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you know he was way too gradual of the beginning i think that's unfair in terms of the implementation of his government plan simply because it was a political imperative for him to be gradual and to try to stabilize macroeconomic indicators without increasing poverty significantly and so you know the policy choice he went with which was borrowing to finance the fiscal deficit ended up coming back to bite when argentina face the biggest correction on its currency globally in 2018 so the the new government the party that has been returned to power what is the biggest mandate they have and the biggest challenge that they still face well i mean clearly though they won the election with a significant margin of 8 points it was still half the margin for now and this had during the primary elections so i think you know
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a key message we need to look at in one osiris is that you know the mandate is not as strong as had been expected and it's still short from what cristina fernandez the kitchener herself secured in 2011 in congress the outgoing government will still have a very large block and the incoming administration will not be able to legislate on its own so it's not us polarized politically as we would expect seeing the outcome of the election now in terms of the main challenge is clearly how to renegotiate with the i.m.f. and how to curb inflation which is what's pushing up poverty rates. christina kirsner she is facing a corruption trial corruption allegations but obviously people like her is she really driving this is she really the power behind all the. well she's clearly one of the big engines behind this coalition so we're talking about the baroness
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returning to power but we have to keep in mind it's a very fractious political movement and there are divisions within it so kristina care center clearly represents one of the main factions within the party and electorally one of the strongest ones but i bet the fernandes will also have to balance and negotiate the demands of peronist governors who are not necessarily aligned with christina care center and also of other peronist factions that have come into his coalition to defeat machree who are not aligned with christina kitchener so once you remove the unifying factor of defeating mauricio mockery which is what brought them back together it will become a trite lemma for fernandes to manage these competing interests. thank you very much ali moore had in the news hour and gloating a 12th day of demonstrations in lebanon will have an update from the capital beirut
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they survived civil war and ebola so wider chimpanzees than sierra leone still face a dire future. and sport lewis hamilton wins the mexican grand prix but did he do enough to win the overall title. there's been an assassination attempt on 2 government ministers in yemen your term minister and transport minister managed to escape after a bomb was planted near where they were staying in shabwah province this hour in just a few hours after a deal between yemen's internationally recognized government and they southern separatist group was announced. so a leaked draft of the saudi brokered deal would see yemen's southern separatists included in a new cabinet of the internationally recognized government the separatists would be drawn given rather half of the ministry all roads were rolls provided they were not involved in any fighting in a gray areas the deal would also unite all forces from the southern transitional
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council and the government under the ministry of defense within 60 days. as a nonresident scholar at the middle east institute she joins us via skype from washington d.c. so those details i just 6 playing does this sound like a good deal to you. yes of course this is not all that's in the green meant but it's it's a good deal because it's a very it's complex for now it's a very it's secession which many international observers have seen as inevitable given the way things were going and giving the grievances in the south of yemen so for now. this basically sequestering collaborative environment and of course. the implementation might be a bit of a challenge in terms of you know this is just going to test all parties to sincerely implement these steps without trying to outsmart the other
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and you said that this is a big one for the council because now they have the ability to control their own resources so sometimes it be careful what you ask for because now you have to do this. yeah absolutely i mean i think this is big for the councils for a floor for it to mean one main reason is that they're finally recognized by the government of yemen and they're recognized as a power that represents the south after being in military force on for the past 2 or 2 years or so since their inception as a u.a.e. proxy and as a force that's that's basically this double i thing the state and now it's forests that will work on you know the issues that it needed which is the governance of the southern territory and you know this is going to be a litmus test for them did they just want to do this because they wanted to add mass political power or are they really willing to work alongside the government to provide the necessary services that people need of course they have been providing
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security services and this has been critical that it's time might now if they wanted to act as a state is to show whether they're capable of doing this or not so apparently there is going to be a committee under the supervision of saudi that's supposed to oversee the implementation. how much confidence do you have in that. i think. both parties that the government of yemen and the southern transitional council to gain tamer with saudi arabia line to comply want to show that they are the most reliable partner for the saudis and especially in their fight against the elections and this other transitional council saying we're going to provide 90000 trained men to help you with this fight and it's going to comply with their government and of course you know this already and if saudi arabia is going to provide the financial component in terms of paying for the salaries for the soldiers then you know of
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course there will be. a good basis for good cooperation and relationship and economic prosperity down the road the government has been backed by for so long so it's also keen on maintaining this relationship in a sense saudi arabia's role is providing insurances for both parties and perhaps without it this deal wouldn't happen and brokered the thank you very much for your expertise appreciate it thank you so much. world leaders are saying the threat from eisel won't die all completely even though its leader of a car a diety is dead france and britain say his death and northwestern syria is an important moment but they will continue to work with allies in the middle east to defeat the group entirely talk now has turned to who may replace a diety as on the page of a report from rounding on the turkey syria border. that's the $1000000.00 question
