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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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that pakistan would never start a war. we meet with global news makers and tweet about the stories that matter just 0. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour life from the headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey lines up artillery on syria's border for an operation against kurdish fighters but donald trump says the u.s. has not abandoned the kurds. the u.s. president calls an impeachment inquiry a kangaroo court democratic rivals release new information.
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i'm not in the top stories from europe including british prime minister boris johnson is accused of playing the blame game by the e.u. council president as the breaks it deadline edges closer. to the sport is the used to rockets take to the cold for a promotional games in japan n.b.a. commissioner backs the right to free expression but the backlash from china. hello turkey is military has carried out strikes targeting the syrian iraqi border the aim is to stop kurdish forces using the routes or reinforce northeastern syria as ankara prepares to launch an attack the president says the u.s. hasn't abandoned the kurds in syria as he's criticized for pulling out american troops. begins our coverage from turkey's border with syria.
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turkish heavy weapons same across the syrian border towards the town of tilapia. the mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. defeated eisel here in 2050 with the help of u.s. led coalition forces. the turkish government describes the main fighting force of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization linked to its outlawed kurdistan workers' party which is fought against the turkish government for decades the s.d.f. control around 430 kilometers of syrian territory along the turkish border they have fought and worked alongside the u.s. troops for years they say u.s. presidents don't trumps decision to withdraw the nearly 1000 american soldiers is a stab in the back of one that gives turkey an opportunity to attack that turkey and how the other side threats made by turkey to attack the area is not something new they have consistently done it for years we as syrian democratic
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forces take the matter into account and are fully prepared to fiercely respond to any imminent attack on syrian soil. turkey's government says it wants to create what it describes as a safety zone of around 30 kilometers in the site syria so around 2000000 of the 3600000 syrian refugees in turkey can return. what you're looking at there is a turkish artillery position now locals tell us that the army came a couple of weeks ago to set that position up meanwhile across the border s.t.'s forces are saying any military operation by turkey could risk the global fight against leisel there are thousands of eisel fighters in s.d.f. jails the us president donald trump says turkey must bear complete responsibility for any eisel fight is that a scape during a military operation turkey has so far offered no clear plan about how to deal with
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thousands of child i still find says on the syrian side of the border towns like to lobby out people who have already suffered years of war are afraid and says. more people will be displaced. if you ask anyone not leaving but eventually we will be displaced. the prospect of more suffering for the people of northern syria is very real the turkish army says preparations for a potential military operation are complete stuff that al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border let's bring in us from washington d.c. and the president has come out once again strongly on twitter defending his decision to pull u.s. forces out of syria. yeah even as top senators in his own republican party like senator marco rubio have called the president's decision morally repugnant repugnant and a stain on the nation's reputation the u.s.
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president is defending his decision and defending as himself against accusations that he has abandoned the kurdish fighters that helped and fight alongside u.s. forces to defeat i still take a look at one of these tweets that was a series of tweets put up by the u.s. president he writes we may be in the process of leaving syria but in no way have we have band of the kurds who are special people and wonderful fighters likewise our relationship with turkey and nato and trading partner has been very good the president does go on a series of tweets but that is the highlight there and the headline the other headline is the president talks about the good relationship between the united states and turkey is the fact that the u.s. president has invited the leader of turkey. to one to the white house november 13th he also underscores that he believes that turkey is a very valuable partner when it comes to trade there is a collaborative effort when it comes to working together in building the f.
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35 fighter jet and so even as there are reports that turkey is planning these operations military operations into northern syria going against the recommendation of the united states the u.s. president underscoring his very good relationship with turkey's leader so does the president then continue to face this sort of barrage of criticism about we saw our right after he made that decision not only from democrats but also from within his own party. yes and that continues it's not just marco rubio calling this a stain on the reputation of the united states this is the sentiment that is coming from within the president's own party over and over since the announcement sunday evening of this shift in syria strategy we've heard also from top democrats as well and what seems to be happening during which is significant is in a very divided u.s. congress there seems to be agreement on the that the united states the u.s. president is making mistakes so this effort now is moving in the u.s.
