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tv   Old Marine Boy  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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fori took the producers of this program to his friend jamal's apartment in tysons corner virginia. they managed to contact a show she saw on the dollar but the call led nowhere. we were the phone. as we speak today. into live shows under notice jill no nobody will dare to speak and criticize that informed life saudi intelligence was closely monitoring her show she and his movements and briefing the new crown prince and heir to the throne of the horn of the world. i mean. the saudis trying to tempt the journalist to return a source close to her show she said that the advisor to the roll call. contacted him twice by phone. he allegedly said that mohammed bin salmond trusted implicitly and that the doors of the rule court were open to him whenever he chose
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to return. the same source said that the saudi government maintained communication with. a made him several offices including managing a prominent saudi funded media network. in the north so good you brought it with you has been there he has been serving in the embassy in london the saudi embassy in washington was there. and i think his knowledge of the regime added credibility talks abortion as a journalist when he spoke out. for show she kept up his criticism of bin salmond and the washington post demanded spoke to me through this before his move them that he is working with friends to establish a foundation for democracy in the art of wall promoting back out of them quasi among slow move people and also fear thing some form of society after consideration . according to a political science researcher in istanbul show she was involved in projects aimed
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at countering saudi digital activity. the program produces contacted some of his assistants on one project but they were reluctant to talk in detail they said they didn't want to jeopardize the future of their new work. meanwhile back in the saudi capital riyadh a small cell was formed to decide what to do about jim oh. it weighed up different options and as new information became available it formulated a course of action. it would silence ashaji. permanently. on the evening of the 9th of september 28th seen her show she left the us for what would be the last time he took turkish airlines
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t k 8 from washington to istanbul where he arrived on the. evening of the 10th of september. he planned to stay until the 17th of october as he had a major personal event to plan for his marriage to the turkish ph d. student. the couple had 1st met at a conference in istanbul in may 2018 they kept in touch met again in july 2800 and then jamal proposed to her t.j. and she accepted. because he is about to get married he wanted to establish new life and they were still remembered the flat that he bought the furniture to put in the flare and the fact that the consulate to get some bitter months and they joked with him and they said you are younger than me years. before because you have a story. and then you said you know we. may
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continue our struggle for. generation and i feel. 'd secure in. my shows she made an injury in trip to london and returned to a stumble on friday the 28th of september landing at 4 o 7 am. at 924 the same morning shows she and her teacher went to the municipal office in the fattah district of a stumble to check what paperwork they needed. to be. bigger they ever visited. the lack of the bialek muscle and they are probably they really. are like the bush on the on the tank out all of the high levels of the modern is
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part of chart. so jamal and her t.j. took a taxi to the saudi consulate. therefore going to get a couple of active in our lives. that are the issue and actually get a video listen up. and back to being without full on charge door to door and it's called each other. for mr chicken i wonder if that. ban the help of them all the talk about the we will all know ecosystem for that. during his 90 minute visit to show she was told the necessary documents will be processed in the next few days. that same evening show she flew back to london having spent. less than
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a day in his stumble. i was one of the last people to meet him before he disappeared he was here with me in this office we spent the day together we had lunch together and then he went to the airport i followed him the following they threw away some would cause he was forced to appear on my t.v. show. but by the time i arrived in the summer he was gone and i can tell you that when we met here. seemed quite comfortable and excited about the prospects of marriage we discussed. a project to hear how the mind and that is to set up a website to publish translations of reports an author calls and analysts is on the economic situation so in india and the region. in london show she called the saudi consulate in istanbul they told him his papers
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were ready at that she should collect them on tuesday the 2nd of october 1 30 pm. so how she left london again for a stumble his fateful final journey. listening to show she did not stay in istanbul hotel but in the place he bought for him and her teacher to live after the wedding. a teacher had been busy putting in furniture and supplies. only a few items remained and jamal planned to buy them after his return from the consulate. but he never did. the couple had breakfast at the restaurant inside the residential complex and there was a lot to talk about mainly the wedding. of the.
