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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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caliph or religious leader it was a show of power by an armed group which took over much of iraq's sunni heartland after the iraqi army all but collapsed 5 years later it was back daddy's state that collapsed eisel once controlled 88000 square kilometers of territory stretching from western syria to eastern iraq it lost its last stronghold in syria in march this year weeks after back that he made his 1st appearance in 5 years putting to rest many unconfirmed reports of his death in a video the eisel leader wanted to show he was still in charge and along with his group survived the territorial defeat back that he was behind the group's creation an expansion eisel originated in al qaida in iraq. back then he became its leader in 2010 he then capitalized on the unrest in neighboring syria exploiting the security vacuum it started to capture territory and changed its name to islamic
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state in iraq and the levant before falling out with al qaida leader ayman al-zawahiri i so now the challenge is al qaida not only in syria and iraq but for the leadership of what it calls the global jihad this struggle but that he was once a prisoner and a u.s. run jail in iraq he is believed to have been born near the iraqi city of samarra in 1971 and said to have a ph d. in islamic studies from an iraqi university giving him religious credentials it isn't known what will back that he played in recruiting arab and foreign fighters or in orchestrating attacks abroad there have been questions about his grip on power and reports of dissent within the group's leadership but the man who declared himself caliph the would be successor of the prophet managed to elude death and capture for years and even though i still state in syria iraq crumbled under his rule the group's goals are not defined by borders or one man its appeal comes from
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harnessing the grievances of some new muslims in iraq syria and across the world senator. well i still may not control much of iraq and syria anymore but it does still maintain a covert network of supporters counter-terrorism officials briefed the un security council in august and revealed that the group has affiliates stretching from afghanistan in south asia to nigeria in west africa which is considered to be its strongest affiliate with more than 4000 fighters of the 40000 foreign fighters who join deisel along with the families up to 30000 of them survived the u.s. led campaign to topple the group about a soul does remain very rich with around $300000000.00 at its disposal that's according to some estimates let's talk again to abraham fry what associate professor of conflict resolution of the doha institute for graduate studies he's in another one of our studios here in doha. welcome back to the news hour what does this do to eyesore. this is going to affect i sold them
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as of ghana zation and the structure and the presence and that age an anthem of being set up as an organization. but we know what is going to happen actually you know those that leave these places in syria and in iraq are likely to regroup another out of places because we have not seen you know the changes happening through the affiliates that the members of the of the organization especially that age and that full of tension then many kayo think of places in yemen and libya and even in central asia where we could see you know 'd members are regrouping and. their activities and as far as what actually happened with this raid is concerned back to back that he reportedly taking his own life in
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effect detonating a suicide vest that's what some reports are saying but we heard the news conference from donald trump what 4 hours 5 hours ago now. he went to his death clearly knowing that there would be somebody anointed by him or not waiting to take over. yeah i think this is something that he probably expected since he lived. the battle of wills all a while ago and i think his impact was also limited because again he was on the run no one knew where he was at some point actually a few months ago there was a report that he was killed in iraq but then now he is showing up in in syria so his has a structure of his control over the organization we can significantly so it wasn't about a budget that is being able to run the organization the way that he used to run it
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and then the bust so i think given these circumstances what's called much alyssa short of the shore a council which consists of 11 members of the leadership of the organization probably expected this and we saw this happening in the past the where there shura council acted on appointing a new leader once you know the lead that is killed. in an instance such set in similar circumstances so i think we could probably see something similar happening with a new appointment of leader is going to take place because i think this is mean though about that he is. the founder of the caliphate that but these before that he was. there were 23 other leaders before him so we could see this happening again what do you make of the kind of language that donald trump was using at the