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senate to put together legislation to try and register at least this displeasure in the president's policy but we should point out the problem with this legislation is it is nonbinding in other words the policy will not change ok you can really thank you for that update from washington now european countries are expressing their concerns over the plan turkish offensive. we have heard rumors of turkish interventions and it's again brings concerns to hers it could have significant humanitarian impact on this region. we are still very concerned with the fights against day the global coalition has been doing a great job since 20140 it's a success and we should note joe put it as a success day she's still present in syria in iraq the fights against day she's not over it with regard to the north east of syria of course is very worrying. we
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know the concerns that turkey has but again there's only a political solution and we are very afraid that any. military operation will again have disastrous humanitarian consequences so we are indeed concerned about what we have been been reading about the situation so as we mentioned earlier there are growing worries about the fate of thousands of captured eisel fighters being held in syria kurdish forces in northern syria hold more than $8000.00 fighters in prisons as well as makes of detention center as a 1000 of them are foreigners the kurds are also in charge of several camps housing over 100000 people including the largest camp off a whole and among the 70000 people living in that camp there an estimated 12000 i saw a family members who say they still believe in the group's doctrines and there's
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a high number of foreigners there from more than 40 countries well there are still a number feisal fighters operating inside syria but u.n. puts that number at around 3000 but it's meant as an erbil iraq semi autonomous kurdish region with more details on the remaining eisel challenge in northern syria . the syrian kurds are a network of detention centers where they hold about 11000 eisel fighters 9000 of them assyrians and iraqis the other 2000 are from the other 4 corners of the globe and they run camps for displaced families these are mainly the wives widows and children of ice and fighters and the most notorious of those is our whole home to some $70000.00 mainly women and children human rights watch describes our whole as a dust bowl inferno and a u.n. commission of inquiry said that women and children in the camp remain at a high risk of further radicalize ations now the white house has said that turkey
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will now take responsibility for all the arsenal fighters caught in the area turkey is given no hint that it publicly that is prepared to do this and the concern certainly is from the syrian kurdish side the what if they have to divert the few guards that they have that these camps to a bottle of frontline bottles with turkey and the syrian kurdish commander of our whole camp he says that i saw are regrouping and reorganizing in the camp and he says that as many as 30000 people in whole are i saw loyalists. democrats behind the presidential impeachment inquiry into donald trump's conduct were planning to subpoena the u.s. ambassador to the european union earlier the trumpet ministration barred gordon song land from giving evidence to the inquiry ambassador had voluntarily agreed to answer questions behind closed doors his attorney says he's obliged to comply with
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the u.s. state department's request not to testify text messages provided to congress revealed as a central figure in allegations the us president tried to pressure ukraine to dig dirt on his democratic rival donald trump is defending the decision to block songlines appearance on twitter he wrote i would love to send a message or a song lend a really good man and a great american to testify but unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo courts where republicans rights have been taken away and true facts are not allowed for the public to see he went on to tweet saying someone has defended the president in the past saying the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind that says it all meanwhile house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff says came from ation and more personal messages from sunline are being withheld by the state department we are also aware
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that the ambassador has text messages or e-mails on a personal device which had been provided to the state of our apartment although we have requested those from the baster and the state department is withholding those messages as well. those messages are also deeply relevant to this investigation and the impeachment inquiry my kind is joining us from washington d.c. so we're just getting a sense of how critical and how significant songlines testimony is for the democrats. well interesting in that tweet you quoted there by president trump in which he quotes the ambassador of sutherland saying that there was no quid pro quo in president trumps conversation with the ukraine however what president trump believes art is what was in that text message which says let us get off the text of this in a conversation with another diplomat raising the possibility that this was not the
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kind of material that should be publicly talked about or when deed on social media now this is precisely the type of question that the congressional committee wanted to ask the ambassador now another very strange thing in all of this is that the ambassador's lawyers say that he was eager to appear before the committee he flew back from brussels specially with the intention of doing so we heard from the house intelligence chair that there were discussions with state department throughout the whole of monday about this planned appearance there had been no problem save or been ironed out then we now know that at huff past midnight a voicemail was left on the best of the lawyers phone saying that the administration would not allow the ambassador to appear so this would appear to be an instruction directly coming from the white house even after state department lawyers had signed off on the ambassador's appearance so this just ups the ongoing battle between branches off government within the u.s.
