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i think it's a central and southern parts of vietnam so we want to watch out for with the possibility of some flash flooding. overthrown and exiled they appoint. say the rule dismiss me she knew an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the true is true she is fine and we would not be just the french position is that you know the interesting case return of a president on al-jazeera. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour the e.u. has agreed to give britain until the end of january to approve prime minister boris johnson's bricks and deal he was due to leave in 3 days' time but u.k. m.p.'s forced mr johnson to request another delay to give them more time to scrutinize the to. argentina to get a new president amid a worsening economic crisis the president it's your muckrake conceded defeat to the center left candidates. who won more than 47 percent of the vote. the draft power sharing deal has been agreed between yemen's internationally recognized government and a southern separatist group is to end the fighting in the port city of aden which the southern transitional council seized in august. world leaders saying the threat from i saw won't die out completely even though its leader. has been eliminated
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france and britain say his death in the northwest of syria is an important moment but they will continue to work with our allies in the middle east to defeat the group entirely white house correspondent reports now on the u.s. raid that ended in the death of the world's most wanted man. because our daddy is dead in a rare sunday morning news conference president donald trump announced to the world the leader of eisele had been hunted down and killed by u.s. forces he died like a dog he died like a coward trump says the u.s. confirmed the identity of abu bakr al baghdadi at the syrian compound minutes after he died using d.n.a. u.s. forces reportedly spent 2 hours at the site obtaining intelligence including isis future plans well 3 children died in the raid 11 more were captured along with a small group of adults describing the raid in great detail from say u.s.
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special forces were met with gunfire as they descended from helicopters onto the northwest syrian compound where al baghdadi was hiding he was cornered in a tunnel where he detonated a suicide vest to avoid capture he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way and he had dragged 3 of his young children with him they were led to certain death. our big daddy had been under u.s. surveillance for weeks trump thank russia turkey syria and iraq for cooperation with the mission but he minimized the contribution of kurdish intelligence even as its kurdish fighters that for years helped the u.s. destroyer baghdad's caliphate trump says russia and turkey were even consulted in advance of the mission but not democratic leaders in the u.s. congress we were going to notify him last night but we decided not to do that because washington leaks like i've never seen before and i told my people we will
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not notify them until the great people are out not just in but out the u.s. defense secretary says the death of al baghdadi will be a devastating blow to eisele but countering the ideology will be more difficult but the president's supporters in congress believe this is a turning point the killing of baghdad he. is a game changer in the war on terror like a scene reminiscent of the raid ordered by us president barack obama an al qaeda leader osama bin laden in 2011 truck watched the mission from the situation room of the white house he was surrounded by the u.s. vice president defense secretary national security adviser and the u.s. military's joint chiefs of staff president trunk claims the death of isolator al big daddy is even more significant than president obama's killing of the leader osama bin laden it's a headline trunks likely to play up as he campaigns for reelection 2020 kimberlee
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help hit al jazeera the white house. joins us live from turkey syria border. do we have a successor yet. well peter that's the $1000000.00 question that everybody's asking about this radical group that now that the head has been severed from its organization who is going to replace it there are several names under consideration including who was announced in august by the propaganda wing of eisel but again we don't know yet of how much of the inner circle the shura remains if still alive whether there is any infighting and if there is going to be a leader who will be known to many of these radical circles because much of isis leadership has already been wiped out from iraq and syria so this is something that a lot of analysts have looked into and they're saying that this is it is going to
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be a very different kind of succession that but he had probably envisioned because the created an organization which had large swathes of land in iraq and syria with millions of people under their control but now it exists as an ideology a. tactic building pockets of fighters which exist in some cities as well as the deserts between iraq and syria so in the next coming hours and days we will find out if i say replaces its leader but as you said the threat from this group the threat from the ideology and the underlying conditions because of which it was it was able to recruit people still remains also hearing from the turkish government as we heard from the u.s. president that turkey was informed about this raid the turkish government now wants an investigation into the movement of abu bakar al baghdadi how was he able to move from iraq into syria how did he move from place to place in syria how much did
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other partners know and how did he end up so close to the turkish border after this attack we've heard from kurdish fighters that another isolated allegedly has been killed. or was killed near. take a boarder has been this is according to the kurdish democratic forces and you've also heard from turkish authorities that there have been raids in northern parts of turkey and $32.00 affiliates and fighters have been arrested in turkey and some of thanks very much. well thank god he was born in iraq and he declared his so-called caliphate in mosul natasha good name from there if you look around there is devastated and it is still readily apparent the suffering people are feeling is still quite a queue behind me is the grand mosque of the most folks you can see it was destroyed 2017 the iraqi government is accusing i still of being the ones behind
