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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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prime minister not heavy and talk all the momentum on. these say the only thing they want is for man to resign and to call back in 60 days that will be monitored by the math he says he found there will be haters payoff in iraq there will be a delay in the approval of the budget as well as the case for me on wednesday the baghdad police chief said his security forces are being attacked yet not a single bullet has been fired iraqi human rights commission says people have died during protests since friday the judiciary announced that it would be did the investigating government corruption it's a lengthy process that may not appease these impatient protesters also the u.n. special representative here in iraq came to talk near speak to people she says they
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have legitimate demands however she also says that it would be impossible for any government to comprehend simply attack the past and present challenges in just one year that is how long prime minister i will have done my duty has been empowered. still to come here on al-jazeera boeing under fire the airlines make the c.e.o. has a tough time as he faces congressional questions about crunches the kills called 300 people. had rather mixed picture across much of the middle east some cooler air in place but also plenty of rain showers and some snow to these high elevations you can see on the satellite quite a lot going on inside kabul we have got mostly rain but some snow again at the patients to 20 celsius on
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a day meanwhile in between the black sea and the caspian sea we've got a steady stream of and again will snow to the mountain tops on by friday very unsettled throughout much of turkey quite a cloud and really quite cold in anchorage just 13 celsius meanwhile a nice sunny day in beirut with a high of 24 how much is on now across much of i've been put into we have a cool school some cloud with some very heavy amounts of rain and it's because of this that it really is going to continue to impact coastal areas particularly of oman ole reddy some very high waves as breaking across the prominent opposition pretty good place guys despite the fact that storm is so close now it's not expected to get any stronger it will actually continue to weaken so between thursday and friday the winds will really come down so we're looking at winds on friday at around 90 kilometers an hour gusting higher than that but it will produce brainchild all the way along this coastal area and again still some pretty high and dangerous seas wanted to show like you through eastern areas of south africa so feeling cool in durban on thursday with a high of 90. in
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watching else's ear a reminder of our top stories this hour by scenes resumed in northern syria state media reporting heavy clashes between the syrian army and forces on turkish controlled controls the passing of the deadline on to the russia turkey deal for the withdrawal of all kurdish forces from the north east of the country. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has been asked to stay on as a temporary caretaker until a new government is formed very resigned on tuesday after nearly 2 weeks of protest against his coalition government. chile's president has canceled international summit shuttles the next 2 months because of ongoing anti-government protests demonstrations against president sebastian pinera economic policies have extended now into day 12. now supporters of one of pakistan's biggest islamic parties are heading for a mass anti-government protest in the capital jamming at islam party which led is led by more lanna law very much has been calling its followers across the country
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for a freedom march towards islam about his calling for the removal of the prime minister cameron can and the holding of new free and fair elections khans government has been under pressure for months on the state of the poor economy. to more u.s. state department officials are the latest to testify at the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump they were christopher andersen and catherine croft both served under the former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker the pair follow alexander vine dman the national security council official in charge of ukraine policy who testified on tuesday he was the 1st impeachment witness who had listened to the call between mr trump and the ukrainian president which is at the center of the inquiry live now to our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat so kimberly just walk us through the testimony that people were hearing today. yeah there's essentially peter a deep dive into ukraine policy and of the trumpet ministration listening to the
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testimony from 2 state department officials and really getting a sense of this beyond sort of the july 25th phone call that was held between the u.s. president and the ukrainian president now what we're expecting from this testimony is not only a timeline but also we are told that one of the witnesses is expected to tell investigators on the committees that there was in fact direction under president trying to withhold military aid this is obviously very damaging for the white house because president trump has said repeatedly that that was not the case that the transcript of that telephone call or the edited notes or of this that were released to the public certainly he says do not suggest there was any quid pro quo so this is certainly problematic for the president but this is just another opportunity for this ongoing impeachment inquiry to get yet another perspective another angle if you will from 2 state department officials with deep knowledge of the ukraine policy of this administration how big a day can we expect tomorrow. that's what everybody is waiting for looking for
