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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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uncertainty in the days ahead and center just give us a sense of what the army behind you is doing because there was some talk that the army could forcibly try and remove these roadblocks that have once again been been put up so what is the situation with. well you can see behind me anti-riot police out in force half an hour ago they forcibly removed the protesters who were sitting on this. highway if you like we are in the center in the heart of the lebanese capital they were blocking roads so the riot police came pulled them of took them from the streets and now they are camped out on the side of the road this has been happening the scene has been happening in other areas across the country yesterday the lebanese army issued a statement and they said yes it is your right under the constitution to peacefully protest and we have no problem if you are confined to public squares but if you are not confined to certain areas then we will take action so the lebanese army which
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from day one really has been staying on the sidelines protecting the protesters is now implementing at the station by the authorities to open roads but i must tell you even the security agencies in this country there are divided some are allied with certain political factions and we saw this for ourselves the other day when these i add to riot police were forced to push away supporters of the government some of them used excessive force because they did not like the other side while others stayed back refusing to use force so like muhammad said sectarianism is very deep in this country people still identify themselves with their sect and people will side with their sect if they feel that they're coming under attack so this is why this crisis is very dangerous in a country like lebanon in a country which has seen a civil war in a country which has seen. political crisis every few years so the divide is the the
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street is divided and it is not clear what is going to happen next ok thank you for that update from beirut it's still to come on al-jazeera. a battleground for more than 50 years now me and mars leader is trying to end the war between us the groups and the army. thank god we are. the enemy. and though that there is no doubt about it november is nearly upon us across much of europe we've got plenty of rain in the forecast some pretty strong winds and we also have some snow look at this as well a blanket of cloud really across much of the continent as some pretty heavy rain working its way into these western regions it will be certainly a very wet picture much of that rain pushing across into the western med corsica
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sardinia on into western areas of italy not too bad thursday across the u.k. much of france in the low countries but that rain is on its way through friday and then again we've got some more rain showers pushing across into areas of greece now by friday we've got these case guys for much of central and eastern europe it is feeling pretty cold one celsius and moscow just full celsius in here and then what we will see on friday with this rain is actually the winds turning around to the southwest a feeding into that milder temperatures actually up a couple of degrees 16 celsius in london 14 down in zurich and not bad in madrid with that rain on the way but those systems in the west and central med they will be just impacting these northern coastal areas of africa and had quite a few rain showers let you in if you will sunny throws a party long these coastal areas of algeria and those we head into friday more of the same there and some showers across into tunis. sponsor tony. what are you protesting about how does this include whether online
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life basement full stadiums directly out of trent lott is slavery or if you join us on saying this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come about everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and are here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera stove has exploded on a train in pakistan sparking a huge fire and killing at least 70 people train was on its way from karachi to
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opens it just outside islamabad. iraq's military says one person has been killed after 2 off its were fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone it happened shortly after a separate incident of these seen a bridge witnesses say security forces shot at least one protester dead and injured dozens more. syrian state media are reporting heavy fighting between government troops on turkish forces near the border town of and also lying syrian government forces have taken up positions there after the recent kurdish withdrawal. at least 10 people have been killed when a powerful earthquake hit the island of mindanao in the southern philippines the magnitude 6.5 tremors sent panicked residents running from homes shopping centers and a hospital several buildings have also collapsed this is the 3rd earthquake to strike the same area. the past 2 weeks the israeli army has arrested a prominent palestinian politician during
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a raid on her home in the occupied west bank city of law. is a former member of the palestinian legislative council she's also a leading figure in the popular front for the liberation of palestine that's a party that has been banned by israel his daughter posted on social media saying more than 70 soldiers and at least 12 military vehicles were involved in the raid. just as her previous detentions by the israeli forces the 1st one being on april 25th teen where she was held for 15 months and the 2nd one odd july 2 in july 2nd 2017 where she was held for 18 months and this time as well my mom was detained under. the so-called administrate of detention which allows israel to hold palestinians without any evidence based on something that they call security reasons and based on secret evidence so my mother
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has never been charged with any crimes we have never been informed for the reason of her of harassed and she's never been given the right to a proper trial medical access for my mother who suffers from severe health conditions have been very limited during her detention this time during the arrest my sister informed me that. out of the 70 soldiers that raided our home 20 of them entered our home off or harassed led by the commander of the military commander of the area who allowed her to take her medication with her and asked her to pack a bag to take with her so she has been given access to her medication but the medical attention that she received in the past inside israeli detention centers has been extremely negligent it has been.
