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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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we discussed recent developments related to the middle east region particularly to the persian gulf and the sea of oman as we believe they are very critical regions for the gulf and the whole region we also emphasized on the strengthening of stability and more peace in the region more on this with us now our correspondent in. well imran khan has been trying to mediate put together a meeting since the united nations general assembly in new york last month where he met on the sidelines president rouhani now this is the 2nd meeting that's taken place between the 2 leaders and iran contra spoke about the historic ties but also said that this is an initiative by pakistan that no one has told boxed on to carry this out and does not want to see a conflict in the region that a war between iran and saudi arabia would have global impacts you talked about the increase of oil prices the money spent on the one and the effect on civilian lives but he also thanked iran for their support over the years and also said that president donald trump had asked iran contra act as a go between or as
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a mediator between to ron and washington now we know that iran is open to negotiations iran is open to talks as president rouhani said but we're not entirely sure how they are going to move forward president rouhani said that the acknowledge pakistan's gestures that dialogue is the way forward but any country that thought that it could cause instability in the region was terribly mistaken he also said that this should be an end to the war in yemen that civil war that's been going on for 4 years with saudi arabian emirates supporting one side and iran are supporting the rebels he said that this should be an immediate cease fire and humanitarian assistance but he also called on the united states to return to the j. c.p.o. it that important 2 $1015.00 nuclear deal that the united states pulled out of last year and he called the sanctions economic terrorism and said that those sanctions should be lifted so iran connie is trying very hard to put together some talks between riyadh and that iran but there is
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a lot of tension especially since the 14th of september when those saudi aramco oil facilities were attacked by the hutu rebels who claimed responsibility for it but saudi arabia blamed iran but so tensions are high it's a massive task ahead of them. and another note on iran it says it's discovered a new natural gas field that is the equivalent of about 2 percent of its current reserves the oil ministry says the discovery was made in the southern province of far as a reserve of more than 530000000000 cubic meters iran already has the world's 2nd largest gas reserves but is in a major export because of international sanctions. let's look at where people are casting their ballots to choose a new president this is the runoff election with 2 candidates both of them political newcomers who beat more than 20 others in the 1st round last month they are now there's a business tycoon and his opponent kieth side who is
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a retired law professor now clearly he was actually recently released from jail on charges of money laundering and tax evasion his party's cold heart of 2 newsy it's the 2nd largest it came 2nd in last week's parliamentary vote meanwhile side he's run as independent candidate banks by the end of the party which secured the majority of the votes again in that parliamentary election if he wins side says he wants to change the system he wants to allow that to regional representatives to choose their national leader is where we live in a moment in tunis but 1st this report from hash number. millions of voters into his yard deciding who becomes the 2nd democratically elected president since the 2011 revolution enjoying a surge in support mainly among the young law professor an independent has promised to overhaul state institutions fight corruption and invest in marginalized.
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his rival media tycoon is popular in poor areas where his charity has been active over the last few years has pledged to and poverty and create jobs for chin it is for millions of people. the president must find solutions to the economy improve security and rein in the soaring price of food it's unbelievable you buy a commodity for a price and tomorrow it's incredibly more expensive than the health care must be address health care who you mentioned be given more opportunity the 1st round of the election was tight sayed came in 1st followed by a car we the latter was released from jail a few days ago after being detained on charges of corruption and tax evasion the leader of the secular party heart of tunisia dismissed the accusations as politically motivated the winner will be the one who manages to convince to his yes
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he has answers to their growing economic problems. then i don't see a consensus on the governing coalition and that means the political parties may not agree on a plan of action with them and. we have a poor infrastructure education was one of the best in the region now it has declined. politically it's been a busy week in tunisia last sunday a parliament was elected and talks are underway to form a coalition government the conservative party in the other came in 1st followed by an appeal heart of both have ruled out forming a coalition leaving another with a delicate task of convincing rivals and independent members of parliament to join the government so here's how he's at a polling station in tunis had. broad question but how significant is this of this vote just given there have been quite so many votes in the last few months into.
