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his indifference to his belief systems and then. for so long even one very short distances the government believes traffic congestion costs a $1000000000.00 a year in lost productivity nairobi to come to government. to keep in their. subdued. infrastructure not enough roads too many cars most are highly polluting secondhand vehicles imported from asia to make them more fuel efficient most mechanics remove a device called the catalytic converter designed to reduce exhaust emissions dumped in landfills environmentalist say the metal is toxic without it car fumes are heavy with lead and so these cars exhaust burned leaving pedestrians gasping for air we're hours away from evening rush hour traffic and already it. is developing over the city skyline not only is the air pollution double the amount recommended by the
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world health organization half of the carbon emission that this country emits comes from traffic and car pollution. pollution levels fell for a brief moment in september when protesters calling for climate justice halted traffic he winds even to be even a man's body and that it was lifting the money to keep it from upkeep below do not know much english and n.z. and electric motor bikes could help too such as these built by a small company owned and run by dutch and kenyan businessmen electric is the future we're going to go emissions free that is very clear and that is something that we want to be front runners in with electric vehicles comes the need for power something kenya's government is addressing by wanting to build a coal power plant. kenya's environment agency says it will make the air in nairobi more breathable yet another of the many contradictions to kenya's capital and so until a solution is found commuters will just have to sit and wait because hawke al-jazeera
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nairobi. electricity supplies have been cut for around 2 and a half 1000000 customers in california because of extreme danger warnings for wildfires the state's largest incivility company a switched off power after faulty equipment was blamed for starting a nature fire high winds are fanning wildfires in both southern and northern california evacuation orders have been issued to around 50000 people living in wind producing areas north of san francisco. it's an interesting moment to be in because we're in it to support tory space that is obviously rather anxiety inducing and i just want to acknowledge things id the fear that people have about this moment not only we've got only 6 large wildfires up and down the state the most significant certainly most familiar here in northern california the cape fire but also the tick fire in los angeles that alone creates anxiety but also this time of year and
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speak it creates anxiety you know have to go back very far 201820172015 all record years the most acute wildfires this state had ever experienced we're trying to avoid that fate the 40 day strike that severely affected general motors u.s. production has come to an end or is approved a new contract with the auto giant bringing a picket lines down almost immediately almost 50000 people have walked off the job the union now plans to use that as a basis for negotiations with the companies rival for catholic bishops from across the amazon have made a historic proposal to allow married men to become priests also calling for women to be given higher wink ranking roles that is in the church and reports. there's a lot in this scene at the vatican that would have looked exactly the same hundreds
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of years ago but some centuries old traditions of the roman catholic church could be about to change. and want to reform there are some things to reform the church always has to reform itself. pope francis has been hosting bishops non's and community leaders from the amazon to discuss challenges such as the destruction of the rainforest. but the most hotly debated question was whether to allow some married men to join the priesthood in remote locations where there aren't enough clergy to perform regular mess. the majority of the bishops also called for the vatican to look into whether women should be ordained as deacons a role currently reserved for name in who are allowed to preach baptize witness marriages and perform funerals the pope admitted the church had yet to grasp the significance of women as well i mean this 130 we need to underline this we do not
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realize the role of women in the church we just look at the functional part which is important but the role of women in the church goes far beyond functionality. the group is a urging the church to recognize the unique spirituality cultures and needs of the amazonian faithful but it could have repercussions beyond this isolated territory some conservatives have warned that allowing such exceptions could lead to the global catholic church to ruin right now the situation we as a region. is opening the question if it's more important to preserve. the celibacy requirement. costs. have been many agree we need. it release for many many months every year. the
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anger over the me a discussion of the proposal saw some amazonian statues stolen from a church during the meeting and tossed into the tiber river where they were later recovered and damaged but if the pope francis will consider the recommendations and report back by the end of the year but in a signal women have some way to go in the church well they could offer opinions on the ideas during the assembly they weren't allowed to cast a vote elixir an al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera and sports on their way home try to come to terms of being knocked out of the rugby world cup. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative
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sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady called. on. the latest news as it breaks difficulty. for you most of the young people coming here to protest against the taliban clashing with the police with detail coverage is meant to be a chance for people from different walks of life to political affiliations to work together to shape their futures together from around the world not many people by physical need to fight over what they rotate you represent the. right.
