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any years that he in only he can make them feel safe and that's why people would indeed need to make a psychological adjustment to having somebody else in power and that's especially among the people who are the people most loyal to them as in the. who will have to accept that the person who they've come to a warship in in one way or another won't be there anymore and the reason that he won't be there anymore is because not of competition really but because of his own mistakes and brought himself down dalia you have said that you think that netanyahu might be willing to sacrifice some of his coalition right i think he's got 55 members of his bloc to retain his position is how how so why do you think that. well i'm not sure if he'd be willing to sacrifice them but members of the block on some level might be willing to peel off one of the possible scenarios and there are so many scenarios at play here is that blue and white is trying to form
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a government i don't think anybody really prefers the idea of a minority government with the joint lissa porting from outside that's politically very sensitive i'm sure that blue and white will try to tempt some of those parties from the right wing bloc to peel off when it comes to now his own decision making my thinking is that he has 2 major demands that he seems to have really wanted. to achieve which is which are the conditions that he set when he was supposed to form the government one is to keep this big block of right wing parties together and the other is that he continue being prime minister preferably 1st if there is a rotation my thinking is that if he has to give up on one of those i imagine that he would be more likely to give up on the right wing bloc if he gets something that you know acceptable in his terms regarding how he can continue to be prime minister despite the fact that the legal challenges are closing in around him it's the kind of thing that the president himself ruben rivlin proposed to the parties when it's
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on yahoo was supposed to have the mandate when netanyahu had the mandate to form the government and blue and white didn't seem to want to negotiate about that. the reason might simply be that blue and white you know held the perspective of we won the elections we might eventually reach this kind of compromise on our terms so maybe they were just waiting for the mandate to come to them so that they could reach some similar kind of compromise that would involve the tanya who agreeing to split that bloc in return for some fairly comfortable situation with regards to continuing to be prime minister even during the legal proceedings so this is a lot of speculation there are many many political elites who have to make unpredictable decisions here ok gil you mentioned this idea that perhaps there would be some sort of rotation of power how likely do you think a scenario like that is how would that actually work. extremely likely in fact there's not really another choice at all we're not going to a 3rd election it's not going to happen the people of israel will not let it happen
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our economy can't sustain that there's too many decisions that have been holed now since last december and so a unity government is really all there is they're going to have to swallow their pride and break campaign promises which is not easy and run the country together the president gave a compromise that i know people in blue and white told me initially the they would want to accept they just didn't want to accept it immediately their tactic was to accept it later on and the so that's what's going to happen but nobody in israel doesn't think wave a for a deadline you know the deadline is going to be december 11th or 12th and here we are sitting in the middle of october still we've got a long way to go and i'm all. the leverage do the arab parties have right now. well 1st of all we have to understand that it's a new reality in. the center left parties need the other
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parties in order to. build a coalition and the willingness of the joint list to join at least from the outside support such a government is on the rise there is a maturity within the joint list of 4 supporting such as well that sion i think this creates a very good but the have a good impact and the last elections have shown very well i mean the comparison between what happened well and what happens emma trust very much that. citizens would like the joint list to be there and to be a very active player and to actually play according to the whims of the game in that moment the interest of the community and to have an impact and is only part of this i think that joint that understand very much the situation when you hear an audiogram at the speaking about it you see very understanding that it's a very big historical we're going to be either to support me. minimal or
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coalition from the outside or that at least 2 countries of the out all who are to become the head of the opposition within the parliament which is also a good game gives them a new platform in order to practice that part i think this is this is very well known also took a whole of one to 2 and white and white is trying to maneuver between. of course the right wing parties a lot of what became part of the plot of the now is blah. blah and white only knew that it and trying to use the joint less or that to force right mean beyond these to break away from it and you know and join the coalition would have to wait and see me what happens to that next year dahlia tell us more about that the spike and voting voter turnout for for arabs in israel now i mean you know ever since.
