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almost. all of the. turkey ignores u.s. sanctions pushing on with its offensive in northeastern syria while russia moves into the void left by. hello i'm. also coming up. violent clashes in boston on a 2nd day of protests over the jailing of 9 separate. the white house stands accused of starting warning an impeachment investigation against
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donald trump. and history in the making palestine host saudi arabia and a wild cup qualifying match but not everyone is happy. he is president russia has dismissed a proposal for a cease fire in syria and sustaining the operation will continue until his country's objectives have been achieved aid agency doctors without borders says it's been forced to suspend the majority of its walk in the region as the offensive continues and russia says its troops and patrol in northern syria reports. the russians moved in after the americans moved out in a deliberate withdrawal the city of mumbai is moscow's latest victory in syria its military police now patrols
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a front line that separates the turkish and syrian army's their presence stops a turkish led military advance towards the city which sits on the m 4 highway a main logistics and commercial route that runs to the iraqi border the city also connects the east of the euphrates with the rest of northern syria the russian move disrupts ankara's plan to create what it calls a safe zone to allow refugees who are afraid to live under president bashar assad's rule to return home. i hope very soon we will liberate a field forman beach through rocky border and guaranteed a 1000000 in the 1st phase and 2000000 in the 2nd phase will return to syria. but it is the russian backed syrian army which returned to the north east restoring control for the 1st time since 2013 the abrupt pullout by the us military forced its longtime partners the kurdish led syrian democratic forces to cede control of territory to damascus for protection. the s
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d f is the target of the turkish military operation in northeast syria the armed group is largely made up of fighters from the syrian kurdish y p g organization that turkey calls terrorists because of its links with the p k k turkey wants to push the group away from the border but it is fighting back so far the turkey led forces have not been able to complete the 1st phase of the operation that involves securing the 120 kilometer long and 30 kilometer deep pocket along the border. turkey is also coming under diplomatic pressure the united states and the european union have imposed sanctions washington is calling on turkey to stop what it calls an invasion and agree to a cease fire so far the reaction from turkish officials has been one of defiance they say the presence of the wife along turkey's border is a national security threat sanctions may hurt but they feel the danger coming from syria is worse. if once controlled 30 percent of syria where millions live an
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area rich in oil agriculture and water the u.n. says 160000 of them are on the move in what was once a relatively peaceful and stable corner of syria russia and turkey's local allies are battling on several fronts russia says it doesn't approve turkey's military moves in syria and won't accept its permanent presence there seems to be serious differences between the 2 countries who are supposed to be working together in syria but diplomatic channels remain open and could be leverage. on the turkish syrian border while u.s. lawmakers have introduced a resolution opposing president charles decision to pull troops out of syria house speaker nancy pelosi says the bill will also call for stronger sanctions against taki. we would have a bipartisan bill to oppose the president's decision to terribly dangerous decision and that we would have legislation with strong sanctions and it against turkey of
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the president gave a very unlike to turkey to go in and commit this humanitarian disaster or to the kurds making us an untrustworthy ally and then had a wet noodle for. his sanctions which just were not up to the task and that resignation comes as donald trump sends both his vice president and secretary of state tacky on wednesday to seek a state fire even though the texas president says he isn't willing to negotiate with cutter's forces who want to bring our soldiers back home. and. would be very tough on turkey at a lot of others they have to maintain their own properties now they have to maintain peace and safety. and we'll see what happens the delegation were asking for a cease fire we put the strongest sanctions that you can imagine but they get a lot we have
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a lot in store if they don't if they don't have an impact including massive tariffs on steel they ship a lot of steel to the united states they make a lot of money shipping steel they will be making so much money while particle hand has more from washington d.c. . ever since announcing the u.s. troops were heading out the u.s. president donald trump who seemed pretty shocked by the criticism he's getting from all corners of the political spectrum saying that this was a bad decision so he has been doubling down almost daily on twitter but now he's trying to basically make it stop the straw decide his vice president mike pence and the secretary of state mike pompei o 2 turkey and the white house is saying that they are going to ask him for a cease fire that is something he hasn't seemed willing to do so this is a pretty high stakes gamble for the president his supporters say they like him because he comes across as a strong leader that he's tough but he makes tough deals if he sends his vice
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president to an ally asks for something it is rejected from some empty handed well this controversy only gets bigger at a potentially hurts the president as he looks to reelection because it would take away one of those things that his supporters see in him which is his ability to bend the other world leaders to his will even after all this time they still believe he has that capacity this would prove it one way or the other to the people he's relying to put him back in office will the u.s. justice department has announced criminal charges against a major bank federal prosecutors accuse tuckey's help bank of taking part in a multi-billion dollar scheme to 2nd vent u.s. sanctions against iran court documents say iran access to international markets using proceeds from its oil and gas sales and protesters and police have clashed on the 2nd day of rallies and the spanish city of boston and the demonstrations are against the jailing of 9 pro catalan need as. has more. i for the 2nd
