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is a challenge and so is life behind the badge. on . lebanon's prime minister. his resignation in response to the demands of the people . watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also. clashes between turkey back groups and kurdish fighters as the deadline falls is for them to pull out of northern syria. a white house official who was on the controversial phone call between donald trump and ukraine's president testifies before congress.
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fears that the devastating wildfire in california could spread even further as people are warned of stronger wind. hello lebanon's prime minister he has submitted his resignation to the country's president. says he's reached a dead end after weeks of protests paralyze the country and after the long awaited statement protesters took to the streets in celebration earlier however on choose day supporters of hezbollah attacked a protest camp set up by anti-government demonstrators in beirut tearing down tents and roadblocks banks have closed for the 10th straight day as well as schools and shops. made to simulate a call on old liberties people to give precedence and priority to lebanon stability unity. and civil peace and history of the country away from the economic crunch and
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to our political partners i say it is our duty today to give that to safeguard living on and to steer it away from any perils it is our duty to bring our economy back to its feet to my resignation and i will place it under the disposal of the president and all the live innings people offices come and go however a country must live on intact no one is above living on my god save living on my living on live on. let's bring in zain whether she's joining us from beirut another he submitted his resignation to the president saying what do the protesters do next . well they say they're going to stay in the streets they're seeing this as a 1st step but they're welcoming it what they're demanding is for the whole of the ruling political elites really to leave office people who have been in power decades which is easier said than done you mentioned government supporters attacking anti government demonstrators they will use any means available to
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cling on to power so the people behind me say we're going to stay in the streets and we're hoping that there will be early elections because that's one of their demands not only for the government to resign but early elections and they're also asking for for a new alec torah law but the response from the ruling elite the governing alliance has been no we are clinging on to power we're not going to be toppled from the streets we are going to be toppled by constitutional means they feel that they were legitimately elected there was an election in 2018 they won the majority in parliament and they won the majority in government they believe and they are now accusing this protest movement of becoming a sub sort of a campaign to change the balance of power in the country because those in power are considered allies of iran and those in the opposition in lebanon are considered allies of the us and by extension saudi arabia so what began as
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a spontaneous protest demands for better living conditions is now a very serious political crisis there is a stalemate the street does divided the economy is in tatters we've been here before lebanon has been here before but just like in the past it's the security of the country which is most at risk so people are worried. you know what is going to happen next and say no what are we to read into heidi to his resignation. what do you think the message is that he's sending out by resigning is there a tactical move to it or is it really because of one of the demands of the protesters have been putting forward. it seems that is a negotiating tactic to try to put pressure on the governing coalition what he calls my partners in government to make concessions because he does hold some cards
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1st and foremost yes how do you do has lost politically he has been weakened he's lost the support from his patron saudi arabia they believe he has been too accommodating with the pro iranian hezbollah movement they believe that he should have been more forceful and not agreed to partner with them in government how do you know that they need him the hezbollah led alliance needs him because he gives them political cover he gives them international legitimacy if this government is headed by a son me who is close to that as well let alliance then it will be considered a hezbollah government and the united states could sanction this country like it has been sanctioning the movement so he does have some cards to play he's hoping that it will work but at the end of the day some of these protesters say they won't even accept him staying in office even if there is some sort of an agreement ok for that thank you for that update from beirut let's bring in stephanie decker she's joining us from beirut as well but stephanie is just outside the prime minister's
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residence over there so he's gone to bob the palace submitted his resignation to the president any reaction from just outside his house stephanie from the protesters there perhaps. it's quite quiet the streets but there are people trickling paullus on their way to march a square which is just down the road one mother with her 2 sons draped in the lebanese flag and i stopped her and i also her whether this was an off and she said . no i'm going to stay on the streets as that but you know this is going to be incredibly difficult if you're talking about all of them and she said i know but we want to stop sending our sons a bull she said my son study in london she said that in her words she believed there probably would be bloodshed to come but she said that this is probably necessary to change the system our children didn't live the civil war they're not tainted by their sectarian legacies and it's time we change show you do seem to have a real resolve real momentum on the streets seeing this as a victory perhaps
