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tv   The Bottom Line 2019 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2019 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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yes and i'm going to. just. turn to our guy we have a guy but he was just i was falling down when are we were like you were so i wasn't the guy my love for him but like one up early. but now i thought i hung on with hope i would you know that i've got i thought oh no not michael. vick. i've got something. different i mean we cannot know what. this recent article had to look like it would come about. that a lot of the city would be good none of them. were not in the end i was there will go to one of them coming.
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to. the in. the i. kind of family i have an. idea. where they're out there
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which is a. lot of. though it one of the 2 that it would do and one of which i want to simply go i had i thought i have a see a month 10 month madama give me of the man up and it isn't a good one good will win an argument in the with what the government said it will happen it will begin it's a very limited to done it up to do that now goes on to this month he would get in on the side this it would hit my book to loosen up well that it was going to get up and he said that it would end up about something new and doesn't have to happen but you know i thought us when they got what you said let it was my cause i'm gonna say but to give a check up that's not what i'm sounding like because i'm not some of them hungry but you get it i wasn't there but you shall cut it down as i was good to get but there were. a lot of the to heaven it was a big winner but the i was but trnava taking my daughter to have to do. it just so
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much of them as i never did outward lungful of them but that's the other one of. the to done it. was she'll make a name on him good luck will make one of my own to get someone to look in finally a little bit will do any good living on the. magic somewhere but push oh don't get.
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lisa mullins. it's a little. lower. legs are lucky. enough to lift themselves rather than let them. have a moment of not going to. get. larry but at least l. o. lol.
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lol. this was billeted salad that i gave him 1st day making me make no bones about it if you go fish and we never don't play around with film with so little freedom. for the good of the city national didn't want us to feast. our. eye.
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on. the. either. way i have idea. i don't think every yappin thing that i do yeah but i have to. have much more than i value you know my. national time for. the local petition. also mail so from the i am single still. pay down 100 that can. go to. the book.
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between 4500. 000-0001. but not. so. good at. getting good money no bigger than i can make even though you might even get. to see that i'm a feminist. my. second book the ha ha ha. ha.
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ha ha ha ha. that's why for not having. a. gala the only thing. because florida gave filling the. booty they were taking off but it. gets i'll give you something a lot of them have. to take you to. money on but i thought. it was a shock to see. if.
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it would stick. stick to the old but i didn't. dismiss it i don't think. any piece by my financial aid has. been to tell. how much of it is. down by 50 cent and damned if. i. can't. take a. hit.
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and if i. oh. oh. oh. so much if it were so the fact this. is so cool with that because of the. long pole. you want to put. people. like.
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you. getting. to. work and i'm like a. minute or not you know sitting in front of the pentagon. doing a funny thing or why did i get so excited. because of what a bit of a. minute you know that is to say does not get us out of atlanta back to school because a lot of the lack of the manager positive was very much
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a private pilot flying along the lucilla. when he was. one of the men of the gist of this. good. morning. to. you. or. your. going to be.
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the 1st. to go i must take. you. up on a little bit. i hope you. know the number. you.
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well that's one of the. only clue to give it a good clip at that. point is a good school freedom then i told him it was it ok there goes with that ok but that's a. menace kill certain apparently occurred around us. a one time glamorous picture house for the rich and famous of hollywood now shelters the poor unforgotten of downtown south holland. carving out a life in the ruins of the abandoned building residents reinvent the movies and
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themselves escaping their reality and reliving the former glory of cinema. a witness documentary on how dizzy are one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it as you know it's very challenging live but it is but the fear because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver individualism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. to strangers from across new york with a claim in common abuse at the hands of a prominent priest and a shot of rose back in jan to grab hopefully handles blood to start again just to design its fault lines gains exclusive access to the accusers and questions the
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accused how long do you think the cardinal dolan will continue. protect you as more men come out in the latest chapter in a scandal that shaken the catholic church to its foundations in bad faith on a jersey. swear every. hello i'm going to toss here today and with the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has ended sanctions against turkey saying that i'm cause of fence of against kurdish forces in northern syria is over and as turkish and russian troops take over territory previously patrolled by the u.s.
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trump said it was time that someone else fight over this blood stained sand white house correspondent complete health that reports he promised a withdrawal but on wednesday u.s. president donald trump announced that some american troops will remain in syria trump says a u.s. brokered cease fire between turkey and kurdish fighters known as the s.d.f. was a success as a result u.s. sanctions opposed on turkey earlier this month are no war so the sanctions will be lifted or less something happens that we're not happy with. trump left open the possibility there could still be new sanctions and tariffs on steel exports from turkey to the united states the invitation for president recha tie of error to one to visit the white house next month is also still on for now trump says it may happen in the meantime he says america's work in syria is mostly done we have done
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them a great service and we've done a great job for all of them and now we're getting out let someone else fight over this long blood stayed and sand truck fired back at critics abroad pushing them to pick up where america has left off he wants washington's allies to help detain eisel fighters and repatriate them to their home countries. but trump syria policy faces domestic criticism in the u.s. congress even from within his own republican party senator mitch mcconnell is promising bipartisan legislation to push trump to cancel air to ones white house visit and halt the u.s. troop drawdown. we shouldn't need to speak up we cannot effectively support our partners on the ground without a military presence the democratic senate leader fears u.s.
