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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 161  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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particularly of that provided last week by u.s. representative to ukraine could which made clear u.s. diplomats had been discussing the preconditions for a meeting between president trump and his ukraine counterpart this has to be a fair process and when you have a press release being drafted by our democrat colleagues cheery picking text messages when the full text of ambassador bowker's testimony last week would have exonerated this president let's release ambassador sandland was mentioned repeatedly in the testimony made public use text in e-mails indicating he was in direct communication with the white house throughout the discussions about ukraine his evidence is regarded as critical in terms of understanding the motives behind the trumpet ministrations engagement with the president of ukraine and the house committees are insistent he must testify a formal subpoena has now been issued calling on ambassador sutherland to appear
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with all these documents mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well the u.s. senate intelligence committee has found that russia was behind essential media to see information campaign designed to influence the 2016 presidential election the committee report outlines how social media platforms were used to say a division and to spread fake news in an effort to get donald trump elected u.s. intelligence chase trace the accounts to the internet research agency that's a russian organization widely believed to be directed by the kremlin it echoes findings of the report which led to the indictment of 12 russian nationals linked to the internet research agency. now an aide to turkey is president has told the reuters news agency that a military intervention against the kurdish led syrian democratic forces all the s.d.f. in northern syria is about to begin turkish troops gathering near the syrian border
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in preparation for an offensive against the kurdish led s.d.f. it follows a preemptive strike by ankara which targeted the syrian iraqi border in an attempt to cut supply lines kurdish forces of warned any military escalation in syria could lead to the return of eisel and cause a mass displacement of people. president trump insists he's not abandon the people who had been loyal to the united states and in what seemed to be a softening of tone he's praised the trade partner and even invited his counterpart . to the white house kimberly how it has more what we do know is there's been a real shift in tone with regard to the u.s. president his relationship with turkey i mean just 24 hours ago the u.s. president was promising on twitter to obliterate turkey's economy if it did anything that was not consistent with the u.s. wishes now the u.s.
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president on tuesday morning promising a very strong relationship with turkey saying things that reminding perhaps u.s. voters particularly turkey is an important trading partner that there is an important value to the nato relationship that the 2 share and that there is a partnership when it comes to the collaboration of the building of the f. 35 fighter jet that the u.s. of course is very fond of now in the midst of all of this the u.s. president is also saying that he will not in any way abandon the kurdish fighters that the u.s. has been fighting alongside to defeat eisel in recent years but i can still tell you that the shift in syria strategy out of the u.s. president was announced late on sunday evening is not sitting. well with even members of his own republican party one of the latest senator marco rubio who has called the president's stance morally repugnant and a stain on the nation's reputation even as the president touts the benefits of the
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relationship with turkey in the united states there is considerable concern about turkey's actions into northern into the northeast region of syria and how that could affect the can the kurdish people particularly the kurdish fighters that have been so loyal to the united states iraq's government is under pressure to deliver on its promise of jobs and training programs after a week of violent protests which now appear to have calm and more than a 100 people were killed 6000 were injured in rallies against government corruption and widespread unemployment imran khan ripples from the capital baghdad. somewhere in this crowd is a hussein he's 30 years old this video was recorded on friday in the southern city baghdad he decided to join the young people in his neighborhood after he saw them spontaneously protest he's asked us to hide his identity because he was detained on the 1st day of the demonstrations he says the iraqi police made him delete videos
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respond and sign a declaration that he wouldn't take part in further demonstrations. i decided to demonstrate because it's our legal right under the constitution we didn't demand that the government resign it's been elected by the people but we want an end to the corruption and provide justice to all iraqis also we want young people to get jobs housing and older people to get it's unfair that some politically connected people have jobs and others don't know in. his words echoed by people here about. that demanding jobs within iraq security forces prime minister i'd love to lawdy has promised security jobs as part of planned reforms in the wake of these protests are no no no i don't. i don't know if i got you know i came here 4 30 am to enroll the guard told me to go home and play computer games is this how you treat someone who's looking for work what i was.
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the it's just iraq's pull her full outside the prime minister's office engineers are also demanding job and transparency. she has fallen into sweeping protesting for 90 days if you don't have the ability to provide us with jobs then why are we going to university why do we study so hard you might as well close the colleges. iraqi government insists is working to improve the economic situation and has announced a set of potential reforms intended to tackle corruption and reduce unemployment the government's under a tremendous amount of pressure not just from civil society but also from religious parties and the opposition now some say they want you elections others say that they want reforms to be implemented immediately now there's a low in the protest but how long that last really depends on the protesters and what they feel the demands of being the center in iraq on al-jazeera baghdad well the u.s. secretary of state might pompei is going to involve the iraqi prime minister to
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exercise maximum restraint and the him to address the protests his grievances also in jordan has more from washington. the statement about the iraqi protests from the u.s. state department is the 1st official comment from washington about these demonstrations it's a readout of the phone call which the secretary of state mike pompei o had with the iraqi prime minister and it's pretty tough in the statement pompei o apparently told the prime minister that he condemned the violence that those who may have committed human rights violations need to be held fully accountable for their behavior and that the iraqi government needs to do much more to address the complaints and concerns of the protesters from baghdad to nasiriya to other parts across iraq the statement says that the government needs to do a much better job of respecting people's right to protest as well as the right of
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the press to carry out their work and mr problem pale said that much more needs to be done to provide iraqis and especially young population more access to jobs to more reliable utilities and food and to basically make it so that it's a place where they want to continue to live and not simply see their country go the way of others that have concentrated power in the hands of a very few. still to come here at al-jazeera fears that a mass instead of garbage across the yemeni capital could start another outbreak of cholera. a trial this divided a nation a former colombian president school before a course on allegations that could lead to criminal charges.
