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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2019 9:00pm-9:35pm +03

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we will implement our decision and it's a once in a generation decision and you then renege on that it's not surprising we face the biggest lack of trust betrayal of trust in democracy in this country given where in this chaos right now and given that you know there's this argument over who is legitimate where the sovereignty lies we're finding in this conversation why not then let the public decide how to resolve this mess that we're in by holding another vote i mean if you'd lost the last referendum campaign 52 percent to 48 percent instead of winning it as you did 52 percent to 48 percent you would have been calling for another referendum now to you wouldn't you we wouldn't we wouldn't be where we are just a complete why didn't i go for a large the leader of your party saying may 26th in a month before the referendum in a 5248 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. so that i'm not knowledgeable raj i would never say the reverse is. the way we should persecuted there's a lot of those quotes where you heard them or not is irrelevant he did say it to
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the mirror he's never denied saying it but he said it would be unfinished business by a long way you can't just disown the leader of weights all of the way to not there's something awkward the way democracy works is that you have elections every 5 years so if you lose an election you know you try and do better the next time you have a thing called loses concessive and your colony leaders said no you will not abide by that if you lost democracy only works in this country if loses except they lost completely agree ok and yet your leader said your leader said if the remains campaign i'm quoting your leader i'm not to give you any of my views if the remain campaign wins 2 thirds to one 3rd that ends it you didn't win want 2 thirds to one 3rd so it's not over according to knowledge of fraud i don't have to agree with every word that he said look if you want to review the referendum 1015 years down the track that's fine happy but you know you have to implement the will of the people 1st time around in the same way when you have the will of the people so i'm saying that we'll give you his decision is that abstinence stone people get to change their minds they're going to general election and then say oh we didn't like the results or can we have another vote really just i want to integrate. you know
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we might have one next month that's in 2 years. but the reality is. that. what happened after the election to reason may want to just with a hung parliament with the d.p. so she's the prime minister and she's trying to get out of the way she tried to get to 3 times she put a deal and you disagreed with that deal because of the terrible it is the worst it doesn't matter it was bracks if that's what you there was a brain is not behind it we've always said that's not breaks it that is that's half and half or so what you're saying without it is that there are multiple forms of bricks in. which you learnt on the ballot paper in 2016 maybe there was leave on the ballot paper it wasn't it wouldn't leave somebody told you you were treason may well let's be honest leave means leave that's why i founded the group by definition it doesn't mean that that's why we're in this mess 3 words but it means nothing we'll talk about that beyond 3 words in a few moments pretty soon to keep it simple folks thought we did before we do just something that's been a big story here in the u.k. recently given an m.p. joe cox was murdered in the middle of the referendum campaign by a white nationalist who consider her to be a collaborator and
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a traitor do you think it's wise right now that politicians constantly talk of betrayal of traitors of surrender is an irresponsible for your party to niger fraud to talk about picking up a rifle if bricks isn't delivered of taking a knife to civil servants in london is this not dangerous stuff which the word surrender is a normal part of the english language just like the trial if we can't use simple language like that that actually you're preventing free speech you know no one is banning you from saying if you want to know what is banning it isn't it. we're saying when you hear when you hear women in parliament saying they're getting death threats citing the prime which is of working is not does not make you feel a protest the jokes murder was absolutely hideous you know shocking and appalling on but never say don't we want to avoid another one happening by all moderating along of course about picking up a rifle and i think civil servant davy said he wanted to captivate the prime minister when it davey comes on the show last year but i'm also if you want to know for a large we can do what about of the. person i'm not responsible for. i mean you're
