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tv   Gaddafi Rendition The West  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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goes on for the kurdistan regional government the k r g estimates that anything between 30000 up to as many as a quarter of a 1000000 syrians will flee the fighting here into the chaotic. the syrian refugee camp has been here more than 7 years but tens a long gone children are growing up here people are putting down roots and now this small town is about to get bigger. burnet smith al-jazeera dormice refugee camp in northern iraq. as they want to other news now and at least 4 people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations and guinea is widespread anger at a proposed change in the constitution that would allow veteran president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term reports now from the capital conakry. gunfire in downtown conakry. frightened residents have locked himself indoors taking cover
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from guinea's paramilitary forces were shooting a live rounds in the streets but was supposed to be in the should white protest against president alpha condé has turned into street battles between security forces and demonstrators armed with sticks and knives and they say they are here to defend their democracy we are not of course we are scared but we managed to paralyze the city in turn it into a ghost town to show our frustration with our leadership. the 81 year old president wants a referendum to change the constitution so that he can run a 3rd term in office but his political opponents are against a referendum they don't trust the president to organize an impartial vote just like you know obviously unions need him one as leader. treats all of its citizens equally irrespective of the ethnic origin of the last if any with. the ethnic forlornly make of the majority in guinea and yet never has a full only been in power many of them are out protesting accusing the government
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of arresting them in discriminating against them this is one protester that has just been arrested in this is what's happening throughout the capital and the country paramilitary police deployed to try to arrest and stop any form of violence. security forces shot dead several protesters and scores are injured human rights watch accused the government of banning street protests for over a year now and cracking down on dissent presidential elections are a full year away but the political deadlock has already set in there is a sense of fear and apprehension of what is to come nicholas hawke al-jazeera cannot create. still ahead on the bulletin mexico's government says it's getting to grips with the country's want to murder rape but the evidence on the ground doesn't support that and the president trumps former russian advisor testifies to congress
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is part of the impeachment inquiry. how low we still got some showers longer spells of rain drifting into vietnam at the moment just rolling across the fall southwest of china just around hi there but to the east of that lot of sunshine around some want to in hong kong around 20 i celsius was the past we'll still see some rather heavy rain possibility of some snow over the high ground that's sinking a little further south which as we go on into weapons time for when the stamp hopeful for more than possible should be generate dry but you can see that on shore wind fading that moisture across the south china seas a good part of eastern vietnam will see some heavy downpours over the next day or 2 the showers extend their way down into where cambodia into southern parts of india
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china some larvae downpours certainly a possibility into thailand over the next day or 2 slipping further southwards across the peninsula northern parts of somalia well there was a boy i was a saying some live fish as i think the show is becoming a little more extensive pushing a little further south as we go on into where to stay south of that it is looking lassie dry and 5 with a good deal of sunshine dried from a good deal of sunshine too across northern parts of india we hang on to the cloud of growing those monsoon rains lingering across southern areas of india with plenty of rain for the eastern guys. who were sponsored by the countdown to. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the last. study after study demonstrated. american media coverage part of this case you get through your thick. a turtle is a the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it
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when i go what you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are top stories u.s. president dollar trump has approved a series of sanctions on turkey is also cornering for an immediate cease fire and more than syria which has forces a carrying out a military campaign in kurdish held areas and on the ground in syria a group of government soldiers have entered the strategic city of man bush a day after being invited by kurdish forces and this sets up a potential clash with turkish forces who are stationed in the suburbs and at least
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4 people have been killed an anti-government demonstrations and guinea there's widespread anger at a proposed change in the constitution that would allow president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term. the protests have erupted in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 separatist leaders who've been sent to prison for their role in the region's failed bid for independence thousands of cattle and separatists clashed with police protesters blocked access to barcelona's airport and more than 100 flights were canceled on monday spain supreme court delivered sentences of between 9 and 13 years in prison sanya guy a guy reports now from barcelona. they turned up in their thousands at barcelona's airport determined to cause as much disruption as possible and fronted by right police to protest his intentions to signal the start of a campaign of civil disobedience that cause an amnesty for the 9 catalan
