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tv   Arabs Abroad The Campaigner The Stargazer  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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a few represent a bunch of. han has a stake in doha the top stories on al-jazeera iraqi security forces of use live rounds to disperse a sit in demonstration in karbala medical source told ages it at least 20 people were killed in the capital hundreds of demonstrators defied an overnight curfew laura but manley has more. among volleys of tear gas protesters occupied backed out central to her square while others pushed forward attempting to reach the highly secured green zone that's home to government offices and embassies . iraq's military in person overnight curfew video posted social media
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show hundreds to fight it no no no no no to the k. few we will remain here the care for you is one of the filthy games and tales on hold * here i'm an iraqi mother my sons have university degrees as hoping they would help me when they graduate but the jobless set up with high unemployment and what they call top level corruption they're calling for the government to resign. by the south in karbala protests to say they were shocked and live ammunition. over the past month scores of people have been killed and thousands injured this is a popular demand asking for greater changes great the reforms in the government and greater services and this curfew is obviously a method by the government to carry out its its plans by. evacuating
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the main street areas. of the cities from the demonstrators demonstrators. nationwide protests began at the start of the month but pause for 2 weeks as they waited for iraq's leaders to respond to their demands they returned on friday with renewed anger was i know somebody. today yours are not asking for jobs nor for services the young women want radical a real change from the regime. thousands of university and school students defied orders and skipped class to join the protests on monday. it's a huge challenge for prime minister up to maddy who's only been in power for a year he's promised to reshuffle the cabinet and introduce reforms but he's refused the protesters demand to resign along with his government what the prominent shia cleric knocked out outsider who controls the largest bloc in
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parliament has called on the government to announce early parliamentary elections. and with nearly 60 percent of iraq's crucially 1000000 people living on less $6.00 a day many say they have nothing to lose and will continue to fight for a better future for the rebels in mali al jazeera. as security forces in chile have clashed with protesters again as tens of thousands marched in the capital president had replaced the 3rd of his cabinet in response to the demonstrations. the u.s. house of representatives will hold its 1st vote on the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump on thursday it will formalize the process and lay the groundwork on how to handle evidence trumps accused of pressuring ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden son thousands of people in los angeles have been forced to leave their homes to escape a fast moving brush fire burning in the west of the city
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a series of wildfires burning throughout the state with almost 200000 people under evacuation orders bolivian opposition leader carlos mesa has rolled down the gauche ations with president abel morales after disputed election results protesters blocked roads in shops remain closed in believe us capital half the maze are called to strike what are those who won last week's presidential election has accused his wife all of mounting a clue. hong kong activist joshua walton has been bond from running in next month's local council elections the government to political screening and censorship government spokesman says one was disqualified because he supports self-determination for the territory those are the headlines in a world who's next. ok
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. over the decades millions from the arab world have any prey to some escaped conflict or persecution others have moved for the comic of some of the reasons they settled in europe australia the americas and africa but what's happened to them often black. maids are willing meet syrian born astronomer sad see how bad a world leader and the youngest standing of song are physics today she lives and
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works in the pacific island of hawaii. but 1st to london i saw on the stuff i use us as the vice chairman of the british charity inter pas for over a quarter of a century the organisation has provided humanitarian and development aid to palestinians in need they describe themselves as a specialist nonpolitical charity working to support the most vulnerable palestinian communities. 'd where. the day it also to get up get up on your account check it as i see a lot of that was one of the goal flaws and that was when i was in a think or look in the dead at the table comes out that at the end of set up. like many arabs abroad dr use of main reason for moving was to study but once he
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arrived in the u.k. his focus was both on his studies and the situation back in his native palestine. to do with the loss of the only woman i can do it up a little bit not the olympic and so i look for gun at they were jewish. yeah. well then you can see my the unit the swan's luckenbach that is the force with the committed the last man but then in my system a. huge sum of it for the muscle enough even upon the up we have been there. so many of them that uncountable knuckle took up the offer. i'll quit while out them into the can be secular as se felt that was the money and that the that and he counted them with a get out get the assess. and i'm a. i'm in it for the still he. had that month
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off but he'll pull out some can with. or a month look at willesden green the month but when i was at the yeah i did took leave and 2nd if you have. all those i don't want to go. out of here home. i know it's a yeah i like you how the family you have them to think of them i'm going out of the people in the most 100 in a yes i'm only a doing it for the out of woman law center what when they can one more shit on the and must do on a 2nd to the one much given to the queen a few over. so how's a oh what a mom saw than boys no one. saw. 2nd what you seem as if the brain. could go what if you how they were
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stymied could be well we had the. second tier look at he had been leading. the. female into but what i see is he gonna fit in. a most of the taliban who never have been. i don't see how that could be a woman little and mostly need. in a lot of what it does take on a 1000 months of a thought about a business but never done j. you've done bill into law what those saw feet mobile i'm a little sleep but the. step father you know nothing.
