tragic sort of easter bombings the fact that it was sort of a tragedy of huge number of errors that led to deaths of bomb attacks clearly and so many lives was not something that people are willing to forget so this is presence of us in as we obviously of realizing and then meeting that he's not me going to make it so he's just going to stop with that 1st presidential bid. well still ahead on out of there. a novel with a bloodhounds for it and the u.s. to back up accusations in the impeachment inquiry. and crisis numbers the world health organization meets in manila after news that up 27000000 filipino children are to risk of death or disability.
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when it rained in snowed last night in the else this results and this massacre that brought is now heading size of the is clearly rather cold and the more likely it will generate some pretty big storms surat italy was this low slowly spinning up so the day forecast is going to be a bit like this the green rain or thunderstorms anywhere from italy eastwards to the gene and down towards north africa now behind it all is all gone quiet much the european plain though not very warm is in the sunshine still quite true for western france the british isles for the next band of wind and rain is on its way even of course that will make steady progress this will be the way of things i think for a few months now are stuck in the far north so that's really scandinavia and these storms by tomorrow have moved into the g 8 in touching almost all of greece and
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west turkey was temps are still held up $21.00 for athens but it may not feel that way and of course it's the tail off the version of sundry rain that's likely to appear not yet is a satellite picture showing the advancing cloud but in the fall crosser latest day and the north now geria and tunisia this will carry on moving slowly through the bay into was libya and still in the eastern side tunisia suau tuesday this is proper or time to weather. sponsored by catalona. subzero temperatures stream. this is where the hard part with the extraordinary journey. to tajikistan. would tomorrow there's no oxygen. just to experience
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a simple pleasure. risking you don't know kurdistan. hello again i'm in doha or reminder of our top stories this hour. the u.s. has evacuated 2 observation posts in northeast syria and says american troops are working to protect kurdish forces a statement from washington seemed to acknowledge a turkish plan to launch a major offensive in northern syria. iraq's government has denied any of its security forces a 5 directly on protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations this as another 5 people have been confirmed dead in baghdad. and protesters in hong kong have
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become the fast people to appear in court to face charges under a controversial anti moscow government used colonial era imagine soon regulations to impose the ban by decree. now a 2nd a whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry against u.s. president all trump a lawyer who's now representing both whistleblowers says his new client has spoken to the head of the intelligence communities internal watchdog alan fisher has more from the capital. an unusually low profile we can for president trump despite a new development in the high profile pietschmann quality of lawyers for the whistleblower who expressed concern over the controversial phone call with the ukrainian president have now confirmed on twitter there is another witness it said this government official has 1st hand knowledge and supports the claims of the force was so blown the new witness is cooperating with the intelligence community's
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inspector general and there we can tweet president trump dismiss the news writing they are going to the bench and another whistleblower is coming in from the deep state keep them coming but this weakens one leg of donald trump's defense that the original complaint was based on here see he asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate one of his political rivals to a biden during a call in july he insists he has every right to ask another country to examine wrongdoing involving americans but american law prohibits foreign interference in presidential elections the whistleblower claimed this was part of a pattern of behavior where the president used his political power to push his personal agenda the white house didn't provide anyone for the sunday political talk shows to defend the president in fact republicans were thin on the ground one who did make an appearance insisted the president did nothing wrong i'm not here defending the president i'm not here to denounce him either what i'm here is
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telling you my my piece of this puzzle here giving you my honest assessment of what i heard how the president told me repeatedly in the may 23rd oval office visit on the phone of the 31st the reason here very legitimate concerns and reservations are ukraine is 1st corruption generalizes in damage we all know that. democrats are pushing ahead with gathering more evidence this coming week insisting it's important to get to the bottom of the allegations i'm deeply scared by the positioning that republicans have chosen to take that interview was just a giant green light to the president of the united states to continue to solicit foreign interference in u.s. elections he telegraphed that he's going to ask china to do the same thing that he asked the ukrainians to do this week because republicans are allowing to are allowing him to do it and this entire country should be scared that in a moment when we need patriots what we are getting is blind partisan loyalty public support for the impeachment of president trump is still under 50 percent here's the
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thing for him though as more information comes out that number is going up alan fischer al-jazeera washington now north korea has accused the united states of falsely suggesting that both nations are open to meeting again one day after it broke off the new kira's ation talks in stockholm john young says it won't need washington for more quote sickening negotiations unless it abandons its hostile policy chief negotiator kim young girl said saturday's talks broke down because the u.s. came to the negotiating table empty handed while washington says the 2 sides had good discussions exit polls suggest that yunus is conservative and not a party has won sunday's election by a narrow margin but as our reports the results may lead to more political tension. a moment of celebration for another supporter the conservative party has secured 46