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it's a very crucial moment for to come out because this is going to be the 2nd time after the night 2011 revolution version is yours are going to democratic elected president and this time it comes against the backdrop of the growing disillusionment of the. political elite that poverty has been increasing since 2011 and the economy has always been crippled with huge problems that it's about time we have someone able to fix those problems now this has been a very busy week for to have managed to elect their parliament but the parliament remains very divided as we speak and there are talks underway to form a coalition government today in his years with the president and this where the sentiment among many people about this election is really growing i mean the voter turnout as we speak is a 3rd in my percent and this is quite significant and officials expect that number
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to increase to more than 50 percent in 2 hours from now which shows you that. eager to see the one the elect take over and solve all the problems that we face what all these problems were basically talking about unemployment at 15 percent inflation and also. budget deficit many people said since 2011 the same believe that has been in power has been promising to better life better living conditions that didn't happen you have 2 candidates here. and. it seems from different pundits political analysts that is most likely going to be elected next president for 2 reasons 1st of all during the debate about 2 days ago it was very convincing more eloquent than his why of all the number 2 you have he has now the backing of key players into the conservative and other coalition of dignity many
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political parties have this side that they're going to vote for it. thank you for that update. in tunis we'll be talking to hash and more as we get closer to the polls closing out the son of former u.s. vice president joe biden says he will step down from the board of a chinese company that's been the target of criticism by donald trump hunter biden made his 1st public statement on his work in ukraine and china saying he's always conducted his business independently and did not discuss it with his father president trump accused him of corruption and escaping responsibility because of his family connection of course joe biden in a tight race for the democratic presidential nomination japan's military is deploying tens of thousands of troops to help with rescue and cleanup efforts after a powerful typhoon swept through the eastern coast that is 23 people were killed many more are still missing the storm brought damaging winds and heavy rainfall causing flooding and landslides the latest from tokyo now with way. those living in
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the path of typhoon were told to expect a short sharp burst of violent weather it soon became clear that the main feature of this storm was a huge amount of rainfall some areas saw around a meter of rain in 24 hours and waterways simply couldn't cope one of the worst hit areas was not good no prefecture west of japan's capital tokyo where a 70 meters stretch of the levee gave way many homes and businesses were flooded and japan's famous bullet trains was surrounded by water and going nowhere fast or slow all of. the major typhoon has caused extensive damage far and wide in eastern japan one point the special warning for heavy rain was issued for as many as 13 prefixes it has also been emergency relief from various dams and flooding of various rivers it turned out to be a record heavy rain coastal areas were battered by huge waves and winds exceeding
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200 kilometers an hour before i cut them off the building shook in the elec tricity went off for a moment that was really scary as the typhoon approached a tornado made landfall in chiba prefecture destroying houses many communities here was still recovering from a typhoon that struck last month. for most in the path of the storm it came at night. the streets of tokyo were eerily quiet as businesses closed and people were urged to stay home by day it became easier to assess the damage and carry out search and rescue operations millions were ordered or advised to evacuate but some chose not to leave their homes or couldn't get out in time. the storm was compared in size and strength to a typhoon that struck tokyo in 1958 leaving more than 1200 people dead modern japan has become well drilled in dealing with the threat of natural disasters and it seems this time it was as well prepared as it could be. was japan's 19th typhoon
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this year but those who experienced it say this was one of the most intense in decades many are relieved it was relatively brief allowing the recovery to begin quickly wane hey al-jazeera tokyo and a government demonstrators in hong kong the staging a sit in. they once again defied a ban on wearing masks when they gathered in the shopping district rallies are also taking place in several other areas 5th month of protests now that began in response to that controversial extradition bill but it has since turned into a wider demand for political reforms his adrian brown in hong kong. well this is a snapshot of sunday in hong kong we are in monk cock one of the most densely populated areas on earth here on this side of the street a group of local people who have been herding abuse at police just on the other side of nathan road one of the busiest thoroughfares in hong kong this standoff has
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been going on the some time now the police have to be careful here because a lot of people live in this area and if they start firing tear gas and of course that's going to affect a lot of innocent people the protests on sunday have been following a familiar pattern with the protesters targeting. businesses that they say have mainland connections once more a starbucks outlet was vandalized we also witnessed a confrontation between a mainland man and a group of local people also the light rail transit system has also now been shut for the day after several lines were vandalized and the other rail system the m.t.r. has had to close 3 of its stations it through reminder that 4 months on feelings are still very high in the city china's president xi jinping is calling for stronger ties with nepal including further investments in education and tourism she arrived in katmandu on saturday for
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a state visit making him the 1st chinese president to visit nepal in over 20 years she's visit comes on the heels of a meeting with the indian prime minister narendra modi both india and china have sought to assert their influence in nepal and i have traditionally been an odds with each other security forces in bangladesh have killed more than a dozen ranger refugees in recent weeks police accuse them of being involved in the murder of a politician but rights groups they're rejecting the allegations as tom via chantry reports now from cox is bizarre. a young mother of 2 children recently lost her husband we have not identified her at her request she doesn't believe her husband was involved in any criminal activities to the good he had at the end of that parallelogram we have a lot of my husband used to work as a simple di libre and the camp he worked very hard for his money it was after food diets that i found out that he was killed by the security forces. the recent
