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clearest account yet of the u.s. president's dealings with ukraine. bent and broken pirates from the only problem and one of the most dangerous waterways in the world. russia is warning syrian kurdish fighters will be heavily defeated by turkey if they don't pull back from the border says the kurds have been betrayed by the u.s. which was encouraging them to stay and fight kurdish fighters have until tuesday to withdraw that's under a new deal between moscow and ankara and 6 days russian and syrian forces will move into a 30 kilometer zone along the turkish border took a closer look at this safe zone that ankara is trying to create it will run along an area around 30 kilometers inside syria along the turkish border and russian a turkish joint patrols are run up to 10 kilometers deep on both sides of an area that runs between. going to the border now. charles
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what what is what are we hearing from the. we've heard nothing from the in reaction to this russian turkey agree $150.00 now a time here in turkey $150.00 as we understand according to this agreement russian and syrian patrols will start along the turkish border to monitor what they hope will be the withdrawal of those kurdish forces from the remaining area of the border not on the turkish control now president described this agreement as historic analysts say that it has huge potential implications for syria turkey relations for the syria peace process and effectively also. massive implications in terms of russia's power in this region how after having
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seen the withdrawal of those u.s. troops last week we had a look at the events in sochi last night and this is a report. with only hours left of a u.s. brokered cease fire in syria russia stepped in president putin offered help to remove and disarm kurdish fighters at the turkish syrian border together with syrian border troops but it's delayed we share turkey's concern about the growing threats of terrorism and the growth of ethnic tensions in the region the stenches and the separatists moved in recent times where in our opinion artificially created by outsiders kurdish fighters have until tuesday evening local time to clear turkey's 30 kilometer deep so-called safe zone along the syria turkey border russian military police will then start joint patrols with turkish forces along almost the entire northeast and syrian border. what it goes on is on the by
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removing threats posed by the terrorist organization this operation in syria guarantees syria's territorial integrity and political unity we never had eyes on the country's territory and sovereignty as turkey all steps we are taking in the field we have taken with sensitivity. both leaders agreed that the syrian constitutional committee should start its work on october 30th despite current actions on the ground putin insists the kurds should be part of the political solution for syria after a long discussion with her the one president putin not only managed to become the main power broker in syria but also came territory for his ally syrian president assad who now gets control back over crucial border areas. but this can only be called a russian success if they managed to remove kurdish fighters from a 30 kilometers. only then will the turkish military operation and according to the
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russian foreign minister who spoke to the meeting putin also made it clear that for any future solution in syria the turkish and syrian government have to reach their own deal russia wants to revive the 1998 donna agreement between syria and turkey in which syria committed to stop supporting kurdish fighters russia was quick to fill the vacuum left by the u.s. withdrawal from northern syria but by moskos own admission achieving any kind of lasting solution will be a long and complicated process. turkey says that at this stage it will not restart its military operations russia however says that if those kurdish fighters do not withdraw within the next 150 hours from that border area then turkey has every right to restart its military operation in northern syria for the time being at least it seems those kurdish fighters have very little choice.
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thank you guys defense secretary mark asked for has arrived in baghdad to discuss the deployment of u.s. troops in iraq as for says all u.s. troops leaving syria will go to western iraq and will continue to fight i saw they walk in military says the u.s. doesn't have permission to stay there the soldiers were through from northern syria just before the turkish operation and gets kurdish fighters again and has more from baghdad. there seems to be a lot of to ing and fro ing between iraq and the us as the secretary of defense mark arrives in baghdad he was in saudi arabia on wednesday he's here today he's taking meetings with the foreign minister and with the prime minister and everybody is hoping for clarity on the status of the u.s. troops what we were hearing just a couple of days ago is that the u.s. troops retreating coming back from syria would go to a base in western iraq and that's where they would be based however
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a statement from the iraqi military said no that's not the case they're only allowed to transit through the country and we were hearing that they were going to go to q. weights now the problem seems to be the language that the u.s. is using it seems to have angered a lot of people in power in iraq because the u.s. has said they were treat back to base but they'll continue to mount their operations in northeast syria against isis targets from there that doesn't seem to be acceptable to the iraqis remember there are already about 5000 troops here now we are expecting a press conference in the coming hours with promised i'd love the mahdi and their secretary of defense mark s. but we're hoping for clarity on the status of these u.s. troops will they stay here in iraq and be able to mount their operations as the u.s. would like against liason targets in northeastern syria or will they have to go back to kuwait and regroup. emergency services that in the u.k.
