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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2019 9:00pm-9:34pm +03

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he generated i think rightly so for what jewish people as a whole have dealt with in western societies and globally because of anti-semitism the question then becomes what is the proper response to that design a stance or is of course statehood and there's many people who would sympathise with that if it was in fact done in a vacuum and if it was in fact done for a people without a land in a land without people the reality is that's just not the way that it happened. there were people here they lost their homes their livelihood their nation their everything this was a in 1000 turn there was only 3 percent palestinian arab and 67 percent jewish how did it suddenly become 80 percent jewish and 20 percent palestinian this was not a normal demographic transition this was a consequence of israel's desire to create a jewish state and to do that have to get rid of as many palestinians as possible
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the palestinians use the term catastrophe to speak of the 1948 consequences when they lost their land the 1st time around in 67 it was another nakba another catastrophe. in june of $967.00 israel won what was perceived as a stunning undertow victory over much larger arab moments during the 6 day war. with victory in addition to taking land from egypt and syria israel began to militarily occupy all remaining palestinian territory in the west bank the gaza strip and east jerusalem suddenly all of palestine is now lost we now had no palestinian land left under palestinian control. you have a huge palestinian population living as refugees are living under occupation. palestinians are governed under military law they are essentially prisoners they are treated as if they were all prisoners of war they have no rights. in the
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immediate aftermath of the 67 war the united nations security council post resolution 242 citing international law forbidding the takeover of territory by war 2 for 2 explicitly called for israel to withdraw its own forces. to this day israel has largely failed to comply not only holding palestinian territory the compass getting additional land and building massive jewish settlement blocks in the west bank in east jerusalem in direct violation of the 4th geneva convention which expressly forbid states from transferring civilian populations into territory it occupies. in addition israel has established an inter matrix of security control on palestinian land to secure the settlements including checkpoints that prevent palestinians from traveling freely within their own land and a 440 mile security bow along the israeli border that cuts into palestinian
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territory. if you're one of the millions of palestinians living under occupation this is what the conflict is about but one of the most stunning things is how this other story basically just drops out and he said you hear over and over again that it's israel that surrounded israel is surrounded israel surrounded surrounded it's israel the sun the siege and under threat you described a very small land mass and you know you're dealing with hamas and hezbollah and iran and so it's a tough neighborhood the imagery here is so powerful that it's almost impossible to have a rational discussion about the legitimate grievances of palestinians hamas is a terror group and it is committed to killing the jews and wiping israel off the face of the earth that's not debatable that's a fact none of this is by accident this is the result that with the liberal effort to shape america perceptions of the conflict a propaganda effort that really begins to take shape with israel's invasion of lebanon in 1902. israel on least another massive air attack on palestinian
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guerrilla targets in lebanon today from a sky full of israeli jets bombing and bombing. in the summer of 1902 israel invaded neighboring lebanon in an attempt to drive the palestinian liberation organization out of its income on some southern border with israel what's an israeli army doing here in beirut the answer is that we are now dealing with an imperial israel which is solving its problems in someone else's country world opinion be damned the israeli invasion of lebanon in 1902 was a watershed it was israel breaking out beyond its immediate region to aggressively attack another country and it was a bit of a shock to many people in the interests of self-defense that gallant little underdog israel as suddenly started behaving like a neighborhood bully by the time the war was over the israeli military would kill
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17000 lebanese and palestinians but not the 30000 almost all of them civilians and when they were over 20 injured they are become allies ever think only her. fellow. actors or directors the other's company. just a few months later american media coverage were taken even there's been another horrendous turn of events in the middle east hundreds of men women and children perhaps as many as a 1000 people and all have been massacred into palestinian refugee camps in west beirut israel's lebanese allies operating with the consent of the israeli government that massacred several 1000 palestinian civilians in the refugee camps of supper. and american news media at the pictures to prove it by all appearances groups of men had been ordered to stand against the wall and then gunned down in cold blood. today policy you finally corelate.