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between congress on the one hand between the executive on the other hand both of them refusing to give any way as this impeachment inquiry continues or do we expecting the congressional committees next steps to be. well what we've already seen is the committee's knowledge just issued a subpoena against both ambassador sunderland and also against state department to produce those materials the text messages the e-mails that ambassador sunderland says he has handed over to state department so now we've got another set of subpoenas being issued which if the previous examples are to go by the white house administration is going to attempt to block any exercise of those subpoenas now here is what the democrats appear to be planning and that is they are going to use this refusal to take part in the impeachment process as an example of obstruction of justice by the administration and in fact by president trump himself democrats
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are already warning that these obstruction of justice charges could be added to the articles of impeachment as yet another reason to display and put on trial a president who they regard to be unfit the right mike hanna thank you plenty more head on the others there are news hour including synchronized slowdown the stark warning on the global economy from the new i.m.f. chief. anger in ecuador as the country grapples with austerity measures computer has a sports news including how south africa became the latest site to qualify for the rugby world cup quarter final. but 1st the president of the european council has accused the u.k. prime minister a finger aging in quote stupid blame games the bricks of the blind looms more on this let's cross over to lauren taylor in
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a european new center. thanks to rain yes don't want to risk sent a warning to boris johnson on twitter saying the future of the u.k. and europe is at stake this is british media say the german chancellor has made it clear that it breaks it deal is overwhelmingly unlikely during an exchange with the prime minister largely report. by the time boris johnson's cabinets arrived for their morning meeting westminster was awash with the news that downing street had decided to play hardball with the european union. probably they haven't even been briefed on the suggestion of the u.k. looked like readying itself to collapse the talks on a compromise deal but that does appear to be the suggestion so just with a delaying disruptive and annoying tactics of the opposition we say on behalf of the 17400000 enough enough enough we need to leave. downing street then brief that the german chancellor had demanded that the economy of northern ireland stay in the news all dates but in the last nail in the coffin but the e.u.
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insisted the talks were not yet that technical talks are continuing to date so i don't see how talks could have actually been broken down if they are happening today and in the days to continue there is no denying the loss of faith the president of the european council donald tusk tweeted this boris johnson what's at stake is not winning some stupid blame game at stake is the future of europe and the u.k. as well as the security and interests of our people you don't want to deal you don't want an extension you don't want to revoke. which is latin for where are you going. with parliament suspended from wednesday opposition parties now assume johnson will call an election next week after accepting a breakfast extension as demanded by parliament and then campaigning to leave the e.u. with no deal by getting them to then offer the extension perhaps on the 17th of october
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or the 18th of october when european council meet he would then be able to say to parliament and to jeremy corbyn in particular i've got the stench i want my general election now and i think in those circumstances jeremy called would be highly likely to say yes the blame game between london and brussels mirrors the entire debate there's precious little left except bad blood certainly the european union never really thought that boris johnson administration was actually interested in the deal because his proposed compromise over what happens in northern ireland is so complicated and convoluted the e.u. thinks it was basically set up to fail it is assume though that if boris johnson asks them for an extension to break seats they will grant seats if only as a last chance hope that a different government might be elected in a national election which could save the u.k. and the e.u. from a no deal brics it lawrence li al jazeera in london. hundreds of climate change activists
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have camped out in central london during a 2nd day of worldwide protests aimed at disrupting major cities extinction rebellion demonstrators planned to protest in british capital for 2 weeks demanding urgent government action to counter global warming police arrested more than 150 people so far journey home at a leading member of the movement or to run on shortly after he was released from jail. you spent an uncomfortable night in the cells having been arrested in the face of what seems to be stepped up police response what's morale like in the organization now well i think it's really high actually i mean i came out from the prison just faces loads of messages but i'm seeing most of the sites are being kept the people. that i was taken with we are we supporting each other a lot seeing that even though we've been arrested we're keeping our sights we keeping our morale high definitely you were leading members you say of the april rebellion when central london was previously brought to
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a standstill by extinction rebellion is there a point you think when peaceful resistance turns ugly in the face of police action . that was one of the key things we were trying to bring out this idea of a strategy of peaceful civil disobedience and really bringing up to the forefront in terms of the actions of how we behave with the police bring a lot of transparency to what is going to what we are intending to do so it doesn't devolve into into violence because it has to remain peaceful and a lot of the theory behind it is about how peaceful civil disobedience is what creates much greater change there if then violent civil disobedience is there a risk that in trying to capture the public mood you end up being seen more as a public nuisance the police are now much more going down this public nuisance route but that's as a criminal offense because i think that's a bigger power to hammer it down but i think actually you have to reverse the bad because people say why they're using these powers against peaceful protesters this
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isn't an issue that's been building over the last hundreds of years and yet we're not even facing it i think people on the public will notice that that they're not they're not we're not stupid i think people will recognize what the government want to do and it's assumed that you succeed in all of this in winning the public over capturing the public awareness and imagination but the government doesn't exceed to your demands what then what next we're keeping. very clear to our 3 demands our demands are you know the government tells the truth about the climate and the culture emergency means and put in place policies to get happens here about 1125 and that puts in place its assembly of parliament a kind of time an ecological emergency after vapor rebellion but nothing has been done they're just words empty words that the government is full of empty words and we need action and we're showing what action looks like of iran thanks very much thank you thank you. france has around 10 nations are willing to accept asylum seekers under temporary plan and quickly getting migrants off boats in the