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have found 39 bodies in a container truck this is an essex southwest south east england pardon me a truck driver has been arrested following the discovery and we do have a correspondent gather more information on this is soon as we have more on this developing story we'll bring it to you egypt has accepted an offer from the u.s. to help break a deadlock with ethiopia over a multi-billion dollar dam project on the nile construction is 70 percent complete and when it's finished it will provide electricity for ethiopia but egypt is worried the project will shrink its share of the river. the 1st rush after summit is underway in the black sea resort of sochi step past it is there and this issue is something that's being dealt with there so this this tension between egypt and ethiopia over the dam it's been brewing for a while so what we can make spectrum this meeting.
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here the 1st ever russian africa forum has just been opened by president putin and his code chair who is the egyptian egyptian president al sisi and then this is of course interesting because this this dispute about the dam is a very hot topic here on the sidelines of this 2 day conference the both the leaders are here. is here the prime minister of ethiopia and of course and there is a plan to for both leaders to meet on thursday tomorrow to discuss this very heated issue as we remember tuesday we are actually said that he doesn't want to go to war over this issue but if he has to he will mobilize his whole population she has also hinted that he wants maybe to talk this issue with president putin and there are speculations that even russia will be involved as some kind of a mediator of course all the 3 men are here in sochi for the next coming days so
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a lot of is possible to happen in these next 48 hours to step representatives leaders from from so many african countries are in russia what is what is russia hoping for. well this is very interesting because russia was of course very influential in africa during the time of the soviet union but that relationship very much did 2 rerated after the collapse of the suv soviet union now president putin wants to bring this relationship back to life and this. it's not only about military support because russia is one of the main weapon suppliers to african countries but it's also about minerals it's a lot about minerals it's about economic ties so to our $45.00. 35 leaders of african countries are here in sochi doing this comes all kinds of business for
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russia it's important because it has a lot of wants to have a lot more influence in africa also in the united nations security council it would be useful for russia if a lot of countries are on its side so some leaked documents a couple of months ago showed that russia actually wants to have political influence over 40 nations in africa and that's something that's of course being discussed here during the forum as well. thank you very much live in sochi. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine testified for 10 hours in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump democrats say william taylor has provided the clearest account yet that trump pressured ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden and exchange for military aid classes a professor of global politics at university college london says taylor's testimony is devastating for president trump. in the watergate hearings in the 1970 s. there was the moment of the smoking gun which changed everything and i think that
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this testimony will be seen in history as the smoking gun for trump it is absolutely clear what happened now and it's the most blatant abuse of power in modern presidential history where you have a clear quid pro quo where president trump effectively extorted a foreign government and said you can only have military assistance in the form of anti-tank missiles if you investigate my political opponents and make a public announcement of doing that it's extremely easy to understand which has a devastating political effect because voters are going to see exactly what happened and the person conveying the message is extraordinarily credible you know a former soldier a decorated diplomat somebody who has served under republican and democratic administrations and it's probably the worst day politically and legally in donald trump's presidency for the implications here so if something were bill taylor is going to be seen very well in history for speaking out the way he did i think as for the state department you know i mean if the career professionals there are
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watching this closely and you see somebody like bill taylor who served his country with distinction for several decades being called a radical on elected bureaucrat by the white house i think it's going to cause more people to want to speak out to violate the state department's guidance that says they shouldn't testify before congress which they probably shouldn't be giving that order in the 1st place because congress has a legitimate investigation here and i also think it's going to cause you know potential defections from the state department people leaving if this is what it's going to be like because u.s. diplomacy is supposed to advance the national interest it is not supposed to advance the president's personal or political interests still had on al-jazeera roads are blocked across lebanon as anti-government protests continue for a 7 day. protest protests break out in bolivia after a confusing election results.