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a solo me reignite if you will because we have seen the numbers dwindle somewhat if you look at the numbers that were out on the streets protesting last weekend with this weekend they were significantly smaller so is this going to reproduce the momentum we understand that some of the roads still remain blocked it's not like they're out in euphoria saying that it's over and no for them as we've been reporting it is a 1st step but there are still so many more difficult hurdles to overcome at this point during as we've been saying there are question marks as to how politically this country is going to move forward as to how the transition period is going to look like is sad how do you begin to be tossin forming a new cabinet are they going to agree on names are they going to be accepted by the protesters and today we had a small taste of what is a real fear among the people here of what could happen which is some of the parties sending their guys to the streets to cool trouble well today that came in the form of sticks and stones and tearing down tents that could also come in the form of
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what this isn't a country that is armed to the teeth not just the militias the armed groups that are backed by political parties but also the people ordinary people the majority have weapons at home so it's a good start because people know the complexities of politics they know what is at stake there's a lot of business interests at stake this political elite they talk about that has to go has been running this country for decades there are huge question marks i have far more questions than answers but certainly yes at the moment. short term a huge victory for the protesters it's been an extraordinary 2 weeks watching the events unfold here but again now we're going to have to wait and see how things are going to move forward politically and whether that's going to be acceptable to the street or those on the street at least ok stephanie decker thank you let's bring in . our senior political analyst he's joining us from london my one when the former prime minister now. he was giving his speech a short while ago he said that he's reached a dead end so does his resignation now pave the way for some sort of political
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solution to be found in lebanon or is lebanon looking at a protracted and potentially dangerous political vacuum. certainly protracted hopefully not dangerous. but clearly lebanon now has turned the page on one government but it could be a while now to find an alternative government that is acceptable to the street. or to those still in control in the country namely the president his party as well as the man controlling party hizbullah in the country. look there there are 2 potential new no extreme scenarios one extreme scenario is that the street continues to demonstrate hezbollah sends its people to the street and there would be major clashes and they would be some order major violence and there would be
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paralysis and god knows maybe it will get even worse that is one scenario the other scenario is also extreme on the opposite end is that the elites in the country understand that this is time for change and that they accept a certain calendar of sorts for change and they do embrace a number of radical steps that the lebanese deserve that the lebanese want to words further democratization and of course option on source of course. would one of those 2 scenarios take place any time soon i you know i don't i hope not i hope the earlier one does not happen but i think we're going to find ourselves in the middle between these 2 very negative horrible dangerous scenario and another dreamy dreary magical type of scenario i think we're going to find ourselves in a protracted tension struggle some gains and some losses between the streets and the elites hopefully the streets will have more to say and hopefully the elites
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will listen for the and that it will be more than just a government fall that these sectarian regime in the country will fall in favor of something more democratic and liberal that lebanon deserves an error mentioning hezbollah so what what does hezbollah do next because the group is really in a in a bit of a day lemon now with the resignation of the prime minister absolutely and from the. of the 2 speeches i've heard since the uprising began by the head of hezbollah hassan nasrallah the 1st speech was pretty much threatening to the lebanese. that hezbollah would continue to support the existing government and the existing order of the existing regime and it basically warned against any vacuum in the country and somewhere between the force and the 2nd
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speech he also started blaming foreign embassies foreign parties notably what some parties and others for instigating the streets in lebanon something that we've heard of course in other parts of the arab world notably neighboring syria where whenever people moved to words demanding social political and economic justice suddenly it's a conspiracy against the country its sovereignty and its people so here hezbollah warning once again that yes while some of the demands. might be just unfair but that there is a conspiracy by the west against hezbollah against the lebanese order and hence there is a bit of a denial now among the hezbollah and some other groups in the country that are basically sectarian and they cannot seem to listen to what the street is saying about the way they have been organizing themselves and the country or dividing the