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more of the. can't have been that he couldn't have that i have a slimy and yeah nice. guy that i can and. that can. share. my yeah to the sham like a man with only him 1st i'm not. a nuisance by him an equal i'm glad. we have a mother. who has any and so who has he and i'm not his' and so has been pretty tanya and i'm not i know he's. my fullest and while going forward. the whole theme through the day. 100. 1000 the my life. i mean i don't. know what our.
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first lady of the. dr use of considered how best to get involved in humanitarian causes particularly the plight of palestinians he thought of ways where he could offer practical help and a list of support from like minded people the result was the foundation of the palestine relief and development fund mehta known as inter-party. if there is a money in the help treat it as a safe it or a great political entity or a module a will leave out the philistine or let it just of year so north but we learn what the other people quite a lot god much is about sabra and shatila to let the admit him who was the assault mole ferdie our political talent none none the felt wonderful know how cold war alarm will lead to death at the shop and for the slain it all but that is
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a must as a lithium to be over there like a walked in samoa some do. if it is 3 in. a village and if never so many models suppose that the love for your arms about the money a lot of other marina and the fabric little afford it her job or let you however that in the burman a shut up a module infamously me in a little for the spring. summer just about the velika of birth or slow going to her death on a comma don't know if it is the neo are supposed to have their own will stop a lower or the delicate enter into local to the them in this but they need it a see is a i'm a i'm at a see useless i'm looking for this lean in it it i thought the near all of this sort of hot water for be able samoa and. intimate.
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with the money no interest in what to do with them with a man you know and to know no jealously will social media the cowboy the commo do the job on with all the other hired a none of that had not the loss of my journey and missed i'm not here to talk about you know you did a book is called leader for the or do that he had a little pond he shot it up on a bill moment he took all the infamous linea metallic win in iraq because i'm lucky enough to jump at the battle out. on a total of. one hand up double talk radio multiple what i know on account of my darkest him a double odds when this but the one to hear and my said to so i cannot see a younger german i'll face a lot of. men i mean it's
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a lot of sun i want to follow if. nothing less than a. little while from jim in a canoe complaint is that he had a little the infamous leni account of the inman dr joe do you know about how the mobile of hama and losses letty danny a minute we had them will be $35.00 on heather. is a young lady and who draw melissa well anyone that they have met that is a leo ok i'll be a lawyer a nun another i'm. no but the. home of national identity. over
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the years interpol has been involved in a number of controversies in 2003 the united states treasury designated interparty as a so-called terrorist entity alleging it was using its charitable status to channel funds to hamas a charge that interpol and its trustees vigorously denied and her part continues to operate as a registered charity in the u.k. the charity commission the office regulator of charities in britain has investigated and her past several times and has found no reason to alter its charitable status within 2 years of interparty formed accusations came out that's because using the money for illegal purposes and we have challenged peace because asians which have reappeared every few years. of use of i myself have been involved
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with many many meetings over the years with legal representatives and officials in the british government the charity commission you know it is a try and clear our name and make sure that we're still able to operate. as he said the looting nothing we do however there is a lot that we didn't feel and the concordia was asserting that it was sort of mobile sort of than i let them really live you know but the mood is slowly. gene fema north of here a bit earlier than most as a. lot of it they hadn't walk up to muslim feet and feel a lot there just to let the not them in their home in. mn but upon your mill in there about your opinion of it. but how the indian yet the mother figure went to. north about and you think you have the heat. go home or go for the love that me and charlotte are without equal yeah because obama can sell it on
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why they. come other than most if he did not live. in ohio when it comes so sheen of do not. relish medicine such. as me ani. so there was a. mercian of the good news. i wasn't going to see on into it with. the fia. not that was over the michelin. fully in listening. and i'm out of. here when i was and i mean there has.