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organisation of neither. the arc of us or with a chart of the before but that he opted almost. didn't. take the job of the day or the arc of the. by the time of the one but listen a bit about giving it to me. for the other guy did not believe the mother. turned this into each other the. good old out of the way. bit are. called for. meanwhile what was effectively the saudi hit squad began arriving in istanbul in the early hours of the same morning. free of mohammed bin salma the special protection unit came on a commercial flight from cairo. to private jets from riyadh landed an hour
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apart on the private runway. h. said s k one landed at 3 30 am carrying the head of the assassination team. trip and 8 other men including 2 of the key players. the team checked into 2 hotels near the saudi consulate. surveillance cameras in both hotels showed the men leaving at 940 and 10 50 am and cameras at the consulate monitored their arrival there. is no say leaked all the recordings that 2 planes came from so they are via to the entire mission airport of the church and 15 men. checked in a hotel in istanbul and before. arrived to consummate they entered the. car
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we did feel that even though that you cannot see inside the fact that our team arrived in turkey the circumstances of what they actually did the timing is concerned and also the composition of those people in terms of their forensic expertise that ranking one at least is alleged to be a very senior ranking intelligence officer and the fact that it's also claimed that at least 7 of that team are extremely close in terms of the security in a circle of the crown prince himself all of this is very strong circumstantial evidence it all suggests that not only were these people implicated in the whatever how has happened. it also suggests that what the intention actually was.
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at 1 14 pm so the cameras showed her show z. entering the consulate. he gave her t.j. his mobile phone and left her waiting for him outside. she has been missing for 5 days. we also reported his disappearance to turkish going shopping in washington very concerned about the whereabouts of running a prominent commentator on charges journalist was law financial interest countries consulate in istanbul on tuesday and have until march to send a t.j. continue to wait but as the time pursed she became increasingly concerned and contacted some of jamal's friends. which stands for much done for us the going to be done beats me the wish that the germans. will become sort of us all members of the former caucus here in the big city me either because of
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its off or back to come other will that i'd like to there although on the mitchell this to me on in all the largest army can come on the roof and we get our share of us are going to say go on your own organization and i will not sort of back to your article that gets me all he said to more of a old war machine may have us or the former you know the. band you want to be cured with or to much with the hyla couple that girl of whether you had a child you said no more than his in the search didn't sort of the one they each month to now for jobs. for the music of the. they were for a lot of them however. with it for the share cropper the bigger they were sort of that they wanted to get in which whether the kind of thing shall fall for them for a couple that became a the army team it was there that copy got to go to a live picture from the capital for a child or cafe or push while the child like you folks in about the become the be
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almost your. it while step may have us at over the awesome a little bit. but. your question michelle must see the snow to democracy to consuls like you've been pushed out the community the demands on the bench the problem of the general question like you must be on the problem all strictly geog team owners in a better than the have because you are in the south of the net and out of the top of that if women are among the injured minister they should have been of the same bush them how confident are. a couple in the most not of them. that the number. richest and him yet it's. still worth it you know and then they haven't. that. same question and there's no
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cable to sort the. lone bump on how can the i have guests have their own children. mr davis. now michigan there. ya go. how about. if you. can from year. 7 that's about where you want to mother the polly mother. as international speculation about her shoulders he grew one theory was that he'd been kidnapped as part of an illegal operation to take him back to saudi arabia. the turkish government broke its silence the day after her showed his disappearance on wednesday the 3rd of october when it made this statement be they could be.
