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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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during the weekends and tourists from around the world tended to the sounds in years for this to disintegrate in. the city. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes meeting protesters demands president ever morale us announces he will call for new elections and bolivia. more violence and protests in iraq as people demand better public services and an end to corruption. in spanish voters head to the polls for the 4th general election and for years. i'm joined with the sports
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rugby world cup champions south africa and a victory parade through captaincy of hussein's hometown of course and that's a bit. later in the program. president says he will call for new elections after the organization of american states said it is a likely he secured enough votes in last month's election to win outright accusations that morales rigged election count to secure a 4th term widespread protest in bolivia on saturday police and several bolivian cities joined the demonstrators aren't outside the presidential palace were among those who left their posts rawest announced the move accusing police of staging a coup and he made the announcement and call for an immediate end to violence. i was examining those who have a new national election that will allow the believe in people to democratically elect. it's new representatives brothers and sisters in the media and the people
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who believe it after making this decision i want to call on everybody to reduce the tension we all have a duty to classify believe you're i'm calling for respect among families respect for property and respect for authority and for all social groups. cinnamon joins us live from santiago in neighboring chad this is what the protesters had wanted all along what was the turning point. yes this is really an about face for president abel morales he had that he has been. facing more and more violent protests nationwide the army had indicated just 48 hours of story 48 hours ago along with the police that they were not willing to go out and repress the people so that certainly must have weighed in very heavily but the organization of american states put out its preliminary audit and he had said all along that he would respect that audit although he had indicated that if
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the oas organization of american states did not believe that the that he had won fair and square in the 1st round then they would have a 2nd round of the opposition said they would not have that there would have to be absolutely new elections that's what the organization of american states said was absolutely necessary and it also called for a new electoral board a new transparent electoral board both things several more dollars has agreed to which it would rather surprising the opposition was now calling not only for new elections and a new electoral board but also for his resignation now that is that's likely to happen but this is likely to at least reduce the the increasing tension and violence in that country rachelle lucy as we've seen with many of the protests have been happening in other parts of the world sometimes the protesters least on paper get what they want but the protesters don't leave and till they know for sure what they have demanded is actually going to happen so is there any indication yet of
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how this might play out with the protests. well that's a very good point but in the case of bolivia the demands were very very clear and that was new elections a transparent and new electoral board and also international supervision of these elections so far it would seem that that president would on this is going to go along with that so while the streets may not return completely to calm this should reduce the level of violence and mobilization that we've seen all over the country now the big question is who will take part in that in that tool or that could be another bone of contention but we'll have to see in the next few hours exactly how that process will lay out. with c.n.n. with the latest for us to see it thank you at least 4 more people have been killed in violent protests across the government in iraq's capital clashes continue to baghdad on saturday night as demonstrators lit fires and threw petrol bombs they were met with tear gas and live ammunition for weeks now people have been demanding
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better public services and an end to corruption the government has issued a new statement promising reforms more on lot of go live to baghdad baghdad now it's back to our correspondent mohammed jim jim so what is it now mohamed that government officials are saying. so shell the office of president but home saga here has issued a statement just in the past half an hour or so and which essentially the top line is that there will not be any security solution to the demands of the peaceful protesters meaning that they cannot deal with demands of peaceful protesters with violence or or or through the security apparatus that's really been a bone of contention with the protesters they say that the security forces here have been cracking down on them security forces of course are saying that they are guarding you know government installations and that there is an area in the city to here square which is the epicenter of peaceful protests and if people want to protest they should go and protest there now also this statement went on to say
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that the executive and judicial authorities have been have begun legal action to prosecute those accused of corruption they say but also said that no live ammunition should be used by security forces at the site of protests and it also said that work has begun on a new election law to ensure quality in electoral competition that's kind of interesting because we've heard from the prime minister in the past few days that there are going to be electoral reforms that a law is going to be put forth and we've heard hints to that in the last few weeks as well but there's never really been any anything concrete when it comes to what exactly those reforms will be now another interesting development we've heard in the past hour is a southerner he's very popular shia cleric here and he's the head of the largest bloc in parliament now there had been a lot of reports yesterday that several factions in parliament had essentially agreed with the prime minister to back the prime minister it to make sure that the current government continues to exist and to potentially try to find a way to end the protests well everybody was wondering where the souther who has
