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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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office solution is very easy for us to have 100 percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. digging in for a fight as turkey lines are particularly on syria's border the us president denies he's abandoned kurdish allies. plugs in iran when you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next 30 minutes the u.s. president calls an impeachment inquiry a kangaroo court as democratic rivals releasing new information. also britain's prime minister is accused of playing the breaks it blame game as
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a deadline to leave europe edges ever closer. brazil faces another ecological disaster after an oil spill pollutes its coastline now the question is why did it come from. bottom to the program the turkish military has carried out strikes targeting the syrian iraqi border now the aim is to prevent kurdish forces using the route to reinforce northeastern syria as ankara prepares to launch an offensive there but president donald trump says the u.s. has not abandoned the kurds from syria as he's been criticized for his decision to pull out american troops from the region and as charles trafford reports from the turkish syrian border ankara has positioned its artillery. turkish heavy weapons aim across the syrian border towards the town of tilapia out
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. the mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. defeated eisel here in 2015 with the help of u.s. late coalition forces. the turkish government describes the main fighting force of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization linked to its outlawed kurdistan workers' party which is fought against the turkish government for decades. the s.d.f. control around 430 kilometers of syrian territory along the turkish border they have fought and worked alongside the u.s. troops for years they say u.s. presidents don't trumps decision to withdraw the nearly 1000 american soldiers is a stab in the back one that gives turkey an opportunity to attack that turkey at how the other side threats made by turkey to attack the area is not something new they have consistently done it for years we as syrian democratic forces take the matter into account and are fully prepared to fiercely respond to
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any imminent attack on syrian soil. turkey's government says it wants to create what it describes as a safety zone of around 30 kilometers in the site syria so around 2000000 of the 3600000 syrian refugees in turkey can return. what you're looking at there is a turkish artillery position now locals tell us that the army came a couple of weeks ago to set that position up meanwhile across the border s.t.'s forces are saying any military operation by turkey could risk the global fight against eisel there are thousands of eisel fighters in s.t.'s jails the us president donald trump says turkey must bear complete responsibility for any eisel fight is that a scape during a military operation turkey has so far no clear plan about how to deal with thousands of jailed eisel fighters on the syrian side of the border towns like to
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lobby out people who have already suffered years of war are afraid and says. more people will be displaced. if you ask anyone not leaving but eventually we will be displaced. the prospect of more suffering for the people of northern syria is a very real turkish army says preparations for a potential military operation complete. stop at al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border well let's get more on this story from a white house correspondent kimberly how it is never changing story by the minute and the president has been on twitter again what's he saying kimberly. yeah if i could sort of surmise the last 3 tweets that were pretty significant from the u.s. president on the story the headline would be that the u.s. president has invited turkey's leader russia type of air to one to the white house on november 13th the president has said sent some pretty mixed messages in the last
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48 hours or so since he announced that he wanted to pull the united states troops out of syria and these tweets are sort of in the other example of that the president really defending his recalibration of policy arguing that turkey is an important trading partner to the united states he wants to kind of keep this relationship intact reminding the united states voters particularly that there is a collaboration that occurs with turkey with respect to the f. 35 fighter jet and as well he has really pushed back on the suggestion that the united states with a shift in policy is abandoning the kurdish fighters that help the united states fought alongside the united states in the defeat of i so he says that is not the case and that there will be weapons and finances that will continue to come from the united states to make sure that the kurds are protected now in the midst of all
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of this there has been some pushback from the u.k. leader with regard to the suggestion by donald trump that the united kingdom was in fact thrilled was the word he used with his shift in syria policy not the case according to prime minister boris johnson in fact his spokesperson is saying that the u.k. is deeply concerned about the turkish plans for some sort of military action into northern syria now we should point in all of this that the u.s. has been trying to kind of form a sort of a cold less position about what this syria policy looks like but it's been a challenge given the fact that the president continues to kind of shoot from the hip especially on twitter welcome to to monitor events for the through the day can be held at all correspond with a washington d.c. thank you. no the trooper ministration has barred some bastard to the european union from appearing before congress for shuttle testimony related to the ongoing
