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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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as the other side of this conflict and sat down and trying to solve this age old question about why i don't think the old discourse and rhetoric holds any water anymore a gentleman of course as you know another major concern is what will happen to nearly 12000 i saw fighters held by kurdish forces in syria if indeed turkey goes ahead with this operation some 2000 of them are foreign fighters including from france germany and the u.k. but european governments of refused to take them back earlier we spoke to a journalist molly sweeney who recently interviewed people trapped in ne in syria take a listen the turks have been threatening this area for years now including throughout the time that the s.d.f. the syrian democratic forces were fighting against eisel as an american partner 4th the fear of the people is compounded many of the people in the camps fear the regime and can't go home to their various parts of syria and iraq because
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of the regime or because of iranian backed forces there and they fear for their lives but they also fear a turkish invasion from the north these are people who are caught between a rock and a hard place all right while in washington d.c. can any turkish operation create a vacuum for eisel to be made in this area the americans seem to be preparing for such a scenario when they blame the europeans for not taking back the fight is currently being held by the kurds. so there's a possibility this is the s.d.s. slashed by crazy fighters turning their attention to confront turkey in the chaos. you know you can see isis fighters escaping you know prisoners escaping the group's reassembling and reemerging but i think. the problem
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of that happening once turkey takes over is not is not necessarily as bad as everyone is making it out to be once turkey takes over those areas they don't want to protect their interests we may disagree with those interests are but the turkish military is not allow isis fighters to roam around among them the story of isis and turkish. you know cooperation or a quote really was at its worst and in the early times of 201-220-1320 extension 14 when turkey was turning a blind eye to isis fighters were fighting the kurds but certainly i don't see them allowing them to roam free in areas once we take over. osman in istanbul what will happen to these i saw a fight is currently being held by the kurds the americans seem to suggest that if turkey goes in and goes ahead with this military operation then they will be responsible for these i feel fight is. exactly just i will touch upon just i want
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to just a few sentences regarding yes sir while in washington just clearly put it that turkey sit table with p.k. k. in order to reach a solution it was a very advised decision from my point to a few and exploited this approach unity to talk ammunition in the city's vic the citrate in 02200 i will stop you because it's a very long discussion india is what is one and one that satirise our last show is to see issue yes exactly did the i.c.c. she is i think this is a blackmail just coming from the you know the forces in the region there telling that if turkey is coming here the i.c.c. forces will be either released or they will be escaping if everybody is against isis ok why p.g.d. americans and the turks and what is the problem over there and regarding the number i need to correct it because it was being exaggerated by the work force in order to blackmail the americans and the europeans regarding the possible danger it is about
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a few thousands with the family is ok regarding 2 of 1000 and sometimes even they are just telling about tens of thousands of us numbers as if like a town or a city it is not the fact there is a problem of isis there should be a very smart planning regarding how to handle this artist members and and the families but there is another side of the coin the europeans this us as members are just blowing into this countries they are not accepting their citizens they'd just just what wanted this us members live over there and take care of it you know do what deja forces the kurds or the americans order to the deal of the road the problem who sent of course not willingly but just let them to go to the region they are not trying to deal with the problem and and now the existing forces are blackmailing through i says to both americans turks and the europeans to set up any kind of operation let's say gave back aaron at the last word karen what will happen to these i saw fighters being held by the kurds and will justice be served. for the
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crimes that they purportedly committed 2 points firstly i think the get your guest in well here in d.c. i think his optimism is unfounded firstly i think if a government that was that enabled isis to grow very quickly in its early years they didn't take it precautions on its border there according to sites and he actively helped isis in its operational capacity i would find very hard to trust and i would not want to leave my security to a government that's been that's done that before and that's why i believe that the optimism that somehow the turkish army and the turkish government can take responsibility of these isis captives this is completely unfounded secondly i think it's quite rich from anyone that if it that's been affiliated or still is affiliated to the turkish government to talk about. to talk about. some sort of you know a fret. by the s. the f. or why p.g.
