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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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wood she's been on the control by the f.s.a. the free syrian army for a number of days the president ordered cold this agreement between turkey and russia historic and we've been looking at some of the events as they unfolded in sochi yesterday and this is our report. with only hours left of a u.s. brokered cease fire in syria russia stepped in president putin offered help to remove and disarm kurdish fighters at the turkish syrian border together with syrian border troops but it's delayed we share turkey's concern about the growing threats of terrorism and the growth of ethnic tensions in the region the stenches and the separatists moved in recent times where in our opinion artificially created by outsiders. kurdish fighters have until tuesday evening local time to clear turkey's 30 kilometer deep so-called safe zone along the syria turkey border
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russian military police will then start joint patrols with turkish forces along almost the entire northeast and syrian border. by removing threats posed by the terrorist organization this operation in syria guarantees syria's territorial integrity and political unity we never had eyes on the country's territory and sovereignty as turkey all steps we are taking in the field we have taken with sensitivity. both leaders agreed that the syrian constitutional committee should start its work on october the 30th despite current actions on the ground putin insists the kurds should be part of the political solution for syria. after a long discussion with her to work on president putin not only managed to become the main power broker in syria but also came territory for his ally syrian president assad who now gets control back over crucial border areas. but this can
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only be called a russian success if they managed to remove kurdish fighters from a 30 kilometer zone. only then will the turkish military operation end according to the russian foreign minister who spoke after the meeting putin also made it clear that for any future solution in syria the turkish and syrian government have to reach their own deal russia wants to revive the 1998 a donna agreement between syria and turkey in which syria committed to stop supporting kurdish fighters russia was quick to fill the vacuum left by the u.s. withdrawal from northern syria but by moscow's own admission achieving any kind of lost ing solution will be a long and complicated process. so where to for the kurds now child dreams of an autonomous state. that's right yeah the kurds facing what can only be described as a very uncertain political future in syria as you heard the russians are very keen
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on bringing the kurds in getting the kurds to talk to the syrian government but there is deep deep distrust after all the efforts that they made that. to try and forge some sort of what was described as a defacto semi autonomous state in northern syria which they called regime which some analysts describe as being a functional democracy and a good one at that it was labeled as a terrorist is run by terrorists by early on so you can imagine the kind of deep distrust that the turks have and the kurds have with respect to the syrian regime as well it was only a few days before that agreement that was made between the u.s. sorry between the kurds and the syrian government that the syrian government called the kurds separatists and traces there was no indication then that they was going to be any kind of any kind of agreement between them so this agreement between
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turkey and russia bringing in the syrians of course as well makes the kind of political future for the kurds of northern syria very uncertain at this stage charles thank you for that us charles trafford with the latest live in chuckling. now u.s. defense secretary marcus but as in baghdad to discuss the presence of troops in iraq as for says all u.s. troops in leaving syria will go to west and will continue to fight isis but iraqi military says the u.s. doesn't have permission to stay there. to bolivian our president even what alice says he'll take measures to defend democracy and as confident he'll be declared the winner of sunday's election there have been demonstrations across the country after the main opposition candidate carlos meserve objective the results not out as is accused of trying to manipulate
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the results of that he can avoid a runoff in december he appears to have a 9 percent lead out of a mess or is there. a coup is in progress the right has prepared itself with international help for a cool i want them to know that the bolivian people have put up with this with patience to avoid violence we haven't confronted them and we never will but the bolivian people are in a peaceful state of emergency to defend democracy we're just waiting for the electoral tribunal to inform us but i'm almost certain with the rural vote we're going to win in the 1st round. let's go now to our correspondent john home and he's joining us live from the possum president what on is blaming the opposition for any delays with the results john what else did he say in his news conference. well those were the main points actually but let me tell you a little bit more about the context that when he blamed the opposition for delaying