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impeachment inquiry. gordon and had voluntarily agreed to appear before 3 house committees to answer questions behind closed doors his attorney says he's obliged to comply with the u.s. state department's request not to testify text messages provided to congress last week reveal sunland as a central figure in the allegations that the us president tried to pressure ukraine to dig dirt on his democratic rival while house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff says he information and more personal messages from sagal and are being withheld by the state department we are also aware that the a master has text messages or e-mails on a personal device which have been provided to the state of our apartment although we have requested those from the baster and the state department is withholding those messages as well. those messages are also deeply relevant to this
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investigation and the impeachment inquiry holder will trump is defending the decision to block songlines appearance on twitter he wrote i would love to send ambassador sound law and a really good man and a great american to testify but unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court where republicans rights have been taken away and truth facts are not allowed out for the public to see he went on to tweet saying that sunderland has defended the president in the past saying the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quo of any kind that says it all well money can is our correspondent force in washington d.c. to unpick exactly what's going on right now and one wonders why the ambassador's testimony is so very important. well it certainly is important because he said the link in that text conversation that occurred we heard about that conversation with
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ambassador could focus on giving evidence to the committee last week best of a subtle and had a integral part in that conversation clearly from the transcripts of the text messages that were released being very much a key figure in terms of attempting to put pressure on the government of ukraine now we heard there from the chair of the intelligence committee adam schiff insisting that what is happening now and what has been happening in terms of the administration's response to the ongoing investigation is in effect an op struction of congress which as he points out is a code equal branch of government to the executive making very clear that the next step for democrats for the investigators is to further investigate the degree to which the administration is obstructing the process the republicans for their side they also had some words of spawning they making very clear that they support the administration's decision in not allowing the ambassador before the committee
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saying that it is a kangaroo a body now that is precisely the same word that as you showed president trump used in his tweets earlier on in the day but an important point is the republicans are saying too they would be happy if the ambassador came before the committee providing that the full transcript of ambassador could focus the transcript was made public now that it may be in a way a poisoned chalice republican saying it shows completely that the president is not guilty of any political manipulation however that is something that will be for the committee and the public to decide like he looks like a very complicated chess game you sort of can't progress forward without moving sideways or diagonally to try and get to where you want to as far as this congress investigation is concerned but where do they go next. well what's got to be understood is that this is essentially in the end a constitutional issue what is going on here is
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a virtually unprecedented struggle between branches of government congress on the one hand the executive the administration on the other now the constitution makes very clear that these bodies are equal as chairmanship pointed out however the white house is contending that somehow the executive has greater power basically daring congress to take some form of punitive action within which the the constitution it does not have it does have the right though to argue obstruction of justice or for the moment like we'll leave it there of course continue to follow events through the day with you in washington thank you. yes we're heading to europe now where the u.k. may withhold security cooperation from the european union if it leaves the e.u. without an exit deal that's according to the spectator magazine citing british government sources the report comes on the morning when prime minister boris
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johnson spoke by phone with german chancellor angela merkel british media are reporting that merkel told johnson a break that deal is now we quote overwhelmingly unlikely lawrence lee has more from london. it's turned into a day which everybody has read as downing street since tension to try to collapse any remaining talks with the european union over boris johnson supposed compromise deal an overnight briefing to a political magazine from is his thoughts boris johnson's chief of staff basically said we're leaving either end of october or after a national election with or without a deal and probably with no deal if the european union make a stay in said this source will make life intolerable from inside the block and anyway said his source we expect the talks to collapse this week that prompted an absolutely furious response on twitter from donald tusk the head of the european council who accused boris johnson of being in what he describes as stupid blame
