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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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with u.s. troops pulling back well. i think i think i think if we talked about this military level. and who we said that i said has been in fact. defeated in iraq are defeated and mosul defeated and most of the iraq and is syria . the withdrawal of the us forces might be seen by some people as creating a vacuum that could be felt by our said but this is not the issue in my opinion the issue that we need to look at right now is that people who are living in places like i'll hold camp in east syria where the children of the woman are feisal are living there and that miserable conditions and that without being attention to this to this place and many other places like this i think we are contributing actually to the revival of icily because those young children are going to be grown up in
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a few years time without you cation without. economic and like economic conditions i think it's going to be very easy for the likes of isis to recruit those people and to come to make a comeback thank you. thank you. just another note on iraq at least 70 people killed there in 2 days of demonstrations against the iraqi government on saturday funerals were held for some of those killed by security forces protesters say they will not give up until there is political change their anger over corruption and a worsening economy the influential shiite cleric is calling for the prime minister to resign and m.p.'s linked to him a staging a sit in parliament. them in iraq along the shedding of blood belonging to peaceful iraqi protesters who were calling for the legitimate rights it became necessary for us to take the moral and national responsibility to ensure the stability of iraq and the safety of its people and to stop its march into the unknown therefore the
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siren parliamentary bloc announces that it will go into opposition inside parliament declares the sit inside parliament until the protests as legitimate demands are met we call on the political blocs to follow no footsteps to have these reforms made and here is some of the reaction we've been getting from those part of the protest movement i didn't have an i pad on their couches in the shooting us what they think chickens they're spying take us on us do we need more tears all mata's either die or topple the government of national womb with the holy see me what can i see the protesters are peaceful this is gritty forces are the one who are attacking us the one who are shooting at us the ones who keep hurting us see here for 5 minutes and you'll see for yourself is ready for no reason. in the news ahead here on al-jazeera how this motorbike could be a solution to traffic congestion and kenya's capital that and the headlines in amman.
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we've got the usual scattering of showers across southeast asia most of them are still to the north of the equator but a few of them now sliding down into indonesia so we have got some rather wet weather across a good part of borneo well the process of just seeing some lavish hours long spells of rain for the west to weather the set tending to be a little further north and more widespread as we go on through chews day southern areas little more cloud just coming into but such a council will stay dry and fine temperatures here at around 32 degrees dry and fine too across a good part of australia i want to show is creeping into queensland as we go through the next couple days there larry a cloud here there is pushing into the central part with high pressure further south it is generally staying dry fire risk still remains a major problem with saying some fires affecting new south wales recently this
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picture here from the made north coast of new south wales that's causing some problems here and mozart's no sign of any rain in the forecast as we go on through the next couple of days at least for this particular part of australia i would say as a west something of a change coming in here perth up to 36.7 on sunday afternoon just 21 on monday and the top temperature on tuesday the 20. rewind to 10 days with a new scenery. states vast amount is a documentary. oh please please. remind continues with fools gold millions of dollars in people's money jewish being taken in for their whole lives for the money and he was down in training and $1.00
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day on al-jazeera. here with al jazeera these are our top stories the united states has conducted a raid in syria targeting the isolator baghdad these are exclusive pictures from the aftermath of that raid on a house in italy province there are conflicting reports about whether the operation was a success but the u.s. magazine newsweek is citing a u.s. army official who says he was killed. and at least 70 people been killed in 2 days of nationwide protests in iraq but demonstrators say they will not give up until