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night in a row clashes commotion and angry protests i turned into an outburst a few reem barcelona city center thank you police say some 40000 protesters have made their way here some even prepared for violence as if from bottles and set fire to rubbish containers what began as a peaceful vigil soon afterwards and into a riot so with the 2 main storify as in the city center quickly turned into a no go area. regional leaders so often at odds with the central government in madrid have been calling for a campaign of civil disobedience i protest at the 9 catalan politicians and activists convicted of sedition on monday the goal they say safeguarding catalonia is right to self-determination. this is what no use is this is the giving
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and to defend. the government of catalonia in the front of the defense of the rights but now after the sentences have been eliminated or repeated. this latest wave of protest organized by a leaderless movement known as a democratic tsunami is prepared to take a more hardline approach but not everyone agrees with the strategy some cattle are nationalist have condemned the violent tactics from the central government to madrid promised to fully investigate who was behind the latest wave of disruption i but this is a week where activists have promised to keep on protesting says this is session attempt to years ago both pro and anti independent stances have hardened neither side is prepared to give way to dialogue just yet so you have all al-jazeera
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barcelona. democrats are accusing the trumpet ministration of stonewalling the investigation into whether the president should be impeached vice president mike pence trumps noir rudy giuliani and the white house refusing to submit documents to the inquiry a senior state department official in charge of ukraine policy has become the latest to testify before the house committees george kent was questioned about his knowledge of trump's efforts to have ukraine investigate his political rival joe biden while the head of the house intelligence committee adam schiff says evidence of obstruction of congress continues to mount we are running into what we expected in one aspect and that is a complete effort by the administration to stonewall. today is long past due the date when the state department was subpoenaed to provide documents but the state department has thus far refused and were it not for the fact that
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at least some witnesses have given us documents we would not know that there is a paper record of efforts to condition this meeting and perhaps condition military support itself on these political investigations donald trump wanted now china has called on the u.s. to stop interfering. in washington pasta a series of measures and supporting anti-government protests in hong kong 4 separate measures all passed by unanimous vote from both democrats and republicans one of the bills would require an annual review of whether hong kong is sufficiently autonomous from beijing to keep it special trading status with the u.s. this is standing up for ideals that people around the world are willing to die for and it's this body that can send a strong message. to the chinese communist party to xi jinping that says we will
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not let liberties and freedom be taken away from people that have claimed that that have no one at all their life and that should be honored by those that are trying to take it apart and before they want to take it apart i suggest she jingping and the communist party try freedom and liberty try to mock receive for a while you might like it. well weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera a united stand on impeaching the u.s. president we have the latest from the debate between donald trump's democratic rivals. and why isn't votes and a high stakes election the protest a fragile 2 month old peace deal. hello there are all the story picture across southern sections of the united states
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and this is to bring the rain is fairly stubborn it's a lie there for the next couple of days so we could actually see some localized flooding and then up into the upper midwest the northeast with this next system here some very heavy amounts of rain some snow in the cold air pushing through eastern canada and that line of rain showers pushing right the way down tools the eastern seaboard so again this will be fairly heavy at times not about day wednesday across the elsewhere in the united states that out to the northwest is another system pushing in that will make headway thursday against and snow to those higher elevations through the rockies and by thursday that system watch to clear away from eastern seaboard but when you push it up into nova scotia again some pretty strong winds and we could see small the heavy amounts of rain and heavy rain is certainly in place across into much of central america it's not a bad day wednesday across much of the caribbean islands across much of hispaniola on tools cuba the bahamas it's mostly fine and clear and then you'll see with the heavy rain is a little system just sitting here in the pacific ocean but he lost some noise to
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into the southern sections of mexico that becomes very widespread on thursday and also the rain continuing here across towards paan i'm also to say some very unsettled weather the high of 21 in mexico city. i don't know who put out more. very much your culture has been very harmful to the economy and the minds of many people challenging traditional attitudes narrowing the gender gap is helping women in. poverty because we're trying to break these barriers of machismo by giving women access to resources meet the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera.