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been mentioned before and i'm still a little man because. the source told me. the death of anna had there should be a little he said he had full in mental and emotional pain in who mostly me and i've been. there myself now young found a machete and home and a man with a lesbian. and but i'm just out of here then i think i'm better in mind when we're here and. i'm alone found the thought of that. but. while we all know i'm going to do i just. 'd want to. let 'd the.
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thought of. the. day. i love the mills if you know what that jet in iraq 'd. it was a whole mercifully and it was 'd 'd a feeling that 'd as a tool to. enter pot has a lower public profile in mainland europe than it has in the u.k. while britain is the primary fundraising center for interpol and palestine is the reason receiving de lion's share of 8 dr uses has also linked up with a number of futile paean projects including the women's vote to gaza and egypt and . i met dr mustafa through the meetings of the international
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coalition of freedom and we have been working i think seen say. maybe the gaza as our project in october. 2015 and here we decided to adopt the women both to gaza as a project of the mission it was suggested by a few members of the coalition. at some point we offered it to the rest of the members and some of the members joined and they are call operating so one of these campaign sees a model smiles where. is some new stuff the roseate will the best thank you really good would to do a husband who could move through or people who show look are alone make it easy even if he studied as a would he shall let me do it work this is where we have to keep pushing and you
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see that woman the market can be can't he get messy to peace the. message of peace by that woman is very strong but i have the how and the mashad not a know not know how without good feel them but the maha with it and will sort it out the ball doesn't mean i'm a gun jani you'll know i'm an american. well look at the get out of the look now the one when bob unordered the model in sunny. it up the ball does well but that young man had some adjustment to tell them how the english i guess out than that the gun at them the gentleman is slightly of a ball the other that them on a given mostly if i know you had you been a dick but if. i close in me at then i thought of the film and one of john up for the last punt on a move that at that he went on of in with the. unloaded woman in sunny and you'll sit in with the ball those who do walk out of this out of the dominant already done put it on him enough as one put it doesn't that on
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a. different set than listen if you know i mean i'm pretty and i'm going to have you see how some of the region of the to be colored have been and with that. one which has been the felt out of why does it to me to have to pay yeah they do not.
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want. to use it has developed. a close bond with gaza and its people while this is primarily due to his humanitarian mark there is another quite different connection between gaza and his home in london. here and i was you know one of the use of all of the book with a visa was the woman of the on the left in a coffin a 1000000 of them are either iraqi that you know like here's a pic of the 'd well but you got
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a line that people fall yeah but yeah. this is a and i'm a girl i had. i don't even know who i. was that you know. that they don't know about their own. number that russians are saying but the handful of them having just joshing rented out of iraq. and they haven't been paying their. look you know that i was that has a for. because of the the mother and all of them been paying money to be with us and them. i hung up. on them and been pinned. the. 'd while suffering. from but it you have done a lot of fun. and the other you know. why we're going to
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do you said we're. back there you're working national center. have i guess if it came in by him or not filmed on camera yeah i mean i wasn't saddam hussein who can and i give them for their family. and how many for their. own that needed but to safely until we were. watching them i'm going to toss didn't you think of that now. well into cardiac henin quit the cool gym up in the cotton 401 and look at the folks you mohamed and cook and here you know joe would. rather do it when you had to do a machine that could work. well and reckon the whole of the public yes if i let you start of kind of where did the middle john. or just have an organ come to have
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notice or do you reckon of the rule for that in heaven if you had them to sell a book or. talk about what is a kind of agenda or more war and then i'm going to tell you that i didn't say i'm not at the end of shouting. if i do yet have the yom read the full fee. and for this lenient letter you claim how do you know if i the. one for this they need to feed had been much of a field enough to have you thought the couple speak when you had one us about that either we're not going nuts about and he always. will but that he had the time of innocent and. shy that woman put a lot of we have the muscle of the. if we have been
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legit i know not. but. i do it all be upset more hostile than i have on hotel for you all but see below body up a bit that. are not that i walked. out of a yeah what is that. we'll see about that myself without enough and how you took all we know it all we would do it enough you had the at the know what i look at the clip with and. knew the real mom about. him of it what this mother must of what this moment to lose your. soul the one that my own well. well i have a book out of the other. palestinian aid campaigner. in part 2 we need dr shad. who as a child in syria looked to the skies with curiosity and wonder today she's one of
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their roads leading us to on a mess. and i said of the way. to be messy and when i. say and again mr. november on al-jazeera. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall we'll be looking back at that to find that moment in history whose truth is it anyway follows journalists from around the world who are taking on those determined to modify the truth. spain will hold its called the election in 4 years after april's inconclusive votes to join us for coverage a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time and turkish president added on will meet with u.s.