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time for sport now is ana thank you very much it was shallow thought with the rugby world cup but where things are getting very tense and the semifinal between south africa and wales into the closing minutes and it's south africa who have just gone ahead 19 points the 16 the window will play england in the final session they will bring you all the action in a 10 hour next pool's bulletin and if it. well meanwhile new zealand is struggling to come to terms with their team's 1st loss at the world cup since 2007 you'll blacks were knocked out by england and this was the front page of the new zealand sunday herald newspaper capturing the mood of the nation their emotional captain the karen reid spoke to the media early on sunday and said affects you know it was my birthday is today get back to the hotel room and. you know there's cause for my
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kids you know when you say. it changes things put things in perspective. you know it's a game and people care we care. so you enjoy you know moments and you know for me i'm a dad and that's 1st and foremost. you know the thing that i want to be remembered by baseball's world series is level at 2 games each off to another when for the houston astros for the 2nd night running and they beat the nationals in washington and this was the key moment. you know. with all 3 bases loaded the alex and greg went to smash the homerun to secure and a $21.00 victory for the astros and they had been to nothing and down in the series
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but with 3 games left and they are now the team with the momentum. there was a lot of noise around losing the 1st 2 games and rightfully so because the nats had had outplayed us like i said and i think we we turned it around and now we've all played them for a couple of games and now we have a 3 game series. the winner of 2 or 3 wins a world series so i think that but our mojo our vibe or our approach or you know our banter in the clubhouse or the same. just all boys say we're in the world series and i will play and play game 5. who thought that in the beginning so here we are so let's forget about it kid you not about the last 2 games let's look ahead and get replayed. to the n.b.a. and a special performance by russell westbrook and the houston rockets went over the new orleans pelicans while he recalled that the $139.00 to triple double of his korea
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with $28.00 points 10 rebounds and 13 assists he passes magic johnson to go 2nd in the old time missed it but still way short of oscar robertson says record 181. tiger woods is close and then on the lam on victory at these also championship in japan he's currently 3 shots in the final round which will have to be finished on monday because of rain woods is playing his 1st tournament to of the season after undergoing a nice surgery in august if he goes if he does go to wrap up the victory it will be 82nd win on the p.g.a. tour and will tie the all time record by sam snead. it was hamilton can claim a 6 formula one title at the mexican goalkeeper later but all the talk right now is about max for stop and not being stripped of pole position the red bull driver was quickest in qualifying and secured the 1st place on the grid. after
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the celebrations and the news conference he admitted he hasn't slowed down for yellow flags after this crash with voltaire is what us cities are stop and it was called to destroy its office and given a 3 place penalty which means a hill now soften 4th so it's now farah's charlotte clarke who is on pole ahead of his teammate sebastian vettel. well to be champion mark marquez extended his winning streak by claiming a dramatic victory at the australian grand prix maverick finales that won the same race last year and was on pole he led for much of the race but things went wrong for the rider as he crashed out on the final lap leaving his fellow spaniard mark harris the through his 5th win in a row and 11th this season. to football in italy and syria leaders eventis was surprisingly held to one all draw. it was a late year home for this game which was
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a tale of 2 penalties in the 2nd half 1st event is went ahead with this from paolo di other but the lead the only loss is the 6 minutes because of leaching level things up with this penalty for markel one crucial final score 10. while it meant that into milan i had the chance to go top above eventis but they could only get a draw at home against karma or scored the equaliser which was originally ruled out of 4 of our side but thanks to wagner it was eventually awarded and the match finished to move they remain a point behind eventis oval. while the goal of the day came from a generous player christian a co-op me a fantastic overhead kick to help them secure a 31 victory over preacha means a winning start for genoa as new code tiago mata volley
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was south africa had beaten wells 8 to reach the rugby world cup final and also spoke for me i had your back to richelle. that's pretty good update there all right thank you very much donna and when you get a moment visit our web site obviously the big news of the day we'll continue to update it for you reports that the leader of. the highs been killed again looking for further confirmation that we'll keep you up to date of the meantime while santa maria is up on the right. to deal with poverty unless you deal with the go you decide who i disagree with
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that toy systems are blaming the public because a tree for the heart of not literally mean anybody these people are well trained as much a part of the islamic state machinery as we have been very inspirational populous little jersey to join me in the hot sun as i put the 0 for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debates here al-jazeera. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste
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can now be used to manufacture building materials. a story. 1400 years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. the caliph episode one on a jersey the. u.s. special forces carry out a raid in syria targeting the isolator. al baghdadi the ground an air raid took place near the border with turkey leaving nothing but rubble.