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politicians and activists convicted on monday for their roles in a failed attempt to secede from spain 2 years ago they were found guilty of sedition but were acquitted on the more serious charge of rebellion the defendants were sentenced to between 9 and 13 years in prison the reaction from the catalan regional government was unequivocal they got a long government and i personally reject these very big because we consider them unjust and antidemocratic and because they are part of a political trial and were dragged in combating of legal action against got along as right to self-determination and against the independence movement with a general election in his sights next month the spanish prime minister better sancious dialogue took a firm line on the supreme court's verdict or you. can blow today exemplary judicial process has concluded but at the same time confirms the sinking
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of a political project that's failed in its attempt to obtain internal support and international recognition leaving behind pain and confrontation on the front clearing of coexistence in catalonia about people within hours of the sense. sensing protesters came out onto the streets and gathered here at the main square in barcelona city center they say they are part of what is being called the democratic tsunami but even but if there were one for sort against the bus i think what is happening is shameful but i think the conviction is really unfair and i don't understand how this can happen in the 21st century thank you but you don't see it ok for you i'm here because i think the trial has been a complete fraud has been a trial that human rights international organizations of finance was having a lot of regularities i think we have to denounce it and do some comparative. but not everyone sees it like this the catalan nationalist movement has itself
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become more divided between groups that support more direct forms of action and those who oppose it politics here is more fractured and there is no majority backing for secession solving the cattle and crisis is as allusive as ever and in spite of the sentencing a long way from being resolved so nick i ever al-jazeera barcelona. to mexico now we're at least 14 police officers have been killed in a single a tag which occurred just hours before president andras manuel lopez obrador announced that he was getting to grips with the country's high murder rate but his speech was overshadowed by monday's killings which happened in libya in michel khan state a violent turf wars between rival drug cartels a common there john holeman sent us this update from mexico city. so mexico's president and his head of public security came out on the morning of monday and
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gave a press conference in which they said it's nothing to boast about but we think we might just be getting on top of the murder rate in the country they called it a point of inflection in the homicide rates in the country and they said that what they're doing is continuing to send out the national guard that's a newly formed and quite militarized police force out into key hotspots in the country to draw and deal with things and also having social programs that would try and give employment to people to give some hope put it money in the pocket of people who otherwise might be tempted into organized crime so the message was quite positive coming from the top and then the news came out that image we can the state in southwest mexico police officers have been. killed by presumably organized crime in that region now mitch mcconnell is a state in which there's different criminal organizations battling over it one of the strongest of those organizations if not the strongest is the cartel new
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generation and there were banners left with the burnt out vehicles of the police seem to was signed as if they were from that cartel now sometimes those banners can be used misleadingly but that is a strong organization in that part the country that has been involved in murdering policemen and law enforcement authorities before now the president obviously and the head of security would say things are getting better little by little in the country i think one of the worries that perhaps analysts that we've talked to have had is that the national guard may be that they're not being rolled out to all areas of the country in taking up the law enforcement activities as fast as they could do some or even worried about more of the same ahead on confrontation of organized crime using an up. quite blunt force to try and put a stop to them it didn't seem to work for past administrations why would it work
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now but what happened on what's happened in the last 24 hours in mexico a sign that the government still is grappling with the problem and a sign that the problem remains and that more deaths tragically are still happening . now brazil's northeastern behi a state has become the 1st declared an emergency after a mysterious oil spill contaminated dozens of beaches the army is a city and state officials are involved in the cleanup oil washed up and on more than 2000 kilometers off brazil's coast gabriel is on to has more from must say or that's on brazil's northeastern coast. the situation is still very critical in the beaches here in the northeast of brazil there is still crude oil that is washing up on the beaches here in more than 150 different locations in an area that's nearly 2000 kilometers long no matter where this oil is coming from it's already having
