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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 164  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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so that is why i voted. and his main challenger abdullah abdullah claimed victory after the 1st ballot in september. in 2014 the 2 women locked in the election stalemate with each accusing the other. that led to the u.s. intervening to negotiate a power sharing agreement the government then brought in machines to collect voters biometric data. the candidates are divided with some favoring system saying it helped stamp out fraud but others argue that those whose biometric data wasn't recorded won't have their votes counted. for these videos were shared on social media during the election and spot fears the ballot boxes were being stuffed with fake votes. the independent electoral commission has now announced only 5 metric votes will be counted. and election officials have
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also complained some machines didn't work properly and staff lacked training we had witnesses on technical states we had problems with the voter lists and also electronic and veritie devices turned out i. didn't announce the final figure of turnout the government blames taliban attacks and threats to turn out an estimated 26 percent of just more than $9000000.00 registered voters but analysts say there were other problems one factor could be because of the insecurity that you have in afghanistan and the other primary factor i believe is because of the 2014 elections and subsequently to 2018 and actions where people lost trust as well as this whole electoral process and democratic process of concern. back to the workshop ratman says tradesmen like him are struggling and
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differences need to be resolved. my message to everyone is peace i am thirsty for peace i'm demanding all sides whether the taliban or the government sit together and make efforts towards peace so everyone will have a bright future no one is investing because there is no security. rather than believes his that will count towards political stability but many even when the election results were announced the future would be so clear cut. al-jazeera now the recent arrival of refugees and migrants on a tiny italian island is polarizing attitudes about migration lampedusa is a key a vital point for thousands of people trying to get to mainland europe. reports. they knew they might die at sea but these migrants took the risk leaving from
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tunisia on a dangerous for years across the mediterranean that this year alone has claimed more than a 1000 lives arriving hours later on lampedusa a tiny italian island closer to tunisia than italy. this is the 4th group of migrants to have arrived here in the past 17 hours or so now all the migrants i've spoken with here in lampedusa they've been too afraid to be interviewed on camera most of them are traumatized by what they describe as a harrowing journey across the mediterranean and they're also terrified about the uncertainty they now face. days earlier a far sattar scene when a boat carrying approximately 50 migrants capsized off the island of lampedusa 22 people were rescued but at least 13 migrants all women died others are missing ambulance driver giacomo martinez helped transport bodies pulled from the water in the lumpiness on the wee people from lebanon to settle so they always help these
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people and we always will if i don't like it when you speak to say that we don't want them here but it's not just newspapers expressing those sentiments carmella majority who owns a boat rental business says she used to support those arriving here but she says that changed when migrants stole one of her boats mail it to me again and nowadays even if one of those women come here i'm not going to welcome her because they cause me harm i know that not all are the same but after a while you become harsher and you can't do what you would do before known as the gateway to europe lampedusa is increasingly at the forefront of an intense debate in italy on whether migrants should be welcomed or turned away the hardline closed ports policy of former interior minister met teo salvini has at least for now been replaced by a more humane approach to migration under prime minister just have to go on to a center left coalition government italy is working with germany france and malta
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to establish a quota system for distributing migrants rescued at sea so far they've been unable to get potential partner countries to agree. the identities of most of the migrants buried in lump and use a cemetery are unknown. aid workers are there to a mulatto believes it's important for him to be among the 1st europeans to welcome people who've suffered so much he blames italy's politicians for polarizing opinion unfortunately lampedusa is an italian island which is influenced by the overall public break and right now well many people even if they face they are a little. better of people that see this sentiment i would say. say no fall. on other parts of the island sit other types of graveyards the remains of vessels that were meant to deliver so many desperate people to safety i start
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reminder a futures in vision but never realized. and produce an italy. now just this is the prize have wrapped up the rulebook and named 2 when a special the very date everest and canadian writer margaret atwood atwood has once had to stop in several of the testaments while everest i was honored for her novel gale one when other it's at once 2nd book of prize. it would have been quite embarrassing. person of my engines damage. to have won the whole thing and there are high. counts and younger person under different names on their career from going through the doors i'm not thinking about sharing i'm thinking about the fact that i've got to do with it and i think that's an incredible thing considering what the prize has meant to me in my
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list tree life in the fact that it just felt so on the table for decades still ahead on the news out in sport women's best football makes its debut on the global stage box had him build a devotion audience. it
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is time for sports now has andy thank you very much for racism has forced an international football game to be halted twice pull darian fans targets of england players with abuse during a european championship qualifier the game was stopped on 2 occasions in the 1st
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off it's a fait with the loud speakers used to warn fans about their behavior the stadium was already partially closed for this match as part of a punishment for racist chancing by bulgarian fans at other games this year in one sense win the match 6 nails in kiev portugal caps interest to an hour scored his 700th career goal his penalty though wasn't enough to stop the defending european champions losing c one suit you clipped that was only in the ukraine qualify for next year's finals kosovo's to know whenever months in agro means england to still to confirm their qualification from group a from st one moment turkey in paris that seems our level on 19 points the top of creepy. saudi arabia getting ready to play their 1st match in palestine the location for this world cup qualifier marks a change in policy for saudi which has previously played matches against palestine in neutral countries in line with a decades long boycott of israel board needs to be.