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country amongst themselves so it's a bit of an existential problem for hezbollah facing the uprising as it is as it went on the last the last couple of weeks because there is something fundamental about a piece in the early days when the slogan was all need all all needs to quit we need a fundamental change in the country and when some of that happened in the southern part of the country in the in hezbollah's main power centers that seemed to be a bit of a stop on the faces. i think hezbollah is trying to recover trying to find out what it could do in order to listen that damage to it so hopefully it will take them more rushnell more conciliatory more reform. path rather than a more violent. thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera i mean. the testers are back on the streets of iraq after
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a night of violent demonstrations against the government it's also ahead. and this is the end of the debate and we're going out there to win ok. u.k. opposition leader germany corporon backs a december election process by prime minister boris johnson. hello again it's good to have you back here across parts of china we are looking very dry across much of the east now we are picking up a few clouds down along the coastal areas and as you can see in the south china sea we do have a storm that is developing and that is bring some very heavy rain across still parts of the philippines as well as some clouds here along the southern coast of china now we don't expect to see much in terms of rain for hong kong but the clouds will still stay in effect across much of that area for vietnam though it is going to be quite rainy over the next few days and we could be seeing totals of $200.00
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millimeters of rain or even higher across much of that area here across parts of new delhi though we have been dealing with a pollution problem over the last few days in the visibility has been reduced and the air quality is at hazardous levels that is going to continue for the next few days people are dealing with it the best way they can keeping mostly to indoor activities if they can as well down towards the south though we are watching a system develop here just to the south of india bring some very heavy rain across much of the region sri lanka saw some very heavy rain as the storm started to intensify the rain will continue as we go from wednesday as well as into thursday and there it is that circulation across much of that area so for carol the state expect to see some storm surge as well as some rip currents there but up to the north of delhi expect to see a temperature of 32. rewind returns with a new series. of brand new updates on the best about disease documentaries.
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that needs. to. be wind continues with police gold millions of dollars and people's mommy cherish being taken in for their whole lives from the mommy and me just down the drain and one day on the al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al jazeera lebanon's prime minister saad heidi has submitted his resignation to the country's president says he's reached a dead end run precedented protests paralyzed the country and lebanon has remained
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in deadlock this protesters blocked roads around the country with barricades tents and cars it's been hit by 13 days of protest since october 17th against a political class accuse of corruption and mismanagement of state finances. meanwhile government supporters have attacked the main anti-government protest camp in beirut on tuesday mobs there destroyed tents and roadblocks before chasing away protesters who've been camped in the area for nearly 2. russians defense minister says the withdrawal of kurdish fighters from northeast syria has been completed the deadline for kurds to leave areas along turkey's border in northern syria and did an hour ago and turkey stopped its military campaign last week after reaching a deal with russia what's been called the sochi agreement kurdish forces were ordered to move 30 kilometers away from the turkish border russian turkish forces vowed to start a joint patrol on the syrian side of the border right after the deadline
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a delegation from moscow is in turkey for talks on the border patrol operation and the united nations special envoy for syria is expected to meet foreign ministers from turkey russia and iran in geneva the meeting comes ahead of the official launch of syria's 1st constitutional committee on wednesday. joining us. that's the turkey syria border the deadline now has passed for the kurdish forces to move away from the border what is happening on the ground. to basically the russians are saying. is pulling out from those areas. around in in members in around me also in telephone it and also east of. the east of the euphrates the turkish government so far has done make any statement about the situation there but basically
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a senior aide to president doesn't say that turkey is determined to establish a safe zone whether or not the as defiance is put out you've heard earlier. from from said a syrian national army which is backed by turkey saying that there's been some classes earlier today. and also south. between the syrian rebels and the rest of us and they say that the president has not completely pulled out from the areas they were supposed to pull out from but if that happens if the pullout has been completed as the russians suggest that could lead to a destination of the tension that has been mounting of those areas over the last few weeks and what if the the s.t.'s does maintain some of its positions at least are we hearing what turkey's next steps would be.