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a devastating effect on some marine life now this is video that's very hard to look at it is a video of a marine sea turtle that was rescued near the state of by. this turtle had swallowed some of the crude oil and was about to die but it was rescued and these veterinarians there are trying to save the turtle by cleaning out the oil from its mouth this just gives you an idea of the kind of work that's being done to try to save as many animals as possible and the question is where is this oil coming from the brazilian government continues to say that this or oil they believe is coming from venezuela however in recent days there's been images like this barrels of what appears to be oil that have washed up on some of the beaches in the northeast of brazil and on the barrels of oil it says shell in reference to the
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american oil company however in response to this show has said these particular barrels are actually lubricants that probably fell off of some ship show claims that these barrels do not have anything to do with the current oil spill however on sunday brazil's minister of environment demanded that shell provide more answers to this it's probably going to take weeks perhaps even months to clean all of this up as one person told us this is absolutely an environmental disaster. ecuador's president has signed a decree scrapping austerity measures that for nearly 2 weeks of weiland protests indigenous leaders who led the demonstrations called for the fuel prices to return to pre austerity levels by tuesday in the capital quito workers clean the streets off debris caused by the protests which left at least 7 people dead president clinton more in a says he also work on a new economic policy approved by indigenous groups. a white us police
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officer who shot an unarmed black woman in her own home has been charged with murder police have named aaron deen and say he acted without justification. for 28 year old ati ana jefferson was killed in her home in fort worth and texas on saturday while looking after her nephew a neighbor called the police because her front door was open. a former aide to the u.s. secretary of state will testify on wednesday to a closed door session of a congressional committee holding impeachment hearings into president trump on monday former white house russia advise a few and a whole testified was she resigned days before the july phone conversation when trump asked ukraine's president to investigate joe biden and his son shihab rattansi has moved from washington d.c. . unlike before bastardy ukraine's testimony on friday there was no opening
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statement for fear in the hills or nothing that could be leaked almost immediately to the press nonetheless we have been receiving briefings from those around her about what she is saying and the key the key point is yes there was a shadow foreign policy operation underway at the at the control of rudy giuliani on behalf of donald trump but the next question is always right that's fine the president is allowed to conduct foreign policy in any way that he sees fit but was this on behalf of the united states' national interests or was it on behalf of donald trump's personal political interests and that the suggestions we've been getting is yes funeral will say it was the latter this wasn't about u.s. national security this was about donald trump's personal position and doubt may be key in the articles of impeachment iran has released pictures of its oil tanker which it says was struck off the coast of saudi arabia the pictures show 2 large
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holes in the hull of the tank a sub 50 head on and says the ship was hit by 2 missiles on friday saudi arabia has said it wasn't behind any attack on the tanker the incident comes amid heightened tensions between pad on injury and last month an attack on south the oil facilities was blamed on iran but iran denies it was responsible now russia's president has held talks with saudi arabia's king salmaan and crown prince mohammed bin salim on envy as his 1st visit to the kingdom in over a decade the leaders discussed developments in syria and yemen and signed more than a dozen agreements including in the fields of petro chemicals an energy. now judges for this year's a booker prize have ripped up the rulebook and named $21.00 is british author but it didn't ever risto and the canadian right to moderate at would have both been given the prestigious literary award atwood wanted to stop in thought of the testaments whatever wrist i was on it for her novel woman it is at once 2nd booker
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prize the 2 authors would have to split the $63000.00 prize money it would have been quite embarrassing. person of my age and stage. to have won the whole thing and there. kept a younger person to the stage of their career from going through that door i'm not thinking about sharing i'm thinking about the fact that i've got with it and i think that's an incredible thing considering what the prize has meant to me in my life treeline from the fact that it just felt so on the table for decades. and again on there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president has approved a series of sanctions on turkey he's also calling for an immediate cease fire in
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northern syria where turkish forces are carrying out a military campaign in kurdish held areas while the u.s. was president mike had mike pence has spoken in the last couple of hours about the sanctions he'll be heading to the region to discuss to his campaign in syria. let me say the president could not have been more firm with president one today. the united states of america simply not going to tolerate. turkey's invasion of syria any further and we're calling on syria to stand down to end the violence and come to the negotiating table and that's the reason the president sending me to the region to make his intentions very clear and we're going to be looking we're going to be looking for turkey to take strong action in that regard well meanwhile in syria a group of government soldiers has entered the strategic city of men bush a day after being invited by kurdish forces and that sets up