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that everybody's asking about this radical group that now that the head has been severed from its organization who is going to replace it there are several names under consideration including the shoe was announced in august by the propaganda wing of eisel but again we don't know yet of how much of the inner circle the shura remains if still alive whether there is any infighting and if there is going to be a leader who will be known to many of these radical circles because much of isis leadership has already been wiped out from iraq and syria so this is something that a lot of analysts have looked into and they're saying that this is it is going to be a very different kind of succession that but that he had probably envisioned because by that he created an organization which had large swathes of line in iraq and syria used to have millions of people under their control but i would exist as an
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ideology a guerrilla tactics building pockets of fighters which exist in some cities as well as the deserts between iraq and syria so in the next coming hours and days we will find out if i sing your praises its leader the threats from this group the threat from the ideology and the underlying conditions because of which it was it was able to recruit people still remains also hearing from the turkish government as we heard from the u.s. president of turkey was informed about this raid the turkish government now wants an investigation into the movement of abu bakar al baghdadi how was he able to move from iraq and to syria how did he move from place to place in syria how much did other partners know and how did he end up so close to the turkish border after this attack we've heard from kurdish fighters that another isolator allegedly has been killed abu mazen. was killed near the turkish border as well this is according to
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the kurdish fighters syrian democratic forces and we've also held heard from turkish authorities that there have been raids in ankara in northern parts of turkey and 32 and fighters have been arrested in turkey. iraq's 2nd largest city mosul is still trying to rebuild after being virtually torn apart during the rise of beisel and the battle to retake it it was in june 2014 when i still seized the city later that month abubakar of a diety declared the creation of a so-called caliphate from there that happened in the city's henri mosque eisel ideology fundamentally changed life in mosul with its members enforcing a strict and repressive code of conduct on people who live there the iraqi government announced an operation to liberate mosul in 2015 it was an exhaustive battle lasting until mid 2017 when it turned into a street by street fight for mosul old city by july 10th victory was declared over eisel dieties from was from iraq and he declared
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a so-called healthy in mosul and that is where the tosh again aim joins us live so . natasha as we said the big daddy is gone but the the aftermath of of what he did is still very real for people living in mosul. i think it's safe to say that the people not only here in mosul but in all of iraq will be living with the psychological trauma caused by ice all for a generation with regard to mosul this was the 1st city that eisel took control of this was the place where abu bakar al baghdadi came here to this grand old nor a mosque it's a centuries old landmark in iraq he said he was the leader in 2014 of this group ironically 3 years later i sold bombed the mosque as it retreated and government forces retook control of the city since then people continue to live in sheer misery literally amid the rubble more than 300000 residents of this city
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remain displaced and i think it's safe to say again that everyone carries the scars of the the title atrocities. because they're not. i don't go into another we have been greatly harmed by this terrorist organization by those gangsters who have no distinction between the young and the old the muslims and non muslims everyone has been harmed in one way or another once we had the news we jumped for joy simply because we have suffered for years they have no mercy many families lost their loved ones because of those terrorists. this amazed. that the residents many were all delighted by the death of the sinful person named abu dhabi he was the cause of destruction and i know we're all delighted to hear the news is fishman has smeared the religion he along with other ice offered its have nothing to do with this. i hope that all of them to his cause tom to millions of people
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namely the residents of mosul no one was spared the old the young men and women we were very happy to hear the news of his killing what benefit has he gained thousands were killed i lost my wife children including a newborn baby because of him by a lot old mighty punishment for all what he did. part of the modus operandi was attempting to erase the cultural heritage here in iraq by destroying landmarks such as this. in fact this was so beloved richelle at one point it was on iraqi currency now you not go is working with the united arab emirates to restore the centuries old mosque to its former glory let's hope that does happen. in mosul natasha thank you. the iraqi parliament has voted to form a committee to amend the constitution the protesters they remain on the streets across the capital baghdad calling for political change iraq's high commission for
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human rights says 74 protesters have been killed during 3 days of nationwide protests demonstrations started earlier this month with tens of thousands of people accusing the government of failing to deliver on its promises of more jobs. thousands of firefighters are battling wildfires across the u.s. state of california a state of emergency is in place around 180000 people have been ordered to leave their homes dozens of houses and vendors have been destroyed and more than a 1000000 people are without electricity that's after power cables were burned or damaged strong winds are fanning the flames it is time for weather now here's everton is there any any respite in sight from these fires everton well i'm sorry to say we're not going in the rain in the forecast for south but we have got slightly cooler weather coming in as we go through the next couple of days so that is slightly better news i suspect you can see how top the pipe the i suppose are down across that southwestern corner of the u.s.