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mediterranean sea european interior ministers have been meeting in luxemburg to discuss the block's migration challenges it comes a day after an overloaded boat carrying around 50 people capsized off the italian island of lampedusa at least 13 women drowned some of whom were pregnant search operations are under way with many migrants still missing including a number of children. the french president emanuel mccausland a national tribute to 4 police officers killed by their own colleague last week thursday's knife attack was carried out by a technology administrator who had links to an ultra conservative muslim movement now the government is coming under increased pressure to explain how warnings were missed the reports from paris. it was a somber ceremony in heavy rain police officers carried the coffins of their 4 colleagues killed in a knife attack on thursday paris's police headquarters by a man who'd worked alongside them for years investigators say the attackers had
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been radicalized after converting to islam the french president called on the nation to be on guard against what he called dangerous ideas 1st on the block let's come together on stubbs's islamism stop its deadly ideologies or to our nose or rights and i will fly police say the killer was 45 year old mikaela harp on a computer expert who worked for the police since 2003 most recently in the intelligence unit french media report that investigators searching his home found a u.s.b. key containing the names and personal addresses of hundreds of police officers the president of france's national assembly has called for an investigation some of the attackers colleagues say they raise their concerns about his behavior with their superiors but that they were ignored the french interior minister has admitted crane is in procedure but he says there were no warning signs of. the attack it was someone who was relatively well regarded his qualities were noted there were no
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signs of radicalization this man didn't hide that he converted to islam but it's not because you're a muslim that you are a terrorist. to parliamentary committees questioned kasten air over possible security lapses some opposition politicians say he should resign soon look pretty tricky was you missed that politicians who must take responsibility it's clear mr stan years not doing his job in terms of security politics by not telling the truth and not giving police the means they need to work. police union leaders in france say moral is low and offices are increasingly the target of public anger and assaults but few police officers could have imagined that someone within their own ranks could have turned against them so violently that al-jazeera paris. that's of muslims and but to dream and it's all right thank you very much worse government says it's open to international mediation through the u.n. or the catholic church as it enters
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a 6th day of anti austerity protests you're looking at live pictures right now from quito where more than 500 people have been arrested and protesters as you can see are angry the government has scrapped 40 year old fuel subsidies as part of economic reforms linked to an i.m.f. loan earlier ecuador's president announced his decision to temporarily move the government away from crito the center of the protests to the coastal city of why i feel let's bring in lucy a new man she's our line america editor is joining us from quito we're looking at the live picture right now the c.e.o. just tell us what the situation is where you are and what you've been seeing. yes. yes i mean right behind me you can hear maybe you can see some tear gas it's being fired at this hour by the police because hundreds and or not hundreds but thousands tens of thousands of and you can is that going to warrant i've been gathering here just in front of the national assembly this is their main meeting point for me and
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they were going to march to the presidential palace since the president is not here yet and moved the seat of the government to buy a key and they say they think no longer recognize the president they are accusing him that band and the government and they are still trying to decide what to do about just a few seconds ago here gas was fired * and we saw got out 30 or 40 very young indigenous ecuadorans with thinks they're all carrying poles and state running in that direction presumably to confront the police so it's a very very volatile situation here right now so clearly there's a lot of anger at some of the austerity measures so what is the message that the protesters are trying to censor the government's absolutely. just a few minutes ago we spoke to the leader of the canal you which is the confederation of ecuador an indigenous people and he told us that they not only do
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not recognize that the president is heated with it is being seen as acting as a uniter of the country but that they are here is he says because they were not consulted he said it's too late now to have a peaceful dialogue that the president is now calling for but rather for them to immediately revolt the austerity measures that they say are being imposed by the international monetary fund when it lent ecuador high 1000000000 dollars just in march and if it doesn't then the president has to go but this is not as some people say as the president in fact is saying a plan to try to bring back the former left wing populist president rafael correa in indigenous communities are telling us that they don't want either one of them that they can all go into exile and that they feel that they are the ones that should now take charge and that they want new elections but right now they're they're playing their cards and they're suggesting that if you have a president or a vote of the austerity measures they might be willing to maintain the current the current president or at least recognize him as the country's leader leader. ok
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thank you for that update from kuta. so ahead on the al-jazeera news hour no end in sight hospitals remain empty as doctors in zimbabwe continue to strike over wages after rejecting a 60 percent increase. and this iran prepares to allow female fans into football stadiums will sit down exclusively with one of the with intel thing drive change and concentrate. we've got clearing skies again across much of the middle east we have seen some showers into southern. areas of iran and quite a bit of cloud as well 3 it's way up to the east but that's a clearer picture. just pushing in across the northern sections really across much of the caspian sea how much is a little bit lower into baku with
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a high of 22 degrees celsius and then as we had into thursday we could just see one of 2 more showers into the southern areas of iran and it's still very warm across much of iraq so $41.00 and baghdad quite a bit of cloud there pushing into tashkent $26.00 into pakistan then across into arabian peninsula now temperatures here they are lower than they were in fact a weather day 36 the riyadh doha as well 35 in abu dhabi not really much there in the way of clouds anywhere the breeze a little bit brisk a coming from the knoll so that does help to move the abbotts a warm day and with a high the of 38 degrees celsius time much as they were coming down into south africa and the rain is certainly in evidence you can see these front sliding by here but we have also got more rain showers into those central coastal towns and years ago through wednesday and thursday scattered showers across into angola and i got those showers on their way to durban sunday bringing down the temperature on thursday just 18 degrees celsius.