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a potential clash with turkish forces who are stationed in the suburbs and on the news at least 4 people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations and guinea there's widespread anger at a proposed change in the constitution that would allow president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term protests have erupted in boston over the sentencing of 9 cotland separatist leaders who've been sent to prison for their role in the region's failed bid for independence thousands of cotland separatists clashed with police chess has blocked access to boss alone as airport and more than $100.00 flights were canceled on monday spain supreme court delivered sentences of between 9 and 13 years in prison at least 14 police officer been killed in a single attack in mexico as occurred just before president andres manuel lopez obrador announced that he was getting to grips with the country's high murder rate so his speech was overshadowed by monday's can in which happened in libya in michel
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khan stayed violent to force between rival drug cartels a common there well those are the headlines do stay with us on al-jazeera one on one is coming up next thank you for watching. thank you philippines president roderigo deterred a self-proclaimed war on drugs has been blamed for thousands of alleged extrajudicial killing fields. now on the island of negroes he's launched another bloody war against a communist insurgency. but many say in reality it's
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a brutal campaign to annihilate his critics. and the death toll mounts one a one east investigates deter j.s new. it's. true he was standing right here and this store owner was sitting right there were at the scene of a targeted killing and just suddenly. this this mother's act stopped over there and faced ben and called out history they knew his name was being you only watch they said ben and then ben looked at them. so we usually ramos's husband was gunned down outside the shop late one night in november last year this is the 1st time she's returned. i could not really
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find the strength to come back and see where he lied for us life. is so mad i don't know i feel so sad i feel so. just really and we've. been ramos was a human rights lawyer his wife claims president ditto days government for his death was a state for since. taking the life of a person who is very innocent. has been very supportive the farmer says since it's not an answer. the island of negras is known as the sugar bowl of the philippines. the hundreds of thousands of hectares of kind fields concentrated in the hands of just a few politically powerful plantation over the. decades of exploitation of farm
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workers have fueled support for a communist insurgency. its karela group the new people zomi or n.p.a. is based in the remote mountain areas and is recognized globally as a terrorist organization. in november last year president to target declared a state of emergency on a grass ordering military and police when force wants to the island to launch operations against the new people's army but human rights organizations accuse state forces of not only targeting insurgents but carrying out extradition killings of those pesetas to pose a political threat to the government what do you when you when the. president to turtoni has openly called for the killing of human rights activists as well as roy is who represent those accused of being n.p.a.
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one of the human rights. little. when spira safe. up being just. since he came to power in 2016 there have been at least 87 alleged extrajudicial killings of peasants human rights advocates and lawyers only grow silent. it's really this and that they're discovering the systematic attack and political persecution of activists clarissa singh soon zahra over rez and belle ramos as we know usually are all human rights workers take on cases of extrajudicial killings for but it charges arrests. in april this year photographs of the 3 women appeared on a poster of more than 60 people branded as fronts for the new people's army. the
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phone number to report sightings of them is for the local police in me and they are saying that people are and be should be killed and should be killed and it's it's really serious just 2 people on the poster are already. at only bad he she is husband was the 1st to be killed and. then in april this human rights advocate and city councilor who was shot in the head while driving his motorbike. after each killing clarice or ins are received death threats saying they be next. we know that it's part of the state to harass and to saul fear so that we will be silent and stop their work. this movie shows the 1st village that we organized way back in 1904 people say year ban passed the bar
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exam and so this was a community that see firsthand lives in the late eighty's government reforms was supposed to redistribute land to peasants the congresswoman who owned the plantation here refused to comply. been a new shoes in geo laid a full year legal battle for these families connected. at the event bang was that for a number to get is someone someone can make a bundle settlement in a much better manner without an add on this that and since his death the foma say the government's trying to force them to disband the collective that's become a setback in the family van one woman of a sad i'm enough of an only this i'm not familiar enough as i've been then family where i come from and still see it in the middle without me it is that since yes i see people based on. their need been how most but i say yeah the whole being on the
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dole that someone had lost ability to do that month would say. god. in the months leading up to ben's death we should say is a local military radio program intensified its campaign against him claiming he was recruiting for the n.p.r. i. want to. then you know toiba 20. 9 farmers were shot did with high powered weapons as they slept in a field were been gave legal advice to the families and also members of the sugar workers federation who were charged with the mood is.