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into california that seem to conceive of some very strong winds which will continue behind this particular weather front the you can see sliding all the way up to the great lakes we've got much cooler air in the forecast bear in mind yesterday temperatures in that i got up to 31 self just friday it was at 38 degrees 24 that's a big improvement as we go on through the next couple of days will see that cooler air just continue to sink its way a little further southward so it is certainly turning cooler as we go on through the next couple days but as i said we're frayed no sign of any right in the forecast 21 celsius is still 70 in found heights is still warm enough if we have got some snow there around the other the mountain states we got some snowy weather compiling anywhere from around once had a right down into colorado and it's going to stay on the entry side here to go through the next couple days big change into the southeast we've got some really wet weather coming in across the panhandle and into that southeast and cola and it will really pep up the wetness irish. thanks ever 10 jennifer darkland joins us now
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from napa california with more on these fires so jennifer jennifer how how many fires are we talking about now. you know it's ringback hard to keep count isn't it richelle i know that we had 16 fires burning in the western united states as of yesterday but you know we've we've just had a new ignition of a fire that's gotten pretty large near los angeles in los angeles near the getty center museum and today this fire here up in the northern part of the state has grown and in the wrong direction they had a 10 percent containment line yesterday now they only have a 5 percent containment line because it's now 54000 acres and that has caused evacuation of an epic proportion 200000 people across the state are evacuated
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180000 of them up here many of them sleeping in shelters like the one right behind me ok so just to be clear you said it at last count there was 16 newest one is getting near the getty museum and they don't have a handle on it is that it's not all fair to say. no. right yet it's fair to say it broke out in the predawn hours it's still you know before daylight in los angeles it's only 6 30 in the morning but it's up to $400.00 acres already and it started it started very small as they all do and grew very quickly all right jennifer york with the latest there from california on the wildfires jennifer thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera squeezing the mainstream even more will tell you about the surprise result from a state election in eastern germany and is a coup being planned in bolivia present thanks so we have the latest on this
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disputed reelection. and sport a groundbreaking one for tiger woods in japan sato we'll have that. investigative journalist you were going to try to play on the local experts in discussion 3 times you got a deal and you disagreed with the deal this is the job it is it was to let it was
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brought to us when you get your stories from. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera liberal programs to inspire you on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now european union leaders have agreed to further extend the brightside deadline giving britain until the end of january to lead m.p.'s forests prime minister boris johnson to ask for a delay to leaving 3 days time to give them more time to scrutinize the latest or steal. argentina set to get a new president amid
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a worsening economic crisis president return mockery conceded defeat to center left candidate alberto fernandez who won more than 47 percent of the vote. and thousands of firefighters are battling wildfires across the u.s. state of california state of emergency is in place we have right there live pictures of these fires right now about 180000 people have been ordered to leave their homes dozens of houses and vendors have been destroyed and strong winds continue to fan the flights. and lebanon roads are being blocked in the capital beirut as part of a 12 day of demonstrations on sunday tens of thousands formed a human chain stretching almost the entire length of the coastline from north to south there's anger over corruption and mismanagement of the economy stephanie decker is in beirut. it is day 12 and people remain on the streets blocking the roads this is one of the main highways through beirut it's one of the tactics the protesters are employing to keep the pressure on the government now there's almost
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a community feel here a lot of people sitting around actually if we can offer one of these ladies why are you here what hi how are you what do you want what are you trying to achieve. what are we trying to achieve we're trying to we want everyone to resign and we're trying to prove a point here that we're not going to give the streets. what do you want from them what you want in your life to change basic human rights we want to go we want to be able to use hospitals we want basic basic things to be able to not nuts have to wait 2 and 3 jobs just to be able to finish uni and that's a basic basic human rights that's all we want thank you that's a very similar message that everyone here and also in other cities across lebanon are calling for basic human rights the economy here the fact people are citing there are no jobs electricity water is these basic things there is also a lot of humor here you can see they've set up what is almost like a makeshift living room there's