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about the isis prisoners the turkish government aired on has been threatening europe for the past few years with the more than 4000000 syrian refugees in the country trying to take anything it can. from europe and from the western world by frightening them with opening the doors to more than 4000000 syrian refugees to cross the borders into europe so i think it's quite rich from your guest in istanbul to talk about how the u.s. the f a y p g doing this as the if the kurds in northeastern syria have very limited resources to look after and to to actually hold these people accountable the isis captives accountable and if turkey if the turkish army is going to attack the why p.j. in the kurds in northeastern syria then they're going to have to fend themselves and i think that will take you know that will be a priority ok we'll leave it there gentlemen thank you so thank you so very much for a very interesting discussion thank you for joining us. and why and thank
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you very much indeed and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by the setting our website at c.n.n. dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for stash a.j. inside story and of course you can join the conversation on twitter our handle is at the story from the foley back to 100 thank you for watching i think. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. i don't know the meaning to all chunks of the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them in all modern enjoying one when they. live and survive in the long. psalm of the boxset this is europe. on al-jazeera.
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just off one of caracas his main highways the media and the family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power original water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treated with chlorine but with none available other than amid the hopes that boiling it 1st will make it safe for her family to drink doctor might be a little bit says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse of any one in norway to all reading we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know that the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which can be fatal
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local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency. more tatars forces gather at the border with syria as russia calls for the kurds and syrian government told. how i missed the attainments al-jazeera lives and are also coming up a curfew imposed in ecuador's capital over fuel protests as the president moves his office out of the city. on a tourist the united nations chief says the organization is about to run out of cash. and the white house calls congress's and peterman's inquiry illegitimate
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and says it's one to cooperate. i am. now turkey says it will begin its offensive into syria shortly and it might not be doing so learn an aid to the president says turkey's military will be joining forces with the free syrian army when it crosses the border into syria troops have been gathering on techie side of the border since monday night he says it wants to create a safe corridor and to rid border areas of us tax cut is forces it follows president donald trump's decision to begin withdrawing u.s. troops from syria on an opinion piece for the washington post a turkish presidential aide has called on the international community to support efforts to bring peace and stability to the region ferreted out and says turkey has no ambition in northeastern syria except to neutralize a longstanding threat against techer citizens and to liberate the local population
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from the yoke of armed thugs regarding the y p g who calls militants he says if they are genuinely interested in fighting islamic state they can defect without delay or they can listen to their commanders who say that they will fight the tuckers forces in which case we will have no choice but to stop them elton goes on to say the us has borne the brunt of the counter islamic state campaign for too long turkey which has made her 2nd largest army is willing and able to take the lead now and drive it home. correspondence all stratford isn't up to cali on takis border with syria so charles turkey saying willing and able to take the lead now what kinds of movements have you been seeing there on the border. well as we've been reporting we've seen a steady troop build up over the last 48 hours or so certainly last night trip back to our hotel and on the road we saw our boss called voices of military vehicles heading in this direction we're directly on the border the town behind me. was
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taken control of by the s.d.f. by those kurdish forces from i saw in 2015 and this convoy that we saw included a.p.c.'s we believe trucks full of ammunition flatbed trucks also carrying tanks so this this military movement by the us along this border certainly seems to have continued as you report. we've also heard and seen video footage all of the buses carrying in free syrian army fighters now these fight is. inside syria being supported by the turks it's pretty much the beginning of the revolution in syria. we have come to the understanding that they have been stationed in a base put in a base here in turkey they come from the north and i'll oppose area of syria and they will be potentially participating in any kind of military action into syria
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bigotry analysts are saying that they may well push in west of here around the town called monday with the idea of potentially joining up with turkish military forces further east and as we've been reporting there are serious concerns about the fight against eisel in the sri chinmoy what kind of ramifications any kind of military escalation by the turks would have all that the s.d.f. the kurdish forces across the border saying that they cannot guarantee that they will be able to prevent potentially thousands of i.c.'s prisoners escaping jails that they control if indeed there was some sort of military push by the acts that there are huge concerns of obviously about isis fighters escaping and there are concerns about territory that is thing taken. troll of over recent years from my school i saw moving back into those areas and interesting lee the small thing at least the s.d.f. released a tweet they reporting that there was suicide attacks in the town over iraq which
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is under their control certainly in the early hours of this morning so tension is certainly mounting here at the military build up continues and the big questions as to when or indeed if this this operation will start and when it comes to this potential military incursion what options do the kurds have now could we see some rather unlikely alliance is forming on the other side of the border as well. there has been that reported certainly the s.d.f. leadership yesterday tweeted that they were potentially looking at the options of entering what they described as some sort of power to share with the syrian regime forces and the russians in interesting lee in the last few hours and which is reporting that the russian foreign minister has now said that the kurds should potentially reach out to the syrian regime. obviously in the context of the.