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chair of the brics a party you actually are responsible for your process he's the leader of your party that's how it works otherwise you don't have to be the chair in politics you don't dictate what other people say you don't you have a comment on it let's just be clear do you disagree with the language of rifle and knifing it's not language i would have used why i choose different language that's why what i'm wondering was on my own person because there's something wrong with what freud said like everybody's different ok so you're ok with that language i'm saying it clear you ok with everybody is different i would use different language it's fine ok let's bring in our panel here who are waiting patiently to come in jonathan lives is the deputy director of the european think tank british influence he's also a journalist contributor to the guardian prospect among others john of the you've called this new rhetoric the end of playing by the rules you say people have every right to be scared which makes the point that the people on your side of the argument using some pretty heated rhetoric to no one is using language which would incite violence on or my story that no one is accusing anyone of treason and when they're in if they ever did then i would completely disavow that what we're seeing now is
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a very trumpy in style approach where there's an attempt to reframe language and to normalize that reframing because in order to take control of the people you have to take control of the lexicon and let me bring in graham gudgeon who's a economist at cambridge university chief economic advisor at the conservative think tank policy exchange at great you've been a big supporter of brics it boris johnson the prime minister the u.k. at the time of this recording has said that he will take britain out of the e.u. on the 31st of october he dodged questions of legality whether he would be breaking the law would you support that you somebody said we've got to do it no matter what parliament passes oh absolutely we've got to get this done now this is just gone on far too long companies are in trouble that they they don't know what to do they're begin vestments to make even if it was breaking the law just to be clear want to know where you stand there's a law that says you cannot do this now i don't think you should break the law but the law itself is just ridiculous it's technically hands over the power to the since we're not allowed to accept no deal the e.u. can offer any deal that the they want. they can offer any timescale they want and
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then they were going to parliament can say ok we'll look for compromise and if the parliament poland the united kingdom which is so often as we've started you've surrendered the key issue of how long we remain in. the european union i mean it's just like suggesting parliament comics that are going to. see the edits of the progressive online media outlet novara media she also teaches political theory at the sandberg institute is the language around bricks it is it is as toxic as people seem to suggest it is well you know i think it's important to be passionate terms when you feel passionately about politics i do have a specific question for you because a few weeks ago one of your parliamentary candidates for south north hampton shared rachael ray tweeted that she totally agree with the list calling for me personally to be either executed or imprisoned. do you think that this is appropriate conduct no i don't think that's appropriate and i was a little bit come to that we'll have to look at it and make a form with you i mean do you have
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a code of conduct about this kind of thing of course we do and is that and this calling for political kind of be executed against a code of conduct i would look at it of course i'll give you that i would give the shirts right we have withdrawn the whip from one of these because of a conflict of interest between his business interests and his role as an m.e.p. very very briefly is that it seems to me that there's a pattern of behavior when it comes to using language around violence by party supporters including niger for raj i remember the day of the referendum result they posted that than one without a single bullet being fired merely days after the murder of joe cox so my next question would be this back to party supporters who have been well it's a big divisive movie theater about what about david the other day it's ok to remain is to say let me ask a quick before we move on very quickly if you agree as you say you do we all agree that we want to reduce the likelihood of god forbid another attack or a murder of a member what give me your top proposal for. creating
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a britain where that doesn't happen what would you like to see happen get this job sorted so we can actually try and unify the country about successful economic performance afterward so that we can then going about rhetoric people's rhetoric you know any resolution to this is such a divisive issue let's implement it and then we can all move on you talk about implementation richard you're running on a platform to leave the european union without a deal whether october 31st or beyond but just going back to 2016 when your side was telling the british people that they could leave the e.u. with a great deal with a trade agreement in place it would be easy so i'm wondering why you deliberately misleading them back then we lived in them we ignorant about how difficult it was going to be which one is it neither what was it and why did you make those promises and why because i actually would have proper leadership from someone who believed in breaks that we would have got that you can say vote great and this is a bad prime minister i don't like him. and we didn't. leave subject to a deal that everybody likes we said leave you went on the b.b.c. in the run up to the referendum you promised the view is that the u.k. would quote still have a friendly agreement negotiated with the e.u.
