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this is to sit in or. a stick or a stick but the enticing methods if i'm. a loving home not have as little obviously. around $350000.00 cruise ship passengers who visits to bangor during the season this year. local businesses welcome the money they bring although generally seaborne tourists spend less than others because they have everything they need on the ship they get they get these house more particular the time the small or smaller still hang out some of the time for the hippies some shipment over the authority have an event center. on a small port then there's been a. company and these paypal for a whole day of a few blocks and i am the other cruise ships coming to 50 a year really must be weird for them or take
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a picture of their houses that is what you expect when you live in a cruise ship town. that's why we don't live on anything staff most of that stuff are there hard their folks to hardly come to tell problems them saying. welcome to america it will they get approximately 45 minutes to reach king's landing is a beautiful serving there is dark room full of tourists. who believe here people are happy then because you know that what you gave them wasn't just gravy and the story it was such a good story it was on this story you onto helping churning dubrovnik into some sort of a display lamp well that's what we that's what we are trying to avoid you know.
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brother nick is becoming these new end regardless of the game of thrones so you have an opportunity to sail ana kim. they have been married 30 gary in the u.s. congress in a row seat and beth was filmed on the front deck of power. there during exams scenes in dubrovnik in croatia croatia and our entire cultures all up until the homeland war people were renting their apartments let's say and they had guessed it were coming to their places for 10 years in a row see there'd be brought this is where royal family wished farewell till 2 marcella you can have both in frame. john song. with. him or not visiting the
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same location for same years in a role because the way i believe that the travelling became more affordable and now you have opportunities for me even less money to visit places far far away. tourism has changed you brother nick completely and the only one in full residence left in the last 8 years now i live outside of your town because i find the old town a little bit too crowded specially during summer months you hardly could walk and you can park shopping is limited then such a thing both will fish standage rents out the apartment he used to live in tourism is now his main income he's bought 20 apartments in the old quarter and he's renting them all out when i was a boy used to play ball in the streets and local.
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grandmother's you used to dry clothes on. the ropes and such a cigs that you caught to see any more so they are less and less inhabitants because it's the expensive. brother nick needs to keep dubrovnik site entity it shouldn't be misplaced with the king's landing but king glen king's landing was filmed in the drum make so you cannot avoid king's landing in the problem. in hopes that the municipality cashes in every time a tourist parks a rented car checks in at the hotel even when they use the public toilets for some local tradesmen to tourism is also a gravy train your highness jan who is a local cop into new york been 100 guy you've been in the house of throwing this really going to been victimized thanks love i miss you. but just don't catch me in
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greece the. only is causing an industry. but when mass tourism arrived in hopes that his business flourished economy. i. was. on the. verge on 1st. name and in. my income when no is i'm 4. 100. 1 and housing me 100 articles up with the conflict here and i need to really know don't want to say it's not everyone that is happy. has lived here his life now he's considering moving away because the noise and disruption are becoming unbearable. saves him a defense to. as i look at the plane in seats of this plane and.
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the seats and. he says i'm going to leave us you can we can go to the fair tax when we go to break a bit or a few. days we'll have to get the stomach also no drone zone because it was going to be you but some sort of man made from france and it almost looked on as i did i just do it all the truth and we've been told in the problems you know you feel a little bit. of it because of the sixty's when it was he going to shoot any kloof position in the. one scene and. she thought somebody what i mean. from the austrian alps it's back to norway this time. a village in the southwest of the country which is famous for its fuel.
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well here to meet and decide for a time a pharma m t tourism activist. directing a. saturday. in 2014 he attracted international attention when he set up a series of giant signs protesting against the cruise ships that bring 275000 tourists annually to the area. so hang.
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well hang little. save the salmon. so likable or granny. but you have. to. go and all the people pollution. vended all of our destiny all or devalued all of the. 'd under bush has allies in the fight against the cruises last year media all over the world published this picture of a local politician in another norwegian fjords protesting may kid against the
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cruise ship invaders. as though no. more. so it was to let lots. of. of course the municipality does well financially from the influx of tourists but the environment clearly suffers 2. recent studies have shown that a big cruise ship as many particles a day as the traffic of a medium sized city with 500000 cars and what's more the vessels release up to 3 times more c o 2 passenger. than an aircraft that has huge consequences for
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global warming. today one of the very largest cruise ships. it. isn't against tourists in principle he has 4 small cabins of his own to rent but every 4th tourist here in from now comes with the cruise ships and fears that they're scaring away the traditional guests who used to come a long time. ago.