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president trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest. november on. overthrow and exiled they appoint and saying it will call this race meeting new an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth was forged by and leaves me a bit numb to they think she is seeking the long winter change those return of a president on al-jazeera. another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment a film this bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of the
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relentless taliban on stilts. and with faith a witness documentary. on al-jazeera. and has. the headlines on al-jazeera iraqi security forces have used live rounds to disperse a sit in demonstration in karbala a medical sources told i'd use it at least 28 people were killed hundreds of demonstrators defied an overnight curfew in the capital baghdad they're calling for political and social reform but not the suburbs bugger little day we have the youth want to radical in real change of government those currently in power have led the country for 16 years but they offered nothing we have fed up. no no no no no to the curfew we will remain here the curfew is one of the government's games they tretton
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that vehicles are banned and everyone who doesn't go to work will face punishment but such things one scare as we remain here even if you lose 1000 people security forces in chile have clashed with protesters again as tens of thousands marched in the capital the president has replaced a 3rd of his cabinet to in response to the demonstrations. the u.s. house of representatives will hold its 1st votes on the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump on thursday it will formalize the process and lay the groundwork on how to handle evidence trumps accused of pressuring ukraine to investigate political rivals joe biden son. thousands of people in los angeles have been forced to leave their homes to escape a fast moving brush fire burning in the west of the city a series of wildfires are burning throughout the state with almost 200000 people under evacuation orders. bolivian opposition leader carlos messer has ruled down
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the goshi actions with president morales that's after disputed election results protesters are blocked roads and shops remain closed in bolivia's capital after a major call to strike morales who won last week's presidential election has accused his rival of mountaineer coup leaders government says it will lead the organization of american states audit the election results. hong kong activist joshua wong has been barred from running in next month's local council elections you can use the government of political screening and censorship the government spokesman says one was disqualified because he supports self-determination for territory those are the headlines now back to al-jazeera world. north america has long been a phase of nations for many from the middle east world renowned astronomer dr shad
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you. know works in the pacific island of hawaii. 1000 kilometer from her birthplace in syria a little bit to much. but less sheet of a speech. by then to roughy what can i really and let the scene know is. in the wild the exact moment hunch i may say is i would like to not be being fashionably london of us in a less than a less obvious until. some self i'm seen. in this fairly free for. my will look at milan on suit a lot of b. but. by then. there is
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a prince out here and it does so. far also i canot saw and to a number. see and looked a little as old timey but spotted when the machine. let it sit up to be a valid. coffee. in the. can the taliban who are assessing can now how do you see in the theater out there that are right on the gulf and where i may end and i've been listening. folk and she can add that in mind they still don't get the bag. and not my man and me and i man is a female now cause she can mend them and no one had one you do on our own. with a crew. as your own allies shame shame had we don't succeed in can can only last us and their worth at it. madame curie the excess with the radioactivity
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asserted she'll be all set and no hard to sell we may be hired to. back up for to normal day and nor has. she into here under some of the she bad women oh so come on can and the stars it feeds. on it and that nick to nuff said. so a lot. more. to it all we had a dollar each other to settle hardly at all bad then. fierce our footwork and our pocket and. so in the bottle and know and sure there have the stock. but hello. earth in the past and the. 2 of half a comic plane we hired. in the total. rejected the carrier in
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madison looks for different avenues of study she moved to neighboring lebanon. and their community. to 6. route a word she can. use hard on the mike and advantage sheba smirk and the love to get up at the new future. bad only bad to us but not for what can i add now i love to lob in the suddenly cannibal. mob again in my cap emotionally. as i see little they get it's been held me who are in no. and i can. debate it and not. leave it must but must and so we actually and it'll fit my feeling it's a look at the thought we had it was still
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a must but saw it. all i definitely know enough of dr robert and that kid and ok and on top of that i was dr laura but. the new soap in by left at how are this be better bullishly the whole. feel star as a future can be better. cincinatti be ohio or back in the. what are county cable telegraph and the admiral talabani had to cincinatti and gone and i know. what i can for was so she who i cannot be still in ma we've been all for who with you and you got a family and i come out on cults all day for a dozen dollars i'm at cincinatti i'm not the man not funny to momma no emotional distance and i to a blue enough. cincinnati ohio back and and moved to the united states along with her husband and daughter