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and a reminder of our top stories this hour donald trump is sending a high level delegation to tacky on wednesday to seek a cease fire north east and syria even though president out of one says he isn't willing to negotiate with kaddish forces meanwhile russian forces on leaving towards more than sarah in an effort to fell a security void left by american troops. there have been violent protests and over the jailing of 9 separatist leaders spain's acting government has warned it might act to ensure security in the region. and democrats are accusing the administration of stonewalling the investigation into whether the president should be impeached vice president mike pence trunks where rudy giuliani and the white house are all
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refusing to submit documents to the inquiry. well the 12 democrats who want to replace donald trump in the white house have presented a unified front calling for him to be impeached they have just wrapped up their 4th debate in ohio a battleground state that's backed the winner of the presidential vote for decades but several laws that forcing trump from office cannot be the democrats' only message they were also fiery exchanges about health care foreign policy and gun violence and john hendren is in west of all high at the debates just and held john that debates just been wrapping up today any particular candidate stand out this evening. that's right it was the 4th and feinstein is debate so far 12 democratic candidates all on the same stage the largest number on the stage at any one time so each of them was trying to break out tonight there were some standout performances bernie sanders had a heart attack 2 weeks to the day ago and he came out strong and energetic he was
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feisty combative with some of his rivals but he also seemed that mentally acute there and you see that physically capable and that was his number one goal he has not been campaigning for these 2 weeks so that was a big performance for him senator joe biden also struck by the good president trump he he forgive me vice president former vice president joe biden struck back at president trump and some of his rivals at one point saying i'm the only one up here who's really done anything big get him bernie sanders snap back you know what else you did take it from a friend he did there at the iraq war and the disastrous financial bailout and he went on but it was elizabeth warren who probably took the most barbs the massachusetts senator has been rising steadily in polls throughout this campaign and in many polls she's overtaken by in the lead so a number of candidates struck back at her on her refusal to detail exactly how she
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would pay for her government funded health care for all plan. and on her tax on extreme wealth they were candidates who struck her candidates who struck each other people who judge has been very civil in many of these debates and polls generally about 5th was extremely combative and feisty like all of these other candidates trying to break out of those lower ranks and move up to the top john despite all the feistiness of the divisions we've been seeing over some of the big issues health care gun control we are seeing you know a unified front when it comes to impeachment there. yes in a rare show of unity in this debate where really we expect it to narrow down afterwards and that reflects the democratic party in general there's been a growing consensus now there seem to be enough votes in the house of representatives in order to recommend impeachment formally starting the trial that would be carried out in the senate one candidate after another including moderates
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like joe biden and amy club which are the minnesota senator to each of them came out in favor of the impeachment it least the process in many of them went on to say that donald trump should be removed from office and again that reflects a growing consensus certainly in the house of representatives but across the u.s. police have shown increasing support recently one poll showed more than a movie already in favor not just of the impeachment but also removal but that consensus is growing it was reflected here on the democratic stage tonight john hendren and west of allow higher for us watching that debate thank you very much john. i'm leaving across the atlantic now and the e.u. and the u.k. have been holding the last ditch talks to white house wrecks a deal that can be discussed at a nato summit in brussels on thursday says from the u.k. and the e.u. are attempting to reach an agreement by the end of the week ahead of persons official departure from the e.u. on october the 30 fest the e.u.