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when you're from a neighborhood. band of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. i don't think. the stories we are. told by the people who live them will not show you one little. bit of a little. sound. when the news breaks and you know i came to your home in order to get someone who can get this country out of the crisis when people. from the across the border area without. just iraq has teams on the ground but the law. will. be. deploying.
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troops. and online. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the turkish military has carried out strikes targeting the syrian iraqi border the aim is to prevent kurdish forces using the route to reinforce the northeast syria as ankara prepares to launch an offensive there. the trumpet ministration has blocked that some bastard to the european union from testifying in the printing primary gordon songlines attorney says he's obliged to comply with the u.s. state department's requests. european council president on the war and the british
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prime minister not to play quote a stupid lame game over brecht's that it follows reports from british media that germany's leader had told boris johnson the deal is on like. the global economy is now in a synchronized slowdown that's the dire warning from the new chief of the international monetary fund crystal. and she's warned it would only worsen unless governments acts in her 1st speech as i.m.f. head she said the effect of trade wars could amount to a loss of a around $700000000000.00 by 2020 that's about the size of switzerland's entire economy she also warned the impact of trade conflicts could last a generation and could create a digital berlin wall meaning countries would be forced to choose between technology systems or her solution governments must act to resolve trade wars and support growth she said if the economy worsens a global synchronized policy response may be needed. today
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even lore of the world economy is moving to see but unfortunately this growth is celebrating to be precise in 2090 we expect slower growth in nearly 90 percent of the world's in other words the world economy is now synchronized slowdown. let's wait and then surely i can is a trade economist and senior fellow in the global economy program at the center for international governance innovation joining us from auto on canada thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera you say that you're not surprised by the stark warning or some would say the gloomy picture that's being painted by the new i.m.f. chief why no it's not really we've been seeing a wave of trade measures that have been impacting trade growth for some time now
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we've sort of. technology restrictions trade sanctions we're now hearing about capital market restrictions and of course the basic rules at the w. tiro are under dispute and with the dispute resolution mechanism possibly becoming dysfunctional at the end of the year so it's really quite remarkable the trade is held up as well as it has actually where are we seeing the greatest slowdown and when we say trade slowdown can you just expand on that what kind of trade. so primarily the epicenter of the trade slowdown has been in manufacturing it's a starts with the slowdown in manufacturing activity in china and the united states which are both hit each other with with waves of tariffs as i mentioned. and the services is held up reasonably well but overall trade is now the point where it may
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be approaching 0 growth on a year over year basis that's certainly what the w.t.r. was talking about right now and that of course is what is concerning about the growth community about the possibilities for growth next year so far we're still talking shaving of growth as opposed to an outright recession in the united states for example the household the consumer is still holding up reasonably well but we are seeing companies starting to react to the slow growth. companies are cutting back on their investments uncertainty is very heavy so things are not looking very good and of course this is earning season and we have a lot of shoes to fall in the trade front this month do you agree with the i.m.f. chief when she says that to protect against a a sarpi global slowdown then what she's saying is just calling on countries with funds available to deploy their fiscal firepower what do you understand that statement to mean. well the central banks have
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been actually maxed out throughout this expansion we've only recently seen some central banks raising rates so this limited firepower available to them short of going back again into quantitative easing. fiscal measures are perhaps called for the problem with fiscal measures of course is that it takes some time to ramp up there are lots of good investments that are called for in this global economy for example to tackle problems such as climate change but will be hard to get that moving in in a rapid fashion should trade slow down very sharply and indeed you and you go into reverse and outright declines that you were mentioning the u.s. china trade war just a moment ago what's at stake if it continues and what's your outlook for that.