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been back in the protesters this far would come down when it comes to this he has now issued a statement he put out a statement on twitter just about 2 hours ago in which he says that he is resolutely with the protesters and that he has not made any agreements to stand with the current government now beyond. and that i should also mention because you did mention in your intro to me the news that 4 protesters and both of them were killed in these clashes on saturday we've had a statement this been released today from amnesty international in which they are urging their up the authorities to immediately rein in security forces after protesters were killed on saturday they go on to say book that and bus what i have seen yet more bloody days of excessive force meted out against protesters and off the authorities must immediately order an end to this relentless unlawful use of lethal force or show ok mohammed champion with the latest there from baghdad mohammed thank you prominent opposition figure comes soca has been released in cambodia 2 years after he was charged with treason so it was the co-founder of the
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band cambodia national rescue party which was dissolved ahead of elections last year prime minister hun sen's ruling party won most of the seats the soca is free for now the charges against him they remain and he's banned from politics and can't leave the country another key opposition figure same writing names they arrived in malaysia on saturday he left cambodia 4 years ago after facing a prison sentence on defamation charges cambodian government says he is welcome but warns he has to face several legal cases both an raincy had been battling long time later and said he's been in power since 1985 as one of the world's longest serving prime ministers rights groups and political opponents say he's repeatedly stifled dissent in haiti has the developments now from bangkok. this would appear to be a tactical move by the government in cambodia on 2 fronts one is that we know sam rainsy the acting leader of the cambodian national rescue party arrived back in the
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region on saturday flying into kuala lumpur the malaysian capital still vowing to return from exile to cambodia to lead an uprising against the government this would appear to be a move by the government in cambodia to take the wind out of the sails of sam rainsy and to call into question the relevance of any plans returned by him the other thing is the european union has been investigating the decline in democracy and human rights in cambodia and is threatening to withdraw or cambodia's tariff free status for its goods that are exported to the european union it delivers its report to the government of cambodia on choose day one of the key demands of the e.u. is that kim should be released from house arrest and the charges against him should be dropped or seen one of those steps taken by the government he has been released from house arrest but still some severe restrictions remaining on him and the case
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against camps a car still stands. kemas the deputy director general of public affairs for the band opposition cambodian national rescue party she's also his daughter and she says she hopes his release is just the 1st step. it's been 2 years he's been detained in prison for the 1st year and it's he's been transferred home for a year and a has not been a trial date said yet the so-called investigation is still going on his lawyers have also requested the court to close the investigation and then drop the charges and their response today is not actually the court announcement today it's not exactly responding to the lawyers request it basically just lifted some of the restriction that was placed on him under house arrest instead of responding to whether or not they will close the investigation and drop the charges i hope that it is the 1st step one the 1st step of many steps that need to happen in order to
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restore what has happened for the last 2 years so i hope that the charge against him will be dropped and i hope that his political rise along with the political rise of my colleagues and myself will be reinstated and there would be a negotiation between the 2 parties to reinstate for example the space for. media rights space for civil society and reinstate a real opposition party back and again i hope that today is only the 1st of many steps. they've been protesting in hong kong for a 24th straight weekend. and one mall riot police trust and plain clothes arrest people suspected of having committed vandalism anger at security forces is running high after a student died on friday all while police were clearing a demonstration earlier in the week violence has also spilled out onto the streets with police making more arrests across the territory there's widespread public
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anger at the arrest of several opposition lawmakers on saturday sir clarke has more from hong kong. a couple of 100 people are gathering here in central hong kong individual to remember the 22 year old student who died last week after being involved in a protest when he fell from a copy of the 3rd floor of the 2nd floor suffered a brain injury and on friday i died of a cardiac arrest now this is off to a day of protests on sunday here in hong kong where 6 districts were targeted we saw some violent confrontations during these protests and the focus today on sunday was shopping malls and we had a number of the shopping centers damaged to yasser damaged and some barricades were set on 5 abbado's by taxes and the police did mike summer recess now also on sunday we saw the release of an interim report by the international panel into the ongoing investigations of these protests now and the international panel was critical of the watchdog it said unless the power to make
