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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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knesset being given the israeli parliament a further $21.00 days to try to form some kind of a deal some kind of a compromise and there might be more on the table at that stage because that is also the timeline which it's likely to see his decision the attorney general's decision on whether to indict netanyahu or not so that could put further pressure on the israeli prime minister in those very important final few weeks ari force that there from west jerusalem plenty more hate to on the news out including the pentagon official in charge of overseeing defense policy on ukraine testifies before the donald trump impeachment inquiry. but disputed election triggers calls for a strike in bolivia president perales is accusing the opposition of staging a crew to block his victory. and a new date is announced for bus alone as match against real madrid leader will have that and the wrist of the day's sports news.
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publisher investigation is underway in the united kingdom after the bodies of $39.00 people were found in a container truck with more on this and the rest of the news from europe let's cross to mary in the mozzie in our london news center. yes thank you stan britain's prime minister boris johnson has pointed the finger at people traffic has off the bodies were found in a truck which had just arrived in the country police are now trying to track where it came from the discovery was made when the lorry was parked in the town of gray's east of london from where paul brennan now reports. the circumstances of the grim discovery are still uncertain ambulance paramedics were the 1st to be called to the scene the police won't reveal who it was who raised the alarm but it was immediately obvious that the people inside this container lorry were beyond medical help shortly before 1 40 am today we received reports that
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a number of people had been found inside the lorries container at the wall to great industrial park on easton avenue in grace emergency services attended but sadly all 39 people inside the container had died police now believe that the container travelled from zebra to purfleet and docked in the thora carrier shortly after 12 30 am on wednesday morning but they also say that the tractor part of the truck is believed to have originated in northern ireland and the british parliament the prime minister and the leader of the opposition were united in shock and sorrow how this is an unimaginable tragedy and truly heartbreaking i know that the thoughts and prayers of all members are with those who lost their lives and their loved ones i do pay an enormous tribute to the emergency services who've gone to the scene to deal with it all of us who just think for a moment what it's like to be a police officer or a firefighter to open that container and have to remove 39 bodies from it and deal
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with them in a program in an appropriate and humane way what unimaginable horror did the 39 victims and your refrigerator at lawry's are designed to be at tight that those 39 people suffocate in a claustrophobic and terrifyingly inevitable death or did they freeze to death in temperatures below minus 20 degrees celsius. there are echoes of the 2015 tragedy in austria when 71 people suffocated to death in the back of an airtight lorry which the people smugglers had simply abandoned in the august heat. the 25 year old driver of this lorry has been arrested and is being questioned as a potential murder suspect truck itself has now been moved to a secure location the top redox so the bodies can be removed forensically but this investigation is only just beginning and somehow somewhere the families of $39.00 people are going to have to be traced and told of their loved ones fate paul
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brennan. essex all you know his stories are following european union ambassadors have been meeting in brussels to discuss whether to grant the united kingdom another breck's it extension so they're considering a 3 month delay with the u.k. permitted to leave sooner if it can pass the necessary legislation but prime minister boris johnson is saying he'll call a general election before christmas if the u.k. is granted a long extension france is pushing for a shorter timeframe of just days a week officials that you to meet again on friday. now the division has told african leaders he wants to do he wants to more than double the amount that russia trades with them as he welcomed them to a meeting at the black sea resort of sochi but economic ties are not the only thing on the agenda as he tries to exert more influence on the continent many western nations have turned their back on russia is playing catch up china japan and the e.u. will been meeting africa for years last year russian exports to africa hit $20000000000.00
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whereas chinese exports to the continent with $205000000000.00 so how exactly then does moscow plan to boost its influence well the 1st thing is debt putin announced that he'll write off more than $160000000.00 for ethiopia is part of russia's debt for development program mozambique madagascar and tanzania have already benefited russia is also increasing its defense relationships on the continent since 2014 minutes cooperation agreements have been signed with 19 african countries and then moscow is offering nuclear power technology construction of the continent's 1st nuclear plant will begin in egypt next year funded by a russian led bomb and is a fellow at the russia international affairs council he says moscow's looking to project power where western states have pulled back what russia wants is to position itself on the african map because we're seeing how a lot of actors or withdrawn from the continent the the french the americans are playing a lesser role in the continent now but at the same time we see that other emerging
