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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 39  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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the forces are not providing security not enough. not enough. this is what is left of the doggone village. where 100 of dawn villagers were killed in another massacre an apparent revenge attack although no one claimed responsibility for this an al qaeda affiliate. and one was lee mean has called on philosophies to rise up against the militias and the state. mama diego is a full on e. and a powerful leader of the high islamic council the doggoned accuse the philosophies for being behind the attacks the philosophies accuse the doggoned behind the other attacks how these 2 communities have lived side by side for centuries how do you explain this mistrust. more should government keep. in your books or force and busy brought skills. from all of the stability plus freedom.
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to disabuse us. to be a liberal don't before you just feel the gamble. of the liberal elite be fellow. 'd it. signals a set of views on you and probably a month. a little while maybe. overkill and some liberal. on the liberal side to liberal a little. because 1st convert. it to comment then the more you didn't listen let's say the amount of loans on the for when we kill somebody 1000000 or a mechanism portability filled out to move. forward to bring in felicia was a problem. in april the government faced countrywide protests.
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demonstrators carrying signs calling for president bashar k tak to leave office in response the entire government of mali resigned in a serious accusation mama diego accused the prime minister of supporting the doggone militias. we asked a leading member of the government the foreign minister to explain how the government is responding to the violence which is not limited to mali but is present in neighboring countries as well you're for yourself far from the center of the country an area that's been hit by ethnic tensions that we spoke to some of the villagers both in. they say that they called for the 1000000 forces to come and help them and they didn't see any 1000000 soldiers now until 24 hours of the attacks why aren't your soldier able to stop the violence in the center of the country not able to call here in these reports what of
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his thoughts of nice of defunct will sent on the sports to coordinate of forces action in the villages and between villages. to appease the situation to get stability between villages this is extremely important this is why able to tell you today that a number of people have been put under arrest by. police but also by armed forces who are supported by and equipped is in order to be in soon sees 2 villages and 2000000 people living in this something they know that this state is not far the state is a present to its armed forces that you think you've arrested people does that mean
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that you know who is responsible for the violence in this area the forces that is the people are vast suspects and. brought before the general this is just before just this in order to. conduct an investigation in order to know who are responsible for this criminal actions of the for line is that we've spoken to say that the government backs these doggone militia groups that are active in attacking forlornly villages is your government supporting doggone militias you know that they have a new government in this country from may 5th following the signing of a political agreement which will come on may 2nd we have a new government we face a new political agreement we think there will be. the 1st point of the road map is
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to organize a national conference to give you opportunities to mullions political forces civil societies but all 6 of the population to discuss about the burning issues the country is confronting is facing the sick and is you is the implementation of a priest agreement signed 40 years ago in algeria i'm coming now to refer point which interests you is the situation of a something of a country in terms of stability and security is an issue this is extremely important for us. to deal with this situation and to treat the situation over something in terms of getting more stability in this case no one can imagine our government siding with one part of the population against
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another so you're not support the government is not supporting any any militia groups the governments of the political agreement is a sitting to find a solution to what is going on in the sums of the country and it cannot side waif somalians against of. their use of the strong measures are in place in the material what are the strong measures in place that would prevent the violence because just a few days ago there was another bout of violence you know that the root of the problems of this crisis in the sumter of mali started to us from of the nation of more than mali by totally a school bus. one group which the completed go known has mojo the movement for one and just the success in west africa and each extended it to nation to part of the stunt and recruited
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local people. and get the venom to be with it the violent sector and to learn to use. guns in the mullion places is a bad thing linked to the situation in libya. to the collapse of libya into focus and 11 what they would like to stress is that that he that the link between. the little these groups which the miley. in 2012 and 14 and the situation in the some type of country this is very clear who profits from this situation. we. say that.
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those who profit from the situation. there are some mighty ends. that most of the. people onto that profit of this situation is france. france. the the why france why i'm coming i'm coming the government and government members. will not tell you the truth about this one. france and once the 2. recall a nice begin. is gone. because of a do. on the ground. why do you say that i mean france came to the rescue in 20122013 when there was an invasion of the country at the french forces were not here maybe look. nation wouldn't exist as i now see.
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i agree with you you see. when you want to exploit. a person. you start by being friendly with him. and you try to end this thing. his mind and how he's doing. once you have got. all of these. and you ex to yeats. what you will soon have come. france stop the judges in the court and. all the money ends up road. or none. but now what is going on what is going on.
