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turn over the next coming months because if there is more if this is the tip of the iceberg then you know they're very far out on a limb trying to protect trump and he might be or he might have already saw that off from them and they're just not aware of it yet. always gets talked last thank you very much brian pardon me for it and thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera the british parliament approved the prime minister's fax a plan but there is more bad news for boris johnson. had a very nice weather across southern and eastern portions of europe we've got high pressure in control and he's stopping all this rather unpleasant weather in the west for making too much progress and what we have seen is the more very very strong the thunderstorms and they have produced some localized flooding this is
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what it looks like impulse of middle and out imagine we'll see more of the same as the storms are not really moving out of the picture so through wednesday they're still sitting across into the southern areas of france and again though work their way into these northern sections of italy and again fairly unsubtle for much of central spain as well on wednesday in temperatures well below the average 12 celsius madrid the average is 20 this time again meanwhile on across the east at 23 book arrest about 5 or 6 degrees above the average and it stays like that as we go through thursday still dry and fine and warm across much of the east so the now systems to say working its way steadily across the west a med and once again impacting the same regions really initially meanwhile to the north is not especially cold but quite cloudy and a fairly brisk a westerly wind as well now the same showers impacting and thunderstorms impacting the west a med they are working their way through algeria to news years ago through wednesday on into thursday and we could also hear how some low class fighting as the show's come down on some very dry ground.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now the kremlin is warning syrian kurdish fighters will be mauled by turkey if they don't pull back from the border under a deal agreed to by a president are won and putin y.p. fighters out 150 hours to withdraw at least 30 kilometers back inside syria as defense secretary for is in baghdad to discuss the deployment of u.s. troops in iraq as all u.s. troops leaving syria will go to western iraq and will continue to fight islamic state but the iraqi military said they don't have permission to stay and the top u.s. diplomat and ukraine has testified for 10 hours at an impeachment and best station in to donald trump democrats leading the deposition say william taylor testified as provided rather the clearest account that the us president pressure new crane to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid. roads across lebanon are being blocked by anti-government protesters who are calling for political change protests
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are now in their 7th day and the army is attempting to reopen the roads the government has about schools and universities will reopen but staff are threatening to strike the demonstrations are continuing despite the approval of the president and economic reforms to say no hauteur in the capital beirut so so you know what of that you know it was a couple of days ago that the government came out and appear to make concessions but the protesters are going anyway. they were hoping that the new economic reform package will result in people leaving the streets about protests fizzled out the governing coalition was also you know betting on the fact that people will get tired and that they have to return to work that has not happened yet this you can see behind me protesters continue to block roads not only here in the lebanese capital but across the country and cities across the country on highways now the army the security forces they're out in force whenever they can they try to reopen roads they're not using force they're doing their best to convince people to do that but once the roads open the protesters just returned so what they are
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promising now is escalus story measures you mentioned the education ministry hoping that schools and universities will open today the education minister to reverse his decision yesterday so schools universities they remain shut. banks remain shut so there is a shortage of cash in the country so what this what this protest movement is trying to do really is to pile more and more pressure on the government to resign yesterday they gathered together here in this square in downtown beirut trying to come up with a unified plan and in fact they've issued a manifesto in that manifesto they reiterated their demands and that is the government must resign and salvation government must be formed and early elections must take place so people here are not backing down even created committees committees. for example just tasked with cleaning the streets you see the people out in the streets cleaning the garbage they say we want to take control of our
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country this is our country other committees to deal with the security someone to be let's say the interlocutor with the army they're also creating a financial committee in order to receive funds to continue to support this protest movement so it seems that this protest movement is not going away anytime soon there are reports that the government may. happen it could be reshuffled there are reports that a technocrat government may be formed but all these reports people are hearing this here and for them it is just not enough. or what the latest from beirut santa thank you or stance and will call a general election if he is forced to accept a long breaks a delay according to a government source ministers voted down the prime minister's proposed timetable for ratifying his new divorce still on tuesday john johnson missed now late approval on an extension to the withdrawal to which she was forced by parliament to request last week but he insists britain will leave on october 31st do or die.