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because here's the thing that's been going on up until now the white house is essentially said look at this is not a transparent process this is being conducted in the shadows these are closed door hearings the american public has no knowledge of it therefore it is illegitimate but to counter all of that the house speaker nancy pelosi late on tuesday evening said that there will be a vote in the house of representatives on thursday that essentially it will formalize this process it won't change it in any way still going to be testimony still going to be calling for witnesses asking for documents to be turned over the big thing in all of this is what this does is it makes it much harder now for the white house to say this is an illegitimate process and therefore we're withholding documents we're instructing members of the government not to testify so this is going to be a challenge for the white house moving forward if in fact this is formalized as we expect but that is what everyone is watching very carefully we should point out in
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all of this though because this impeachment inquiry is very confusing for many people it's very down in the weeds in terms of process this is not going to be about vote the house of representatives to impeach president this is simply a vote to formalize the process kimberly thanks very much. executive facing a 2nd day of questions from american publicist since he's testifying to the house transportation and infrastructure committee to the company's 7378 crashed covering a period of 6 months killings 346 people lawmakers say the company kept technical issues quiet and put profit before safety correspondent john hendren is a boeing since a national headquarters in chicago it is day 2 of the grilling of dennis miller and berger chief executive officer of the boeing company and it has not gone particularly smoothly for the company yesterday tuesday was the one year anniversary of the 1st of 2 crashes of the boeing $737.00 max plane
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a total of 346 people have been killed in those crashers and in that 1st crash one year and one day ago 189 people died on a lion air flight off the coast of indonesia dennis miller and the c.e.o. has endured a grilling from senators on tuesday and from house members on wednesday on tuesday one senator said he would rather walk than flying in that plane another called it a flying coffin well no longer has apologized 2 days in a row in some cases the victims' family members were in that audience and on wednesday he said we will do everything possible to prevent accidents like this from ever happening again and he said the company has made 3 changes to the flight control system that is believed to be responsible it will have 2 sensors instead of the current one it will only activate once and it will never counteract input from the pilot so the pilots had no idea that the plane would have this system that
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would counter act what they were doing or felt that this plane was stalling it would force the nose down and it's believed that is the system responsible the big question now is will federal regulators engage more and require more certification of future planes including this one. what is the future of dennis moore a very who already has been demoted from chairman to simply chief executive of boeing. london's grenfell tower survivors and bereaved welcomed a damning new report on the apartment fire that left some 2 people dead 2 years ago the report says of the building had been evacuated sooner fewer people would have lost their lives as the 1st part of the public inquiry says there were systematic failures on the part of the law and fire service chiefs report has found that escape was always possible it found perceptions and planning but london the preparation and planning by london fire brigade was gravely inadequate london fire
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brigade did not comply with his duties to gather information needed fullest english in fires to say put should have been withdrawn earlier and failure to withdraw stay put and caused further loss of lives evacuation was always possible russia has said it will not be making a significant investment in the saudi oil giant aramco is the company prepares for its long awaited launch on the stock market norway also says it's not interested in cashing in at all here's a challenge saudi wants it to be one of the biggest flotations ever a one to 3 percent stake in state owned oil company around curry which could be worth more than $20000000000.00 but although early november is when the process is expected to start the kingdom is giving little away it will come in right there with the right approach and definitely with the right decision. and it would be
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a charity decision 1st and foremost. specifically present him that decision. crown prince mohammed bin salmond wants aramco valued at 2 trillion dollars he's aiming to raise $100000000000.00 for ambitious redevelopment plans for saudi arabia bankers say between $2.01 trillion is a more realistic valuation for aramco there is hesitation on the part of the it would be in less they say. we see an indie band. evaluate south already proven reserves we are not going to lie and spend their sum of money on investment indeed norway's sovereign wealth fund which is shedding many oil and gas investments says it won't buy into iran co and russia's sovereign
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wealth fund isn't looking hugely keen either i wouldn't talk about when to encourage investment because iran has generated a lot of interest including from our partners in china the asian economies and definitely russia will not be me in a huge investment in the romford because already it is quite exposed to our oil baron coast flotation was previously delayed to give more time to find international investors big players have returns to riyadh's future investment initiative for him many stayed away last year because of the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi but other concerns might be harder for investors to shake than any they may have had over the killing future oil prices of one september's drone attacks on iran co facilities are another aramco as i.p.o. will be a test of confidence in the kingdom. how to 0. ok let's talk now to jeff colgan jeff is the associate professor of political science at the brown university way