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extremely. worrying for for all of us. and also this time. we haven't been able to get any legal representation for her yet because we have no idea where they took her to israel can hold detainees for up to 48 hours before they inform any human rights organization or lawyer of the location of the detainee. it's a crucial day for the impeachment inquiry into us president donald trump the house of representatives is expected to vote to authorize the hearing and on how to make it public particle he looks at events leading up to this. for a most of the 1st day of his presidency there have been calls for donald trump's impeachment. but for the 1st 2 years with his
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party in control of congress it was more along in from the left than an actual possibility until. the democrats won back control of the house of representatives in the 28000 election and some of the most left leaning members made clear their intention because we're going to go in there we're going to. that was not a sentiment shared by the speaker of the house nancy pelosi who resisted all calls to start an impeachment proceeding this in the interest of or after the conclusion of special counsel robert muller's investigation which left it up to congress to decide if the president acted appropriately in regards to russian interference in the $26000.00 election but that changed in early september of this year when a whistleblower complaint came to light in it the still anonymous national security official wrote of more than a half dozen officials who knew about a phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine and they found it deeply disturbing the allegation was that trump was holding hundreds of millions of
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dollars in military aid meant for ukraine which is fighting off russian aggression intil the ukrainian president promised to investigate trump's potential political rival vice president joe biden and his son hunter who had worked in ukraine in damage control mode the white house released notes from the call it did more damage because as the notes point out as the ukrainian president is promising to buy more u.s. missiles trump responds quote i would like you to do us a favor though he goes on to ask for investigations into a. debunked conspiracy theory about the election and later brings up the bidens the president must be held accountable no one is about the law that's when democrats announced an impeachment inquiry would begin along with the president's almost daily defense of the call i made a call the call was perfect there was no way broke there was nothing so with china leading into the hall they have no idea how they stuck me it didn't help in the
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president's own acting chief of staff mick mulvaney went on camera and seem to admit it happened and i have news for everybody get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy he later tried to take it back well the white house made clear they would not cooperate define subpoenas for testimony and documents attorney bruce fein says that could backfire i was there at nixon what we did is ok that itself the defiance itself is an impeachable offense go try yourself because the impeachment process becomes farcical if the president can simply withhold and block access to the relevant evidence democrats have spent weeks calling witnesses for closed door testimony officials from the national security council and the state department appearing before congress even though the white house told them not to his republican allies in congress didn't defend the call but complained about the process let's you know even symbolically rushing into the
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secure room to disrupt the testimony nancy pelosi needs to have a fair price as a vote on the floor to actually act their rights this impeachment inquiry with those standards that every due process so after a few weeks and more testimony that seemed to confirm what actually happened on the call democrats did what was asked they said we will have a vote and lay out the procedures going forward for the public testimony that wasn't good enough for some of the president's defenders here on capitol hill i applaud the speaker for finally admitting. it is a hard tire sham but you can't put the genie back in the bottle this is an attempt to dress it up a little bit to try and give it to the sheen of that legitimacy and i just don't think that's going to sell but according to police once the scandal broke public opinion began to change the majority of americans now agree the impeachment proceeding should go forward and the president should be removed that was made clear to trump when he attended
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a washington baseball game he was greeted to what is a familiar chant to him but with a twist. this time they shouted lock him up for now the house is going to weigh in on whether he should keep his job if they vote to impeach then it moves to a trial in the senate where members of the president's own party will decide his political fate and likely their own as well. al-jazeera washington. so sudan's main opposition leader says the government has failed to push through a peace deal aimed at ending years of fighting former rebel leader react much arse as a unity government cannot be achieved before the mid november deadline war than 400000 people have died during 6 years of conflicts and internationally mediated peace deal is still in place but there is violence between various armed groups facebook says it suspended russian accounts that tried to interfere in the domestic politics of african countries the social media giant says the accounts are part of 3
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networks tied to a russian businessman accused of meddling in the us elections the targets included sudan the democratic republic of congo and libya wildfires in california are spreading through the north and south of the state driven by strong winds hundreds of firefighters are working to put them out in areas that span at least 80 hectares about 3 quarters of a 1000000 people remain without power in an effort to prevent the fires from spreading further. and hundreds of animals are believed to have been killed by bushfires in the eastern australian state of new south wales the largest of the fire spans more than 2000 hectares about 45 homes have been destroyed but there are no reports of injuries and the fires are causing problems for australia's largest city sydney as andrew thomas explains. it's sunny it should be a perfectly clear blue sky like spring day in sydney but you can see the city