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game effectively saying that the failure to reach a deal was the european union's fault when plainly the european union see johnson really has never having had any intention to come to a deal at all because he's supposed compromise over northern ireland is so convoluted and complicated that it looked like it was designed to fail what appears to be the case now certainly speaking to opposition m.p.'s that they think boris johnson next week when parliament resumes after being suspended once again they think johnson will call a national election they think that he will say write the letter to the european union saying that he accepts the extension to brics it that will be enough for the opposition parties particularly jeremy commons labor party to say ok fine we've got the bracks extension we agree now she'll call for election and by the end of next week the account of this they are in the u.k. is in straight general election territory. flawlessly they're all still ahead here on al jazeera new zealand marks 250 years since a british ship sailed in but not everyone so welcoming. since the landing of. these
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it has been nothing but distress. why china is furious at american sports league i walked that says about the wider relationship between beijing and. western business suits. will. will we. had those same plenty of showers and some thunderstorms into northern sections of it for the last couple days so if you will in the forecast you can see there's light bright clouds here where the rain has been and will still be this is fairly strong on szell flow so bringing those showers again into northern vietnam southern coastal areas of china across into hine and couple days ahead though in shanghai warming up on thursday $28.00 celsius is that the high then and it should be a drive day in hong kong in genitive the showers out towards the west becoming a little more widely scattered as well now across into india we have still got
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those monsoon rains in place that generally further to the east and the south aside from clearing conditions across these northern and central regions and as we head through wednesday the rain is still there in the 4 calls into mumbai so much a vote western sections really of maharastra down into carola and again through addition and on into west bengal then as we head off into thursday the really is very little change but you'll see just how much dry it is staying up to the north and of course is the 10th of october that the is the official start date with drool over the monsoon thought of course given by the india met department but elsewhere we have a little some showers in the forecast as a safe got the thunderstorms into mumbai and actually also on thursday we could see some thunderstorms across into sri lanka. what are you protesting about how does this incursion whether on line black face mental see comes directly out of the ground
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a lot of slavery or join us on saying this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to. that everyone has a voice in the changes for the discussion this for all and i'm here to talk about the solutions on how to 0. welcome back you're watching our deservedly so robin a reminder of our top stories the turkish military has carried out strikes targeting the syrian iraqi border the aim is to prevent kurdish forces using the route to reinforce northeastern syria as an anchor anchor prepares to launch an
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offensive also the trumpet ministrations block his ambassador to the european union testifying in the impeachment inquiry. attorney says he's obliged to comply with the u.s. state department's request. the united kingdom make threaten to withhold security cooperation from the european union if it doesn't get a break that deal soon according to the spectator magazine the magazine cited british government sources as saying that downing street will take an aggressive stance if talks break. now weeks of violence in eastern democratic republic of congo have left at least 100 people dead and tens of thousands displaced the fighting has been happening in south kivu and military officials are told are more troops have been sent to the affected areas but they're dealing with fighters who are well equipped and organized catherine soy reports. they've come here with whatever little they could salvage with some just the
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clothes they're wearing. has been fighting in the mañana area that's in the eastern region of south kivu in democratic republic of congo. thousands of people mainly from the ethnic community have fled from their homes after attacks from a local militia group called my my. they're now living rough outside this compound of the un peacekeepers base on the answer to the way we left our food in the village and now we're just back if the my my that have done this to us. we will be . they took our cows goats and all other belongings and we can't go back to the village to collect food and we're sleeping outside in the cold. this is what is left back in the villages have to fighting between 2 rival armed groups more than 9000 houses have been banned close to a 100 people killed and livestock stolen congolese military officials say they're
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pursuing the fight. when i arrived in this area i met thousands running away because of the situation the 2 rival groups that are fighting from the community and a coalition of the my my militia we are hoping to restore order. in another village limits some members of the my my group they say the rival militia provoked them. we did not stop the attack they did they accuse us of stealing their animals yes we did during times of war like this they have also killed or a lot of. the problem with that they come to us 1st their militia group called in go mino also burn our homes and rape our women that's why our fighters are angry the security situation is still tense fighting is going on in some areas the united nations peacekeeping mission and congolese army have deployed more troops to protect civilians both militia groups are say to behave in the armed