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in the 2 years after we vote no it's been 3 and frank said on the economics it'll be broadly the same that's what you told him the good news is it would be even better if there was no knowing it's going to be even better and you're valid be negotiating it we would have had a deal and we would have been out by now even michael gove conservative cabinet minister one of the leaders of a vote campaign who he says he said i quote we didn't vote to leave without a deal that wasn't the massive message of the campaign i helped lead he's being honest about it why not just he's known it what he's not going to so he got it wrong he's not being honest about it here's a man who a few months ago said that we were leaving with a good deal to reason is doing now he's in charge of leaving without a deal or a clean break breaks it and he's saying that's absolutely fine but you just can't trust a word that man says ok you know what else can we trust what you want to tell you we trust you you can trust yes or trust not go for our yes when you know you won't ever arjan aaron banks who was the big donor to the levy who's got nothing to do with the big donor to the levy you can't you have a referendum right now when you were saying in the referendum 3 of you norway free
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trade agreement none of that's on the table now now you're telling us to forget all that maybe we'll just own it why pretend you were always for a no deal slash clean break so what did michel barnier say at the beginning of the negotiations he said if you want a simple free trade deal you can have one reason may rejected it and that's why we're in the mess we are only isn't you know only last week michel barnier had a meeting with one of my colleagues one of my party in the piece and he said if we leave with a with no deal with a clean break breaks it then they will start negotiating a free trade do the following week i mean you know what the economists are saying you know what the office of budget responsibility said about that the same people who said that we're going to immediate recession would lose half a 1000000 jobs said the pound would collapse and it did and we're employing a 1000000 people more than we did at the time the referent and you lowest rates of unemployment and well outperform in the euro zone well hold on hold on hold on one of the members of the monetary policy. bank of england says already the cost of brics is running at $40000000000.00 pounds a year how the i.m.f. which last time i checked didn't vote in the referendum so the totals are going to
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try so on u.k. g.d.p. is about 3 and a half percent by 2021 there are many led by christine lagarde right who said there will be a complete collapse suddenly the i.m.f. about a lot of british retail consortium that says prices will go up in supermarkets often know directly that we're shortage of food they won't they won't say you know more than the person run sainsbury's and tesco yes frankly you know more than the bank of england because you know more than the more the bank of england because you know he's used every decision he's made about the interest rates being totally and utterly wrong when we leave on a clean break we can then make decisions about what tariffs we cut so we can cut the tariffs of goods that we don't produce in this country consumer goods food you know you have to do that for everyone right under world trade organization rules but if we don't get it so you have to reduce tariffs on everything on goods that we don't produce i've been to the very senior people there and they said i went to them back in january and they said yes you could easily turn the 29 page political declaration into an article 24 heads of terms and actually that would be a sensible thing to do given where it's at who did you meet the w.t.
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i met a couple of very senior about one of the names i'm not going to give you the names there well i'm telling you the director general of the w.t. or rather as a vader says there will be costs and the cost may be very significant and the sector but what it is previous i suppose you run the w $2.00 before and says you'd be brutally jumping from trade league one to trade league 3 that's the direct to join of the w 2 and his predecessor but 2 anonymous people you may have guaranteed you things will be fine and don't put words into my that's not what i said you just said i want to make i do they said we can make some but i ask you their names you say i can't tell me them i didn't say i just they actually asked me not to say the names if you really want to know but the reality is they said what would you know what they thought we could do and should do i think that's absolutely right we've always said that we should ask for an article 24 heads of agreement under the rules which basically means you agree the heads of terms you then basically incorporate terms you put into. and you don't realize of course that you know that can't have that is absolutely the fundamental point of agreement is the 2 sides have to agree of course that he told us how it had to be and here is not going to agree to