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to food what come bush will accuse you of color should i be somebody stumble on the while president urged the one 1st commented publicly on sunday the 7th of october on birth something the soldier with the you know usually the boy given the that investigation was led by the turkish intelligence service who suggested that they had audio and even video evidence of what had happened inside the consulate. but publicly the turkish government played a longer game. seemingly as a way of avoiding any allegations against crown prince mohammed bin salma. it also helped distance king solomon from the case. it was a drip drip strategy in which the turks used leaks as a way of responding to the initial saudi statements about the case and of dealing
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with the us government when it began to comment under increasing internal political pressure. coming up in part to saudi arabia's continued denials the american president's defense of the royal family. and the turkish strategy for applying political pressure on both countries it would appear to people such as myself anyway some kind of ongoing behind the scenes negotiation with the saudis and perhaps the americans as well and secondly of course in terms of perhaps not wanting to damage the integrity or some future prosecution. on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize on reservedly historic apology
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for one of the darkest episodes in british intelligence that was a growing agreements is that the libyans could be quite useful to the west 8 years after the death of gadhafi al-jazeera world investigates western collusion with the libyan security services. good battery rendition on the west. on al jazeera. news as it breaks this is a consortium made up of various multinational companies from the united states china and europe with detailed coverage the election results will be announced on november the 7th but it's not just important who wins but whether the other candidates and all the other groups accept them and agree to work with them from around the world both prime ministers modi and the current met separately with president on trump but nothing has come up from offer to mediate between a. deal known may still be negotiating if we would have
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a deal and we would have been out by now 3 times you put a deal and you disagree with that deal this is a terrible deal is that we're still not it was backs of us what you know what it was about maybe his stand those head to head with the chairman of the u.k.'s practicality which is tied to the terms very loose tough i'm shocked that it was not a loose about it's often shop it's pretty clear actually is it as clear as brits it means brits yes it is and it's just as clearly we see. on our. thank. you thank . you fellow a martin dennis in doha and these are the top stories here at out as they are turkey says it hit more than $180.00 targets as part of a major ground and air offensive in north eastern syria designed to clear the area of kurdish led fighters the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say
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a prison holding eisel detainees has been struck by turkish troops and emergency u.n. security council meetings been called for affairs say to discuss the situation 2 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire outside a synagogue in germany worshippers were marking yom kippur or the holiest day in the jewish calendar a suspect is in police custody protests in ecuador have clashed with security forces on the 7th day of anti-government demonstrations thousands of people marched on the streets of the capital quito angry over fuel price hikes introduced by president lenin military know who is refusing to resign alice in america editor lucien newman is in a kill which has become the temporary seat of government. in some places the the demonstrations have been bigger in others smaller here in kenya there have been street protest vote in favor and against the government and a very very large deployment of security forces including now for the 1st time
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members of the army i have seen here on the streets right behind the police riot police they too are armed with that with riot gear and this is significant because the armed forces has just put out a communique saying that it will not take responsibility for any consequences that may occur in the line of their duty to preserve public order and they say that the only ones responsible for these consequences would be those especially the leaders of the groups that are calling for social unrest and this is again very very significant but it's also a demonstration that the armed forces continues to back the besieged president leonine what i know the tech giant apple has removed from its online store the protest is in hong kong were using to track police movements the move comes after a strong condemnation of the app from the chinese government was used in ways that endangered law enforcement and residents in hong kong today those are the latest
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headlines hear it coming up next to murder in a saudi consulate. and left his native country june 27th. he went to the united states and began writing for the washington post where he was critical of saudi arabia and crown prince mohammed bin cell man in particular. in october 28th he visited the saudi consulate in istanbul to collect some papers which would enable him to marry his turkish feel safe at. but he never exited the building the saudi government initially denied any involvement or responsibility but the turkish authorities cleverly drip fed leaks of the evidence they've collected inside the consulate. of
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course we're reliant upon what they are leaking or claiming certain elements within the turkish security establishment official and no doubt they have their own reasons for that that may depend on geo political reasons in terms of undoubtedly it would appear to people such as myself anyway some kind of ongoing behind the scenes negotiation with the saudis about the americans and secondly of course in terms of perhaps not wanting to damage the integrity or some future prosecution. the turkish foreign ministry summoned the saudi ambassador demanding clarification of the incident. this triggered the 1st official saudi statement issued by the saudi consul general in istanbul on wednesday the 3rd of october it said that the consulate was monitoring media reports of the disappearance of the saudi citizen.
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after he left the saudi consulate in istanbul. said the consulate was also following up and coordinating with the turkish authorities to discover the circumstances of her show she's disappearance. the bloomberg news agency published a statement by mohammed bin selman on wednesday the 3rd of october before the official saudi press agency followed suit 3 days later. n.b.s. said quote my understanding is he entered and he got out after a few minutes or maybe one hour adding that he was not inside the consulate and that quote if he's in saudi arabia i would know it. on a dark. like me and i wanted to. actually look at all the big tick. tick. well there was some other. men.