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focuses on international oil and energy he joins us from providence rhode island jeff welcome back to al-jazeera who's got the valuation of aramco right or wrong here thanks so much for having me on i think that norway and russia are wise to stay away given their position and they have real concerns multiple concerns about investing further in the oil sector norway in particular i think it's concern about climate change and the risk of stranded assets that that that environmental risk raises ok also in the region across the board isn't the most settled it's been over the past decade or so on no way and the russians sort of blending that into their thinking as well certainly and the attack. yeah that facility that around cones you know just a few weeks ago is a real concern has done a good job of repairing the damage but the prospect of another attack shasta be
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looming on investors' minds and so norway's is very clearly not interested in investing further russia's being a little bit more polite you know they're saying oh look i you know others are interested but we are interested and in part that's because i think russia is keen to. keep on going terms cordial terms for potential future cooperation with the saudis is there anything that saudi arabia can do if it wanted to in your opinion that would make the russians and the norwegians less disposed to limit their exposure. yeah i think that the saudis need to have a track record you know color waters and so forth last you know 6 months have been really small to us in the region in saudi arabia in particular maybe even in the last year and so if the leadership in saudi arabia is keen
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on demonstrating that there is rule of law that there is steady investment that there's going to be a predictable return that's the kind of thing that they need to establish with just some color and if i were them i would think about doing that 1st before leaning heavily on international investors right now it seems like their strategy is to turn towards investment by saudi nationals prince at me i'm interested in this idea that you know it might be a learning curve in some senses for the saudis i mean if you are. by definition you are opec and is it your sense that the saudis have always been used to other countries going to them and saying yes we will work with you and it's kind of tough for the saudis to get a handle on people as powerful as the russians and as wealthy as the norwegians because the the norwegian sovereign fund is worth an awful lot of money based on gas and oil of the north sea i think i've got that one right you know for those 2
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countries centers say actually no we don't want to diversify even though you need to and you want us to. that's right and i think in the norway the norwegian southern often is the largest one in the world so you're absolutely correct about that and so when they say you know we're not interested i think that sends a signal although in fairness norway is the pension fund in particular is saying you know we're trying to move away from fossil fuels in general so it's not just saudi arabia it's for norway with russia the issue i think is a real signal saying that listen this is a tumultuous situation and russia's be cautious about it even though again there may be quite polite about how they declined the opportunity and that may ruffle some feathers in saudi arabia where that as you say they are accustomed to a certain status on the world stage and at the very center of opac but i expect
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that they will a little bit of a hard time courting international investors while they've had so much. tumult around in the last year to have good to talk to thank you so much. more wildfires breaking out in the u.s. to california as crews struggle to contain the blazes across the state the authorities aboard residents to evacuate the area around semi valley near los angeles strong winds in southern california making the problems worse creating ideal conditions for the fires to spread. this is al jazeera mining's peter dhabi these are your top stories syrian state media is reporting that heavy clashes between the syrian army and the turkish forces are taking place right now in the north east of the country it follows the passing of
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a deadline under the russia turkey deal for the withdrawal of all kurdish forces from a so-called safe zone. has more now from the turkey syria border the syrian government and the. kurdish. say basically that the turkish military has been pounding their positions on the outskirts of. the syrian opposition has been saying something different they say that those clashes were mainly between the and the syrian army on one hand and the s.n.a. which is the opposition backed by turkey chile's president has canceled 2 international summits due to be held in the country because of ongoing anti-government protests demonstrations against president sebastian pinera as economic policies have been held in cities across chile for nearly 2 weeks pinero says his country won't host the asia pacific summit next month or the global climate change conference in december lebanon's prime minister's been asked to stay
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on as temporary caretaker until a new government is formed hariri resigned on tuesday after 2 weeks of nationwide protests earlier on weapons day the army cleared all major roads in the capital beirut that had been blocked by the protesters. iraq's prime minister abdul mahdi is under growing pressure to resign in the wake of days of antigovernment protests he along with the president and the speaker of the parliament will hold talks later to try to find a way out of the crisis and discuss possible names for a new prime minister on tuesday tens of thousands came out onto the streets spurred on by reports of security forces shooting protesters in karbala. more wildfires are breaking out in california as crews struggle to contain blazes across the state the authorities have ordered residents to evacuate the area around semi valley near los angeles strong winds in southern california making the problems worse creating the ideal conditions for the fires to spread you are right up to date with all the top
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stories up next it's inside story on the other side of that i'm back with the news i will see the person. more uncertainty in levanon after nearly 2 weeks of popular protests prime minister assad has really has resigned but some protesters say they'll remain on the streets until all their demands are met so what happens next and what would another power vacuum mean this is his inside story.
