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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 42  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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police and no money to hire. and i.
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don't. plan an afternoon on the show feel that in the jewish when i am. there you soon. x. out of my own admission i think i had the. job a. jewish. book on. how to. run. i'm on the no go zone. but
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we're not how do you give us a better. love of embroidery on . are used to leave the audience you did the had to you didn't you didn't. get there but on one hand was one of that it was me that are going up. going to have it all about the other kids by god if you're. going to get in a little bit then anyone up to that's not how do you feel about the building in the morning and then i'm not. going to get out of there was the night that you did and they must have. been there done much ado wow what a bit didn't. you
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know that in the. knowledge. that it just so. if you do not like. the old. you don't like the label you.
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got. to speak. to the little fellow to further out. the other thing to you out in the dining elsewhere something smart down there even tailed off some of the stock that has really started just for the cold when a local korean dunmore example are down the city running into tricky is also his activism bike impurity had a. good deal to fish to spit so never had will to miss and there was a knock on the field picking up the stamina and massacre this guy couldn't have some of our feet are smart enough not to smoke the lawn already in town have all of us obvious like to listen to more melted without talking to me. for most of this and more government lost another top 40 mar for talk but really nothing so funny as a walk toward the top and who had. a group within his you that i'm. on the money and i. in a cheetah with. my band oh well if that. would
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have cut it if. they were and i had their heart in the song what i. saw at that height. back up to make good on. i don't think so. but if they don't. grow. thank you. so we're going to. thank. you. donna didn't mean to. and i don't mean to joke minister.
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oh. but what a moment to not come if you didn't absolutely want. to have or in it that i'm looking at that i'm an innocent and that he and at least that's what i'm at minimum . to fast track down below. to. put out a list as you just you know i'm here are grabbing your money am i right i mean dollars are spent yeah. this is you know this.
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holy book. one hope. for a talk. won't cut a willing. to make me joe. horn. org.
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was. oh my. god.
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thank. you. thank. you let me. know what. i did then. i have had not the minimum. that a mom will but don't get me said yeah it's going to have a problem but at the board well you know something about it thank. you how do the
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are in the dog loose socket area but i left the school at a bit of acct in one man but he was skinny but let's say you're stuck at only 8 when a man brought him drink could be for the battle me. brought on born with the brother of me in a bomb throw them in a pool. about a proud day this marial folks go at kaamelott ashamed to make in the tempest with. me. can we stop burning. ok deborah.
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in germany's capital there is a barber like no other that acquitted they haven't done a lot of those struck cross what year. but as history changes he's moving with it's kind and going on the roads. this tour is we don't often hear told by the people who live there. that master barber of berlin this is europe on al-jazeera.
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to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. news hero which heroes like know who are a barber who refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make a rule to better play each nominate your anti corruption nero now.
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and march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing's fastest selling aircraft immobilised did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it failed our passengers it's failed the globe fault lines investigates system failure the boeing crashes on al-jazeera. 2 people killed as antigovernment protests rage in lebanon on the prime minister and lays down a 3 day also made him for politicians to back his economic reforms. you're
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watching all just 0 in life from headquarters in doha i'm dead in obligato also ahead 2 blasts inside an afghan mosque during friday prayers kill more than 60 people. fire is done fighting on the streets of barcelona where tens of thousands of people have converged to voice their fury over the jailing of separatist leaders . turkey's president warns the offensive in syria will resume and intensify if all the terms of the truce still aren't met. hello lebanon's prime minister saad how he has given rival groups and his government 72 hours to unite and get behind his economic reform plans he's just addressed the nation amid mass protests over economic conditions at least 2 people have died. was protesters are demanding the resignation of the government they accuse their leaders of looting and bankrupting
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the country which is in a severe economic crisis the latest protests were triggered by new taxes including a fee to use whatsapp that was scrapped but people aren't satisfied. as an investigative journalist and blogger beirut report he says 72 hours isn't enough time to realistically fix the problems many lebanese are facing. there are so many problems in lebanon the telecom is you know is an outrage level and it's robbery it's one of the most expensive phone rates in the world so people have this last thing which is they could speak to each other you know people said that what's up was the only thing working in lebanon so you know that's why people have kind of let this boil over i think with invasion of their personal space their most personal communication but beyond that we have the garbage crisis we have a health care crisis you have a lot of cancer cases from the polluted rivers in lebanon because of this trash crisis we have people without jobs unemployment is an all time high people are
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worried by their mind the bank so there's really a. shopping list full of demands and problems in lebanon and he really didn't address any specifically he just said we're going to work together and make this work and it's their fault it's not my fault so i imagine it's going to actually cause more anger because people don't want just his resignation they want to whole new system they want a new leaders they want to actually fix problems and loving on sort of giving out contracts to their associates and friends which is the way that the modus operandi of lebanon is is just constant giving out contracts to cronies that never get completed infrastructure never gets completed so people are really in a desperate state say and that anger i've seen in the streets is not matched by the tone of the prime minister promised or wasn't reacting to that really guttural visceral anger people have and i think if he doesn't address that then there will be there will be more of this protest going on it seems to be indefinite this point and violence has broken out in the spanish city of barcelona where tens of
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thousands of people have gathered to protest against the jailing of catalan separatist leaders most of the demonstrations were peaceful people came to the city from other parts of catalonia which voted 2 years ago to split from the rest of spain that referendum though was deemed to be illegal so to go is joining us on the phone from barcelona so what are you seeing so now because the live pictures we're . getting or seems a fire isn't fighting on the streets. it's really. escalated in the. riot here in the city center i think the politics from outside the building the national police have. just one of the main. way you have hundreds of protests is. quite violent the police said of the measures. taking on. take on the police the police responded in kind.
