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tv   The Master Barber Of Berlin  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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which mark the photo shoot an economic status and a half ago most of the urban multi rob and i think that is a fair challenge and that's what will be miffed immediately by someone like a larger government who could go out on the streets after the riots in baltimore after the shooting and killing freddie gray income people their own and bring people together to find a solution and it professor britton it's been good to have your insight on what has been a quite a thoughtful day during the funeral of a logical means thank you for your times you're welcome. the former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif has been granted bail so that he can seek medical treatment the 69 year old is serving a 7 year prison sentence for corruption for which he was convicted last year he's suffering heart and blood problems and has been taken to hospital sharif claims the charges against him are politically motivated his daughter is also serving time for corruption facebook is testing its newly launched news with
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us users in an effort to combat misinformation the social media giant is partnering with several news organizations to have the story syndicated on the platform a team of editors will help cure rate content for facebook's mobile app they spoke has long been criticized for failing to curb the spread of false information and we're having a team of people who are choosing which content to show which creates a relationship in a dynamic where we have a reason to go out and pay for that content to go get it into the systems that way we can choose to show it rather than just having it be ok i'm i'm following you know one of these organizations and i'll get to see whatever that publisher assange . a giant rock in central australia considered sacred by indigenous people is now off limits to climbers hundreds of tourists flock to lure it to be the last to scale it brutal people have fought for years to get the ban in place there is
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andrew thomas reports. you don't see them from a distance but zoom in and you can like and it's for these people the climb made their trip to special something everyone should experience it's wonderful but you'll stumble through it well yes that's a shame that if you like you can type on even the last lap on the last day with a client already before i shot here what change when did you notice people for whom it is a special site one which they have long said it is disrespectful to climb and equivalent to people clambering over a cathedral or a mosque they were pleased that climbing on the rock was being banned because it shows that. we have a bit of a party ever a sacred sites and we can play as if we want to. climbing has been officially discouraged for decades but it's not being banned in fact there's been
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a safety chain to help those who choose to climb anyway and arranges who each day check to straggle as closing the climb is controversial many australians see this as a national landmark which belongs to everyone not just indigenous people whose ancestors lived nearby the longest. climbing some say has long been part of a visit in a time to the summit of the rock which is 2 miles long and 1500 feet high a small current forms the world's most unusual visitors book bearing the signatures of those who sought out this natural temple of the aboriginal in a few years this footage might look just as dated the management board of a room that set targets which when met would trigger the closure of the climb percentage of people climbing i suppose it is a 5 year old as it is needed to drop to 20 percent or below the prime reason for visitors coming through a roof was about the cultural natural values and not the climb and that survey did
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need to be adequate other activities for people to do other than doing the car. those are things like organized walks formal sunset feelings and even segue towards around onery space it was late afternoon on friday when the new permanent closure sign went up 2 hours later the last of those who to send it when the climate was legal came down over the next few days that chain would be removed anyone who chooses to scramble up anyway risks a fine but for indigenous australians alone is much more significant a new era of respect not just for them andrew thomas al-jazeera at central australia. all the news. 6 the world. and.
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a home.
