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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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ordeal you can't escape in 13 years for the crime of sedition so in your reporting there from boston. for the overreaction have been expected really there was an angry out for almost immediately after the sentencing was announced where people decided to congregate and meet at certain points of the city center of barcelona and if you look behind me here they've they've cut off 2 of the main arteries in the city center one of the roads that you see is actually one of the ones that leads to the airport now they wall street met in the city center thousands of. took either the train or went by. towards the airport where there is a huge group of them now essentially blockaded one of the terminal buildings and still they are turning up because people did go by foot and speaking to people here as well after they say this particular demonstration here they will go by foot
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towards the airport as well and of course their main. reason for this is to cause as much destruction as possible but there were there were calls by the civil by the government to a civil disobedience protest take place as well which would involve the cutting off of streets as well as hitting the main communications areas and transport hubs well such as the airport but this is something that is going to definitely be continuing throughout the week. still ahead for your knowledge is there at least 3 protesters killed in guinea during a rally condemning the president's plan to run for another term. i once again welcome to the look of the international forecast has seen some
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sharing just spilling out of the caspian sea across parts of northern iran is in the process of play tiring out so it's looking largely dry and sunny as we go on through the next couple of days to run it 25 celsius further east getting up to simla temperature in kabul 35 therefore kharaj a little more clout across the eastern side of the mat pushing across syria into lebanon into jordan as well 30 celsius that the beirut over the next couple of days is why this day promises to be a brighter day more the way of sunshine sunshine wolf sunshine to work across iraq baghdad of around $37.00 saudis or $36.00 the 4 q 8 mid thirty's across the river potential i just notice a little more cloud across southern parts of vermont you might just catch one or 2 coastal showers here also as you go on into wednesday was a chance of wanted to show us just around the gulf of aden as well which i also want to see showers into madagascar over the next day or so before much of south africa is now looking largely fine and dry not just
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a little more plowed into maybe angola seeing some live showers longer spells of fright and assist dying that way as we go through the next couple of days. what are you protesting about how does this impact you where online well i face mental state i'm directly out of trance like it's playful or if you joined us on sat this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion this real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera on these of the top stories this hour a syrian government troops appear to be positioning themselves for a direct confrontation with turkish forces near the kurdish held city of man these are pictures of u.s. forces now stationed at a nearby bridge. from a white house rusher advisor fiona hill's testifying in congress as part of the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump she resigned just days before trump's a phone conversation with ukraine's president back in july and large protests are taking place in barcelona are over the sentencing of 9 separatist leaders found guilty they are role in the region's failed bid for independence rail services to the airport were briefly suspended because of the demonstrations. now 14 police officers have been killed in a single attack in mexico just hours before president and dress manuel lopez
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obrador was due to speak about the country's murder rate the killings happened in a green. state where violent turf wars between rival drug cartels are common $29.00 is on track to be mexico's deadliest year on record with about 80 people murdered every day across the country. president vladimir putin is in saudi arabia where he's expected to sign oil agreements and to discuss the crisis with iran this is his 1st visit in more than a decade maybe a sign the 2 countries are getting closer he's meeting king salmon also the crown prince mohammed bin salman in riyadh saudi oil facilities or remember came under drone attacks last month which the u.s. blamed russia's ally iran for. will have a closer look now at russia's relations with saudi arabia 2 of the top or oil producers in opec they've worked together to reduce supplies so that prices stay relatively high but they've been on opposing sides on a number of issues notably syria and iran the 2 nations have also discussed
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cooperating on missile defense which is controversial for the united states because saudi arabia can only relies on u.s. made systems which washington recently agreed to strengthen britain's queen elizabeth has outlined her government's agenda during the official state opening of parliament boris johnson's cabinet has always stressed the importance of leaving the e.u. by the deadline of october 31 but it's a minority government so it's unlikely parliament will pass any of the proposals mentioned in the queen's speech his challenger reporting from london. the costumes the carriage the queen's speech is the high point of parliamentary pageantry and the british monarch announces the government's plans for new legislation in a speech written for her she began with proposals to support that deal if a deal is reached this week my government's priority has always been to secure the
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united kingdom's departure from the european union on the 31st of october. my government intends to work towards a new partnership with the european union based on free trade and friendly cooperation. boris johnson has just 5 days to secure a deal the parliament would approve if he doesn't succeed he faces asking for an extension to the october 31st deadline or trying to force through a no deal press it against the wishes of the house of commons but there was no sign of a possible concession in his speech we aim to create a new age of opportunity for the whole country yes. i was really prepared to get bricks it done you final table the 31st we are sitting out now our vision of an open global free trade in united kingdom a car a wage low tax economy the government says it is hopeful for an agreement after the
