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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 172  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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more to the fore but one point lee is the political role of hizbollah right now the issue of its arms is not going to be addressed for years but the issue of its political role if hezbollah supports the reformers which it says it does and hezbollah to be fair to the president down both of them for years and years were pushing a reform agenda but they say they couldn't do it i think because the other politicians blocked them but those hezbollah has been saying that it supports the reforms so they are challenged. to find a way to bring about a new clinical structure that brings about the reforms that people want to protect their role and keep a certain unity in the national government hezbollah has been very good at resistance military resistance not so that domestic politics on their face and their biggest challenge right now professor it's always good to talk to you many thanks indeed rami corrina on skype from boston if you just joined us this is al-jazeera we're extending this news bulletin to cover the main news
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this hour which is that lebanon's prime minister saad hariri the says that these recent dead end and intends to submit his resignation to president michel aoun and that of his government. bring in. another guest 9 saddam we have with us also via skype. joining us right now in beirut from not saddam university good to have you with us. your reaction 1st of all to to to how it is announcement what just 30 minutes ago now. when it was expected after some point days opie but i'm demonstration is spreading all over the country and a strong demand is that are mostly short and by the majority of the public are
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going ot so people who want to get through a court of opinion governments a massive corruption which help us escalate that i'm aggravated from 1992 that there is a presence so a combination of factors so corruption. in official government have led all of these people to go into a street and force of beslan against so sort of these i know what that under a prime minister how do you need or 'd part of the under general all at home commandos autumn is how the chosen not to use force against demonstrators or hold water never mind any except in the minimal minimal tases went to where i said there were no people who were actually and this has led to a way to spread disaffection among the old to the citizenry but the conditions are complex not cutting off their own just over. the north east west in the sense that it set out. as
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a majority of people have not been able to do all they don't do much of the economies it's just then and most businesses must government ministries all to have shut down and this is really aggravate things that they cannot make situations estimate that lots 'd of the economy on a daily basis i asked him about that and i was at estimates have seen another number but it's about $100000000.00 every day estimated cost. situation as it should supply in the home 'd 'd a prime minister could not take it any more he must do something he must act and as it were to do and i am just going to be on that force i don't want to. resign and finally to bury the prime minister scotty has decided to present a can actually technically speaking what he said i might as ignition. dispose of
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the president up sort of but the general on he did not use the water but i had a sign. that way so actually that is the song and date now was that would be going on and i have to 'd make is this announcement that if i get in announcement he said he said i am going also right away to surprise you how about death let us look what is up but in the president it is i just want to discuss was ok sure so it is expected that the big news that ignition will be accepted by the president and maybe not but some point it is now isn't it what is the next step the next step for the president is to appoint someone to form a new cabinet and just as betty most difficult task 'd. most likely i expect that such a heavy will be point that again has
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a prime minister designate it to form and you cabinet. but that was a mistake how did the orders a president say you need now the context of the massive demonstration they need now well it is this new cabinet people who have the highest level results integrity because of because the populace there did he would not take it anymore except some ministers to be in government above that which is much question mark about the integrity and best performance in the government so as it is it would be much given then take much according to obsessing this between a major. political problems in a country particularly between mr heavy and mr home. ok professor really good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us that's why i'm sad i'm a professor of international affairs and diplomacy at the not strong university in
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lebanon many thanks indeed let's play that announcement once again as lebanon's prime minister saad hariri said that he'd reached that dead end and will submit his resignation to the president made the city a call on all the liberties people to give precedence and priority to lebanon stability unity and civil peace and to steer the country away from the economic crunch and to a political partners i say it is our duty today to give the to safeguard lebanon and to steer it away from any perils it is our duty to bring our economy back to its feet my resignation and i will place it under the disposal of the president and all the libyan people offices come and go however a country must live on intact no one is above living on my god save living on me living on live on. well that was a little over 30 minutes ago lebanon's prime minister saad heavy saying that he was going to the president to tend to his will he said i'm going to tend to the