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and we now face further uncertainty and the e.u. miss not make up their minds over how to answer parliament's request for a delay in the 1st consequence mrs speaker is that the government was taking the only responsible cool and accent are a top preparations for a new deal. cut us a broken broken out across a levy after the main opposition candidate rejected the professional results from sunday's election president a morale a says now facing accusations of manipulating their results when i was a paris you had a 9 percent lead over his main rival carlos message on home and. on the powers believe via a confusing election is being disputed on the streets all right. it started peacefully opposition leader khaled message turning out the head of a march that killed oprah the captives may now be. tens of thousands
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rather was angry because a supposedly rapid vote count from sunday's election has been repeatedly suspended they fear that's because the government is manipulating the figures ensures a complete her look as if they can worry they were here or worse to make a final there are was it isn't already she's already the work in progress they were told me there is something that is not going anywhere was it wanted to reach the electoral tribunal to voice their discontent with the seemingly irresistible fools in the movie. and if the gather to do some protests is throwing stones curtains of tear gas loops by police. they try to resist ducking down lighting small fires to disperse the gas and i was going to work on this idea with and the truth is that we've never felt like this we thought that yesterday was bad but today they're
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really kicking our ass and the fire smoke help. just to feel better. from the papers proved a popular choice and few that it wasn't the people running here because we're trying to broke up the sense of their record saying we're too close so there's a lot of nerves here. for good reason she was hit by tear gas canister. the government is trying to calm things. down is a shot of american states to audit the final vote count to instill some trust book to these people that's coming late for was once a little bit difficult to put out to a home out zeta the potus and i government protests in chile are being described as the worst to hit the country in nearly 30 years 15 people have been killed in the past 2 weeks a curfew in a state of emergency have been imposed originally there was anger over a hike and rail prices now protesters say they're fighting government oppression brazil's politicians have voted to raise the retirement age by 9 years in
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a bid to boost the sluggish economy politicians from across the divide agree to overhaul the pension system which includes raising the retirement age to $65.00 for men and $62.00 for women the decision is expected to save the state almost $200000000000.00 over 10 years for slain stocks at an all time high on the legislative result the fraud trial of oil giant exxon mobil has begun in the supreme court of new york state environmental activists held a protest outside the state's attorney general while a civil suit against the company accusing them of misleading investors on the financial risks of climate change it's the 1st of many similar lawsuits against major oil companies to go to trial russian president vladimir putin is welcoming heads of state to the 1st africa summit and the black sea resort of sochi also says $43.00 leaders are expected to attend mung there will be the presidents of egypt kenya nigeria ghana and south africa come on hopes the summit will take place every
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3 years. holes are now open in botswana's presidential election wednesday's vote has the potential to be one of the tightest races in the country's history president awaits him a c.c. says he's confident as botswana democratic party will win another term in office but a united opposition is posing the 1st viable challenge to the ruling party since botswana's and dependents 53 years ago. the gulf of guinea is one of the most dangerous waterways in the world risks of piracy and kidnapping are no longer the only problems earners face now there's an increasing number of sunken and abandoned ships obstructing traffic in the region manager support some like those on the coast of the gulf of guinea. one of the many graveyards for auld retired chips found along the nigerian coast. in the middle of this shipping lane the bridge of a sunken ship sticks out of the water and weighing down on it is another abundant vessel on its way to the bottom. approaches say the shipping routes here keep
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getting shallower and narrow and that's a problem for not only sailors but also the economies of countries in the region russia publicist and not just the bits you know which a group of ships in to talk to want to already have rates the losses caused by the presence of these abundant ships in the gulf of guinea continue to mount nobody's going to the best in any part in any industry if it's all secure to those specifics the money you could you please talk to you when you lose one night sure it's. very time officials ike knowledge the enormity of the problem and i've warned anyone against dumping ships in the area published i did get my notice and that's fine those that have their vessels along the routes are bund on in the areas i join in evolutionary routes to remove their wittiness that's impeded the ones that request
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or didn't i think on those ones are beautiful right now as we speak. rich in oil and fishery sources the gulf of guinea attracts heavy shipping traffic but maritime experts say that could change unless they are thought to stop their waterways from becoming dumping grounds. these huge breaks have made here for many years the nigerian maritime administration. and safety agency said recently removed from my those are a few of the many of the abundant ship that litter the waterways of the gulf of guinea and as traffic increases so do the risks they paused to ships and humans. but what some consider a problem others see an opportunity like these crack dealers who strip their own chips of what metals they can get government agencies in charge of maritime safety in the region need money without adequate funding these wrecks will be here for some time along with the dangers they pose