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powers such as china are really kind of becoming huge in africa so i think russia is kind of doing as its own extent is jumping on that bandwagon joining china on the one hand but on the other hand i think russia feels that it's it's it's it has outgrown its its role in the post i read union state is space in the history of europe in the middle east and i think russia is looking to fill that void that a lot of traditional powers are living in africa that requires obviously a lot of political pushing that also requires a lot of business at times as well. wolf london later on now back to stand in doha . thank you are going to take you to chile now where anti-government protests a being described as the worst to hit the country in nearly 30 years at least 18 people have been killed in the past 2 weeks a curfew and a state of emergency have been imposed originally there was anger over a hike in royal prices and now protesters saying they're fighting government
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oppression president sebastian pinera has apologized in an address to the nation and promised to tackle growing inequality joins us live from santiago what impact has that apology had and how much determination is there still my will to continue this protest. stan it's hard to know exactly how much impact the speech that the president gave on tuesday evening has had in calming the hearts of people here in the chilean capital there's a lot of momentum behind these demonstrations and as you mentioned already in your introduction this unrest began over a hike in the fare for the metro but it's since evolved into a whole series of demands and complaints from all sectors of society across the city which by the way right now where you are in a part of town where you can see a lot of traffic it's only the middle of the afternoon rush hour is come a couple of hours early these are long lines of people thousands of people that are trying to get back to their homes ahead of
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a potential curfew there's been 4 nights of curfew there hasn't been one announced for this evening yet but people are scrambling to get home to avoid potentially being arrested for a curfew violation and there's really 2 worlds here this sort of semblance of normalcy in this part of town but if you go to class there's clashes taking place right now as we speak between demonstrators and police and even for us we've had to actually take a step back to get out of the situation we don't want to be and getting hit by tear gas water cannons rubber bullets there have been several members of the press that have been injured from projectiles launched by police there's also a lot of hostility from certain radical elements of these protests that are very distrustful of the media and have and have also injured and attacked members of the press so there's a little of everything here but whether or not that speech that the president gave yesterday has done enough to calm the minds i think there's still a lot of anger on the streets there's a lot of resentment against what people are saying is a rejection of the political system not just not not just
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a series of policies but the entire traditional political system of chile stan. thank you so much for that one hour one of the pentagon's top policy officials for ukraine is appearing before the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump laura cooper is lucky to be questioned about the decision to freeze to ukraine it's a diopter acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor testified that troubled as a condition that ukraine investigate his rival joe biden before releasing the republican politicians have tried to stop the impeachment inquiry into president trump more than 2 dozen members assembled outside the secure room where cooper is testifying to hold a short news conference attacking the hearing before pushing it to the committee room bringing the session to a halt. castro is live for us in washington d.c. and testimony of course comes after ambassador tieless testimony which is being described as potentially the most damaging yet to president. that's
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exactly how democrats are describing yesterday's explosive testimony from william cooper stan and in fact he did lay out a detailed and compelling case that appears to connect the dots on what is an explicit quid pro quo that the us president demanded of ukraine to investigate his political adversaries in exchange for a visit to the white house and for the $400000000.00 worth of security aid that have already been promised to ukraine and william taylor lay this out in specific conversations with individuals that he names in his testimony who it converse directly with the president and so for the 1st time we're seeing trump personally implicated in these discussions at taylor said that learning of this he was both astonished any found it dangerous to be endangering the lives of ukrainians as he
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put it in his opening statement by not giving them the security assistance which they needed to defend themselves against russia he said this also endangered u.s. foreign policy by emboldening and empowering russia during a time when the relationship between ukraine with its newly elected president and the united states was at a critical moment and that's why he said he texted to fellow u.s. ambassadors that he thought it was crazy this was in real time as it was happening he said it was crazy to withhold security assistance for help for the president's own reelection campaign now taylor is a well respected career professional who served under presidents of both parties he's not being attacked for being partisan and democrats are calling his testimony the most damning yet in their impeachment inquiry and they're hoping that today's testimony from laura cooper who is the 1st pentagon official to be speaking to investigators and who oversaw the disbursement of this aid to ukraine they hope