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government's resignation and later on to he mentioned something about his own brigade but as a professor. told us just a few minutes ago he didn't actually say that he was. resigning let's let's take you live once again back to beirut once again. stephanie deca is the stephanie. your thoughts since we spoke to you immediately after. the news is. lebanon's protesters on the verge of getting what they want this new political structure that's far more representative than the system that they've got. i think that is so far away all they've gotten they've achieved a significant 1st step with with the resignation we do understand that prime minister how d.d. has now arrived at the palace the presidential palace to tender his resignation but also who's just trying to discuss the demagogy is going forward it's not that he's going to stop work tomorrow he needs to return there's going to be
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a character take a government a similar cabinet as you see now just perhaps with less ministers until some kind of a solution can be found which is with consultations with the same political parties that people on the streets have issues with and then appointing a new person to form a cabinet it's still very very complicated going ahead you also mean about the political structure well it's a sectarian constitution of this country which means that the prime minister is a sunni the president is a marriage christian and the speaker of parliament is they say they want to dismantle that they want a poor mystic democratic secular system in terms of you'll be able to vote who you want to vote for at the moment certainly it is a very fractious always have been a fractured society when things really get difficult here scratching the surface people will. turn to their own less so under the lebanese flag if you will was that she would be christian druse this is what a lot of the youth in a lot of this movement on the streets over the last 13 days have said they want to
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get rid of this is what people have been so happy about one man saying to me we've shed their sectarian shirts that we've been wearing for so long but this is going to be difficult because it's been engrained here for so long the system is still in place the system is going to remain in place how are you going to change it will they change it will they change the rules that govern this country will they change the constitution these are massive question marks going ahead so i think it's a significant 1st step but huge challenges lie ahead as you noticed even today i think importantly this is a way to potentially diffuse the tension that was growing on the streets here we were on the streets earlier this morning among the roadblocks drivers getting very upset people who would say to us these people that are blocking the roads well some of them have salaries i need to work to make a salary how my going to eat they need to go and protest in the squares and leave the streets alone the road lots of them putting immense pressure on this government then you sold supporters of 2 of the main parties in government has. take to the
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streets start to confront with the protesters they went down to march a square which is very close to where we are pulling down the tents setting fire to some of them real chaos as a sense. if you will and you heard our guest there say this was a limited response yes it is a limited response because everyone here has weapons weapons that are backed by powerful political parties that are backed by political interests so things can get far more out of what we saw earlier today so at the moment we understand that there are holes for the protesters among whatsapp group said communications online to head to marjah square and not embrace you know. as a victory for this protest movement which is really something that was unprecedented. in that been on history but the banks will remain closed tomorrow that hasn't been resolved but there is a severe political crisis here that nobody really knows how that's going to move forward the protesters may come out tonight and you may see scenes of jubilation or
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very positive images coming out of that but bird's massive challenges ahead i think it's too early certain percentage ration but certainly it is a 1st step a sort of victory for the protesters all right stephanie thanks indeed let's bring in out a serious senior political analyst. mo and bashara. really . it is resignation speak she was saying that it is. our responsibility to protect lebanon positions come and go he said dignity the dignity and safety of our country more important what do you make of all of this who are certainly it's late very late but as they say it's late is better than never. how did he of course has been responsible on the others for
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the troubles that lebanon is in today and he certainly shares big part of that responsibility and yet there are more than harry is more or more than $180.00 in the country that shows that are sponsibility and as the slogan of the. uprising if you will in lebanon says all of the means all of them so really prime minister how do these one on one the many and for a long time you would say even maybe for 30 years since the accords created the new lebanon a different sects and different leaders of different sects and different elites of different sects a basically divided the pa i called lebannon amongst themselves. but i guess lebanon is all of basically run out of cash basically that lebanon is one of the more indebted countries in the area and beyond it's basically bankrupt it all is the i.m.f.
