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now. russia and turkey reach a deal to allow kurdish backed 5 has to withdraw from northeastern syria and begin military joint military patrols. in doha and i'm come all santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera or is another delay for break that after boris johnson's bid to file strike he is a huge departure the law is rejected by britain's parliament also the top u.s. diplomat to ukraine testifies in an impeachment inquiry and explains how the president tried to pressure kiev to discredit his political rival and police and protesters face off again in chile as the government struggles to find
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a political solution to the public anger. well it's been hailed as a historic agreement turkey and russia reaching a deal to clear out kurdish backed fighters from northern syria and korea launched its offensive in the area last week but suspended the operation following a u.s. brokered cease fire we'll start with this report from step vasant in sochi. with only hours left of the u.s. brokered cease fire in syria russia stepped in president put an offer to help to remove and this goodish fighters at the turkish syrian border together with syrian border troops it was delayed we share turkey's concern about the growing threats of terrorism and the growth of ethnic tensions in the region east tensions and the separatist mood in recent times where in our opinion artificially created by outsiders. goodish fighters have until next tuesday evening local time to clear
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turkey's 30 kilometer so-called safe zone russian military police will then start joint patrols with turkish forces along almost the entire north eastern syrian border working on is on the barrel moving threats posed by either terrorist organization this operation in syria guarantees syria's territorial integrity and political unity we never had eyes on the country's territory and sovereignty as turkey all steps we are taking in the field we have taken with sensitivity. both leaders agreed that the syrian constitutional committee should start its work on october 30 despite the current actions on the ground put in insists the courts should be part of the political solution for syria after a long discussion with president putin not only manage to become the main power broker in syria he also gain territory for his allies syrian president assad who
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now gets back control over crucial border areas but we can only call this a russian success if they manage to remove and this arm goodish fighters from this 30 kilometers zone. only down will the turkish military operation and according to the russian foreign minister who spoke after the meeting put and also made it clear that for any future solution in syria the turkish and syrian government have to reach their own deal russia wants to revive the 998 agreement between syria and turkey in which syria committed to stop supporting could issue fighters russia was quick to fill the vacuum left by the u.s. withdrawal from north eastern syria but by moscow's own admission achieving any kind of lasting solution will be a long and complicated process steps last an al-jazeera sochi. a closer look now on the map. and there are encouraged wants to create. it'll be
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along the border obviously between turkey and syria it goes about 30 kilometers into syria the joint patrols themselves would be 10 kilometers deep on both sides of that area running between. and well here is some of inch of it now here at the turkey syria border with more under this agreement there are a number of for the 1st time that the russians have told the syrian government that they will be able to come back to their borders and carry our joint patrols for the 1st time they've told the turks that they will be able to carry out drug patrols on the border area with them for 10 kilometers deep inside. and again reiterating that they want the kurdish fighters to leave the that the fight is who are backed by the united states and they're seen as terrorists by by turkey so turkey insisting that it wants them to leave giving them another grace period after the 5 day period under the u.s. deal the sixty's and after that it will be carrying out these joint patrols it's
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also very interesting that inside syria you saw president bashar al assad coming to words his forces a photo opportunity in the province and seeing that he does not trust his allies he does not trust turkey and then you've seen statements from the syrian democratic forces who have now found themselves as an ally the dish out of not trusting either of the parties. britain's parliament has rejected prime minister johnson's plan to fast track his brags that deal with the e.u. it means there is little chance of the u.k. actually leaving the block by october 31st or a challenge reports now from westminster. it is as m.p.'s point out unprecedented for parliament to pass such a large and important bill so quickly yet the governments wanted its withdrawal agreement bill through the commons before the end of the week mr speaker i was incredibly concerned when i was reminded by my wife earlier today that we spent my
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wife and i spent longer choosing a school for then we have city bay this incredibly cool to hear on tuesday the legislation for leaving the european union was facing 2 hurdles would m.p.'s vote to give it more consideration and would they agree to the government's breakneck timetable the prime minister hopes he could focus minds with this warning if parliament refuses to allow the brics to happen and instead gets its way in decides to delay everything until january possibly longer is a great regret i would say that the book the bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward much as a writer may not like it will have to go forward to a general election 1st up would m.p.'s give his withdrawal agreement build their approval in principle so the guys have it the ayes have it m.p.'s gave it in north through to a 2nd reading