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murder of the local ruling party politicians sparked violent attacks against by some in the host community instead of defusing the tension law enforcement officers allegedly refused to intervene and protect the refugees more going to doesn't growing as i've been killed by security forces in recent weeks most directly was for their involvement in the killing of a local ruling party politician the utmost care in this refugee camp are very trans right now. authorities often link these extrajudicial killings to the drug human trafficking and other criminal activities another young woman who became a widow recently thinks her husband was wrongfully framed and killed he was accused of drug smuggling she say she's scared and is now left alone with her 2 children. justice we couldn't find in my and mine after all the atrocities committed against
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us and i don't expect to find any kind of justice here for my husband's death. in the last 2 years since the running exodus to bangladesh more than 46 running i have been killed by security forces some groups are. 2 different illegal activities supples drug trafficking and human trafficking and other robbery like criminal activities so the situation based decision we have taken when we are to control our s.t.m. then to safe and secure our police personnel and our life in that our past sometimes this terrible gunfight happened. rights activists say it this incidents are unacceptable 2 years from from the genocide in myanmar the sympathy and compassion to observe in bangladesh seems to be slowly fading after a period of relative calm and stability uncertainty and fear are not haunting the
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refugees tundra charge or a al-jazeera public ali cox's bazar bangladesh in the news ahead more on the humanitarian situation in syria and then as well we'll find out what's become a major issue for voters in mozambique ahead of tuesday's presidential election. and supporters well the one team shown continues to dominate the formula one season and he is here with that in the lighter. color of the weather slushy set fire across the middle east of the by mist in a fair amount of cloud having said that just spilling out of iraq pushing across the caspian sea northern parts of iran not too much right on this if anything. will thin and break further as we go through monday set around of around $24.00 celsius
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into the thirty's once again there mid to high thirty's to baghdad for kuwait city also for karate by rates set of around 30 degrees celsius some pleasantly warm sunshine continue going to let eastern side of the mediterranean a little more cloud just spilling in here as we go through tuesday they could be gentle with their weather nature so it's just a lousy 5 and dry and sunny lots of sunshine to across iraq replenished just down towards the far south of amman you could catch one or 2 coastal showers the more so it was a lot of us to go on into tuesday both of them by spot is looking fine and for a high is here in doha of around 35 celsius a lot of dry weather to insist on africa but we have got some right in the forecast some think a cloud just pushing through the southern cape the eastern cape could pick up some showers this more so up towards angola because some think it out some showers just spilling out of the tropics say they're sliding a little further south with over the next couple of days but for most it's fine and sunny.
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to strengthen the good you have to show do good all the more we become still fight against corruption. destroy needs heroes heroes like no who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to bed to plage nominate your anti corruption near announce. 3 years 3 prime ministers and still close ranks with the october 31st departure deadline looming and to speak e.u. and u.k. for a bit to square off in brussels watch we'll boris johnson to you next followed dickie
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you break that summit on al-jazeera back. here on the news here at al-jazeera and these are out sob stories the u.s. has to withdraw up to a 1000 soldiers from syria as turkish forces and their allies continue their offensive. have now entered. and of retaking control. as well pakistan's prime ministers held meetings with the iranian president hassan rouhani. with the goal of reducing tensions with saudi arabia and he says he's hopeful of a breakthrough soon until it seems that casting their ballots to choose a new president in
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a runoff election the 2 candidates are political newcomers who beat more than 20 other presidential hopefuls in the 1st round. right let's go back to our top story of course turkey's offensive into kurdish controlled areas of northern syria we've got. with us now syria research of human rights watch joining us from amman jordan sara thank you for your time the united nations i mentioned earlier talking about 130000 displaced people now can you tell us more about what's happening to them. i mean currently the situation in northeastern syria is what you would cut to cries catastrophic you have 13130000 people estimated to have been displaced in the last few days most of these people are civilians and residents of the areas that are currently under control and these people essentially have nowhere to go when you take this within the larger context of syria where the country's already
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under strain from a different displacement crisis in northwest syria this means that humanitarians ability to respond to the crisis. is severely constrained yet nothing changes does it i just feel like we have been unfortunately telling the story for years people being displaced they probably get displaced again i mean what happens to them in the long term do you think there's any hope of them going back at some point i mean this is this really is the tragedy people get displaced by violence they get the placed by authorities in control abusing their rights and this is something that human rights watch has consistently documented the problem is that the civilians often pay the price for what is happening for the political powers that are at play and in order for these people to be encouraged to return there have to be guarantees for their protection and thus far in syria's record for the past 8 years