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we believe or not and france but it's not france's role to ensure security in. mali. the democratic republic of do quote. that's not france but its culture bed here. since 1961. there there. the united says it is. sold you. there but what about the efforts put forward such as the algiers peace accord that were signed yeah i'm coming through there are efforts to bring back east by the internet and we think we would have around them coming the people who are in l.t.c. united. nations soldiers. from 19
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to 61 today they are there. because of the wealth. is in that. the europeans have nothing though they're finished. what they have to do is to come back and they require a nice. african it fits where they know there is something. mom would be go he says the u.n. and what he calls the international community is failing molly what bothers you with this u.n. mission that is helping those that are displaced in areas where the government cannot access their millions of dollars. when it's a problem. for over.
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will start to see that the. only solace now i'm using for live work or maybe. just so everybody. can if i didn't know 3 minutes. about. on the phone with. the people could. you handle it well. possibly 30 we've done the sunday schools came here. then that dream and we're going to be in the m.c.a. . i mean it's my little salute a person of color. i want to pass to work on the tube but it was. a sponsor
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interview or deposit a 1000000 people are looking for a vision so i'll take you to rule if lieberman is one of the nickel is all knowledge. let live i could release your quote. here but let's play bill mears also revealed other. with actually a level of inequality the middle class moment but i have. seen over 100000000 put up at least in the world even if you want to support. and give us a semester of the school was out of the lot of the same 2000. with up with this of things. we've done the national can but back up the bill. while the $1000000000.00 a year u.n. peacekeeping mission was renewed by the security council for another year mali's government is calling for the creation of a coalition force like the one seen in iraq and afghanistan to intervene in mali.
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at stake it says the stability of a region and the survival of mali and its people. overthrow and exiled they appoint. say if you will all this race let me show you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that true is finished by and we. not only just think is that all change is return of a president on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is
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you know it's that he chose to live out of it but to be there because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to do you work in depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. and young you know in. most of us wendy says and. claim to have this opportunity the sky's the limit so the young girls both through secondary school was going to be able to see and play that's one thing able to change have fun. meet the women in going out who are going places when it comes to education women make change on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and for your. u.s. forces carried out a raid in syria targeting the isolator abu bakar al baghdadi has backed out again his fighters who unleashed preceded by across syria and iraq back in 24 train. santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera hong kong's police fire tear gas at
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protesters holding anti government demonstrations. argentinians prepared to vote for a new leader for president what is your marker his fate hanging in the balance. so the united states has conducted a raid in syria targeting the isolator. baghdadi but we start with these exclusive pictures from the aftermath of the operation on a house in the province of idlib there are conflicting reports about whether this was successful or not the u.s. magazine newsweek is sizing a u.s. army official who says baghdad was killed however well u.s. raid was carried out in northwestern syria the area just a few kilometers away from the turkish border correspondent at the usaf was one of the 1st journalists to reach the scene he says 8 u.s.
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helicopters to part of the operation which lasted for around 90 minutes i mean again and this is the site targeted by the u.s. helicopter and warplanes its claim that the leader of islamic state booker but that he was killed search and rescue teams are still inside this perimeter in an attempt to find out what had happened many were killed others injured and many vehicles were also destroyed no cameras allowed in until all the search and investigation if it's a completed. but ahead of the u.s. media reports we also heard a tweet from u.s. president donald trump just the one line he said quote something very big has just happened the white house says trump will be making a major announcement at $3100.00 g.m.t. sunday about 4 hours away. so here's the team covering events for us will be with in beirut shortly to talk about a little more background information but we're starting with natasha going to him in baghdad natasha bring us up to date with what information has come out about the
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actual raid. well the thinking is that the reason al baghdadi may have been in this village called the reshow which is near the turkey border is that perhaps he was trying to cross into turkey to get safety iraqi intelligence tells us that. early as march of this year he actually attempted to cross into iraq he typically travels with a small group of people but deemed a security risk to high and never made the attempt in any event what we're hearing from our colleagues on the ground is is that at 1240 local time on sunday morning helicopters and airplanes landed in this village and that commandos got out asked people in a nearby tent to leave the area then went to a house that they were targeting ask the people inside to surrender and according to our colleague when that didn't happen the fighting began our colleague is
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reporting that 7 people including a woman and a child a child were killed our colleague is also saying that prior to the commandos leaving the area they bombed the house where it is believed that al baghdadi was staying again all of this is still emerging and not confirmed this is what we're hearing in terms of military sources u.s. military sources are telling american outlets that participating in this raid was an elite commando force of the army and that it was getting an assist from the central intelligence agency on the ground those officers from the cia were reportedly providing reconnaissance and intelligence gathering and that right now a d.n.a. testing needs to be taken place to confirm the identity of a person who they say has been described as detonating a suicide vest once commandos entered this compound again all of this