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this a get in line massacre happened in the north of the us and of course a lot of people there knew the killings for state sponsored so we were discussing what kind of case because fire and so and i are them anything. less than 3 weeks after the massacre. was dead. so i have here the autopsy report that lists done by the commission on human rights one bullet hit his heart and came out and. they said and of the gunmen this really a very very professional. it's really a hit. c.c.t.v. cameras captured the good man after the shooting wearing a hooded sway talk on the back of a motorbike one man she saw this. it was an extrajudicial killing
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you know because they don't speak for he was killed he was already being survey of money apart by the intelligence officers of the music that so he told you that he told me that and westmeath here and i saw how he was being surveilled. he she says the intimidation hasn't stopped with the husband's mood of playing ploys military titled his funeral convoy and allegedly threatened the mourners with a pistol who were later charged with posing a growing threat. since then they have been more death threats some of our staffs have received. coffee and she says the military continues to stall them as they try to do their work you can see in this speech that while we were conducting the mission tree man all covered just came in took pictures. and they were just standing right next to the military. these people
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are intelligence officers coming from their cars really scared me a lot because the way they they dressed up with this child and i would 1st seem to loathing that the gunman nearest when he killed last. major general polonia is a spokesman for the president's new national tosk force to end communist conflict despite widespread media coverage of bin ramos's moodle he says he's not familiar with the 11 month old case need you have to investigate we have to have philippine national police investigate these days and we have to make sure that the the guilty amongst the armed forces among members of the armed forces would be cross with the dogs and so you're not disputing that perhaps attorney benjamin ramos was targeted by spiteful says. i don't know but i like i said we're going to help in this
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investigation to make sure that these there's a law there's a fair amount of judgment that's using this investment was. about calling c.g. on the west coast of the island protesters take to the streets to demonstrate against the mounting deaths of civilians in counterinsurgency operation 50000000000000000000000000 over as from the recently formed n.g.o.s defame a gross defies the deference against her to document eyewitness accounts of the killing even in some major us we still have an interest the gate the case says human rights violations because we believe that the person is an authority the one know it and the rest and killings if this
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a very clear that it's the police who killed those victims was the. 7 17 year old sheila may assume and her family fled their village soon after her older brother who was shot dead by state forces it's. she says she no longer goes to school because she's being watched. in the evening at a safe house. i must. go horribly again when police arrived to the home early one morning in december last year. 5 a legacy supposed.
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to see our. month long at. money. sheila mae's brother jesus who had turned 27 on christmas day just 2 days before he was killed he was a construction worker and the main breadwinner for the family. his mother do you know was working in the fields when she heard the gunshots and ran back to the house. go up full bucket. i'm not poor no one will end in no one and. i'm with you on that. and
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a. being on the. do you was arrested and taken to the police station. salutes a person. on the. scene a little bit. can you present the. she alleges the police placed a gun in front of her and then asked her why she hadn't. been up on the. bucket thumping. meaning.