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there is political change. to the populist. staging a sit in in the parliament. police in hong kong have used tear gas to disperse protesters during the latest sunday rally against the government and police brutality 1st aid it would consider treated protesters for injuries such as broken bones string 4 months of mass demonstrations demand to change an update now from davie a copilot who is there in hong kong to via. right let me set the scene for you 1st this is a main thoroughfare in hong kong one of the main roads a big shopping district high end hotels other hotels are flanking both sides of this road earlier on this is very busy full of tourists many of them i'd like to point out from mainland china protests was supposed to take place or did take place just about 20 meters ahead of me at a park they did not have permission to march down this road police tried very hard
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to contain them they brought in reinforcements very early on they started firing tear gas pepper spray and even rubber bullets the protesters were defiant they pushed ahead they managed to block off the main road shops on either side have pulled down their shutters now about 15 or 2030 meters behind me as a standoff between police at a major intersection and the protesters broadcasters how once again a barricaded this intersection police have tried very hard today for this not to happen that changed our tactics by almost immediately trying to stop the protesters searching people as they came to the protest area but that didn't seem to work there just we're hearing that also water cannon is on its way further down there are small sporadic protests 10 people have already been arrested so once again we're facing and not their weekend at skirmishes of confrontation with police here in hong kong they are calling for once again the 5 demonic switching groups more
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freedom democracy and an inquiry into police brutality protesters here say one of the main reasons they have been here. they are coming here and more and more people are joining this protest i'd like to point out is because they want an inquiry into how police have been handling these protests so far and if you go by what we've seen today the way they've been handling it is just firing tear gas firing pepper spray and almost at any cost where we've seen a bystander shoppers being affected by the tear gas and the proper spray trying to clear the area that as we can see how some worked so once again on one of hong kong's main centers has been brought to standstill ok give you will come back later on in the day if things progress thank you for that. to pakistan now and what's been called the long march which has begun with anti-government protesters walking to the council from all over pakistan demanding the resignation of prime minister
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in run come he was accused of financial mismanagement and failing to raise living standards let's check in with kemal haida he is in chief or a small those numbers only growing it seems. absolutely just one thing that we want to make clear that today this is a day of solid data day wait because the leader of the germany and their all of my islam a lot of fun in the room on spearheading the campaign was speaking saying that the entire country is supporting that crush me because i need said that today we're dedicated to crush me from tomorrow which monday he will be starting his moggi of course will be leaving karachi and you can see these people that are already on the move day leaving now and he will of course be driving all the way through it's not with the top of the government day he warns the prime minister contradict dein it
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wants 3 election within the country i need also tang the other major opposition parties throwing their support behind what i know follow them on calls for the resignation of imran khan now this is going to be a major challenge as far as the prime minister and the government is concerned because the opposition has come by ending its train they are going to congregate in it reached an agreement with the government that they will be added designated place they will not go to that age zone but it depicted that the opposition needs hell bent on trying to assure that it has done much. it has the capability to organize tens of thousands of people on this botched raid really be happening from although what gets done. a convoy will be moving towards the new widget it's not going to be interesting to see what happens next one thing wait. that they said
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going to be the big day for iran contra government thank you come on hiding in karachi. it is election day in argentina more opinion polls are pointing to a big defeat for president morris your mockery his conservative policies are blamed for failing to solve the latest financial currency crises his left it is up to finance his running mate is the former president cristina kirchner she could be on the brink of a comeback too despite facing a corruption trial and support from tourism stars. a taxi driver in winter. he's 57 years old and said that in his lifetime he has seen how argentina has repeated the same mistakes over and over again part of the me. i don't care about myself anymore it's about my children future generations how can it be that we can never turn the page around living a normal country i want to country with social justice and somehow we never get there. arjun ties are choosing between 6 presidential candidates the 2 frontrunners