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prime minister as i was counterpart agreed on a pathway to a deal on customs arrangements with northern ireland and the need to quickly flush out the bones of that deal with the rest of the e.u. although for europe's leaders gathered for the summit on thursday. in brussels u.k. and e.u. negotiating teams a meeting with all sides saying there's still a lot of work to be done in the last number of months difficult. so i think your eyes my teacher says a deal is possible and it's possible this month may be possible this week but we're not there yet. the queen's speech included spending pledges on health care education and security but with a minority government it's unlikely many of these suppose will be passed by parliament instead many see it as a list of election promises an election that is looming ever closer charlie angela al-jazeera london. former white house rusher advise if you inhale is testifying
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behind closed doors in congress as part of the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump hill was the senior director for european and russian affairs on trans national security council resigned just days before his phone conversation with ukraine's president in july he was expected to tell several house committees why she was concerned about marie ivanovitch is removal as u.s. ambassador to ukraine is also likely discussed how in her view trumps lawyer rudy giuliani and the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sandland we're conducting their own ukraine policy separate from the national security council here is you have returns here with more from washington unlike before my ambassador to ukraine is testimony on friday there was no opening statement for fear in the hills or nothing that could be leaked almost immediately to the press number less we have been receiving briefings from those around or about what she is saying and the key the key point is yes there was
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a shadow foreign policy operation underway at the at the control of rudy giuliani on behalf of donald trump but the next question is always right that's fine but the president is allowed to conduct foreign policy in any way that he sees fit but was this on behalf of the united states' national interests or was it on behalf of donald trump's personal political interests and that the suggestions we've been getting is yes fear and he'll say it was the latter this wasn't about u.s. national security this was about donald trump's personal position about maybe key in the articles of impeachment at least 3 people have died and several others have been wounded in guinea after the shots were fired a protest as demonstrators a rallying against president alpha condo's plan to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term ahead of the rallies 6 opposition figures were arrested is nicholas hark with the latest developments from cannot carry. this is don't tell you this is normally a bustling road filled with people and activity it's
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a ghost town most people have stayed indoors because look around you these are the paramilitary security forces and the opposition accuse them of shooting them down with live ammunition now over there is this if you can still see protesters gathering this is what's happening throughout the capital and throughout the country sporadic attacks or confrontation between the security forces and protesters protesters that are out on the streets to protest against attempts by present day to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term in office now he's 81 years old and if he had his way then he would be one of the all this president africa and many of the protesters here are young they want to see change and despite the economic growth they want more political freedom and want to get their voices heard and that's why they've taken to the streets. poland's governing nationalist party is want to 2nd term in power the final results
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from the electoral commission show the law and justice party won more than 43 percent of the vote the country's biggest opposition group in the civic coalition came in 2nd with 27 percent turnout was the highest seen in 30 years mozambique's opposition groups say they have doubts tuesday's general elections will be free and fair that puts the fragile peace agreement under threat renewing fears the country could be plunged back into an armed conflict support for malcolm webb. was. became mozambique's largest opposition party it was a rebel group it fought the governing for party in a 15 year civil war until a truce in 1902. been declared the winner of every election since. when our my politicians accuse president philippe newsies government of corruption and vote rigging what. can you see here don't vote for the 1st one that's to think
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that we talked about most people in this area supported by an army throughout the civil war they say that means they were deprived of all public services and targeted with their. own freely most signed a peace deal in august is the 3rd are meant to be the final agreement ending the conflict but not everybody is happy with it metaphysical renamo left tenant general named mariano nyong'o rejected the deal he's hiding in the bush we don't know number of fighters. we spoke to him one day a general wanted to revenue people go to vote they are voting for war we will fight the government that's not a problem for us to avoid war the government test and negotiate and integrate all the run armored forces into the police and the army therefore it is voting we are at war. doesn't accept an army is presidential candidate for my
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monday as its true leader. it was my mother who signed the deal with president you see 2 months ago. the future of mozambique is promise and from now on the hostility between members of the same family will remain in history. as mozambicans prepare to vote the electoral commission says it's running a free and fair poll but the opposition and rights groups say there are serious problems the success of the peace deal it depends on how these election is going to be done but until now we have seen enough problems to say that this election will have problems of credibility particularly when the electoral institutions they deny a condition to independent observers the elections credibility's something that general nyong'o and his fighters have already rejected mozambicans are waiting to see if the fragile peace will hold malcolm webb al-jazeera boozy district mozambique
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thousands of protesters in haiti's capital are calling for the resignation of president john elmore as the country has seen merely a month of violent protests now with haitians angry about corruption rising inflation and fuel shortages and as promised to find a solution but opposition leaders have rejected his attempts. now the large scale cleanup that's underway in brazil after a mysterious oil spill contaminated more than $150.00 beaches of course it's a growing ecological disaster but it's made worse because the source of the oil still a mystery there one is under reports from the northeastern state. it's easy to find the oil that's washing up on the beaches in the northeast of brazil this environmental disaster is spread over 2000 kilometers contaminating some of brazil's most beautiful beaches. the state of has been hit especially hard and