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whole number of instructions now that the peace to live by so clear that people are fed up and they do consider harry and others responsible for what goes on so is this a moment of hope for lebanon or one of extreme danger. you know it's very difficult getting turns issues of this nature during a pivotal zz and uprisings of the church to know where exactly in the graph of change we are what we can say is this is a change an important change whether we're after that will come more of an escalation and violence or not that that means to be seen but on the overall trajectory of any movement of such this is certainly an important victory for those who occupied the streets of the country because they could no longer occupied ministries or governments or the state for the amount that they were normal that
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considered it their own hence the occupied the public space available to them which is the streets and the public squares so have they really acquired their 1st demand yes that is a commission of the government but that's only one among many. demands by the street especially the earliest streets that was not necessarily partially polluted by various political parties they don't kill their only one that is ignition of the government they wanted the resignation of sectarianism they wanted the resignation of corruption they wanted the resignation of nepotism they wanted the resignations of the sect based system that has paralyzed the countries and divided that among a good number of corporate elites so this is a 1st step but even this 1st step it does not necessarily to change that the morning after because the government is going to stay in place until a substitute government comes in and we already know that the major parties
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involved in lebanon especially the president's the more powerful party among those who are been asked to resign and his partner has bola do not want a government of technocrats and they do not want a government where parliamentarians such as that. the nephew or rather the son and lo of the president the foreign minister would need to resign they don't want the kind of propositions that were made by having it in order to meet the demands of the suits at least halfway so what we have now is a street that is boiling that is asking for basic fundamental change in the country because the lebanese people are among the more industrious people in the middle east and beyond in fact for many people it was almost a dilemma why weren't the lebanese at the forefront of the arab spring in 2011
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where some of us who are students of history of course know that the lebanese where at the forefront back in 1976 unfortunately that descended into civil war later on interrupted by an israeli invasion of lebanon that lasted for 18 years so the lebanese are once i had it once again they have made a bit of a battle win today against the government but so much remains to be seen in terms of the fundamental change that the lebanese need that the lebanese deserve and that the lebanese are calling for. just want to ask you before we move on. about you were talking about the sectarianism. what all this means for hizbollah and that it's militia. well to be honest with you i i was miss moralized and not in
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a good way and listening to the head of hezbollah hassan nasrallah speech 2 days ago when for the 2nd time he was basically telling the one straight there's the vinnies of all sects of all religions that their demonstrations basically to no avail because he will not accept that as admission of the government and he will not accept the change of the sectarian order in the country he sort of sweetened it in all sorts of manners and ways because he understood that his 1st speech basically threatening the streets of no real change is possible despite the sweetening or his 2nd speech 2 days ago is still he sounded to be. delusional if you were really almost like deaf to the demands of the people who want an end to the kind of sectarianism which are among them is the lebanese hezbollah and the lebanese army just like also there are other sects that also some
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of them are in the streets of lebanon but what we have today and lebanon but also in iraq also in syria and this is a problem for those who supported iran and lebanon and syria and in iraq because these are the all eyes of iran and lebanon syria and iraq today that are under so much public scrutiny on public pressure and the and the street pressure so in the southern part of iraq like it is syria and to day all over lebanon there are there is pressure defacto against against iranians allies especially hezbollah in lebanon and that's our subject now in lebanon but lebanon and the government in iraq are supported by iran and what we hear from the one is that they do not want regime change or government change i mean in lebanon relatively. speaking it has been still largely peaceful and it rock countless people now have been
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killed and injured and imprisoned there's some really life shootings out there in iraq and people are suffering and that the government's response to the basic demands of the people for you know justice freedom and more of the same economic rights and so on and so forth so here we find ourselves that a good number of people in the arab world notably iraq lebanon and syria but certainly as we spoke on other occasions in sudan algeria 'd. and outs where people are demanding economic justice and social justice and political justice and lebanon they are facing this wall called every get'em that is based on 2 pillars one the presidency of michelle and hezbollah that are basically are allies of bashar al assad. and the ayatollah regime in iran and they can see that every movement in the streets of iraq lebanon or syria to be