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a crucial victory for the prime minister the 1st time in this tortured saga that parliament has given any breaks a deal any kind of approval but glory was short lived next up was the vote on the timetable. the guys to the right 308 it's no use to the last 322 so the notice having the nose have it once again m.p.'s have slammed the brakes on brakes it's tonight's the house has refused to be bounced into debating a hugely significant piece of legislation in just 2 days with barely any notice and an analysis of the. impact of this bill the prime minister is the also of his own misfortune jeremy corbin offered to work together to find a mutually agreeable timetable for us johnson responded by saying he was putting the bill on hold for now his do or die dreams of leaving the e.u. on october 31st look to have been dealt
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a mortal blow so what i was next depends on the e.u. it's been considering that letter boris johnson was obliged by parliament to write last saturday requesting a breaks that extension if it grants a long 1 january or further then as we've just heard from the prime minister he is going to try pushing for a general election if we get something short all more flexible then that suggests that the e.u. like boris johnson just wants to get the brakes it done. al-jazeera london in the united states the top diplomat for ukraine has just wrapped up 10 hours of testimony in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump democrats leading the deposition say william taylor has provided the clearest accounts that trump pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid alan fischer following this one from washington d.c. hi allan 10 hours of testimony that's quite extraordinary itself one of the
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headlines to come out of it. well what we're hearing is that william taylor's testimony was detailed and credible according to democratic lawmakers what is more important perhaps is going to be this this is his opening statement is 15 pages long longer than you would expect normally in this sort of situation and this is bad news for donald trump essentially says although donald trump has used the phrase no quid pro quo william taylor suggests that absolutely was because donald trump was holding back aid from ukraine unless it announced publicly announced that it was going to carry out an investigation into joe biden and the 2016 election now that's important because of course donald trump's big phrase there's been no quid pro quo nope quid pro quo in the document donald trump again makes it clear there's no quid pro quo but he wants to put the ukrainian president in a public box by
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a known saying this statement so that was very interesting what is also interesting as well is that william taylor says that when he arrived in ukraine and he was appointed as after donald trump got rid of the original ambassador my pompey or pointed him to that post he said that there was a separate line of communication between the united states side and the ukrainian figures and leading that 2nd drink strain was rudy giuliani who of course has no position in the u.s. government he is donald trump's personal lawyer and he the court into william taylor he said that what was clear is that they were not pursuing aims that would really benefit america's long term foreign policy goals in ukraine so this is really quite a damning document and i'm sure it is something that the democrats are going to dig deeper into because there are a lot of names mentioned here and that means a lot more subpoenas and what are the implications allan then for the president and
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for the white house because i was discussing this with a guest earlier just keeps mounting up more and more people coming out with pretty much the same story. the problem he's got is that if you'd asked me 2 months ago what was the united states population thinking about impeachment of donald trump and i would have told you they're not quite there yet more and more information comes out and those numbers just climb no there are more than 50 percent of the american population who believe that don't not only should be impeached but should removed from office know at the white house is obviously fighting a defensive motion we've seen managed to mix its message up over the last few days with mick mulvaney the acting chief of staff 1st of all saying there was there was a quid pro quo of course there was get over it and then the deal later realizing it and saying actually there was no quid pro quo i feel a statement from the white house they're saying president trump has done nothing
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wrong this is a quote the smear campaign from far left lawmakers is important to point william taylor is a career diplomat someone who is served under both democratic and republican administrations and was appointed as an ambassador to ukraine by george w. bush this statement continues there was no quid pro quo today was just more triple headers here see and selective leaks from democratic politically motivated closed door secretive hearings again it's important to point out that's how this works the house holds its hearings in private and then decides whether it's gather the evidence if there's enough evidence there for an impeachment inquiry if it votes for that it then goes to trial in the senate this is how this is absolutely meant to work so this is not been a good day for donald trump but you know thinking back over the last week i can't think of many good days for him quiet adventure joining us from washington thank you in the news the heads of lebanon's government promises reforms to ease the
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economic crisis the protesters on the streets though are not convinced and a time in bosnia takes drastic steps to try to stay. the flood of asylum seekers. hello there we've had some nice sunshine interval southern and eastern sections of china let's be more cloudy you can see here on the satellite streaming further eastward some afraid going to the sunny skies initiative high but it's a fairly temporary blip but we have got more rain farther to the south and it will work its way towards the coast as we go from wednesday on into thursday so quite cloudy in hong kong by thursday clear skies in shanghai and once again the rain back in for calls into northern sections of there so a wet day and how an eye with