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the cleanup is a huge challenge if i. could i mean to fit the if we are part of multiple agency efforts to monitor the coastline which include the army city and state officials some oil stains appear in the north of the state but it's worse in the south. what's more difficult to determine is where is that oil coming from there are many theories could it have come from oil tankers in the atlantic ocean of some suspect or could the oil be from a german ship sunk off the coast of brazil during world war 2 as some brazilian researchers have concluded. well nobody knows exactly where this oil is coming from the brazilian government says it's not coming from here in brazil that their brass the state run oil company has run tests on this oil and they say it's a type of crude oil that is not produced here in brazil they say this oil contains characteristics of oil normally found in neighboring venezuela so the brazilian
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government thinks this oil is coming from there but venezuela's state run oil company denies it is the source of the oil official with brazil's environmental protection agency tells me this spill is a catastrophe and there's no quick fix to the pollution so that i do know this is an environmental emergency a work will go on until this is over but for now we have no deadline to finish our work. on sunday crews tried their best to clean up the beaches but it's a huge area and resources are limited to investigators are now taking to the air to try to spot the oil slicks on the sand they have found more than $150.00 contaminated beaches so far this is a disaster on a huge scale and it can't be fully controlled until the source of the oil is identified. deep rosendo. state of aleko us in northeast brazil finding the nobel prize for economics has been shared by 3 people
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noted for experimental approaches to alleviating global poverty indian born. and his french american wife s. the do flow from the massachusetts institute of technology mit and american michael kramer is from harvard the floor has become the 2nd woman to win the prestigious prize for economics. let's take it to the headlines here on al-jazeera turkish troops and their syrian allies are advancing on the kurdish held city of mann bridge this is just hours after president reject typer one warned the offensive would intensify syrian government troops appear to be positioning themselves for a possible confrontation with turkish forces in whether you use foreign policy chief has condemned turkey's advance into syria and raised concerns about the rise of i saw influence in the region their conclusions we called for
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a ministerial meeting. of the global coalition because we see as one of the most immediate consequences of this military to it is in the northeast of syria the fact that. refined its briefing space inside that territory that worries us and normally this is i doubt it security threat to the european union not only to the european union 1st and foremost to the region and the international community so we want to see this tackled in the global coalition format former white house rusher advise a few on the hill is testifying in congress as part of the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump she resigned just days before trump's phone conversation with ukraine's president in july call of course at the center of the investigation hill is expected to tell the house committees why she was concerned about. his removal as the bastard or to ukraine. large protests taking place in barcelona
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against the centering of sentencing i'm sorry of 9 catalan separatist leaders they were found guilty for their role in the region's failed bid for independence sentences raged ranged from 9 to 30 years. at least 3 people have died and several others have been wounded in guinea after shots were fired at protesters demonstrators are rallying against president alpha condo's plan to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term ahead of the rally 6 opposition figures were arrested and after 2 weeks of protests people in ecuador are celebrating the government's decision to reinstate fuel subsidies president lenin moreno had canceled them as part of an austerity plan that caused fuel prices to skyrocket and caused the violent demonstrations both sides have now agreed to work together on a new economic policy and those you headlines on al jazeera the latest edition of inside story is next told. they don't believe in
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a 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never start a war i am anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter no 0. clearness let faces say they've been abandoned by the u.s. ally in northern syria facing a turkish offensive they've turned to a new alliance with president bashar al assad how will that play out on the ground and for syria's kurds this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter davi alliances are shifting in northern syria and areas of control could change in
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a way no one could have predicted the deal's been struck within the kurdish led syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. and the government the syrian army will now deploy along the border with turkey and aims to free areas under the control of the turks now this comes as turkey drives forward its offensive to clear the area from kurdish fighters it considers terrorists turkey says it wants to establish a quote safe zone reaching 30 kilometers into syria and intends to use it to resettle more than 3000000 syrian refugees is hosting well turkish forces have been making gains on the ground and that plan could be expanded the shift follows the u.s. decision to pull its remaining troops out of the area and what it calls an untenable situation president wretch up to i've heard it one has spoken of his next objectives. maybe. about maybe as we decided we're going to act on it as you know i discussions with america about men because we were saying within
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90 days the terrorist organizations were going to exit there but this didn't happen we're not going to enter man beach the real owners of that area are arabic brothers and they're going to enter that area our approach to this is that they're going to enter there and we're going to make it secure for them the u.s. defense secretary said they would withdraw american soldiers from syria i think this is a positive approach however that decision has not been taken lightly by the s.t.'s in an op ed in an international magazine on sunday their commander in chief wrote this the russians and the syrian regime have made proposals that could save the lives of millions of people who live under our protection we do not trust their promises to be honest it's hard to know whom to trust we know what we would have to make painful compromises with moscow and bashar al assad if we go down the road of working with them but if we have to choose between compromises and the genocide of our people we will surely choose life for our people.