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yeah and it cannot. be done watch for the thought of course if i get me back to do what i call forth or what the dish maybe i shouldn't be able to do the end floating near they were scared to return or. at the very 1st beginning of the event has been happen mr advani or can assert that on earth kingdom also go our authorities clearly show that he has left because later all the responsibilities belong to the so there are no torches and. you know that so they are. and their social media. army started to program. and this is a very detailed plan and action off the intelligence agencies they are trying to blame. the other such kind of ridiculous story fabricated stories.
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the 5th day after his disappearance saw the 1st news story about. a turkish official told reuters that the police's initial assessment was that he showed she had been intentionally murdered at the consulate and that his body had been moved abroad. the saudi government issued a denial an official source at the saudi consulate in istanbul also denied the reuters story that quoted turkish officials saying that her show she had been killed at the consulate he denounced the source of what she called these quote unfounded accusations. but i could. not enjoy it. and you were left. out of use for india.
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on. saturday the 6th of october tavi invited reuters to the consulate and took them on a tour. to show that her show she was not in the building he denied that she had been killed insisting that he left. but admitting he couldn't prove it because the consulate surveillance cameras hadn't saved the images. of why he would have a c.c.t.v. system that is working doesn't record seems. impossible to believe the only reason why you have a recording system is lack of money and this isn't something that afflicts saudi arabia for sure. under the 8th of october u.s.
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president donald trump made his 1st public statement about the case. at the same time the saudi ambassador to the u.s. prince khalid bin selma inabilities stated publicly that allegations that he had been killed or detained by the saudi authorities were completely faults and unfounded. he then left for saudi arabia on the pretext of c.t. clarification. with the king of saudi arabia. firmly denied any knowledge of it. he didn't really know maybe i don't want to get it is fine but it sounded to me like maybe he should have been. from the photos they. wanted to give an exit. of course we know all. of them. and we know that from started speaking about him before
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even the saudi government just so he wanted to give them the exit therefore they can use it to cover. this unfortunately was. talking with. the american. albeit. without going made them want. to be other what are your. to get. a medical act within the hour nothing nothing changed about them up with a good. luck. on monday the 8th of october the turkish newspaper. reported that the intelligence services while the lines in the movement of 26 cause owned by the saudi consulate
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in istanbul it said they wanted to determine their whereabouts on the day show she went missing. c.c.t.v. cameras close to the saudi consulate showed to cause a black mercedes vito $34.00 c c 1865 and another miss a d salute $34.00 c c t 248 driving to the saudi consulates house an hour and 15 minutes after her show she had gone into the consulate. they were parked in the garage there for 3 days. on the 4th day they were taken to the car wash near the consulate where they were kept in. the program producers obtained these pictures from inside the car wash itself showing the 2 vehicles being fairly clean. turkish investigators believe the dismembered body was taken from the consulate to the consul's house in
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the mercedes vito. this c.c.t.v. image shows the veto outside the house before turkish police searched it. and on tuesday the 9th of october the washington post published the now famous c.c.t.v. video of jamal khashoggi entering the consulate 1 pm on tuesday the 2nd of october . the 10th of october the b.b.c. reported that the turkish media had published pictures and names of those they said were members of the hit squad. the new york times also ran the story reporting that her shoji had been cut with a bone saw 2 hours after its death and that the orders to assassinate him had been issued from the highest level in saudi arabia. more pictures and i don't. realize your guys are really members of the.