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the history of the state the arab arab citizens have participated in voting oftentimes under duress because they were living under military government until 1906 but after that they continued to vote at a very high rate close to the jewish vote what happened was during the when the intifada broke out in 2001 the 2nd intifada at the end of 2000 and then elections special elections were held for 2001 after 13 citizens arab citizens had been killed in a protest there was a general boycott and only 18 percent participated in those special elections for prime minister that legitimize the idea of way cutting and ever since then turnout among the arab citizens has never been as high as it is for the jewish vote it has hovered around the halfway mark it went up when the joint list was formed a couple of cycles ago to just over 60 percent still lower than the jewish vote reflecting a general worsening of relations an increase of tensions between the arab and jewish populations or i shouldn't even say the populations but on the political
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level in terms of the you know a government that has been very aggressive in its approach to the arab minority in israel palestinian citizens when the joint list reconstituted itself in time for the september elections meaning several arab parties came back together after they had broken up the for the april elections that led to a surge of support so in the april elections only about 50 percent 49 percent of the arab population voted and then in september that rose by about 10 points to close to 60 percent that reflected a belief in the need for those parties to reconvene as one bloc but i think it also reflected the sense that they were not satisfied with what they had done in april in not participating fully and having the port turnout of or poor showing i should say poor results of only about 10 seats you know i think that the community and the political leaders came together with a much more unified message as a model said that they are that the leadership understands how. how much the arab
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palestinian citizens of israel want their political parties to participate in the electoral system in the government in the governing system and maybe even in the government itself and support greater integration into israel's political institutions and they are they really ran making that a part of the debate making statements during the campaign that they would consider being part of a government that was much more in tune with the public opinion among the arab palestinian citizens we know this from fairly consistent and extensive polling showing very high support as an all pointed out and those things together i think combined with again a very aggressive negative campaign by the likud and its own yahoo himself against the participation of arab citizens almost blaming them before the elections for preparing to steal the elections in many ways the legitimizing their participation in the political system led to an additional layer of defiance that said not only do we want to be integrated into the political system we reject the fact that
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you're trying to keep us out until i saw you nodding there and that of course led to a strong result with 13 seats ok go i saw you nodding through some of what dalia was saying that you want to add something to that. dalia's analysis is brilliant but in the end the politicians make the decisions and benny gantz can't make himself look too close to the arab population or he loses potential of getting a right wing party to jump out of the $55.00 and enable him to form a government and also make it harder for him to eventually with the likud if netanyahu indeed gets harmed by the charges that are going to be. officially indicting him during dances 1028 days that he has to form a government there needs to be enough for it right then went against who has the exclusive ability to form a government to get the likud to oust its now which is not going to be easy to do so even though there was
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a report this morning against going to be negotiating with a joint list of arab knesset members it's not going to happen it is going to meet with them cordially but those will not be negotiations and what amal said about them becoming opposition leader that's not going to happen either even if they end up being the largest faction that isn't part of the government it doesn't automatically go to the largest faction all the parties that would remain outside would unite together behind the jewish candidate so little by little the arab population has moved forward during this election because of the citizens and i'm a note of the leader of the joint list has made but you can't bite off more than you can sure right now so they said there are many scenarios big deal you've been clear that there is not going to be a 3rd election as you see it. do you agree with that to that that this will get sorted out. well at some point yes i think nobody wants to go for elections now
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most of the parties actually want what they want liberman want that action to enlarge it to. go to a largest party in the parliament he forced the last elections and he has no interest to go for another actions if they don't the see the ultraorthodox point is the same and therefore i think. that we're going to see that. why have now is a start up with you trying to maneuver as i said before between the at a party the journalist and that i mean parties in order to inforce. a new reality and you've got the ship and i think we have the consideration that at some point at some point there has to happen something in the likud in order to take the sure that is the other way out without that i think because she can and cannot happen and there is for going for the election i think will.
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have its own impact on the end hammocks there will be parties have in the coming few days and dahlia how much more of these charges this met on the minds of voters have how is that affected all of this. well there's 2 layers here and i just want to you know with i deeply respect my colleague's analysis but i think we need to leave open a slightly bigger option for the possibility of a 3rd election i'm not happy to be saying it but you know this one i would have expected the political leaders to be showing some cracks in the armor of these very 0 sum promises and so far they are not and if they keep sticking to their guns. so to speak you know liberman is even digging in and saying i won't even go into a coalition and practically with democratic union another small left wing party so something has to give if we are to avoid these 3rd elections i'll just put that out there and you know in terms of. the question. about. corruption.
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corruption and russians are it is yes i was trying to stifle it i was trying to stifle the question because there's no good answer i can tell you that from the perspective of the political elites i think it's weighing very heavily i think that the leaders of blue and white are saying let's play out the time that we have because the more time we the more time we leave to to get this coalition formation done the closer we get to the possibility of a decision from the attorney general about an indictment or more than one indictment which is supposed to happen sometime in mid december or late december and i think the more you know they are probably banking on that happening around the time when there's really significant pressure because the mandate is about to run out and that putting again psychological pressure for the no to compromise however in the voters' minds i have to add that this is still a very divisive issue you know a large portion of the right wing voters believe these charges are essentially trumped up so to speak not very serious probably could apply to any politician and
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or some sort of you know collusion slash conspiracy on the part of shadowy unelected legal media and other left wing operatives to get it on yahoo out because i sort of personal vendetta against him and for that reason doesn't necessarily. pack their vote that much that will be the right word and think that will be the last word there and thank you to all of you for joining us i'm to discuss this i'm sure we'll be discussing it again within the next 28 days for sure adele you shiela a multiple and gil hoffman thank you all very much and thank you for watching you can see the program get any time visit our website al-jazeera talk on for the discussion on our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at inside story for me richelle carey the entire team here and so hot right now.