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that she can fill in. even more of these gaps stan. castro live for us in washington d.c. we're 2 associates of president trump's personal lawyer who are linked to that ukraine scandal of pleaded not guilty to charges of violating u.s. campaign finance laws live potus and igor freeman a close friends of former new york mayor rudy giuliani the russian born business men were arrested earlier this month they're accused of helping funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of a ukrainian government official into the u.s. political system. let's go to lebanon now where protesters are blocking roads across the country that's as part of a 7th day of demonstrations the army is trying to reopen mine routes demonstrations continue despite the government approving i'm president and economic reforms purchased as a calling for complete political change saying hold on reports from by rivers. they try to reclaim the streets but the people stood their ground lebanon's army
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has been ordered by politicians to open roads across the country the same politicians these lebanese want gone there were skirmishes a few injuries but at the end the military took a step back they're trying to intimidate the seriousness. thing that by a show of force we're going to back up people are going to be afraid to come and actually publish the opposite all of us rushed early on instead of coming at like 5 or 6 pm for a party this is the main highway connecting the capital beirut to north lebanon protesters have been blocking roads in the hope of pressuring the government to resign prime minister saad and heidi who said protests will be tolerated in squares ordered the security forces to clear the streets he has ordered stop process as all this. is he's seeing that the people there are not using any violence they are so peaceful it's not clear if the presence of cameras stop the soldiers
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from using excessive force but not long after the army command issued a statement making it clear daily life must not be disrupted people chant revolution revolution we want the fall of the regime protesters are still very much defiant they are refusing to leave the streets it seems levanon will witness a for a long period of unrest if the lebanese government refuses to resign. the governing coalition has not been able to write off the protest movement which has spread. it is now entering its 2nd week. my son graduates next year and all he thinks about is leaving lebanon he can't find a job here i don't want my children to leave i want those in power to return the money they stole. for decades protests like these were ineffective because the majority of the lebanese people allied themselves with one political group or another that may change hard it's different now the people on the street and when
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we're talking specifically about people who are affiliated politically and maybe still affiliated but it's clear but they want to hold their parties accountable maybe they didn't do it during the elections they are doing it now on the street no one can pretend to represent the street today the protesters are trying to seize their country from politicians who have been in power for decades now they have overcome sectarian and political divides and are controlling the streets this is the 1st time lebanon's political leaders face such a serious challenge but that may change if the army chooses to protect those in power set up for their beirut. was on al jazeera. says congress this time to defend the launch of a digital currency. presidential. mobile is accused of misleading investors about the true cost of climate change. a 20 year old stars in
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the 1st of this year's world series leaders will be here with the reaction inspired . how i once again we've seen some rather heavy write in c. parts of the middle east recently and as is often the case here in this part of the world where the ground is dry we have seen some flooding this is the same in cairo actually on she's day off may we have had some disruption as a result solve the a west the weather pushing for many flights cancelled once but destruction on the road wet weather just lingering around cyprus that eastern side of the med as we go on through stay classy stretches across northern parts of syria will then essential parts of iraq northern areas of iraq could see some showers longest spells of fright over the next couple of days that went to weather a cloudy weather pushing
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a little further south as we go through friday and that is by friday you could see some wet weather just pushing back towards the sinai peninsula for the arabian peninsula it is looking like the fine and dry temperatures here in a pleasant so $334.00 celsius say with the next couple days not a bit of cloud there pushing into northern parts of the gulf could catch a little bit of right on that but otherwise it's lotty blue skies all the way but skies for good parts of southern africa as well but we have got some gray skies some cloud pushing across the southern type at the moment possible to see sweater weather coming in on that and that's all making its way from west towards the east . strangers from across new york with a claim in common abuse at the hands of a prominent priest not short of rows back to dance to grab hopefully handles but to stop the pain just so there's an inch fold lines gains exclusive access to the
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accusers and questions the accused how long do you think the cardinal dolan will contain protect you as more men come out in the latest chapter in a scoundrel that shaken the catholic church to its foundations in bad faith on a just a you know. the nature is numerous as it breaks into this month that started peacefully but the major confrontation just. those with details coverage. will be heading down to 110 meters which is so deep that only have 15 minutes on the seabed from around the wild the remains of jamal may never be found if they still exist yet his legacy lives on.