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but i can tell how everyone i'm kemal santamaria with the world news from al jazeera another sunday confrontation in hong kong this protest is rally against what they say is police brutality. and argentina's president what is your mockeries fate hangs in the balance as the polls open for presidential elections. so u.s. special forces have conducted a raid in northern syria targeting the isolator. baghdadi we've got these exclusive pictures showing the aftermath of that strike on a house in the province al-jazeera correspondent at the new stuff was one of the 1st journalists to reach the scene of the right. this is the vehicle targeted by the u.s. warplanes we were told this band was passing through this road with 2 civilians on
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board an air strike took place in the area and as a result of the operation many were killed it's also likely that someone was transported away during the operation. some dead bodies are still laying here in are being recovered from the site along with debris what's still unclear is whether baghdadi was actually killed in the u.s. operation and it wouldn't be the 1st time his death has been falsely reported we are awaiting official confirmation that's expected in about 3 hours time 1300 g.m.t. when the u.s. president is scheduled to give a news conference well before any u.s. media reports came out there he tweeted this just the one line something very big has just happened let's start with this from osama bin jervy is included come on the turkish syrian border in the last few hours we've heard more details emerge from what happened in the aftermath of this bombing of this raid or rather the location where this compound was has been taken out reportedly by fighter jets this
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is an area west of province which is a countryside sparsely populated area where i will buckle but he was allegedly located in that compound reports coming in from u.s. officials the department of defense officials have been telling us media that it was a raid which was carried out in the early hours of the morning very special operation forces raided this compound there was a brief exchange of fire i would look at it but glad he and his family was present reportedly and the 2 of his wives as well as baghdad he blew themselves up they have after this incident they have taken over the control of this area they made sure that all of the evidence that was there which would be different that evidence d.n.a. samples and biometrics have been taken and that the compound itself has been destroyed but as you mentioned this is not the 1st time that we are hearing reports although it is the 1st time that we are hearing such detailed reports and multiple
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sources telling us media from the department of defense that it is in fact they believe look at all but died he has been killed. so just who is this man abu bakar al baghdadi is a religious scholar from the city of samarra just north of baghdad a veteran of the sunni insurgency against american troops during the u.s. occupation of iraq he was a prisoner in the u.s. run jails at abu ghraib and camp booka and in 2010 he became the leader of al qaeda in iraq that later split from the main al qaeda that changed its name to eisele islamic state of iraq and the levant that was 2014 that same year baghdad he announced the creation of a so-called caliphate and within 12 months i still fight has captured large parts of iraq and syria controlling an area the size of the u.k. with more than 40005 says its attacks there and overseas prompted the formation of a u.s. led coalition which forced its fighters to retreat from their strongholds in 2017
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and 18 most of that territory has been retaken but i still continues to carry out attacks let's talk to natasha the name in baghdad now just bring us up to date if you wouldn't argue with what we know so far in lieu of any official announcement from the americans just yet. code be hard to find an iraqi family who has not been impacted by daddy's eisel whether they were displaced they lost a loved one were injured raped or simply living in fear iraqis are going to be living with the legacy of baghdadi and his eisel for at least a generation now just as with osama bin laden and there's no reason to believe that if in fact baghdadi has been killed that eisel will dissolve. eisel continues to launch attacks here in iraq it's believed that there are sleeper cells throughout the country i spoke with a top general with the u.s.