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the. course during game. recovered. we as players are happy to play on home soil in front of our fans it's great for a foreigner to see their national team play at home this is how it should be for us palestinians this is a saudi team that has played in the world cup previously and their presence here is testament to our right to play in our home ground south korea's plaza getting ready for the historic world cup qualifier with north korea it's the 1st time since $990.00 that the men's teams have met in north korea south korean fans hoping to watch tuesday's game in pyongyang looks set to be disappointed the country's biggest t.v. channel saying north korea hadn't responded to their requests on a live broadcast the south koreans team were forced to fly to the northern neighbor 5 beijing. now zimbabwe's been riveted into international cricket by the game's
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governing body the i.c.c. the country was suspended back in july due to government interference in the running of zimbabwe in cricket the men's and women's side were barred from international competition the country's cricket board also denied much needed funding now soccer history is being made at the world beach games in cuts off for the 1st time ever women's national teams are facing off in a global torments al-jazeera has been finding out how the sport can grow even further. down the stars the women's beach soccer are taking their sport to new levels. the world's best national teams are competing in the 1st ever global championship it's happening as part of the inaugural world beach games in qatar it's an amazing feeling 3 point he's been there on a world stage play for about 7 years now being grown in europe for a long time and i've played across the world in different competitions to competitions but for if i need to be internationally recognised this is
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a great step for the women's game and for women's beach soccer is still in its early stages of development the aim is to emulate the men's game which attracts large crowds and has its own world cup. the important thing for the growth of women's big soccer is support from the crown now this is a preliminary round and there's still many empty spaces if we're going to be hoping that as we get closer to big matches like if there is one of the final run all of these empty seats will be filled or it is. on top of attracting more founds to stadiums beach soccer worldwide which manages the sport alongside fever is working hard to grow t.v. audiences but getting the world to watch an emerging sport isn't easy nowadays i think the number one. challenge is always financial. consortiums to make things happen for beecher to steel growing my. it's a growing sport it's a small one i would say almost by me too. the big investors are the big brands are
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still a challenge. women's beach still could did get a big boost in 29 teams it's now being backed by the powerhouse of women's football the united states. the u.s. fielded a women's beach side for the 1st time in august in order to qualify for the tournament here in qatar that's u.s. sports in general we hold ourselves to a huge standard and we want to play the bass we want to compete with the masters we want to be the best. those inside beach soccer are hoping to stage a 1st women's beach soccer world cup in 2021. until then the winners of this tournament will have a legitimate claim to being the best in the world. all over so well malik al-jazeera. north federer says he is determined to have one last shot at winning an olympic gold medal in the singles
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events during a trip to tokyo the 20 time grand slam champion confirmed to be returning for next year's olympics if he can stay clear of injury the 38 year old did win doubles gold in 6008 his best singles effort was a silver medal and 2012. ok but is always full for not well i. thank you very much and they had that does it for the news hour thank you for watching. a climb the stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just park a logical object you're talking about to be political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors dying for selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings and massacres in the middle east don't that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera.