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump says washington will lift sanctions imposed on turkey following its offensive targeting turkish forces in northern syria this comes after russia struck a deal with turkey to secure the withdrawal of kurdish forces and have joint patrols emergency services in the u.k. have found 39 bodies in the container truck in essex in southeast england a 25 year old man from northern ireland has been arrested following these discoveries. that he government protests in chile of being described as the worst to hit the country in nearly 30 years at least 18 people have been killed in the past 2 weeks a curfew and a state of emergency has been imposed. the runner up in believe year's presidential election is calling for permanent protests unless a 2nd round election is held early
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a president claimed victory is likening opposition protests to a coup he appears to have a 9 percent lead over talas missile. a coup is in progress the right has prepared itself with international help for a coup i want them to know that the bolivian people have put up with this with patience to avoid violence we haven't confronted them and we never will but the bolivian people are in a peaceful state of emergency to defend democracy we're just waiting for the electoral cry benaud to inform us but i'm almost certain with the rural votes we're going to win in the 1st round. let's go to john homa now live from the paws in bolivia. you are with the zion understand the production and supporters there who have been out on the streets.
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yes exactly you could put it right there to me they just started marching now down one of the main avenues in the past basically that what they saying to us is this is a president who's made the economy grow that's my poverty decrease the lady was telling us has given a voice to the voiceless the many different indigenous parts in the people in bolivia and befool evill moralise there was something akin to discrimination fool those sorts of people in this country serve minding about what he's done for the country during his time in power but i did awesome what about the fact that on sunday there was elections results study coming out indicating a 2nd round then there was a 24 hour of polls in which there was no information and when the vote count started up again it seemed to be that we were heading towards a straight out victory forevermore ollie's does the opposition have a point that this doesn't look good and what they tell me is that kahless message
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which is true was even before this vote he's the main opposition challenge just saying that he suspected that there was going to be fraud so for them devaluates his criticism and they remind that he was the interim president that was in charge be full president evill morale is a time that was difficult in bolivia's history where that would disturbances and where there were civilian deaths so that's the view from the pro-government protesters hit there's also an opposition protest that would be going to a little bit later on and obviously their view is that this is a deeply not transparent process in which that the vote counts been frozen a couple of times and we still haven't got that full vote count and they said. but that's because the government's manipulating the figures as we heard from president ever more or less he's already come out and said that he thinks he's going to win. john thank you for that facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg is appearing in front of the u.s.
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congressional committee again this time to defend the upcoming launch of a digital currency members of the house financial services committee concerned the system could disrupt the global financial system threaten users privacy and facilitate money laundering facebook announced its plans in june to launch a crypto currency called libera which could be used to pay for goods online and send money world wide there are more than a 1000000000 people around the world who don't have access to a bank account but could through mobile phones if the right system existed and that includes more than 14000000 people right here in the u.s. being shut out of the financial system has real consequences for people's lives and it's often the most disadvantaged people who pay the highest price people pay far too high a cost to have to wait far too long to send money home to their families abroad the current system is failing them the financial industry is stagnant and there is no digital financial and architecture to support the innovation that we need i
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believe that this problem can be solved and leiber can help. well lamont black is in the system professor of finance the poor university of chicago and he joins us now professor black nice to have you with us i want to start with a quote from mark socket bill you said i get on not the ideal messenger for this of course given the questions that he's faced before about privacy and security on facebook is that the problem here he's dealing with the legacy of his own company in the last though the lack of trust. yeah i think it's unfortunate that the focus is really on facebook itself and many of the issues that they've had worth data and privacy because i think libra has a significant potential but i think the other major concern is the regulation of this new type of currency and whether we want that to be coming from a big tech firm like facebook or whether this is something that needs to come from
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the banking system itself i think you know digital currency is coming but it's not clear that facebook is going to get approval to be the 1st mover in this area so it is sense what you're saying there is that the genie is out of the bottle it is the technology that will lead the way he had that here are the questions around it how do you provide security how does it affect national sovereignty because this is something that is transnational it doesn't observe borders what do you do about questions of crime in a sense the technology is ahead of the regulators isn't it. that's right and so if you think about the u.s. dollar or the u.s. payment system you know this is the most trusted form of money on the planet and so i think u.s. regulators are very cautious about allowing a u.s. tech firm to start innovating in this space and so we have all these regulations and money laundering bank secrecy act that banks have to comply with and so until