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she had won a coveted place on a scientific doctorate program at the university of cincinnati as the only woman in an all male department she quickly moved herself in her new surroundings. command can that most of. us and. syria struggle book to get an offer you had done. for you here in this one motion. and don't know coming to. me. come on there's a have to be tough for harley 100 star city and so with mt gox there are adama to mark as a past colorado who were early what. i know what the salad bowl started up with. and to lick. me and the mike and said
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no and take of what i had going in ash habits and here they are to the can was have most of it in the. lobby eat on it's full. although it's in a family b. be bold headlines as that. just are what can be bolder. they have some see has some see i bought on riyad him an electron not a proton not ileum to trick. to trick us some of us but us said. joe will mama. of the title of the talk is the changing temperature of the corona and the question is the culprit ready figured it out ready he said this or astronomers going to. become an expert in solar
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wind and her interest in the sun continue to grow before long the scientists came on the radar of the national iran objects and space administration nasa. but that's just a little out of the truck done here who are about an auto lalla a wal-mart. markup. and been sort of a seamus the 2nd mr miller. to shop for had the kind of walmart a couple. of the shop s. all canot mattingly is at manila. why them and phobia. of sloppiness that is the 2 women buy them and send us a lot of them we learn. them and. then come and buy. you. at the same.
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mature enough that a new back to my couple bought the one show that he can. muck up with the new bad too and my editor because he lets them set a bunch i should've. thought some fear about the mission of the banfield and it's a small buzz here and no peace with backwash much good because you had that admission list and a lot of them in the show miss monk and the horribly secular. 1st of all it. can to him in a huddle. i'll double s.s.e. and much more i really can't compass of me by then not so long that the misrule and knows how to shuffle one on sabathia so i didn't hike on the cliff. to play. not unless an income and. my kind of
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play at my doofus got to. be able to. tell. felt that lesson with sally and hey let's see if. we had a listen see here. goodling will tell you not to lean the name of the am but not actual trouble to be had had a sub on the go ahead they are solidly helping. but can it tell you what. has really been the haiti and i know that's how it is will be on the island some as a snotty. who just now were listening. to consent from him so to say was sent. a bad effort. jog. shaddock me one does my foot on them any kind it's a minor latinos o.b.o.
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who can. undermine you must be added as he said. can it be diatom and i'm. stuck so we put together a system and took it to india and we were successful in gaining data from that 1st eclipse and we have gone through something like 14 eclipses there after i have continued to help her over this period of time she decides what she wants to study what. her science is and together we you know a collaborative effort put together in the instruments that we take to you a quote. syrian physicist should you have become a respected just on the mark with the global reputation. had. to be this is just how wise institute for us trying to meet. there she
9:44 am
continued her research into the sciences i was son. when. and in the past. she's a actively to stick. to his subsea unless i feel i had to do. chromeo that he could walk headman how. why and when and on why again. filters. had d.d.d. . had they deleted. and then. when
9:45 am
no one's life or all. been hellish and see. if god is d. day and the father and this is a high and mighty and they. could. have behaved in a nice and not solemn i don't want to see. places of course like your syria and libya and can yack and zambia and south africa here for firewood markel individual in terms of both the science that she's done
9:46 am
and the ability to obtain grants that fund the projects. to take us to these various locations. here say they. also say. they have some see that and no can in the reacting to show them in the octal bill somalia ours or no beer sheva us high in the sword i hear sort of a little hellish i'm serious now. because that's until infinity monday that animals are really long afia and no more i want to know they has some sort of corn. dog in the a b. because men consult has some of their home grown and no. chemical missing at all in the. last. koach it is very significant that she as
9:47 am
a female is actually the faculty chair which is the leader of our faculty and this is very rare we are still suffering in general i mean all across the stem education in the us and also in other areas we are suffering from to small numbers off female scientists and so she is a role model in that sense and the fact that she is coming from a middle east. it's even more important so she's a role model minority populations both in terms of female and also in terms of the fact that she's coming. and working with sharia has been very very wonderful very fulfilling our she's a person that really purchased you to. you know to to trust your so to work hard and. you know do you do the work that you love as a person that she's just very she's absolutely welcoming she's very she has
9:48 am
a beautiful soul and she has you know she has a great sense of humor and so we've been able to really have a relationship beyond the academics. dr should you have remains committed to sharing expense as astronomer she has reached out to her native syria though with limited success. no one gets into the south china. sea veto by early type until desired that. computer science so by the. gun it. worked. this out to say. what was it. i said.