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seats in preliminary results but it's a bitter victory for a party that won 69 seats 5 years ago. then a memory. we are at the beginning of a new period that people have given us their trust and who will live up to it. we will use all of tunisia's political capital in order to achieve their main objectives of the revolution such as the protection of personal and public freedom . their 2nd objective is dignity which requires jobs education and health services. the secular heart of has come in 2nd with $35.00 seats the party was founded 3 months ago by media tycoon a bill carter we who is in jail on corruption charges the coalition of dignity and alliance of independent candidate came in 3rd with 20 seats and the surprising
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performance by the newcomer the constitutional liberal party securing 16 seats the party was established in 2013 by i b m o c a lawyer and loyalists of the former president ben ali but the biggest loser is tunis or the call of tunisia the party of former president. which was the largest party in 2014 with $86.00 seats in parliament it was an election marred by a growing discontent with the political establishment a few voters showed up at this polling station in the capital tunis most of them early but determined to be part of tennessee a 2nd democratic election since the revolution 80 years ago menat uneasy and angry with their leader. i very much wanted to see young candidates and fortunately it's the same old elite security and economy should be the top priority for the government during the campaign another and the heart of tunisia brushed aside
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joining a coalition government if another fails to form an alliance within 60 days the president can call for new elections there is a feeling of anxiety about what may happen next if another the heart of today's set aside their differences that we guarantee stability in a country beset by economic problems but the 2 have been trading accusations over the past few weeks raising fears of a prolonged political impasse but i'll just 0 to this now the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is planning to hold a new parliamentary elections he made the pledge after meeting senior palestinian leaders in ramallah the vote would no to be include all palestinian factions including longtime rivals from us it would be the 1st time polls have been held since 2006 no date has yet been announced and israeli foreign minister israel katz
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has confirmed that he's promoting a so-called non-aggression pact with gulf states israeli relations with some arab countries have improved in recent years katz posted on twitter revealing his efforts to normalize economic ties despite a lack of movement on the palestinian israeli conflict katz says the effort backed by the us is historic and was aimed at eventually forging peace agreements between the countries he said he presented the idea to arab foreign ministers at the un general assembly meeting in new york 2 weeks ago the philippine government has announced an outbreak of polio with 2 confirmed cases it follows outbreaks of dengue fever and measles in the span of less than a year jamila island oregon has more from manila. letisha variance eldest grandson alexis is sick with dengue fever and has been in this public hospital for several weeks now but he isn't the only one. across the hall her 2 other grandsons
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are also being treated for measles infection 60 year old prince center and 4 year old james material she says she is somehow grateful that her grandchildren made it to the hospital in time. it has been very difficult seeing my grandsons like this but i have no choice i have to be strong so long as a hospital is just one of the many hospitals where pediatric wards of big overflowing with children sick with infectious diseases the department of health has recorded at least 40000 cases of measles across the country since january and more than 500 patients have died. while the cases of those who have reached more than 270000 with more than a 1100 dead many of those who died were children but it doesn't end there
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the government has announced the return of polio type to an incurable disease that was eradicated 19 years ago public vaccine has plummeted according to the global vaccine confidence index from 93 percent now down to 32 percent which means now that only one out of 5 filipinos believe that vaccines are safe. the health secretary says a recent investigation into a vaccination campaign against thank you fever by the public attorney's office is partly to blame for the falling vaccination rates this kind of best discussed in a scientific or by scientists the profession. wells and should not be in a senate hearing or on television with people who are informed and educated about the issue making definite the requirements the philippine
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government says it promises to roll are a series of nationwide immunization programs. but back at the intensive care unit of sunlight as a hospital every 2nd counts there's a sense of urgency here and parents are desperate for their children to recover. dugan al-jazeera manila while the head of wild athletics sebastian coe says that in terms of performance casseroles tournament has been the best ever while championships fans and witnessed more than 20 continental records twice the number seen in london 2 years ago and you richardson has more. national pride hasn't just been visible on the track in doha round this for more than 80 countries have made the khalifa stadium their home to the middle east 1st world athletics championships but we can't know it exists all we're here to support them and. our we know we're
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so proud of their everyday goals they took the flag high i love it watching it live for sure it's live and you feel it yet you better watch it loud you know you can still you can see much of the club and the fun it does to be in a stadium sports really gather every single nation like you know i felt like we're just all humans that we don't even know about nations anymore global events bring with them global scrutiny the presidents of world athletics sebastian carr said he would have preferred to see more people in the stadium for certain sessions but he believes taking his sport biggest standalone event to new countries beyond its traditional borders is vital to track and field future we live in a global society. there is no organization no structure no institution out there that isn't trying to figure out how we embrace more of that pull up the drawbridge and decide that this really isn't for us the feedback from athletes
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about the in stadium experience has been generally positive technology ensuring temperatures in the main arena were a pleasant 25 degree celsius the venue is world class it was amazing the best conditions we've had all year off the runway awesome i think we should go into places where it may not be as prevalent in and introduced as board to people that may not watch it because if you do go to charge me you watch you're going to love it. counsel will make step into the global sporting spotlight in december when it hosts football's club world cup and the richardson al-jazeera doha. i missed with the headlines the u.s. has evacuated 2 observation posts in northeast syria and says american troops won't protect his forces in the area should tekkie attack them the move comes only hours