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ok there we are here we go let's bring in our guests today here on inside story joining us from ankara as you said our barber is security analyst and retired colonel in the turkish armed forces and from norman oklahoma on skype is joshua landis director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and in doha rangel and dean a persisting fellow at the brookings institute in doha welcome to you all ranch alan dean here in doha can i come to you 1st can the syrian army stop what the turks are trying to do. well i think the short answer would be right now looking at how things are changing it's a very rapidly developing moment the answer would be it's unclear it all very much depends on the kind of territories the regime is keen to retake but most importantly perhaps is the response from the united states there have been reports since yesterday that washington has effectively established
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a red line to some extent or another that it will not tolerate the regime's incursion encroachments into the areas the turks are trying to capture and perhaps most importantly the territories that the us themselves are still in whether that's military personnel or whether it's u.s. military equipment and hardware use of a bar in ankara how will turkey try to build on horses achieved so far 30 years already to paul to go goals one of them is to secure area which is 30 kilometers or it is long a long sites border probably turkey deal move forward to security is area especially in the miniature area and the i know our area saw those are due to political goals that the turkish military is trying to provide according to you know cordons bit or do they have been taken joshua landis in oklahoma the turkish forces are trying to push the kurds away from the so-called safe zones to where. well that's the big
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question is where is this line going to be clearly russia is going to play a major role in this russia is an ally of syria russia has stated and putin has stated recently that syria should regain control of all of its land. he's going to be negotiating with the turks and trying to find an agreed upon. boundary and that's you know putin as as the american foreign policy process that's fallen into chaos everybody is looking to president putin and it's strange to say as an american but he seems to be the man of the hour who is going to his stock is going up in the middle east as president trump stock declines but when you say joshua man of the hour a man of the out who saying but see nothing as far as i can see well i'm sure he's talking behind the scenes and trying to arrange some kind of deal as the americans must be doing as well. because this is extremely chaotic situation as you know.
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falling apart after president trumps conversation with president airline of turkey and that really precipitated the scramble for northern syria. ranch aladin here in doha mr one wants to resettle more than 2 and a half 1000000 people what are the chances that that morphs into something darker something a bit more sinister i think it's extremely high the fact is these are populations that in most cases don't even belong to the areas turkey is trying to relocate them to effectively this is demographic reengineering and that spells not only short term consequences that are mental consequences for the humanitarian scene but also long term effectively what it does is it intensifies existing ethnic and sectarian tensions but ultimately it sows the seeds for conflict down the line further
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conflict so if we're seeing and we are seeing conflict as a direct consequence of this intervention there we get we're going to see much or many more rounds multiple rounds of ethnic conflicts in the coming months and years the whole intervention itself i think is one that i don't think even anchorage self is really prepared for because it isn't so much the military intervention that really counts it's what comes afterwards so ultimately turkey itself might find itself in a position that they had to really foresaw on beforehand but most importantly one that it might be not only incapable of policing of monitoring but one where might find itself in confrontation with not only groups like the white p.g. but perhaps a whole series of other groups whether it's terrorist groups like isis whether it's remnants of other existing are opposition groups and whether it could be members of
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the loyal. us forces regime loyalists forces in syria seoul to mali i think this does create an pave the way for a series of other conflicts but we're only just beginning to see materialize yousif in a democratic reengineering and also questions over who when and where the timeline of this goes those are the 2 key questions that ankara might have to answer surely . ok i do not believe that it will be a democracy demographical change in the area because according to the records in the of art and also the me gratian policy center in turkey also coordinated with the united nations high commission the real for refuges on the from the axis of an airport to iraqi border the cities such as moon beach to lobby out. and different pounds especially in the security zone the total number who flat the turkey is almost 1000000 saw can be considered that people who is turning back to
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their homelands is a demographical change but i can say that there is a demographical change in 2 places one of them is the whore area who has been controlled by the white b.g. forces who is the total number of the kurdish people inside syria is 70 percent but the total area that they are controlling is more than 30 percent the other part is that there the chilliest the city inside turkey has a population of 100000 but hosting almost 200000 other because the jews incited this country saw we can say there is a demographic change not only inside turkey but inside syria but also inside turkey so we should understand that the peace corridor should at least accept 1000000 people or it is origin of inhabitants ok you said want to interrupt you there one pause you for a 2nd very difficult for any of the 4 of us to come up with