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monster as a bodyguard. let 11 days after her show she's disappearance on c.b.s.'s 60 minutes donald trump was still insisting that the crown prince denied any knowledge of what had happened. but warned saudi arabia of serious repercussions if it were proved the hope of being killed. is something you'll be surprised when they say that there's something really terrible and disgusting about that if that were the case so we're going to have to see we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment if they go on to claim that these people were acting without the authority of the saudi government then of course they can prove that by. relinquishing the diplomatic immunity of these people and actually turkey for trial but if that happens of course there is a very big risk that those people who are put on trial for
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a capital offense will name the people that made the decisions and that may not be convenient of course to the saudi government. on the same day as the c.b.s. trump interview the british french and german foreign ministers issued a joint statement calling for an independent investigation. governments in britain america would like to draw a line and and pretend it hasn't happened but i think public pressure is enforcing the media to then force the governments in the west to actually at least in the short term appear to be taking action and that of course is an error of judgment from the perspective. of course not but on we had to increase the power because of the pressure. because the media because of the republicans and the democrats in the congress but they maintained the serious rocky ride and exit even if you increase their report. so mr trump. found himself very pressed.
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his secretary of state. to riyadh and. korea you want to learn your realities they say so but i am not really sure whether he rants. but has happened inside the kingdom also the year of via or probably. the fallout from the case reverberated around the saudi stock exchange with its index falling 7 percent when trading began on sunday the 14th of october 28th seem . a saudi statement was released freshening to retaliate firmly against any action taken against the country. on that same sunday king so monday broke his silence on the case for the 1st time when the saudi press agency reported that the king had spoken to turkish president over the one on the phone and quote thanked the president for welcoming the kingdom's proposal to form
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a joint working group to discuss the disappearance of the saudi citizen. the king quote stressed the kingdom's keenness to protect its relations with ankara . the next day the saudi press agency reported that the king of spoken to donald trump who had quote praised the progress in saudi turkish joint cooperation in investigating the disappearance of our shows. again on monday the 15th of october saudi and turkish officials enter the consulate a joint team led by the deputy general prosecutor in a stumble and agents from the turkish counterterrorism directorate. that evening the forensic investigation team arrived.
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they worked knowing now as through the night until dawn on tuesday the 68th of october. the forensic teams left carrying some pools of soil and a metal door from the consulate guarded. media attention then quickly switched to the consul's house next for forensic inspection. while the saudi consul general himself mohamed el a table departed is stumble amid rumors of his impending arrest by turkish police. meanwhile the turkish government ramped up its pressure on the saudis. after all those friends each investigation. made a couple of telephone calls with international leaders including the king solomon
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of king the more so they are and after that. it realized that the publication story of question has left the consulate is incredible so they accepted that mr question has been killed inside the calls that the film crew was able to monitor the movement of saudi security stuff between the consulate and the consuls house from friday the 12th to wednesday the 17th of october. the program producers later established that this included chemical expert abdel aziz alger newbie and toxicologist khalid yards of ronnie. this was the group that was reported as having deliberately destroyed evidence of the consulate and the consuls house it is possible to fully clean a premises of forensic evidence but what you don't leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned and therefore that also again is can be used and often is used as
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circumstantial evidence against the accused person. on saturday the 20th of october after repeated denials saudi arabia finally admitted that her show she was dead. a statement by the saudi public prosecutor announced the arrest of 18 saudis for questioning and suggested that the murder had occurred as a result of a quarrel. personally small that act into law for the op to going to cut that. down what do you believe. it. then it was when they did the. talking. on sunday the 21st of october. and the crown prince made 2 phone calls to.