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its destruction but you might say that this is a very strong symbol of where i still reign of terror began and this is where in 2014 l. baghdadi proclaimed that he was the leader of i still the following month i still began its fight. for my caliphate it took control of the city and began its march across iraq and we are speaking to people here in mosul one man said we jumped for joy when we heard him we heard that he was dead but of course there's not much joy here in mosul i still may have been defeated baghdad he may be dead people here are living with the legacy the psychological trauma of what happened here under ice so we were just speaking to these men right here they're standing in front of a bird shot one man told us that in 2017 his house was bombed he lost his 8 year old daughter he says i have 2 sons born since 2017 when the city so
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back into the hands of the iraqi government and i can't find a job my son has cancer i can't get him health care. here's a taste of the reaction from the residents of mosul on the day. i know. we have been greatly harmed by this terrorist organization by those gangsters who have no distinction between the young and the old the muslims and muslims everyone has been harmed in one way or another once we heard the news we jumped for joy simply because we have suffered for years they have no mercy many families lost their loved ones because of those terrorists. i made some. of the residents and they were all delighted by the death of the sinful person named abu dhabi he was the cause of destruction and i was delighted to hear the news man has
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smeared the religion he along with other i saw for it is have nothing to do with this. he has caused harm to millions of people namely the residents of mosul no one was spared the old the young men and women and we were very happy to hear the news of his killing what benefit has he gained thousands were killed i lost my wife children including a newborn baby because of him. punish him for all what he did. in lebanon roads are being blocked in the capital beirut as part of a 12th day of demonstrations demanding change on sunday tens of thousands formed a human chain stretching almost the entire length of the coastline from. demonstrators aim to present a unified front in their calls for the government to resign because of corruption and mismanagement of the economy stephanie decker joins us live from beirut so clearly neither saw it is prepared to blink 1st here.
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absolutely it is somewhat of a stalemate and everyone we've been talking to this is one of the road blocks on what is a main highway through the capital it's causing a lot of chaos that's one of the tactics that they're employing to keep the pressure on the government but it's monday here's the start of the week peter we haven't heard from any of the politicians we haven't heard from them over the weekend so everyone sort of stay here and saying that they haven't listened to them in the sense that yes they heard from the prime minister about economic reforms but it's not enough so the message from all these people here and they come from different walks of life is that they're going to stay on the streets until the government resigned of course that's going to be difficult in a system and political powers that have been ingrained here for so long but you can see here there's food here they're distributing water they're distributing sandwiches earlier they were playing volleyball there was a yoga session also a couple hours ago so there is a very upbeat mood but of course these are very serious issues that are being
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discussed also the banks remain closed they are going to remain closed again tomorrow yes a.t.m.'s do you have cash but people could not access their full account so a lot of people talking questioning about what's going to happen once the banks open we've had a statement from the central bank saying that there is the quiddity for salaries because it is the last week of the month but the country is that somewhat of a paralysis peter schools remain closed in most areas that banks are close. the roads are being blocked and some people question whether at some point security forces are going to be using force to open them at the moment that hasn't been the case stephanie thank you. know some men and boys who escaped the genocidal campaign in me and 2 years ago say they were sexually abused by the security forces there they fled to bangladesh along with around 3 quarters of a 1000000 of the muslim minority tanveer child who has their story from cox is bizarre. in this world's largest refugee camp there are many who suffers in silence
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on able to share their trauma because of extreme shame and stigma we met up with a 41 year old rohingya man who says he was tortured and sexually assaulted by me and my soldiers he didn't want to be identified. and when i did took me into an open space in a valley nearby and beat me up badly then i was raped just a day repeat woman kept me there till 4 in the morning the very thought of this brutal experience makes me going to see her depression i futile traumatized i go through much mental anguish and pain most of the time it's unbearable. research by the u.s. base woman refugee commission in myanmar found systematic targeted premeditated sexual violence committed against men and boys you don't hear much about sexual violence against running a man and buys rights group and there are a significant number of male rape victims but they're very ashamed to come forward