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are the business friendly incumbent market he promised to reform argentina but has been struggling with a financial crisis and a lot of the for a man this who's running mate is former president cristina fernandez the kershner from the powerful peronist party coming in 3rd is former economy minister roll out of the one year renegotiated argentina's foreign debt at the economic collapse in 2001 for a family film i think you have been very highly favored here in the capital one. of the around 55 percent inflation rate and right over to read even though mark 3 weeks pains around 30 percent of the vote very many who say that they're disappointed with the way he handled the coral and that's why. they won't vote for him the primary elections in august gave the center left peyronie's party coalition a 15 point lead over maglis bloc even though many are disenchanted with the
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accusations of corruption that involved kirshner base. say they would rather vote for her coalition than mercury who they say has only benefited big business and i want a party that favors the working class and mockery did not do that i came here to buy dollars because we cannot trust in the patient and we don't know what will happen next week that basal currency has lost significant value in the past year and people are turning to the dollar concerned there will be another collapse but some say they fear a comeback by the peronist party choice dollars paid me in the i haven't seen the same crisis since one pit on and 1945 and the peronist have always my things worse analysts say it's going to be difficult for markey to force a 2nd round new government that they hear much of the ruling party campaign is trying to consolidate the power they have and maybe think of the future and the
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type of opposition they are going to be with there is a huge difference between machree and fernandez that's difficult to reverse voters will now have their say polls suggest the result will be clear cut and argentina will elect a president outright this sunday anything different would certainly come as a major surprise. in spain parts of central barcelona turned into a battleground between police and protesters following a largely peaceful march on sunday police used batons and charged people who'd been throwing bottles and rocks the latest mass demonstration in support of jailed catalan separatist leaders here a son your guy i go with more from barcelona. earlier this evening at least 350000 people had gathered in the center of barcelona to demand the release of the 9 catalan politicians and activists have been sentenced for sedition maybe 2
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weeks ago after that as we have seen all week they broke off into a smaller group are still quite. huge number of them and made their way over here to the outside of the national spanish police headquarters held this is a site which has seen trouble breaking out the days now and always has been one of the points of where violent actions and activities and clashes between the police and the protesters have been taking place but of course also the tensions from that sentencing are still very much frightened that amman's also being made alongside more dialogue between the central government in madrid and the capital on government but in an election season where both sides of this argument are not backing down it's looking very unlikely that a dialogue in this kind of environment is going to take place. finally to kenya's
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capital nairobi where traffic jams cost the economy an estimated 1000000000 dollars each year in cities really struggling to cope with traffic pollution and commuters are growing increasingly impatient with government inaction nicholas hawke reports from nairobi. it's a city of contradictions where office workers and endangered rhinos live side by side africa's largest slum next to towering skyscrapers and down below is the roaring sound of traffic in a city of 4000000 where most people don't own a car the car is king and the king is slow moving there's a lot of pollution i lose a lot of man hours driving. is really frustrating to do 1st and then over. time as i'm doing on the road for so long even on very short distances the government believes traffic congestion costs a $1000000000.00 a year in lost productivity in nairobi come to government force the number of most
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isolated keeping. subdued. infrastructure not enough roads too many cars most. are highly polluting secondhand vehicles imported from asia to make them more fuel efficient most mechanics remove a device called the catalytic converter designed to reduce exhaust emissions dumped in landfills environmentalist say the metal is talk sick without it car fumes are heavy with lead and so these cars exhaust burned leaving pedestrians gasping for air we're hours away from evening rush hour traffic and already it. is developing over the city skyline not only is the air pollution double the amount recommended by the world health organization. of the carbon emission that this country emits comes from traffic and car pollution. pollution levels fell for a brief moment in september when protesters calling for climate justice halted traffic the winds even to be easily man was.