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they took our children one for their killing our family this was a game changer in terms of how israel was going to deal with the question of publicity they went on the offensive for the 1st time. that the idea bear any blame. tragedy in the shot you look at them are entirely based and without any foundation the government of israel rejects them with which they did. 2 years after the lebanon invasion the american jewish congress sponsored a conference in jerusalem to devise a formal public relations strategy known in hebrew as. participants including advertising executives media specialists journalists and leaders of major jewish groups the primary aim of the conference was to develop strategies to spin on popular israeli policies and to come to negative press coverage by shaping the
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media for a minute votes. doesn't just jump into a camera conference delegates it's directed it's managed it's made to accessible. israel based advertising executive martin fenton would put it in even more blunt terms propaganda is not a dirty word he said face it we are in the game of changing people's minds but making them think differently to accomplish that we need propaganda. after lebanon you start to see the basic has prostrated you know action images of palestinians fighting back against israel's occupation make their way onto american television screens and the israeli military crushes this resistance in brutal ways that undercut israel's image as underdog and victim. 3 helicopter gunships deliberately fired a missile into the crowd to civilians last night killing 7 palestinians mooning 70 more. then israeli officials going to full house romo's and that occupation doesn't
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even exist in framing all palestinian resistance as terrorism and israeli aggression as self-defense the palestinian terror campaign continues it only justifies again and again that we will have to continue to defend ourselves. and so this becomes the framing of the situation israel is defending itself which means israel is not the aggressor here that doesn't square with the reality on the ground and we know that you have a right to defend yourself you don't have a right to occupy people deny them their human rights and then cry foul when they resist that's not the right to self-defense that's the right to repression that's what israel is asking for here let us do away with these dissenters these palestinian dissenters and call it defense and when you look today at how the media cover the conflict you see just how successful israel's propaganda has been in
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reversing the legacy of lebanon if there's any complaints and there should be about civilian deaths that they belong to the responsibility and the blame belongs with one place hamas i don't think anyone should get that wrong the israeli position is the 1st position they are allowed to to determine the narrative determine the facts on the ground hamas is a terror organization committed to our destruction they fire thousands of rockets at our cities the dominant narrative in the media coverage then israel is retaliating for an attack. it has suffered israel says the barrage of rockets is in retaliation to the $750.00 rockets fired from gaza we know this is all retaliation for hamas firing rockets into israel which is the dominant media story of our time what we've seen is really another kind of occupation and not the patient of american media and what we could call the american mind bright pro israel narrative that's the fact that attention away from what virtually everyone recognizes as the best way to resolve this conflict and the occupation and the settlements so the
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palestinians can finally have a slate of their own is. the prime minister of israel the president of the united states. the ongoing peace process that began with the oslo peace accords in 1903 was designed to negotiate the terms of israel's withdrawal from palestinian territory in accordance with un resolution $242.00 which made an explicit connection between israeli withdrawal and the just and lasting peace. the census flow israel has actually taken more palestinian land for its jewish only settlements in 193 there were approximately 200000 illegal jewish settlers living in the occupied palestinian territories since then that number has more than tripled with approximately 650000 settlers now living in the west bank in east jerusalem so if you look at the result not the words and the pretty phrases
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what's happened over the past 20 years and most nor graded oslo was not a peace process it was an annexation process what has happened is that now one in 11 israeli jews live in these illegal sounds so the failure to confront the solomon enterprise from the very beginning i think has created a almost insuperable obstacle to the creation of a palestinian state that there's no place to put it we're we're talking about here is something that is completely indefensible israel knows this israel knows this very well and for that reason wants to talk about anything and everything else they'd rather talk about terrorism they'd rather talk about security we're willing to make great concessions for peace. but there is something that i will never compromise on and that is real security the reason they've been able to so effectively change the subject isn't because they're practicing some kind of mass mind control the main reason is that the us government itself has had
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a vested interest in promoting the same narrative for almost 50 years now this goes back to the start of the so-called special relationship with israel in the late 1960 s. when the u.s. decides to deputize israel and make it what the next administration called a cop on the beat to protect american interests in the middle east especially u.s. energy supplies ever since the american government has continued to give israel roughly $3000000000.00 a year military aid while also vetoing one u.n. resolution after another condemning the occupation of settlements the challenge is to make sure that the american people stay on board with the u.s. aid despite what israel is doing a number of well funded public relations organizations have emerged within the united states to help israel just suppose purposes especially the occupation and settlements on security grounds one of these groups you see israel project in 2009 israel project turn to conservative poster and rebranding expert frank luntz to