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and welcome to the program i'm fully back it was one of the main demands of lebanon's protest movement the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet well after nearly 2 weeks of mass protests over corruption and economic hardship saad hariri has been forced to step down he handed his resignation to president michel aoun who's accepted it and has now tox hariri to lead a caretaker government but many protesters say this is not enough and are demanding the president also resigns and parliamentary elections be held there is concern that this could lead to a power vacuum in lebannon last to talk about with our guests in just a moment but 1st this report from al-jazeera stephanie deca. it is day 142 weeks and a significant win for the protesters in the form of the resignation of prime minister saad had in effect the government but many questions remain and challenges
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remain we are now at a political crisis yes there has been some easing of the situation on the ground when it comes to the opening of the main road something had been putting a lot of pressure on the government a lot of pressure also on the people wanting to move around the capital and this country those roads that protesters have closed have been reopened we're also hearing that schools and banks are due to open but there are big question marks when it comes to political situation of this. country what is the transitional government going to look like the protesters want a government its cabinet made up of technocrats of people not affiliated to any of the political parties but the people now in consultations with the president are going to be people affiliated heads of these parties at the protesters are against a are they going to be able to agree on anything we know there are discrepancies there are disagreements among the political parties and are the protesters going to agree on what they come up with there are major challenges ahead protesters also
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will tell you that they're going to remain in the streets until the entire government resigns at the names change so i think at the moment difficult times ahead for lead on challenging times ahead for lebanon and unpredictable times ahead for lebanon stephanie decker in beirut for inside story. now lebanon has a very complex system of governance that goes back to the country's independence from france in 1943 is a sectarian political system representing all religious groups and it was reinforced in the tifa court that ended lebanon's 15 year civil war in 1990 the top positions are held by the 3 largest sex the president is always a maronite christian the prime minister a sunni muslim and the speaker of parliament a shia muslim the number of seats in parliament is equally split between christians and muslims and proportionally divided among the country's 18 secs the iranian backed shia group hezbollah and its on lies hold the majority of seats in the
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current parliament and the group also has considerable military power the coalition government that resigned on monday took 9 months to form following a deadlock over ministerial positions. in the early or less introduce our panel now for today's inside story in beirut xabi a political analyst and former advisor on human rights at the ministry of interior in lebannon in london. a researcher at the institute of global affairs at the london school of economics and also in the lebanese capital beirut salim professor of international affairs and diplomacy at notre dame university gentlemen welcome to inside story thank you for being with us 9 salame in beirut let me start with you saad hariri now tasked with leading a caretaker government with limited powers does this ease the crisis a little bit or does it complicate things further. well on the face of it it has
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ease and the tension it has led to the majority absolute majority of demonstrates or to get to get off the streets or over lebanon. most of the roads have been opened over the past few hours since early early morning and this has allowed movement the transport haitian and businesses to reopen their daughters as of today and tomorrow all institution in the country and all businesses will be open once again after 2 weeks of total shut off the road down so now the president. is now to conduct consultation with spider-man members which are constitutionally required to see whom do they want or whom they prefer to be the next prime minister and based on those consolidation which are likely to be scheduled to morrow by the presidential palace the decision to.
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put. someone to form the new cabinet will be decided or declared by the president the next few days will clarify this whole issue on who will be the next the prime minister a sense of the data present prime minister busy. may be the next prime minister but he has already now before i got into the studio he has been he said that he is putting. conditions such as they don't want in the new cabinet ministers who are. seen as. confrontational or whatever and this may complicate may complicate the situation. some have suggested that sat harry reid's move was in a go she. tactic. because the pressure on right now and what are the
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possible scenarios here well the pressure in my opinion is on the government and on the political parties they have tried different ways to scale down the protests to no avail at the moment it seems that the resignation of sun had it has been well accepted in the street it was seen as a sort of win for the movement the scenarios going forward or i think having a clear mandate for the government stating what the reforms are going to be and being very clear on how they're going to do them on top of that i think what's lacking at the moment apart from the shape of the government with the technocrats or not which i did it should be technocrat. the substance and which is going to the manner in which is going to tackle the reforms is of up to the thousands right amar nash in beirut as 9th salim has said the political party is now headed for
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consultations with the president but these consultations will be with the same political establishment that the protesters on the streets have been criticizing so you wonder what's the point of it all. exactly exactly i think i think what will happen is that we will have a government that is not very much different than the government that we had i mean there would be some changes but these changes would only be you know small details the problem that the people were took to the streets and there were screaming and shouting against the government in a movement that was called the revolution because they reject the whole political system the this system is based on as you as the introduction of your show you know showed the pointed out very clearly this is a sectarian system and you know there's so much corruption in the country and there's a failure of the government to deliver basic services to the city to the people and