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well when the when the turkish army and they said they took over tel aviv on that i said i they asked if fighters put out to different parts of areas under the control to men bets. and all sorts of that maliki and. they were insisting that they all wanted to maintain a presence in men bitch and 10 rocket the turkish government said no that's a red line we don't want you to be in those areas you have to move east of the euro euphrates and this is how these tablets that deal with the russians in sochi now if the if the s.d.f. pulls out it's going to be a major setback because it means practically speaking that they are pulling out from areas which they have considered to be part of their homeland where they want to establish a state of their own in their future it also means that in the near future we will
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see more joint patrols between the russians and the turkish government in areas that stretch from jobless all the way to maliki on the border with iraq that's a huge area 32 kilometers. deep which also means that the turkish government and the russians most likely going to be the ones to shape the future of the north is some part of syria for many years to come. thank you for that. now a top u.s. government official says he raised concerns twice over president donald trump's efforts to have ukraine investigate democratic politicians alexander van mon his the director of european affairs at the national security council is defined trumpet as testifying in the impeachment inquiry vinland says he considered the request so damaging to american interests that he reported it to
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a superior testimony comes as the u.s. house of representatives passed a vote this week on whether to formalize the impeachment investigation into president trump. has more from washington. then is a member of the national security council the expert on ukrainian affairs and he is an important witness in this impeachment inquiry because he is the 1st who was actually on the phone calls listen then when donald trump spoke with the leader of ukraine in july and it is that phone call that launched this impeachment inquiry in the 1st place trump asked of a lot of years olinsky the president of ukraine during that call to launch an investigation into democrats and then to buy into joe biden who is one of trans political adversaries in the united states then when that hit the witness who is testifying behind closed doors today we obtained his opening statement and in it he says i was concerned by the call it i did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a u.s.
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citizen i was worried about the implications for the u.s. government support of ukraine i realize that if you queen pursued an investigation into the bidens and barisan it would likely be interpreted as a partisan play which would undoubtedly result in ukraine losing the bipartisan support it had thus far maintained this would all undermine u.s. national security and at the time that trump was on this phone call with the president of ukraine trump was with holding close to $400000000.00 of u.s. security aid that was supposed to help ukraine ward off aggression. russia that is why then men and other national security experts have come forward as part of this impeachment inquiry see the president's demand for something for his personal gain was endangering u.s. national security and in danger in an ally furthermore republicans have been defending the president by attacking the democrats process in this inquiry saying
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that because they're conducting these hearings behind closed doors there's a lack in transparency and that the inquiry is illegitimate to begin with democrats have responded now by scheduling a full house vote this thursday to officially launch this inquiry it's just a formality now because the courts have already said what's happening over the last 2 weeks is already legitimate however democrats are hoping to take away that argument from republicans saying that on the contents of this call in the contents of trump's handling of ukraine alone that that is more difficult to defend. iraqis are defying a curfew on the climb to in a new wave of protests there back on the streets of the capital calling for political change there is widespread anger over corruption a lack of jobs and poor public services that's also the name has more from baghdad . this is day 5 of a 2nd wave of protests that began here in baghdad on friday this is truly the
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largest crowd that i've seen it is body to body all the way to a bridge that would eventually lead to government offices in the green zone there are quite a few people here they are being bolstered by support from a large number of students the teachers and attorneys unions have said to them to their members don't go to work come here to tahrir square and show your solidarity amidst all the craziness this man stood out he was standing very quietly holding this sign he's asked that we not use his name he obviously has a mask on do that here a gas but he's willing to speak with us tell me why you're here you said you didn't come in early october when these 1st wave of protests began you didn't come the last 4 days why did you come today i came today because i'm very stressed and yesterday this is the you know it's incredible attacked the protesters they killed a lot of them. are saying i came here with a clear message is that human life is above everything you don't care about your
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properties you don't have much of vehicles you have to protect human lives and i have to urge the protestors to not try to cross the bridge they will try to. attack us violently and human life is important not only for the protesters but human life of the police as well we have to protect human life we have to not try to cross the bridge the iranian foreign minister. zarif excuse me is in qatar attending a security conference which is bringing together cyber analysts and exploring the security situation in the region he touched on the future of the 2015 iran nuclear deal and potential discussions with the u.s. which hold outs of the u. creamed. president rouhani talked a bit earlier about a private time of for solving the problem with iran what would you know about that offer president trump or has been insisting on the need to make a new deal. and on the need to have meetings we're not afraid of meetings and we're