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a high of 25 degrees plenty of rain further to the south across much of indonesia particularly heavy again across into these northern western areas of borneo but it's not making a great deal of headway southwards over the next couple of rain the next couple days these rain we've got more rain across the many peninsula but it tends to stick across these northern sections of the sumatra now where we have got plenty of rain is across into india particularly across these western areas and further to the south very active you can see here in satellite in the last few hours the has been some flooding not surprising these rains have been in the forecast for the last few days this is coachy down in karen and you can see i will see what is done here people trying to work their way towards the trains there is more rain in the forecast through wednesday any fact no real change by thursday i mean watching disturbance here just off the west coast that pumping that rain across the west. want to sponsor a town. doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. is that it's
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a very modern way to do. the measure of progress. to. suckle of points on al-jazeera. top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera russia and turkey have reached a deal that allows kodesh fighters in northern syria to withdraw further away from the turkish border under the agreement russian and turkish forces will also conduct joint patrols britain's parliament rejected to prime minister barak johnson's plan
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to fast track his brakes a deal with the e.u. means there is now little chance of the u.k. leaving the block by october 31st and the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine has just wrapped up 10 hours of testimony before the impeachment inquiry into donald trump democrats leading the depositions they william taylor's provided the clearest account that the president pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military 8. the anti-government protests in chile are now being described as the worst to hit the country nearly 30 years 15 people have been killed in the past 2 weeks unrest started in the capital santiago over an increase in the cost of train tickets which has since been scrapped but protesters are now fighting what they say is government oppression president sebastian pinera has met several opposition parties trying to find a solution his manner in. santiago for us by what's been happening on the streets
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today. a local mall as you can see it is quiet in the streets of the chilean capital we're now about an hour into the curfew and we've seen little more than a few a small trickle of people trying to make their way back home to avoid getting detained we should mention that there have been over 1000 detentions already taking place since the since you know unrest began to take place in the country once again another eventful day in terms of demonstrations in terms of clashes with police thousands of people marching in a part of town it known as bless athalie it's another iconic part of the city where political movements have traditionally taken place in the past again we saw police using tear gas using smoke bombs using water cannons to disperse the crowd which again has been one of the biggest sources of anger for demonstrators who are for the most part demonstrating peacefully on the streets of the chilean capital to be met with what they're describing as a heavy handed crackdown against peaceful protests here in she live there was a
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a meeting with the pope between the president and several members of all political parties regional leaders hoping to find a solution to the crisis but there is momentum here those momentum behind these protests which which seems as though they're actually intensifying things don't seem to be calming down so there is no sense of when exactly things are going to kind of return to normal here in the chilean capital kabul so these protests are being widely supported across well yes this is not isolated here in the city and even though things look quiet here there are pockets of tension across the city we mentioned that there's a lot of arrests there's a lot of people that are defying the curfew which is now in its 4th night but i want to give you a better sense of what we saw over the course of the day take a look. another day of protests have paralyzed much of downtown something. tensions in the city remain high as thousands of demonstrators continue to flood
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the streets. is a professional driver he hasn't participated in the protests but he shares the prescriptions of demonstrators who are angry over worsening inequality in the country. i have my own vehicle and i work with dignity and abide by the law but what has that meant for me it's meant throwing my money away in taxes if i don't pay my share i could lose my house but not that big businessman they don't pay and then they get bailed out what about me what do i get for being a justice in fulfills his obligations what do i get. since the weekend protests have continued to intensify every day it seems more sectors of society are joining in the demonstrations. on tuesday chilean president. met with regional leaders from all political parties in an effort to restore calm finding a solution out of the crisis however is proving to be difficult as the demonstrations aren't led by political opposition. social analysts like manuel got