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people the reason for that is that people in the government are being appointed in the government because of their sectarian allegiance not because of their capacity to deliver or the competence you know and that and that is the major challenge and the people are angry now right i'm not saying the people did not present i mean the people who are striking did not present any as turn it if they were just saying that they were angry that the government fails to deliver and that corruption is widespread all over the country so what we're witnessing right now is that we're witnessing yes i'm sorry i was going to just jump in you talked about the sectarian system yes you talked about the 60 sectarian system but do you think that lebanon on can do away with this sectarian system that's been in place for what 4050 years now what are the other alternatives if not the sectarian system in a country that's so diverse when it comes to religion since all. yes yes i agree fully but you know there are you know the majority of the people who took to the
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streets in the past just 13 days are young people this is a young generation coming out and saying that we cannot continue with this tradition system that has failed all along since the independence of this country to actually deliver the services harbored i mean this is one of the most expensive countries in the world we have inflation that is you know shocking i mean people are not really happy with the economic situation they're not happy with the political representation we just had the you know bali mentally elections a year ago and you know you had more than let's say the minimum numbers more than 30400000 people on the streets and there was nobody to represent them so that shows the failure of the electoral law that is also based on sectarian divisions and sectarian divisions the distributional powers i mean this is a distribution of power based on religious groups and the new generation has had enough of that the new generation levanon as i can see them as i met them in the in the protests and i see them there against the whole system they want
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a system that delivers basic services to the people and we frankly don't have social security system that is in place we don't have an education system we have some serious challenges in this country and that new generation is saying no to everything to the whole political class and is not presenting any alternatives right serious challenges. there's no doubt about that serious challenges but how dangerous a moment is this for lebanon you think. well the danger is for the current situation to be misused by certain political parties in the oven on the the point i wish to make before i jump into this issue is that the movement towards a nonsectarian lebanon needs to be an incremental one it needs to be a phase of a phased process to get us from the current status quo to the desired lebannon shocks are usually not very well accepted by by the masses both those on the street and those who are not but at the same time shocks can be also ridden along the
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waves by certain political parties or certain infiltrators. ok what i'm saying is that we are all for the movement towards nonsectarian lebanon and i think this is what we're all calling for let me let me just bring in 9 salim in there what i wanted to bring you in on that point of the political system in lebanon which is so complicated but which has been in place now for decades do you think it can be changed in a country like lebanon and in 2008 we remember hezbollah took full control after a similar crisis do you see such a scenario happening again can there be a purely. hezbollah backed government. well if the situation goes into total deadlock that may become a credible scenario or probable scenario i don't think given the current circumstances. that hezbollah leadership is sinking in anyway to take over the
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country it is not in the interest and they cannot manage the country if they decide to take it militarily over militarily they can do that but they pull it politically they cannot rule the country so this is not. an issue that is probable to happen. regarding the system the system has been sectarian for a long time and it is difficult to change it overnight the 1st step to change the system is to change the election will go to an election based on which parliamentary election where it took took place last year. basically do nothing for a non sectarian system to be applied so as of now there is no possibility that the law will be changed so is the next. period after a new government is established and depending on who would be would be in charge of
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the new government 78 percent is going to as i said to mr assad how do you. but the fundamental point if we are to go into a nonsectarian system you need to change that election to put an election and that remains to be seen there are big question marks on this issue and the general oun general aoun may go in that direction and he may have majority bringing together his only group hezbollah. and if you are allies and they would have more than 70 members of parliament giving vote of confidence for the new cabinet. cabinet but i don't think he is going in that direction if he is to form a new government from. march 4th ian marsh ain't coalition 11 on that will incur on lebanon are forming sanctions particularly american
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sanctioned it because has our law is under us sanctions the sanctions 9 salim both omar and the last say yes just let me just bring 9 back into the conversation 9 both omar and bill and say you can't change the system overnight the political system in lebanon overnight so how do you achieve the radical changes that the protesters are demanding. the fundamental change is that the 1st building block in the changes and reform is to deal with score abruption ok 'd and corruption now has been for sort of 2 years in government we need 1st of all as a 1st step to get a cabinet that will address corruption at all levels or. administration of the us or it is from the minute council of ministers all the way to the badness in full use of government ok as off now there is no will on the on and no consensus on
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dealing with corruption because also have been ruling the country for the past 30 years as they are part of the part of some of the score option let's let's hear from now in london how do we how do we change things how do we achieve the radical changes that the protesters have been demanding. well i would like to actually did flip that and said that we are on the verge of economic collapse and the central question now is less on the on the on the structure of things but more on what the reforms that the new government with is going to deliver and what kind of mandate with this government up the the form of the government is of course important for consensus given that we this is the decisions corn levanon we function by consensus consensus politics but at the same time we must not ignore that there is a fiscal deficit of around 10 percent according to the i.m.f. and that there is a movement on the street that has put pressure on the on the government so anything