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a definitive kind of percentage of a map within a map within a map of areas of control and i don't particularly want to get too granular about that let's keep the discussion wider if we can just show landis in oklahoma when the s.d.f. leader says he doesn't know who to trust but it's perfectly understandable isn't it absolutely look at the way the asti have was hoping that america would stay in this . region as it said it would the united states has kindled. kurdish nationalist interests in that in the region and it thought that it could get the best of both worlds from the united states the best of all worlds for united states and be the leader of this big 30 percent of the united states the u.s. clearly. excited the ambitions and the expectations of the local population way beyond what it could deliver we're seeing something similar in
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afghanistan and other parts of the middle east where the united states promised democracy a new regime in the middle east and those hopes are being dashed today the kurds are forced to go back to damascus they don't want syria ruling them but as you heard from about it syria is much better than turkey in their eyes syria has has a long relationship with a y p g after all assad gave off says to a challenge in 1970 s. when the outside forces the sons forces withdrew in 100-2012 he handed the keys of the region over to the kurds there has been a long alliance between the kurds and damascus because they both see turkey as an enemy and they both see the islamist militias that have taken over the region as enemies so they have a common strategy they don't agree on autonomy but they do agree who the enemies
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are so there is that there is a foundation on which to build a alliance between the kurds and damascus however runs alan dean here in canada might this get would especially if the took his forces go to quote donald trump off limits. i think it could get very ugly in fact when you have one member of nato firing warning shots at another member of nato in this case the united states that indicates that once things on the ground up in the skies develop a momentum of their own then the prospects of conflict whether it's advertisement or inadvertent between powers like turkey like the u.s. between some of their proxies on the ground increases but i think the the the point here on the why p.g. element i think is a distraction from the bigger scheme of things there needs to be a much more elaborate robust discussion on the humanitarian implications of this
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intervention will have i.e. the post conflict aftermath if there is going to be such a thing in the coming weeks and months but also this is a distraction from the effort to actually make sure isis doesn't mount a resurgence it's far from defeated and this intervention will create cracks that the group will exploit and we've seen it before we've seen it in iraq when u.s. forces withdrew in 2011 we're seeing it happen again today where the u.s. as a guarantor of security in arguably the most stable part of the country its exit now is opening up gaps that groups like isis will exploit but most fundamental of all i think and this is the most worrying part ankara it could have in collaboration with washington and others ensured that the infrastructure that the s.d.f. slash why p.g. has established the security and intelligence infrastructure is remedied if indeed
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it's challenge look at intelligence in for a stranger struggling to an attack interrupt you there which i apologize we will come on to an islamic state in about 60 seconds budge want to put one last point in this part of our discussion to use of a border in ankara the white house use of in the last week has been sent. mixed signals it's been sending out confusing signals option number 3 everyone is saying for donald trump is to mediate a deal at what point does he approach his friend or 2 on and say mr i will mediate a deal and what would be the reception so that if he did it i probably added longer accept mr trump's invitation in terms of mediation but i can say that turkey will never sit down to a table with a terrorist organization which is threatening all that is international security falls but what is the mediation that mr added on mr trump can handle that the issue turkey with the support of the united states and the european union can fight
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against all kind of terrorism terrorist activities inside the area and the proof is that turkey is the only country so far has fought with the eisel elements nearby it is borders and they're cleared more than 2000 square kilometers inside it is area so what i believe that france maybe ation together with in mr outdoor especially at the summit at the 13th of november will be very useful in order to come to a conclusion for eg creating a peace process in this area ok let's talk about arsenal so the turkish president dismissing claims that hundreds of eisel prisoners have escaped attention camps during the recent fighting the kurdish administration says they fled from camps holding photos of eisel supporters before the turkish operation began the s.t.m. form that they didn't have enough soldiers to fight turkish forces and guard the prisoners joshua is this basically a huge shot in the arm to eisele. it clearly is an opportunity and
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if the fault lines between turks kurds arabs open up here and you get real fighting and chaos then of clearly it's a it's a real lifesaver for isis on the other hand if they go she ations go ahead and there is some agreement it's in the interests of the assad government of russia of turkey of iran to really get a handle on the isis problem and not allow it to recruit yes everybody in this region wants the americans out of this except for the kurds but and that means to a certain extent keeping a lid on the isis problem none of them have an interest in spreading isis again in the region isis has sown so much chaos and conflict but it all depends as you say on whether there deal can be struck because if this if this cascades into more fighting and territorial pushing and pulling then isis is going to have