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the results basically on sunday night there's a rapid count in bolivia that usually money says to give some sort of results and results keep trickling in through that night so you can give a projection as fast as possible and avoid any uncertainty those results started to come in and it looked like we were heading to a 2nd round with president ever moralise coming 1st but that would be quite a major achievement for the 2nd place candidate carlos messer you think monies to to push this to a runoff those results were suddenly frozen and they were frozen but 24 hours by the electoral tribe you know when they came back online again suddenly it seems like we're on the brink of not going to a 2nd round so president rallies has blamed on the opposition the electoral tribunal analysts say is full of his supporters so that's one point that he made in the press conference he said that he was almost sure he was going to win at the moment the vote count is still indicates we're going into
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a 2nd round but just very very narrowly so that at the moment has not been cooled by the electoral tribunal and he said as you heard that this is a coup that's been instigated by the right with international help he didn't present any evidence of that international help we were at the protest of opposition supporters last night in the capital oppose have a look at a report. from the paths believe via a confusing election is being disputed on the streets. and started peacefully opposition leader khaled. mesut turning out the head of a march that filled oprah to the captain's main avenue. tens of thousands was angry because a supposedly rapid vote count from sunday's election has been repeatedly suspended they fear that's because the government is manipulating the figures ensures
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a complete. because if they do worry they. are worse to make a final decision was it is a nerd she's already snowed work in progress over usually there is something that is not going well was it wanted to reach the electoral tribunal to voice their discontent with the seemingly resistant fools in the movie. and it began. with some protests is throwing stones curtains of tear gas loops by police. they try to resist knocking down lighting small fires to disperse the gas and i was going to go on to say i was in the truth is that we've never felt like this we thought that yesterday was bad but today they're really kicking our ass and the fire smoke helps us to feel better the ballot papers proved a popular choice of fuel but it wasn't enough people are running here because the ground trying to block off the center there a 3rd saying we take us so there is
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a lot of nerves here. for good reason she was hit by take us kind of my government's trying to calm things asking the organization of american states to audit the final vote count to instill some trust but to these people that's coming late and for as one slit a difficult to put out. so when they are uncertain to john are we expecting the protests to continue. we are in in santa cruz which is sort of the industrial and business center believe yet we were already seeing small pockets of protest today and there's a striker. for later in the day and the closing of the border with neighboring brazil which would really affect commerce in believe you have between those 2 countries it's interesting in the report as well we talked about the believe it living government asking the organization of american states to audit the election results that was something the president president or at least didn't mention
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actually in the press conference it was a lot less about flexibility and a lot more about this is a coup and he said we're going to defend democracy peacefully but he said we're going to defend democracy so it's far less conciliatory there so i think it's probably safe to assume that in the days to come this situation is going to heat up no otherwise john thank you for that john. thank you. to lebanon now where there have been protests for a 7th day protest as a blocking roads across the country but the army is now trying to reopen main roads have made a number of a arrests bad schools and universities remain closed the demonstrations are continuing despite the approval of unprecedented economic reforms protest is now calling for a complete political change let's go now talk cost one stephanie deca she's joining us live from tripoli and we had been looking any a staff of pictures of the army trying to reopen votes in beirut what's the situation where you are in tripoli. this is the 2nd city and there's been
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incredible momentum here thousands of people filling this square every night as you mentioned this is now day 7. people all saying the same thing they're going to continue to stay out on the streets until the government goes i'm going to bring in . a resident of tripoli to have his words exactly how you feel about this tell me how do you feel about these protests and what's happening for your city. and i'm very happy with the way we're going to stay. but i would come to the globe as though. it's the but the future. is being. found on the. tell me what it's like for the youth here in tripoli for the young people in tripoli tell me what it's like for people who don't know the. young people will have no.