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for you. to marry you. do you are no family no living in hiding scattered across the country fearing for their lives. in did not commit then when. i mean by. you. begin to. these women also want justice but a skin they'll be easily targeted if they show their faces or their family members were killed on march 30th by a joint military and police operation out of the $37.00 homes searched that day 14 people ended up dead. steve our public was
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a motorcycle taxi rider who according to his mother and sister had been labeled as n.p.i. they tell of how it was still dark when police barge through the back of the house early one morning get there how many it all got at the bottom of. the phone all day long when i did a lot of doing your bit as i go off to the bottom of the long haul out of about my sickness i think steve was sleeping on the 2nd floor again i said not all the last months at mohawk and one on and. things are said with a bottle it's the real one now and then i'd set of concepts which is. that all. a while again he. bought a purse. the autopsy found that steve was shot 4 times in the head chest and twice in the abdomen. mans husband was
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also a motorcycle taxi rider a chairman of a local branch of a transport union she says he too had been labeled as n.p.r. a but he insists he had no connection to the rebel group he has seen among. our. police don't look at hud look at all so you know what i mean i go well hubble . when the police arrived early in the morning of march 30th they searched her husband with a search warrant she and their 4 year old son were beside him in a fantasy land. i don't want to lay. me gania several. police. by setting out. my own known. him 16 that. you know many will be married with. me by law once
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a year. she climbs a sister then saw 2 policeman planting guns in the laundry. until 11 and i mean one long seen it. but i am in my own chilling but i am even in pain. but i think up in the spot that being only you know what i mean. meanwhile her husband's body was hastily removed you know what and it. was in the long. post but the thing. above. and. it's more than 6 months since her husband was killed and police are yet to give her a copy of the search warrant but even if she had it man says she wouldn't take legal action until i only. made me. stop what
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amounted to. a month and i. wasn't and that's something human rights worker clarissa singson admits makes it difficult to see justice even though we have witnesses and we have documented strong evidence in court we can't fire because there's no witnesses for when brave enough. because they fear for their lives because we can at insured receive the security we can and even ensure our own safety and security the essence of this national debt as a spokesman for the president's anticommunist hospitals major general polani dismisses the family species as it in mission of guilt those who are trepan are probably hiding something those who are present are probably members of this
9:41 am
underground mice organization he's steadfast in his view that those killed for back there would be killing if there are no resistance armed resistance so that's what happened i think that doesn't the direction of the investigation the result of the investigation and we would soon come out and you can you can check but when we did hala cases where witnesses say there was no resistance he denies any knowledge of them just to be clear some of the alleged atrocities that i've raised with you today were saying that you're hearing things for the 1st time yes many of go what you said we have heard personally i've heard for the 1st time it should be because . must tell you that there is no such thing as a state sanctioned killings no but there have been media reports on this i mean how did you not know if this is the 1st time that i heard this indeed it. in the
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newspaper they don't serve and. in many of the reports actually read darwin the sources because the major specially the mainstream. dominated by these super picard groups in the in the print and maybe even. today's are over as he's taking us to kindly own city in the heart of nicholas when most of the killings of a could in july for political figures were gunned down the who's responsible is still unknown. that that's a sign. that he left you all right and that. many logs are believed these c.c.t.v. video of the july killings busy piri similarities to official operations conducted by state forces they did not identify themselves but. that is almost the same
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as it's lag the it the needle carried dong. there is a fully armed man you know dead differently because i think you are wearing fascists and they have these high power and fire arms right yeah that since there are so many blasts of the area just out. in the heart. the end of the freedom. the operation took little more than 5 minutes the c.c.t.v. cameras are on the family compound triangle in the driveway and on the god station but unfortunately there were non that captured the entrance of a house just a short walk away. according to his family city council love pramono holland dodi was killed as he came out of his bedroom the autopsy found $23.00. gunshot wounds
9:44 am
to his body were free to be left on the house red long leave the n.p.a. but the rebels deny responsibility and the family who now fear for their lives tell us they don't believe the m.p. where the killer is they say the councillor helped pull families in the mountains but had no involvement with the rebel group this anonymous different was sent to a family member after the killing accusing them of supporting the n.p.a. it warns you are the next target and while the president is in charge your name will not be a raise from the least. around the corner from the 1st murder is the home of another victim this time the local council chief his son is also worried about his safety and doesn't want to show his face or afraid i'm. afraid of ghosts who do not know me so i resign
9:45 am
a nice. werefor in. the walls by the skulls from m. 16 bullets my father got out of the stall and go through the window. would be when he opened the window it was a thing he was shot and where was he shot in his face and the mysterious face who goes all. over by. side of you. from here it's believed the gunman drove north to another city with a killed 2 more people but the big question is how did such a large convoy of armed men get through the numerous police checkpoints in the area . i don't know how to explain it but. let me tell you again that really the government is not or does not condone those things and that's going to be part of
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again the commitment to you to the people of beggars that we do our part in making sure that they conduct the investigation properly sort of we will be able to pursue the criminals so you will us personally make sure that their investigation because i mean there are many who say you know it has all the hallmarks of a state sanctioned killing no there is no such thing as state sanctioned. it's the same as the. news drug problem i think they say it's just the states i'm sure there's no such thing what kind of government will sanction this misgivings but like i said people get hurt especially if their base over systems. but just the same the government is sincere in making sure that there's a just peace and justice is being served. but for you show ramos and her children there's been no justice. this is
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a hopeless. trust me a lot. not to find justice. then there's just one. of the $87.00 farmers. and lawyers and these jurors were killed because of this counterinsurgency insurgency. and all of us all of the 87 have not gotten and just us. my fast symons were all. taken by the chinese government all i want to stay with my
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son stay with my wife that's all i want this is one of the human rights abuses of our time we decided to talk about it. just. tell the world. the truth about china's systematic repression of the week is. tell the world coming soon on al-jazeera. and all that is a problem and with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has approved a series of sanctions on turkey is also calling for an immediate cease fire in northern syria where turkish forces are carrying out a military campaign in kurdish held areas where u.s.