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a cherry picked head to terms trade agreement if we don't give the e.u. what they want which is citizens' rights the divorce payment and the arash parts of the e.u. has always had more leverage in the u.k. because it's wider it's more powerful it's rich than we are they can afford to equate reasonable doubt is the truth of their other misery and without so let me bring in their emotional and 1000000000 they're almost but let me ask you describe . the yellow hammer document from the government also is predicted possibly shortage of medicines food destruction at the border delays are you willing to concede that you know everybody to look at you have to have a document 25 pages it won't take you very long it is the most ridiculous document . it's not so it's garbage it's not a prediction it's what it's what they call a worst case scenario well actually they called it they called it a base and then they renamed it when it was you know if they kept the base case scenario it would be beyond ridiculous it would be i mean this is an internal
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planning document from appropriate level and just to be clear but they're part of the remain conspiracy as well let me tell you what this analysis was based on this just quotes from the document it's not my view if between 50 and 85 percent of haulage companies were unable to fill in french customs forms not only on the 1st day but for 3 months and then half of them are unable to fill in these forms for 6 months then we'd have problems with the french customs and into their own customs have been handing out forms to lower drivers for the last 6 months and this was why why would. you say there won't be any disruption after no deal right now i'm not saying that i'm going to be if there's any disruption will be fairly small jonathan very briefly respond that there will be a small disruption well i mean the government is as you say appropriate sick of them and i say listen to the actual government which has no interest in ramping up the dangers that no deal they are saying that terrible things can happen we have a g.t. responsibility to listen to those rest and pay attention how can anyone read that document and preventing it is completely beyond me to bring you on something. or to
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bring you know something which you said about which i really like the 2nd one just just one thing is that fair now when you hear all the debates in british politics about we were misled we should rerun the vote they were fully honest with us etc adviser for where do you stand on all that i'm what you call a euro skeptic remain which means that everyone and no one likes. me there are very strong arguments about why practice. it happened and i think the main one is the democratic principle which is when you vote for something regardless of what the letter of the law says about an advisory or not advisory. our political system relies on the trust of the electorate why do you think that there is a negative consequence for breaking that trust yes i do you also however think that there is no mandate for nato there was one parliament voted strict article 50 parliament has since changed its mind which is the right of parliament but i've got a really. very very simple question for you and it's really straightforward i know that you don't hold truck with what's on the other hammer reports because 2 things
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one is that lowest income families are likely to be hardest hit by the disruption and 2nd is that there may be some shortages of medicine now i know you think but none of that's going to happen but if you could just put a number on it for me how many job losses are happening and how many deaths from medicine shortages for you oh we're proud of that happening but. frankly that question has been the great thing is where are you going to get more tense because it's going to be a huge success so how many and then you come back you know what the risk because it's not your job but rather just told you we've created a 1000000 jobs most of it i guess you are going to the medicines point is really important briefly so. this ridiculous suggestion that you know we can have a medicines shortage let's just think folks you know one of our movies was with french pharmaceutical companies just a fortnight ago and every single one of those executives from those companies french pharmaceutical companies said it's completely ridiculous of course we're going to keep selling and course to be plenty of medicine is your question if we
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take a break if you're wrong about the medicines issue and the disruption the shortage of food i just want to know how do people hold you to account for that here now in an election that's how elections work you know if politicians stand up and say something like well i'm quite happy to stand up and say. more about how you tell isn't retailers was always hard is never half empty i'm a positive optimistic sort of guy i think i mean there's a fine line there. that's the worry. always yeah. ok. we will have to take a break there you're watching head to head we will be back in part 2 with richard ties and our panel and our very patient audience here in the oxford union to discuss what's happening with british public opinion is it more divided than ever before and what's the future for rich party join us after the break. you.