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want about the future soon to start with the past. if. it's it's on better but it's very. and tell me in terms of tripoli and the makeup of tripoli everyone says how important it is that everyone seems to have come together tell me a little bit about that we've put aside all of the religious believes old all of the political. process productivity. we feel we've done that. in the face of this good optimism a local overthrow them will continue i will not stop them to me it's always a little. thank you holly thank you so that's a message that we've been hearing for everyone the reforms are not the boss trust and those that they say are to blame for the situation that the country finds itself and i think it's very difficult now moving forward you have a stalemate you have the protestors of the remaining in the streets you have a government who is not going to go anywhere you have an army now that's trying to
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ease the flow on the roads in terms of those protesters blocking them it's putting a lot of pressure on the government the schools are closed the banks are closed the a.t.m.'s are running out of cash there are difficult times ahead here and at the moment certainly nobody knows how those are going to play out stephanie thank you for that for now that stephanie decker with the latest live in tripoli thank you. now egypt says the u.s. has offered to help break the deadlock with ethiopia over a multi-billion dollar dam project on the river construction a 70 percent complete and when it's finished it will provide electricity for ethiopia but egypt is worried the project will reduce its supply of water from the river ethiopia's prime minister says he hopes the goshi ations and conflict. and not conflict will resolve that issue well let's take a look at the dispute that stems from ethiopians decision 8 years ago to build the dam nearly a quarter of a 1000000000 people rely on the nods waters but egypt in sudan claim to have
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exclusive rights to its use and object to anything that might affect the river egypt as warry the dam could affect its vital water sources and uses 20th century treaties by britain to argue its kase ethiopia rejects claims of the queues in cairo of maintaining a colonial era grip over the nile well let's get more on this now we're joined by. senior lecturer in north kiel university and he's joining us from kiel in england very good to have you with us on al-jazeera we don't have many details yet about this meeting proposed by the us egypt has called for an outside party like the u.s. to mediate in this dispute before but promise to act and has said it must be resolved between the 3 parties so do you think he'll also accept this invitation of mediation from the u.s. . it's not clear so far the prime minister of the appeals for can yesterday about this issue at least that's parliament when he was asked this question. and the trooping government's position
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seems to be that this is a problem that needs to be solved by a negotiation between the 3 parties that is. an egypt and the problems are primarily technical and the position of the european governments at least for the last 2 months is that this technical problems primarily house to be discussed with the sri countries they have this group called the national independent scientific group that is tasked with looking at the technical issues so if you have been say that the technical issues used to be discovered that level there are political interventions that are required it has ideas forward to within and among the 3 parties so they're very clear in that sort of policy is not needed and what are the technical issues because they have been numerous attempts to resolve resolve this and all of them unsuccessful so what needs to happen you know to avoid conflict between the 3 countries over the dam.
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so i think the key difference is the only period that is required to feel there is a horse and also the amount of water that ethiopia must release to age it so if spoiled vision is the job it must truly is about certainty 1000000000 cubic meters of water 40000000000 cubic feet of water and you appear to be saying 35000000000 cubic meter if you appear to be proposing to feel that over a period of 4 to 7 years believes that that is. that doesn't serve its interest these are very technical issues but the think they are not solder apart from one another and these are issues that they can solve if there is trust between the 2 countries and i think an important factor here is that this is a very huge project there is very clear political economy in both countries to launch with the project and there is a sense of it on the inside that it's the give sions are basically using this to
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deflect attention from some of the internal problems that is that i didn't go in there and mr al or any challenge that this trust between egypt and ethiopia can be built you know whether to relate as a going to be in such a at this africa russia summit. i think they have to and i don't think you know given the geography of the region i don't think there is any other solution other than the 2 countries sitting together and buells that trusts that is necessary to come to a new push to settlement on this issue military is so lucian is not workable between these 2 countries at times for example by you have to sabotage the building of the dam in different ways i don't think that would work the only way forward for the 2 countries is to sit around the table and to hammer out a deal that works for most countries from a technical point of view it is very possible edge of the union conservative by the
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getting closer but i think they just need to start on the table and work out the differences left out every thank you very much for your time on those that is our ally live in kenya thank you. it's time for the weather now and here's evident with news of stormy weather either side of the mediterranean as yeah that's right lee is certainly not the week to be heading down to the med for some late season sunshine having fights as a result of some very heavy showers down tools that southeastern corner of here we've actually seen more than enough water just around the nile delta will come back to that on the other side of the med this huge area of low pressure has been swirling away for the past couple of days for some very heavy rain into eastern parts of spain has caused widespread flooding up towards catalonia actually in that wetter weather just stretching across the french riviera as we go on through the next couple of days that wetter weather will gradually slide over to wards pushing across corsica and sardinia that what's the weather gradually making its way into italy as we go on through thursday and on into friday surprise as guys do gradually
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come back into spain and portugal madrid around 19 degrees celsius let's push our way back over to the other side of the med and you can just see how little circulation there on the eastern side of the med it has brought some flooding aims to cairo that far north eastern corner of egypt the same thing to run chill downpours big as well live the storms gusty winds winds gusting to around 50 kilometers per hour at times little stronger as we go on through thursday but the wet weather and the windy weather returns for friday liz thank you very much and now still ahead on the news hour benton broken pirates not the only problem in one of the most dangerous waterways in the world and to tell you how an environmental disaster spilled onto the pitch in brazil that's coming up with the jones force.