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shrouded in a smoky haze at times on the opera house in the bridge with barely visible through the smoke now this is a smoke that comes from bush fires which are burning quite a few hours north of sydney ordinarily the smoke from them wouldn't reach the city here but the big quite strong winds from the north put a pushed back smoke down and in the city itself it's been very still a lack of wind has kept the smoke here it's from the air that you really get an idea of how hazy this city has been now the state government and others have said that to most people the smoke doesn't pose any kind of health risk but those with acid i've been told to stay indoors and don't do any sport this is unusual but sydney it's normally a city with very clear but all. things are very different managers of australian airline qantas have rejected calls to ground their boeing 737 fleets a union issued the demand after revealing that cracks have been found in 2 jets the
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airlines chief of engineering says the request is irresponsible because the cracks don't compromise safety and other 50 boeing 707 and 2 planes have also been grounded elsewhere with similar issues. myanmar's leader and son since she has again called for an end to decades of fighting between armed ethnic groups on the military peace talks were the focal point of her campaign when her party was elected 5 years ago but as scott heiler reports not only does the fighting continue there are more accusations that mean war as military is carrying out attacks against civilians in myanmar's north for more than 50 years shan state has been the battleground for armed ethnic groups fighting the country's army for more autonomy . during a recent army offensive military helicopters were seen opening fire in civilian areas in a township of northern shan state and beyond how long the sound of helicopters and the law explosions were terrifying and it doesn't matter if they were in town on the up by the sound was very frightening for the children just this month an
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amnesty international report accused the military of committing war crimes against civilians in northern shan state the report also said that armed ethnic groups used abusive tactics as they fight the army and among themselves as they battle for control in shan state an area rich in minerals and where much of the world's illegal opium and heroin is produced civilians fleeing the recent fighting gathered at a buddhist temple seen as a safe haven most of them are part of the dutch hill tribe for generations they have cultivated t.v. as their main source of income. because they have been fighting like this you can go and pick the tea one of this cause this is a big problem for ripens and nobody who want to buy it that's cause economic problems. northern shan state is one of myanmar is the least developed region so if the fighting continues there is little hope that the situation will improve for the people here an example of the failure of a nationwide ceasefire agreement signed 4 years ago but it could also mean
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political difficulties for a leader on song suchi once she starts campaigning for next year's election it's got high level al jazeera a cleanup is underway after a tropical cyclone kyar changed course and hits oman waves of up to 2 and a half meters slammed into the southwest coast. marginson management center has cut power in some areas as a precaution. hello again you're with al-jazeera here the headlines a gas stove has exploded on a train in pakistan sparking a huge fire that killed at least 70 people survivors recorded what happened as the flames tore through several carriages train was on its way from karate to rubble pindi which is just outside islamabad iraq's military says one person has been killed after 2 rockets were fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone it
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happened shortly after a separate incident at the scene bridge witnesses say for security forces shot at least one protester dead and injured dozens more syrian state media as the fighters are reporting heavy fighting between government troops on turkish forces near the border it happens around the town of frost the line syrian government forces have taken up positions in the north east after the recent kurdish withdrawal it's part of a deal between russia and turkey to start joint security patrols and local media in syria reporting at least 9 people have died in a car bomb in the country's west it happened in the aleppo countryside there been several bombings in the region since turkey began its offensive in northern syria earlier this month. at least 10 people have been killed when a powerful earthquake hit the island of mindanao in the southern philippines the magnitude 6.5 tremor sent panicked residents running from homes shopping centers and a hospital several buildings also collapsed
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a palestinian politician has been arrested by israeli forces during a raid on her home in the occupied west bank city for the law. a former member of the palestinian legislative council and a leading figure in the popular front for the liberation of palestine that's a party that has been banned by israel his daughter posted on social media saying more than 70 soldiers and about 12 military vehicles were involved in the raid. it's an important day for the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump the house of representatives is expected to vote on authorizing the hearing on how to make it public meanwhile the former white house national security adviser john bolton has refused to testify and to president trump's controversial phone call with his ukrainian counterparts those are the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next so do stay with us. straight from the site. we bring you stories in developments that.