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a decrease. in lagos nigeria. take up the headlines now on al-jazeera the kremlin is warning syrian kurdish fighters will be mauled by turkey if they don't pull back from the border. by president early on and who y.p. she fires 150 hours to withdraw at least 30 kilometers back inside syria. near the turkey syria border with the latest so far certainly the turkish military says that it will at this stage not resume any kind of military action against the kurds the kurdish forces but all eyes on them in terms of how they will respond to this agreement because russia is saying now that if indeed those fighters do not withdraw to 30 kilometers within the next 6 days then turkey has the right to
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resume its military campaign against them meanwhile u.s. defense secretary marcus present baghdad to discuss the deployment of u.s. troops in iraq as for said all u.s. troops leaving syria will go to western iraq and will continue to fight i saw the iraqi military said they don't have permission to stay. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine testify for 10 hours and an impeachment of us to cation into donald trump democrats leading the deposition say william taylor has provided the clearest account that the u.s. president pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid forced johnson will call for a general election if he's forced to accept a long breaks a delay according to a government source ministers voted down the prime minister's proposed timetable for ratifying its new divorce deal on tuesday which on to must now await approval on an extension to the withdrawal deadline which she was forced by parliament to request last week but he insists britain will leave on october 31st do or die
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brazil's politicians have voted to raise the retirement age by 9 years and a bit to boost the sluggish economy politicians from across the political divide agree to overhaul the pension system which includes raising the retirement age to $65.00 for men and $62.00 for women the decision is expected to save the state almost $200000000000.00 over 10 years brazilian stocks at an all time high on that legislator. to the headlines keep it here are not as or more news to inside story is next with story the prime minister. we should look into debrett t.v. on the 31st of october and making this country the great just place all the time to follow joining me tonight from hollywood drama with bricks it is era. for the 1st time in more than 10 years israel may not have
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a prime minister named benjamin netanyahu he has failed to form a coalition government twice this year the door is now open for his rival benny gantz to lead but will it be any easier for him to form a government and how might all this play out this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey benjamin netanyahu is the longest serving leader of israel he has been prime minister twice his 2nd stint lasting more than a decade some of even called him the magician of israeli politics but he's been able to convince his rivals to join him and form a government that's after 2 elections this year failed to produce a clear winner the prime minister's setback is an opportunity for the leader of the opposition blue and white party benny gantz to form
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a coalition of his own but this doesn't mean netanyahu is out completely so let's take you through what could happen benny gantz will now have 28 days to form a government he'll have to get at least 61 members of parliament or the knesset to support his bid for a majority government afghans cannot form a government and this time the president could then invite anyone else in the knesset to assemble a majority and if that fails elections will be initiated automatically the 3rd vote for israelis this year the blue my party says the time for spin is over and it's time for action a minister netanyahu has playing the party's leader for his failure to form a unity government. in the past weeks i made every effort to bring benny gantz to the negotiating table every effort to establish a broad national government every effort to avoid another election to my sorrow he simply refused time and again if god's will come to his senses and free himself from. grasp of lapidus lieberman if he will abandon the idea of
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a minority government together we will be able to form a government that the state of israel needs so much at this time. bring in our gas and now my 1st terry fast that has that date from leicester and. no doubt this is a big moment in israeli politics the 1st time in more than a decade that anyone other than benjamin netanyahu is said to be given the opportunity to try to form a coalition government benny gantz when asked about his prospects on tuesday morning said he was optimistic but added that optimism was a way of life for him baps a recognition of the scale of the task confronting him by most measures even more difficult than that which confronted benjamin netanyahu is efforts and did in failure on monday there seem to be 2 avenues potentially open to benny gantz in his blue and white party forming a minority administration with the assistance of the many palestinian israeli joint list members of the knesset the israeli parliament from the outside but selling that to his own party and even more importantly to the right wing party led by avigdor lieberman seems pretty unlikely just as unlikely trying to get likud the
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ruling party to jettison at least at this stage its leader benjamin netanyahu so that would seem to rule out the prospects of a national unity government between the 2 biggest parties so if guns does fail after his stint it trying to get a government together then we're in the prospects of the president handing the ball to the knesset itself and finding another member of the israeli parliament to try to come up with some kind of a coalition of their own and around the same time making all that even more for you could be the decision by the attorney general as to whether or not to indict netanyahu in 3 separate corruption cases the best prospects that seem to be available to him would be that one of the charges the most serious bribery is downgraded potentially enabling him to convince people to get together into a unity administration or at the very least buttressing his position against a legal challenge to his premiership in the run up to what could be
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a 3rd election in less than a year perry force it for inside story west jerusalem. my let's bring in our guests in tel aviv dalia sheindlin a public opinion x. for and political analyst joining us on skype from acre northern israel amal jamal a palestinian intellectuals professor of political science at tel aviv university and western hofman chief political correspondent at the true islam post and a knesset insider so welcome to all of you thank you for joining us dalia i want to start with you are you surprised that benjamin netanyahu has found himself in this position. i not all surprised because it was fairly clear from the outset that nathaniel who had no easy path to creating a coalition especially i think when he formed this bloc of parties and. basically got the all the right wing parties to agree to negotiate as a bloc as a single unit that was something the other parties didn't really count on it was