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i one time glamorous picture house for the rich and famous of hollywood now sell it as the poor unforgotten of downtown south alabama. carving out a life in the ruins of the abandoned building residents reinvent the movies and themselves escaping their reality and reliving the former glory of cinema morocco. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. overthrow and exiled their
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point again saying if your role thought this race meeting you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the truest reached by and we've. not only guess the french position is the. interesting change this return of a president on al-jazeera. back. hello i'm elizabeth with the headlines on al-jazeera emergency services in the u.k. have found 39 bodies in a container truck in essex and southeast england a 25 year old man from northern ireland has been arrested following the discovery
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the vehicle is believed to have been driven from bulgaria or local police said they're working to identify the victims. shortly before 1 40 am today we received reports that a number of people have been found inside the lorries container at the water plate industrial park on eastern avenue in gray's we believe the lorry is from garia and came into the u.k. through holly head on the 19th of october. emergency services attended but sadly all 39 people inside the container who died. early indications suggest that one of these people was a teenager the rest are believed to be adults. a murder investigation was launched and the lorry driver a 25 year old man from northern ireland was arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in place custody. at this stage we have not tried densified where the victims are from or their identities and we anticipate this could be a lengthy process this is an absolute tragedy and very sad day for essex police
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place in the local community we will continue to work alongside many other partner agencies to find out what led to these deaths i'd like to pilfer anyone who has any information to contact my offices of the major investigation tape on one o one or by visiting our essex police website. and paul brennan has more from essex . this is eastern haven't you the police cordon is blocking the end of the road there are police cars and plain unmarked police cars as well that the green fence that you can see the screen masks to the area where the lorry is which is about another 100 meters behind that screen and there is a 2nd screen. between the lorry and us so 2 screens between before the lorry we can see through the gap and there are police forensics experts operating in that area but as far as the detect sorry deputy chief constable that we heard from in
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that news conference pippa mills it's going to be a lengthly job to 1st of all identify who it was that was in the back of that container. in other news russian military police have started patrols in northeastern syria as part of a new deal with turkey russian news agencies are reporting a convoy has crossed the euphrates river and is heading to the border town of kabbani under the deal agreed by president edwin and putin y p g fighters have 150 hours to withdraw at least 30 kilometers deeper into syrian territory. now u.s. defense secretary marcus for has arrived in baghdad to discuss the presence of u.s. troops in iraq as the says all u.s. troops leaving syria will go to western iraq and will continue to fight eisel the iraqi military says the u.s. doesn't have permission to stay there the soldiers withdrew from northern syria just before the turkish operation against kurdish fighters began now protesters in
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lebanon are out on the streets for the 7th day they're blocking roads across the country but the army is trying to reopen main roads they have made a number of arrests and u.k. government sources barres johnson will try to call a general election if he's forced to accept a long breaks that delay ministers rejected the prime minister's proposed timetable for ratifying his record deal on tuesday johnson must now wait for the european union to approve an extension to the withdrawal deadline. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine has testified for 10 hours in the impeachment inquiry depressed and donald trump democrats say william taylor has provided the clearest account yet that trump pressured ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden in exchange for military aid now egypt has accepted an offer from the u.s. to help break the deadlock with ethiopia over a multi-billion dollar dam project on the blue nile construction a 70 percent complete and when it's finished it will provide electricity for
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ethiopia but egypt is worried that the project will shrink its share of water from the river. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world is up next. thanks. ok.
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over the decades millions from the arab world have any prey to some escaped conflict or persecution others have moved for the comic also family reasons they settled in europe australia the americas and africa but what's happened to them often black. maids are willing meet syrian born astronomer sad see how bad a world leader and youngest son in the song are physics today she lives and works in the pacific island of hawaii. but 1st to london i saw on the stuff i use us as the vice chairman of the british charity inter pov for over a quarter of a century the organisation has provided humanitarian and development aid to palestinians in need they describe themselves as a specialist nonpolitical charity working to support the most vulnerable palestinian communities. where.
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the day it was sold to elaborate upon you i can't shake it as i see a lot of the loss but i think out of love and that was when i was in a think or look in the dead at the table comes out that you know set up. like many arabs abroad dr use of smain reason for moving was to study but once he arrived in the u.k. his focus was both on his studies and the situation back in his native palestine. to do it with the loss of the only woman can do it up a little bit not the olympic and so i look for gun at there were jewish. yeah. well then you can see my the unit the swans luckenbach that the full committed the last man but then in the. midst of a. huge sum of it to do also enough even up on the up we have been there.
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a 1000 month of a thought about a business but never done j. you don't bill into law what those saw feet mobile i'm a little asleep but the. step how do you have no nothing. more. than that. that i slam yeah yeah me. and i feel that i can and. that can it. yeah to let him like a man with only him 1st thing he. knew since the im an
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equal on the he can let me have them over on. me and so who has he and i'm not high as in so have him but he economy and i'm not of no he. my flustered and wild bill for the whole theme through the day. 100. 1000 the model. i mean i don't. know what the one. with the new. dr use of considered how best to get involved in humanitarian causes particular. really the plight of palestinians he thought of ways where he could offer practical help and enlisted support from like minded people the result was the foundation of the palestine relief and development fund mehta known as japan if there is
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