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to get money to keep from us he'll open up the much english and n.z. and electric motor bikes could help too such as these built by a small company owned and run by dutch and kenyan businessmen electric is the future we're going to go emissions free that is very clear and that is something that we want to be front runners in with electric vehicles comes the need for power something kenya's government is addressing by wanting to build a coal power plant. kenya's environment agency says it will make the air in nairobi more breathable yet another of the many contradictions to kenya's capital and so until a solution is found commuters will just have to sit and await. the headlines at this hour on al-jazeera the united states is conducted a raid in syria targeting the isolator abu bakar al baghdadi these are exclusive
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pictures from the aftermath of that operation on a house in italy but province there are still conflicting reports about whether this strike was successful the u.s. magazine newsweek is sizing a u.s. army official who says baghdadi was killed of 0 correspondent at the news is one of the 1st journalists to reach the scene he says the site has been destroyed but it's still unclear exactly what happened. as we speak search and rescue teams are combing the site debris is also being recovered trying to find out what happened after the area was targeted by american helicopters u.s. helicopters arrived here and operation was performed immediately after their warplanes pinpointed and destroyed the operation lasted for one and a half hours following the drop of a recon plane was seen in a war plane destroyed the house completely as of now no clear information has been received even residents are not giving any accounts. of headlines at least 70
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people killed in 2 days of nationwide protests in iraq but demonstrators say they will not give up until there is political change linked to the populist shia cleric . staging the. police in hong kong have used tear gas to disperse protesters during the latest sunday rally in ongoing demonstrations against the government 1st aid workers say they treated protesters for injuries. the opinion polls in argentina point to defeat for the incumbent conservative president voting begins in a few hours the leftist candidate all but a finance has campaigned on failure to deal with the worsening economic crisis. and in spain parts of central bus alone are turned into a battleground between police and protesters following a long sleep peaceful march on saturday police used batons and charged that people have been throwing bottles and rocks it is the latest mass demonstration in support of jailed separatist leader richelle has the news for you in about 25 minutes next
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though rewind fool's gold. on counting the cost of africa opens up its borders in the hope of it relating the success of the european union nigeria shops its borders smuggling and tax evasion plus airport expansion and the creation of a regional media hub counting the cost on al-jazeera. and welcome to rewind i'm laura. in this series we're returning to some of the best documentaries said on al-jazeera english since we launched over
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a decade ago back in 2011 the africa investigates series dug deep into africa's 2nd largest gold producer for centuries it was called the gold coast's but today this west african country is known as gone and in recent years has been home to a multi-billion dollar industry that once gave it its name using heaven cameras investigative journalists and that. went undercover and scratch beneath the surface of what appeared to be in the desolate gold traders boss as an ass was about to discover all that glitters may not necessarily big gold from 2011 falls gold. my name is and i remain anonymous i am an undercover journalists here in van and with my team have spent years now infiltrating and fighting crime in corruption in my country my anonymity is my secret weapon and this time i am using it against a new and scum these frauds this have become
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a major threats to companies and individuals looking to invest in my country's most vulnerable. and foreign investors and it's well below normal rates and with global gold prices now hitting record profits on. the system but that doesn't exist the investors are taking for millions while defrosters gets rich this time i am going to make this chemist big as i go undercover to lift the lid on distant luzhin report of. i'm on my way to meet a businessman. who was being scammed of over 1.5 dollars. from america was coming last year when finally a deal for $56.00 kilos of gold at the local refinery called a service i was storing. there. we tested it was good fun to do the next shift. find the oldest street.
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and they put us towards a deal didn't end of the going to the police the people who stole his money that threaten him. follow me in a car and i threatened to kill me the biggest problem here is that a foreigner loses money they're going to try to do something and then come in it's like a mafia a threat they scared people and then they just pack up the relay with their money behind this is millions and millions of dollars and people's money just being taken people for their whole lives from the money she spent. down in drain and one day here in told story it's made me angry that not only way this chemist stealing from individuals like to be with the reputation and development opportunities of my country i went to the police headquarters in atlanta the director referred me to the head of the department in charge of goldstein cases
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dennis and his chief of operations ralph some years fire was coming to steal from us just when i look at small unit a little 2000 assembly we have a. good piece with you. this 2000 lives we have. to treat to discover just so you can see. this. so what kind of figures are we talking about here so far from lost about $200000.00 some in millions of dollars across the country there have already been $38.00 cases report that d.c. dennis and ralph took me to see some of the figure had a pain to fight against gould's chemists. who usually how did a victim is being blamed for pain and deceive to them. and they realize that there is no boom and that evening from just for instance in this case you know that guy