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can't. experience the world like no other business. going places together. i'm sam is a down and how they look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now turkish forces and their rebel allies say they seize control of a key syrian cities town center it follows 4 days of intense street to street fighting in the past so i could this forces are refuting the claim they say they
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only made a tactical retreat from one neighborhood the town is part of a 120 kilometer stretch where ankara wants to create a so-called peace corridor or so the holder has more. a significant blow to the kurdish led syrian democratic forces turkish troops along with their local allies the opposition syrian national army have now taken control of the line that is the syrian border town one of 2 main border towns that the turkish led alliance has been trying to capture in order to create the safe zone that they want in northeast syria so has fallen after days of heavy bombardment days of air strikes and street by street battles so the focus of the operation will now move to the other town behind us and heavy artillery has been targeting the town since the early hours of the morning the turkish army and their local allies have also advanced deep into northern north eastern syria reaching 30 kilometers reaching the
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m 4 international highway that connects east and west to syria if they're able to hold this their positions then they're going to divide the territory under the control of other kurdish syrian democratic forces. more than a 1000000 people in japan have been told to leave their homes typhoon haiyan this approach is tokyo the storm is expected to batter the capital with record amounts of rain falling with. iran is condemning what it calls a cowardly attack on one of its all time because the iran says it's reviewing evidence of the missiles apparently struck a ship off the coast of saudi arabia on friday regional security concerns and trade imbalances of dominated the chinese president's visit to india prime minister narendra modi says the 2 day summit is the beginning of a new era for the 2 nations. become the 1st person to run
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a marathon in under 2 hours the kenyan finished with 20 seconds to spare. those are the headlines the news continues after a head to head. t. welcome back i want to you head to head on al-jazeera english my guest today is the business been turned politician richard tice who's chair of the breakfast party and we're talking about what else breaks it richard a lot of minorities in this country people of color immigrants feel as if racism and xenophobia has gone up since the 2016 referendum a lot of the official stats on hate crimes on racist attacks a lot of the polls seem to support that view given the leave campaign ran an overtly nationalistic campaign some would say xenophobia campaign is it any surprise to you that racism and racist attacks have gone up in britain in recent years but i think to the extent of there have then that's so that's
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a tragedy and of course you know no one should welcome that you know my view on immigration has always been that this country has been very good at welcoming immigration but you have to have sensible immigration that works for your economy and in the last 10 years we've had immigration of over a quarter of a 1000000 a year and actually we've had 0 real wage growth for the least well off in society and you know that's what happened and people felt anxious about that what you're saying is a very legitimate view many politicians many people in the public hold that view about immigration but it's more about the tone for example that breaking point posted that some will remember here that was run. unveiled during the referendum campaign that had in some people's views nazi undertones i mean michael gove who co-chaired the vote leave campaign the other leave campaign said he regrets the very harsh anti immigrant and foreign aspects of the campaign do you some stuff was said that probably should have been said in some of the stuff was difficult it was tough to do the breaking point post i think that was tough and it was a tragic tragic racist is it racist to people have different views do you think. i
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mean if you're going to do it was it racist you tell me what your view and i do think it was why why i just don't think all. it was a picture that appeared let's remember on all sorts of newspapers in previous weeks the campaign you co-founded levy you is still active you've quit that campaign you have to be very clear just off the reference yes since then it's been accused of anti-semitism when it posted an image of a jewish billionaire george soros as a puppet master with tony blair it's been accused of islamophobia after post an image of london. next to the words on a stand in islamic fundamentalism do you condemn those anti semitic islamic images by your islamophobia by as i've said you can be held responsible for organizations actions i'm not asking do you condemn them yeah i don't like it i would have done it if i was involved i'm not involved ok i think it's really interesting isn't it how people try and continue to discredit and smear someone even though they've got nothing to do with all those issues discrediting what you've just tried to make literally as the rest of you can do if i set up an organization and they did bad