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after a statement from washington that seemed to acknowledge takis plans to launch a major military offensive in northern syria kurdish forces control much of syria's north while the turkish president russia typo on says ankara could no longer ignore the threats posed by the fight is across the border in northern syria. the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the area has begun following my full conversation last night with president trump as you know we had made a decision and i always said that we may arrive one night unannounced and this decisiveness continues because we can no longer accept the threats caused to our country by these terrorist groups iraq's government has denied any of its security forces have 5 directly on protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations this as another 5 people have been confirmed dead and baghdad taking the total number killed to at least $109.00. 2 protesters in hong kong have become the 1st people
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to appear in court to face charges under a controversial and. they were arrested on saturday shortly after the ban came into effect the government used colonial era imagine to regulations to impose the ban by decree. an important step in sri lanka's upcoming presidential election begins on monday the candidates are filing their nominations at the electoral commission in colombo now one who won't be on the list is incumbent mighty palace here is that who's decided not to run after 4 years in office he sparked a constitutional crisis last year when he sacked and replaced the prime minister that decision was overturned by the supreme court and north korea has accused the u.s. of falsely suggesting that both nations are open to meeting again one day offer it broke off denuclearization talks in stockholm young says it won't meet washington for more quote sickening negotiations unless it abandons its hostile policy chief
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negotiator kim yong jealous says saturday's talks broke down because the u.s. came to the negotiation table empty handed well those are the headlines next stop it's risking it all stay with us. recently reelected 1st 2nd 5 year term. we asked the president of malawi about alleged election fraud and corruption there been allegations made against you even though how corrupt is malawi the president of. the al-jazeera.
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on a frozen road traveling through the high plateaus of kyrgyzstan a small truck is on the move. in these extreme conditions the truck is beginning a long journey to deliver mandarin oranges to remote villages. the
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fruit is highly prized as a symbol of good fortune in neighboring tajikistan. but to get to the villages the drivers must risk their lives on the. tourists rode. located in the heart of central asia. is kurdistan 2nd largest city. after nightfall to drivers stock up on supplies. they bought expensive chinese mandarins from a local trader and hope to sell them for a small profit in neighboring turkey just on. the truck is loaded with cases full of the fruit. of. the drivers wrap the mandarins in a blanket to protect them from the cold. they top off their load with
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a few sheets of plywood. the loading completed they head off into the night. so what. you should you sure do sure. is the driver and mechanic who won the senior of the 2 companies. they pray for a safe journey ahead but their own us albert you take up. the shared love that a lot of us their leisure. was brushing work that low blood. pressure up and down the. outside it's minus 20 degrees and not much warmer inside whether he takes not working. now when there are the months not so much salt tether that. are difficult are not that young mother cause i know when they're not far off. the mark 9 will not gone up. the wall.
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a daybreak douche on koa arrives in a small town. oh you got it it was a good good good bit of. difficulty. there. again let it fall thought a ha ha ha ha ha all the furthest . back on the road again the weather the takes a turn for the worse. icy conditions have stopped the heavy of vehicles in that track. the last sunday luck. love love love love.
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love let them. know. how did it all tom. tom and all. in a blizzard 3600 meters vehicles with lights a load stand a better a child's. death.
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a hole from far off. at minus 30 degrees the road is an ice rink the truckers must cope as best they. kids screamed number one. they can make or don't. know exactly. what happened. in his little truck takes a chance and manages to push through. further
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on they stopped to help a driver whose vehicle has broken down you'll. see. just one of them in charge. of a move over one program proved one. gets good and you look at this. is it just. is it the goes up because of. what was a call up of color that gives a good job or that i could get. the indestructible soviet 4 wheel drive saves the day. the temperature drops still further at night and their guest is worried.
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that. john the boss of the. boss of mark listening to somebody put out. listen. what's up. with that because marco i have to live in a block this guitar that could profit almost gives that skin skin a month long it's got a lot. of breakdown in these conditions could mean death. without heating the interior windscreen is seen covered with ice and do show combat see the road which is edged by a precipice. the temperature is now minus $37.00 degrees. c. . desperate measures are called for and an old blowtorch serves as
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a de icing device on almost. 50. years to be just. one of those for the darker thanks. off the. fire against ice. within a few kilometers the ice is back. freezing and tired the 3 finally seek shelter. somewhere else that they're. going to cook but. there's
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a period one not dumb to do. that at a loss do show has little choice but to move all. areas. skid. the abyss and with the frequent use of the blowtorch the men finally reach an isolated farmhouse. the welcome is glacial. inside it's
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about 10 degrees. the next morning cohen makes do with a little cold water. he . runs the blowtorch over the truck's frigid underbelly. but the engine is too cold to start.
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with all. the radiation needs refilling. the water was removed the night before to stop it from freezing. through clear of those. hollows there's a lot of those with those issues as you must know. that you. get all. the old truck rattles off towards the kizil octopi.


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