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is brecht's and michelle obama says obstacles remain between the 2 sides but there's still potential for a day oh oh. reaching an agreement. is still possible obviously any agreement must work for anyone to all of the united kingdom and the whole of the european union let me add also that it is high time. to turn good intentions in a legal text out and how has more for. well the only thing we know for certain at the moment is that a lot of hard work has been going on is still going on to try and nail down the details of the technical details of a new deal between the u.k. and the european union to try and come up with a legally operable text that both sides can be held accountable for and accountable
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to that can be put to e.u. leaders at that council summit on thursday optimistic sounds coming out of the european union. but we cannot be certain of anything what we know is that michel barnier the e.u. use chief breaks in negotiator is going to address e.u. embassadors on wednesday afternoon in brussels and tell them whether enough progress has been made to get a deal boris johnson is then planning to offer that to meet his cabinet here in london and shortly after that to meet his own backbench m.p.'s it is as it is as if a big announcement is going to be made the key part of the deal we believe that he's taking shape has to do with northern ireland leaving the european union's customs union along with the rest of the united kingdom in law but not necessarily in practice still having to enforce the use customs code with an economic border down the irish sea that may be
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a deal acceptable to the european union but we believe tonight that it is not a deal acceptable to the democratic unionist party boris johnson's allies and nor to some of the heartbreaks it is on the right of his own party so a deal potentially with the e.u. but one that a british prime minister will struggle to get through this house of commons behind me haven't we all seen this story before. now votes are being counted in mozambique's general election which is testing a fragile peace deal that helped to end decades of conflict president felipe in your. party is expected to easily when a 2nd term despite a corruption scandal that's dented his popularity his main challengers are so far. now my party hopes to win big in the northern and central countryside correspondent malcolm webb has more capital. left president philippe new cities seeking a 2nd term he voted when the polls opened mozambique's council. this
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party primo has been in power ever since independence from portugal more than 40 years ago by age this is going to look at. the country since the time it decided to resolve its destiny through electoral cycles has never failed and also this year didn't fail that meant. millions voted thousands of polling stations across the country with the exception of covered gado province where the government fighting an armed group some polling stations that didn't open. in many queued for hours this polling station hundreds of people lined up waiting to vote for a limo was announced the winner in this in local elections held a year ago but it took more than 2 weeks for the results to be announced opposition say that's because it was rigged rights groups and opposition and already complained about serious irregularities in this election. will sue for maddie leads
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the largest opposition party called renamo he voted in the northern city of number . one to rebel groups and fought for leno in the 15 year civil war he signed a peace deal for the 3rd time in august. his supporters say they found people carrying ballot papers pretext for a limo. all this is a political military hostility in the past we would like to australia more to stop these activities because we never have been. but it's a demand. opposition and rights groups have also raised concerns about $300000.00 so-called ghost voters in gaza province and violence during the campaigns including the killing of an observer last week by policeman. the leader of the smaller growing m.d.m. opposition party the vsa mango voted in the port city of beirut which was
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devastated by a psych loan 6 months ago he also complained of violence in the campaigns not search for such as a supporter i asked the defense forces to protect citizens to not intimidate or actually get on with. the service is counting the votes is expected to take days any delays will breed mistrust mozambique's stability ultimately depends on people here seeing the election as credible. malcolm webb al-jazeera maputo mozambique. libya's internationally recognized government says forces loyal to war on the half there are some blame for the recent violence in the country but in an interview with a russian news agency have to says his forces have been defending the capital and denies attacking it. has. i have to himself has stated that there is no mitigation foreign or local mediation between
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him and the you and the recognized a government of national accord his rival government in the west of the country have to also stated to the russian news agency that his forces are defending the capital tripoli and this is very contradictory with the situation on the ground in fact his forces on the ground are accused of committing world crimes by targeting it is additional areas killing innocent civilians most recent one was on monday when pro have to warplane targeted residential area killing 4 innocent civilians a mother and her 3 daughters now have to is also stating to the us or russian news agency that he has no plans of elections in case his forces take control of the capital. tripoli but it seems that he is hopeful that his forces