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a fridge people are talking they've been debating. throughout the days here and of course this is putting a lot of pressure not everyone is happy about it we've seen some of the roadblocks we've seen some cars very frustrated trying to break through the protesters rulz charge of the cars and also to yell peaceful peaceful but it is causing havoc on the roads it is causing those people who want to move around the city a lot of stress and of course schools remain closed the banks remain close and this is one of the main challenges going ahead it's the last week of the month paydays coming up people are questioning how that is all going to work out certainly at the moment there is no result it seems to be a stalemate the people are remaining on the streets the government isn't resigning and at the moment nobody can tell you how that's were going to play out. voters and eastern germany have shown their support for the far right the alternative for germany party more than doubled its vote in sunday's election in their india but it wasn't enough to stop the ruling far left linking party from winning came reports from the regional capital for. 1st place with the far left and
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a personal triumph for this man ford or harm a little has governed this state for the past 5 years now he thinks he's won another fine i wish to go to also talk for doing an important day for throwing a great day for 3 in the 38th anniversary of the border opening such an intense election and an option on which the people of the country decide for themselves other future of the country will be shaped. his main challenges have been from the far right whose leader here is beyond her care a man who believes the national holocaust memorial shames his country and who strongly opposed to immigration and multiculturalism and those messages helped him more than double his party's vote share this sun is rising above the east and soon we will let the sun shine above all of germany we have made the east blue and in just a few years we will be a people's party for the whole of germany. collectively the vote for the 2
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political extremes is more than 50 percent at a time when many in the old communist east germany feel disillusioned with what 30 years in reunited germany has brought them for the christian democrats this is a blow whose effect was clearly acknowledged by its lead candidates here. for flooring in the democratic center this is a bitter result we fought for this democratic senator and this democratic senator did not get a majority all of which means finding a stable majority to govern this state for the next 5 years could be difficult one analyst believes the far left may try to govern alone but maybe there's a lucian should be a minority government and then more minority governments could follow as an exit from this impasse created by the all again for if the split in germany but so far at least all of the other parties maintained they are against the air.
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although sunday's vote was for this state parliament its message will resonate at the national level many east germans are unhappy with the political process and they're turning to the parties of the extremes to show it dominic al-jazeera the 3 indian parliament. and britain a truck driver has made his 1st court appearance following the discovery of 39 bodies in a refrigerator container last week or as robinson with same video link from prison and wasn't required yet to enter a plea is 25 years old he is charged with manslaughter and people trafficking police found the bodies in essex near london on wednesday may be an arms government is checking documents from britain to confirm the identity of suspected victims and parker has the latest from shams work. it was a very short hearing only 5 minutes long morris robinson appeared via live video link come from an undisclosed location wearing a gray sweatshirt he spoke a handful of times to confirm his name his date of birth and his home address and
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county in northern ireland spain came the charges 39 counts of manslaughter including other charges of conspiracy to traffic people of immigration violations and of money laundering to no application for bio was made but the prosecution did say that bail should be denied on the grounds that this is a very serious case and that they believe the robinson would be likely to obscure and if it were granted and that means that he remains in custody until his next hearing on november the 25th well he will appear then at the central criminal court the old bailey in london one of the highest courts in the united kingdom if he pleads guilty there than sentencing will be decided if he pleads not guilty then the court here in chelmsford said to the trial would take place next year for prime minister boris johnson has expressed his outrage at the death of the 39 he said to
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the to the shocks to the entire nation and he has called for justice as well as also signed of book of condolences for the 39 found at the back of the lorry only a few days ago the police were struggling to exactly identify who the 39 are many of them didn't have any paperwork on them for them to use old fashioned police techniques like using fingerprints or distinguishing marks to identify the identities of course of these people and they working closely with officials in vietnam as well under the direct orders of the vietnamese prime minister the investigation is very much ongoing. voted in the 1st regional election since the peace deal with the fark rubbles 3 years ago and was largely seen as a referendum on president. it also has the details from the. voters. elected a woman for the 1st time in the city's history was the united one and we