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that is not something that we have seen. so what can be done i mean this is an operation which clearly the turks have said we're going to keep pushing you have been not sort of listening to any calls to to pull bag is there enough humanitarian support in the region for them can the humanitarian support even get to the people who need it. that's the question i mean human rights watch has consistently urged all parties to 1st and foremost allow all civilians safe passage so allow them to flee the violence because that we have documented instances where they've actually blocked them from return the 2nd thing that really needs to happen is for the international community to support the humanitarian response there in terms of displacement crisis and for the authorities really to prioritize protection of civilians and residents in these areas and this is not something that we've seen but it's something that we continue to urge all parties to do and is this pressure that maybe not pressure but something that you talk to these members of the
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international community about because syria is this is 8 years this has been going on if you look at the whole conflict and they can be this sort of unfortunate apathy towards the situation. i think part of the part of the reason we continue to raise these calls is that these people need to be held accountable for all violations of the laws of war and for violations of human rights and we've seen this happen in the last 18 years not to the extent that we would want it to happen but this is why we continue to to report on these violations and continue to urge parties to respect their international obligations sorry kaley from human rights watch glad we could talk to you about this thank you now a nationwide curfew remains in effect in ecuador as the 1st talks between the government and indigenous groups are set to begin later on sunday president lenin moreno has said he is willing to reassess a law which ended fuel subsidies and spawn to the protests more than
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a week ago on saturday thousands more demonstrated in the capital and manuel trouble is there. unrest has continued on the streets of the ecuadorian capital on saturday thousands of people flooded downtown key to. demonstrators calling for the resignation of the country's president once again clashed with police rejected from gertrude who must of thought that this president is using public funds to kill us and shoot at us but we want to run away if we have to give our lives then so be it i have hundreds of women from across the country joined in the demonstrations and held a march of their own in solidarity with indigenous demonstrators that they called all the government to end with they say is a violent repression of peaceful protesters who doesn't exist outside the stand up but lobby that women are protesting for life because we are life we've had enough of the brutal repression against ecuadorian demonstrators and indigenous ecuadorians. throughout the day spoken tear gas filled the air as more and more
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demonstrators filled the streets once again in doubt so you can't do it appears as though mayor people are showing up to participate enjoying the front lines of these demonstrations these people are coming from all parts of the country thinks a lot of these demonstrations clearly i lived only 2 were very scarce and economic player says that they say are damaging for the country was at one point demonstrators set fire to one of the government's main administrative buildings another group of protesters set fire to a local television station many here have a deep distrust of the national news media with unrest spreading to other parts of the capital ecuadorian president lenin modano announced a mandatory nationwide curfew sending the military to restore order to city streets and public spaces in the school it took today we have declared a curfew in quito and the valleys which is already having tangible results and we
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have established a calm in a large part of the city. with a curfew in effect many of the. little city's streets have emptied although there are still plenty of people who remain defiant for most the hope is that an upcoming national dialogue will finally return peace to the country. and as he down the. mysterious oil spill his cat contaminated at least 150 beaches along brazil's northeastern coastline dozens of teams are trying to clean it up but they say the thick crude is washing ashore too fast to keep up. has more from that coastal community of pay in northeastern brazil. one of brazil's most beautiful beaches now covered with oil it washed up on the sand here on what was otherwise a pristine beach. and it has the locals like joe's a mighty is extremely worried what to do i feel very sad this is an environmental
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disaster even if people are cleaning it up the damage is done i've been working here for over 30 years and i've never seen anything like it. but it's not just here or oil has washed up on beaches all up and down the coastline of the northeast of brazil recent days it's been seen in 9 coastal states in more than 150 locations. it's unclear where the oil is coming from but it's already killing sea life but it's so widespread showing up on a coastline more than 2000 kilometers long there aren't enough crews to reach it all. but they're trying the best they can they're finding so much oil that they're sending teams of men out to collect it all and they're loading it on the back of these flatbed trucks such as this and then putting it in these huge white containers to be taken away just today on this beach they say they've collected at least 2 tons of oil. local residents are witnessing an
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environmental disaster up close as. i went swimming today and when i got out of the water i had oil all over my hands and i'm worried because i don't know how my body will react to this walk on the shore to walk i've seen the 5 big dead fish it's to say because it has also reached the eaves and you hear the oil stains really you ought people here now looking out over an oil polluted ocean left wondering how much worse it can get. al-jazeera along the northeast coast of brazil. mexican border police have detained a group of up to 2000 asylum seekers they were traveling from south of the country hope to reach the u.s. border many of them had been held up and got them out of the weeks old months awaiting residency or transit papers i mean. i'm not afraid i need to