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steps going forward will not be met with with with the roses the other thing to say is that once this has kicked off and the momentum it took. for the past 14 days. this will not stop this will not stop very easily which is which is i think. the symptom so the protests will not will not stop at the moment the momentum is there it's going to all get going i but it's avoiding to know that there are 3 things that that have been radically changed in people in the streets one is political beliefs one is individual preferences towards the political system and 3 is social connections that have been formed in the process the 3 of these can catalyze the movement to keep going forward and this is evidence that has been shown in hong kong and in other places that the ones once the momentum is there once people actually attend one protest the likelihood of them attending again is significantly higher of our actual keep going omar in beirut let's bring you back into the
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conversation it took we know 9 months for her to form the government that resigned that handed its resignation on monday how long do you see this crisis lasting in lebanon and again the same question i posed to the other guests how do we achieve the radical changes that the protesters have been demanding if not changing the political system. well. it's possible that it would take a long period of time to have a new government it could take a long period of time to name a new prime minister's i think the crisis remains it's a system that is going through many difficulties there's no consensus there are various groups that are looking for their interests there is no feeling of national unity or that any really any political political position that is for the interests of the country as a whole they are very sick they're in groups and political groups calling for their
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own interests and interests of the own sect or their own region or that all parties and this is this will lead to more challenges the discussions will be over power sharing and how they're going to do power sharing based on sectarian principles and that's what's going to take place and this may take a long time to resolve this is a system that is a total failure and what we're doing now is some patchwork and trying to actually bring in a government that will also be a total failure there's no not much hope for the same system to actually have some substantial change we can actually analyze this for hours and now indeed i was going to ask you and you mention the fact that this is obviously a very complicated situation that's not likely to be resolved anytime soon and we know that the political dynamics are complicated and they're not only internal but also have regional implications and there's a complex web of allegiances that involves countries like saudi arabia and iran
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what would be the regional implications of a power vacuum any prolonged political crisis in the middle. well we had the power vacuum before we had the you know in the past we had the problem with a power vacuum there was no president for a long period of time and that didn't change the situation and he the continue the government continues to fail to deliver if there is a power vacuum or if there is no power vacuum the problem is in lebanon is the there is no national unity and nationally and will power to build the nation every nation that's supposed to serve its citizens and that is what the why the young generation to to the streets and screamed loudly one slogan in arabic it's good money and it can everybody they were they were fed up with everybody i mean and that created problems because some sectarian groups could not actually take that their sectarian did that was also included in that can and it can mean that
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everybody slogan and you know the this is this actually shows that i think on one hand there's a lot of optimism for the future because you can see the future event of a generation to fuse the sectarian system or a large part of it on the other hand it's problematic because these young people don't have a representative there just and they don't want that at present if they don't want to actually form a new political party they're just taking to the streets to actually the majority of these people took to the street to actually scream out against the failure of the government the corruption that is so widespread now has there been any intelligence forces and any external forces or manipulated the masses i'm sure that i mean that would be that is the role of any security or intelligence force that is that wants to have a new or old order of all in that but that doesn't eliminate the actual call for the new generation for a better country that's based on democracy and away from the sectarian power division and away from the corruption because so much money has been ripped off
2:43 am
there's no place in the sea ports around beirut for to park a yacht there are so many and there's the than percent of the population the. is living a glamorous life with thanks to corruption and thanks to government corruption and the whole power sharing system and the apartments for sale for $10000000.00 where there's the rest of the people don't have money to actually you know before schooling and basic medical health care and that's a very serious problem and i think that is where i would like to focus on that issue i mean for all the actual political analysis yeah i think the time now is to talk about the basic principles basic issues that are the basic services of the government that are not being delivered 9 sally let me give you the last word because we're almost at the end of our show. you know as omar said it's always been the same people that have ruled lebanon at least the same name sahar revici's. and the other ways do you see things changing any time soon and also there's been what
2:44 am
about the prospect of new elections that has been one of the main demands of the protesters would that resolve the crisis. a new election will have brings the same groups will have been controlling the power will bring them back unless the election laws are changing then that will change a correlation of forces in the country and if the those same the groups who have been in the successive government in recent years and recent decades if they are to remain in power there will be no duty for them is implemented as a country because those 2 groups are the ones who have roberts our country or is the source of horror option has become very much in demick in the country pandemic all over the various throughout the of government if we are to see the same groups there is no optimistic outlook for the country as far as reforms are concerned and less we go into government or for new groups that neutralizes the old
2:45 am
establishment and bring the new faces into the forefront of politics then we will be having a real substantial reform which will take us on that old to salvation from this whole mess which have been for many years now gentlemen thank you very much for a very interesting discussion i wish we had more time but i'm sure we'll have the opportunity and we'll have the opportunity to do so in the coming days here on al-jazeera thank you very much for being with us named sally. and thank you for watching you can always washes program again any time by the setting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for sash a.j. inside story you can also also join the conversation of course on twitter i handle is our a.j. inside story for me for me back to glenn holton thank you for watching i found.