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i. see. on. the internet you never forget it's what people are starting to say that should. be allowed and here in the stream today we're discussing the right to be forgotten in line have you ever wished that you could delete something off of the internet about yourself yes tell us where or in our live chat. racist tweets drunken facebook photos tat us email in today's digitally connected world these things can come back to haunt you years into the future with
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a google search influencing everything from job office to relationships what people are pushing for control over their digital history the european union has address these concerns by granting residents the right to be forgotten on search engines but this privacy law hasn't really been adopted anywhere else that's why europe's top court recently ruled that google doesn't have to block search results in any countries outside of the union the ruling is a big win for free speech proponents who say that europe's law goes against the public's right to factual information but with lawsuits to remote remove embarrassing information popping up with the world the debate over the right to be forgotten is heating up so joining us to discuss today's topic is due in court from los angeles california jamie is president of the nonprofit group consumer watchdog which is pushing for the u.s. to adopt the right to be forgotten with us in studio is seamless waco she is the director of a new play in washington d.c. dealing with this exact subject it's called the right to be forgotten and we're
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also joined by danny o'brien downey's the director strategy for the electronic frontier foundation f f a digital rights nonprofit based in san francisco california and finally from faroe portugal frankie pete's a right to be forgotten advocate who speaks from personal experience good to have you here everybody danny. can you imagine a situation where there is something online about you about someone you care deeply about that you wish you could take off and. you have no ability to do it i don't mean to imagine i have plenty of stuff online that i wish would go away and i definitely have friends who are in the same situation the tricky thing is that everybody knows it's really very difficult to get something done offline and i think as people try and introduce nose and proposals to deal with that. they risk
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introducing a principle that doesn't work that still leaves the content online will they go too far and you end up with an incredibly conny and start regulation that can end up being used by the rich and powerful to really change history so what was in the middle nothing. i think we can continue to work this out right i think that we can from anything else i think a lot of people i'm most concerned about and this is what we saw in the your you might be the goal is is google such a treat right when people think about searching these days they think about google the giant company that controls what the top 10 things they can see about somebody or. i think that's a lot of talent but one company and i don't think the right to be gone actually i think since that is what it really means is that now google still decides whether
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you'll content is 'd going extended from the i think that's just not that's just not right i mean this this law is specifically targeted designed to get google google. requests in the e.u. to not remove things online this is about removing things on this like this is removing things from the top of google's search history so that when you know you have a family like the source family who had a picture of their to capitated daughter in a car accident leaked online but by the california highway patrol and it became the thing when their family's name was searched that came up all the time when that family went to google and wanted to say hey can't take that out of the search algorithm so it's not on the 1st search page not offline but not on the 1st search history google said no so the right to be forgotten is all about telling google and search engines only that you can't prioritize results that are. that are for
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nonpublic figures these are for the families who want their privacy you know information that got their it wrongly or information that that is irrelevant to a nonpublic figures like a new picture guppy a malicious teacher got fired because that nude picture nude picture showed up in a. because you know jamie it's so interesting to me and danny i hear your point there and i think it's so interesting that you mention google because so much of this has to do with the search engines so we asked our community their thoughts on that in particular this poll do you think people should have the right to have google remove content about themselves from search listings overwhelmingly 85 percent people said yes the poll is so open so those of you watching can go vote now but you reached out to the stream bear this hash tag were using what would your answer to this question be. well