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a momentum assessment and it also questioned it's one of the sources not an ability to do its job now this comes after 5 months of protests and this week on monday we have another general strike up plans by this anti government. but who are head of the news hour including jordan decides not to renew a 25 year deal over special land access to look at the israeli farmers caught in the middle. there. are still former president leaves jail to find a polarized country that will galvanize. to let the conservatives are calling for counter protests. and in sport france a 16 year that drought the all that actually i. calling is underway in spain general election prime minister pedro sanchez has already cast his ballot in the country's 4th election in 4 years and has called for
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the latest vote after failing to rally enough support to form a coalition government over opinion polls suggest that it might not break the deadlock or tell me to standing by live for us in barcelona 1st though let's go to jonah halls in the spanish capital madrid so jonah as we said 4 elections in 4 years is this actually going to form a stable government of any crime. those claims got a difficulty with forming stable government that it shares with a number of other european union nations security after the economic crisis and after the use of very polarizing austerity that followed and the difficulty is that the old rules of sort of traditional politics no longer apply where countries would swap power between a big party and on the left and a big party on the right now you've got multiple parties on the left and on the right including both extremes and here in spain the hasn't been a majority government since 2011 now the socialists on the left are predicted once
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again this time to win the greatest share of the vote as they did back in april but not enough to form a majority so pedro sanchez the socialist leader. who failed to form a coalition of the left in april now says he wants to run a minority administration making sort of ad hoc deals with some of those other parties on a case by case basis the problem he'll have is that he'll need at least a tacit approval acquiescence of the people's party on the right the conservative party that other big traditional party who are thought to be resurgent in this election they in turn will be very worried about the resurgent far right vox party . who will be looking closely at the p.p. if they make any deal with the left so any which way you look at it the chances of a stable long term government coming out of this election and reduce remember. all right let's go now to thank you jonah let's go now to her to tell me who is in
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barcelona so obviously. the separatists have played a significant role in why it's been so difficult. to form any type of stable government how is that playing out in this election or is there any chance that the separatist movement is ever going to lose any steam. well actually that's what many people here will be looking at was the 1st results come out how well did those. separatist parties fare in these elections in total catalonia has $48.00 seats in the med in the congress in madrid now it's going to be a. you can have to look at how much sort of national traditional party is a socialist party of. p.p. party and how will fare and how much will these independent parties fare now things have a bit changed share in the sense that the anger has increased among many ever since
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those 9 separatist leaders where sentenced to jail a few weeks ago many people thought here that the sentencing was pretty harsh if you recall just in the days after that there were some pretty violent riots on the streets between police forces and separate and the separatist movement so certainly there is a will people will be looking at that many old people will also tell you that they don't feel that this issue will be solved any time soon nor will we ever comes to power was probably. said. with a minority government nor will they have the mandate or will be able to move this issue forward all right how to tell me what the latest and barcelona thank you. iran's president has announced a discovery of a new oil field which could boost the country's reserve by a 3rd the field was found in the southern cost on province he says it contains an
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estimated $50000000000.00 barrels of crude oil are on face a strict u.s. sanctions including limits on its oil sales after washington pulled out of the nuclear deal. discovered a large will field with the capacity of 53000000000 barrels of oil which is a stump province were telling the white house that even though you impose sanctions on oil sales the engine is discovered another 53000000000 barrels of oil monday marks the 15th anniversary of the death of late palestinian leader yasser arafat the former president and nobel peace laureate died in suspicious circumstances after years of work to try and end the conflict between israel and palestine arafat foundation will hold their annual meeting on sunday to grant an award in his name aimed at encouraging achievements in national work matheson as more from gaza. gaza is the birthplace of yasser arafat's father it's also the place where in 1904 yes out of 5 to return to live for several years we're told that several 1000 fatah
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supporters marched through the streets of gaza on saturday night as part of the commemorations and that was it despite a ban by hamas because hamas and fatah are bitter political rivals but it's interesting to note that the supporters who were on the streets in gaza on saturday were not affiliated to palestinian president mahmoud abbas they were linked to mohamed duck land mohamed dr john is a former leader of fatah who was expelled from the party and has been spending the last several years living in the united arab emirates but he has a lot of support here in gaza hamas a lot of his supporters to march through the streets on saturday because they believe that dunn is a rival to muffle us now we understand that groups have been making representation to hamas to try to allow about supporters to take part in the commemorations in the meantime this is all happening against the backdrop of the upcoming palestinian