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my. in the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular pill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans coming to walmart and came to the to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on. the latest news as it breaks difficult
2:47 am
it keeps evolving on point mostly young people coming to protest against the taliban and clashing with the police with details coverage was meant to be a chance for people from different modes of life to political affiliations to work together to shake their futures together from around the world but many people by typical new type of thinking over what these front pages represent these a bunch of political lightning. to deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you decide oh i disagree with that toy this sounds like are blaming the public the country for the art and the whole of the naming anybody these people ah well trained as much a part of all of the islamic state machinery as we have been very and the inspiration of populism those are 2 truths join me amid the hot sun as i put it up for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on our jazeera. i mean this is different not just whether
2:48 am
someone's going for someone who's been rants but does matter remains true i think it's how you approach an official and i think it is a certain way of doing it to qantas by aiming to story and die out. well we were. i mean we were. out when we were. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome this is the news our live from our headquarters here with me peter dhabi coming up in the next 60 minutes intense fighting resumes in syria the state media say there have been heavy clashes in the northeast. momus process in
2:49 am
the lebanese city of tripoli despite the prime minister's resignation. protesters force the hand of the government in chile it's now council 2 big world conference who's. also heard the growing threats of fire right on their doorsteps people are urged to get out of their homes in california and they're not the only ones heading for safety. i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe including the campaigning begins britain's prime minister and opposition leader clash in parliament ahead of a snap election which could decide the future of bricks. and i'm here to simply go to sports the world series has come down to one the winner takes all match that's after the washington nationals thrashed the used in astro's in game 6 to square the series and 3 games each.
2:50 am
fighting is back on in northeastern syria with renewed intends. city state media reporting heavy clashes between their army and turkish forces near the border in the countryside around russell lying now it follows the end of a deadline established under a deal between russia and turkey for the withdrawal of all kurdish forces in the area the turkish president richard type or the one says the zone could still be expanded if attacks from why p. g. forces continue. joins us now from the turkey syria border hashim what else do we know as to the latest information. what peter the syrian government and the s.d.f. say that some areas around los alain and tell time are came and heavy bombardment by the turkish military using artillery we're not getting any official reaction
2:51 am
from the turkish military so far above those latest developments however the opposition says are there been some limited clashes near those areas particularly are said irene and also to tell tama to push the government forces from those areas now the syrian government has also been saying that its forces pulled out from 8 villages in between a loss elaine and and they believe that the syrian opposition the authentic which is backed by turkey is trying now to take over all those area and extend its influence all the way to tell what is happening at this particular moment peter is quite extraordinary which is you can see is an indication of all the parties trying to consolidate their gains in those areas the syrian army about a weeks ago with the as the of pulled out from those areas to pave the way for the
2:52 am
save zone took advantage and redeployed to those areas the syrian opposition backed by turkey was insisting that the syrian army and the as the should be pushed out from these areas and should become permanently under the control of the city and its control of this explains why you seeing the tension mounting over the last few hours does this compromise the whole idea of this seething zone that the turks want to set up. indeed and yesterday with the end of the deadline for the cease fire the general feeling with it was that this was a smooth pull out by the as the from all the areas that controlled in in the south of us could by any men be fired all the way to the east to the point where the. turkish president. saying that all the details about
2:53 am
starting the joint patrols with the russians were pinned down and it is just a matter of time before those joint patrols would start phase 2 of this operation was before the turkish military to set up observation posts along the safe zone the 440 kilometer long area through to 30 took along with a deep now with the latest development with that mounting tension near tel timer and that are so they could be an indication that maybe the joint patrols would be delayed because it's absolutely no way you would have the russians along with the turkish military starting those joint patrols in an area where you have clashes now which remains to be seen whether the russians were step in because they are one of the gun on top of the sochi agreement talk to the syrian government talk to the s.d.f. and try to contain this situation before you can you have a full blown military confrontation there good cheere per days the whole spirit of