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are taken control of the capital tripoli soon but this is very contradictory with the facts on the ground in fact his forces losing on the ground and forces do is to the government of national accord have recently achieved progress on the ground recapturing the strategic areas in southern tripoli would have to his forces had taken control of for the past 6 months and the committee to protect journalists has added its voice to calls for the release of as has been detained in egypt she is among the many journalists arrested following anti-government protests which began last month there are also calls to investigate accusations that are both hotter has been abused in custody. smaug has bankers and parts of indonesia southern sumatra province as thousands of forest fires continue to ban
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schools in the region are closed. and thousands of firefighters have been deployed to contain the fire. now choose day so football history being made in the west bank as palestine played host to saudi arabia in a world cup qualifier it was the 1st time the saudis a travelled to the occupied territories to pay the palestinians and not everyone was pleased that reports. came in their thousands to see history being married. tuesday's world cup qualifier was the 1st time saudi arabia had played palestine at the national stadium in no. part east jerusalem previously games between the 2 were held in new 2 countries in line with a decades long boycott of israel while the match was of 12530 out many were concerned that saudi arabia's decision to travel to the occupied territories was
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the 1st step in the normalizing of relations between the saudis and israel. their business isn't helpful they visited through israel not palestine. the saudi visit is not about normalization not visiting the prisoner doesn't normalize relations with the prisoner. we're happy that the saudi team is visiting and playing in palestine we are not happy they came through the occupation. as for the game itself well on paper it should have been a mismatch israel's blockade of gaza since 2007 has meant there are no goals employees in this current squad saudi arabia on the other hand have played in for a world cup final told events including russia 2018 well saudi's hopes of playing in qatar 2022 will be non-existent if they produce many more performances like this the palestinians more than held their own and could have won the game later on nil nil the final score. of course i'm not happy with the result of the game we
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want to win and to get the 3 points not only one point but in the end that's good each team has its own strengths and we can't deny that the saudi team is a strong team. all the arguments behind the staging of this match will no doubt continue the performances of the palestinian team should point to a brighter future on the pitch at least roll. with the headlines. sending a high level delegation to turkey on wednesday to seek a ceasefire northeast in syria even though president says he isn't willing to negotiate with kaddish forces meanwhile russian forces on leaving towards northern syria in an effort to fill a security void left by american troops u.s. lawmakers have introduced a resolution opposing president tanks decision to pull troops out of syria house
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speaker nancy pelosi says the bill will also call for stronger sanctions against taki. we would have a bipartisan bill to oppose the president's decision which terribly dangerous decision and that we would have legislation with strong sanctions in it against turkey of the president gave the green light to turkey to go in and commit this humanitarian disaster or do the kurds making us an untrustworthy ally and then had a wet noodle for. his sanctions which just were not up to the task there have been violent protests in barcelona for a 2nd day over the jailing of 9 separatist leaders spain's acting government has warned that it might act to ensure security in the region. democrats are accusing the trumpet ministration of stonewalling the investigation into whether the president should be impeached vice president mike pence thompson away at rudy
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giuliani and the white house all refusing to submit documents to the inquiry china has called on the u.s. to stop interfering after lawmakers in washington passed a series of measures aimed at supporting anti-government protests in hong kong one of the bills would require an annual review of whether hong kong is sufficiently autonomous from beijing to keep it special trading status with the u.s. the e.u. and the u.k. have been holding long stitch talks to work out a rexx a deal that can be discussed at a leaders' summit in brussels on thursday the ears backs it negotiation michelle banja says obstacles remain between the 2 sides but there's still potential for a deal person is currently due to leave the on october the 30 fast well those are the headlines join me for more news here after women make change. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. but i was in my mentality when did i feel most any i want a long battle but i don't. know what i'm going to want now can i have been. in the. fact. that i let me show you something this is a $1.25 a where i live it will buy you a very slow.


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