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a western conspiracy where the west may be supportive of some of those movements but those are also authentic lebanese iraqi syrian movement people arabs of all sorts of from all over from iraq demanding economic and social justice of 0 as a senior political analyst mo and bashara live in london now and many thanks indeed joining us now on the line from beirut summit out of the director of the levant institute for the street to for strategic of us. your thoughts on what you heard prime minister hariri saying and about his resignation. per hour i think the referred to a big victory for the folks at the for the 1st bomb but for them to salute the troops and that unarmed can impose their way and prove the war party through to our bodies by their ready to go and this new blood vessel and who covers all turned to
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the door for it solution. and none that ignition was blocking and so you should leave. the country isn't that a critical economic situation. that statement. the b governor governor yesterday or interview one with c.n.n. a was the t.v. talent who was saying that it so musician is not pond in need get to leave. the country is heading for the financial collapse within days so days there was no reason for the prime minister to develop new sion to resign time ali but it made sense to you that your for a new government would. gain the trust of the people through it and busy
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a government that can establish credibility and trust feeling with the rest of the world because there is no solution political to get out of the economic crisis without international highs and a government that is on the. way to hezbollah has the upper hand today it's no secret for anyone that. the name calling or act and the hands of hezbollah so the government that we. are on the fully control a temple law cannot establish any kind of. relation of the world. to china aids. to the county. and an economy to plight but it is a dimension and it's definitely
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a victory for this. extra or the negative attention but it's a partial victory at the moment because we don't know what's going to happen next with so many vested interests. with an interest in it hanging on to power in lebanon it's going to be very difficult for the protesters to get what they want. hanging on to. their toes. to 'd have made to stay in power was a $54.00 for disaster so think of all the bugs will be clearly this is. keeping in mind. the people we could not keep it because we would have led the country. to another island.
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another round would be buying them and the company cannot. keep in mind. that banks and other non. like. they are crude and they cannot continue because. their own economy or the productive sector is on the verge of bankruptcy so this move was one more than expected to be called no i'm going to. be busted or. with a commission no lady. the president nominate her back to do someone to form a government a government backward. acquired of the people they want to get to come next shannons but they're definitely. going to be for the good with the most
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impressionable and ok you have to do to pretty cold and the. need to go. get the company does not have. a copy to. any part of the nation sorry but really gets to too many thanks to something other than the director of the levant institute for strategic says that on the line from the. let's just remind you of what we've been covering for the last lebanon's prime minister assad how d.d. has said that he is going to submit his government's resignation to president bush i would in fact he's at the presidential palace right now in response to the protests 13 days of process saying that he had reached a dead end as you know lebanon has been gripped by unprecedented nationwide antigovernment protests how to called on all lebanese to protect civil peace.
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that will be here in just a few moments with a full hour of news on al-jazeera with much more coverage of events in lebanon i'm adrian finighan but he thanks for being with us but for now rewind to tens with. brand new updates on the past around to see this documentary. the wind continues with her let's go this is a people's money being taken in for their whole lives for the money i'm. just down and praying and one day out his era. november on. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall we'll be looking back at that to find that moment in history whose truth is it anyway follows journalists from around the world who are taking on those determined to modify the truth. spain will hold it
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for the next one in 4 years after april's inconclusive vote join us for coverage a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time and turkish president andrew on will meet with u.s. president trump at the white house we'll bring you the late. november on. another. hey another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment of phillis bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of the relentless taliban onslaught. with faith a witness documentary. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where every. this is al-jazeera. they're watching the news our life from our headquarters in doha i'm sorry in our brigade are coming up in the next 60 minutes to my resignation and i would place it under the disposal of the president and all the liberal news people. lebanon's prime minister assad ahead it is said metz his resignation in response to the demands of the people. this comes during a day of chaos in the capital where scuffles broke out between protesters and
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government supporters plus.


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