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for me i coming from was from a person perspective. i am one of those people thus it is on google for the wrong reasons for is stark issues were criminal kind of start a long time ago and at the time the corporate boards weren't very accurate they were very one sided in that it. appears very fast and i just went online and stayed there. is very frustrating for me but i knew that so i was going to better myself i go out there or cart and prove to everybody that i wasn't that person i don't that i've spent the last 67 years working very aren't i'm working as a radio broadcaster portugal i don't want a lot of war. are going to interest from huge radio stations and still there's not a week that is when somebody says something from google to my employers or to advertisers are trolls start to use me your i get turned off or jot last minute so
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i can't rent a house and it's been ongoing and there's a balance there because people make mistakes and they deserve to be punished which i was but the punishment has carried are known to just sleep and still ongoing and my last offense was generally to not let frankie again sorry i can't help it so i googled share and this is what i found on the 1st page of it get your story is right out there have frankie shani went for a criminal in ireland thing you can click on that and that tells us the so if you just tell us then there's a twitter and then here is the start of when it gets quite colorful at no more criminal records i'll have the sunday times iran's greatest comment that that's true and then i get a couple more pages in it tells me some incredible stories like a car he borrowed passionately and there's a genuine jumped on the bonnet of the colony drove the car that gentle. i happen to
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be a place where is that true did that come to be not i didn't know that starving or such i'm looking at thinking wow oh is this guy. well you see i was never i was never described as aren't. the problem one of the one journalists is easy aren't the greatest con men and this was like. 12 years ago or so he said his heat was because of the way people look at google loans there that. is on the ground that's not a child at all right you know hardly title to house. frank in actually all those frankly it's really interesting to hear your story this is seem in the studio and this play that was directed here at arena stage in washington d.c. called right to be forgotten asks precisely the question that you sort of have going on in your life this question of how do these very human things of forgiveness or 2nd chances how do they co-exist with technology with the internet
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can we forgive and give 2nd chances with a technology that is permanent and thus with that permanence on forgiving and and forgetting and in your case and in the case of the story in our play untruths are also then added on to what was your original original offense so you know part of your story i think that's the point of the race for it to be forgotten though what's what's happened to this story is there's a corporate robot this is a lot of people really love this so let's put it on the 1st page where that kapatid picture it got all those hits let's put it out there and there is no mediation with that corporation about our human values our social mores our ethical customs as people now this is part of an art is not all we have the problem was no it was here when all this does is allow us to petition google to say this is wrong please take it down it doesn't say google has it down it allows
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a petition to be heard and to be given its spirit do because frankly google but i don't like i don't want google to bring. in those sort of decisions right what we create what it already says or it is right based on what search comes up 1st how. things are indexed so it already is your judge and jury to cater there and execution i say exactly i have a question for the 3 of you i'm really curious you know some say the internet is this wild beast that's taken over us and others will say it's merely a reflection of our human nature so you know as i ask this question about humanity and technology about can we forgive on the internet is it is it really just a reflection of who we are as human beings that we as humans have forgotten how to how to forgive and indeed instead we run to blame shame. and
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tearing people down revenge rather than forgiveness so and curious what the 3 of you would think about that all you have to do is look at the common. good. i mean years ago if you had a problem with something you know it's your new. song so you know to use you. as you type online fortunately it's there or. so it's not just a throwaway comment. so here are the brilliant is really about your question i want to jump in here bring in our community who are watching live another answer to the question from joe in a way he says i believe being able to control the narratives of your life should be a fundamental human right there are certain things such as criminal actions that i do believe should be documented but there are plenty of other non-criminal things that should be our right to control and he goes on to say i'll read one more tweet
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from him he sent us a whole thread of really interesting things but i'll end with this one he says what were you doing when you were a teenager would you like all of those things to go public there are periods in our lives where we're learning and mistakes happen is the ability to have these experiences and learn without condemnation and permanent marks that allow us to grow so i'll give this one to you his point there in the beginning about criminal actions being the line where do you fall on that. i think. the individual could reshape what people think about what people know about.


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