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well. it leaves. a lot. of the obvious. what kind of name a phone call chelsea that we didn't just knife was what i mean i definitely suggest that was back in june brunswick one can of course also find a bond with
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a game of thrones theme i just got to jon snow. last night and the theme to come tattles patrick served with an episode that sealed smokes my friends could be good friends. but i'm a life really was really saying was watching the series using nothing here there's nothing to suggest that mass tourism has reached a peak yet here in job growth nick or in the rest of the world it's a gigantic global industry that's only going to keep on growing richer respect the laws are never spoken of buildings and we don't cause any damage on the bill said problem scott very special but shouldn't we leave think a little more carefully about how some 2 way create traffic lights go on our off lights a good location is coming off an island well perhaps each of us has to choose whether to be among those tourists who leave sky on the places we visit will stay
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at home in front of the t.v. . as long as you keep enjoying know to whom. i am. with a record number of nominations the world waits to see who wins 29000 nobel peace prize the nobel committee when announced the winner on friday al-jazeera has been awarded exclusive international rights to interview the winner after the award ceremony december the nobel prize on al-jazeera. to the u.s. treasury the poster who let's go say that the chinese have some of the most we'll bring you the stories and developments the dramatically changing the world we live in what's going through the eyes of piracy it is counting the cost on 00.
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for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. rewind returns with a new series. on brand new updates on the best amount to serious documentaries or stick at 800 it's fun to just stand back just rewind
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continues with the gift of sight just so sickly intervention is one of the few where you will see patients like this says at least 10 years younger than she was yesterday just within 24 hours on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha with me and the parana coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey begins
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a ground offensive against kurdish forces and syria after jets and after we target key positions on widespread panic and evacuations fears that the turkish incursion could trigger a new chemin a tarion crisis. and other news police in ecuador fire tear gas to fend off protesters marching against the president's austerity measures plus. to his ears jailed presidential candidate gets a hero's welcome as he walks free from prison in time for the presidential runoff. turkey has launched a ground offensive in north eastern syria hours after its warplanes and began hitting territory held by kurdish led fighters were turkey's military operation is designed to clear its border of kurdish fighters and the army says it's hit $181.00
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targets so far well in just a few moments we'll go to our correspondent child stratford who's on the syrian border we'll also be crossing to our washington correspondent rosalind jordan to talk about the reaction from the u.s. but 1st this report from victoria gate and be. turkish forces in the syrian rebel allies attack kurdish positions in northeast syria. pounding them with ass strikes and artillery barrage is in a cross border military operation just days after u.s. troops pulled back from the area wildly does have described the offensive as dangerous and reckless and warn it will threaten regional stability the turkish vice president sees it differently. this operation will be a source of peace and will bring peace and will sort out the syrian crisis in a radical way this operation led by president receptive as one of the steps and one
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of the procedures among other steps taken by president for the sake of syria and for keeping the unity of syria. it's so turkish president wretched time says the aim of the offensive is to eliminate what he calls the terror corrido along turkey's southern border it will target turkish led syrian democratic forces and eisel fight as you say wants to establish a safe zone inside territory currently held by the s.d.f. 20000000 refugees hosted in turkey can be settled. the s.d.f. says the offensive has caused widespread panic and evacuations and will trigger a new humanitarian crisis. we saw 2 tanks in front of our village so we left fearing that out children might get hurt following the shelling of the village most residents have left but some young men have stayed. the kurds have been key players in the fight against i feel in syria the s.d.f.