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or the victim so real. and when this bus was booked to the police. we look at it in distress as a row of people. we found this very close and then sent. to a shocked because initially did stop what he saw. actually deliver laughs and. how this looking to the police it's clear this is a growing and serious issue but i want to get a view from inside to find out what is really going on one of my connections monies to put me in contact with the goods coming yes i agreed to talk on the condition his identity is concealed so how many people are involved in this scum in this world. really myself people. aren't induced mr. truro to ward off connection with your instructor and her become by anyone any
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good but you sure can be instantly due to the good work he explained to me that goods comes where just the tip of the iceberg part of a much wider network of for us this all working together these crimes are becoming endemic in the west african region and gama is now a global hotspots on lines cops who people are you good do group who don't. really approve or do you need to find this motorways. high unemployment and poverty levels are clearly a major factor in the rise of these cranks but these for us this destroying people's lives as an undercover journalist my mo to east name. is time to give these camps a taste of my meds i've been tipped off about the book was good business to i bring my name company an informant has told me that it is a front for a well established group of scum yes but to prove it i need to get inside the
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prison and run a sting so f.n. listed an assistant to the part of the world the investor i'll be posing passes trent a professional footballer who has played so. i can take the mining company because i tell them you'll be arriving from the middle east in a few days' time and that he's keen to buy some within hours i get an interest yes the response from a man called patrick watching their company even office to collect my friend from the airport and taking to his game is on a salaam aleikum be this is the plan when you are. meet i would also be there waiting for you. our cover story is that we are friends and that we enjoy the way i play football they will provide us once we tell them we can go up stairs quickly for a preparatory so that will be the very 1st phase of the investigation before we
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start moving to meet them to take us to. things. right. we are on our way to meet the law. and to meet this thomas for the 1st. time this time so usually on certain times close to dealing with the. times predicts what to do wasn't what i doubt that i took into consideration. to stay focused on being all right. and overall disallows. when i went to the call to say he had arrived and had already been met by someone as he came of the plane i was worried as i wanted to be with him when this comment i write. i had read insight to find him you need. to
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feel. them men who had met the love in a loose shit as the day of the cool arriving to collect us and take us to do will tell outside desmond and seles who i can feel and look up. as who are waiting for the vehicle i decided to go ahead to the hotel and make sure everything with the room was set up about 10 minutes later this come as i arrived to collect the thought that he was happening. yet filmed and everything on p.t. looking. now this issue's folks. are going. to give you.
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a real. investigation. tonight. for the money. how.
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yeah one well we had a conversation with him and she has to make him believe that we are doing it and he
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has been eating and like i don't know consistently want to tell you to be wary and to be careful that you're not scalloped passes what he was trying to say the next step was to check the authenticity of the documents provided to us by patrick. is the money of monitoring and evaluation at the minerals commission the government body responsible for regulating the main insect but. also really look out. i mean sword in name here. i mean really mining company limited reactionary service documentation from all sides trying to check on the grounds of this company merely who testified that it's a firm and company because you don't have anything again as for consent is concerned it's gonna export promotion council it was consenting to think how many at the investors out there now communicating with these fraudulent companies i must
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say that i also blame the scum you don't by good luck too much is in the markets something that is way to $100000.00 so they've got his own group who are selling to them for $35000.00 i tell you who are you for it is. in the consumer driven world of today it is obvious that's chemists would be the only people who feel that easy money whether or not most come victims trying to make a fuss about $1.00 says wait 7 as a 10 year remand that investors need to be sensible and take necessary precautions . the next day we will know which meets the scum who had taken us to visit draggled manged we managed to convince them to allow us to film the trip claiming that beloved business partners wanted to see the footage before making any commitment. as usual i. would be behind.
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business. and i would say. pay me. to do. for safe keeping in sight and man claiming to be the bank manager assured of
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the security. at the bank's head office revealed that often musette facility to see post. the alleged bank manager was honest come. geological so they'd be padding is a government run but the private testing facility their results from their test indicated that it was it's a 5 percent. it was real. they came to see and receive us on how to exports it it's not clear whether he knew he was helping to prepare to hit the front but what is certain is that there would be had been a carefully orchestrated cherry to suck us deeper into debt trap. and on to semi finals it's over we have gotten to the finals tomorrow with that all the evidence to morrow morning i'm going to present it to the putting. the raid will take place home make
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a final feeling. on the critical things our body rate is that if it cooled must be that. well my. intent to sell. it was time to pay another visit to the police and some journalists me question my tendency. with those. not for me in this country seems to me and getting the job done. makes investigation has gone through hell and so to be payment is going to be indication in. the control. room before me and i'm not out which will be for a bailout and myself. to be sure. will be a briefing. by men they will move to the decision. to
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the position and with whatever it's ok thank you good luck. everyone was. all we had to do. but there was a. different. way .