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for her. thank you very much japan is out of their home world cup and it's put the spotlight back on new zealand the team are aiming for a historic 3rd title in a row the all blacks have a legendary status in the sport despite their losing drought in the early ninety's and early 2000 given their history they are well prepared for the pressure building ahead of their semifinal against england. 3 world cup matches
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against england on 3 wins but much has changed in the 20 years since new zealand last faced the english in the world cup as the number one and number 2 and 2 nations prepare for what could be the game of the tournament in saturday's semi final in yokohama you know i've been staying in the last 2 years of when i think. you know we're really looking forward to plan and there's an important story come which is where who's going to want to. put it want the phone and the phone who works and i'm sure it won't be phone only that. what does define the all blacks is their record they've won more than 3 quarters of the much as they've ever played and no rugby team transcends their sports like they do that's despite not winning the world cup at all between 19072011 now they haven't lost a world cup match in 12 years 2 trophies in a row have answered their critics a mate that ric be obsessed country proud such as the popularity of the all blacks
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that england coach eddie jones described the new zealand media hair as just found with keyboards but for the players wearing the black jersey also comes with a lot of expectation and pressure. do you think it's an outlet or is done with everybody it seems but. you know of course people are going to say we fight over that one but make sure of the obits and zone and you know the spirit that we have an asset as an expectation as to when and when they're good enough to win that this week that's so we're focusing on policy that a lot from the past and i see that a lot from the past so as well we have been successful. so england have already learned their lessons from a group stage exit 4 years ago victory would put them 80 minutes away from a final against either south africa or wales. on the chance to walk in the shoes of
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2003 when it jonny wilkinson he say's england coach joe has got his players believing i mean he was mostly players on about everything but i feel like you know i remember you know the sky's the limit and we can be we can be from a quite incredible i think to do that it's not easy and i think he sees given that probably the players new zealand and england avoided playing each other in each of the tournament so they have one with no recent world cup history to look back on they'll have to be content to make their own on saturday. paul reece al-jazeera. the european champions liverpool have been given the go ahead to sign a lucrative new kit deal with nike they want to legal battle on friday against their current supplier new balance with rip or were looking to switch to nike once their current deal with new balance and 2020 but new balance took the club to court claiming they had an agreement with liverpool allowing them to renew the deal if they could match any rival bid well a judge in the u.k.
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high court disagreed it means liverpool's deal with new balance worth $51000000.00 a year will come to an end may 2020 the proposed deal for one thing is actually less at $38000000.00 a year so why the change will nike argued and the judge agreed that their deal was worth more in terms of marketing nike saying they would use sports stars like serena williams to help promote liverpool products. leicester city have moved up to 2nd behind liverpool in the english premier league this after the equalled the record for the largest when e.p.o. history they beat southampton 9 no on friday the result equals manchester united 9 mill win over ipswich back in 1995 there was high drama in the m.l.s. playoffs says alley f.c. beat lots on the brit hume a bitches l.a. galaxy to reach the western conference final this l.a. battles known by the fans as traffic 0 in thursday night was the 1st time the pair had met in post-season all eyes were on it became
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a bitch before the game in what may be his last appearance in the m.l.s. he scored 10 minutes into the 2nd half to make it 22 but then l.a. at cvs looked like they could win it with 2 goals of their own in 2 minutes but galaxy fought back as they made it for 3 with just over 10 minutes left the l.a. f.c. scored again breaking galaxy hearts final score by 3 to elliott. apparently reports have it that you know talks are sort of the cooling off in the culture. absolutely and the galaxies got plenty of money so can we expect a similar him money yes. give the money to slot do we expect to see you here next year if the money is no reason other than to. have another 2 months and. we see what i mean. the family is good because the whole world is watching you for those days but it will remember with them this. ferrari sebastian vettel
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was quickest in practice for sunday's mexico grand prix the german was over half a 2nd quicker than his closest rival max 1st stop in the red bull lewis hamilton who can clinch a 6 world title on sunday with passes in 1st practice but was only 5th in the day's 2nd session qualifying gets underway on saturday. at the swiss indoors and basel sunless said to pass had to fight back to move ahead the 3rd seed came from a set down to beat. 366464 will face roger federer in the semifinals on saturday federer walked into the series after stan wawrinka pulled out with a back injury. also 3rd of the semifinals is riley the american is the tallest player on the men's tour at 6 feet and 11 inches he beat 4th seed roberta. 2 sets to one final score 633663. and that's all your sports for now but we'll have more for you later today thanks
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lee and of course you can follow all of these stories on our web site the dog is there a dot com i'll be back with more news on the other side of the break until live from the all of the news team here all the news out of your time and your company. a survivor of a genocide there are people who beg me to kill the both and when they're suffering the father didn't have the power to do it he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and here is the old.