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turkish military buildup on the borders so yes it seems as if alliances could start to be moved around a little bit certainly militarily the military analysts are just looking at the basic facts it's not forget that if there was a military escalation by the acts then the s.d.f. could no longer rely on the kind of air support that they saw in the battle against eisel from u.s. late coalition forces. we understand that the s.d.f. is over the years been trained and received move fairly basic or sophisticated but not much of a military equipment things like anti-tank missiles and of course you're looking at the largest 2nd largest army in nato that's the turkish forces so certainly militarily it seems that they will be very much outgunned but it's interesting. and a point to see how much pressure the s.d.f.
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are and how they are now reaching out to what can only be described as the enemies of the syrian regime since the revolution in syria started all those years ago. on talking border with syria the government thank you tony. well as charles was just saying russia is calling for dialogue between the syrian government and the kurds over the situation in northeast syria foreign minister sergey lavrov is on a 2 day visit to kazakhstan where he's been speaking to the media he said it's important to reduce tensions on the ground on tuesday moscow said it was not informed about the u.s. decision to pull american troops out of syria want to other news now and iraq's parliament has officially recognized those killed and recent nationwide protests as moss's it means the families of more than $110.00 people killed in the unrest will be eligible for compensation the government also unveiled more social reforms as it tries to quell those demonstrations that are now entering
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the 2nd week. of. the distinguished casualties of the protests will be recognized as martyrs and therefore their families will be compensated we will follow investigation procedures to uncover the events that have affected the protesters while u.s. secretary of state mike compare has urged iraq's prime minister to exercise maximum restraint and to address the protesters grievances rose in jordan has more from washington. the statement about the iraqi protests from the u.s. state department is the 1st official comment from washington about these demonstrations it's a readout of the phone call which the secretary of state mike pompei o had with the iraqi prime minister and it's pretty tough in the statement pompei o apparently told the prime minister that he condemned the violence that those who may have committed human rights violations need to be held fully accountable for
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their behavior and that the iraqi government needs to do much more to address the complaints and concerns of the protesters from baghdad to nasiriya to other parts across iraq the statement says that the government needs to do a much better job of respecting people's right to protest as well as the right of the press to carry out their work and mr problem pale said that much more needs to be done to provide iraqis and especially young population more access to jobs to more reliable utilities and food and to basically make it so that it's a place where they want to continue to live and not simply see their country go the way of others that have concentrated power in the hands of a very few now and overnight cafu isn't placing ecuador's capital quito after thousands of protesters fought with security forces during a 6 day violent demonstrations many are furious at the government's decision to end
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a 40 year old fuel subsidy as part of economic reforms in america at all you see in human reports from. indigenous ecuadorians continue converging on the capital to give their president in ultimatum either repeal highly unpopular austerity measures or get out they say well. we've come from the middle of ecuador to reject this unpopular government that's taken measures dictated by the i.m.f. . president lyndon what in a says he's open to dialogue but insists he can't back out of his commitment to reduce the fiscal deficit by eliminating fuel subsidies something he.


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