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i mean if it's a bigger question which it is or is or. islamic phobia in this country of course the word is yours or it's me it's been well my. kids say he just didn't say. any more comfortable asking yeah i mean it's so interesting on camera that he's really having a somatic response yet in this moment to the discomfort of knowing something and hiding it and also yeah not being forthright about something as we saw it was it was like things are kind of coming out of it yes yes really coming out of us chasseur is pretty incredible thing to capture on camera actually when you know someone's not telling the truth in their words but another truth is coming out in their body and there's so much. i think the other the other problem here is that he said if there had been crimes covered that would have been justified and the question becomes well what if your crime is your identity what if your crime is
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that you are now complicating this american narrative of color blindness the fairness of justice regardless of race or religion and the fact is. part of the consequence or perhaps the goal of this type of surveillance is to continue to isolate communities and keep them outside of what is deemed american and so even if we think about well what happens to a community the psychological impact ultimately the impact becomes disconnection it becomes lack of cohesion lack of safety i mean these are fundamental human rights for safety and if you believe and there is evidence that proves you are not safe in your own home right just imagine how destabilizing and how distressing that becomes on a daily basis and you know it really begs the question what if that is the goal is to continue to keep us so destabilize that we cannot organize that we cannot really
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think about how to come together and address sort of the disparities and how citizenship is conceived of in this country and so i think there's something very orwellian about you know even this idea that you know perhaps this is this is an isolated incident perhaps this is just sort of you know almost almost the canta like a conspiracy theory and it is so common if you know the history of america that i think that we need to do a better job of one speaking about the impact and the pain that it causes and the long lasting affects of this type of surveillance seaman's that is so common on our problem i want to bring the senate i'll give it to you because miller mentioned that this is so common given our history the history of this country and so it brought us to this tweet just just tweeted a couple minutes ago she writes let's remember that the f.b.i. also had surveillance on martin luther king jr it's almost like they want to say that we as people of color can't be trusted so this idea of not being trusted leads me to this tweet that i want to give you all of our precious have and says i agree
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with the analysis that about paranoia it's definitely cause to provoke fear and for what something that wasn't even there so this idea paranoia can you talk about what that's like when you know it's you're not being paranoid these are things that are actually happening but the psychological impact on you in your community causes this kind of feeling. yeah i think that's where we started this discussion i think you know one of the less interest and part of this experience that we don't reckon with is is really the kind of psychological trauma that the community is that that i represent that us here has as. pages such a beautiful picture of her film go through so the experience for so many muslims when these kinds of programs are revealed is not it's not shock it's just the kind of validation and assurance that comes from recognizing that you're not actually crazy for seeing the things that you see and feel in the way that you feel about it
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but it certainly does create a level of paranoia that i think. you know people should not take take lightly if the experience for so many people of color for example muslim community members when dealing with other members of their community is one of fear because they don't know whether or not proximity to that person brings them within the sweep of a terror. surveillance program or because as as again as we uncover in some of our litigation law enforcement agencies are in the practice of putting individuals in mosques for the specific purpose of striking up pretextual conversations to suss out people's political opinions then you really start to tear at the fiber of what holds a community together away from and i'd like to help you what kind of a brief explain to people what we're doing in terms of litigation because you don't have to like to ask you don't have to just take the surveillance that always to actually push back with something that is the freedom of information at you while using one order to push back against some of the surveillance the last one has been
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doing and it's just i prefer so we want to sound more like a context sure you know and i think some point to recognize that there are legal tools out there in. sort of impose to turn the gaze back on the government and force them to reveal some of the things that they're doing but the purpose of that let's be really clear the purpose of that is the arm activists and organize. there is and people who are trying to build power in communities to resist the law is not the answer to these things right so one of these that comes out of the freedom of information act process and the center for constitutional rights has an open records project that does this is to help people understand that here's the way the government actually is is operating in your communities and you need to know that so that you can ask the right questions protect activists that are are out there taking on immense risk to to raise an indispensable voice in support of justice and and dignity so there are some legal tools but but really it's the work of the organizers and activists and then the cultural workers like like us in this
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instance that moments in the film the truly scary you take us for what it's like to be in your community and just having conversations and your mom was talking about is there a bug underneath the table in the end that speed bump that was just put outside if you have actually outside the house and you're thinking i know they put that there for a reason at some times we don't know as of us whether you have power in order whether there was something absolutely happening but that all times when we know for certain that people are trying to scare people pain the f.b.i. have a look at the scope everybody. someone must. go i did not go out in the bucket in this need bob get into a game to come and share the good stuff i'm only on the getting between me.