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not afraid of the use of you just we made one after long meetings but we need to have the basis and the foundations for that and that requires everybody to be prepared to live up to the commitments that they already made british politicians have approved the timetable for prime minister boris johnson to pass legislation for an early election johnson's 1st time for an early vote fail to get enough support on monday night the choose days after it could pass with opposition leader jeremy coren expressing his support for a polls to be held in december. his condition for supporting an early election that a no deal bracks to be taken off the table has been met we always said we wanted an election we do want to elections but we wanted no deal to be taken off the table we've now had confirmation from all 28 e.u. member states that no deal is off the table so we're going to go out there with the biggest campaign this party as ever mounted take
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a united totally determined and absolutely looking forward to going every part of this country with my wonderful shadow cabinet same here and all the fantastic labor activists to give a message of hope where there isn't one with this government the biggest protests in a generation show no signs of letting up in chile even after president sebastian pinera replaced a 3rd of his cabinet and response to days of demonstrations security forces fought again with protesters as tens of thousands marched through the capital on monday. well parts of the u.s. state of california are bracing for a strong winds on tuesday which are expected to further flare up the wildfires thick smoke plumes could easily be seen from space state of emergency has been declared as firefighters battled to get the blazes under control at least 8 houses have been destroyed and 200000 people have been told to leave their homes more than 2000000 people are without power jake ray has this update from los angeles. to give
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you an idea of how fast things continue to change with these fires we were up the hill earlier pushed down by firefighters who rushed in getting support from the air dumping water here now the intense flames had been gone for hours flareups hot spots bringing more flames and so they rushed to get that taken care of and they continue to work in this area where the devastation stretches for miles right now now look we don't see the intense fire here but it's still burning across the state really from this area los angeles to the north through the wine country we know hundreds of thousands have been a back you waited even more than that on the edge and watching to see where this fire goes next with the concern that they could be moving to safety as well it's a situation that's going to continue because the wind is going to continue to gust over the next several days really pushing that fire in all directions so you've got teams working around the clock coming in from surrounding states to help out here
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and really trying to get a handle on things but right now mother nature has the upper hand and it looks like when you look at the forecast that again is going to continue through the weekend across the state. telling and the headlines on al-jazeera lebanon's prime minister sahadi has submitted his resignation to the country's president how did he says he's reached a dead end after unprecedented protests paralyzed the country. i made a similar a call on all the liberties people to give precedence and priority to lebanon stability unity and civil peace and to steer the country away from the economic crunch and to our political partners i say it is our duty today to give the to safeguard lebanon and to steer it away from any pierrot's it is our duty to bring our economy back to its feet my resignation and i will place it under the disposal
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of the president and all the libyan people offices come and go however a country must live on intact no one is above living on my god save living on me living on level 11 and has remained in deadlock as protesters block roads around the country with barricades tents and cars it's been hit by 13 days of protest since october 17th against a political class accuse of corruption and mismanagement of state finances meanwhile hundreds of government supporters attacked one of the main antigovernment protests camps in beirut's the mobs destroyed 10 san road blocks before chasing away protesters who've been camped in the area for nearly 2 weeks russia's defense minister says the withdrawal of kurdish fighters from northeast syria has been completed the deadline for kurds to leave areas along turkey's border in northern syria ended an hour ago russian and turkish forces vow to start
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a joint patrol on the syrian side of the border right after that deadline british politicians have approved a timetable for prime minister boris johnson to pass legislation for an early election johnson's 1st attempt for an early vote fail to get enough support on monday nights but choose days effort could pass with opposition leader jeremy korb and expressing his support for polls to be held in december or been now says his condition for supporting an early election that a no deal bricks it be taken off the table has been met. parts of the u.s. state of california are bracing for a strong winds on tuesday which are expected to further flare up the wildfires 6 smoke plumes could easily be seen from space state of emergency has been declared those are the headlines rewind is coming up next on al-jazeera.
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i am. i am. i am. i am. and welcome to rewind i'm laurin. in the series where it's heading to some of the best documentaries said on al-jazeera english since we launched over a decade ago back in 2011 the africa investigate series dug deep into africa's 2nd largest gold producer for centuries it was called the gold coast but today the.


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