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a field day and ranch here in doha is there a certain kind of twisted irony to this because the united states got involved in syria because of islamic states and now because it's in effect pulling out of syria louis don't know how it involves timetable for that as of yet because it's pulling out of syria people like you 3 saying actually this might embolden islamic state particularly if we don't know how long or how fall this operation goes i think you hit the nail on the head peter when you spoke about mediation because in fact turkey has sat down at the table with the y.p. g.'s political wing the p.y.t. it has sat down with the p k k before in the past these are the the kurdish turkish peace process so coming to the point what that effectively means is that there was a different way to go about this one which would an append or on the mind the n.t.i. says if it. you spoke about mediation that mediation not only yields dividends when
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it comes to keeping the peace in northern syria which itself has broader positive. consequences for the humanitarian scene but fundamentally it enabled the sort of partnership that is viable to precisely the security structures the governing structures that suppresses the space for isis to mount a resurgence it is a resilient dynamic organization there are going to be as joshua points out gaps stemming from the now added layer to the conflict which is the assad regime turkish element because there are still uncertainties as to how that's going to develop but most fundamentally as well the absence of a security guarantee or the u.s. is withdrawing who will fill that gap i can't foresee this being russia so ultimately i think that compounds the situation even further and you see it as far as the erdogan administration is concerned is there a realisation that these eyesore fighters potentially are
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a major headache for everyone involved in what is happening as of today in as much as you're talking about probably upwards of 70000 family and friends of us of fighters but you're talking about a hardcore of between 11 and 13000 eisel fighters and these people are utterly devoted to what they want they are the people who i saw have signaled woods would would spread far and wide to take a campaign of attrition to europe to the united states to other parts of the arab world they're the people who've witnessed and carried out the bombings the executions the beheadings the crucifixions these are properly unpleasant individuals. that's true you're right that there eisel is bart the biggest threat especially for the region and for the europe but we should take a look at to the mr trump's explanations and declarations that european union countries even didn't want to take their citizens from the eisel counts so how can
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we believe that europe really wants to fight against eisel so there is only one country who is seriously fighting against isis including all kinds of terrorist organizations on the ground it is infantry that is turkey's saw if european union together with the united states and also surrounding countries as mr term said iran russia really dedicates themselves to fight against eisel turkey has already offered to american administration a very open letter that they can fight with the eisel if they are coordinated and also the supports in terms of logistics in sar in terms of intelligence sharing their fight against isis saw what we are seeing on the ground that a couple of minutes ago a department of defense of turkey has made a statement that the isolate the reasons on the region after noddle syria has been opened up by the y.p. jihad militants so what it means if you find
2:42 am
a terrorist organization be any other terrorist organization you will never be fighting against terrorism so americans europeans russians and iranians should support turkey in order to fight against eisel and especially the e.u. countries should take back their isis fighters and put them to jail an egg give them a transparent. yousif is a whole different conversation i think it's a whole different program and we possibly done on the show wrapping up this episode of inside story ranch coming back to you is there another narrative here which nobody seems to be thinking about it seems to me and it's this turkey is a nato ally it is therefore an ally of the united states the kurds were an ally of the united states but if push comes to shove that nato allegiance will win out. i think in the case of the kurds the as the we're talking about a very different security relationship and dynamic one is of course
2:43 am
a armed non-state actor the other of course is a state a long standing member of nato for this conflict this war against isis has been one that has been shaped not only from the skies but on the ground itself and i think that's where we see the major gap in this discussion you know if turkey want to suppress sideline defeat the why p.g. so far it has offered next to nothing in terms of a viable alternative on the ground now there has to be a question as to whether countries like the u.s. and others can see themselves in gauging these sort of conflicts without reliable actors on the ground and in this case you know like it or not turkey is that does have legitimate national security concerns but like it or not the y.p. g. and the s.d.f. were the only viable option at the time when isis emerged so until somebody or some state or government finds an alternative to that effective disciplined western
2:44 am