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and talk about their ordeal and that they're largely overlooked and neglected by humanitarian agencies another 45 year old man says he was sexually assaulted by me on my trips in 2006 he suffers from chronic depression then we did one of those they stripped me naked in 1st period treated with a stick then one of the border policeman raped me later they sent me to a jail even if there is justice my trauma will never end only my death will relieve me from this pain just a few days ago a friend of mine with a similar experience in a recent international organization for migration study 14.2 percent of the male growing our respondents say they are victims of sexual violence this year we've we started to train staff caseworkers dealing specifically with sexual violence survivors the surf. this is are in their infancy right now but it's
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something we definitely identified. in the world's largest refugee camp the humanitarian response and services from male sexual violence survivors are next to nothing living most of the victims without any counseling or help. to prolong cox's bizarre ok another top story from europe back to the u.k. the driver of a truck in which $39.00 bodies were found has been charged with manslaughter and people trafficking morris robinson appeared before a court and chelmsford on video link the container truck was discovered last week in an area near london. correspondent following that story what happened in court. but it was a very short hearing only 5 minutes in length as you mentioned morse robinson also known as mo robinson appeared via live video link up from an undisclosed location he was wearing a gray sweatshirt and he spoke
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a couple of times to confirm his his name his date of birth and his address and address in county in northern ireland and then came the charges 39 counts of manslaughter also other charges involving conspiracy to traffic people immigration violations and also money laundering know a publication for bail was made but the prosecution did believe that should be requested that it should be denied over fears that the defendant could potentially obscure and all of that means that morris robinson remains in custody to his next hearing on november the 25th the central criminal court also known as the old bailey in central london if of course he pleads guilty there then sentencing will be arranged if he pleads not guilty at the magistrate here then confirm for the trial will begin next year. thank you. the protests in haiti's capital calling for the president to resign as resulted in violence
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protesters set up roadblocks across port au prince lighting fires and throwing stones at the police officers responded by firing tear gas protesters accused president juvenal boise of corruption and economic mismanagement haiti seen weeks of fuel shortages. early results from euro guys presidential elections or just there could be a runoff vote the ruling left his party candidate daniel martinez and his main opponent failed to get the 50 percent vote share required to win right this means the broad front passengers at the risk of losing power for the 1st time in 50 years has been under fire for failing to revive a weak economy presidential runoff is likely next month. a state of emergency in chile has ended following 2 weeks of protests against the cost of living now the president sebastian pinera made the announcement as thousands joined peaceful demonstrations the capital santiago and there is promising reforms on what he calls a new social pact after firing the cabinet to form a new government at least 19 people were killed and hundreds were injured in
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protests initially sparked by a rising train fares an emergency has been declared in the u.s. state of california as multiple wildfires burn out of control almost 200000 people have been ordered to leave their homes as hurricane strength winds threaten to further spread the fires. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha these are your top stories the e.u. today agreeing to give britain until the end of january to approve prime minister boris johnson's new breaks that deal britain was jus to leave in 3 days time but m.p.'s forced mr johnson to request another delay to give them more time to scrutinize the deal lawrence lee is in london. according to the law now that the e.u. has granted this they'll they'll write it down and send it to boris johnson within
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24 hours according to the law he has immediately to accept the extension it's a flexible extension could go in the january if he gets his version of brecht's it through parliament in the meantime then the u.k. could leave earlier the thing that seems to have swung it for the european union because they had said they wouldn't grant extension unless they knew that something was going to happen to alter the balance like an election for example which looks like the most likely thing. argentina is set to get a new president amid a worsening economic crisis merits your mat kearney has conceded defeat to the center left candidate alberto fernandez who won more than 47 percent of the vote a draft power sharing deal has been agreed between yemen's internationally recognized government under southern separatist group that aims to end fighting in the port city of aden which the southern transitional council seized in august. world leaders are warning the fight against deisel isn't over despite the death of
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its leader abu bakar baghdadi france and britain say we'll continue to work with allies across the middle east to defeat the group entirely by daddy blew himself up during a us raid in the northwest of syria in lebanon roads are being blocked in the capital beirut as part of a 12th day of demonstrations demanding change on sunday tens of thousands formed a human chain stretching almost the entire length of the coastline from north to south demonstrators seem to present a unified front in their calls for the government to resign because of corruption and mismanagement of the economy. in britain the driver of the truck in which $39.00 bodies were found has been charged with manslaughter and people trafficking is maurice robinson the appeared before courts in chelmsford via video link the container truck was discovered last week in an area near london you are right up to date with all the top stories the news continues here on al-jazeera the inside story we'll see you very soon thanks for watching but i found out.