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but it. is wrong. because. as you say i mean. but how can it in this baby her but i mean you could be addition. by then the sense that i fantasize about. will kind of domestically awesome and to the buff a lot of b. combine also it's mojados almost a model that uses. 3 to any element for lack of a sassy has done a lot of. them will start sullivan and be a local some and feed the. couple and. banish
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the mom has said. to mom and dad to be an estimate on the lawn lucy felt dizzy but does she have to the i mustn't it's a cool 50 percent emma said the side gone before i said back you can get the best is sad going to. be my not his assistant and that has bob's and i think to sell it i'd best said and got me. a demo be doing and it's because if you cynic. modest. to. carry a. doctor has reached the very top fashion she attributes success to having a healthy work life balance which she achieves thanks to the support of.
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so what. can it. sadly. it's help. me. know what can be better said. in the spirit and then. on the. side. a lot of how much she. puts at the time what's. sad to me. that what can be
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cambridge massachusetts was can thomas to the be hard but. no. luck to you will feel nothing. at all we have been and. has said. to steve when i'm really. into. yes. but. it would lead. to bad if unless i'm sure for coverage. and that i did. feel. that i
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am. just a man feel. so. sad that i like deity any. bit. but often. oh my god and moan. that i. am a. few
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years ago it. was. me and friends. become great friends and. we have a lot of shared interest particularly in music. now than i used to. hear her. playing her cello vince sounds come across the road and we go to concerts together we enjoy musical events. and learning. cuisine from her family to from it's been very. good learning experience for me. and i sort of and there's
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a who would. circle to be messy. or come up feel. and we have to be. who. has saved and it's a kind of we wish you mass and a medal in. the n.f.c. but then busts. little for the. behavior. while astronomers. and campaigner dr is on the stump for you so. very different pasts they remain close to their middle eastern heritage their journeys have at times been unpredictable yet and they're quite different ways are also very rewarding.
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why injections of the world's beaches in the sport of squash. from some of the top players themselves. that's fun to watch us play because we focus on skillful and hard challenging shot. al-jazeera world examines why egyptians dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be cut and the story needs to be told the police cars are out from the parking lots off with exclusive interviews using that was a mistake you know and in-depth reports taking on the environmental and climate crisis battle on many fronts not least but of the ocean al-jazeera has teams on the ground
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to bring you more road winning documentaries and life news. hello again welcome back well we have been watching a little bit of a storm system here across the eastern part of the med that's bring some clouds and some rain over the last few days to parts of turkey as well as into beirut in aleppo now the storm system a showers will continue as we go towards tuesday making their way a little bit more towards the east and in the higher elevations we could be seeing a little bit of a localized flooding as well down towards baghdad though expect from tuesday or wednesday a little bit more rain pushing through with a temperature of 28 and over here towards tehran we do expect to see a cooler temperature for you of 21 degrees there where across the arabian sea we are watching us a clone which has been moving quite slowly over the last few days but still very very strong in this region we don't expect to see a landfall with the storm but we do expect to see an impact here along the coastal areas of amman as we go towards tuesday expect to see and into wednesday expect to
9:58 am
see some increased storm surge as well as a rip current and that could be quite dangerous there must be out there you are going to be seeing some rain and some clouds by the time we get to wednesday with a temperature of 30 degrees while johannesburg was a very hot day here on monday coming down to about 27 degrees as we go towards tuesday clouds in the forecast across much of the southeast durban a little cool a few at 21 degrees and by the time we get to wednesday it is going to be a little bit warmer johannesburg at 28. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill the best and when their suffering news but it didn't have the power to do it he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and here is the goal. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families. if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunta on al-jazeera.
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in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera are fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that past and that drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . to deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you just said oh i just agree with that toy this sounds like blaming the public the country for the i'm not literally mean anybody these people well trained as much a part of the islamic state machine as we have been very and the inspiration of popular culture is you to join me mehdi hasan as i put it up for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate.
10:00 am
al-jazeera. but i got to. protest the defiant live in iraq's cut of the law as the anger against the government spreads. this is al jazeera live from also coming up a deadline looms for kurdish fighters to leave no in syria will face his forces. not giving up the prime minister will try and push for an election in december a day off to and he's voted down the burg.


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