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they saved all right it's been quite lively across parts of malaysia recently i am quite alone for has seen some localized flooding is the seasonal showers driven in all the north easterly winds just pushed their way through the malay peninsula it was more than policy of some odd little further north southern areas of thailand also seeing some wet weather see up into india china not too bad it's all had other dry and fine weather clear skies starting to push their way through as we go on through the coming days that will be increasingly the case sunshine and showers more sunshine than showers there for the philippines and a fair bit of sunshine to into a good part of in the asia stretching data to australia where we've got some very hot sunshine on the cards over the next couple days risk warnings in force for many high pressure in charge here's the logic clear skies but danceable just southwest something of a change coming through this cold front went in for just much fresher conditions as we go on through the next couple days but ahead of it is hot 33 celsius in adelaide
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30 celsius for melbourne getting up to around 27. as we go a little further east with as we go on into where friday there comes a change just 17 degrees for adelaide but down to around 24 for melbourne with some useful rainfall. germany's capital there's a barber like no other sort of what it is to have. dogs from prostitutes. but as he said. he's moving with it. and going on the road. this story to be. told by the people who live down. there barbara. 0 on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now russia's kremlin says syrian kurdish fighters must pull back from the border or face further military action from turkey under a deal agreed to by president or the one and putin y.p. fighters have 150 hours to withdraw at least 30 kilometers back inside syria. egypt has accepted an offer from the u.s. to help break a deadlock with ethiopia over a multi-billion dollar dam project on the nile when it's finished it will provide electricity for ethiopia egypt as more of the project will shrink its share of the river. emergency services in the u.k. have found 39 bodies in a container truck in essex southeast england
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a truck driver us been arrested following this discovery of vehicles believed to have been driven from all carry at. friends across lebanon are being blocked by anti-government protesters who are calling for political change protester now and there are 7 day and the army's attempting to reopen roads the government has vowed schools and universities will reopen but staff are threatening to strike the demonstrations are continuing despite the approval of unprecedented economic reforms as you know who has the latest from the capital beirut. if the governing coalition was hoping people will get tired or that their new economic reform package would be enough to stop this protest movement has not happened yet in fact protesters are promising. they're blocking roads not only in the lebanese capital beirut but across the country highways are blocked really trying to pile
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pressure on the government paralyzing this country the lebanese army security forces they're out in force in the street but they're not using force to open the roads what they're doing is they're trying to convince protesters to make way for cars to pass in effect not disrupting public life this is something the government was hoping would happen that the protesters would stay in the square they have the right to demonstrate this is what the prime minister said but he also said that he instructed the army to make sure public life is not the stop the but like i mentioned the army is not using force we have to remember the international community has its eyes on 11 on any force used against peaceful protesters could jeopardize much needed aid $11000000000.00 of funds that the government needs to improve the economic situation so protesters keeping up the pressure they're now trying to organize themselves this was a leaderless movement and it seems they're trying to find a leader they're actually collecting names people talk to each other they came up with a manifesto
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a shared plan if you like on what they want to see happen they want the government to resign a salvation government to take control of the country until early elections are held so they're not backing down they've created committees a committee to deal with the army. a committee to to be in charge of cleaning the streets for example a committee to try to reap the financial are funds in order for this protest movement to continue but at the same time while this is a leaderless movement there are some politicians in the opposition who are riding on this popular anger trying to push their own agenda there is no doubt about that and this is the real fear among people here this started as an authentic movement a real movement a hunger revolution if you like this is what many people say but that is only until it is hijacked and that is the fear people have in the. state run news agency says an israeli drone has been shot down with a hunting rifle near the border israeli military says the drone fell near a lebanese village during routine security activity they refused to comment on the
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cause of the crash this is just the most recent drone incident a lebanese government investigation found 2 israeli drones were on an attack mission when they crashed and beirut and august are now on this developing story we're following 39 bodies were found in a container truck in essex and southeast england paul brennan joins us now from the phone he's trying to gather more information and i do realize this is just happened literally within the last hour paul but what do we know. well that is broken in alaska 5 i'm afraid the alarm was raised at about 1 40 am london time with the discovery all this contain a lorry and 39 people dead inside the back of that lorry it was a great industrial park it's graze in essex which isn't to the east of the capital city one man it's been arrested a 25 year old man from northern ireland arrested on suspicion of murder and it
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appears at the moment that the mari came from bulge area originally and entered the u.k. or into the mainland of the u.k. at the port of holyhead in north wales not at the transit point for traits and lorries coming in from northern ireland. the police are treating it as a tragic incident and a murder inquiry has begun they say it will take a lengthly process to identify the victims that talking about $38.00 adults and want teenager to cordon around the scene is expected to be in price for quite some time. and it is. the torah council is working to. mitigate the impact on surrounding businesses but everybody's thoughts will be with the relatives the bereaved relatives and with the tragic 9 people who've lost their lives in this incident.