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you know hope of finally laying the pos to rest and giving peace to the victims' families doesn't it if i could just find a finger i could bury bone hunta on al-jazeera. november on al-jazeera. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall we'll be looking back at them to find that moment in history whose truth is it anyway follows journalists from around the world who are taking on those determined to modify the truth. of spain will hold its own the election in 4 years after april's inconclusive vote joined us for coverage. a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time and turkish president on will meet with u.s. president trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest. november on as. china
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is calling on try i want to reunify with them my. bike the consequences one of one eastern besta guides taiwan's determination to remain independent on al-jazeera. is no one way of telling the story keeping its title right and to be i suspect it's great to get to know the person from the titles. to government protests take another dangerous time in iraq at least 30 people were killed. kellogg's a whole robin you want your knowledge is there a lot of my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next 30 minutes while in chile a 1000000 turned out to show that campaign against the government is far from over
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. a woman who says her daughter is about 39 people found dead in a truck there london she has harrowing details of her final moments and a setback for president trump in a washington call. true. welcome to the program at least 30 people have been killed in the 2nd bout of violence to hit mass protests this month in iraq people were out in huge numbers denouncing corruption hardship and other problems they say the government is incapable of solving in baghdad security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds some tried to storm the heavily fortified green zone to the south in this area protesters pushed past police and burned down a provincial government building few people are convinced by a prime minister that these promise of reforms to lift iraqis out of poverty
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a top shia cleric is also joined calls for calm through his representative he warned that violence could tip iraq into chaos. we called on protesters and security forces alike to fully abide by the peaceful nature of the demonstrations and not let them slide into violent acts of riot and have it potentially going to impose more from baghdad. the sound of stun grenades reverberated around to rear square in baghdad on friday dozens of protesters were overcome by clouds of tear gas they chanted free baghdad corrupt officials out from iraq's capital to the southern city of karbala iraqis demanded the resignation of prime minister idle abdullah maddi and his government there are not many other states that's all they can not do anything they can look minutes on at the event at the school not this become 3 the nationwide protests were on the 1st anniversary of
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mehdi taking office there also a continuation of protests which began at the beginning of the month the government acknowledges the excessive force was used to somebody they call it a democracy put the hands they used to wield this democracy are dictators when they kill their people with snipers it's not democracy in addition to promising to punish those responsible for killing protesters mehdi announced that he and other government leaders will cut their salaries by half and divert the money to a fund to help the poor is also vowing to reshuffle the government next week by your ties in qualifications before party or set time. for you as we heard about reforms it's just a sleeping pill to calm the people all of us are rejecting this corrupt government protesters are primarily young men desperate for jobs they can't find in a country where the gap between rich and poor only seems to grow because i like it
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it's medicaid i'm jobless i have $0.24 now i told the television station see me this is all i have. protesters say they want to live in an independent iraq not one that's a puppet of the united states and iraq the office of an iranian backed armed group was torched in the southern city of summer walk the prime minister says if the government resigns now chaos will follow protesters remain unmoved they say the solution is for a new government to take over natasha going to name does iraq baghdad feisal istra body is the director of the middle east center in indiana university he's also a former iraq ambassador to the united nations he says the only going demonstrations a different from previous ones. these demonstrations are taking a life of their own they don't seem to be waning in previous years when we've had
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demonstrations that sort of go on for a time and then they fade away the fear also now is that as the number of casualties mounts and we now have over $200.00 killed if you look at the totals over the month and some $6000.00 injured that the casualties themselves become a raise on tetra so to speak and independent raise on that truck of the of the demonstrations. you also have a difference in quality that have young people who have a very high unemployment rate who want taking to the streets some of them of medical school law school even engineering graduates who cannot find jobs this feels different than it is sort of complaints that things aren't going in the right direction this is a rejection of the political process of the prime minister it was a consensus candidate because the groups in parliament the parliamentary parties could not agree on an alternative so we have
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a situation which the president and the prime minister are comparatively weak weaker than the political parties at the parliamentary parties who because of a stalemate between them also don't want him to resign because then it throws 'd the ball back into their court to have to find a replacement and to have to address the grievances of the demonstrators but that's the america's security forces in chile have moved in or huge crowds in santiago with water cannons and tear gas more than a 1000000 people are thought of coming out for the largest protest yet against the government it has been largely peaceful but as you can see from these pictures things have to tear a tiff let's cross over to the chilling capital now our correspondent repeller is standing by while the situation doesn't seem to be calming down at all the protests continue. not at all so as you mentioned in your