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vice president mike pence says he'll be heading to the region to discuss turkey's campaign in syria. let me say the president could not have been more firm with president one today. the united states of america is simply not going to tolerate. turkey's invasion of syria any further and we're calling on syria to stand down and end the violence and come to the negotiating table and that's the reason the president sending me to the region to make his intentions very clear and we're going to be looking we're going to be looking for turkey to take strong action in that regard was saying a ha the has the latest from sunday on the turkish border with syria. this isn't by the u.s. military to withdraw from north east syria created a vacuum and the different players in serious conflict are now laying claim to territory there's a new front that opened that is member city in the northern countryside of aleppo
9:50 am
its strategic location at a crossroad lying on an international highway that connects iraq all the way to aleppo syria's 2nd largest city so definitely a prize for any any party or any force that takes control the syrian opposition which is backed by turkey and mounting that the battle to quote liberate members has begun membership is under the control of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces who have invited the syrian government in to this city it's part of a deal following that would droll of u.s. forces the as the f. found itself isolated abandoned so it turned to damascus to help it in in its words to confront turkey's aggression so the possibility of direct confrontation between 2 armies is now real at the same time it seems that there are behind the scenes negotiations the turkish defense minister saying that he had talks with his russian
9:51 am
counterpart and they discussed coordination earlier today the president of turkey said that he discussed the he's in contact with the russians and they're coordinating especially on the issue of cold body who is going to control co bonnie but but a statement from the russian defense ministry hours later saying that no we did not discuss khobar any and we did not discuss the possibility of expanding turkey's scope of operations in northern syria really is an indication that there is still no deal at least 4 people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations and guinea has widespread anger at a proposed change in the constitution that would allow president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term. the protests have erupted in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 months separatist leaders who've been sent to prison for their role in the region's failed bid for independence thousands of catalan separatists fought with police for testers blocked access to barcelona airport and more than 100 flights were canceled on monday spain's supreme court delivered sentences of between 9 and 13 years and
9:52 am
prison at least 14 police officers have been killed in a single attack in mexico that occurred just hours before president andres manuel lopez obrador announced that he was getting to grips with the country's high murder rate his speech was overshadowed by monday's killings which happened in in mitchell can state where violent turf wars between by would drug cartels are common. result northeastern behi a state has become the 1st to declare an emergency after a mysterious or oil spill contaminated dozens of beaches the army as well as city and state officials are involved in the cleanup oil washed up along more than 2000 kilometers of brazil's coast ecuador's president has signed a decree scrapping austerity measures that saw nearly 2 weeks of violent protests indigenous leaders who led the demonstrations call to the fuel prices to return to pre austerity levels by tuesday and the capital pito workers clean the streets of
9:53 am
debris caused by the protests which left at least 7 people dead well those are the headlines on al-jazeera the occupation of the american mind is coming up next. if you fix it if.