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it was crank. that. kind of. condo. i have come to from the. top of the 45. the thing that. comes out. the rest of the. sea. quickly with this point 5. 500 people i think you're going to ask the famous how do you really.
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look at. the. why there's. this. ensuing investigation came to a successful conclusion to police tests in the city 5. confirmed that it was indeed the only one bag which must have been for the good purity test of the geological was real. all do spare rest appearing in court over the next month to stand trial for the action. to did this for us this have been beaten idea own good but on most other deeds companies or individuals have been scum up and down the country destroying lives and damaging the image and investment prospects. there result of this one investigation may not change anything but this was
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a small. fascinating film about god's $1000000000.00 gold trade and to update us on the story we're joined now by a basket of janice and as our male and whose identity we're not showing great to speak to you just remind viewers who may not have seen as interviewing you before why that's a skies well i put on this these guys because of security reasons. in africa the real threat to their journalists when you and i come our way console in order to keep that face to be able to work on them a story i always wear this disguise and it's made of beats with african beats fool's gold i mean it makes for grepping viewing wake up both sides fearful of being exposed did you fare for your life when you were filming not. well normally should be sold but when you do proper recchi then you know that tends to
6:43 pm
fall. short so yes there were fears initially but all got to do indulge down as soon as we realize that we had done proper way before taking the action but there were a few of them coming on not coming that was the phases of all our lives when we're working on this story whether they would be able to smoke us out or not those fears are real and it happens in many of our stories but theophile lives i think was a bit more minimal in that story what happened to the scam and eventually they got busted we went to the courts we took them the judicial process is still ongoing and then they are likely to be jailed likely to be dealt with yes the system is still rolling do you feel a sense of frustration with the system does it move too slowly for you. i have done several of us dollar is that we said jim when he's in jail for 15 years of the
6:44 pm
general story that i did. talk of the adult one i did on the coco smuggling story they are in jail for 16 years so put together so yes i do know that something the system grinds slowly but aca i have seen results and i don't have to get frustrated by that i think it should in silly me a sense of wanting to push the front yes faith and then i think that people are beginning to see the realities there had core evidence is there and when you attempt to know what the house will it gets then. do you see the situation improving them in context of this film foreign investors so be wary about think business in ghana well i think that if you have a nation that sits on it. sits down and does nothing about it thus when you should be worried this would come as would always be there but the bigger question is how prepared is your nation to fight in the east and. most african countries we have
6:45 pm
willing to police a miswire if you think the evidence for them to want to take 2 steps so yes it's horrible we have comments all around bad what is claimed is full is that there are people who are willing to take down this company and also i think foreign investments also develop and they have that if you smoke in it then you see anything going wrong you should be able to report it isn't the way the systems can't work you've been doing this 20 years now was the. most proud of. well i would say my next work that has come in i am proud of the justice which i did for this thing. it's also a big story to them calm past all that most corrupt judges and is that replica of it on the african continent is what makes me happy and then i think that another one is coming just deal with a silly absolutely will announce it's been great to speak to and good luck with
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your future work thank you very much and that's it for this week's rewind if you want to catch any of the other films in the rewind series you'll find them on everyone page at the al-jazeera website but for now until next time. rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best around to see a documentary. to. remind continues with rendition it's inside libya's prison when the rebels came to tripoli and. so she ended with gadhafi regime it was in the office of spying chief at that time to stash off documents which reveal the collaboration between british and libyan intelligence services on al-jazeera. responding 6 continents across the. algiers corresponding sleeping place the