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elections they were announced back in september by president abbas but nobody has yet any idea what date they're going to happen on or what the circumstances are going to be but we're already getting a sense of the kind of maneuvering that's going to be happening in gaza politically in the run up to those elections. after being released from prison brazil's former leader lula da silva has been rallying his supporters against the government which they are boston r.-o. he is condemning the right wing president's policies and is calling on left leaning parties to take back the presidency and the next election is about reports from los hometown of sauerbrun auto d'acampo. was received as a hero. in the state of help. if there is one place where the former labor union leader is loved it is here. i want to build this country with the same happiness that we built so that when we govern this country my dream isn't to solve my
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problems today i'm a guy that doesn't have a job a president without a pynchon not even a television in my apartment my life is totally blocks the only thing i'm susan of is that i have more courage to fight them before on thursday the supreme court said convicted criminals should exhaust all their options to defend their case before going to prison this benefited new law and many others. but lula has not been absolved and still faces at least 7 other cases against him was in the last presidential election was already lost a lot of us are wards because of the car wash corruption investigation involves son was a member i don't know that you love the feel was out in spite of its legal troubles on the stage and many here believe that feeds the man to challenge the guy you want to not just presidency right. says he's the only one that can save brazil
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sposato is most afraid of. it's over because he is our representative he's our leader and this country will change fluey oh we'll. do it soon or outside. but in the capitol. thousands marched through any of the published. to protest against their last release they condemn the supreme court's decision and they're calling for a change in the law that would imprison those who lose their case in a 1st appeal was. there is so much impunity in brazil and we want things to change we are denouncing the decision so looking go back to prison jail also natto ask his followers on twitter not to give ammunition to a man he called the scoundrel he also defended his minister of justice. who as a judge let the car wash corruption investigation his impartiality last case has
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been questioned and that's why lula is requesting a retrial. brazil is polarized between those who love and want him back in the presidency. and those who are angry with the corruption that happened while he was in office. he is planning his political comeback he's already. the biggest political rival. sober not of the gamble brazil. for testers were out overnight in lebanon's capital with a musical approach the last. crowds packed they were streets in front of government buildings dancing to music from loudspeakers there have been anti-government protests for more than 3 weeks now they're demanding significant constitutional change and the economy is at the root of the crisis in lebanon and the political stalemate is threatening to cause further financial turmoil politicians have been struggling to form a new government since the resignation of prime minister saad hariri stephanie
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decker reports from beirut. lebanon economic crisis is being felt everywhere here in the back alleys of beirut we're going to get a hobby but a lot of prices have gone up people can no longer afford it thank god that's what we say to the more privileged areas of the capital monita stuck in the country you have us outside. not paid for so far as having not been paid would you this charge and deliver if you're not fit but i want to michel are both businessmen and they like everyone else here i don't know what's going to happen next i told one of the corporate directors at the bank i import food you're not going to have food next week there's no food and the guy tells me no mike let me why are fans banks have introduced restrictions on certain financial transactions limiting withdrawals and blocking almost all foreign transfers the limitations on the 1st of accounts is not
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a fix from transparent thing everybody that goes i'm asked the branch from the bank . it's 2000 a month of $4000.00 a week and now it's you know so you get these conflicting reports that if you deposit a check today that's a commission of $3.00 it's everything is being done to make it hard for you to get access to your funds there is so much uncertainty it's been nearly 2 weeks inside how do you resigned as prime minister leading to a caretaker government the economic crisis started long before the protest movement and much needed economic reforms are on hold all the politicians baker as to who is going to be part of the interim governing body and the longer that goes on for the more serious situation. sammy attala is an economist he says the country cannot afford not to have a government right now essentially where we actually have the fear and evaluation capital controls in place that this is unprecedented so we could effectively that
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our standard of living will be shaken and then next few months where by in fact you know is this is my close down because you know the parties are going up the political deadlock means nothing is being dealt with on friday the world bank urges lebanon to form a cabinet within a week everyone is worried for me the biggest fear is the uncertainty you have no idea what to do when you don't know everybody i talked to is is getting cash the cash is on the bets and people are just waiting and scared. the country is at risk of bankruptcy and currency collapse the result we're told of decades of poorly managed economic policies and didn't demick across the board corruption stephanie decker al jazeera beirut. let's get more now on the 50th anniversary of the death of late palestinian leader yasser arafat made a brain joins us from ramallah so how is he being remembered.