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things after i left it was it you condemn or say yes i wasn't going to condemn it and i don't like it. like ok let's look at your current party to break the party knowledge of. the most famous predecessor in britain i think it's fair to say you've compared him to gandhi and mandela in this very chamber of you. and actually he he and i have to say that in terms of delivering lasting change absolutely ok let's be honest breaks it breaks it is a huge opportunity a seismic shift in the way this country's going to be run let me just get it by course that is the last i'm very sure that aggressive before before they turn in their graves further. has a long history of complaining about foreign languages being spoken on the train rumanians moving in next door to immigrants causing traffic jams a powerful jewish lobby can you really blame people for calling for it is the leader of your party and your party itself xenophobia even racist based on that kind of language. i just respond to men who don't agree i mean
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you only look at the brits that party we've got more diversity amongst our image than any other party in the european parliament. that doesn't cancel out if you have if you haven't really want candidates it will raise interest in may where you start raunchy it is going to get out of jail free card that you get if we were racist party would we have diversity and i didn't say a racist party as if you just claimed just infernos to infer that i said can you blame people for thinking you're racist when your leader says that romanians moving in next door to him i do blame people people say they look at and they said it's racist you're saying they're wrong to say that i'm saying find out why they resist you don't we are not a racist party you have a problem with romanians moving in next door to you. basically no i mean you. know. because he does some distracting but it's not just for your former colleague and party leader kathryn blakelock who co-founded the breaks a party was forced to resign because she said islam is equal to slavery muslim men were impregnating white british girls to create muslim babies and she retreated
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a leading u.k. neo nazi dozens of times she recently compared to the caribbean and said the tower hamlets look like pakistan. and those are those are outrageous things to say and that's why she left the party almost immediately the moment it was set up when we did things which is a credit to your politics remember but then she's the founder of your party that's not just some random possible that's why we got rid of her but why did you set up the party. you didn't know she was i was there i wasn't involved in that moment no to chose someone to set up the party he maybe he didn't know what she was saying or tweeting or doing ok. but for all when we leave anytime soon well. i mean the idea that he's racist is just wrong supplying wrong i know the bloke is no simple as that is it as simple as i just gave his answer for things that he said ok but i know him better than you i'm telling you he's going to be honest i'm glad you know better than i do let's go to our panel here who are listening so carr is
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a senior editor at novara media she also teaches political theory at the sun begins to do your view since the brits a referendum took place in june 26th house of racism gone up in the u.k. and can it be attributed to a single figure or campaign or movement or political is that too simplistic but her i'll give you an example of something that happened to me the day after the referendum campaign i took a walk with my friend in the morning and someone leaned into by the far faces and called me a brown seaward and then later on that day a group of men got in my face and started yelling pricks it right so for them that meant something when they saw an asian woman and then since then i've experienced more racism just walking around london than i have before in my life and my experiences are backed up by statistics you have huge increases in reported racist hate crimes now i'm not saying that it's caused by proxy i'm not saying anyone who supports that is racist but what i want to know is what your explanation is for why
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so many racists seem to feel the breck that result validated the hateful and bigoted views and why they feel so able to act on them it's appalling thank you thank you thank you thank you there is a justification it's appalling a lot actually consumers know i'm deeply sorry that you had those experiences of course but it seems to me that it's easy for you to condemn it when it's around. i'm on the street but it's the leader of your party suddenly you're bending over backwards you contorting to explain why i'm a bit more about things that i do that you're saying was not i'm just saying you know he's not a racist i know that he's not a racist a lot so let's go to jim is a probe that economist at cambridge university chief economic advisor to think that policy exchange green you were saying in part one in addition to being a proud supporter you're also an academic you have to look at the evidence when there's a 22 percent rise since 2016 in the number of ethnic minorities reporting racism discrimination that they've experienced is that causation correlation how do you
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link that to the e.u. referendum in your view i mean i think there's always problems when there's rapid cultural change in the society it's the speed which which matters there's a great majority in the u.k. and it's not just leavers actually it's a lot a lot of remain as well agree with the idea that you have to control migration but doesn't mean necessarily that you have to diminish it industry or they've actually increased immigration after they controlled it because people relax they think it's control is another country where race is a tax have gone up so it's not exactly the best example to give in to firms yes but the migration that we're going to control in the u.k. is european migration from european countries in the sense the same european race if that's controlled i think we will probably will probably experience larger immigration from india middle east and other places but hardly suggest that this is a racist policy but only recently about the policy they will talk about the people involved jonathan is the deputy director of the british influence the language the