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and this law is the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar for me. in this life no versity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than all souls in this life what i want to lose is freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the golf course. because your dislike of the desire to understand the world. makes us human. and the human condition is universal.
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at night in a stockholm suburb somali moms patrolled streets police ski and not going to hide our lack of screaming in pain tired of gang violence the youth the maternal approach to prevent crime. a do out but a bit by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived them mothers of ring could be this is europe and al-jazeera. the united states of america is simply not going to tolerate. turkey's invasion of syria the u.s. government imposes new sanctions on turkish officials over the country's offensive in syria and demands of immediate cease fire.
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hello i'm darren jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a group of syrian soldiers enters the key city of manby just turkish forces prepared to advance. a protest against efforts by guinea's president to extend his term turns violent in the capital plus. we look at people's changing attitudes towards refugees on an italian island down as the gateway to europe. is president donald trump has approved a series of sanctions on turkey is also calling for an immediate ceasefire in northern syria where turkish forces are carrying out a military campaign in kurdish held areas caster reports now from washington d.c. . president donald trump remained out of sight on monday he tasked vice president
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mike pence to brief reporters on the u.s. response to the rapidly deteriorating situation in northern syria and the president has directed me. and robert o'bryant to lead a delegation to turkey in the immediate future but to begin discussions and negotiations to bring the bloodshed to an end the white house says trump had spoken with the turkish president and the kurdish commanding general in syria by phone pressing them to contain civilian casualties shortly after the calls trump announced via twitter a package of economic sanctions against ancora targeting senior turkish officials the u.s. is also raising steel tariffs and ending negotiations on a $100000000000.00 trade deal between turkey and the u.s. as we've warned all along our desire is not to shut down the turkish economy our desire is to see a appropriate response the white house is facing mounting pressure to address the
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turkish military invasion of the northern syria emboldened by trump's unilateral decision last week to withdraw u.s. troops from the region among the most outspoken critics was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell typically a trump ally who accused the u.s. of abandoning the kurds and allowing iran and russia to exploit the power vacuum left behind but the president himself appeared unconcerned tweeting anyone who wants to assist syria in protecting the kurds is good with me whether it is russia china or napoleon bonaparte the president's really made the worst of all possible choices because he says he was to get out but now he's getting pulled back and our allies are getting slaughtered and there's no counterterrorism strategy president defenders say he is rightly focused on ending american military involvement in foreign wars in which the us no longer have. a stake but the renewed fighting in northern syria has already led to the escape of detained i so fighters and critics
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say a u.s. led diplomatic solution now is simply too late hi joe castro al-jazeera washington well syrian government forces have been quick to take advantage of the abrupt u.s. retreat from syria a small units of soldiers entered the strategic city of mondays on monday as well as other towns in northern syria a day after being invited by kurdish forces well that sets up a potential clash with turkey whose president has indicated he will intensify his offensive against the kurds will turkey says it's establishing a safe zone along its southern border they now control the area in the yellow including the border towns of russell laine took his lead forces have also cut off the m 4 highway that's a vital supply line that runs through kurdish held territory from man be to iraq and turkish forces on the outskirts of manby age we know while on the other hand the syrian army as part of its deal with the kurds has taken control of talca from
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kurdish fighters and moved into. assad's troops have also entered and raised the syrian government flag in the house of a province on the border city of. sana'a to has the latest now from some of the affair that's on the turkish border with syria. this isn't by the u.s. military to withdraw from north east syria created a vacuum and the different players in serious conflict are now laying claim to territory there's a new front that opened that is member city in the northern countryside of aleppo its strategic location at a crossroad lying on an international highway that connects iraq all the way to aleppo syria's 2nd largest city so definitely a prize for any any party or any force that takes control the syrian opposition which is backed by turkey and mounting that the battle to quote liberate members has begun membership is under the control of the kurdish led syrian democratic