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this does not look very promising at the moment. prior to the next round of talks china has indicated that is taking off the table fundamental measures on subsidies and industrial policy meanwhile the trump administration has just added a number of new firms chinese firms to its blacklist which is threatening china's technological progress so all this is not very good in terms of where we are likely to go from here. the next round of u.s. tariff increases is due this month and aside from the china u.s. front the ruling on air bus came through so the u.s. is prepping tear of sun 7500000000 worth of imports from the u. the e.u. is trying to retaliate and of course we have breakfast on top of that at the end of the month so there's quite a bit of potential bad news and store for the trade world and that's exactly what
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the i.m.f. chief has been warning against the cumulative effect of the trade conflicts but we'll leave it there for now dan we thank you very much thanks for joining us from ottawa thank you for having me striking doctors in zimbabwe have defied a government order to return to work they've rejected a 60 percent pay rise saying it's not enough to keep up with soaring prices her with reports from harare. tendai missy was 16 year old son broke his leg last month she took him to a public hospital only to be told doctors have been on strike over pay and wages for more than a month her son's been admitted but she says all nurses can do for him is keep him comfortable. i don't have x. ray vision i can see what's happening inside his leg what if it is infected and rotting we are begging the government to talk to the doctors patrick azeri and the 7 year old son place that we're told to come back after
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a month when maybe the strike will be over. e.'s just a charm or they had to do is remove his cut they say only specialists can do that i don't understand they are meant to care for the sick it seemed heartless. until there is a breakthrough zimbabwe's public hospitals are barely functioning doctors have long complained about pay and working conditions they want their salaries in us dollars or the equivalent amount at the official bank rate. last week unions rejected the government's author of a 60 percent salary increase saying after deductions they are taking home basically nothing this is the entrance to the casualty ward usually it's busy with many people coming in and out but several patients say they've been turned away only emergency cases are being treated. where possible contingency measures have been put in place. some of the wards have been combined. for
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provision or services. government has requested assistance from uniformed. forces we have doctors from the army from the police as well as from prisons. the country is suffering its worst economic crisis in a decade president innocent and that was his bringing the economy back from the dead. needs patience but those words will be difficult except for frustrated doctors and those who need medical care fuel prices go up every week that means everything else drastically increases for the poor living in zimbabwe is becoming increasingly challenging. al jazeera. hundreds of algerians are marching through the capital and other cities protesting against presidential elections in december demonstrators say the vote could not be free or fair while their former president's allies and military leaders retain positions of the losses beautifully cust up down
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in april after huge protests over his bid for a 5th term separately at least $100.00 political prisoners including a journalist have started a hunger strike over arbitrary detentions. police in mozambique say members of an elite special forces unit were responsible for killing a key election observer the 58 year old was shot dead on monday while driving away from a workshop for observers ahead of the election on october 15th human rights groups say this election will be the most violent the country has ever seen welcome web has more from. the election observer who was the director of a rights organization that attended a training event for election observers in bystanders say after he left he was followed by 5 men who shot him dead and then got in a car and drove off pursued by police cars involved in an accident and a police spokesperson now confirmed to the 5 people in it died at the scene 2
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others run away one of them who was injured and is now in hospital is a police officer they say that they're investigating this comes with just a week to go before mozambicans head to the polls to vote in a presidential election rights groups say they're deeply concerned about this level of political violence. a u.s. senate committee investigating election interference has found the government in moscow tasked and supported the internet research agency then to torrijos russian troll farm the committee says the agency actually increased activity after the 2016 election rather than decreased it it also found russia's targeting of the 2016 vote was part of a quote ongoing information warfare campaign it's information released in the 2nd volume of its findings and interference in the 2016 presidential election. now the u.s. says it's detained and denied entry to almost
9:43 pm
a 1000000 migrants its mexican border in this past year it's the most in more than a decade reflective of an increase in arrivals in the spring most of the people trying to cross the border are from central america many of them are families with young children who are fleeing violence and poverty at home u.s. president has moved to crack down on immigration and is often blamed mexico for failing to stop the flow of migrants we went from over 19000 people in custody just 4 short months ago to less than 4000 we have essentially did catch and release if you come to our borders now with a child it's no longer in immediate passport incident here in the united states instead they will be for their lawful an expedited process but they will not be released into the cheery night states never to be heard from again the united states is blacklisting 28 chinese tech firms that develop facial recognition and
9:44 pm