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and that was paul brennan with paul thank you and the u.n. says millions of humanitarian aid tens of thousands of children die every year from malnutrition al-jazeera as more the human toll of yemen's conflict and a warning is a distressing and. suffers from severe malnutrition his grandmother there is from the worst she says the father died in their long journey from and the man's north saw the problems how to tell my grandson who's been suffering from malnutrition since we were shot i'm afraid to lose him like. the medical center. one of the poorest districts in north korea might try to do their best a 7 year old severely malnourished named hussein made headlines around the world last year was treated here before. and many cases continued to be transferred here
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it's the only remaining clinic in ops district about 50 kilometers from the saudi border so. it's true to the shortage of medicines and that families are running able to have a safe and well shelter rather than putting food on the table that are behind the deaths of children. those working to distribute aid here say the international community needs to do more to help displaced by years of war we are trying to make best but unfortunately what we are making is addition to the other organizations like the united nations on some indios organizations not enough. according to officials here more than $6000000.00 children could be at risk. before the beginning of the society war in our country there were 500 children suffering from severe malnutrition 1.5. and suffered from
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a mild noun attrition now we warn that in case the war and if the blockade continues we could lose 6000000 children from severe malnutrition. i see here money attrition and other chronic diseases as a result of shortage of medicines i'm not the only reason behind the high mortality rates among children there's also the war the frequency. airstrikes and even more immediate danger. since the beginning of this. war in yemen against the whole of the fighters over 250000 children have died from mental diseases the u.n. says more than 2000000 people have been displaced from their homes while the majority of yemenis are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. there been protests across bolivia after the main opposition candidate or ejected
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provisional results from sunday's election as a neighbor morality is facing accusations of manipulating the results he appears to have a 9 percent lead over his main rival carlos messa john heilemann reports. that in the paz bolivia a confusing election is being disputed on the streets the current. it started peacefully opposition leader khaled turning out the head of a march that filled oprah to the captives made up of. tens of thousands very hard are angry because a supposedly rapid vote count from sunday's election has been repeatedly suspended they fear that's because the government is manipulating the figures ensures a complete her it's taking more than her words to make a final the was which is the word she's already still working properly her over for me there is something that. not knowing where the arab world to to reach the
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electoral tribunal to voice their discontent with the seemingly resistant fools in the movie. depict gathering i did some protests is throwing stones curtains of tear gas salutes by police. they tried to resist ducking down lighting small fires to disperse the gas and i was going to work on this idea with the truth is that we've never felt like this we thought that yesterday was bad but today they're really kicking our ass and the fire smoke helps us to feel better the ballot papers proved a popular choice and few that it wasn't the people running here because the ground was trying to broke up the sense of their record saying we take us so there is a lot of nerves here. for good reason she was hit by take us kindness to drive the government's trying to calm things asking the organization of american states to audit the final vote count to instill some trust but to these people that's
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coming late and for as once live a difficult to put out john home how does it or the potus. anti-government protests in chile are being described as the worst to hit the country in nearly 30 years 15 people have been killed in the past 2 weeks a curfew and a state of emergency have been imposed originally there was anger over a hike and rail prices now protesters say they're fighting government oppression. government has formally withdrawn the controversial bill that's led to months of protests the law would have allowed citizens to be sent to mainland china for a trial this is unlikely to end the sometimes violent demonstrations activists want further concessions including greater political independence from beijing. the gulf of guinea as one of the most dangerous waterways in the world risk of piracy and kidnapping are no longer the only problem terrorists face there's an increasing number of sunken and abandoned ships obstructing maritime traffic in the region out