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forces who have invited the syrian government in to this city it's part of a deal following that would droll of u.s. forces the s.d.f. found itself isolated abandoned so it turned to damascus to help it in in its words to confront turkey's aggression so the possibility of direct confrontation between 2 armies is now real at the same time it seems that there are behind the scenes negotiations the turkish defense minister saying that he held talks with his russian counterpart and they discussed coordination earlier today the president of turkey said that he discussed the he's in contact with the russians and they're coordinating especially on the issue of cold body who is going to control co bonnie but but a statement from the russian defense ministry hours later saying that no we did not discuss khobar any and we did not discuss the possibility of expanding turkey's scope of operations in northern syria really is an indication that there is still
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no deal with the raises from the center for strategic and international studies he says the plans for an immediate cease fire seem unlikely. the turks will react with scorn and it's a total misunderstanding of the turkish psyche and you listen to the president are going statements you've carried a portion of it as well as the kind of coverage you know very gingerly stick pictured to coverage wall to wall 24 hours a day on the turkish t.v. and there's very little room for and i don't want to. except an immediate cease fire which let's remember is this is the call by the trumpet ministration or to actually negotiate with the syrian kurds which is absolutely nothing you know if there was a functioning interagency process in in washington trump would never have done what he did in that 1st one call with no one and he would never of sent vice president pence on what appears to be mission impossible for syrian kurds fleeing the
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fighting are starting to arrive in northern iraq the authorities there say they could be the 1st of tens of thousands of refugees plans are being made to accommodate the new arrivals but the priority for the kurdistan regional government is to stop eisel fighters and this supporters mixing with genuine refugees but of smith has exclusive report from northern iraq it's. just a few blocks of essential all this family could carry as they ran from the fighting in northeastern syria that are amongst the 1st to make it across the border into the kurdish government north of iraq. there was shelling and fighting this mom says my family hasn't slept for days we've left everything behind. almost 200 syrians will bust into a refugee camp in a monday afternoon. the biggest concern for the kurdish authorities is who exactly is crossing the border eisel fighters or supporters mingle with the innocent
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officials cross reference names to make sure those who got on the bus at the border stayed on for the 90 minute journey here a local intelligence officer takes a photo of the tally i think it's going to be interesting to see who is coming in the next days and what the authorities will do to filter it is a population coming in certainly there's going to be checks done to make sure there are generally people are taking care of. everyone we spoke to share their shock at the overnight switch from living peacefully to being. let's have a look at our stuff america has let us down i didn't imagine that they will destroy the people in our future i used to like america but now i hate it i'm here you plan . these syrians will join the already more than $1000000.00 internally displaced persons and refugees being hosted in the kurdistan region of iraq and depending on
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how long turkey's military campaign goes on for the kurdistan regional government the k r g estimates that anything between 30000 up to as many as a quarter of a 1000000 syrians will flee the fighting here into the k r g. the syrian refugee camp has been here more than 7 years the tents along gone children are growing up here people are putting down roots and now this small town is about to get bigger. burnet smith al-jazeera dormice refugee camp in northern iraq. at least 4 people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations in guinea there's widespread anger at a proposed change in the constitution that would allow veteran president alpha condé to run for a 3rd term nicholas our reports now from the capital conakry. gunfire in downtown conakry. frightened residents have locked himself indoors taking cover
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from guinea's paramilitary forces who are shooting a live rounds in the streets what was supposed to be in the nation wide protest against president alpha condé has turned into street battles between security forces and demonstrators armed with sticks and knives and they say they're here to defend their democracy the real. one up of course we're scared but we managed to paralyze the city and turn it into a ghost town to show our frustration with our leadership. the 81 year old president wants a referendum to change the constitution so that he can run a 3rd term in office but his political opponents are against a referendum they don't trust the president to organize an impartial vote like you know obviously. need unharnessed leader. treats all of its citizens equally ear expect of ethnic origin for nothing if not with. the ethnic forlornly make of the majority in guinea and yet never has
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a full only been in power many of them are out protesting accusing the government of arresting them in discriminating against them. this is one professor that has just been arrested in this is what's happening throughout the capital and the country paramilitary police deployed to try to arrest and stop any form of violence. security forces shot dead several protesters and scores are injured human rights watch accused the government of banning street protests for over a year now and cracking down on dissent presidential elections are a full year away but the political deadlock has already set in there is a sense of fear and apprehension of what is to come nicholas hawke al-jazeera cannot create. or it's not for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back mexico's government says it's getting to grips with the country's appalling murder rate but the evidence on the ground doesn't support.


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