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led coalition to defeat eisel here in iraq over the summer and he says that eisel despite its weakened state has already pivoted and adapted into a nimble insurgency and it is already resurging here in iraq and syria we've spoken to several analysts today and it can't be disputed they're saying that again if baghdadi is in fact dead it will have an impact a big one on iraq and the region one says that perhaps eisel by scramble for a bit as it appoints a new leader and that person tries to get their bearings eisel is already in a weakened state but it's definitely believe that the group will likely group and be in a position to launch attacks we spoke to another analysts who believes there is a possibility that i saw may join forces with the armed groups again another analyst is saying he is concerned that i still will in fact launch quote revenge
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attacks here in iraq again to a vengeance a possible death of baghdadi this is coming as there is a big domestic crisis in iraq we've been covering anti-government protests for the last 3 days that have killed more than 200 people. the government according to one analyst will likely try to paint this as a victory to try to diffuse tension among protesters the iraqi government is already highlighting its historic intelligence gathering and cooperation with the u.s. military natasha going to in baghdad thank you for that update we've also been speaking to another of our correspondents on the holder with more on how he rose to become the leader of one of the world's most feared armed groups. it was july 2014 when the world got a glimpse of the man best known as abu bakar a bucket that he and iraqi whose real name is abraham
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a white ibrahim. he walked out of the shadows to the clear in islam extend in iraq and the levant from the great mosque in the iraqi city of mosul he led friday prayers after naming himself caliph or religious leader it was a show of power by an armed group which took over much of iraq's sunni heartland after the iraqi army all but collapsed 5 years later it was back daddy's state that collapsed i saw once controlled 88000 square kilometers of territory stretching from western syria to eastern iraq it lost its last stronghold in syria in march this year weeks after that that he made his 1st appearance in 5 years putting to rest many unconfirmed reports of his death in a video the ice a leader wanted to show he was still in charge and along with his group survived the territorial defeat backed that he was behind the group's creation an expansion i solo originated in al qaida in iraq back then he became its leader in 2010 he
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then capitalized on the unrest in neighboring syria exploiting the security vacuum it started to capture territory and changed its name to islamic state in iraq in the levant before falling out with al qaida leader ayman al-zawahiri. i so now the challenge is al qaida not only in syria and iraq but for the leadership of what it calls the global jihad this struggle but that he was once a prisoner in a u.s. run jail in iraq he is believed to have been born near the iraqi city of samarra in 1971 and said to have a ph d. in islamic studies from an iraqi university giving him religious credentials it isn't known what will baghdad he played in recruiting arab in foreign fighters or in orchestrating attacks abroad there have been questions about his grip on power and reports of dissent within the group's leadership but the man who declared
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himself caliph the would be successor of the prophet managed to elude death and capture for years and even though i still state in syria and iraq crumbled under his rule the group's goals are not defined by borders or one man its appeal comes from harnessing the grievances of some new muslims in iraq syria and across the world senator. with us again now in kabul on the director of policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies let's just start with well it is unconfirmed at this stage we must point out but if. baghdad is dead how much of a blow is that i saw as an actual group you were distinguishing between the group and the ideology as a group still i think. it's going to be a major blow actually to the group given how. the idea was actually don't forget that he's he seemed to be the 1st. who were the clear himself from an already
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mosque in morse in 2014 maybe for the 1st time says the collapse of the ottoman empire says the last holy father muslim holy for so he must be seen as a very charismatic leader of the group but on the other hand as you said it's about ideology it's about the circumstances which have led to. emergence of ice in the 1st place you not mean. that eyes of fire still has actually originated mainly from exclusion marginalization very poor economy and social conditions and mainly the execution of the sunni in syria and in iraq don't forget that it was an maliki nouri al maliki the prime minister of former prime minister of iraq actually his policies which contributed to the rise of ice in the 1st place and then it came through to syria and the blood but of syria actually also gave a lot of. money support for the for the group which at the end of the day i mean
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led to its allies and taking so much of territories in syria and in iraq and is this conditions actually change i don't see the end of. as an ideology although we have seen the end of feisal as a territorial entity as a group does it have a sort of this is an odd way to put it but a succession plan do you think i use the example before of when bin laden was killed and we knew that his successor and al qaeda was the wadi in the case of eisel well i still is having actually assured our consul which means people who are we're close but it close to i still a very senior of the senior ranking. figures within isis so i don't think that. they will find it difficult to find a policeman to albuquerque daily although i don't see somebody who is as charismatic as a buckler but that the to be a leader of this of this will so we might see it actually also
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a fragmentation of feisal itself because we have seen we have seen some of that i think with with other groups actually who have lost their to their leader so we might.


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