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and i'm on. i want what happened. you know martin my god. and then a magician to mean you don't ask him who are you. want. i'm on. ok i just took a picture i'm sending it to your whatsapp look at it look at it and tell me if that's him i mean this picture is about maybe for 12 years old. oh my god you're going to see it in. a little glimpse of what it is like to live in the bush faith community and that isn't going back to the ninety's that was just recently. clips like that makes you understand why there is suspicion and mistrust and that is what's represented in the video comment we got from hamas on a man who talks about a problem when it comes to authorities and muslim american communities have a listen i think one of the main reasons that the muslim community has such
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suspicion when dealing with government agencies is because since 911 while the government has systematically cracked down on our civil liberties and civil rights it has used suppose that partners and representatives and leaders from the community against the community and in the process circumvented the actual chosen leadership to become unity that voice our authentic concerns and so if the government wants to have an authentic relationship with the community it needs to deal with our chosen leaders and respond to our actual local concerns. so i see when it comes to having that authentic relationship i'll bring up the term that i brought up at the beginning of the show no child for f.b.i. how do you go about having that authentic relationship and explain what that handle means yeah i think so no child for f.b.i. . it's actually a line from the film one of the amazing young people in our community came to one of our town halls and said it and she stood up in
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a town hall and said this and she meant when the f.b.i. come to your door you don't have to open the door and let them in and serve them tea and prove to them that you're a good american citizen and look at about nothing to hide that this idea of you know respectability politics this idea of presenting ourselves as a good american citizens and that is what will keep us safe from these types of profiling and investigations is actually a fallacy and that's what that notion of be i stands for and you know it's also this idea you know there's a lot of pushback in our community also that like we can't be letting the f.b.i. in through the front door of the mosque while they're still sneaking in through the backdoor that you know our engagement with law enforcement as a muslim community cannot be won rooted in this idea of respect to realty politics which so that you know as long as you have a seat at the table that's alright let me show you audience some of the community i'll come right to really what to you will i do about healing but i want to show our audience something 1st of all these are the kind of groups that have been
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surveilled by the f.b.i. since 2010 many more than this but let me show you here black activists muslim americans palestinian sympathises a polish ice protest as occupy wall street protest this and simonton is republican national convention protesters hope all coming under the watchful eye of the f.b.i. when you watch this intently and intensely how do you manage one of the coping strategies how do you heal as a community or as a group. well one thing that i really am hoping that we can time to do together as a community is come up with a better term than paranoia and you know i've been thinking about this idea of almost like a justified resilient almost clairvoyant knowing and so it's that intuition that has contributed to our ability to survive and to thrive even in the midst of heavy surveillance and monitor ting for decades and so i think there's so much stigma
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attached to the word paranoia or even suspicion when so many of the activities that we are experiencing are invisible to those who may not have this kind of awareness or history and so i think you know to talk about what is our justified knowing right how are we able to assess our environment and really able to determine what is going to be harmful for us and part of the healing process is this acknowledgment and this affirmation that what we have experienced over the decades one is painful it's hurtful it is in and of itself a betrayal of what it means to be an american citizen or to be a human being citizenship aside and so when you are constantly as a community under this kind of monitoring and suspicion and targeting and marginalization it's very overtly and implicitly shifts the way you interact with the world and with each other and if our strengths are greatest strength is our
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community bonds this surveillance really serves to disrupt and to fray and to have those bonds disintegrate to the point where we're immobilized and so the healing process you know in my view is to come together and you know what would what would it mean for communities of american muslims and for those who are sympathetic to the palestinian cause and environmental activist to comp the other in one room and to say how i'm feeling about this well you know all of the legal absolutely new. that you might like to push act but work hard. for us to be able to address the underlying issue you know merely your connection is breaking up a little bit better but i think your permanent point came across in the idea of healing and what to do to go about that i want to endure a conversation with this comment from a former f.b.i. agent who reached out to the stream this is my german who says too often in our history the government has used the interest of national security to justify
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undermining security the truth is that one community has rights are violated not of our rights are secure thank you or if i guess that cam my laptop you can see the feeling of being watched on p.b.s. if you're in the united states i don't witness allowed to syria next small and so watching everybody take. al-jazeera. where every. strangers from across new york with a claim in common abuse at the hands of a prominent priest and a shot of rows back and doesn't grab hopefully handles blood to stop the pain just so there's a full kline's gains exclusive access to the accusers and questions the accused how