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go on i don't know what's ahead of me but i'm not scared but that's what this migrant caravan is the only way forward without a visa card you can't head out from southern mexico more than a 1000 crews are battling fast moving wildfires on the northern edge of los angeles the fire broke out on thursday night and is spread over 7000 acres it's at least one person has been confirmed dead firefighters dropping water from aircraft to contain the fire on saturday some people were allowed however to return to their homes millions of people in poland are voting in parliamentary elections there and the governing law and justice party is trying to tighten its grip on power and he is widely expected to win the mandate would help it push through many of its conservative policies which include a strong and he immigration agenda. we are casting a ballot to make life better for all the people living here the country is heading in the right direction hope it will not turn back some of the aspects of our lives
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is very limited so. i think that. there's some there are some limitations on our freedom. people in mozambique are voting in their general election just 6 months after a devastating cyclons killed at least 1300 people starts won't be easy because they are still homeless and living in camps welcome web reports from tikrit one of the hardest hit areas in safaga province. floodwaters started gushing into to reason make it tires home it was when cycling to die struck central mozambique in march 1 wall collapsed then another. she ran and climbed this tree to escape the rising torrent. her sister and her 2 small children climbed this one she saw them washed away when it collapsed. was a new yet. i was very sad because my sister was gone that night i stayed in the tree
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crying the next day people came into kenya to rescue us eventually found their bodies. this tends now to resist home hundreds of people were killed by 2 cyclamens that struck me as i hear this yeah thousands are still in camps where they're meant to vote in choose days presidential election. the people here have gathered to register for food handouts the cyclons affected areas where many people have historically voted for the political opposition rights groups say many won't be able to vote because voting cards were washed away by haven't been replaced the political opposition say the ruling freely my party has used humanitarian assistance to campaign for votes it was the port city of beirut where the 1st cyclon made landfall the city's mayor. is now running for president
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leads a growing opposition party called m d m i met him campaigning in a remote village 7 months ago was on the water he's not happy with the government's response even saying that if we don't vote if you don't spend your vote you want to get before so that's what we're doing and that's a very bad but the national can do is watching it and not doing anything. the psi clones ripped through rose and washed away bridges. many of which have now been repaired the ruling for party says its recovery program has been a success so. it promises to continue if he stays in power and it denies foul play i don't want one i've got about that not true take the humanitarian aid and give it to the population is that the case that's not true humanitarian aid was distributed in front of the international community election
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season might bring handouts and promises from politicians but most cycling victims like to resign lived in grinding poverty before the storms and since an election won't change that malcolm where al jazeera mozambique. 9 people have been taken to hospital after a mortar attack on mogadishu's international airport at least 7 mortars were fired at the airport around 1 pm local time the airport has embassies and the united nations and african union missions not yet known who was behind this attack now sudan is the world's main producer and exporter of gum arabic you might also know it as a hardened sap used in many products from soft drinks to cosmetics and actually accounts for nearly 15 percent of sudan's income but farmers who plant and harvest the product so they're worried that's all about to change ever morgan reports from elevated in north korea fun these fields of acacia trees have been
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tended by any means to a man's family for generations for 30 years he's been planting harvesting and tapping them for their sap. the liquid flows slowly for days before drying into gum arabic it's been the main source of income for his family for decades but he's concerned that's may not continue much longer. with the elusive the one still involved in the gum arabic business most of those harvest another bum 13 while the youth no longer have any interest they prefer quickening means like mining gold or construction but those holding on to the trade. and kneels farm into north korea to find is one of hundreds in the state involved income arabic production which accounts for nearly 15 percent of sudan's income the product has many uses from food emulsifiers to cosmetic products to herbal medical treatments but due to a lack of processing facilities in sudan the material is exported wrong and at
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a lower price because of its importance internationally gum arabic was the only product exempted from the u.s. trade sanctions list imposed on sudan in 1907 so damn produces more than 70 percent of the world's gum arabic and more than half of the 3000000 population here in north korea from parents from it but the business is changing and people moving away from farming there are other challenges. authorities say because gum arabic can't be processed in sudan up to 30 percent of what is produced is smuggled out of the country and education experts say those involved in the business of gum arabic aren't necessarily following the best farming practices climate change has a direct effect on the. course and the farmers may be losing. the most drought seasons in the last years affects the feel of the 3. most loving forces for the forces that benefits for all of this so also to increase their
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incomes socor sending this to show they are using the tubs that they during the off season forms for the. authorities also say that out of the 11000 square kilometers available to plant and harvest acacia in the state less than half is being used. as a government we are planning in the next 3 years to increase the trees in the gum arabic belt we're working to distribute young acacia trees to farmers here so that they can farm in areas that haven't been tapped yet and we propose building factories so that harvest is in trade as can profit from the added value to process gum arabic. that's i mean says he's going to wait to see the changes that he's told will improve his earnings he hopes that will also attract younger people into the business otherwise he fears they will soon be only elderly farmers who may not be around to see how farms have improved he will morgan on to 08 of course if i'm