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beginning of the news conference he was talking about nasty puppies all these people about puppies he was talking about what losers they were and then when he was actually talking about the way the man died he was talking about how he was and how he died like a dog i'm thinking here about you know donald george w. bush in the office. martha by 11 talking about a crusade and after that mission accomplished in a region where words matter where the new one sees matter where language can be so incendiary might that died like a dog come back to haunt the trumpet ministration. you are absolutely right and i think it's very hard to make sense politically you know of what donald trump describes and talks you know in these circumstances these situations. he did not follow protocol of what for example compared to when obama announced the killing over some of the lead than the how he was
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a brief how he was you know handling they sure with you know much with a lot of sensitivity we saw something completely different here from donald trump though by the way one major reason behind this show that. give us with that i was sort of going to go back that he was a driven by responding to his. obama. is that but also bomb killed osama bin ladin he had you know targeting or had been successful in killing a more important personality in isis which is not true for course because osama bin laden remains you know the most will norton leader of al qaida you know compared to you know. so i think you know these words really matter in this region and then in metaphor for his followers for his for the
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members the emotions you know be he's a charismatic leader for his followers they follow him they care about him and this could be something that could really incentivize them for fear that action or to take revenge or retaliation in some way and so to photo to try to put things into perspective with what donald trump does and say is really difficult really matter. he was you know betraying the cords just a few days ago with leaving them withdrawing from syria and the day he was thanking them his me and live all in syria russia. was thanking the russians as well you know so the ok something to be expected from him we appreciate your insight good to talk to you as ever thank you thank you well as he was taking questions
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from the reporters mr trump said he notified russia about the baghdadi raid we spoke to the russians tell them we told them we're coming in. and they said thank you for telling us they were very good. you know they did not know why. we didn't tell them we think you're going to be very happy because you know again they hate isis as much as we do you know what isis has done to russia so no we did not tell they did not know the mission but they knew we were going over an area that they had. they had a lot of firepower but soon after that russia's ministry of defense issued a statement this is what they said there were no airstrikes in the it libya area by u.s. or coalition aircraft on saturday or in recent days the conflicting information about the u.s. operation does raise questions and doubts about its validity especially its success we have no reliable information but the u.s. military operation in it lip the targeted back. let's talk now to mark some
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a cough ski's a senior fellow at the atlantic council's eurasia center and a former u.s. department of defense official he joins us on skype from washington welcome back to the news out of the russians playing catch up here. yeah i think so the russians obviously are doubting us claims they themselves claimed responsibility for back that he's demise several months ago so until there is evidence prevent presented i think there are records questioning the u.s. role in course the u.s. insertion of forces in an area where russia was close to could potentially undermine russia's control. ok when the us president donald trump says look everyone hates it so is he is effectively correct there when it comes to implementing policy occurs to me that maybe yes the russians do hate eisold but
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obliterating i so may not be the number one priority and it's exactly right ice and yes i sold in syria has not been a russian ari from day one their priority is in bolstering the assad regime and assuring the assad regime survives the current syrian civil war and russian succeeded ensuring that their operations in syria have not been focused on targeting eisel they have a much wider objective politically so as a result we may have certain beliefs about eisel that we share with the russian federation but there are checkers are not the same of course this area that he was found in the russians could have easily and they are not easily could have found in themselves and so maybe their heart rate was not as focused as ours if we assume that it would have been an impossible for the americans to do this without getting the russians on board and informing them even if that informational that informing
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of them rather i should say happened quite close to the event why would the russians react by trying to blow up the trump kendall oh miss one and question is for the ditzy therefore trying to undermine what he was talking about for more than an hour inside the white house. you know i think the russian ministry of defense statement is is trying not necessarily to blow the reliability but to undermine the fact that russia crate any role in helping states this operation if the ministry of defense statement was clear in saying russia did not enable or support this operation and of course president trump noted that they didn't ask the russians for systems there was no assistance provided they simply inform them and the russians that down again this is something that has let me have it many times before it is that u.s. forces push and sell that the shared information in the gulf about these types of attacks and so i think this operation would have continued despite russian opposition and u.s.