other artificial intelligence technology the u.s. says the technology is being used to repress china's muslim minority the move bars u.s. firms from selling technology to those companies with votes government approval rights groups say china has detained around a 1000000 other muslims in what it calls reeducation camps in the western xinjiang region. the serious nobel prize in physics has been awarded to 3 scientists for their research into the universe's history and structure the prize will be shared between canadian american james peoples and swiss scientist michel mayer and to quell those peoples developed a framework that has become the foundation of the current understanding of the history of the universe and the 2 swiss scientists won for their discovery of the 1st planets outside the solar system an exoplanet orbiting a star brazil's president says an oil spill polluting his country's north-eastern brand beaches since early september is not of brazilian origin with an
9:45 pm
investigation still underway so you're both scenarios says it could be the result of criminal activity or a shipwreck sarah hire it has the latest. this is what an oil spill last month has done to this once pristine coastline along brazil's northeastern region 1500 kilometers of fix sticky mess that's damaging the environment at least 42 coastal cities have been affected present diable sonars says an investigation to find out the cause is still under way by the state run oil company petro brass bazzi stopped short of naming a country he believes is responsible for the spill instead indicating it could be the result of a ship or criminal activity. the coastal states affected are particularly concerned about the timing it's the season for baby turtle hatchlings and to resume there could be a severe economic impact the brazilian summit is just around the corner it starts
9:46 pm
basically end of november. early december so local authorities will be hoping that things are cleared up by there we have seen the state of say she's calling you know declaring this and see us this couldn't have come a 2 worse time for the president than under international pressure for his handling of the fires in the amazon last month. also now wants to develop dams and 3 mining and farming in his recent speech at the u.n. he accused environmentalist of wanting to keep the amazon tribes might cave men. there have been protests in cities like rio de janeiro against his policies on climate change the brazilian veyron mental agency says it has cleaned up more than 100 tons of oil washed up more than 100 beaches in the northeast and as brazil investigates who or what caused the spill it's not clear what the extent of the
9:47 pm
damage will be so high that. al-jazeera news hour the sports news and we hear from the man trying to make big changes to the champion's league peter has the details in just a mum. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder court all the more we become still fight against corruption. dysphoric new chiro heroes like new who are about to refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption hero. didn't
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you astray from the porch stick let's go say that. we bring you the stories and developments that are make believe changing the world living. in the eyes of piracy . counting the cost on al-jazeera. new zealand has marked the 250th anniversary of the arrival of british colonialists on oct 8th 769 the 1st europeans reached its source but as the recent jabari reports the ok's and has been marked by demonstrators who say this day should not
9:49 pm
be marked. this is a replica of james cook's endeavor with sailed into the northern city of pittsburgh in 7699 indigenous people were killed just in the 1st meeting between cooke and the maori who had been living in new zealand for centuries. and that is one of the many reasons why these protesters say the ok jand shouldn't be commemorated since the landing of the white man these it's been nothing but distrust the sourness thing. killing motorists you name it we've done it 250 years of it in here we start to this day. protesters also say they're maori ancestors were treated unfairly during the colonial era and that today maori communities face disproportionate levels of poverty crime and discrimination as a result. new zealand has planned several days of events to mark the milestone
9:50 pm
prime minister just into ardern says there should be a more open conversation about the country's history during our story and all go. on to acknowledge that and to ensure that our children continue to know their stories as well once upon a time yes we cook cook now we actually have a balance of stories or. even we can use stories and a little bit of course the. indus burn a statue of james koch has been repeatedly the face with graffiti and has to be replaced but many here say there needs to be a bigger dialogue on the treatment of the maori people throughout new zealand history door such a pari al-jazeera. time for an update on this sports those are peter they're in very very much they used the rockets of play the 1st game on the m d a promotional tour of japan but they blackout in china continues u.s.
9:51 pm
politicians and the league's commissioner have better. the rockets general manager and his tweets in support of the hong kong protests but chinese businesses have been severing links with the team rob matheson has the latest from beijing. just 7 words have plunged the u.s. national basketball into a geopolitical crisis with billions of dollars in chinese sponsorship and t.v. rights at stake on friday dayrell mori general manager of the houston rockets n.b.a. team tweeted fight for freedom stand with hong kong in support of anti-government demonstrations there. china is furious we are not apologizing for daryl exercising his freedom of expression i regret again having communicated directly with many friends in china that so many people are upset including. millions and millions of our fans. just months after
9:52 pm
paying billions of dollars to extend its streaming deal with the n.b.a. chinese company 10 cent says it won't show any more rockets so as iraq is fan i'm very disappointed as a chinese i feel very disappointed by his confidence the n.b.a. is not the only organization to have to apologize in the face of chinese anger in the past gap the marriott hotel group and daimler car company have all had to backtrack the hong kong airline cathay pacific even sacked some of its staff who publicly supported the protests in hong kong because it was worried it was going to lose access to valuable chinese airspace analysts say anyone who accepts chinese investment should be aware of china's sensitivities he crossed the line. and then which. many. sponsor vaster. from overseas know they know it shouldn't you know no one.
