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tv   Mali Tribes  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2019 7:33am-8:01am +03

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at hemet the traffic is back to the growth is back to block at times we are investing we are already as a matter of fact above the capacity of the airport we will be closing. over $40000000.00 passengers by the end of this year and the capacity of the airport is only $35000000.00 so we are expanding the airport. to a capacity of 53000000 passengers initially when after 202254 world cup is over. we will then expand the capacity to just under 70000000 passengers by completing the concourse on the west apron next to the west and to the runway so what this will do is to will give us enough room to keep on growing and delivering the the plans we have and the strategy that it was has for up to
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2030 because of a blockade can you give us an idea about how you're coping with with it protected from a financial perspective well as far as the financial impact is the impact is huge but we have mitigated the impact by reducing our losses. don't forget that. an airline that flies on an average 20 to 25 minutes extra due to the blockade is a huge impact on the bottom line of the company especially since we are not a small airline we have over 6 $150.00 departures and arrivals a day so this is putting a huge financial pressure on the airline but we are sustaining it over revenues. in the last financial year was 20 percent higher then the previous year
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so you can see that we are on the correct path delivering the growth that that there airways has in its strategy we've seen you work in different strategies like acquiring stakes in different airlines and new routes is this part of the strategy aimed at cushioning against the impact of the blockade exactly but that airways has to find alternate revenue stream and taking stake in successful airlines is exactly that the strategy you're pursuing an aggressive approach when it comes to having access to open skies like in the u.s. for example but. you seem to be having some problems when it comes to access could you give us an idea about the latest developments of president trump is a businessman he met the airlines including me it was very kind of him to invite me so that he would hear the board sides of the argument and we prevailed
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because he realized that the information that was being given to him by the 3 american carriers was wrong that it did not have really the facts and that all the reasons they were doing to block a lot of open sky was to protect their on massive profits and take away the choice that people have to fly on efficient high quality. high standards of product airline like that it was america's also sees from a different perspective like for example the slums some tariffs on saying that for example is taken subsidies from government in the law as i said i said that is not my problem but do you have any concern. as any president will do president trump is looking at the interest of the manufacturing. entities
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in his country he is looking after the interest of the united states and if they find that there is something that is giving them a business this advantage it is their problem it is not for me to comment on it so you seem to be quite confident this is just a matter of time before you get a limited access to the american skies when we are an airline we are not an aircraft manufacturer we have access to american market as per the air services agreement we have in the united states you've signed a pact or an agreement with the e.u. that would pave the way for a limited access to skies from both sides by 2024 you've said earlier that you have absolutely no issue with sharing the cake with the others but a huge chunk of the cake it could be very crucial at a time when you're looking for more growth and revenues no. i think in air
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transportation there is enough business to go around there is big enough for everybody to take a share of it you seem to be also talking about the need to put into place this global harp here in qatar you look at the at the map this is one of the most unstable regions in the world did i do they carry their huge i disagree to who used you see was how it is we're not in a stable region there are certain west that western interests that is putting out this information about an unstable region there is conflicts in every part of the world either internal or external but it doesn't mean that the whole region is unstable and the us stable spots in our region are created by people to give a misperception in order to entice foreign
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powers to interfere in our region stability thank you really appreciate your time thank you very much indeed all another huge investment project is catalyst media says he hopes to compete with well established hubs in the united arab emirates but qatar has paid a huge price for not buckling to demands from its neighbors to shut down al-jazeera qatar hopes to build on al-jazeera success and that have been sport which owns the rights to broadcast the english premier league in the mena region i caught up with safe been ahmed al thani the chairman of qatar media city and director of the government communications office i began by asking how do you compete with the likes of the u.a.e. which has already attracted some pretty big names look at qatar media city as. as a platform. you can't compare to divide. it is a real estate project where i provide your spirits you bring your appointment you
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broadcast to me it's different to me. cut out a media city is a step up of all of these media cities why why because it will be installed with the latest technologies for you to come onboard cust it will be. up to date networks archives. and lots of you know other other projects that i cannot discuss so i know. but it will be an ecosystem is what i'm seeing an ecosystem that will go with the flow of the country and the last 23 years. has. approved a free zone approved media corp we are in within this ecosystem some media companies have complained that when they visit here
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they're not free to travel and report on what they would like to report on will be restrictions on what companies can and can't say if they're based doha's media city i don't think that it's got i think there are a few cases were some journalists and you know private property you know i cannot help that i cannot control that i wish i can but i cannot. these cases are a handful of cases. media city has done an ethics code the will nor be there will not be any editorial limits. the editorial to the editor himself will be all the major media outlets himself will be irresponsible to for what he writes so see if one example edges iraq or the b.b.c. or whoever a media outlets but i sort of porth about the u.a.e.