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jamal's son to offer their condolences then on tuesday the 23rd of october they summit him and his uncle. and used it as a photo opportunity. then the turkish government strategy of leaking evidence finally brought the saudi attorney general. to turkey to coordinate the operation of his investigators. he arrived in istanbul on monday the 29th of october by private plane. he held 2 meetings with his stumbles chief public prosecutor for done after which his office made a formal statement. and said that there was no tangible outcome from these 2 meetings quote despite all our efforts and good intentions to reveal the truth about the killing of her in his country's consulate. the
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statement went on to say that immediately after entering the consulate the sharjah had been strangled as part of a premeditated plan and that his body had been cut up and disposed of. the public prosecutor's statement crystalized each of the 3 main countries positions. the turkish authorities stood by their story. saudi arabia continued to counter the leaks by the turkish government. and the us government continued to defend crown prince mohammed bin salma anxious to protect american commercial interests. some members of the u.s. house of representatives and senate took a more robust position criticizing trump's action and demanding that saudi arabia and n.b.s. be held to account. other arab countries commented very little. and
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that the ballot brown bread mortar the murder fighting a car you're on your car. shopping narmada how to connect help find out how to write or just mom you have frank have found you can respond to. the audio recording shared strategically by turkish intelligence turned out to be graphic and incriminating. they were authenticated by the united nations investigation which published its findings in june 29th teen. the recordings have a shorty entering the consulate or 1 15 pm on the 2nd of october and going to the consul general's office where mohamed el a tape was with the trip an officer from the saudi foreign ministry and a special god to mohammed bin selma they questioned about his intentions of
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returning to saudi arabia and he said he did want to return in the future then they said they would have to take him back that there was an interpol order to that effect and that they were coming to get him. to show she said that there was no case against him and that he had people waiting for him outside. the recordings then have a short fight followed by a conversation among the hit squad is here sleep he's raising his head keep pushing bushehr don't remove your hand pusher. according to the u.n. investigation her show she was then injected with a sedative and then suffocated with a plastic bag. then a doctor in the team. started cutting up to show she's body. about 2 hours later the recordings pick up free different voices on the stairs. one ordered the visa lounge to be closed another appearing to be
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a technician transferred c.c.t.v. data and reset the surveillance cameras. the 3rd was most to file murder any dressed as a joke she look alive jamal khashoggi was a premeditated murder and they're now telling c.n.n. that he don't believe the saudis went to the extent of sending the body double here to paul murder any appeared to complain about wearing who shows she's clothes shouting it's scary wearing the clothes of someone who was killed 20 minutes ago. or shows his shoes didn't fit him properly so the team leaders allowed him to keep his running shoes on. our money was told to walk along for streets before taking a taxi to the sultan our district where he disposed of her charges clothes. on the 19th of june 29th teen the un special rapporteur on arbitrary executions.
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are published her investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi it included a direct indictment of the saudi or thora his for their involvement in what it called extra dudish all execution. said that there was credible evidence requiring further investigation into the involvement in the crime of high level saudi officials including crown prince mohammed bin salma himself we are i do don't know mr i believe that you we take. the fact that he's execution will never be repeated including by the state of saudi arabia to which he was so at that age. although a year has now passed since a soldier is murdered the question remains as to where his body is. didn't trip carry it in his diplomatic luggage when he flew on one of the private jets
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that took the assassination group to cairo and dubai the following evening. was the body bear a dirty yellow villa which was inspected several times by turkish police. or was it scattered in the belgrade forest where the saudi military attache our commander. was seen before the assassination. or was it dissolved in acid and disposed of at the consul's house mom feels she was killed she is the body to the fire ruby has denied any involvement in the disappearance of her shirt however in a c.b.s. interview on the 29th of september 29th teen i haven't been selma and was asked a direct question about what she. did you order. absolutely not this was
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a heinous crime like this but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the saudi government. the mission of major pool in exposing. and in my opinion this would be one of the landmarks in the history. in thinking in judgment. and. nor on. all nor on mean of will who are. on many of. the.
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i once again welcome to the look at the international forecast as per usual the weather is lousy 5 inch right across the good parts of the middle east little bit of cloud that is spinning out of the black sea towards the caspian sea just around the caucasus you might just catch the odd shower head just around i mean the pushing of it into georgia as well as easy way as we go on through thursday you see a lot of fine and sunny weather a little bit of cloud into that east the side of the mediterranean but beirut still getting up to 28 celsius over the next couple of days they contain is in iraq $41.00 celsius there for back that kuwait city with a top temperature of around $37.00 degrees mostly similar temperatures across the arabian peninsula just notice the possibility of want to see showers southern parts of iran just around the strait of hormuz elsewhere of course the reason we're going to keep the dry weather and the sunshine hot sunshine as we go on through the
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coming days meanwhile we say the fed is sunshine recently in sioux southern africa but we've got some showers as well to speak of said he said east side of south africa over the higher ground 2nd but pace will see some wet weather coming in lively down pulls there for johannesburg on thursday these will gradually make their way further north and east by friday. what are you protesting about how does this impact whether online life based minstrelsy comes directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on sex this is an attack on academic freedom at the core of our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue minard is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice on the church's frilled the discussion is real and arguably talk about the solutions on al-jazeera.