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story site of this was done to. the letter she. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channel 706 boys and to a good many of them have citizenship fresh perspectives and you in. to challenge and change the way we look at the world. on al-jazeera. all the work to stay with most stable one arrest internment and mass indoctrination all we were children are now in a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech
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surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. special forces carry out a raid in syria targeting isolator abubakar but. the ground an air raid took place near the border with turkey leaving nothing but rubble. another sunday
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confrontation and hong kong protesters rallied against what they say is police brutality and in sport a south africa currently lead wales at half time in their rugby world cup semifinal plus it's all square at the world series houston astros dominate the washington nationals in game 4 to tie the series to all. u.s. special forces have conducted a raid in northern syria targeting isolator a boubacar. so these exclusive pictures show the aftermath of that strike on
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a house in the province of idlib al jazeera correspondent dina yousef was one of the 1st journalist to reach the scene of the raid then let the this is the vehicle targeted by the u.s. 4 planes we were told this band was passing through this road with 2 civilians on board and airstrike took place in the area and as a result of the operation many were killed it's also likely that someone was transported away during the operation some dead bodies are still laying here and are being recovered from the site along with debris. and still unclear whether baghdadi was killed in the u.s. operation it had wouldn't be the 1st time that has had been falsely reported official confirmation is expected and about 3 hours time at 13 g.m.t. that's when the u.s. president is scheduled to give a press conference now he tweeted before any news came out he tweeted this one line something very big has just happened a some avenge of a joins us live from carrick on the turkey syria border so
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a somewhat tell us more about this this area where this raid happened. well richard in the last few years we've heard more details emerge from what happened in the aftermath of this bombing of this raid rather the location where this compound was has been taken out reportedly by fighter jets this is an area west of province which is a countryside populated area where of a bucker but bob he was allegedly located in that compound reports coming in from u.s. officials department of defense officials have been telling us media that it was a raid which was carried out in the early hours of the morning very special operation forces raided this compound there was a brief exchange of fire. and his family was present reportedly and the 2 of his wives as well as baghdadi blew themselves up they have after this incident they
6:52 pm
have taken over the control of this area they made sure that all of the evidence that was there which would be the friends of evidence d.n.a. samples and biometrics have been taken and that the compound itself has been destroyed but as you mentioned this is not the 1st time that we are hearing reports although it is the 1st time that we are hearing such detailed reports and multiple sources telling us media from the department of defense that it is in fact they believe a book at all but daddy has been killed in the last few minutes we've heard from turkish officials the 1st confirmation that they were actually in the know that this operation was going to take place they were informed beforehand the department of defense from turkey tweeting that they were they were informed of this operation in northwestern syria. ok some of the nj of a with the latest for us there on the turkey syria border so just who is. a
6:53 pm
religious scholar from the sea of somare just north of baghdad he was a veteran of the sunni insurgency against american troops in the u.s. occupation of iraq he was a prisoner and u.s. run jails that aboud grave and camp buka in 2010 he became the leader of al qaeda in iraq which later split from al-qaeda and changed its name to the islamic state of iraq and the levant in 2014 and that same year daddy announced the creation of a so-called caliphate and within 12 months eisel fighters captured large parts of iraq and syria controlling an area the size of the u.k. with more than $40000.00 fighters its attacks there and overseas prompted the formation of a u.s. led coalition which forced its fighters to retreat from their strongholds in 20172018 most of the territory has been retaken but eisel continues to carry out attacks tashi game joins us live now from baghdad so if in fact he has been killed but daddy what would their reaction be how would that be received in baghdad.