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that i've cited the the u.a.e. cannot kind of cannot come and complain. about that piece it would need to go to the edge queue of the mother country so here we book the last 2 or that sort of. that sort of things. but of course commercial differences and that will be settled through the leisure center of. course the big attraction of being in the middle east from a media companies point of view is the fact that it's a it's a hub to the rest of the world geographically it's that it's the center of the world but at the moment because of the blockade it's very difficult for companies if they're based here to get to the u.a.e. or saudi arabia or egypt why would they come here 1st of all i don't know of saudi arabian uni allow journalists to come in unless. you know it's
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the. second or for. that action point is that cut out of media city is more than just media. it is a platform it is a platform for nettled think internet or with. external with external x. the internal academics journalists i could think of. social influence of students the general society we are creating a community that is what we are doing we are not just being. a real estate company like what the others have done and that is why the field is because the beast the strategy on being elitist it projects rather than it being a media. matter purely media and media plus
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a platform for local and international society to network with each other and that is what we are doing. castro has paid a high price for standing by al-jazeera despite calls from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. that have it shut down. is that a price worth paying i mean qatar's economy or contracted in the last quarter. as a culture as a religion as a tradition that is out of beasts there's a foundation. we talk a lot about openness i'm not going to tell you and lie to you and tell you little going to be a 1000 percent open no we will have limits our limits is people's flosi our limits as people skull chips not just my culture your cultures other people's cultures i respect thing one of the one of the suspect in all of the decisions
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respecting other religion but rather see it as a platform for discussion and a platform for dialogue and that is what makes qatar unique from others no closing down or dizzy or. excuse me but you're talking 2017 and past 2017 saudia and you we are still talking about this they are still living in 2017 we have moved on from 2017 and. i think the people have seen we have done the permanent president of the. a year ago we had a few 1000 people between. ex-pats thirtieth's. children who are mothers of our categories that have already gotten that a part of it as
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a permit now we do not brag about it because there's something private. i am only saying get to do to show you. what style we are on the outside. or saw the changes that are happening in qatar. whether it's qatar media city whether it's the free zone these are all changes that are showing you and. us that we are moving forward they are stuck in 2017 we are moving beyond 2017 excellency it's been really good to talk to you on counting the cost many thanks indeed thank you so it's thank you for having. that's our show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything that we've seen you could tweet me i'm a finnigan on twitter please use the hash tag jaycee's and see what you do or you could drop us a line currently because the al-jazeera dot net is our e-mail address as always
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there's plenty more few online at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that takes you straight to our page and there you'll find individual reports links even entire episodes for you to catch up on but that's it for this edition of county because i'm adrian finnegan from the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us al-jazeera is next. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when the intelligence services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening post on al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series. i ran in iraq paints
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a vast amount to seeing these documentaries. on. the wind continues with fool's gold millions of dollars and people's money jewish being taken in for their whole lives for the money and just down in drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes government protests take another dangerous turn in iraq at least 30 people are killed. while in chile
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a 1000000 turned out to show their campaign against the government is far from over . also a woman who fears her daughter is amongst 39 people found dead in a truck near london harrowing details of her final moments. and tore a scale australia. for the final time a climbing down long fought for by. people takes effect. welcome to the news hour at least 30 people have been killed in a 2nd bout of violence to hit mass protests this month in iraq people were out in huge numbers denouncing corruption hardship and other problems that they say the government is incapable of solving in baghdad security forces fired live ammunition and teargas to disperse the crowds and some tried to storm the heavily fortified green zone to the south in the protesters pushed past police and burned down
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a provincial government building few people are convinced by a prime minister. and these promise of reforms to lift iraqis out of poverty the top shia cleric has joined calls for calm through his representative he warned the violence could tip iraq into chaos. we called on protesters and security forces alike to fully abide by the peaceful nature of the demonstrations and not let them slide into violent acts of riot and havoc. the reports now from baghdad. the sound of stun grenades reverberated around to rear square in baghdad on friday dozens of protesters were overcome by clouds of tear gas they chanted free baghdad corrupt officials out from iraq's capital to the southern city of karbala iraqis demanded the resignation of
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prime minister i do abdul mahdi and his government they are not men of states that's all they can not do anything that can look minutes at the event at the school not this recount during the nationwide protests were on the 1st anniversary of mehdi taking office there also a continuation of protests which began at the beginning of the month the government acknowledges the excessive force was used to somebody they call it a democracy put the hands they used to wield this democracy are dictators when they kill their people with snipers it's not democracy in addition to promising to punish those responsible for killing protesters mehdi announced that he and other government leaders will cut their salaries by half and divert the money to a fund to help the poor is also vowing to reshuffle the government next week by your ties in qualifications before party or sad time. for you as we heard about
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reforms it's just a sleeping pill to calm the people all of us are rejecting this corrupt government protesters are primarily young men desperate for jobs they can't find in a country where the gap between rich and poor only seems to grow because i like it it's medicaid i'm jobless i have $0.24 now i told the television station see me this is all i have. protesters say they want to live in an independent iraq not one that's a puppet of the united states and iraq the office of an iranian backed armed group was torched in the southern city of summer while the prime minister says if the government resigns now chaos will follow protesters remain unmoved they say the solution is for a new government to take over the talks are going to aim does iraq baghdad faisal is for body is the director of the center for the study of the middle east
