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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 169  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2019 7:32am-8:00am +03

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to this bald britain's parliament has rejected prime minister barak's johnson's plan to fast track his brakes a deal with the european union that means there's little chance of the u.k. leaving the block by october 31st were a challenge reports from westminster. it is as m.p.'s point out unprecedented for parliament to pass such a large and important bill so quickly yet the governments wanted its withdrawal agreement bill through the commons before the end of the week mr speaker i was incredibly concerned when i was reminded by my wife earlier today that we spent my wife and i spent longer choosing a school for then we have city bay this incredibly cool to hear on tuesday the legislation for leaving the european union was facing 2 hurdles would m.p.'s vote to give it more consideration and would they agree to the government's breakneck timetable the prime minister hopes he could focus minds with this warning
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if parliament refuses to allow the brics to happen and instead gets its way in decides to delay everything until january possibly longer is a great regret i would say that the book the bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward much as the right order may not like it will have to go forward to a general election 1st up would m.p.'s give his withdrawal agreement build their approval in principle so the guys have it the ayes have it m.p.'s gave it a nod through to a 2nd reading a crucial victory for the prime minister the 1st time in this tortured saga that parliament has given any breaks a deal any kind of approval but glory was short lived next up was the vote on the timetable. the guys to the right 308 it's no use to the last 322 so the notice having the notice have it once again
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m.p.'s have slammed the brakes on brakes it tonight's the house has refused to be balanced into debating a hugely significant piece of legislation in just 2 days with barely any notice and an analysis of the. impact of this bill the prime minister is the also of his own misfortune jeremy corwin offered to work together to find a mutually agreeable timetable for us johnson responded by saying he was putting the bill on hold for now his do or die dreams of leaving the e.u. on october 31st look to have been dealt a mortal blow so what i was next depends on the e.u. it's been considering that letter boris johnson was obliged by parliament to write last saturday requesting a break that extension if it grants a long 1 january or further then as we've just heard from the prime minister he is going to try pushing for a general election if we get something short all more flexible than that suggests
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that the e.u. like boris johnson just wants to get the brakes it done before which alan's al-jazeera london the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine has just wrapped up 10 hours of testimony and the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump democrats leading that deposition say william taylor has provided the clearest account the tramp pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . well what we're hearing is that william taylor's testimony was detailed and credible according to democratic lawmakers what is more important perhaps is going to be this this is his opening statement is 15 pages long longer than you would expect normally in this sort of situation and this is bad news for donald trump essentially says although donald trump has used the phrase no quid pro quo william taylor suggests that absolutely was because donald trump was holding back aid from
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ukraine unless it announced publicly announced that it was going to carry out an investigation into joe biden and the 2016 election now that's important because of course donald trump's big phrase there's been no quid pro quo nope quid pro quo in the document donald trump again makes it clear there is no quid pro quo but he wants to put the ukrainian president in the public box by a known saying this statement so that was very interesting what is also interesting as well is that william taylor says that when he arrived in ukraine and he was appointed as after donald trump got rid of the original ambassador might promptly or pointed to the post he said that there was a separate line of communication between the united states and ukrainian figures and leading that secondary strain was rudy giuliani who of course has no position in the u.s.
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government here is donald trump's personal lawyer and he's courting to william taylor he said that what was clear is that they were not pursuing him that would really benefit americans or more. foreign policy goals in ukraine so this is really quite a damning document and i'm sure it is something that the democrats are going to dig deeper into because there are a lot of names mentioned here and that means a lot more subpoenas. now u.s. court has begun hearing arguments in a landmark case that accuses the oil giant exxon mobil of climate change fraud climate activists protested outside the new york courthouse as the trial began the company is accused of misleading investors about the cost of climate change regulations on its business exxon has denied the claims it's the 1st of many similar lawsuits against major oil companies to go to court this trial is expected to last 3 weeks. i mean i hope it sets a precedent of holding companies and all major polluters and corporations in
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general accountable for the information that they given that they hide to the american public and i am sort of technical level i hope that today brings us more documents from exxon mobil one and covers even more of what they knew and how long they have known about climate change and what work they've done to cover it up that night that information from the public. while the weather is next but still ahead human rights groups raise concerns about the way it is dealing with anti-government protesters. and a town in bosnia takes drastic steps to try to stem the flow of asylum seekers. we have some rain showers in the forecast across sections of the middle east quite a bit of cloud again in the last year as on the huge amount of rain tied to this
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band of cloud but we have golson scottish maybe it's got a thunderstorm as well so as we go through wednesday we could see if you go through the east and over the mediterranean and also across most southern and eastern sections of turkey but dropping down into iraq and again fairly cloudy skies that you cross into northern sections of iran and by thursday that rain becoming a little bit more widespread through turkey and you can see him push into say into the eastern end of the mediterranean time which is not too bad in baghdad 33 celsius is a bit cooler in kabul with a high of 20 on the 10 which is. beginning to come down and stay down across much of the arabian peninsula 32 the high number to be on wednesday you go 35 celsius in doha the humidity levels have also come down as well we've actually got shot was really nowhere near that coast you can see where all this rain is but this is very much an offshore flow so it should stay dry across much of amman as well we have the goals from radio for coast into cape town not radio on wednesday we've got this a system just sliding by very warm and again there is the chance this kind of
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thunderstorm here's a go into thursday temperatures coming down a little bit and certainly on thursday some shells possible in cape town. as a sponsor. what are you protesting about how does this impact where their online life face minstrelsy comes directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on saying this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come about everyone has a voice. through the discourse through open door in your view to the solutions is iraq.