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the population growth. is increasing pregnancy some woman wants to sell crisco from a pen began introducing family planning interview to your culture in. the challenging task of a fire resistance dish it comes from men when a woman can decide for her blood and how many children she wants it should be in policy but one woman's perseverance is transforming her community women make change on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told the police dogs are out from the pop ups it's up with exclusive interviews using that was in the study and in-depth reports arguably environmentally climate crisis battle many fronts dog leagues better be ocean al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more road winning documentaries and life news.
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it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories emergency services in the u.k. have found 39 bodies in a container truck in essex and southeast england a 25 year old man from northern ireland has been arrested following the discovery the vehicle is believed to have been driven from bulgaria. that u.s. president has called a deal struck between russia and turkey to remove that kurdish fighters from the syria turkey border big success under the agreement by presidents and the law and pollution what p.g. fighters have 150 hours to withdraw at least 30 kilometers deep into syrian
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territory. and bolivian president evo morales said he'll take measures to defend democracy and is confident he will be declared the winner of sunday's election there have been demonstrations across the country after the main opposition candidate carlos mesa rejected the results. now one of the pentagon's top policy officials for ukraine will face the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump in the coming hours lower cooper is expected to be asked about the decision to freeze aid to ukraine it comes after u.s. diplomat william taylor testified for 10 hours as part of an inquiry into whether trump pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival democrats say william taylor has provided the clearest account yet that trump pressure ukraine to investigate joe biden in exchange for military aid well let's get more on this now we're joined by richard pildes as legal expert and co-author of the law of democracy and he's joining us live from new york very
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera so from a legal pest specter of how damaging do you think william taylor's testimony is to president trump. well i think this is among the most damaging pieces of testimony that has been developed so far just from what we know 2 about his opening statement which was released in public which is a very long detailed document and if his testimony is correct and accurate and it's corroborated it very strongly suggests that president trump was withholding u.s. support whether military aid or there's a to the white house to the president of ukraine in return or the president committing in public to investigate joe biden and the company his son served on the board of so this testimony really comes closer than anything we've
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had so far to demonstrating or suggesting strongly a real quid pro quo here i think it is testimony that's very damaging to the president especially if it is corroborated by other witnesses and if it is mr podesta you think that that would be enough for house democrats at least to want to impeach the president. well i think the house democrats have essential already made up their minds that they are going to vote to impeach president trump i think that none of the evidence of that is emerged over the last several weeks has done anything but move them further in that direction so as just a predictive matter politically i would certainly expect that this point that that is what the majority of the house will do we will see how the evidence develops
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over the next several weeks and in the house democrats had already made up their mind that same to the republicans have to in their very strong complaint and the 1st one is that the house hasn't formally even voted to initiate an impeachment inquiry is there an legal requirement for the house to do that there is not as a legal matter the u.s. constitution gives the house what it's called the sole power to pursue impeachment and the supreme court has said that that leaves the house with the power to decide how to organize itself structure itself what processes to use for an impeachment inquiry or investigation now you know as a political matter or dental matter there might be good reasons that the house would vote to actually formally by majority vote indorse the impeachment
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inquiry but it's not legally necessary and of course by the time they get to vote or actual impeachment if they do and specific articles of impeachment that would certainly take a majority of the vote a majority vote of the house to actually be effective and be adopted supposed to thank you very much feel expertise on this we do appreciate it that is such a tone as livening all thank you. thank you elizabeth. now aviation giant boeing says its quarterly earnings have for the more than 50 percent that's due to the ground of the 737 max aircraft after 2 crashes and was $346.00 people were killed boeing says it expects regulatory approval to return the plane to service later this year but the company is also cutting production on the 787 dreamliner the cause of global trade uncertainties. well let's get more on this we're joined now by bailey aviation analyst and he's joining us live from new york and before