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made history was an openly gay player running on a centrist and take corruption platform with just one of many surprising results in sunday's local and regional contests in this usually conservative country. that there were 6 times it's the defeat of the extremes both left and right but i think the biggest loser is the center of democratic party was the elections were a huge blow for the right wing grueling same through the party of korean president and his mentor former president. both fierce critics of the peace deal signed with fart rebels in 2016 their candidates not only came in last but also lost traditional strongholds colombia 2nd city maybe and the province of. the outcome of local elections usually reflect the power of political families and the major parties but this time
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a number of independent candidates one where the issue of security used to be key in maintaining traditional parties in power. if. we are thinking differently we are demanding changes in our institutions and we want our leaders to change their ways was elections show that security is not the only issue on the minds of colombia and that voters by that measure now have defeating corruption and traditional political machinery so that have long controlled politics in the country which many here consider was. these were the 1st local elections since the signing of the peace deal with dark rebels violence still marred to complain 7 candidates were killed in dozens of attack. but on sunday voting was among the most peaceful in the country's history unfortunately political violence is common in colombia and it will continue to be common on the us we filled the vacuum of power
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that were left by the former fork fights the paramilitaries who are growing fight the drug trafficking organizations that are growing and that really needs a much more reliable attitude on the national government while colombia still has a long way to go to reduce politics of violence and corruption sunday's elections showed to many voters are ready for change i listen to them and just. early results from their quest presidential election suggest there could be a runoff and the ruling left as party candidate daniel martinez and is main opposition failed to get the 50 percent vote share needed to win outright so that means the broad front party as at risk of losing power for the 1st time in 15 years and has been under fire for failing to revive a weak economy a presidential runoff is likely in november. but yes president has agreed to an audit of election results which sparked all week long protests amorality says named
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the outright winner of the presidential poll giving him a 4th term in power but the opposition accuses him of fraud after to vote counts were halted home and reports. a could build though in la paz a civil society meeting allowed by bolivia's constitution this one's being called by those angry at the last sunday's election which gave 3 term president ever more oil is another outright victory the european union and the organization of american states but both expressed doubts over the electoral process was leading opposition candidate carlos messer went further alleging for a vote in bengal you want tobe a 20th we express the most important rights that we have the right to vote it's the maximum expression of individual and collective will and once again even murali is mistaking himself like so many other times wanted to rob us of the election was those who decided on
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a strike in the capital for monday to keep the pressure on the government protesters have already blocked roads for 3 days in the south of lapides a strike in the industrial hub santa cruz is now in its 5th day was that was their daily protests. but president morales has strong support too few dispute that he won the election the question is if he had the 10 percent lead necessary to avoid a 2nd round he spent his 60th birthday in his stronghold the district of cochabamba making a show of the examining the military has repeatedly called the protests a coup and the fundamentalists obama and the look trying to love a lot of the just has to cochabamba to also believe the people of different social groups up to a current just a buddha taught in the next week but he also said that he was in agreement with the solution proposed by the organization of american states. nor did the vote which would be binding whatever insults their investigation comes up with for the god you
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position in toto does era they grew with that plan to us to decide that's what we just thought that would it by the middle of the week that the president spoke to here is expressed doubt that he was i just read a good spirits gets. in the way and i guess i know the city i'm if the government accepts the order it's because they already have everything modified and read what we want is for them to know they selection and to have a really clean vote. was the result showing it's more than half a percent between a 2nd ground and an outright win for president riley's everything here is still a state i don't hold with how does it look i was. 25 year old sanctuary for chimpanzees is a.


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