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determine which talking points used by israeli and u.s. officials over time at the most effective in maintaining american sympathy for israel once wrote up his recommendations in a 2009 report called the global language dictionary if you want to understand how the propaganda works especially in the u.s. you need to read the luntz document is really clear that the occupation and especially the settlements are a problem and he points the polls that show a large majority of americans actually think that israel should retreat to the 67 borders in fact he says when you talk about land in terms of 67 you completely flip american sentiment against you. but and this is the solution if you bring up the danger of terrorism you win back the support the key says is the claim that the fight is over ideology not land about terror not territory in fact these 3 words terror not territory summarize the basis of the propaganda campaign of the us and
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lots goes on to say the one of the most effective ways to make the conflict about terrorism is to refer to an obscure political document written in $1008.00 by small group of ideologues the hamas charter that calls for the destruction of israel even though the hamas leadership effectively disown the charter a long time ago it's been p.r. gold for israel luntz research has discovered that when americans hear the words of the charter israel goes from bully to victim and sympathy for the plight of the palestinians this place so he says don't just quote it read it out loud again and again and his advice has been taken up often hysterically by israel's advocates the hamas charter not only cost resources structures ladies and gentlemen article 7 paulse for the murder of every jew it cost for the murder of every jew it's a nazi document we have the israeli prime minister saying movements like the mass
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that are national movements are the same thing as isis hamas is like isis hamas is like al qaeda hamas is like hezbollah hamas is like a book all around and they are completely not the same things from us it is as much a nationalist movement. as leaders and a religious movement. and for the good ol from those signs priority turds nationalist girls over its religious girls. this false notion of trauma as part of this ultra i don't know that work is not bought even by and worked moments for the american military in 2010 the united states central command was sent to comb the highest military compound in the u.s. issued a classified report the question the current u.s. policy of isolating and marginalizing ham ass as well as has blurred in lebanon the report described the 2 groups is pragmatic and argued that putting them in al qaeda
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in the same sentence as if they're all the same is just stupid and the us military isn't alone in this assessment isis itself has attacked the mosque again and again because the not radical enough bit to pragmatic and to compromise. i spent a lot of time on my radio program going over a hamas says charter what it says it wants to obliterate israel it wants to destroy the jews it is a sick twisted you know perverted ideology and it manifests itself in different forms the muslim brotherhood islamic jihad hamas hezbollah isis al-qaeda you know it's all the same thing meanwhile you hear next to nothing about extreme political charges that have much more relevance to the conflict the platform the ruling the crude party in israel. a klan destroying world of illegal trade what you have here is not just
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archaeological objects you're talking about the political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors are selling artifact is where finance is the be headaches and must use in the middle east don't say don't that's one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to their all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand make sense of it. i believe the instill in. a
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place like no. generation by the sun. but the discovery of precious leaf you know the song stratton's to change that way of life. what next sellitto are now just eva. this is al jazeera i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines syrian government troops are in opposition in several kurdish held areas that follows a deal between damascus and the kurds allowing syrian soldiers to deploy close to the border with turkey ankara launched a military offensive in northern syria last week spain's talk or to sentence 9
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catalan separatist leaders to prison over their will in the region's failed bid for independence the sentences range from 9 to 13 year. the leader of catalonia quinto to label the supreme court's decision as an insult to democracy and demanded amnesty for those sentance. to cut down on government and i personally reject these very big it's because we consider them unjust and antidemocratic and because they are part of a political trial and were dragged campaign of legal action against catalonia it's right to self-determination and against the independence movement now today more than ever we stand by their families because today more than ever we feel a sense of fraternal solidarity with those convicted by the supreme court ecuador's government has agreed to scrap an austerity measure that raised fuel prices the
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decision to get rid of fuel subsidies sparked nearly 2 weeks of protests that killed at least 7 people. intern if you're a former law professor and political outsiders poised to become the next president exit polls suggest close sayed won more than 70 percent of the vote beating the media mogul. and we take you live to the one where the iranian president hassan rouhani is speaking at the presidential palace let's listen in all right so we're just swearing for the iranian president hassan rouhani to start speaking we expect him to do so in just a couple of minutes he's speaking at the presidential palace and what we expect to
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be hearing from him is that he will be speaking about the iranian oil tanker that was attacked just earlier this week off the coast of saudi arabia and we also do expect to hear him give his thoughts about the turkish offensive that is you currently taking place in the north east of syria let's cross over and listen in to what's being said.