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still more heavier on this new sport in fact as wales maintain their winning run heading to the knockout rounds at the rugby world cup. and world of illegal trade what you have here is not just park a logical object you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors are selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings in the middle east don't don't that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. i think i would put out more in my change is very much our culture has been very harmful to the economy and the lives of many people challenging traditional attitudes how narrowing the gender gap is helping women in
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the room to come out what escape poverty down there trying to break these barriers of my cheese mountain by giving women access to my soul said. meet the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera. so any see what's more and we were talking about the typhoon in japan earlier which is affected the rugby but the game went ahead and maybe scotland would have been wishing it didn't have any other could have blown the weather for what happens to them house japan pulling off a historic win for them and their victory over scotland saw them reach the knockout rounds for the 1st time in events history a 2821 when setting up
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a quarter final with south africa poll recent reports from your home. empty just a day earlier as a typhoon had a base back to japan and the streets of yokohama filled with fans on sunday for the match that almost never took place japan and scotland in a winner takes all pretty much i. the hosts hoping to put on the brand of rugby the to give them 3 straight wins. scotland had threatened legal action if this match was cancelled due to the typhoon and they took immediate action on the pitch during its why 7 narrowly. but japan has proved irresistible on home soil so far and they thrilled yet again fighting back with 3 tries and a 217 have to lead. scotland looked finished but they weren't determined to spoil the fairytale but japan held on
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a 2821 when meeting much more than just numbers on the scoreboard before till about the 40 yard i really want to acknowledge the families of those people in the forefront tonight but really yeah motivated a team to talk about their jobs morning is a great prize really want to apply because whilst we're celebrating to not a lot of people and i just want to the logic knowledge they heard from. the other stuff you know what if i was not hot enough until i was nothing about skill is all about emotional physicality and i think you said that to. japan have once again captivated the new audience beating no help at all from the weather to send scotland home early japan's victory over scotland head puts them firmly among the elite of world rick perry and seals their place in the hearts of a nation that until recently had minimal interest in the game that 2 victories over top 2 nations in the poll mean that they top the group and go into
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a quarter final against south africa that's the team they defeated 4 years ago to begin their journey into world cup history paul reese al-jazeera yokohama. well whiles of set up a quarter final against france the welsh beating your required sea secure their foals strike when and i finish top of pool day well stayed only 76 at half time but pulled away after the bright to record a bonus point victory in the end it finished wales $35.00 euro 13. there is not quite a final line up in full it all starts with england versus australia next saturday then 2 time defending champions new zealand take on island on sunday wales versus france and as we mentioned house japan taking on south africa miss $86.00 climbed a record 6th consecutive 411 constructs as title the german seems domination continuing with a win for al to boss us at the japanese grand prix let us finished ahead of ferrari sebastian vettel is teammates and will challenge me to lewis hamilton was 3rd
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hamilton could wrap up the 6 drivers title in the next room prix in mexico. feels good to have very very happy and mr beverley. just really really a perfect day with the perfect start this week we knew coming to the race that we will have a good race pace like we've seen every sunday before even though gary has beaten us in the goal of flying so. yeah i'm glad we managed to get to the lead because he was so different when you're in the lead and you can really come to control the pace and you know mine is the tires and everything so i enjoyed it today i've been missing that so one more of these i know medvedev so late season surge has continued the russian has reached the final in his last 6 tennis tournaments and on sunday he beat alexander's verify the shine kind masters title. medvedev has played in more finals than any other player on the saw this year. so mumbles has broken the record for most world championship medals by any gymnasts
12:43 am
equal the mark held by vitaly share of valorise when she claims the 23rd world medal with the gold in the vaults on saturday she's just won sumo gold in stuttgart to secure all time record. for the 1st ever world beach games are underway in cats so it's a multi-sport event that features some beach classics such as volleyball and white boarding but there are also a few surprises as hell mark reports. 3rd. and flashes. it's racquetball action just not the type you're used to seeing at roland garros or wimbledon this is beach tennis one of the events at the 1st ever world beach games taking place here in qatar more than a 1000 athletes from almost $100.00 countries are competing in the multi-sport event designed to showcase sports which really get mainstream exposure. is really
12:44 am
important because you know if some people can know about it all the beach games are about are there even so i.d.'s can be for sure an amazing step for all the sports. the game speech of 14 disciplines including a number of beach favorites. but there are some sports in the mix that you mine also sit with life on the shore one sport that's happening will surely surprise a few. this is karate qatar it's a performance based martial art that dates back to $1300.00 now not only is it happening here in doha but a variant of it will be happening in tokyo i'll be lympics next year the association of national limpid committees which is organizing the games hope that by including a diverse combination of sports. a wide range of fans will be attracted in particular younger ones new sports. young sports and it sorts are coming for the
12:45 am
future i guess i mean some of those sports will be there and the program and tokyo and. our thinking i think the question want to attract to use. a stablish in the world beach games however as a permanent fixture on the global sporting calendar might be a challenge just making this launch event go ahead was hard enough it's only happening in qatar because the original host san diego pulled out as they couldn't find enough sponsors nonetheless. the organizers here are optimistic after having seen. i'm confident the athletes have been given a warm welcome in qatar. and they're looking to enjoy their moment in the spotlight so he'll malik's al-jazeera. ok more sport for me throughout the knots but.