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it don't believe the unrest is part of a growing movement of young people who he says are rejecting the very notion of political system. there is a commonality among them straight to the theme of calling for equality and denouncing abuse but also the possibility of a better future the perspective people have to do things are bad now but the future will be even worse for those children. apart from anger over a growing inequality protesters have also denounced a heavy handed crackdown by police and armed forces against peaceful protesters a state of emergency and a military enforced curfew remains in effect here in the chilean capital for the 4th day in a row that means thousands of the city's residents are forced to return to their homes every day before sunset or run the risk of being arrested for a curfew violation 0 no 7 not nearly 1700 people have been arrested since the start
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of the crisis with thousands of protesters continuing to defy the curfew and declaring a national strike for the coming days that number is sure to rise when made up of the. thousands of protesters in lebanon have hit the streets for a 6th consecutive day despite emergency reforms announced by the prime minister these demonstrations began last week over the government's plan to impose new taxes and have since widened into calls for the entire political class to step down stephanie decker reporting for us from northern lebanon tripoli. day 6 and many roadblocks remain in place banks and schools are closed across lebanon many bank machines don't have cash the prime minister's proposals for forms haven't changed the situation on the ground and those are the shitter people are going into the streets for their future and the future of their children in reality the political class that we have has less than nothing before this uprising if we can call it that the government tried to pick the pocket of every poor person until they were
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left with nothing prime minister sad how to be has met ambassadors of various countries including the u.s. and russia as well as the arab league they welcomed the reforms but also urged him to address the demands of the people but what these people who remain on the streets really want is for the government to go and adviser to the prime minister had this to say is that a chance or a possibility for a cabinet reshuffle or something like this i think this will be determined in the coming few days and it is one of the options being put on the table we drove up from beirut to the northern city of tripoli roadblocks here too on the main highway when we got to tripoli the square was starting to fill up many of those graduates everyone is unemployed but people who have read this area they're living in very horrible of institutions to see how we live in their houses. to understand
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. all of this we have an election system that is highly sectarian this is all the people who have been in charge for 30 years keep surviving so for me the most important thing right now i mean i know people are saying yes to the exam which was a good translates to you know the big almost like the dictatorship least of all because it's more about the. electoral law that needs to change than even the most important thing right now or else the same people we thought it was coming. as the sunset more and more people came. it is the night that this where it really comes alive no one second city has traditionally been a subordinate prime minister sadly. has been neglected the majority of its people are poor there has been a huge turnout here over the last 6 days it seems they have had enough here the message is the same as in beirut in other cities across this country they don't
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want the same people who got them into this dire situation to be the ones who try to fix it stephanie decker al-jazeera tripoli north lebanon. an iraqi government inquiry has found security personnel use excessive force against protesters during the recent wave of government demonstrations at least 157 people mainly civilians were killed in those weeks of protests the violence pose the biggest challenge to the government since the defeat of arsal back in 2017 excuse me. now egypt says the u.s. has offered to help break a deadlock with ethiopia or a multi $1000000000.00 dam project on the nile river construction is now 70 percent complete and will provide electricity for ethiopia's 100000000 people but egypt toward the project will shrink its share of the river ethiopia's prime minister ahmed says negotiations could resolve the issue but warns his country is ready to go to war if necessary pakistan's government has taken diplomats and journalists
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to villages along the line of control that divides the disputed kashmir region it's not about says artillery fire from the indian side on sunday damaged houses and businesses new delhi says it was targeting terrorist training camps in georgia pakistani administered kashmir. the progress on the military had brought in the diplomatic call from islamabad to come and see for themselves the evidence of what days happened and that intense artillery barrage. unprovoked and discriminate the indian military chief very been saying that they have dog or trade training camps across the line of control what word we can see the damage caused in the butt almost 6 feet burning ok and in this area including a soldier 9 others were wounded and pakistan says that the indians were using
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medium artillery and mortars and was part of their strike that indiscriminate fire and you can see. that. these are the terror camps we are the civilian peaceful civilian but indian brutal forces in the law in that that sunday night how did. the video attack this that was brutal that alleged rape taking place a visit today you can see a whole life a life. as being as being unfair to say that maybe people are suffering the pakistanis have been right there at the diplomatic call from islamabad from gradients embassies they also extended the invitation to the indian high commissioner to come in before them there is where to be their training camps or 3000000 populated areas indian military chief of course is continuing to claim there is a surgical strikes pakistan has to rubbish that saying that the indians are trying