9:54 am
you know it's 2014 israel launched a devastating military attack on the gaza strip. over the course of $51.00 days is ready to drop $20000.00 tons of explosives on the densely populated area and the size of the. killing over 2000 palestinians moving tens of thousands more. the overwhelming majority of these casualties were civilians. being bombarded from the sea and land israel launched at least $160.00 strikes on the gaza strip. and there's one less hospital in gaza now. today a latin hospital. the sheer scale of the attack spoke outrage and condemnation around the world israel's month long pounding of gaza shocked many people around the world mass demonstrations have been held in many of the world's major cities. but in
9:55 am
the united states the story was different polls show the american people holding firm in their support for israel this is the latest you know or see poll the american shows 57 percent of those polled say israel's action in gaza is justified 34 percent say unjustified these numbers were striking but they were new of the course of a conflict in which palestinian casualties so far outnumbered israeli casualties the american people have consistently shown from 0 sympathy for israelis than for palestinians it's very difficult to force public opinion on any question from the media coverage that people rely on to form opinions and i think the most prevalent lesson from looking at the coverage is that the coverage tends to see this conflict from the israeli side study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage so by far the most common thing we've heard is that everything comes down to israel's right to defend itself israel is
9:56 am
a state that implements its right to defend itself and its citizens it is a talking point that is set from the top and by the top i mean from the highest officials government officials who are commenting on this issue which is the media obsessive we cover the repeats a man's gotta do what a man's got to do in your country has got to do what the country's got to do we have to defend ourselves in the most recent war in 2014 when we looked at mainstream media outlets almost by a margin of 3 to one israeli spokespeople over represented compared to palestinian spokespeople so almost every time you turned on the screen there was a israeli representative on the screen telling you israel is the one that's in a position of defense it is being attacked and basically israel is saying hey you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the fuck is flying your head you're allowed to defend yourself add to this the fact that you have american elected officials.
9:57 am
also reinforcing israel's right to defend itself as i've said many times israel has a right to defend itself against rocket and tunnel attacks from hamas and what gets pushed out of the frame entirely is the fact that out the for almost 50 years palestinians have been systematically this possessed from their land and the knife the most basic human rights. pioneers and refugee. countries in the oppression young and. they are going down the land. they will mark their work. to build. a world real will respond to palestine. zionism the nationalist movement that emerged in europe in the late 1900 is dedicated to the idea that the jewish people of to centuries of living is
9:58 am
persecuted minorities within other countries were entitled to state an historic palestine the biblical homeland of the jews more than 3000 years before. but there was a basic problem with the choice from the start palestine was already home to hundreds of thousands of palestinian arabs who had been living in palestine for centuries. after world war 2 when the holocaust the situation reached a break clint ultimately the british colonial government made the decision to withdrawal and to polish the problem on to the newly created united nations and 947 un resolution 181 recommended that palestine be split into 2 parts jews who were a 3rd of the population would receive 56 percent of the land palestinians who were 2 thirds of the population and possessed more than 90 percent of historic palestine would receive 44 percent these terms were immediately rejected by arab leaders as
9:59 am
unfair but in the spring of $148.00 was honestly it is declared israel a state along the proposed borders anyway triggering the 1st arab israeli will. get out. early morning. after winning a crushing victory israel took possession of even more land by the time almost this was declared in $949.00 israel controls 78 percent of historic palestine the creation of the new state would be celebrated by israelis as a triumph but to this day it is commemorated by palestinians as the nakba the arabic term for the catastrophe in memory of the hundreds of thousands of palestinians who were driven from their homes to make way for the new jewish state we're all told approximately 700000 people more than half of august on its native population were up rooted were there's a lot of sympathy that can be generated i think rightly so for what jewish
10:00 am
people as a whole have dealt with in western societies and globally because of anti-semitism the question then becomes. what is the proper response to that design a stance or is of course statehood and there's many people who would sympathize with that if it was in fact done in a vacuum and if it was in fact done for a people without a land in a land without people the reality is that's just not the way that it happened. there were people here they lost their homes their livelihood their nation their everything this was a in 1000 turn that was 93 percent palestinian arab and 67 percent jewish how did it suddenly become 80 percent jewish and 20 percent palestinian this was not a normal demographic transition this was a consequence of israel's desire to create a jewish state and to do that had to get rid of as many.


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