12:46 am
we'll see you again 100 hours g.m.t. is when andy is back with his next sport update but we're back with another news update a full half hour in just a couple of minutes from the headlines as if there are al jazeera dot com on canal santa maria and i will see you in a much. also the sisters opportunity to understand the very the french were there before we don't leave the. planet is feeling the heat of the climate an ecological
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emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of the existential crisis the face of it reversible changes to the us why that's all be with you throughout as well our environment correspondent nick clark will have reports from the front lines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called the threat al-jazeera brings you a new weekly planet s.o.s. what sets up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. in this law is the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar familiar. in this life no versity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater there are so much in this lot of what i want to lose is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. the march into the dawn.
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because you dislike the design and to understand. make sure. and the human condition is universal. the pentagon says u.s. troops are pulling out of northern syria as the turkish offensive in kurdish controlled areas like this. one i'm come all santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera.
12:49 am
that this could be dissolved dialogue pakistan's prime minister cameron can offer to mediate talks between saudi arabia and iran after meeting president hassan rouhani japan mounts a large relief operation as typhoon devastated parts of the country and kills 23 people. until a voting for their next president choosing between a retired law professor and a media tycoon who's just out of jail. the u.s. has announced a troop withdrawal from northern syria the pentagon says up to $1000.00 soldiers will be pulling out as turkish troops and their syrian allies continue their offensive into kurdish controlled tums in the latest advance those forces say they've captured so look important because it ensures supply routes from turkey as the operation goes on. it's also taken control of the strategic m.
12:50 am
4 highway sunday seen some heavy bombardments in other towns to force as of now ended. and also retaken control of i mean. of course the fighting forcing will civilians from their homes united nations putting the number of 100000 people displaced so. they know what is on the turkey syria border be with you in a moment to start with rosalynn jordan in washington rosen can you tell us effectively why the u.s. is pulling these troops out now well the u.s. is insisting hummel that it is not abandoning the s.d.f. the kurdish fighters who helped the u.s. move eisel out of northeastern syria they are making the argument that this is much more about the safety of u.s. forces markets were is the u.s. defense secretary we believe that the turks now intend to go further south than originally expected and to go both west and east which would
12:51 am
increase their is zone from beyond the 30 kilometer depth and nearly 440 kilometers wide at the same time we've learned the last 24 hours and it looks like the s.d.f. is cutting a deal with the syrians and russians we should say yes to have done so the surge forces that are in the syrian democracy forces defense forces that's right there cutting a deal and now what we're facing is u.s. forces in a trap between a syrian russian army moving north to take on the the turkish army with that is moving south it puts us in a terrible position and the protection and safety of our service members comes 1st to me i spoke with the national security team yesterday we talked on the phone i talked to the president and he is concerned and so last night he directed that we begin a deliberate withdrawal of u.s. forces from the northern part of syria syria. marcus were also said that the point has been made to the s.d.f. leadership that even though they are valued for their work against eisel the u.s.
12:52 am
was not in syria to protect them from the turkish military that is something that may prove to be controversial the pullout itself is already controversial kemal both republicans and democrats on capitol hill are criticizing the u.s. decision to pull out precisely because of their concern that kurdish fighters who put their lives on the line to stop beisel are being abandoned thank you roslyn jordan in washington and then a hood or as we say on the border of turkey and syria you described it it's amazing they're saying that the map is changing there along with this change in the number of troops in the area the whole thing is changing. yes frontlines are changing areas of control switching. fast moving developments on the ground in the past few hours this was an area under the control of the kurdish
12:53 am
led syrian democratic forces has lost a lot of ground the turkish army along with their local allies the opposition syrian national army are pushing into syria they have now taken control of 120 kilometer stretch of territory along the border and they have pushed 30 kilometers deep into syria now undoubtedly there are still some fighters in some towns and some areas but it is just a question of time before this 120 by 30 kilometer pocket of territory will be cleared from the. effectively ending or completing the 1st phase of the turkish army's military operation the president or the gone in an unscheduled address earlier today mentioning that there is going to be a 2nd phase of the operation saying that after the for initial phase we're going to move to hostile here we're going to move to a lot of which is of course the arab this how arabs call the the town of so he is indicating that there's going to be a 2nd phase of this operation which would mean more fighting with the s. the f.