aligned fighting force i think any arguments to the contrary. are going to be very unconvincing ok in the last minute or so joshua let's come to you we're talking here it feels as if we're talking here about a new lie of the land will what it settles down into being be drawn literally in blood i guess by the military planners and the soldiers and the fighters or by the diplomats if they ever manage to get back to an a star or a geneva 6 or 7 or do something at the united nations. well for the time being it's a military operation and no one knows whether this is really if turkey is pursuing this this is own for purely national security reasons or whether there is a larger sort of sop ottoman aggrandizement agenda on the part of of turkey president erda want has made allusions to both. this this could be a land grab and it could last for
2:45 am
a long time it we just don't know yet if it's if it's if the diplomats can do something it means that turkey will eventually withdraw back to its national borders and the syrian government will again control its national borders just as it had done in the past with the i do not agreement of 1997 where turkey and syria worked out a very clear. agreement over how far the turks could pursue not pursuit why peachey elements and so forth but we'll see whether this is a move to broaden syria's borders and expand them or whether this is something that diplomacy can once again bring back to internationally recognized borders gentlemen we will leave it there thank you too i guess they would use if joshua landis and runge drinan thank you to you too for watching the program you can see the show again any time by going to the website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash raging
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al-jazeera. syrian allies have begun an advance on the strategic city of man bridge which they're bound to take from s.t. a force that's. followed once again from doha santamaria and this is al jazeera the latest move in the impeachment investigation against donald trump the u.s. president's former top adviser on russia and europe testifies on capitol hill also
2:49 am
angering got a lot in your ears and spain's top court sentence of 9 separatist leaders to prison for their failed bid for independence and brazil's government's trying to clean up an oil spill that's polluted a vast area of its northern coast. so novis in syria 1st of all where it's been a day of fast moving developments as turkey's offensive into turkish i'm sorry kurdish territory escalates syrian government for. appear to be positioning themselves for a direct confrontation with turkish troops with reports they are now in the city of man bridge president up typer one indicated the offensive would intensify in the coming days as john strafford now reports. smoke rises over the northern syrian town of russell i mean the turkish defense ministry declared victory over the kurdish forces for a 2nd time here on monday. kurdish fighters have put up fierce resistance and these
2:50 am
are syrian soldiers in the town of a tunnel just a few kilometers away after a deal was made between the sdn from the syrian government state media said the army would confront turkish aggression the turkish president remain defiant. we're not going to enter man beach the real owners of that area our big brothers and they are going to enter that area our approach to this is that they are going to enter there and we are going to make it secure for them. the syrian kurds have made deals with damascus before especially in the battle against eisel but an s.d.f. commander said they were faced with a difficult choice this time there is little trust between the 2 science but the s.d.f. quickly suffered significant losses during battles with turkish forces and their syrian rebel allies it's an important deal because the kurds and the other side regime in damascus both have the same enemies they have turkey as their enemy
2:51 am
number one and the islamist rebel groups as their enemy number 2 this is a long standing. you know in a sense i would say partnership but as an army i'm easy partnership that they've had damascus cannot rule northeast syria without the kurds. turkey says this military campaign is targeting the s.t.'s main kurdish fighting force which it says is aligned with the outlawed kurdistan workers' party or p k k which has been fighting the turkish government for decades. turkey says it wants to set up a safe haven for refugees to return to and northern syria but the u.n. says around half a 1000000 people could be forced from their homes if the violence doesn't stop. u.s. defense secretary marcus spur says a deal with the s.d.f. in damascus meant having u.s. forces start between the syrian turkish army's was on tenable the syrian army has
2:52 am
moved north to potentially confront turkish forces at various points close to the border the s.d.f. hope that by teaming up with the syrian military they can force turkish forces to retreat where this stage that seems highly unlikely despite the threat of potential sanctions from some european countries and the u.s. president or the one says he has a plan for northern syria and no amount of threats are going to stop him from achieving his goal chance strafford al jazeera close to the turkish syrian border. well what's in a hotel now who's in a chuckle a turkish syrian border you've been describing it to me earlier saying or saying it like a new front has been opened here explain that to us. yes a new front in the battle for members has begun this is a city and the northern countryside of aleppo a strategic city it lies on
2:53 am
a crossroads whoever controls that members control supply lines that connect east and west to syria the northern part of syria of course a few hours ago the opposition syrian national army announced the start of its military operation to capture the city from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces as they approached the city they faced resistance and the syrian government beat them to it the syrian government has now entered the city this is what we understand from state media and other sources on the ground so the syrian government invited in by the as the f. as part of an agreement that was reached yesterday a last minute agreement because the s.d.f. found itself cornered at last it's lost its ally the united states which refused to help it face a turkish led military offensive against the group and the us decided to leave so the s.d.f. is now parting with the syrian government so the syrian government and the syrian rebels backed by turkey really facing off in member earlier today we heard the
2:54 am