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to die worth their tension from what is happening inside indian administered kashmir by creating trouble on the line of control with a wide board pakistani and indian administered kashmir made an offer that the indian i commission can take the diplomats of the choice of the media of the choice and comment. which terrorist camp they have taken out so the effort to divert attention from the misuse of occupied kashmir the people are under siege for some to 9 days now the situation is tense but life and resume there is normal the shops are open people are walking around and doing their daily routines and although there are apprehensive that there could be a further escalation they're determined to stay port and to continue with their lives. has cut off water to an overcrowded refugee camp local officials say it's an attempt to pressure the government to relocate
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thousands of people. the story. is the 2nd day without clean water for around a 1000 migrants and refugees living in which camp near the northwest city of be hunch local authorities cut the supply on monday they want to the central government to relocate these people but some local residents are taking matters into their own hands trying to help the migrants how can you not provide the water to these people and you have to get huling the devoted has been cut off from the camp and no one is sending it from behind they come looking for of water so i have to give it to them the 1st water tank arrived at noon some rushed to quench their thirst and others to bathe but poor hygiene and the campus posing a risk to many getting infectious diseases. through a month ago we had medical assistants here at the camp every day except on weekends a doctor would come every day but now no one comes here i got these wounds on my legs after i returned from the croatian border and other people have the same
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problem. many of the people in this camp lack basic necessities they traveled from asia africa and the middle east looking for a better life in europe from. we've had no water for 2 days in 24 hours they give you only 2 pieces of bread and a small serving of food that is not enough for 24 hours the red cross is calling on the international community for more support. and we are not only helping the migrants but also local people and we provide these people with food and water they're no longer hungry and it's better security for the local community where reducing the risk of a humanitarian crisis this area has seen an influx of migrants over the past 2 years and that's raising security concerns because the site is the minefields laid during the bosnian war in the 1990 s. . local authorities what they moved to centers need sorry ever and muster but say the central government has been too slow to respond is over the so this new school
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based on our experience so far we don't expect a response from them or any assistance unless the e.u. and the european commission exert pressure the issue will not be adequately resolved. while cools grow louder to find better living conditions for these refugees the police continue to round up hundreds of new arrivals the helium hunted al jazeera. let's take you to the headlines now on al-jazeera russia and turkey have reached a deal that allows kurdish fighters in northern syria to withdraw further away from the turkish border under the agreement russian and turkish forces will also conduct joint patrols and her of course launched its offensive in the area last week that suspended the operation following a u.s. brokered cease fire and the headlines britain's parliament's rejected prime minister barak's johnson's plan to fast track his brags that deal with the e.u.
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means there is now little chance of the u.k. actually leaving the block by october 31st. and we now face further uncertainty and the e.u. is now make up their minds over how to answer parliament's request for a delay in the 1st consequence mr speaker is that the government was taking the only responsible cools and accelerate our preparations for a new deal. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine has just wrapped up 10 hours of testimony before the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump democrats leading the depositions that william taylor has provided the clearest account that the u.s. president pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid and he government protests in chile are being described as the worst to hit the country in nearly 30 years 15 people have now been killed in the past 2 weeks the unrest started in the capital santiago
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over an increase in the cost of train tickets that has since been scrapped but protesters now say they are fighting government oppression. and iraqi government inquiries found security personnel used excessive force against protesters during the recent wave of anti-government demonstrations at least a 157 people mainly civilians were killed during weeks of protest and pakistan's government has taken diplomats and journalists to villages along the line of control that divides the disputed kashmir region islamabad says artillery fire from the indian side on sunday damaged houses and businesses delhi says it was targeting terrorist training camps those you headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after our new discussion show from washington d.c. the bottom line.
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hi i'm steve clements and i have a question the impeachment investigation of president trump may have begun but where does it end let's get to the bottom line. is super divided america your views on one picture are very strong indication of where you stand on donald trump's impeachment look at this picture what do we see the speaker of the house nancy pelosi standing with mostly white men all around some of them are grimacing and she's pointing at the president if you see the leader of the democrats disrespecting the president united states you are probably anti impeachment but if you see an active.


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