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long do you think that cardinal dolan will continue to protect you as more men come out in the latest chapter in a scandal that shaken the catholic church to its foundations in bad faith on a jersey you go. out series to for coverage the same as any feelings watching i think or points see africa as it is. a replay of the. same way if we take our time getting to know the people we meet the fellow jews are exploiting a convoy of vehicles the road if they see in the cross funnels ousts they're reading about telling stories ultimately it's not just about al-jazeera it's about the people who tell the stories about. a one time glamorous picture house for the rich and famous of honey world now shelters the poor unforgotten of downtown south holland. carving out a life in the ruins of the abandoned building residents reinvent the movies
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themselves escaping their reality and reliving the former glory of cinema. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and go. lebanon's president is preparing to address the nation as protesters continue to demand the fall of the government. and i wonder in jordan this is out is there a life and also coming up donald trump live sanctions on turkey praises the success of a syria ceasefire but rivals tell a different story. why the remains of
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a military leader who governs spain for 36 years of being examined from the state mausoleum. and they've got freedom of expression we meet artists in saddam more at peace with life after the fall of a mild. lebanon's president michel aoun is expected to address the nation shortly but just as i've been demonstrating and demanding political change for 8 days we'll cross to al-jazeera is in a hot and beirut live in a moment but 1st here's her report. they tried to reclaim the streets but the people stood their ground lebanon's army has been ordered by politicians to open roads across the country the same politicians these lebanese want gone there were skirmishes a few injuries but at the end the military took a step back they're trying to intimidate the city on this. thing that by
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a show of force we're going to back up people are going to be afraid to come and actually they publish the opposite all of us rushed early on instead of coming at like 5 or 6 pm for a party this is the main highway connecting the capital beirut to north lebanon protesters have been blocking roads in the hope of pressuring the government to resign prime minister saddam heidi who said protests will be tolerated in squares ordered the security forces to clear the streets because all the stuff process he has all the still passes but he still is seeing that the people there are not using any violence they are so peaceful it's not clear if the presence of cameras stop the soldiers from using excessive force but not long after the army command issued a statement making it clear daily life must not be disrupted people chant revolution or revolution we want the fall of the regime and protesters are still very much defiant they are refusing to leave the streets it seems levanon will
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witness a for a long period of unrest if the lebanese government refuses to reside in. the governing coalition has not been able to write off the protest movement which has spread across lebanon it is now entering its 2nd week of necessity because. my son graduates next year and all he thinks about is leaving lebanon he can't find a job here i don't want my children to leave i want those in power to return the money they stole i have been for decades protests like these were ineffective because the majority of the lebanese. people allied themselves with one political group or another that may change hard it's different now the people on the street and we are talking specifically about people who were affiliated politically and maybe still affiliated but it's clear they want to hold their parties accountable maybe they didn't do it during the elections they are doing it now on the street no one can pretend to represent the street today the protesters are trying to seize
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their country from politicians who have been in power for decades for now they have overcome sectarian and political divides and are controlling the streets this is the 1st time lebanon's political leaders face such a serious challenge but that may change if the army chooses to protect those in power. joins us live now from beirut say no so this is the 1st time the president has addressed the nation since the crisis began i mean will this speech be welcomed by protesters. on the streets. well like you mentioned he was supposed to have addressed the nation just a short while ago but now has been postponed for an hour and a half clear why it would be the 1st time really since this protest movement began what we understand is that there are intense behind the scenes meetings between ministers the prime minister trying to find a solution the government is in a very difficult position just look behind me protesters control the streets there
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is a lockdown there is a stalemate these protesters say we will not leave the streets until the government resigns they are public life they know this is the only way to maintain the momentum to maintain the pressure schools universities banks they remain closed what the government was hoping for was for these protesters to remain confined to squares across the country but not the struck the traffic. but protesters really understand that this is what the government is trying to do so they're meant taking the pressure what we understand is that there was some sort of a deal maybe some ministers. will resign but when you talk to protesters here there's only one thing that they will accept the new government's new faces technocrat ministers who are not affiliated with any political party but who will work for the interests of lebanon. in terms of the broader politics then so just talk us through the options going forward for the government what more can they do to end this crisis. well the army is the army is role is key the army has so
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far remained neutral there they have an order they have they are an order from the politicians to clear the streets to open the roads in some areas they've been able to do that there have been some skirmishes but overall they are not using excessive force it's not clear why some may suggest that the cameras are on them the international community is watching what is happening in lebanon and remember lebanon needs $11000000000.00 in aid to recover for the economy to improve so this pressure really it makes it very hard for the army to carry out any force forcefully opening the road zain out thank you now the u.s. president's ended sanctions on turkey saying uncle is offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria is over and is turkish and russian troops take up a terror trip previously patrolled by u.s. troops donald trump says it's time for someone else to fight with his blood stained sand a white house correspondent can help get reports he promised a withdrawal but on wednesday u.s.