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where every. takis ground offensive against kurdish forces in syria is underway as jetson on salary target key positions. they didn't help us in the 2nd world war they didn't help us with north normandy and accused of abandoning his kurdish allies the u.s. president says he sees it differently.
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and this is al jazeera also coming up. 2 people have been killed in germany and what is now being treated as an attack. and why. national day taiwan's leader rejects any one country 2 systems formula with beijing. turkey's military offensive against u.s. allied kurdish forces in northeast syria has entered its 2nd day the military says it's had 181 terrorist positions so far the operation began late wednesday afternoon with aerial an artillery bombardment hours later turkish ground forces crossed into northern syria from 3 entry points talking calls the kaddish forces
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who control the area terrorists present out one says the operation will prevent the creation of a terror corridor all across turkey southern border the opposition syrian democratic forces say the offensive has caused panic and residents are fleeing their homes adding to fears of a new humanitarian crisis the international community has condemned and charisma and the un security council is expected to discuss the situation and apply. we begin our coverage with charlie stratford an on the turkish syrian border. turkish forces in the syrian rebel attack kurdish positions in syria probing them with killer is it a close. just days after u.s. troops. from the area. world leaders have described the offensive as dangerous and wreckless awarded for regional stability. the turkish vice president sees it
3:51 pm
differently. this operation will be a source of peace and will bring peace and will sort out the syrian crisis in a radical way this operation led by president recent tayyip erdogan as one of the steps and one of the procedures among other steps taken by president for the sake of syria and for keeping the unity of syria and. turkey as president received the type says the aim of the offensive is to eliminate what he calls a terror accord all along turkey's southern border. he also wants to establish a safe zone inside territory carli held by the kurdish late syrian democratic forces where 2000000 refugees currently hosted in turkey can be settled. the s.d.f. says the offensive has caused widespread panic evacuations that will trigger a new humanitarian crisis and i know the better we saw 2 tanks in front of our
3:52 pm
village so we left fearing that out children might get hurt following the shelling of the village most residents have left but some young men have stayed. the kurds have been key players in the fight against isis in syria the s.d.f. of appeal to the united states and its allies to establish a no fly zone to protect it from turkey should tax that's not done at the king i mean get out in a gym identify that on the. united for the master me to die i should say it is trying to lengthen the life of these groups we do not agree to any attacks by taki and by supporting them and the world needs to be behind the attack on the northeast of syria the turkish government describes the main fighting force of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization leaked to the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the p.k. k. would use force against the turkish government for decades. early on sees this military operation as a chance to weaken an old enemy. the international community is worried about the
3:53 pm
prospects of more suffering for the people of syria as well as the security implications of this move. turkey has so far off wouldn't do clear planning about how to deal with thousands of jailed eisel fight is on the syrian side of the border. the turkish defense ministry says a ground incursion into syria has begun and there are rising fears for the hundreds of thousands of civilians living close to the border many of whom fled to s.t.'s controlled territory to safety in a country that has already suffered years of war struck at al-jazeera on the turkish syrian border. is also an eye on that border then i have been watching the offensive on the ground there how heavy hasn't been and how targeted because there's also civilian areas. well like you mentioned turkey's military operation entering its 2nd day airpower the turkish
3:54 pm
military using air power air raids as well as artillery bombardment targeting really the defenses of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces mainly along the border because this will allow and help its ground forces to advance now the ground operation began in the a few hours ago we still do not know how much of an advance turkish soldiers and their local allies the opposition syrian national army have made but according to officials and defense ministry sources the operation is moving ahead smoothly now is making good on its promise that it will fight back or at least make it difficult for the turkish army to advance make it a difficult and long war so the army is facing resistance but if you talk to military analysts they believe at the end of the day the outnumbered it's outgunned and the terrain it's flat terrain making it very easy for the army to advance now
3:55 pm