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i'm pretty much in what we've seen the last night where the days out with very peaceful protests and then. areas. with a have a young group of. violent men antagonizing the police so it was expected given the nature and the nature of the protests today but also it earlier than anticipated to like him there's also a general strike here was well the city is basically in lockdown because of these mass protests a general strike anyway but now it's supposed to look down because of this violence . and it's quite difficult to see how the police all controlling this isn't spread across the. feel part of the city center. they take.
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this was echoed by the government today and yesterday that said it would not. react to those protests with impunity with the kind of microscope so may need a peaceful protest something's been echoed across the capital on politicians and activists to pull. for demonstrations but have full support for the he thought however they also did hope for civil disobedience and where it may have been tainted in the way that if you're on your own how you can. see how some people i don't think that with more direct violent action you're. really. for me whether they would actually. do you mean that in a more violent way or i think i think there's a more civil way of like if he'd even dream ok sonia thank you for that update from
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barcelona. explosions inside a mosque in eastern afghanistan have killed at least 62 people and injured many more the roof collapsed during friday prayers and maina districts it's still not known who was behind the attack the taliban has condemned it and says it wasn't unfolds well just a day ago the un revealed that the past 3 months have been the deadliest for a decade its report says more than 4000 civilians were killed or injured between july and september that's up more than 40 percent from the same time last year it brings the total casualties for the 1st 9 months of 2019 to more than a thousands earlier we spoke to have a national security analyst in afghanistan he says the government still blaming the taliban for friday's attack despite them denying responsibility. so the message that has come from the government is that it's the taliban and its taliban seen
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this partners who are responsible for the attack on the other side we have how this statement coming from the taliban condemning the attack and saying it's basically the government or the guy who is responsible for the attack so the government has blamed the taliban the taliban has condemned the attack and rejected the responsibility we no doubt and specifically areas near to house come in areas where we have dice presence and i want to sign over the past few years. has been silent about it could be done. and this is not the 1st time we have had such a such a phenomenon in jalalabad we have had attacks in the mosque the last 2 years as well when we had. the beginning of the dice surge we have rumors that we might start negotiating with the taliban again the united states of america now you have this attack on civilians i don't know how it's going to affect the peace.
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process again on the other side do you do you nama report which talked about the deadliest era of civilian casualties are concerned this is harsh reality of want to stand every every time you have attack. of the government and ruler of gonna stand it will have civilian casualties well the turkish president tried to play burdwan says the offensive in northeast syria will resume within minutes if kurdish rebels don't abide by the terms of the cease fire the 5 day truce is largely holding so far but there have been some unverified reports of sporadic fighting smoke has been seen in the border town of sirte also lying throughout friday. the ceasefire announced by the us is supposed to allow kurdish led s.t.'s fighters to leave areas controlled by turkish forces turkey sees this as a victory in its campaign to control a strip of border territory hundreds of kilometers long and more than 30 kilometers deep it wants to establish what it calls a safe zone where 2000000 syrian refugees living in turkey can be resettled or
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kurdish commander says the s.d.f. will accept the ceasefire but only between it also lying on the town of where most of the fighting has been going on is it going to be as they've given a delegation proposed to us a 5 day deadline we have valuated it and reached an agreement according to your dream and the united states will make sure that the kurdish rebels will leave outside of the safe zone within 120 hours which is 5 days we have passed our operations for 120 hours the rebel groups will have to destroy arms leave defensive positions and go outside of the 30 kilometer zone within this timeframe after these terms are met the turkish operation will end. speaking at the e.u. summit in brussels the french president a menu on my call it says turkey's military operation in syria is madness it could
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leave them or they could with very closely monitoring the situation and it shows how much responsibility to he has this is a potential accomplice to the revival of i still think it's too early to know what the situation is on the ground but there are no flights from syrian camps to paris and unfortunately these people mainly intend to fight for the caliphate so it's craziness what the have been doing in the past few days but u.s. president donald trump insists it's working well. i just spoke to president earlier one if turkey were doing very very well with turkey there's a cease fire or a pause or whatever you want to call it there was some sniper fire this morning there was mortar fire this morning that was eliminated quickly and they're back to the full pause and we have isis totally under god turkey is also guarding separately they're watching over everything so you have the kurds who
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we're dealing with and are very happy about the way things are going i must say that the kurds and you also have the turks watching just secondarily watching will you have isis under control let's bring in particular and zoning us from washington d.c. so trump a saying that he has spoken to urge you on about the ceasefire but how is this all going down in washington patty. it's been a bad week for u.s. president donald trump republicans democrats military officials across the board basically unilateral condemnation of this move we saw a republican senator mitt romney come out and speak on the senate floor and he had a theory of what happened he basically said the president got rolled by president earlier one so if his assumption is that order one said we're going in whether your troops there or not the presence of ok let me move my troops even though nobody in washington really thinks that or no one was going to go put it on harm's way american troops would have been keeping their presence there very small contingent had been keeping this for.


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