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introduction already more than 1000000 people according to government estimates official authority estimates it's somewhere around 1000000 200000 people on the streets of the chilean capital it's a historic moment people are comparing this to the march that took place in 1988 where a 1000000 people marched on the chilean capital signaling the beginning of the end of the pinochet dictatorship as you mentioned unfortunately we're starting to see pockets of violence taking place in different parts of the city where there are clashes taking place with police some of the more radical elements of these of these protests have all taken advantage of the situation we can confirm that at least 2 locations have been set on fire that's the sort of the same violence that we've seen take place over the course of the last 7 days of course this evening there was another military and force curfew announced for this evening the difference is that there are still hundreds of thousands of people that are expected to defy this curfew so the big hope is that things will remain calm and it's not only here in the chilean capital there are other cities of the of the
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country where where it's been a very invested full day involved at isa where the national congress is held protesters tried to to enter congress disrupting a session of congress sending representatives back home so the big hope this evening as these demonstrations continue and again a historic moment for the country this is the worst unrest the country has seen in more than in more than 3 decades at this point the big hope is that things will remain calm we can confirm that at least 19 people have been killed since the start of this unrest hundreds of people have been injured thousands have been detained so the hope is that things remain peaceful that there is a peaceful outcome whatever that outcome may be so is this instability. in the social instability is reverberating across the country as you suggest. such instability normally then filters down to. the economy because people calm gets and
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do the normal things that they would if so surely they're having difficulty getting around just being able to access the normal things that people want to get to in their normal day shopping hospital appointments getting to school getting to a job. that's absolutely right especially with the national curfew that's been put in place again today is tonight is the 7th night in a row that a curfew has been put in place so the economic impact has been on some doubtable and and it's not isolated to the chilean capital only it spread to other cities of the country in fact i don't think that there is any quarter of chile where the discontent from the population isn't noticeable we want to give you an idea of what it's been like through this crisis for the average chilean take a look. at a small fishing village just south of santiago chile. and other fishermen are getting ready to head out to see. things here appear calm but
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a state of emergency remains in effect in the country and it's a subject that's on everyone's mind. what's happening in the country isn't about politics this is a social problem. if any president has announced reforms to social programs in an effort to calm the crisis but who says says people have lost confidence in political leaders yet but. the president of the republicans only patched a wound but there is still a wound underneath until that wound is treated and heals the problems are a country are not going away. she days latin america's most developed nation but over the past week protests have highlighted a growing anger among the citizenry and. the unrest began over an increase of 30 to the cost of metro transport which amounts to about $0.10 of a dollar. that cost increase was like a spark to a powder keg. in a country where many were already complaining about
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a worsening wealth gap between the rich and the middle class because. you see a solution out of the crisis will require a delicate compromise from the country's political elite and the perception is that she is not in a crisis genius in the vehicle situation but we are developed enough for everyone to have better living conditions so it's a matter of distribution if we can better this tribute their wealth and the opportunities that exist in chile everyone is going to be better off. after a week of unrest demonstrations and she to have spread to other parts of the country a recent national poll found that 83 percent of chileans are in favor of the ongoing social mobilizations even in sheila's smallest communities far away from the protests that have paralyzed the country's capital the discontent from citizens is palpable for every day chileans the crisis isn't about an increase of 30 parasols to the cost of public transportation it's about 30 years of policies that many see
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as being bad for the nation. fishermen like barrios say they hope political leaders will act on the demands of demonstrators before their quiet seaside town joins in the protests. so once again so more than 1000000 people out on the streets the hopes is that things remain peaceful we can confirm at least 1000 people have been killed in the last week the united nations is sending a delegation that on monday that will be here for 4 weeks investigating alleged human rights violations from armed forces in the chilean capital and in the rest of the country so science monitor of course we'll be monitoring events with you from santiago nichols across chile while staying in the region the u.n. says it supports an audit of bolivia's disputed election results amid allegations of fraud. these are live pictures coming from the bolivian capital libyans have of course blocked streets and lit fires in the past calling.


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