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and neither is ready to back down catherine sawyer. well sitting on the continent hundreds of algerians are marching through the capital and other cities protesting against presidential elections in december demonstrators say the vote could not be free and fair while their former president's allies and military leaders retain positions lizzie's beautifully has stepped down in april after huge protests over his bid for a 5th term separately at least $400.00 political prisoners including a journalist have started a hunger strike over arbitrary detentions. ecuador's government says it's open to international mediation through the un nor the catholic church as it enters a 6 day anti austerity protests more than 500 people have been arrested protesters are angry the government has scrapped 40 year old fuel subsidies earlier ecuador's president announced his decision to temporarily move the government away from quito
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the center of the protests to the coastal city of. brazil's president says an oil spill polluting at northeastern beaches for more than a month is not of brazilian origin. as it could be the result of criminal activity or a shipwreck in an indication of the extent of the damage petrova petrova says it's collected $133.00 tons of oil from the beaches syra korea has the latest. this is what an oil spill last month has done to this once pristine coastline along brazil's northeastern region 1500 kilometers of thick sticky mess that's damaging the environment at least 42 coastal cities have been affected present diable scenario says an investigation to find out the cause is still under way by the state run oil company petro brass bazzi stopped short of naming a country he believes is responsible for the spill instead indicating it could be
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the result of a shipwreck or criminal activity. the coastal states affected are particularly concerned about the timing it's the season for baby turtle hatchlings and to resume there could be a severe economic impact brazilian summer is just around the corner it starts basically end of november. early december so local authorities will be hoping that things are cleared up by there we have seen the state of say she's calling you know declaring this an emergency us this couldn't have come a 2 worse time for the president has been under international pressure for his handling of the fires in the amazon last month. also now wants to develop the amazon through mining and farming in his recent speech at the u.n. he accused environmentalist of wanting to keep the amazon tribes might cave men. there have been protests in cities like rio de janeiro against his policies on
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climate change the brazilian veyron mental agency says it has cleaned up more than 100 tons of oil washed up more than 100 beaches in the northeast and as brazil investigates who or what caused the spill it's not clear what the extent of the damage will be so high that. the ministers are in luxembourg trying to reach agreement on the share of bike rides that each member state should take germany france italy and the going to a proposal that would autumn. atic we distribute migrants rescued from the mediterranean but they need the backing of other e.u. states for the plan to work. the process is ongoing and we're looking for to get as many member states involved as possible and this is as i mentioned this is only one solution that we're looking forward finland as president she is looking forward to pushing this the us package forward as much as possible now the meeting comes as rescuers continue their search for at least 15 people who are missing after an
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overloaded migrant boat capsized near the italian island of lampedusa at least 13 women died some of them pregnant 22 people were rescued another boat had set sail from tunisia they'll be on board was given life jackets and more than a 1000 people have died in the mediterranean this year thousands of people have also rallied across australia on the 2nd day of extinction rebellion protests demonstrators blocked major roads and intersections and over 100 people were arrested across melbourne sydney and brisbane they're calling for more urgent action on climate change like 0 greenhouse gas emissions within the next 5 years the protests are expected to continue throughout the week. for new zealand has marked 250 years since the arrival of british colonialists a replica of captain james cook's and for herself into gives been where it 1st landed in 1769 protesters gathered at the shoreline they say the occasion shouldn't
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be honored centuries of colonial rule have discriminated against indigenous maori. since the landing of. these it's been nothing but distress. killing you name it 250 years of aden here we started this day going food is the race relations commission and the new zealand human rights commission he says it's important to continue to remember the colonial history warts and all. no in mali people were killed during his 1st visit so. telling a story to no good faith in the ugly is very important to acknowledge that and to ensure that our children continue to know their stories as well once upon a time used because coco now we actually have a balance or stories or money if we can the stories and a lot of. news here in mali the crown back and 840 signed the
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treaty or white i mean will it be a white penny and then promise and then people rights governorship and the name which in the culture. probably none of it was actually of how now we go through a procedure or treat your wife any traits we actually get the. chance to make the case the words in the crown in the government. recall. settlements. we all the claimants and they continue but if not no where near enough in terms of what was taken before the united states is blacklisting 28 chinese tech firms that develop facial recognition and other artificial intelligence technology the u.s. says the technology is being used to repress china's muslim minority the move