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record and raise the language do you blame your opponents for or no look we have to look at the referendum campaign from 2016 which was overtly islamophobia i remember the post is saying turkey population 80000000 in brackets is about to join the e.u. and a series of steps leading to an open door that was a naked attempt to terrify and middle england into voting for breaks on islamophobia. and you had another poster not from your organization from boat leaves which hides turkey highlighted with a rock in syria on a map next them now if that wasn't islamophobia and a mainstream islamophobia discourse i don't know what was so it's probably pretty quickly from a broken your heart is humbug or the good news is the job of a lawyer we agree on something that it. didn't come from us. but let's just remember it was government policy at the time david cameron's policy at the time was for turkey to join the european union that's actually not true. but you know
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it's true i was very sly richard i'm not lying i worked the european parliament i worked in the foreign affairs committee where turkish membership was government a week it was a take of apparently one if he went to brussels you would know that the turkey was not joining for decades so simple a law i thought i was very back at you for a minister to go on penny is pretty moot and did it on television and say that britain actually had no veto over membership was simply another way to terrify people into voting process how can we possibly say this is rejected vote. we're going to move on but i think look i want to just go away the point again it was u.k. government policy under david cameron to join the euro 200 feet are you saying that turkey post was always about it was it was tough some tough stuff was to use a tough other people say racist was the gap between tough and racist subjects if it's difficult just wonder where's your where does racism begin for you then with those kind of things it doesn't i do think i do think those posters were racist but they you know they were tough they were shot it was
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a tough sharp end to the campaign tough and sharp is new euphemisms for what many people are a minimum time allows it's not allowed to use whatever language i want nobody said you are allowed to do what you divide media to follow do we stop what you're saying because you're attacking the language i use i've asked you to define your language your terms very loose stuff and shop there's nothing loose about tough and sharp it's pretty clear actually is it as clear as bricks it means bricks yes it is and it's just as clearly as we leave peacefully you see you are you you're one of these you still think that it was leave subject. to do it wasn't it was leave i'm foolish enough to watch the man go on b.b.c. and 2016 call richard ties and say we will get a deal and if i'd been in charge we would have got to do ok but we didn't so therefore we should leave before we go to our very patient audience here in your studio one quick question about the brits party we talked in part one a great deal about democracy an important democracy and yet your own party the brics a body has basically no internal democracy whatsoever it's run as a company with 2 directors you and nigel garage with registered supporters not members of it's run basically it's a dictatorship by you and that's one of the fast growing tech start up folks at the
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end of the day democracy basically is at the ballot box and actually since usenet we've got things done we're only 25 weeks i mean i'm sure many dictators get things done around the world that's what dictators do doesn't mean it's a good thing it's a company structure your friend aaron bank says it's almost a dictatorship it's a normal company structure and people have the have the option to vote for it at the ballot box initialism it when they had that option they voted for one of national action securing 50 percent more votes than anybody else or maybe actually people focused on the opportunity of breaks it not only one percent of the vote a 3rd of the vote 50 percent more than any other part of 3rd of the vote i mean it's a great use of statistics a 3rd of the vote we won let's go to our audience who want to come in now let's go to someone at the back they do their hand up you're a businessman turned politician another businessman turned politician comes to mind that stone of. one of my frustrations sometimes that people in your position is that i feel that you shirk the social responsibility that comes with some of your
9:34 pm
policies so what do you say to people like us who have been told things like go back where you come from when we've only ever lived in this country do you have anything to say to us other than i'm so sorry that happened to you i said earlier and i'm very sorry if that happened to you. of course we have social responsibilities as politicians absolutely agree with that you have policies on fighting racism yes we do what are we completely intolerant of intolerant towards the public. policy though that is the policy that's not a policy that's just another phrase what are your definition of a little is it a plan that a government can enact using the powers of the state or the exchequer changing laws around discrimination inequality changing the education system cracking down on discrimination all of those all over again to a point where i'm not even a politician always thought ok i was going to offer you a thank you for. the recently accused artie shark of hijacking the braggs issue and claimed that the amount of trade.


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