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tv   Planet SOS 2019 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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voters as they say are on the register the same time as an insurgency going on in the north and company delgado province where for the last 2 years militant group has known locally as been fighting with the government the electoral commission has said that 10 polling stations that can't open more than 5000 people there won't be able to vote and also an additional on the number of people who lost their voting cards in that conflict the attack has attacked civilians attacking villages that have been beheadings huts have been burned and that's cause more than 60000 people to flee their homes some are in camps it's not known how many of them still have their voting cards and will be able to vote. nothing thank you. or people are being evacuated from the homes in lebanon juge wildfires firefighters are battling at least a 100 fires primarily in the mountainous areas southeast of beirut planes and helicopters have been sent by cyprus to help lebannon is in the midst of
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a heat wave with monday's higher about 10 degrees above what is normal for october poland's governing nationalist party has won a 2nd power 2nd term in power early results show the law and justice party won more than 45 percent of the vote with the turnout was the highest in 30 years but as andrew simmons explains from warsaw it's a party that divides opinion. polina lipinski is one of the voters behind the surge in popularity of poland's ruling party she's a devout catholic who fell on bad times 10 years ago when her husband's business went bust here with one of her 3 children for whom she gets a government allowance of $125.00 a month each they safe are far from me because the far we don't have money to pay for. on this for 4. cowards but now i. feel like and their mark people and. ringback whatever the
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political belief an increasing number of poles many like polina have been attracted to the law and justice party policies but it's a divisive situation this couple believe voting for nationalism and right wing policies is wrong it's our fair share and it's our job then. they have to decide. control of the lower house gives the law and justice party a fresh mandate to continue were left off with policies rooted in catholic values set against what the party sees as a liberal or promoting minority interests against the wishes of people who have family lives. this is poland's main opposition cheering their leadership in defeat accusing the victors of polarizing society turning state media into a propaganda operation and encouraging homophobia by making out l g b
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t rights are an invasive foreign influence. it was not an even struggle and there were no rules in it we didn't have a feeling that we are taking part in a fair competition or that the opponent was using honest methods. at home in the outskirts of warsaw poland isn't perturbed by the political rift she believes in the ruling party's mantra pride in poland traditional family values and true simmons al-jazeera also. what's billed as the largest defense industry trade show in northeast asia has just opened in seoul rob bryant has more. the latest in military hardware and the perfect stage for south korea to showcase its new big ticket items. unveiled to the public for the 1st time its new fighter the k f x its most ambitious defense project to date. and
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the even more sophisticated f. 35 lightning purchased from the u.s. i think we've seen a lot of interest in the after 35 so beyond that i mean that's very good for our business of course by think it's very good for the security of the region south korea's liberal president moon j.n. is overseeing this expansion even as he pursues his policy of reconciliation with north korea which continues to develop its nuclear arsenal. this is the negative outcome of the current administration south korea has already said peace has arrived but this puts south korea in an illogical position because unless north korea denuclearize as they can't be peace on the peninsula. north korea has blamed south korea's military buildup in part for its testing of more sophisticated missiles in recent months and it comes as questions are raised about the long term
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commitment of south korea's traditional ally the united states. the sudden announcement by u.s. president donald trump to pull troops out of syria has alarmed to many here it's reinforced the belief that south korea has to become more self-reliant militarily especially when its neighbors are rapidly expanding their armies. japan under its conservative prime minister shinzo has increased its military spending for 8 consecutive years that's jew in part to the north korean threat but also to the increasing size of china's military. who put in until the root causes north korea's nuclear weapons development and its continued threats to its neighbors that's why south korea and japan have to prepare and there's china's military buildup and its expansionist policies. north east asian neighbors seemingly committed to an arms race that no one wants to lose rob mcbride out his era song on south korea. well
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still ahead.