the focus of the operation is 100 kilometer stretch of territory between 2 syrian border towns the town of behind me and across the line so this really is the focus of the 1st phase of this military operation we have to make clear that the turkish military the turkish government have not really been explicit in saying what is the scope of this operation but we do know what they want and they want to create a safe zone along a 480 kilometer stretch of territory along the border of course which is 30 kilometers deep well we also know that there are lots and lots of form that i saw in that region and the u.s. is now confirming to us that al jazeera that they're in possession of 2 high level i saw targets and they've taken from custody but there are more than 10000 on the finances this are how real is the threat and i still researching to see if the kurds a busy fighting the tux. well according to the us
3:56 pm
it is a real threat because for them it is the 2nd priority to guard those prisons we understand that they hold at least 10000 prisoners among foreign fighters family members of i saw family members so they're saying that we cannot really guard these prisons and so the threat of ice so resurgence is real there is no doubt that in one way or the other the s.d.f. is using this as a card to try to pressure the international community to stop this offensive but yes i saw their sleeper cells are still active they're still able to carry out attacks behind enemy lines not only in s. the f. controlled areas but in central syria areas under the control of the syrian government there have been a number of ambushes and attacks as of late so this threat of ice so is real santa hot and they're watching developments on the tacky syrian border for us thank you. well the u.s. president has once again defended his decision to withdraw american troops from syria he rejected the idea that washington abandoned its kaddish allies saying the
3:57 pm
kinds of not only is supported america now the courage of fighting for the land just so you understand they're fighting for their land and as somebody wrote in a very very powerful article today they didn't help us in the 2nd world war they didn't help us with normandy as an example they mention names of different battles they were there but they're there to help us with their land and that's a different thing in addition to that we we have spent tremendous amounts of money . on helping the kurds in terms of ammunition in terms of weapons in terms of money in terms of pay with all of that big said we like the kurds. jordan has more from washington. the u.s. president donald trump has been criticized over the past few days because of the accusations that he essentially gave the turkish government permission to go ahead and attack kurdish forces in northeastern syria it's something which trump has
3:58 pm
denied on wednesday he even underscored that point by saying that there would be representations if overplayed its hand in trying to deal with what the president has called a real terrorist threat in northeastern syria i will wipe out his. economy if that happens i've already done it once with pastor bronson. i'm sure that he i hope that he will act rationally you do have to understand if they're fighting each other for many many decades actually for centuries they've been fighting each other meanwhile republicans and democrats on capitol hill are criticizing the trumpet ministration for abandoning what they say is a group of fighters that were instrumental in the global effort to dismantle eisel in both syria and in iraq these politicians are now looking at passing legislation that one would punish members of the turkish government if they overplay their hand
3:59 pm
during this military operation and some of those punishments could even extend to the turkish president himself writ of tayyip erdogan on the big challenge for the legislators is coming up with a bill that they cannot only get passed but also can pass once again if donald trump the u.s. president decides to veto the measure meantime the pentagon is confirming that it has moved what it's calling to high value detainees from kurdish detention camps in northeastern syria outside of the country there are numerous reports in the u.s. press indicating that 2 british members of eisel who were instrumental in the murders of james foley the u.s. journalist as well as other western hostages are being moved so that they theoretically could be brought to the united states to stand trial for their involvement the pentagon isn't confirming that these 2 men are in fact the ones that are being reported on but it would be
4:00 pm
a significant change given that in recent years the u.s. had been keeping a high value detainees either in iraq or who had moved them to guantanamo. security council just a few hours to discuss the fighting in syria the 5 e.u. members on the council that's france germany belgium poland and the u.k. requested the meeting after taki announced the start of its cross border operation and. after days of discussion the un security council's agreed to have a meeting on current developments in syria but there's very little chance of agreement on anything other than expressions of general concern what do you hope to achieve to speak road discussions and bad circumvention is that. we should give peace is that the chance to solve only issues since it's the european members of the council have been pushing for a meeting some of them have strong.


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