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at indiana university and is a former iraqi ambassador to the united nations joins me now from bloomington in the u.s. state of indiana good to have you with us on the program again mrs de body how serious are these demonstrations against the government compared to the many that we've seen post saddam hussein why did the seem to threaten the political balance more than any other. well i think these demonstrations are taking a life of their own they don't seem to be waning in previous years when we've had demonstrations that sort of go on for a time and then they fade away but these are not trading there was a break taken for the religious observances that occur in any iraq. and then they have picked up again as your reporter correctly noted on the one year anniversary of the current prime minister being designated as such the fear also now is that as the number of casualties mounts and we now have over 200 killed if
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you look at the totals over the months and some 6000 injured that the casualties themselves become a raise on that show so to speak and independent raise on that track of the of the demonstrations. you also have a difference in quality you have young people who have a very high unemployment rate who want taking to the streets some of them of medical school law school even engineering graduates who cannot find jobs this feels different than sort of complaints that things aren't going in the right direction this is a rejection of the political process it seems to me and indeed one of the complaints by those that are protesting is that sort of the political system in iraq is set up in such a way that it sort of allows ethnic groups to be represented for the public at large and those that are in power or in power because of the ethnicity rather there rather than that sort of performance it's a major grievance isn't it it is
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a major grievance and it is a correct one it is not merely a perception it is in fact so the problem is that the entire post 2003 dispense station is set up this way it's not in the constitution this way but the politics of the country drove it in this direction so there's no obvious solution the prime min. mr is right if the government were to resign or to have confidence withdrawn and out there's no obvious successor which could improve things because the entire political class is based on this ethno confessional distribution it must also be said that in what are largely to use un parlance free and fair elections the people of iraq have repeatedly reelected elected and reelected this political class of people of iraq up partly responsible for the situation that we're in now and of course we have
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a prime minister day we who you might say is propped up by 2 large shia groups isn't seen as a man of the people but if you don't have him in position then who else can take the role and sort the problems out to the satisfaction of the public at large at the prime minister as you've pointed out i mean if it was a consensus candidate the cause of the groups in parliament the parliamentary party could not agree on an alternative. he did not run for parliament he does not control the political group is not the head of a political group he was in fact in political retirement and came out of retirement to accept this i must say he must view as a thankless job but the reason he is prime minister is because the political parties couldn't agree on someone else but it also means that he doesn't control of bloc in parliament he doesn't have a natural base either in parliament nor indeed as i said since he hadn't run for
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office does he have a popular base so and that's also largely true of the president so we have a situation which the president and the prime minister are comparatively weaker than the political parties of the parliamentary parties who because of a stalemate between them also don't want him to resign because then it throws the ball back into their court to have to find a replacement and to have to address the grievances of the demonstrators did a very difficult situation in iraq faces right now and for the moment thanks for joining us from the u.s. . chile security forces have moved in on huge crowds in santiago with water come and tear gas close to $1000000.00 people of the world have come out for the largest protest yet against the government it's being largely peaceful but as you can see from these pictures things have deteriorated since they
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crossed over to the chilean capital. is our correspondent. bring our viewers up to speed. the situation doesn't seem to be calming down at all. no not at all so in fact it's turning out to be a quite a historic moment once again in the country here in the country's capital people are comparing this to protests that took place in 190988 when millions went over a 1000000 people marched on the streets marking the end of the dictatorship here in chile and the beginning of a democracy we can confirm that it's well over a 1000000 people that have gathered in class that yes an iconic part of the city where political movements are traditionally taken place over the course of the country's history and we've been seeing thousands of people moving in even now this evening despite there being a curfew announced for a 7th night in a row a 7th day of protests we're still seeing people making their way toward where the demonstrations are taking place the official estimates from government sources are
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saying that it's somewhere around 1200000 people that are currently protesting most of these protests have been taking place today have been have have been peaceful unfortunately we can once again confirm that there are pockets of violence where there is once again repression taking place some of the more radical elements of these protests taking advantage of the situation we can confirm that there is one commercial location that could be a store a business we're not sure what it is yet but it is on fire at the moment so that is not to say that these protests are not peaceful we're talking about well over a 1000000 people here and throughout the course of the day they have been mostly peaceful our hope i think for most of. people here in the chilling capital is that it remains this way when that curfew takes effect since these since the arrest began at least 1000 people have been killed there been hundreds of people that have been injured many of them from firearms and from international from the perspective of international observers in the un. many of these cases amount to human rights
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violations so the hope this evening is that this massive historic protests taking place remains mostly peaceful so well indeed while you have the rest of the uncertainty in the couple it does reverberating across the country in terms of the stability that people feel about live but also affects the economy and of course everybody still has to try and get about doing their daily. living and they call and do that when there is political instability across the country. absolutely right people throughout the course of the week have been struggling to to try to find and regain a sense of normalcy there's been an undoubtable impact on the on the national economy but what most of the attention has been focused on the protest in the violence that's been taking place on the streets of the chilean capital we should know that these protests have been widespread the demonstrations have moved to other parts of the country and i don't even i don't think that there is a corner of chile where the disc.


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