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forces were prepared for any contingency so again i think the russians don't want you know it's too much credit for this operation that's why you're seeing a ministry of defense statement that you're responding to we've heard a lot in the past 4 hours mark about how yes you can kill the man you can't kill the ideology you can't get rid of the idea stretching from afghanistan to nigeria does the death of this man materially olten or change over the russians fact to this into how they do what they've been doing in syria absolutely not russians have checked is in syria many of those objectives have been supported by the united states unilateral withdrawal from syria and the killing of baghdad i think will should not change one iota russia's wire strategic objectives and pursuits if anything it likely accelerates potentially u.s. withdrawal and this is what president hart was trying to cheat by by showcasing his debts and u.s. mission in syria is over which again is what russia would like to achieve
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a full u.s. withdrawal from syria monk so makowski there in washington thank you so much thanks ron. well during that news conference mr trump also took the opportunity to touch on the financial and military commitments the u.s. has invested around the world he said there's no reason for us taxpayers to be burdened by endless wars in the middle east we don't want to keep soldiers between syria and turkey for the next 200 years they've been fighting for hundreds of years we're out but we are leaving soldiers to secure the oil the united states taxpayer is not going to pay for the next 50 years you see what guantanamo costs we're not going to pay tens of billions of dollars because we were good enough to capture people that want to go back to germany france u.k. and other parts of europe well a little earlier we spoke with rena sharp she's
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a republican strategist and consultant she says the killing of baghdadi is an historic feat for the trumpet ministration. there are so many layers here john pak and i think that's clear to anyone that was watching this morning's press conference the president trump never before have we seen an american president in modern history and particularly in my lifetime i will say be so hairy candid about the capture of a mad like bank ari and i think where we are with this moment is that debase the very people who have elected to this presidency and will realize i believe our feeling that there is something massive that happened this president is so successful with this tapster and. killing so there is a feeling here i think a month republicans today they are breathing a sigh of relief they are feeling energized that this is what we want and we.
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talked about for quite some time as you alluded to in the press conference but we got an outcome asked market trump what it may have been even bigger than osama bin laden's capture and killing this well i think there are many americans even those who are in the ranks of congress who are confused about what are the geopolitical implications of this operation as you heard american journalist probably talk about or asked rather in this morning's press conference when did this operation come together how did it happen so quickly senator lindsey graham. of south carolina took to the white house press room scudi on this morning and said this was something that donald trump did it months not years so though this is certainly a success for republicans i think in the coming days what we mean learn from certain senior trying to ministration officials. middle in how you the president's actions leading up to the capture and killing of brands. still to come for you here on the news hour a symbol of newfound national unity why protesters in lebanon forming
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a human chain across the country. another sunday confrontation in hong kong protesters rally against what they say is police brutality. and asia's printing a tennis player is looking good at the end to be a tool final. hello we've got some rain in the forecast for the middle east over the next couple days chiefly across northern parts of the region are seeing a few showers sliding across the levant israel jordan seeing wanted to shout shout pushing across the central southern parts of iraq into iran around 15 to 20 millimeters of rain in one of taste buds enough to cause some localized flooding showers stan the forecast as we go through monday baghdad 28 celsius the 14 there
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for tear rod to see want to see showers still there into jordan by rote getting up to around 25 degrees celsius as we go on 3 monday that west the weather will slide a little further east was out of the southeastern corner northeastern parts of syria could see some wet weather here it'll make his way to northern parts of iraq baghdad gets up to around 30 celsius and temperatures picking up once again 30 celsius to aim kuwait city largely dry meanwhile across iraq and potential highs here in doha for around 34 celsius but we are keeping a close eye on a tropical side plane that's making its way very close to him on i suspect it will not make landfall but some very choppy waters here as we go through the next couple of days with some very brisk winds pushing across the region. a young girl. before. wendy.