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hello again i'm mr munder about top stories this hour russia and turkey have reached a deal that forces kurdish fighters in northern syria to continue putting away from the takesh border under the agreement russian and turkish forces will also conduct joint patrols. britain's parliament has rejected prime minister barak's johnson's plan to fast track his brecht's a deal with the e.u. that means there's little chance the u.k. will leave the block by october 31st and a top u.s. diplomat in ukraine has wrapped up 10 hours of testimony as an impeachment inquiry into donald trump democrats leading that deposition say william taylor has provided the clearest account of the u.s. president pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid. president sebastian pinera has announced social reforms and the hope of ending protests that have already left 15
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dead he's apologized for not anticipating the unrest and promised to increase pensions as well as reduce electricity and medical costs by new apollo reports. another day of protests have paralyzed much of downtown. tensions in the city remain high as thousands of demonstrators continue to flood the streets. this is a professional driver he hasn't participated in the protests but he shares the prescriptions of demonstrators. i have my own vehicle and i work with dignity and abide by the law but what has that meant for me it's meant throwing my money away in tax if i don't pay my share i can lose my house but not that big businessman they don't pay and then they get bailed out what about me or are there since the weekend protests have continued to intensify every day it seems more sectors of society are joining in the demonstrations on tuesday evening chilean president.
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announced a national plan to improve social programs in an effort to calm the unrest. this situation. movement on behalf of millions and millions of fans i recognize and demand forgiveness for the lack of vision. social analysts like mine will get it don't believe the unrest is part of a growing movement of young people who he says are rejecting the very notion of political system. there is a commonality among the mystery to the theme of calling for equality and denouncing abuse but also the possibility of a better future the perspective people have to do things are bad now but the future will be even worse for those children. apart from anger over growing inequality protesters have also denounced it heavy handed crackdown by police and armed forces against peaceful protesters a state of emergency and
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a military enforced curfew remains in effect here in the chilean capital for the 4th day in a row that means thousands of the city's residents are forced to return to their homes every day. before sunset or run the risk of being arrested for curfew violations that was more than $5400.00 people have been arrested nationwide since the start of the crisis with thousands of protesters continuing to defy curfew and declaring a national strike for the coming days that number should arise when lit up a little. and in bolivia protests have broken out across the country that after the main opposition candidate rejected sunday's provisional results a delay in the vote count colas confusion and then led to accusations that incumbent president evo morales had manipulated the results brought his appears to have a 9 percent lead over has main rival congressman issa john heilemann has the latest from the pods thousands of people have taken to the streets of uprising the consulate in libya. on tuesday night and day after tasting. what they see as
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very suspicious prices in the electoral process in bolivia basically the rocky count has been frozen a couple of times so we still don't have just the rock the count of results from the believe the election that was on sunday and the suspicion for those in the over in the opposition movement is that that is hiding some sort of manipulation of numbers behind the scenes we do know as well now that one of the vice presidents of the electoral tribe you know has resigned because he says that he wouldn't agree he didn't agree with that suspension of the vote with our free and saying of the vote count there now the government for its part has said that they will allow the oas that they want the oas sue to get isolation of american states. the body count still if you go on the side of the right because of the 64 vote count that's on the way at the moment so it's also trying to make some sort of gestures to show
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that the process isn't. being manipulated by. you have what a lot of people out here are we seeing that the police here are not allowing them to get any closer to where the supreme electoral tribunal is where the 1st place is actually taken place we've seen terry gross missing stone's throw out throughout this series of protests develop. now brazil's politicians have voted to raise the retirement age by 9 is in a bid to boost a sluggish economy politicians from across the divide agreed to overhaul the pension system which includes raising the retirement age to 65 for men and $62.00 for women the decision is expected to save the state almost $200000000000.00 over 10 years when brazilian stocks hit an all time high on that result. egypt says the u.s. has offered to help break the deadlock with ethiopia over a multi-billion dollar
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a dam project on the nile river construction is now 70 percent complete and when it's finished it will provide electricity for ethiopia but egypt is worried that the project will shrink its share of the river ethiopia's prime minister ahmed says negotiations could resolve the issue but warned that his country is ready to go to war if necessary has more from. just less than a week ago is here because the prime minister was being hailed for his peacemaking and statesmanship abilities and now these comments a strong warning to egypt over the use of $1000000000.00 project that he says if the o.p.'s is willing to go to war over he said in parliament choose day that we could get millions ready but that's not in the best interests of all of us. about egypt saying that they will take action and what ican we want you to understand is that a quarter of ethiopia's population is poor and young so if we are to go to war with
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the africans we can have many millions on the front line but was do not have many benefits it will not benefit egypt will not benefit sudan and it will not benefit us some may have the capability of firing missiles and some bomb karo if it is from my country and my but peace cannot be brought by bombing and by fighting talks over the construction of a dam project collapsed earlier this month it is prime minister as you talk to egypt's president on the sidelines of a conference in the russia later this week european maintains it desperately needs the power generated by the sound project for its population of more than 100.


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