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the end of one of the world's biggest manhunts donald trump says the leader of i still blew himself up during a raid by u.s. special forces what does apple bucket in baghdad these death mean for the internationally designated terrorist group and is his dream of a self-proclaimed caliphate finally over this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program has i'm seeking he was one of the world's most wanted men a prize target for years the u.s. president says back in baghdad the leader of one of the most feared on groups eisel has been hunted down in northwest syria donald trump says he killed himself with explosives during a raid by u.s. special forces at about that he once ruled an area in syria and iraq the size of the united kingdom under his watch the islamist state of iraq in the event became one of the most brutal armed groups in modern history carrying out mass killings beheadings and write campaigns here's what u.s. president had to say. last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice abu a car al baghdadi is dead he was the founder and leader of isis the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world the united states has been searching for baghdadi for many years capturing or
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killing baghdad he has been the top national security priority of my administration u.s. special operations forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern syria and accomplished their mission in grand style the u.s. personnel were incredible i got to watch much of it he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way the compound had been cleared by this time with people either surrendering or being shot and killed 11 young children were moved out of the house and are uninjured he reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down
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he ignited his vest killing himself and the 3 children his body was mutilated by the blast the tunnel had caved in on it in addition but test results gave certain immediate and totally positive identification it was him then a honda has more now on how bad that he became isolated it was july 2014 when the world got a glimpse of the man best known as abu bakar a bucket that the an iraqi who is we'll name is abraham i want it to him a betty. he walked out of the shadows to declare in islam it stayed in iraq and the levant from the great mosque in the iraqi city of mosul he led friday prayers after naming himself caliph or religious leader it was a show of power by an armed group which took over much of iraq's sunni heartland
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after the iraqi army all but collapsed 5 years later it was back daddy's state that collapsed eisel once controlled $88000.00 square kilometers of territory stretching from western syria to eastern iraq it lost its last stronghold in syria in march this year weeks after back that he made his 1st appearance in 5 years putting to rest many unconfirmed reports of his death in a video the ice a leader wanted to show he was still in charge and along with his group survived the territorial defeat back that he was behind the group's creation an expansion eisel originated in al qaida in iraq back then he became its leader in 2010 he then capitalized on the unrest in neighboring syria exploiting the security vacuum it started to capture territory and changed its name to islamic state in iraq and the levant before falling out with al qaeda leader ayman al-zawahiri eisel now
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challenges al qaida not only in syria and iraq but for the leadership of what it calls the global jihad this struggle back that he was once a prisoner in a u.s. run jail in iraq he is believed to have been born near the iraqi city of samarra in 1971 and said to have a ph d. and islamic studies from an iraqi university giving him religious credentials it isn't known what role baghdadi played in recruiting arab and foreign fighters or in orchestrating attacks abroad there have been questions about his grip on power and reports of dissent within the group's leadership but the man who declared himself caliph the would be 6. yes or the prophet managed to elude death and capture for years and even though i still state in syria iraq crumbled under his rule the group's goals are not defined by borders or one man its appeal comes from harnessing the grievances of suddenly muslims in iraq syria and across the world
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sen. all right well let's introduce our pound out of talk more about this here in doha we have andrea's cregan assistant professor at the defense studies department king's college london joining us from a deal in the couldst on region of iraq is here what's man who is an iraqi political analyst and via skype from lose in the u.s. state of delaware lawrence korb a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense welcome all of you so let me let me start with you then how significant is this in terms of the fight the larger fight against isis i think it is mostly of symbolic importance here for specially for the organization and i've said for years that this organization has become somewhat of a virtual caliphate it's become a franchise that other groups can buy into and then basically sell around the world and it was not a caliph it was a callous of a cyber caliphate if you will without