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never there was there was never any real reason why other parties especially blue and white would agree to go into negotiations on those terms and so he never had an easy path to forming a government that's in the short term and in the long term i'm not entirely surprised because after all he didn't win the elections his party came in 2nd of course by only one seat but it is part of what looks to be somewhat the climbing fortunes for natanya who after a very long time as prime minister his party alone lost about 20029000 votes between april and september elections and if you add on the potential votes that he could have had once his party incorporated another small party called the new he could theoretically have had 39 seats and he ended at 32 and so something is you know not going well for his voters they're starting you know many of his voters or some potential voters are starting to think it's time for the beginning of the end that's compounded by him being in power for so long and of course the encroaching
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legal charges. and i think just the sense you know of many people that the. likud maybe doesn't need their votes that's what i heard some voters say all of these things combined meant that he had a weaker showing this time so because you are political a public opinion expert i want to put this to you what you had to touch on a little bit what what do you know that was driving the voters this time you know the 1st tier of decision making for the israeli voter is their self identification in terms of ideology when people define themselves as right left or center in israel that is the best predictor for which kind of party they'll vote for so if a person says i'm right wing very high chances that person is going to vote for a right wing party we don't necessarily know which party and that ideology is a whole world view it's not just a slogan and that worldview doesn't change overnight or even necessarily from election to election and so you know we often say this election is about it's on
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yahoo we said it in september we said it in april but the tanya who represents a right wing worldview for mitt for the right wing voters they're about 50 percent of the adult population and only about 42 percent so somewhat less are either centrist maybe 25 percent and leftwing who are about 20 percent. that's the reason why people will will vote for a center left wing party if they identify a center left wing those things essentially break down based on attitudes toward security and the conflict before anything else and only after that do we see people expressing their feelings about things like corruption or economic issues or rule of law or any other issue that plagues any society but 1st of all it's ideology and ideology is 1st of all around issues of security in the conflict that's almost always the case and of course religion and state is the other i would say 2nd main issue that divides the ideological voters ok i'm all how would you say benjamin
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netanyahu exploits those categories those divisions that dalia justice brought down for us well he managed to do that the very well 'd for a long time. since that was at the nih and he was even he managed to build a coalition i think is is is power is we not because it's going to change but actually because of the legal charges he's facing now and everybody knows even is why aren't you doing everything in order to suit yourself and the president lovel. and that's why i said he lost out of his power in the last looks at them elections . and i think the fact that he was not able to build the coalition. in the polar back to the president means. we began action and you put it in israeli politics. the post and you know. each incident in politics so go what of that what is really at the psychological
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impact when i was preparing for this for this broadcast today i saw several authors that specifically use that word psychological the psychological impact this potentially being the end for a benjamin netanyahu how do you see that what's your analysis of that. so israel's been controlled by medicine now now for more than a decade with 3 years earlier as well and there a lot of people don't remember anybody else being in power there don't remember somebody else being given the chance even form a government and they have to realize that life goes on that we were around for a long time without him and will be have to move on to somebody else who doesn't have the kind of experience that it's in now did israel as a country where people really value experience in a politician and there's no one alive today who has the experience that's now does politically and so we're going to have to deal with having a less experienced leader at a time where we're facing significant security challenges especially after donald
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trump's decisions that he made about syria and netanyahu has been either brainwashing or using remarkable persuasive abilities depending if you look at it negatively or positively the people of israel for many years that he in only he can make them feel safe and that's why people would indeed need to make a psychological adjustment to having somebody else in power and that's especially among the people who are the people most loyal to him as in the out who will have to accept that the person who they've come to a warship in in one way or another won't be there anymore and the reason that he won't be there anymore is because not of competition really but because of his own mistakes that brought himself down dalia you had said that you think that netanyahu might be willing to sacrifice some of his coalition right i think he's
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got 55 members of his bloc to retain his position is how how so why do you think that. well i'm not sure if he'd be willing to sacrifice them but members of the block on some level might be willing to peel off one of the possible scenarios and there are so many scenarios at play here is that blue and white is trying to form a government i don't think anybody really prefers the idea of a minority government with the joint lissa porting from outside that's politically very sensitive i'm sure that blue and white will try to tempt some of those parties from the right wing bloc to peel off when it comes to his own decision making my thinking is that he has 2 major demands that he seems to have really wanted. to achieve which is which are the conditions that he set when he was supposed to form the government one is to keep this big block of right wing parties together and the other is that he continue being prime minister preferably 1st if there is a rotation my thinking is that if he has to give up on one of those i imagine that