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let me have this opportunity. so the young gals both through secondary school we're going to be able to stay employed but that's one thing able to change have fun. meet the women in guyana who are going places when it comes to education women make change on al-jazeera. and the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular pill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans coming to wal-mart in canada to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on a. welcome
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if you're just joining us you're watching the news our live from doha let's just get you right up to speed on all our top stories the u.s. president donald trump has confirmed the ice a leader. was killed during an overnight raid in syria the raid led by the u.s. military took place in the province of italy but from says he was cornered in a tunnel where he blew himself up and quote died like a dog mr trump also thanked kurdish forces russia syria turkey and iraq for intelligence to prove helpful for the raid it's called. a great night for the u.s. and the world. in other news voting is underway in argentina's presidential election where the incumbent conservative. is almost certain to lose according to
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the opinion polls his leftist rival alberto fernandez has campaigned on my crease failure to do with growing poverty and high inflation to reason joins us live from buenos aires to research how is it shaping up there today. well voting has been ongoing for a while we already know that around 50 percent of registered voters have already cast their ballots were here you know very high and neighborhood and went to site of people have been coming from moving here to cast their vote let me show you about how this process works people come here and they try to find their names in this list that you can see here i'm a go inside out in argentina people are still using paper ballots so they go inside and cast their votes and then those votes and those lists are going to be sent to the place where the counting process will begin later today with still have about 2
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hours and a half of voting what we know so far is that basically the government and president . are betting and hoping for a 2nd round they're telling people that it's possible not to have retooling the country in this 5 months asking people to vote for him saying that if he's elected for a 2nd term the economic situation in the country is going to improve but on the other hand you also have the opposition the peronist party when i voted for a man who's running alongside former president cristina fernandez a cushion or who are convinced they can win in the 1st round would have to wait and see later today we still have a they said before 2 hours and i and a half before this polling stations close and we saw it so expected there around 9 o'clock local time which is about 12. o'clock g.m.t. is it all about the economy in that regard because people are saying as far as mr cruz concerned he just didn't follow through on his election pledges the last time
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around. well most definitely this is a highly polarized election on one side is the corner of inflation rate around 55 percent this year high poverty rates recession along with the i.m.f. that many say right now is almost on paper but on the other hand there are those who are voting. and those people are basically voting for the peronist party to say that they're different chanted with the marquis that he did not deliver on his promises among other things but on the other side of those who are voting for modi some might be in spite of the economic situation because they're saying that they do not want the past to come back and what they're referring to as they don't want to come back especially from former president cristina fernandez the question are highly divisive figure here in argentina she has been accused of corruption she's seen as a populist among other things of most definitely the economy is crucial in this election we were earlier today going to certain polling stations in very poor
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neighborhoods in where the site is where people are telling us of a kind of make it till the end of the month that's why they're voting against the government this time ok it's a razor thanks very much. exit polls suggest the support for the far right alternative for germany party has surged in elections in the eastern states of through joe whilst the money is to double its vote the incumbent far left to maintain top spot more let's cross to london to barbara and the team in the european broadcast center. peter thank you yes the alternative for germany party has pushed a chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats into 3rd place in the state this follows last month's far right successes in the eastern states of saxony and brandenburg the campaign in searing joe was bitterly divisive and marked it was marked by threats against candidates and accusations of racism it also took place just weeks after an attack on a synagogue in
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a neighboring state that left 2 people dead the gunman admitted a far right anti semitic motive so let's take a quick look at the exit poll as we have it now the link it came out on top with 29.5 percent the if he got 24 percent and the christian democrats the c.d.u. are around 22.5 percent well dominic cain has been following the campaign and the election joins us now from air force if they are clearly going to claim this as a good result but how good is it really for them. well in one sense farmer they have solidified as he was saying there in your introduction 2nd place and it is a 2nd place in an east german state exactly as in bronze and bog and in saxony at the beginning of september a clear success for them but although they have persuaded around one in 4 of all
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those voters including the who voted today to vote for them they are nowhere near government and indeed they are known nearer entering government after the results than they were before people went to the polls why because no other party will work with them and indeed there may be those who speculate that this might be the high water mark for that party because the electoral cycle in this country every 5 years that state parliaments are elected while there are no more state parliament elections for 18 months one in hamburg in february of next year is unlikely that the f.t. would prosper in that election because hamburg is traditionally seen as more center left of voting so to some extent this is a success for the f.t. that they're nowhere near a government in this state and indeed they now contemplate 18 months in which there will be no real elections they can prosper and might they have reached as far as they can. so i guess a partial success for the a.f.p.