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you know we talk about what's next for boeing or how damaging this is do you think that when we say that boeing is going to return the 737 max to service later this year is it ready to. you know i think it's very optimistic in the c.e.o.'s remarks but honestly you know we have to wait and see because the bottom line is the f.a.a. has certified the airplane and make sure it's 100 percent so you've got to fly and right now we just do not have the answer to that question because they have not gone through the whole recertification process so i think we're looking probably january 1st the earliest even when the review is complete it will take about 3 days to get the plane back into schedule service so we're looking at the earliest probably january 1st that's everything goes right would. and in the meantime quarterly earnings have for the more than 50 percent i mean how damaging has
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a lot of the one of the bang for boeing. i mean this is been a horrible boeing $737.00 max the particular aircraft represents about 40 percent of boeing's projected profits so without that airplane. being sold to customers and also to be delivered in flown they're having serious problems not to mention. possible you know criminal charges there's a criminal investigation underway and also lawsuits from the family members of both those crashes they have a lot on their plate and they have a lot of issues that have to be. obviously resolved did they have some good news last week when the world trade organization i think announced that they would be sanctioning boeing's competitor to add us you know that would be deemed as good news and we have to remember too there really are 2 major players in the. commercial airline industry and that's airbus and boeing the bottom line is
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that airplanes are needed i don't think it's going to be that catastrophic in the long run once everything the king sir all worked out you know with the problems and rescript cation is regained i think in the long term things look very optimistic because airplanes are needed in the airline industry and there are only 2 players so in the long time you dasein the line going back to profitability then. yeah i do see that in the long term there is one interesting point here is you know there's been just such a global media attention since march once a plane is flying how was the general flying public going to react are they going to want to fly on the air or on the the airlines that are flying these particular airplanes on specific flights we'll have to wait and see but you know i'm not really overly concerned in the long run i think it will it might be turbulent during the next couple of years but i think in the long run. you know the stock is
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reasonably priced of value right now and i think. long term i think it's a good investment and also good for the company as well as far as profitability goes mr betty thank you very much for your time on this that has caused bailey live in new york thank you thank you. now the u.n. says millions of yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid as tens of thousands of children dying every year from malnutrition we'll be talking to our correspondent mohammed f.m. shortly but 1st his report on the human toll of yemen's conflict and warning it does contain some distressing images. suffers from severe malnutrition his grandmother from the worst she says. died in their long journey from and humans north problems. my grandson has been
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suffering from malnutrition since we were in her region of shock i'm afraid to lose him like strother my son. the medical center in one of the poorest districts and try to do their best a 7 year old severely malnourished to go named hussein made headlines around the world last year was treated here before. and many cases continue to be transferred here it's the only remaining clinic in ops district about 50 kilometers from the saudi border so. it's juta the shortage of medicines and that families around able to have a safe shelter rather than putting food on the table that are behind the deaths of children. working to distribute aid here see the international community need to do more to help displaced by years of war we are trying to make our best but unfortunately what we are making is in addition to the other organizations like the
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united nations on some indios organizations not enough. according to health officials here more than 6000000 children could be. before the beginning of the saudi war in our country there were 500000. it's often from severe malnutrition 1500000 suffer from mild manager she has now we warn that in case the war and if the blockade continues we could lose 6000000 children from severe malnutrition. severe malnutrition and other chronic diseases as a result of thought as a medicine i'm not the only reason behind the high mortality rate among children there's also the war the frequency how do you hear a strikes who's an even more immediate danger and holland is joining us live from santa now unicef have been talking about the status of children in yemen mohammad what are they having saying. yes they have held
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a workshop for 2 days for the yemeni children to aware them about the their human rights especially as the a world celebrates mark the 30th anniversary of the convention of rights of the child the children who are so they have learned of these rights during this workshop we have confirmed there is stressed on their right to live their rights to live in security and stability in their country they have also. drawn paintings and also called during a masses to the united nations secretary general to. to give them these rights in order to live in their country in stability and security and also that the you have the right to get to get access to education as most of these calls there are around 300 schools that have been destroyed by during this
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war and also some of the them have been turned into makeshift centers for displaced people so that if this situation is a difficult for yemeni children this is the wall silly.


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