turkish president say that this operation will continue we have taken a decision a decision that we've made a long time ago and we will capture members in order to return it his words to its rightful owners our arab brothers because turkey believes and the syrian opposition believes that the why p.g. should not be and i keep saying why the g. 8 is the backbone of the s. the f. should not be in control of this city thank you. and now some analysis with you so fun about the who is a international security and defense analyst and a former colonel in the turkish armed forces he's in ankara for us thank you for your time. so the syrian government troops are now entering. not a full battalion or anything like that but what are your views on what this could represent the start of an actual battle between the armies of 2 nations turkey and syria i do not believe that the syrian arab army has the power in
2:55 am
order to challenge the turkish armed forces in this area the turkish armed forces has conducted 3 operations one of them is the euphrates shield and the 2nd one is the audio branch operation and the 3rd one is the peace fountains operation which is going on now of these 3 operations the turkish armed forces and the turkish republic conducted these operations because the story of the regime and sort of government is not it's a failed state and the turkish government conduct that the euphrates shield against their eisel militants nearby it is borders and also conducting these operations to the vibe egypt terrorist organization why b.g. is considered as a terrorist group because of the turkish foreign policy and international threat saw if regime has a power it should all over the comptroller all those areas before the turkish armed forces come here saw the turkish government did not need to conduct an military
2:56 am
operation in those areas but let's not forget the absolute basics of this that the turkish forces have crossed the border into syria regardless of who they are going after they have gone into another country and i conducting their own operations of course the syrian army is going to fight back. ok you should you shouldn't forget that at the international air relations responsibilities should be consistent with the rights of their countries i mean as a sovereign country if you are not taking your responsibility and because of your failed state every day there is a terrorist accidents inside turkey because of those terrorist groups than you shouldn't. claim your rights as a solar and country saw syrian government couldn't keep it is responsibility is it said failed state for this reason the turkish border has been captivated has been captured by the eisel militants and by the p.k.
2:57 am
militants for this isn't turkey use it is international rights because of the failed states every day the 130 soldiers has been killed because of their terrorist attacks and more than 500 civilians still being killed nearby the borders for this is them let's look at the issue between the responsibilities and rights if you are not taking your responsibility you have the right ok what about the international pressure there is condemnation of turkey's operations in syria there are a number of countries and said they're not going to sell any weapons to turkey now because of this is that not registering with the president is he not interested in what the international community feels here. of course what is the international community is saying is very important but then we take a look at for example to the situation and position of the european union turkey of course and give our open check to the european union in order to fight against isis
2:58 am
and so far nor european country came to help turkey on the ground to fight against isis and mr trump says that take your prisoners your citizens inside the eyes of camps they don't update fight they are not fighting take them they are not taking or let the fight in name of you know you shouldn't go or that ok then how the economic clear no ok i am taking 3600000 refuges in my country it takes some of them not so in these conditions. really any country will not care about what the united european union countries are telling and condemning or not because there is a huge problem inside turkey 3600000 refugees are creating economical positions and security problems and also demographically is changing inside turkey everybody today is talking about that turkey will change the democrat view of the north and
2:59 am
syria but but i will say to you the real democracy changes is taking place inside turkey for example the city of kilis beach has a population of 110000 horse think 2 times more refuges inside it is it about the saw economically and demographically socially turkey shouldn't take all the responsibility of the syrian crisis that is the reason that president added on insistently say is that there are real or a nurse who is living inside turkey of us lined up be turned back to their homelands useful about joining us from ankara thank you for your time sir. iran's president hassan rouhani says u.s. sanctions have failed to bring his country's economy down if you're going to use conference ran he said iran will continue scaling back its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal until the e.u. fulfills its promises he also said the government is trying to reduce its reliance
3:00 am
on oil revenues meanwhile the russian president vladimir putin is in saudi arabia where he's expected to sign all agreements and discuss the crisis with iran this is his 1st visit in more than a decade a sign the 2 countries are getting closer is meeting king solomon and crown prince mohammed bin salman in riyadh saudi oil facilities came under drone attacks last month for which the us blamed russia's ally iran. there have been large protests in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 catalan separatist leaders who've been sent to prison for their role in the region's failed bid for independence rail services to the airport were briefly suspended due to the demonstrations the supreme court to live in sentences of between 9 and 13 years in prison for the former catalonian vice president audio human care scott 13 years for the crime of sedition his son hugo a go in barcelona were.


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