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actions will have grave consequences for kurdish fighters fought alongside u.s. forces to defeat eisel he's particularly concerned with reports the united states withdrawal has now allowed some eisel fighters to escape the president's incompetence with 3rd one in syria has handed isis a get out of jail free card and put simply put american lives in danger well it was about foreign policy president trumps white house address was geared to a domestic audience already campaigning for reelection president trump is keen to show he's keeping a campaign promise withdrawing u.s. soldiers from a generation of war kimberly hellcat al jazeera the white house well the change of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces has thanked moscow for its work to end hostilities in northern syria and a video conference with russia's defense minister says that he does discuss the
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progress of the deal announced by russia and turkey on cheese day. the south korean prime minister and his japanese counterparts have met in tokyo at a time of heightened tension not john and they have agreed that strained relations need to be mended it's the highest level meeting since tokyo introduced export controls on materials that are crucial to the south korean tech industry and that was in response to souls demands for compensation from japan for wartime forced labor. bolivia's opposition leader is calling for mass protests to continue unless a runoff is held carlos messer says he has evidence of electoral fraud in sunday's presidential vote president evo morales has denounced the opposition demonstrations as a crew and anti-government protests in chile have become some of the biggest and most violent in nearly 30 years at least 18 people have been killed in the past 2 weeks . a police investigation is underway in the united kingdom after the bodies of that
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$109.00 people were found in a container truck in a town east of london the driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder well those are the headlines and next up on al-jazeera it's circle of poison stay with us. the environment doesn't know any boundaries you know dust and pollution from china settles in the us you know nuclear radiation from chernobyl went over iceland. what goes up into the environment goes around the world and ultimately this then
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layer of topsoil. maybe 6 inches of soil around this hard planet spinning in space represents the dust of our ancestors all human history and all the other creatures are in that soil and to contaminate that and the water supply in the air is an unforgivable sin it's something that will pay for as a species. in generations to come this senate agriculture committee is considering a bill that would ban the export of dangerous pesticides farm workers from abroad told lawmakers yesterday of devastating health problems from exposure to chemicals made by american companies coast to reagan former morio zimbardo used to grow bananas for export to america until he believes the pesticides sprayed on the plants made him and 800 other workers and. he told a senate committee there were times when he virtually bathed in a chemical that u.s. companies and officials knew could render men impotent if a chemical is banned or unlicensed as too dangerous to use in america should it be
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morally wrong to export it somewhere else aside from morality many experts believe americans are eating these pesticides can produce grown over see the so-called circle of poison. we know the circle poison really started for me years before when i was in the peace corps in afghanistan and my wife and i were in this little remote northern town called tahlequah on has absolutely nothing to do there and. we were. board and one day we picked up some food from the american embassy when we were in kabul and she was reading the ingredients on the kool-aid packet that she'd gotten which shows there was a lot of greed in telecom and she said holy cow there's cycle mates in the us i said wait they're banned about the us government how could a banned substance end up in a poor country like afghanistan and so that started the investigation where i
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started to realize that systematically anything that was banned or heavily regulated or restricted to run registered in the us was being allowed by the us government and in fact encouraged to be sent overseas almost as compensation for the companies from losing the us market. be. the least to say except pushed on the grounds that it's a very modern way to do. i remember. years ago reading a book that india is on to develop because it doesn't use pesticides and we've made poisons the measure of progress and catalytic this it's called god some countries it is so beautiful it has some of the best health indicators in the
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world. 100 percent literacy and you go and spray poison. you know as a way to get any so. you actually got us in the world. for certain categories or when you need to use the 1st response in our past him back to her a series on animals. we have the disappearing of the dogs doing the chickens dying snakes dying in the in the in the planet media. initially the people were really happy because the snakes are dying the cause of dying so the nobody will know your
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color will come and catch you if you can so you're happy you can walk in the plantation freely because all the snakes are gone but in a year's time they found that the chicken is also disappearing. to your spine bank they found that they can no longer keep dogs because the dogs again. suddenly you have back to disagree on human beings and when the impact became physically human beings like. the one we call brain in demand. people born with old limbs in certain cases people born with their you will and then there are things outside the body you named the human disorder which can happen to a body you see in constable. n.b. actually bend down and then start to understand the issue of. this is that and aside from the local community generally they were not. there in fact it's a place that can pass the left and there is no source of other source of pollution in that area because except for standing in each city that are so not initial every
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discussed debated basis at. when we started collecting the information they said only you realize that now these things can happen. probably the signs and symptoms was in really early ninety's like 919293 that's going to be here by someone it was like we do going to some child born with something but we see a lot of new ones born with you know toxic effects the child is not exposed but their parents are exposed and the children are born with before that is happening today. in the cashew plantations of india dr new shot and his mobile medical team visit survivors of one of the worst pesticide disasters in the world. for the transition here or full of cases. here also it's sort of spread by the end
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of. the. then. and he didn't move. and i look i've you know saturday. i would go online to. anyone that. very. strange i mean i. really didn't. they were a bit of a shock and really very little then the police then that you can run. after but. that. not having no. development. like. that some days.


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