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time now for sports he's lia thank you stan bulgaria's prime ministers demanding the head of their football association resign after fans made nazi salutes and racist chance at england players during monday's european qualifier the game was stopped twice after england players reported crowd incidents to the officials
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monkey chants were aimed at england's black players and some fans held up shirts mocking the wafers respects campaign to end racism and football parts of the stadium were already closed but ball garia serving a punishment for racist abuse in previous games loudspeaker announcements warned fans that the game would be abandoned if they didn't stop they did manage to get the match finished with england winning 6 nil i'm incredibly proud of all of the players and all of the staff i don't think. it's close we could be criticised for not going far enough but i think we've made a huge statement and. frankly we were in an impossible situation to get it right to the satisfaction of everybody well gary is captain of a top of did not get go to the dressing room at half time as he pleaded with fans to stop the racist abuse but in the press conference afterwards bulgaria's coach said he was unaware of any problem so today he stood still constant threat of mucha
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i was totally concentrated on the games i didn't actually have anything but i just talked to the english press offices and i told them that if it is proven to be true she then we will have to be ashamed and apologize for it but once again firstly it has to be proven to be true this is if a captain spoke to the fans it's probably because the fans were unhappy with the way the team was performing which was all right let's bring in our sports correspondent lee wellings live from london we you a for have not commented on this yet so does that maybe hint to needing a stronger stance against racism. or you worry for always investigate these things and usually they take action the question is is the action strong enough the answer a lot of people would tell you is no now they have this 3 point protocol in place in fact it's been in place for a decade but not used enough we rarely see it and it was used during the. game of course the tunnel announcement we heard warning the fines when the racism
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was 1st heard in the 1st half then the players taken off the pitch as the racism persisted if the racism had continued to an extent very have seen a situation where and this is very where we'd have had a much abandonment of course the racism did continue it just wasn't as prominent as it was in the 1st half so you wonder if the officials were actually just trying to find a way to get the much british the england players despite this vile racist abuse actually wanted to get the much finished they wanted to win it in fact to carry on the pitch install and not rely on your wife for taking action in that way but surely it has come to the town where you weigh far have to be stronger the fines are not working their paltry sum to terms that was $20000.00 that's what macedonia were fined for racism against england players earlier in the year the stadium closures don't work the kind of action they need to look towards is to be in
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a position to cite a national associations legal when will kick you out of competitions if you are repeat offenders and as we constantly say there are a lot of repeat offenders out there you knew you were a fit also dealing with another situation here on monday night last night we thought turkey perform another military salute to support the offensive going on in syria how are we thinking you a 4 will respond to this one. well of course you are you said it will investigate the 1st military salute incident in friday's much between turkey and by india now did this have any effect on the turkish players and officials absolutely no because in the france turkey guy a guy which did have sensitivities we had french polish politicians saying that perhaps even the march should be code of it did of course go ahead but we saw off to the guy another. military salute from turkish not just players but officials
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everyone in it together so it's almost like they're sending out a message to your wife we will do what we like and it's up to you whether you take action all right lee joining us from london thanks for breaking that down for us lee well history has been made into asian world cup qualifiers on tuesday north korea and south korea played out a goal a straw as the sides met in pyongyang for the 1st time in 29 years and later saudi arabia will play their 1st ever match in palestine saudi pre saudi previously played matches against palestine in neutral countries in line with a decades long boycott of israel well the bron james has weighed into the n.b.a. china by suggesting daryl morey acted selfishly and tweeting his support for the hong kong protests the message posted by the houston rockets general manager caused a backlash from fans and broadcasters in china. you're misinformed they're going out educate about something and then just talk about you know the tweet is so you know you never know what a ramifications that can happen. you know we all see what they do not only do you.