9:53 pm
china is not the only country to use investment as leverage but critics say that when the n.b.a. has been faced with a choice between freedom of speech and the risk of losing billions of dollars china's money talks rob matheson al-jazeera beijing south africa have booked their place of the rugby world cup quarter finals with a thrashing of canada the springboks scored tame tries in an emphatic 667 victory. with a hat trick in the opening 20 minutes the bonus point win put south africa on a collision course to meet hosts japan. the springboks a chance to avenge their defeats when the sides meet in the pool stages in the 25th world cup. iran's female football fans are ready to make history on thursday when they'll be allowed into the stadium to watch the men's team play cambodia in
9:54 pm
a world cup qualifier but the decision has been made by protests in tehran with demonstrations outside the parliament building our correspondence and as ravi sat down with iran's vice president of family and women's affairs for an exclusive interview sometimes this issue is blown out of proportion i think the important area which is sometimes now over knocked on this issue of women's. attending different football events or entering the stadiums is the issue of sports for you vonnie and women in general. women are now entering for several years in national league championships in different fields including football including volleyball including different types of sports you know your government the government you're a part of is arguably one of the most progressive that iran has seen in recent memory certainly but you have on one side that is pressuring iran threatening to
9:55 pm
ban iran from international competition on the other side you have hardliners saying that they don't want women to have open access to be able to enter the stadiums freely in some ways it really seems like the government is caught the middle is like dancing in a 2 headed snake you know how do you how do you square the circle how do you think we see that now we're seeing the results we're seeing that the government has made serious efforts that and and we hope to see a game where we have a woman sitting in a stadium and watching and i think that we were moving ahead. the head of european football's club's association you ventus chairman and nearly says he will continue his attempt to reform the champions league despite his master plan being rejected last month and yet to change how clubs qualify from domestic leagues but as al-jazeera is he willing 6 planes he's facing strong resistance from within the game. he was speaking of one of the biggest global sports business events
9:56 pm
called latest which is like i said the home of english rugby twickenham or the world cup is being played in japan before paul was very much what was being discussed here on the controversial subject of how european football will look in the fiction now and yet he's really pushing for reform that will remain friends the champions league effectively for the bigger clubs smaller clubs voted against that last month and are trying to hold out by that he says it really is about meritocracy we want that inclusive platform and these are the principles. for all clubs based sport emerge overseas and the historical bridge and that is challenging the axis that is that this is them through the domestic leagues exactly what we want or do we want to also value the sporting married on the page through the international competition itself the most important thing is that the qualification for the international competitions has to go via the domestically. which is the
9:57 pm
connection which the fans would like to have this is contained in connection with the least of the majority of the clubs would like to. our way as they did you kill the dream and if you kill the dream you kill the interest for the competition. there is currently a lot of tension and suspicion around european club football and its future so those that are involved are worried about it i need somebody to get in there on told here in london again next week most of the world's leading clubs are involved in this and i want to get this right and might show that the future is bright at the shanghai mosses tennis roger federer had an easy ride into the last 16 on tuesday the tucson champion beats alberts at all most of us in straight sets to progress. and that's all the sport more for me again later during ok we'll see you later peter thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera that sets from myself and peter and the team here and we hand you over to lauren
9:58 pm
taylor and our teams in london will have more news for you coming up in just a moment on al-jazeera but like. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your calm still fight against corruption. you cierra which heroes like know who are about to refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him showcased by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror. what
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are you testing up. how does this impact whether online life face minstrelsy comes directly out of trance like it's lately or if you joined us on sat this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar's not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice in the church is thrilled the discussion is for real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the last. study after study demonstrated perspectives american media coverage part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want
10:00 pm
and if you don't say it we're not going to speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. turkey continues its military build up for an operation against kurdish fighters and the warning is sounded over the potential for a new for military in crisis. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the trumpet ministration is accused of obstructing justice after a key witness is blocked from testifying as part of an impeachment investigation. as the breaks it deadline edges closer to the british prime minister john.


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