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president donald trump announced that some american troops will remain in syria trump says a u.s. brokered cease fire between turkey and kurdish fighters known as the s.d.f. was a success as a result u.s. sanctions opposed on turkey earlier this month or so the sanctions will be lifted or less something happens that we're not happy with. trump left open the possibility there could still be new sanctions and tariffs on steel exports from turkey to the united states the invitation for president recha tie of error to one to visit the white house next month is also still on for now trump says it may happen in the meantime he says america's work in syria is mostly done we have done them a great service and we've done a great job for all of them and now we're getting out let someone else fight over this long blood stayed and sand truck fired back at
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critics abroad pushing them to pick up where america has left off he wants washington's allies to help detain eisel fighters and repatriate them to their home countries. but trump syria policy faces domestic criticism in the u.s. congress even from within his own republican party senator mitch mcconnell is promising bipartisan legislation to push trump to cancel air to ones white house visit and halt the u.s. troop drawdown. we shouldn't need to speak up we cannot effectively support our partners on the ground without a military presence the democratic senate leader fears u.s. actions will have grave consequences for kurdish fighters fought alongside u.s. forces to defeat eisel he's particularly concerned with reports the united states withdrawal has now allowed some myself fighters to escape the president's
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incompetence with 3rd one in syria has handed isis a get out of jail free card and put simply put american lives in danger well it was about foreign policy president trumps white house address was geared to a domestic audience already campaigning for reelection president trump is keen to show he's keeping a campaign promise withdrawing u.s. soldiers from a generation of war kimberly hellcat al jazeera the white house you know russian officials have told the chief of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces that then increase the number of military police near the syria turkey buda the s.d.f. or even spoken to video conference with russia's defense minister moscow says they discussed the progress of the deal announced by russia and turkey on tuesday the leader thanked moscow for its work to end hostilities in northern syria. has been
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an explosion in one of the towns now on the turkish controls 4 civilians were injured a son of engine day it is insanity of near the turkish syrian border with the latest. more russian patrols have been reported in northeast syria as the comedown for 150 hour pause to allow kurdish fighters to leave these areas comes into effect this morning we've seen at least one bombing take place in tel aviv and this is an area under control of turkish back forces they have taken it from fighters who include the y.p. g. kurdish fighters who turkey calls terrorists this is a pattern that we've seen earlier as well as turkey moved further into areas that it took from kurdish fighters there had been a number of bombings earlier as turkey areas of kurdish fighters this comes off the heels of president donald trump lifting sanctions on that turkey and communication between the kurdish fighters and the russian president as well as the u.s. president general resume the leader of as the air forces has tanked both russian
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and u.s. presidents are playing a role in helping stop the fighting but again this bombing goes to show how precarious the situation is and how civilians are at risk who are at the core of establishing this safe zone so they they can return to their homes now the remains of a right wing leader who rule spain for 36 years are being examined from the state mostly i'm francisco franco will be read buried alongside his wife in a cemetery north of the capital madrid he led spain from the end of the civil war in 1939 until his death in 175 the government wants to turn the site into a memorial for half a 1000000 people killed in the war with some of jaeger joins us live now from mother and son there so just talk us through how this examination came about. well daryn it was a promise that was set out by the acting socialist governments head of which is better sanchez he said in his. when he took office that he would
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begin plans for the exhumation to take place and then a set of legal battles which were put forward by the family of franco then went all the way up to the supremes court the supreme court and just last month the ruled unanimously in favor for the exhumation to take place and so on this thursday morning already the exhumation has just about big gone the coffin the grave where francisco franco is buried is now starting to be opened up there is also a forensic scientist at hand as well together with the family to check to see what kind of condition the remains are if they are if it is in poor condition then they will be checked before being transferred to another coffin and then brought to.


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