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policy u.s. friends from selling technology to those companies without government approval rights groups say china has to take a drug $1000000.00 we goes into the muslims and what it calls reeducation camps. u.s. politicians are telling the n.b.a. not to back down against china after the general manager of the houston rockets basketball team tweeted support the protests and whole goal chinese businesses have been severing links with the u.s. based governing body and a lucrative t.v. rights deal is now under threat rob matheson has the latest from beijing. just 7 words have plunged the u.s. national basketball into a geopolitical crisis with billions of dollars in chinese sponsorship and t.v. rights at stake on friday daryl morey general manager of the houston rockets n.b.a. team tweeted fight for freedom stand with hong kong in support of anti-government
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demonstrations there. china is furious it regularly complains about what it sees as foreign interference in internal matters we are not apologizing for daryl exercising his freedom of expression i regret again having communicated directly with many friends in china that so many people are upset including. millions and millions of our fans frantic attempts by madi in the n.b.a. to pacify china have resulted in fierce criticism particularly from u.s. politicians hong kong has been part of china under the one country 2 systems plan since it was handed over by the u.k. in 1997 just months after paying billions of dollars to extend its streaming deal with the n.b.a. a chinese company 10 cent says it won't show any more rockets games effectively cutting the houston team off from chinese basketball fans so as iraq is fan very
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disappointed as a chinese i feel very disappointed by his comments basketball is popular in china chinese style ya'll ming played his entire hall of fame career with the houston rockets he's now chairman of the china basketball association which says it's canceling a cooperation agreement with the rockets the n.b.a. is not the only organization to have to apologize in the face of chinese anger in the past gap the marriott hotel group and daimler car company have all had to backtrack the hong kong airline cathay pacific even sacked some of its staff who publicly supported the protests in hong kong because it was worried it was going to lose access to valuable chinese airspace analysts say anyone who accepts chinese investment should be aware of china's sensitivities he crossed the line. and then witches. and many. swans
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are in vast oil from overseas they know it they know it shouldn't you know no one should say china is not the only country to use investment as leverage the critics say that when the n.b.a. has been faced with a choice between freedom of speech and the risk of losing billions of dollars china's money talks rob matheson al-jazeera beijing. your child is there with me as a whole romney a reminder of our top stories the turkish military has carried out strikes targeting the syrian iraqi border the aim to prevent kurdish forces using the route to reinforce north eastern syria as a prepares to launch an offensive. also the trunk administration has barred as ambassador to the european union from appearing before congress to testify in an only going impeachment inquiry ambassador gordon sunderland's text messages
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provided to congress last week revealed that he was a central figure in allegations that the us president tried to pressure ukraine to dig dirt on his democratic rival mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . it's got to be understood is that this is essentially and in the end a constitutional issue what is going on here is a virtually unprecedented struggle between branches of government congress on the one hand the executive the administration on the other now the constitution makes very clear that these bodies are equal as chairman schiff pointed out however the white house is contending that somehow the executive has greater power basically daring congress to take some form of punitive action within which the the constitution it does not have it does have the right to argue obstruction of justice the u.k.
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may threaten to withhold security cooperation from the european union if it doesn't get a deal soon according to the spectator magazine and then has incited british government sources saying downing street will take an aggressive stance of talks break. for hundreds of algerians and marching through the capital and other cities protesting against presidential elections in december and straight to say the vote could not be free or fair while the former president's allies and military leaders retain positions of the lizzie's beautifully down in april after huge protests over his bid for a 5th term. brazil's president says oil polluting northeastern beaches were not produced all sold in brazil. as it could be a result of criminal activity or a shipwreck those were the headlines story navigator will be here with the al-jazeera news hour in 30 minutes that's all from me but next.
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hour jews iraq where every. welcome to the stream we all used to seeing romancing sitcom shows but he made us seriousness breaking the mold by placing a nigerian immigrant woman at the heart of the story and. today we meet 3 cast members of bob hard. a primetime comedy that takes a sideways look at the pitfalls and peaks across cultural relationship send us your thoughts through twitter and you tube. bob hard is the new us comedy series airing on c.b.s. .


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