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a caliph and i think killing these so-called self-proclaimed caliph today doesn't really make any difference in that because the different groups that have existed and continue to exist after the collapse of the physical caliphate will continue and are continuing to fight anyway in the underground in syria in iraq but also in afghanistan in the in sub-saharan africa and elsewhere so this this title of being isis is up for grabs and it's a virtual community that is very much leaderless and has been leaderless. who are smart what's your view on this does does the killing of one leader one man matter and in the 3rd the larger scheme of things. well look at their track record the track record of these radical groups these terrorist groups the winds of power we for example was killed the group was very quick to appoint another person to be in charge when osama bin laden was killed the group there was also very quick to
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appoint someone else and in charge in his place i think we will hear the same thing from from isis that they will appoint somebody else it deals a major blow to their organization i think but it will not affect the status of it is of the cyber kind of fate as. as the guest in doha described i think he's accurate it is become a franchise people subscribe to it and they they carry conduct attacks and they carry out activities in the name of that terror group specially now in iraq and in syria mostly with the. with the presence of turkish troops inside northeast syria the area that was controlled by the as the f. staunch enemy of isis we saw how the turkish troops came in with their city and proxies who were very much similar to to the isis to members of feiss so
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the ecosystem i think is now there after the end of the guy and so-called victory in this area is i think too far for isis to reemerge again or for another leader or for isis to continue whatever it was trying to do in the past i think the killing of a baghdadi is killing of one man defeating isis doesn't happen by killing the leader only it happens by by changing the ecosystem for or for that kind of terror group and with the presence of the turkish army in this area as we saw when he was very close to the takers borders from. it's we are hearing american officials and next to the pres that there did not even tell turkey so the defeat of of the as the f. or taking out the initiative from the hands of the as the f. in the war against isis will create a much better circumstances for that group to to be
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a mess and to flourish once again according to what the what we've been hearing from their websites and from their literature so let's get a view from the united states then and lawrence korb it was president trump who announced this from the white house and comparisons will inevitably be drawn with the announcement of the killing of osama bin laden by his predecessor president obama or a few years ago and this will be seen at least in the short term as as kind of a a win for president trump given the date the challenges that he's facing domestically but beyond that what's what effect does it have well i think it is as you point out a big win for president trump because not only did he get the leader of isis which will be one some of the criticisms he's gotten warmer are withdrawing from syria and not supporting the syrian democratic forces the other is that he worked with
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the turks the syrian democratic forces the russians and the iraqis on this so this helps his image of somebody who you know we're working on together. i agree it would be a good asst place got may have some problems but in the long term unless you undermine the idiology of these groups and what they're trying to accomplish you're not going to do eliminate the threat we had already destroyed the caliphate they basically had gone underground and i think they will still try and plot attacks wherever that they feel that they can whether it's in the middle east or in europe or even in the united states and as we saw after we got that a lot and there was a temporary lull but it came back and look at all of the taliban leaders we've killed in afghanistan but you know we still haven't eliminated the well what about the security implications of this law is called in terms of his of the loss of
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a bet that he is a leader. what tactically does it do for i so in terms of his his connections his net was and and so on will have much effect in that respect well in the short term it will be because i think a lot of people who might be attracted to them are going to say will do they have intelligence on us will they be able to come you know after us because even though the united states is taking its ground troops out of syria still going to have its air troops and you know we've been bombing several of the facilities in that part of the northwest the northeast of syria where we thought that they may have headquarters of the.


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