6:54 pm
richelle millions of people dismiss displaced tens of thousands killed thousands raped this is the havoc that baghdadi and ice all wreaked on iraq he's baghdadi of course was an iraqi himself this so the psychological scars that iraqis will be living with for a generation will linger even if it's confirmed that he's dead this is the legacy 5 and the trauma that iraqis will continue to live with given that fact it's very evident of course that when the time comes and it is confirmed that al baghdadi has died whether that happens today or down the road iraqis will be pleased but just as we saw with osama bin ladin and al qaeda the fact that a group armed group in this case eisel would lose its leader does not necessarily
6:55 pm
mean that the group is dissolved there are sleeper cells of eisel throughout iraq they continue to launch attacks i spoke with a top general with the u.s. led coalition to defeat eisel earlier this summer and he said that eisel has very successfully adapted and become a nimble insurgency and that it's important to note that the fight against eisel continues we saw that in a couple of analysts today and they believe of course if baghdadi has been killed this will have a big impact on iraq if not simply in the psyche of iraq easy also think that will have an impact on the region he does wonder however if the group will scramble for a bit as it attempts to reorient itself remember the group is severely weakened its caliphate is no more we spoke to another analyst who says that there is a possibility the if the eisel does regroup with another leader that it may in fact
6:56 pm
join force. is once again with al qaeda the other thing that we're hearing is that there is concern that perhaps i so will exact revenge attacks here in iraq there is a domestic crisis there have been days of protests here in iraq the iraqi government is highlighting the fact that it has been providing intelligence all along to the meat u.s. military and cooperating and some analysts say that this is going to be highlighted as a victory portrayed as a victory to the people of iraq in an attempt to divert from the domestic problems here at home ok natasha in a moment the latest there in baghdad thank you so as more information from the americans is awaited this is just the latest report of dottie's demise he was reported to have been injured during an airstrike in the iraqi city of mosul 4 years ago months later iraqi air force commander said he'd been killed in an attack
6:57 pm
on a convoy in western iraq and 2016 reports spread that he'd been killed in a u.s. coalition air strike in iraq and syria a few days later russian media said that was wrong and it was actually a russian strike a claim supported by iranian officials another report had been killed came in 2017 from the syrian observatory for human rights and adi released an audio message last year and then appeared in a video released earlier this year it was the 1st time he'd been seen since declaring the so-called leisel caliphate in iraq 5 years ago and in years of speculation that he was dead around kabul honest director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies he joins us here in doha we appreciate your time so again we're waiting on specifics but there is a report that he was that he was killed there was a report that he killed himself does that matter. not really. because i mean if he's dead i mean that that that means the end of the of the man
6:58 pm
as a leader of this of this group i guess what i'm asking is that if he did kill himself does that just something about the mythology around him well i think i think he was very careful not to be taken alive at least by the americans that is very important actually for somebody like a diety or also other other leaders of of the group the most important thing for them actually is to not to be not to be taken a life and so it doesn't really matter if if if he's if he's killed by the americans or or he's actually committed suicide he himself what is literalists i saw. well i think now the group has lost its very charismatic leader so that must be seen as a major blow i mean to the to the to the group but on the other hand we have to think of ice and as a manifestation of a more complicated social economic and political context that are still very much.
6:59 pm
bressant in our in our region look i mean today the middle east is like in a tom well because of this economic social and political conditions and i'm talking here about marginalization i'm talking about x. occlusion i'm talking about poverty i'm talking about the lack of services and. i'm talking about them they're very they're very vague future for so many young. for the younger generation i mean look at iraq look at lebanon look at syria you can see this all saw in other places which seems to be stable but beneath the syria verse i mean so much is actually is actually happening like in egypt for example so i think when we think of i solicit elian borton that we think of the cause of the root causes which have led to the emergence of of this group and the root causes i think i was still very much there and this is why it's really important to to
7:00 pm
always focus on the ideology rather than on the capability or ability of the group to execute. attacks. at the at the butler at about the time so if in fact he is dead what do you think should be expected in the immediate aftermath and the coming weeks and months well i don't think that his death actually will will make such difference for for i still because we have seen these groups actually lacking the sort of hierarchical or centralized authority and we have seen so much attacks happening. across the region and beyond actually were . direct orders from the leadership of the of the group so i think as you said also i mean doing that your report that the killing of osama bin laden did not actually lead to an end of al qaida and the killing of all.


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