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ok so they're just getting. out of the way. a reading from the koran but you can see the iranian president. at the presidential palace. right now. we have as i'm saying we do expect him to be speaking on the iranian oil tanker that was attacked last week off the coast of saudi arabia and which we have not heard him comment on yet. waiting to see what he says on that situation and again. he'll be speaking on the turkish offensive that is currently going on in the north. of syria let's bring in. joining us from tehran as i just preview for us what more we expect the president to be saying in this speech as we wait for him to
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begin speaking. well previously officials have said that the rain oil tanker that was attacked about 60 miles off the coast of the saudi arabian city of jeddah they said that they had video from the video that they had that they did have some evidence so he may be indicating some of that and saying what evidence that they have on who they can actually point the finger at because official so far have been cautious to point different group of blame at anybody they did say to start off with that it was a terrorist act but they've taken a step back from that was they set up a committee says they said the special committee had been set up to investigate and they also said that there would be a response but they also said that they are people within the region the try to stop tensions and trying to sow instability so we expect him to be addressing some of those concerns about the oil tanker that was hit by 2 missiles according to iran
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although the incident has hasn't been independently confirmed but we also expect him to be addressing the turkish offensive taking place in syria obviously iran is allied with syria's bashar al assad and russia so we expect there to be opposition to that but also now that the syrian troops are moving into some of those border areas close to the turkish border it be interesting to see what iran's various on that yet and i said on the issue of the iranian oil tanker. as a fiat's there has been no confirmed claim of responsibility has there no there hasn't and this is why i think iran is proceeding with caution obviously tensions have been high since september the 14th since the attack on the saudi aramco oil facilities now the hoochie yemeni hutu rebels claimed responsibility for
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that but saudi arabia blamed iran something that iran has rejected but obviously other countries united states. germany have blamed iran but i think president rouhani is set to speak and let's hear what he has to say all right. this is the hall of shame he's been he's staying yes this is over 13. press conference for dr. has an iranian president just case i make it public of iran why let me begin on that. tribute to in order to the martyrs. out of 18. and we remember them as i could be when i met. and
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i thank mr hadley estimate more had the. reciting. verses from the old have put on. and i thank all the participants and those who have organized. and all the members of the media and act on that doesn't mean that i don't. like i request mr president when he talked over honey. how many bush and. open this press conference with his introductory remarks and then they were full of the most gracious most merciful. respect and regard to the martyrs has what i said.
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and his. loyal companions and i thank the people of. iran iran. republic of iran. with the participation of well being but the separation of so many of. our brain. that this year. it was very. it was a major celebration. and all of those who. have worked hard and organizing this and also the security.
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and all those who provide to security officials and everyone as i have. and i thank all of them who participated in this. so. i am very pleased that. i mean before you esteemed media reports. we are going through we are very hard to a situation and historic. political and it's not because in security. and the last. 55 months of our government. live and government.
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cut in 96 we went through. that there were so many. security political the nickname make. and developments and progress. and. sense a month after they that in $96.00 we entered a new phase. and we entered. to the year of $1397.00. in the very harsh conditions. in 11397. the predictions of those analysts. domestic and international that it is it was going to be
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a very hard year. and that we would have a harder year ahead of us even some of the analysts cannot make analysts you do you must have witnessed in some of the media that the debate. but there was. major problems predicted for iran however fortunately in the last 18 months. the great nation of iran and its state and other institutions of the government. have been able to go through this cycle and successfully. we can declare clearly today that. the conspiracies of for the united states and the zionist conspiracy is.
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to harm the system has come to an end they are all declaring and. accepting that with patients with the resilience we can. and yet we have passed through this crisis. from the month of the bishop of $1398.00 that. we are on the right direction. so our. economy has from that has improved a lot in the last few months. so our problems are decreasing very fast and we predict that until the end of the.
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this will continue. and last 12 months. the move. meant as a slightly slower however ready. yes but we are optimistic that it will improve. the. economic development of the country which was minus last year and deficit last year we predict in the 1st 6 months of this year until now the number system statistics have not been declared announced yet but we predict it will be very successful. employment and this. summer. was a record high and in.
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some of this yeah it compares to. last year. we have 843000. jumps. and our underemployed and climate has decreased significantly. that means the success of iran. as far as economy is concerned. as import and export is concerned. we have better conditions than previous years are important export. a much better. even though in the last 6 months it's not as good but it's still better than last year compared to last year.


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