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as a result many more from lagos on the coast of the gulf of guinea. one of the many graveyards for auld retired chips found along the nigerian coast. in the middle of this shipping lane the bridge of a sunken ship sticks out of the water and weighing down on it is another abundant vessel on its way to the bottom. approaches say the shipping routes here keep getting shallower and narrow and that's a problem for not only sailors but also the economies of countries in the region. this is not the bits you know which ships in to talk to lots of already have rates the losses caused by the presence of these abundant ships in the gulf of guinea continue to mount nobody's going to the best in any part in any industry if it's all secure to this specific it's. money you could you
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please talk to you when you lose one night you it's. very time of the enormity of the problem and i've warned anyone against dumping ships in the area published i did get my notice and that's fine those that have their vessels along the routes are bund on in the areas i join in evolutionary routes to remove their wittiness that's impeded the ones that request or didn't i think on those ones are beautiful right now as we speak. rich in oil and fishery sources the gulf of guinea attracts heavy shipping traffic but maritime experts say that could change unless they are thought to stop their waterways from becoming dumping grounds. these few breaks have made here for many years the nigerian military. administration and safety agency said recently removed well those are few of the many of the abundant ship that led to the waterways of the gulf of guinea and as traffic increases so do the
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risks they paused to ships and humans. but what some consider a problem others see an opportunity like these crack dealers who strip the old ships of what metals they can get government agencies in charge of maritime safety in the region need money without adequate funding these wrecks will be here for some time alone with the dangers they pose a comedy grease. lagos nigeria. those are the headlines right now on al-jazeera an emergency services in the u.k. have found 39 bodies in a container truck and s.s. essex south england a 25 year old man from northern ireland has been arrested following this discovery the vehicles believed to have been driven from old area this is a developing story we will update it for you russia's kremlin says syrian kurdish
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fighters must pull back from the border or face further military action from turkey under a deal agreed to by president putin why peachey fighters have 150 hours to withdraw at least 30 kilometers back inside syria charles stratford is near the turkey syria border with the latest. so fall certainly the turkish military says that it will at this stage not resume any kind of military action against the could. the kurdish forces but our eyes on them in terms of how they will respond to this agreement because russia is saying now that if indeed those forces do not withdraw to 30 kilometers within the next 6 days then turkey has the right to resume its military campaign against them. meanwhile u.s. defense secretary mark asper is in baghdad to discuss the deployment of u.s. troops in iraq as for said all u.s. troops are leaving syria will go to western iraq and will continue to fight i saw
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with iraq in military says that they don't have permission to stay. egypt has accepted an offer from the u.s. to help break the deadlock with a multi $1000000000.00 dam project on the blue nile construction a 70 percent complete and when it's finished it will provide electricity for ethiopia but egypt is worried the project will shrink its share of the river. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine us testify for 10 hours of the impeachment inquiry into president onil trump democrats say william taylor provided the clearest account yet that trump pressured ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden in exchange for military aid and roads across lebanon are being blocked by anti-government protesters who are calling for political change the protests are now into their 7th day and the army is attempting to reopen the roads. as are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera this is europe sat next.
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didn't the u.s. treasury or the port story let's go say that my chinese muslims and let me bring you the stories and developments that are make believe changing the world they live in what's behind the rise of piracy news counting the cost on al-jazeera news.
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