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farley before this is america for people. in china as well and sometimes you have to think through things that you say that may cause harm not only for yourself before the storm for the majority of people the washington nationals are one win away from playing and baseball's world series for the 1st time in 86 years they leave the national league championship series with st louis cardinals 3 nil after resigning 81 victory on monday night stephen strasburg striking out 12 batters and victor rubbles home run a wrapped up the win game 4 takes place later on tuesday. there was a lucky escape for nascar driver brandon gauguin on monday during the race in alabama he was in a crash where his car completely flipped over he was going 320 kilometers an hour and still managed to land his car on its wheels unbelievably it wasn't hurt and even made fun of himself afterwards. it was ok it was just one easy quick flip and
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put down the only thing you're not there is something that you know that's what you don't want that's worth more the fear comes in but other net i'm fine and like you said some people you know if i have anything up there hurt all right we'll have more sports for you later his record to stand thank you well that's it from the stan grant for this news hour i'll be back in a moment with more of the dice. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on network of channels
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the bolivians salt flats. a place like no once and. for generations spawned by the sun later. but the discovery of precious lithium below the salt threatens to change their way of life for as i. witness salai go on al-jazeera. the u.n. human rights office calls on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible war crimes following its offensive in syria syrian government troops meanwhile enter the kurdish controlled city of mumbai raising fears of a direct confrontation with take its course it's.
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cool as. for the back to boil watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also coming up another try delay in south africa former president jacob zuma appeals for a permanent state from prosecution in a corruption case plus the voting is underway in mozambique in a general election seen as a test of whether the peace deal signed in august will hold. the arab. thank you very much for joining as the un human rights office is calling on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible war crimes following its offensive in syria saying it's gathering information about summary executions shown in videos earlier u.s. president donald trump impose sanctions targeting several tech misses trump also
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signaled his intention to increase tabs on turkish steel imports and council talks on a trade deal the u.s. vice president says trump spoke to take president recep tayyip erdogan on monday and called for an immediate cease fire mike ben says he'll be heading to the region to discuss techies campaign. let me say the president could not have been more firm with president he would want to that. the united states of america simply not going to tolerate. turkey's invasion of syria any further and we're calling on syria to stand down to end the violence and come to the negotiating table and that's the reason the president's sending me to the region to make his intention very clear and we're going to be looking we're going to be looking for turkey to take strong action in that regard. well let's recap the latest military developments on the ground turkey says it's a sabotaging
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a safe zone along its southern border the 1st phase which stretches 120 kilometers wide and more than 30 kilometers deep into syrian territory turkish forces are battling for control of. the situation there is fluid with both sides repeatedly claiming they have control of the town so now in addition to take issue of making their presence felt in. they have claimed full control of tal as we see in the areas in yellow turkish led forces have also cut off the m 4 highway a vital supply line that runs through kurdish held territory from monday to iraq turkish forces and their syrian are lies on the outskirts of mom bitch and this sets up a potential clash with the syrian government troops who have now. come inside the city as part of a deal with the kurds they've also taken control of top and moved into i and isa assad's troops are present in half of the province and the border city of commission now the turkish president says the offensive has been
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a success so far has been addressing a meeting of turkic countries in azerbaijan. we are on the 7th day of the operation our military operation is continuing successfully as per the safe zone map we presented to the whole world at the 74th un general assembly we have as of this morning cleared 1000 square kilometers from the control of the separatist terror group. al jazeera is china stratford has this update now from. border with syria we now understand that syrian the syrian army inside that's a very strategically important town to the west of here which is very much within the area of turkey's plan to set up this safe zone we understand that ever say fighters these are the syrian rebels. fighters that have been brought in by the turks to participate in this operation are moving towards. going to stand they
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could be as close as so 10 kilometers away. this of course is a huge concern and the focus of attention we understand at the moment very much of the russians the russians saying that they are doing all they can to avoid some sort of confrontation between the what is now 2 separate armies we also hear reports from the city of russell i know which is to the east of here which is repeatedly be claims made by both sides of control there over the last few days still on going clashes there i think it's worth pointing out in terms of looking at the kind of ethnic mix in the complexities of this area. the men that are at the forefront of the turkish campaign those syrian rebel fighters are arabs and many of them lived in and around the beach area but they were forced out during the battle against arsenal and indeed fighting the s.d.f.