2:54 am
the sochi agreement and the idea of the safe zone. thank you. well the fighting comes as work has begun on a new constitution for syria after 8 years of war the united nations is overseeing a meeting today in geneva but officials admit it is an enormously difficult job diplomatic james bays is there. all in the same room 50 delegates from the government 50 from the opposition and 50 from civil society haggling over the names on the last list the reason it took the best part of 2 years to get this meeting underway the un will oversee their work to come up with a new constitution for a post-war syria but it special envoy admits it's going to be a most difficult task i know that it is not easy for all you to be here together in this room and i respect that i know that there are deep feelings among you
2:55 am
reflecting did the feelings among all syrians above the state of their beloved country after nearly 9 years of violent conflict the 2 co-chairs pledged to work together but the things they focused on iraq dresses were no surprise armored cars bari said the government will continue its fight against what it calls terrorist groups. live a life fight against terrorism with an ongoing war that we started before our meeting we continue this fight during our meeting and we will keep abouta fight until the liberation of the last inch of our precious formulated for the opposition how the old bara who also attended previous rounds of talks in geneva the failed raise the plight of those syrians being held in custody. for the more. we must achieve the release of all detainees at the hands of all parties and to discover
2:56 am
the fate of the missing and the forcibly displaced we must respect the right of families to know the fate of their loved ones one of the most difficult issues in drawing up a new constitution is the role of the presidency the government delegation here know they must be loyal to president bashar al assad a man who's shown over the last 8 and a half years he's prepared to use the most ruthless tactics including barrel bombs and torture in his prisons he's unlikely to want to relinquish power just because of decisions made at these talks james bays out zerah at the u.n. in geneva. lebanon's prime minister has been asked to stay on as a temporary caretaker until a new government is formed but the move isn't stopping the protests these pictures of just come through to us there live in the city of tripoli the president michelle obama's request for the prime minister to stay on follows his resignation on tuesday his leaving ends the coalition government that had been struggling to
2:57 am
contain nearly 2 weeks of protests in a hotter is in beirut. the roads are now open so will schools universities and banks lebanon may no longer be paralyzed but the political crisis is far from over protesters who blocked roads across the country for almost 2 weeks topple the coalition government prime minister saddle had resigned after failing to form a government free from the influence of political parties the president michel aoun has still to set a date to start consultations with members of parliament to agree on a new prime minister a post held by a son a muslim replacing heidi won't be easy he is considered the representative of that community. but hariri will insist on a semi technocratic government but the ruling coalition is insisting political parties remain represented hariri want to accept that so the other scenario is
2:58 am
hezbollah forming a government that is more dominated by the group something it wants to avoid. hezbollah and its allies are the majority in government and parliament but it is under u.s. sanctions like its iranian backer that is why it needs a partner like the who is supported by the west house speaker to be a birdie is warning against international intervention it seems lebanon is yet again caught in the arena of the us iranian struggle both countries have weighed in the crisis which began as a protest for better living conditions iran is accusing the us saudi arabia and israel of supporting the protesters while the u.s. is calling for a government that will be responsive to the needs of the people. protestors who are now confining their street action to public squares are promising to push for radical change they say they are ready for a long struggle to bring down a system that has been governing them for decades that was 2nd demand is the formation of a new cabinet from experts. so they can govern and
2:59 am
conduct the transition phase and. staying on the streets until these demands are met overthrowing post-war leaders won't be easy so far they are refusing demands to hand over power a lot of uncertainty lies ahead senator. iraq's prime minister is under growing pressure to resign after days of antigovernment protests thousands of iraqis have defied a curfew on the move to square the prime minister. along with the president on the speaker of the parliament will hold talks to find a way out of the crisis look for a new prime minister. a cleric. call from his resignation name is in fact at. first.
3:00 am
well be. sure of. where he was on the title. here where the people here. is the political maneuvering. and find a way of crisis forces. present. they. are going to be moving on find a. solution. they may have reportedly. the a series of 4 hopper by prime minister not heavy has held up the momentum of the close of her they say the only thing they want is for maggie to resign at the fall of acting.


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