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high once again the weather slot aquatic cross the middle east at the moment not see much cloud to speak of if any of the cladding set that just making its way across turkey heading towards the black sea i would towards caspian sea as well of tuor. georgia see a little bit of that weather possibility here but for the most part as you can see it's generally sat fat 41 celsius in baghdad 38 in kuwait city similar temperatures as we go down into the arabian place so maybe a high here in doha of around 36 degrees so the end of the red sea chances and showers here on wednesday tended to fade away as we go on into thursday but maybe just around the gulf of aden tools the whole of africa you could see a little bit damp weather from time to time itself have a little bit of weather to say to parts of south africa just along the southern and eastern cape or for much of the region is fine and dry all shoshanna was fill silt
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or in some rather heavy downpours into tanzania over the next dial say and by the time we come to thursday close but see somewhat to weather also just pushing up towards the fall north east of south africa maybe pushing up towards zimbabwe as well most of that well with tropical downpours continue as one would expect anywhere from the ethiopian highlands right into the gulf of guinea. whether sponsored by qatar and. what are you protesting about how does this impact whether online life basements will see him directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on sat this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come about everyone has a voice climate change is real 'd the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera.
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to take a look at the top stories here it out there this morning and overnight curfew has been imposed in ecuador in areas close to government buildings following thousands of protesters clashing with security forces in the capital quito during a 6 day of violent demonstrations many people are angry about harsh economic reforms u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says president trump will be held accountable after the white house declined to cooperate with the own going impeachment inquiry the democrats have warned that this would be viewed as obstruction of justice the president says the investigation launched by the democrats violates the
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constitution. and the aides to tell his president has told the reuters news agency that a military intervention against the kurds is set to begin shortly kurdish forces have warned that any military escalation in movies in syria could lead to the return of eisel as well as calls a mass displacement of people. now to yemen where there are fears that a massive pile of garbage across the capital sanaa could lead to another color outbreak the rubbish isn't being collected because of a severe fuel shortage there who controls and i'll say there have been any shipments of fuel or other basic necessities despite the withdrawal of their forces from the key port of her data tab reports from. her son ali collects plastic bottles from this pile of garbage and sana'a has
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a lot to choose from because a shortage of fuel means the city's garbage is not being moved out to landfills this has become the only way for others to survive. and be inventive. we are happy that this place become the main garbage collection center we sell plastics for 3 years dollars but it hardly covers the needs of our family. many of the city's garbage trucks are parts deposited in the capital the man in charge of operations here says at least 2 tons of garbage are piling up every day is appealing to the international community. to merely 300000 liters of diesel a month even in the coming crisis we won't be able to deliver our services to the community if the crisis persists trucks on low the garbage him at this makeshift collection center this is our 1st initiative to cut down consumption a few. health experts are warning of
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a president mental crisis that could trigger another cholera outbreak the recent one you know that at least 3000 people. call an international health officials warn this fuel and garbage crisis could hamper the 1st to eradicate cholera so far at least $100.00 yemenis have died from the water borne disease this year. a goodenough of heroes or so how would you tell the current fuel crisis is likely to undermine our efforts to lower the case of cholera and other epidemics the spread of garbage and sewage water the main reasons behind the spread of such diseases. the crisis has not only affected garbage collection it's also making it difficult for people to move around the city public transport is difficult to find . used to work as a driver for a private company. i've lost my job because the company owner couldn't
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allocate diesel jews or the severe shortage of it now i cannot even afford to refill my gas cylinder as gas prices are high as well life has become very difficult in our country. the whole say despite giving up control of course including in the south and the last years sweden agreement shipments of fuel and other goods and not coming through. in accordance with the sweden agreement and the port of her died has come under the supervision of the un especially after the hutus retreated 5 kilometers in compliance with the signed agreement. for millions of yemenis like as an alley and his friends what was already a difficult life has become even more challenging those who were once able to feed themselves are now picking through rubbish in the hopes of earnings and living on the ballpark al-jazeera. now an activist who was jailed for rioting in
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hong kong 3 years ago is back in court for an appeal hearing a large crowd gathered outside the high court in support of edward leyland he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for his part in a violent clash with police the hearing comes at a time when hong kong is being group i'm not so demonstrations focused on what the protesters say is the growing influence of mainland china in the territories affairs. but china has announced the u.s. decision to impose visa restrictions on a number of its officials over beijing's alleged treatment mistreatment of muslim minorities earlier washington blacklisted 28 chinese companies that develop facial recognition technology saying it's being used to repress we get muslims.


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