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is. not confirmed but based on the telegraphing that we're getting from american president trump with his tweet that something big has happened and the unusual scheduling of a sunday 9 am washington d.c. time announcement from the white house it is clear that the trying to administration believes that whatever happened in this village in syria early this morning is significant. good stuff natasha going to him in baghdad and. in beirut zana who's covered stories through iraq in syria for us for many years now and how big is this they know when you take out the leader of a group like eisel is it a huge blow to the group or does the group go beyond just one man. well of course it goes beyond one man but definitely this is a blow to eisele
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a few months ago in march they lost the territory they control they were confined to a small town but who was close to the iraqi border and the u.s. led military campaign force them to surrender about that he was really the man behind the creation and the expansion of. routes originate in iraq and al qaida in iraq abu bakar baghdadi he was the leader of al qaida in iraq in 2010 they were weakened by the presence of the us military in the campaign that the us military waged against the group but he managed to exploit the security vacuum in syria of course there was a civil war in the north of the country a lot of areas outside state control so he exploited that fact human order to regroup to recruit fighters and he also exploited the grievances of the sunday communities both in syria and iraq in iraq which was led by a shia led government the security forces people inside the areas in the in the center of the country they feared the government they fear the security forces so
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it was very easy when i saw it took control of that whole region and the same in syria as well because people you know they they perceive their fight against an alawite led regime which. exploited those grievances and created a state that he was the head of the states but soon a u.s. led campaign targeted the group in both countries led by kurdish forces on the ground and he slowly lost more and more territory he tried to remain relevant last april a month after i saw his territorial defeat what he appeared in a video message for the 1st time in 5 years trying to show his relevance and only last month a new audio message definitely this is a blow but as long as these grievances are there as long as there is no peace in iraq and syria groups like i still not necessarily i still will be able to. plight the political and economic situation and continue to have support among the population thank you say no harder in beirut so this is just the latest report
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of the death of 48 year old baghdad he was reported to have been at least injured during an airstrike in mosul 4 years ago months later iraqi air force commander said vait he had been killed in an attack on a convoy in western iraq and then in 2016 reports spread that he'd been killed in a u.s. coalition strike in iraq or in syria a few days later russian media said that was wrong it was actually a russian strike which was a claim supported by iranian officials and then another report had been killed came in 2017 that was from the syrian observatory for human rights but daddy released an audio message last year then appeared in a video released earlier this year the 1st time had been seen since declaring the so-called eisel counterfeit in iraq 5 years ago a video which ended years of speculation he was dead more with modern kabul and now director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies so he's died and i use that term loosely 4 times already what seems different this
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time i think this time seems. that the americans they have proof that he's killed and they seem also to be absolutely sure that they got their man otherwise we wouldn't see president actually celebrating. that event in nephew hours from now i think he's going to are exploited to the maximum because he things that he had that actually approved his claim that he defeated eisen because you know i mean he tried to explain his decision to withdraw from syria because on the ground that are seen as defeated and now here is he is that he there are 5 dead and that must actually work out very well for. for him for his domestic audience is there a for just looking at i sell itself is there a sort of hierarchy in place i think back to when for example the al qaeda leader
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osama bin laden was killed and we all knew his 2nd in command was him and all the while he does i still have a structure like that which must have because these day used to have a short a concert for eyes and there must be a 2nd man to. the saw although i mean this is a big draw i mean for the organization but i think it was sort of vibrate because we have here to differentiate and we have differentiate 2 different levels here if you are talking about the military operational level icily has been defeated to a great extent but if you are talking about the are you logical level is still very much on life and kicking and as long as i said actually that the grievances are there exclusion is there i think and other organizations will emerge and continue with the fight because this has been the case for the past few decades actually we started with that we started with our car that then we moved toward the
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islamic state in iraq and then we moved today state in syria and in iraq which is i still probably are going to see a different form of ice in the coming years and unless we deal with the social economy political the grievances of the people. of syria and of iraq and of course of many other places around the region because i said now is almost split everywhere i'm not talking about the organization betsy i'm talking about the ideology that the thoughts of feisal i mean that is the issue that that is a sure that we need to deal with and you can deal with ideology by shooting ideology i mean you can't kill ideology by shooting at ideology you have to deal with ideology by dealing with the social economic political situation that created or contributed to the creation of that ideology and how much of a boosted eisel get by all the recent events in syria with u.s.
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troops pulling back well. i think i think. i think if we talked about this military level. and who we said that i said has been in fact. defeated in dakar defeated in mosul defeated and most off west iraq and is syria. the withdrawal of the us forces might be seen by some people as creating a vacuum that could be felt by our said but this is not the issue in my opinion the issue that we need to look at right now is that people who are living in places like i'll hold camp in east syria where the children of the woman of living there and that miserable conditions and that without being attention to this to this place and many other places like this i think we are contributing actually to the revival of eisel because those young children are going to be.


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