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facebook can really establish that same level of security i don't think they're going to get that approval and so my prediction is that will eventually have to leave the united states that this innovation will take place in other areas but you know it is it is a currency that can function in particular between 2 people on a mobile phone and i think this is the direction money has been moving more using this innovation in other parts of the world and so i think it's just a matter of time it how much of this is a step along the because we know that mobile banking has been around people that have been able to to my transactions from any part of the wool but what he's talking about he has something significantly different cryptocurrency that he's global that of course has the infrastructure and support the backing of facebook and particularly when it comes to the poor he's saying effectively as the champion of the poor here that there are great benefits for people who does have bank
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accounts alucard afford bank fees to what extent does this is systems people. yeah i think that's a legitimate argument especially for people outside the u.s. so in countries that don't have well established banking systems you know people have to rely on other forms of money i think in paste in africa is a good example of money that functions on mobile phones and so the real advantage of crypto currency is twofold one you don't need a bank account to use it and secondly it can be transferred across borders because it's not reliant on in the individual sovereign currency so for any sort of cross a border payments or for areas where people do not have these types of bank accounts so he's really emphasize financial access you know i think that has great potential but until they resolve the security issues you know people have to trust these types of new systems before they're really going to use them because of like
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appreciate your insights thank you so much for joining us. boeing says its quarterly profits a full of more than 60 percent and that's due to the grounding of the 737 max aircraft after 2 crashes killed $346.00 people boeing says it expects regulatory approval to return the plane to service light of this year it the company is also cutting production of the 7 nights of a dreamliner because of global trade uncertainties. did exxon mobil mislead investors about the financial risks of climate change that's the charge in an unprecedented trial against the oil and gas giant that's underway in new york demonstrators gathered outside the court where the fraud case is being heard the start climbs the company downplayed the impact regulations would have on the cost of its projects making them sane less risky and more valuable to investors of the company denies wrongdoing claims the accusations are politically motivated will
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divert bookbinder yes' and all for a lawyer in chief counsel that the this can and center which is a think tank based in washington d.c. and he joins us from there now thank you so much for years on when i hear about this case what springs to mind immediately is you know the cases against big tobacco for instance who lied about the impact of cigarette smoke that cigarette would not cause cancer cigarettes were good for your health is this fully into that same category that. climate change is not exactly going to have the impact that it might have climate changes anyway look at the cold weather around the world and so on. no this is not a case about exxon's knowledge about climate change or what it told the world about climate change this is a case about what exxon said it was doing in terms of evaluating future investments the action in this case is all from 2010 and forward
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it does not have anything to do with exxon's historical knowledge it is simply what numbers was it using to tell the public we are of value weighting or oil and gas investments in light of future regulatory and pricing costs and the sides are disagreeing about which numbers they were using and which numbers they were telling the public now when a like this where it ends up to be very different where do you see this leading what more could it reveal well documents lead to documents and it's possible that in looking at the documents that exxon was using in 2010 and since then it might lead back to documents concerning what exxon knew about climate change decades ago it really depends on what's in those pieces of paper and they've produced millions of pages of documents to the new york
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state attorney general's office we're just going to have to see what the attorney general's office puts into evidence at the trial that of course we have makes a model saying this is politically motivated is there any any validity in in their argument. well exxon is always saying that anybody suing them for anything is politically motivated that's nothing new the proof is simply going to be what the judge decides was exxon misleading investors by saying look at the big price we're anticipating and we judge all of our future investments by this very big price. when in fact it was using a much smaller price or as exxon says we weren't telling them that we were telling them something completely different we were not trying to mislead them at all we
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had $2.00 prices one of them was internal for specific projects and evaluations and the other the public one that we use the high price has nothing to do with that sort of evaluation and no one should have been misled into thinking it did. it's a pleasure to have you on the program so thank you again the good news is on well u.s. democratic senator is blimey don't trump the poor diplomacy in solving a diplomatic route in the middle east chris murphy says trump's lexapro is towards a dispute between gaza and 4 arab nations led to a stalemate saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt cut diplomat he can trade ties with qatar in 2017 claiming doha supported terrorism qatar has denied those claims elsewhere in the middle east things are falling apart fast due mostly to the trumpet ministrations incompetence it started with his nonsensical fracture of relations between saudi arabia and another key u.s.
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gulf ally cutter it was the kind of disruption that frankly would normally be papered over and fixed by a competent us administration probably in days but 3 years later these 2 countries saudi arabia and qatar still aren't talking largely because we did nothing to fix it. there have been protests across ethiopia. activist accused of creating division between the country's ethnic groups and says he security detail was removed in the middle of the in a plot to assassination. in the city of adama that's about 100 kilometers east of. security forces with protesters resulting according to local officials and at least 2 deaths and this is the other harrar in the east another death was reported in at least 400 mostly ethnic young men gathered outside.


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