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they are very keen to get back into that area which of course has great historical importance for them and of course being questions being asked by military analysts and so on as to whether there is enough discipline amongst them to prevent any kind of escalation. managing editor of the daily sabbat an english language newspaper he says turkey is watching closely to see what russia's next step will be regarding the turkish offensive would be a grave mistake for this year we can refuse to come into direct confrontation with turkey secondly i think they would do russia in effect is more significant than the presence of some forces loyal to the assad regime it is going to he's conducting an operation to eat and russia are you know having diplomatic channels open and they are basically. turkey is looking at what russia will do instead of some regime.
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i mean assad regime abroad is of course it was conducting an operation after it and they received the the answer or of the response. that turkey put forward and you know they were pushed back but. recently i mean did did a relationship between y p g and assad regime is also interesting to look at because assad regime wants to was says claims to be one of the territorial integrity in syria but wait the jeep was a threat to that yet at a time like this are willing to coordinate and cooperate against turkey while the humanitarian cost of techies military operation is already being felt unicef says an estimated $70000.00 children have been displaced in just a week of fighting while tens of thousands of people if are in need of food as they flee the violence some of those fleeing the fighting are heading to iraq semi
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autonomous kurdish region has been a smith is there and has this update from the hulk. by tuesday morning another 270 refugees have crossed an informal crossing from syria into iraq it brings it to less than about 500 overnight that is a trickle of the old fart is here fear could become a flood and the biggest concern they have is whether there are i saw members supporters or sympathizers among those refugees and how they can filter them out. with one of those just a few packs of essential all this family could carry as they ran from the fighting in northeastern syria there amongst the 1st to make it across the border into the kurdish governed north of iraq. there was shelling and fighting this man says my family hasn't slept for days we've left everything behind. almost 200 syrians were bussed into a refugee camp in on monday afternoon. the biggest concern for the kurdish
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authorities is who exactly is crossing the border eisel fighters or supporters mingled with the innocent officials cross-reference names to make sure those who got on the bus of the border stayed on for the 90 minute journey here a local intelligence officer takes a photo of the tally i think it's going to be interesting to see who is coming in the next days and what the authorities will do to filter of this population coming in certainly there's going to be checks done to make sure they arrive generally and people are taking care of. everyone we spoke to share their shock at the overnight switch from living peacefully to being. little. america has let us down i didn't imagine that they will destroy the people in our future i used to like america but now i hate it i'm here you plump. these syrians will join the
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already more than $1000000.00 internally displaced persons and refugees being hosted in the kurdistan region of iraq and depending on how long turkey's military campaign goes on for the kurdistan regional government the k r g estimates that anything between 30000 up to as many as a quarter of a 1000000 syrians will flee the fighting here into the k r g. this syrian refugee camp has been here more than 7 years but tense a long gone children are growing up here people are putting down roots and now this small town is about to get bigger. burnet smith al-jazeera is refugee camp in northern iraq. in other world news the european union says reaching a break sit deal this week remains possible but the chances are becoming increasingly slim lead negotiator michele made the assessment during a meeting of e.u. ministers in luxembourg on tuesday politicians in the u.k.
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and in brussels are trying to reach a deal by the end of the week as the october 31st deadline approaches. will be meeting for a 2 day summit from face say reaching an agreement. is still possible obviously any agreement must work for everyone who already of the united kingdom come to hold of the european union that riyadh or are you trying. to turn good intentions you know legal text. south africa's former president jacob zuma has appeared in court facing 16 corruption charges by the case has now been adjourned until next. of taking $267000.00 in bribes from a french manufacturer the charges relate to a $2000000000.00 arms in the 1990 s. . president he denies any wrongdoing family miller has the latest from
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pietermaritzburg. outside the court with former president jacob zuma appeared on corruption charges a small but vocal group of supporters have gathered to hear zuma speak they say they're here to show him support when he is surrounded by a number of allegations of corruption graft and money laundering people here say that he is is not guilty of any wrongdoing that's the same that he said in the months preceding this now it's likely that zuma will use the this adjournment of the court to appeal against a court judgment that said he should stand trial zuma maintains that the charges against him a politically motivated are that it's not likely that they are grounds for him to for there to be a successful prosecution and also that this case against him is prejudiced but the court had said that these charges aren't.


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