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he would be more likely to give up on the right wing bloc if he gets something that you know acceptable in his terms regarding how he can continue to be prime minister despite the fact that the legal challenges are closing in around him it's the kind of thing that the president himself ruben rivlin proposed to the parties when it's on yahoo was supposed to have the mandate when netanyahu had the mandate to form the government and blue and white didn't seem to want to negotiate about that. the reason might simply be that blue and white you know held the perspective of we won the elections we might eventually reach this kind of compromise but on our terms so maybe they were just waiting for the mandate to come to them so that they could reach some similar kind of compromise that would involve the tanya who agreeing to split that bloc in return for some fairly comfortable situation with regards to continuing to be prime minister even during the legal proceedings so this is a lot of speculation there are many many political elites who have to make unpredictable decisions here ok gil you mentioned this idea that perhaps
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there would be some sort of rotation of power how likely do you think a scenario like that is how would that actually work. extremely likely in fact there's not really another choice at all we're not going to a 3rd election it's not going to happen the people of israel will not let it happen our economy can't sustain that there's too many decisions that have been holed now since last december and so a unity government is really all there is they're going to have to swallow their pride and break campaign promises which is not easy and run the country together the president gave a compromise that i know people in blue and white told me initially the they would want to accept they just didn't want to accept it immediately their tactic was to accept it later on and the so that's what's going to happen but nobody in israel doesn't think wave a for a deadline you know the deadline is going to be december 11th or 12th and here we
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are sitting in the middle of october still we've got a long way to go and i'm all. the leverage do the arab parties have right now. well 1st of all you have to understand that it's a new reality in. the center left parties need better parties in order to. build a coalition and the willingness of the joint list to join at least from the outside support such a government is on the rise there is a majority within the joint list of 4 supporting such as well that should and i think this creates a very good but the to have a good impact and the last elections have shown very well i mean the comparison between what happened well and what happens emma trust very much that. citizens would like the joint list to be there and to be a very active player and to actually play according to the whims of the game in that moment the interest of the community and to have an impact and is only part of
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this i think that joint that understand very much the situation when you hear an audiogram at the speaking about that you see very understanding that it's a very big historical if we're going to be either to support me. minimum coalition from the outside or the at least 2 countries of that in the out or who are to become the head of the opposition within the parliament which is also a good game gives them a new platform in order to practice that part i think this is this is very well known also took a whole of one to 2 and white and white is trying to maneuver between. of course the right wing parties a lot of what became part of the lot of the now as bloc. long white i mean you think i'm trying to use the joint less or that to force right mean beyond these
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to break away from it and you know and join the coalition would have to wait and see me what happens to that next year dahlia tell us more about that spike and voting voter turnout for for arabs in israel now i mean you know ever since. the history of the state the arab arab citizens have participated in voting often times under duress because they were living under military government until 966 but after that they continued to vote at a very high rate close to the jewish vote what happened was during the when the intifada broke out in 2001 the 2nd intifada at the end of 2000 and then elections special elections were held for 2001 after 13 citizens arab citizens had been killed in a protest there was a general boycott and only 18 percent participated in those special elections for prime minister that legitimize the idea of way cutting and ever since then turnout among the arab citizens has never been as high as it is for the jewish vote it has
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hovered around the halfway mark it went up when the joint list was formed a couple of cycles ago to just over 60 percent still lower than the jewish vote reflecting a general worsening of relations an increase of tensions between the arab and jewish populations or i shouldn't even say the populations but on the political level in terms of you know a government that has been very aggressive in its approach to the arab minority in israel palestinian citizens when the joint list reconstituted itself in time for the september elections meaning several arab parties came back together after they had broken up the for the april elections that led to a surge of support so in the april elections only about 50 percent 49 percent of the arab population voted and then in september that rose by about 10 points to close to 60 percent that reflected a belief in the need for those parties to reconvene as one bloc but i think it also reflected the sense that they were not satisfied with what they had done in april
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in not participating fully and having the port turnout of or poor showing i should say poor results of only about 10 seats you know i think that the community and the political leaders came together with a much more unified message as a mouse said that they are that the leadership understands how much the arab palestinian citizens of israel why.


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