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of appeal to the united states and its allies to establish a no fly zone to protect it from turkish attacks that are down at the kingdom of god on either nigel martyn of us out of 1 egypt turkey is trying fruity attacks to the united for the master. it is trying to lengthen the life of these groups we do not agree to any attacks by turkey and by supporting the world needs to reason behind the attack on the northeast of syria the turkish government describes. the main fighting force in the s.d.f. is a terrorist organization linked to the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the p.k. k. which is fought against the turkish government for decades again sees this military operation as a chance to weaken an old enemy but the international community is worried about the prospect of more suffering for the people of northern syria as well as the security implications of this move turkey so far offered no clear plan about how to deal with thousands of jailed eisel fight is on the syrian side of the border
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victoria gate and be al jazeera well let's look now tick actually where all of this is happening turkish forces are launching attacks from the town of ras al-ain they've also gathered near the turkish border town of chocolaty it's thought they'll cross into the town of. u.s. troops recently evacuated that town though as an territory held by the s.t.'s kurdish led forces to already has a presence and syria holding and number of observation points those however in northwestern syria an area mainly controlled by turkish and rebel forces let's go now to our correspondent charles stratford he's joining us live from atlanta i know you've been seeing and hearing those are all eventualities what are you hearing about the turkish operation so far. well certainly in the last hour or so things have quietened down in this immediate area but up until then as you say for the last 5 or 6 hours before then there was
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a heavy biology's of artillery rockets fired and then it was close to the time where the yet turkish defense ministry announced that a ground incursion had begun and there was a lot of heavy arms fire heavy machine gun fire quite close to where we are now a lot of traceable so traces that we could see there has been some reaction certainly from the s.d.f. in the last couple of hours as well most notably one from the chief spokesperson who denied that that ground incursion had started certainly in the in the immediate area to where we are now there were reports as well in the turkish media all of mortars fired by kurdish forces into into turkey no reports of casualties. huge concern of course in terms of humanitarian crisis
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potentially across the border we understand as we heard a big tours report that people have already begun to flee their homes hundreds of thousands of civilians across the border obviously having suffered years of a war already many of them having fled to these areas that are controlled by the s.d.f. for their safety because of the kind of victories that the s.d.f. along with the help of u.s. coalition forces and indeed the against eisel now the turkish government says that these this incursion these this operation is to try and set up some sort of safety area safe area for the return of he says around 2000000 refugees at the 3600000. syrian refugees that are here in turkey but of course this is causing huge concern on the international community and the u.n. . because of the shoot to humanitarian crisis that they see potentially is
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unfolding yet it's ironic that it's called a safe zone because for now at least so many people are fleeing the area do we have any idea how long they'll have to leave for if they'll be able to come back as war do we know the scope of this operation charles. well we know that certainly in the last few days that we've lost covered days that we've been here we've seen the extent of the military build up in the ceremony a substantial heavy weapons moved in we understand that up to 14000 f.s.a. troops now these are the f.s.a. fighters these are fighters with the free syrian army based in syria that long we banked by that since pretty much the beginning of the revolution in syria that were trucked across the border into turkey to take part in some sort of we understand
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ground incursion how long indeed this operation is going to last it's very difficult to say but yeah you can you can imagine the kind of the level of fear that many people are feeling across the border and interestingly as well there has been a lot of focus as we go to victoria's report about the fear is that i still fight is that are being held in jails hastie if jails across the border may may have an opportunity to escape by you know the ground that has been made against arsenal may be lost because the s.d.f. may not be able to guard these positions where they're holding onto fighters anymore and we heard earlier this evening and asked if claim that turkish show height it an eyesore prison obviously very difficult to verify and we know how the
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s.d.f. can use this very much to their advantage in terms of the propaganda war but i think it's fair to say that the fear is of the international community in terms of the kind of gains that have been made in recent years against eisel in the syria could will be jeopardized by these to use military operation child thank you very much for that for now that chance rathman all the very latest live in. on the ticket syrian border now in a statement released by the white house president obama trump said the united states does not endorse this attack and has made it clear to ticket that this operation is a bad idea he also added that there are no american soldiers in the area it's goes who accost funded transit in georgia now she's joining us live from washington so a statement from the white house now ross but how is what's being happen what's happening in turkey the to operation being viewed not just by the president but by those who have been very vocally opposed to his decision to withdraw u.s.
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troops from the area which essentially gave tookie the green light for the operation well this of the public reaction has really been coming from members of congress both republicans and democratic members of congress and they're frankly horrified that the u.s. after relying on kurdish fighters to help get these territories inside syria and inside northern iraq out of eisel control that the u.s. would now well essentially abandon them to whatever the turkish military is going to do during this military operation they've been extremely critical there's been a lot of talk about trying to pass some sort of resolution once they return from their congressional recess early next week but whether they're going to try to put more pressure on the trabant ministration to hold turkey accountable for this
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invasion even though it's something that had been widely resisted here in the united states that's another question certainly the u.s. president donald trump after that statement was released on wednesday then took questions about the turkish invasion here's some of what he had to say i will wipe out his. economy if that happens i've already done it once with pastor bronson. i'm sure that he i hope that he will act rationally you do have to understand that fighting each other for many many decades actually for centuries they've been fighting each other it's somewhat of a mixed message isn't it though of all it's coming from president trump he surely knew that he wanted to crush the kurds for a long time with true u.s. troops and knew what you know withdrawing u.s. troops would lead to this and yet he says that he will crush turkey's economy if they're too hard on the kurds.


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