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but i guess the real losers here were a centrist party and so tell us a little bit about how they fared big as the c.d.u. 3rd. yes 3rd place for the christian democrats many of them going on to social media going on to german media outlets and saying this is a bitter result for them and that they are not prepared to go into coalition government with either of the parties of the extremes that's the party of the far right as we were saying the f.t. but also not prepared to go into government with the party of the far left you're referring to in your introduction there barbara dealing care well they have come 1st in this state that's a success a victory as it were a valuation which the leader of the party the prime minister here bluto hummel has said he thinks that he has a mandate to continue governing but his difficulty will be who with because his previous partners the greens and the social democrats will the social democrats
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their vote went further down than it has done previously below 10 percent that's a real blow for them and one other thing to draw out of this election result was sort of the the projections that we have more than half the people who turned out to vote today voted for parties of the extremes it's nearly 30 years since the berlin wall fell many people in this east germany feel disaffected with the mainstream and now they are starting to vote in great numbers for parties on the extremes who don't support the mainstream sorts of policies which the last 30 years of western german dominated government sample of it. dominick came with the latest on those election results from their 4 to dominic and. u.k. police say they will work with their vietnamese counterparts to investigate the identities of 39 people found dead in a truck on wednesday several people in vietnam have reported relatives missing and fear that they could have been inside the trailer discovered east of london police
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are believed to be examining fingerprint and d.n.a. evidence comes a story of the 5 suspects arrested have been released on bail the truck driver has been charged with manslaughter. that was a different flag being waved in the streets of barcelona on sunday as it was the turn of unionists to rally in the catalan capital is tens of thousands of supporting the union in spain gathered where a day before separatists voice that there is support for self-determination the counter-rally denounce the lack of representation by catalan leaders of those living in the region who do not wish to break off from spain the region has been bitterly divided as its calls for independence from madrid central government have grown in recent years so a year ago has the latest from barcelona. well the focus of all the attention has been the pros and pendants the procession voice and all the protests that have been
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hiring in the past week there was also the obvious size of this story which is the fruit union voice looking at the focus from the facts like the government's own statistics pulte for a sense of catalogs want to see space however just i was 48 percent want to remain a proxy of the country this is a pro union demonstration this here where a conservative and centrist parties have pulled for people to mobilize to make that voice is no reason because they feel that they are better as part of spain rather than a separate entity let's look at the honestly not you know i'm a cartel and i was born here my parents are catalan and i was on one catalonia to separate from spain because i come to the myself to be confident and spanish and the regional government is only going to going one section of cotton on society. give up us out of the way what's it going to be like to like the british with their
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excess of bottom are we going to separate the computer or ridicule equally it really isn't worth it we need to listen to 2 together. of attention say haven't been this high since the illegal referendum in october 27th change both sides now are not backing down from this meeting that a lot of politicians president charge of that region and the madrid section government the reason being because there is a general election happening on november 10th sides are very keen to make sure that boy suffered neither of them to back down now. that's it from london for this hour let's go back to peter in doha. barbara thank you so much to lebanon where protesters lined up in a human chain today from the northern city of tripoli to toyah in the south is the 11th day of protests despite government promises to reform the economy step back and has more from beirut. they came out in their tens of thousands connecting
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170 kilometers of lebanon's coastline and breaking sectarian divides by holding hands so we're making this a human chain to show the full support of all the lebanese people from the north the south. was. the national anthem and people are linking hands all the way to the northern city of tripoli and stretching down south. there was other i'm a great human chain that you have. to gather structure almost was god this country. despite promises of economic reforms by prime minister saad the people have not left the streets after 11 days of protests their message the same as on day one we want to fight the corruption that's happening in our country that's been happening for the past 30 years so now this is the this is the people speaking this is our time we are all here basically for one thing it's just look at
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our basic rights and hopefully we'll get there what do you mean by basic right. if we can start by garbage on the street so if we can make up to the city why are everything the core message from the protesters is that the government must resign people tell us they want a neat new faces i left lebanon in the in the ninety's and when i come back after 30 years still we have the same names the same government. nothing is changing look at the state of the infrastructure and you can understand the people who are running or governing the country how about this was a show of solidarity of this fractious population standing together under the lebanese flag it's a 2nd sunday of these protests there.


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