12:54 am
now the as we've heard from rosalynn they've been abandoned by the americans and now there are reports that they have reached out to damascus to take control of and to take control of another area now these are unconfirmed reports but it just shows you how frontlines are changing and all these players are now trying vying for territory in the strategic corner of syria so in the tell us about the humanitarian situation as well i mentioned before the u.n. saying 130000 people have now been displaced these are people who have possibly already been displaced in the syrian war what is happening to them. well yes 130000 according to. and i did nations many of them are in schools collective shelters it's a very difficult situation for these people because in this corner of syria there are there's arabs and there's kurds and historically there's enmity between these 2 and they don't trust each other the kurds fear that the arabs discriminate against
12:55 am
them the arabs believe that the white p.g.a. not the kurds the white peachy in particular took advantage of the fight against eye so to take over their lands and push them out so there are ethnic tensions in this area and that's why i would draw while in immediate withdrawal by u.s. forces without some sort of core of the nation with other players in this region could lead to you know atrocities so people are afraid it's not just a question of being homeless now it is about their safety for example people in call bani this is a majority kurdish town at the moment they feel if the turkish army or the syrian rebels enter their town they will be you know under threat so the situation is very risky at the moment. thank you. in chuckle a on the turkish syrian border. now there are also conflicting reports over the number of people affiliated with eisel who've reportedly escaped from
12:56 am
a detention center in after it was shelled by turkish forces the figure goes from dozens up to several 100 and it's 2 days after a prison camp in was shelled by turkey as well according to the s.d.f. and a handful of beisel detainees is that of a skate from that facility as well should point out this information information cannot be independently verified to the news and pakistan's prime minister says he will do what he can to facilitate talks between iran and saudi arabia iran can made those comments following a meeting with iran's president hassan rouhani in tehran. to travel to riyadh as well on tuesday he says he is hopeful of a breakthrough soon. vague his intent. pakistan's imran khan has been trying to negotiate some form of mediation since the united nations general assembly last month in new york where he met president rouhani on the sidelines now this is the 2nd meeting between the 2 leaders in the last month and iran concept today that this initiative is
12:57 am
a pakistani initiative and no one has told pakistan to do this he said that he wants to facilitate talks between the iran and riyadh. are on is a neighbor of toys with iran go a long way back. saudi arabia. has been one of our closest friends saudi arabia is hopeless when we have needed when we have been in need and so the reason for this trip that we do not want a conflict between saudi arabia and iran we recognize that it's a complex issue we recognize that. but we feel. that this can be resolved through dialogue. president rouhani was speaking alongside him on khan and he said that iran welcomes talks with regional countries but if a country thought that they could so instability in the region without a response they were terribly mistaken. you know we discussed recent developments
12:58 am
related to the middle east region particularly to the persian gulf and the sea of oman as we believe they are very critical regions for the gulf and the whole region we also emphasized on the strengthening of stability and more peace in the region. tensions have been heightened and we've been since the attack on the saudi aramco oil facilities on september 14th something the yemen hutu rebels claimed responsibility for but sadly arabia blamed iran something iran rejects but there was also an attack against the reigning oil tanker in the red sea now iran hasn't blamed anybody but tensions the region continue to be high m.r. carney set to visit sag arabia on tuesday where is expected to meet the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some of mine and he's hoping that you can start some talks between the 2 regional rivals meanwhile saudi arabia has denied any involvement in friday's attack on an iranian oil tanker iran's foreign ministry says the vessel was hit by 2 missiles off the coast of saudi arabia the saudi minister of state for foreign affairs better says his kingdom did not carry out the attack and people
12:59 am
should not jump to conclusions japan's military is deploying tens of thousands of troops to help with rescue and cleanup efforts after a powerful typhoon swept through the eastern coast of these 23 people were killed and many more are missing the storm brought damaging winds heavy rainfall flooding and landslides as when he reports now from tokyo. those living in the path of typhoon were told to expect a short sharp burst of violent weather it soon became clear that the main feature of this storm was a huge amount of rainfall some areas saw around a meter of rain in 24 hours and waterways simply couldn't cope one of the worst hit areas was not good no prefecture west of japan's capital tokyo where a 70 meters stretch of the levee gave way many homes and businesses were flooded and japan's famous bullet trains were surrounded by water and going nowhere fast or slow all at the time who the major typhoon has caused extensive damage far and wide
1:00 am
in eastern japan one point the special warning for heavy rain was issued for as many as 13 prefixes it has also been emergency relief from various dams and flooding of various rivers it turned out to be a record heavy rain coastal areas were battered by huge waves and winds exceeding 200 kilometers an hour or so i cut them off the building shook and the alec tricity went off for a moment that was really scary as the typhoon approached a tornado made landfall in chiba prefecture destroying houses many communities here was still recovering from a typhoon that struck last month for most in the path of the storm it came at night . the streets of tokyo were eerily quiet as businesses closed and people were urged to stay home by day it became easier to assess the damage and carry out search and rescue operations millions were ordered or advised to evacuate but some chose not
1:01 am
to leave their homes or couldn't get out in time. the storm was compared inside.


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