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the main thing that people would talk about when we bring up yasser arafat's is his closeness to the people they would tell you he was modest he took care of his people's day to day life issues we've spoken to people who say he went to pay his school and says to them after their children were killed by the israelis in confrontations and we talked to other people who remember his. style of user ship they say he wasn't hesitant to use other methods of resistance when it comes to fighting israel which of course they refer to the 2nd uprising or intifada which he gave the go ahead for in the year 2000 when we speak to his aides who respected him they say although he would make the ultimate decision eventually he was keen on having due to the ration discussions and reaching a consensus consensus before and decision was made of course of the other hand
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there are other palestinians who saw him differently we spoke to some of them who were in the fields of transparency and they would say that although he had good tactics as it of illusionary he didn't have them when it came to faith filled he would say he didn't necessarily have the utmost respect for the rule of law and the just lifted counsel but still he is still remembered as an iconic figure and a symbol for the palestinian people aren't needed abraham live in ramallah need to thank you there are many yasser arafat was a hero of the palestinian uprising against the israeli occupation is one of the founders of the political faction fatah and fought with the organization against israel in the aim of liberating palestine control of the palestine liberation organization and with arafat as its leader he eventually signed the also accords with israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin in september 993 which created the promise of peace but 26 or 26 years later the still no resolution. into the israel
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palestine conflict and settlement expansion continues arafat died in 2004 from what was reported to be of month long illness but an al-jazeera investigation in 2012 and arafat was poisoned by radio active toxins is e-mail and as a former minister of justice in israel and joins us now from tel aviv thank you so much for your time so that moment in 1903 the oslo accords there obviously there are critics that would say it was flawed but it was there was an inflection point since then is it clear to you that the 2 state solution is dead what do you say. no it is not there is no alternative i mean there is no one state solution neither for the pre-stimulus and nor for israel both peoples deserve their own states and believe that to eventually do so will happen and not in 100 years from now but much less than that. yasser arafat as it was now said was an icon or
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revolution least and more than a state bill that it is for sure he made something which was unique and he will be remembered for that by bringing the palestinian issue today to the world knowledge high on the agenda a much more than before him and that was of course very important for the palestinian people for us as israelis his decision in 88 a national policy and council decision you know just it was very very important this was i believe the real milestone in which the palestinian leadership admitted it it's mistake by rejecting the partition u.n. resolution in 47 rather than having already event 2 states and preventing the
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war or $48.00 and there are a few cases of this war for the palestinians and also for the israelis but mainly for the palestinians and for the arab states if eventually in 88 you said ok 47 should be the basis and we are ready to accept un resolution 242 and to change our policy and that was the opening for the relations between the p.l.o. and the united states and later on when i began the process that was. the basis also a 4 hour. for our process which was distorted by extremists on both sides who were not ready for peace ok let me for a politician let me ask you this you said that the the 2 state solution isn't perhaps the idea of it isn't but are we further away from it then we
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were 15 years ago i don't think so i think it is the other way around in many ways the 2 state solution became a consensus both in palestine in israel and in the world it was not the case use a goal ok. the palestinians obviously are are more fragmented more divided than they were before and do you see any type of. do you see any type of pathway for there to be. a unifying leader that at least arafat was at one time is that is that necessary is that that type of figure called for. i believe the palestinian political unity is important not only for the palestinians but all also for israel i believe that for those who believe in peace the division in the palestinian camp
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is devastating and i hope that it would be possible but of course on the basis which we respect the decisions the duty made to inform of decisions of the palestinian leadership a civilian thank you so much for your insight we appreciate it joining us from tel aviv. time for weather now here's everton with the news of flooding in africa yeah that's right michel we could well see flooding in the north and the south of the continent this week at the moment we already have flooding in the middle of the continent this is a place called zone in the middle of the democratic republic of congo it's not a limerick this is pretty poor weather that we have seen here it's been in place since the middle of october around the worst flooding here for around 5 years actually so we are going to see further showers longer specifying causing those problems through the heart of africa right up tools a bit further towards the ethiopian hollers in those showers extend across west africa all the way across into liberia to sierra leone and beyond that he began
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because if you see one or 2 showers as well some really heavy downpours so just around the gulf of guinea you can follow the showers they drain out of the tropics down across angola eastern side of south africa or so seeing a fair bit of cloud of the moment some fun to read downpours in place here will see that so wet weather as we go on through monday the showers pack pop as we go on into we're choose day the good you could see some flooding here maybe as much as 100 millimeters of rain to come over the next 3 or 4 days and similar rainfall amounts across the far north of the continent then just around northern parts of algeria some wet weather in place some very heavy rain into cheney's yeah and that rain really ramping up as we go through chews day richelle everton thank you so head on al-jazeera 50 years and counting we'll look at what's been behind the global success of the children show me straight. and donald trump finally finds a sporting fans joe will have all these. dreams
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john and entertainment it's a way for people to rise above the violence around them so it's my role to keep. it's a different idea that they can leave the wards of this community 3 short films show how book moments creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity. a j selects on al-jazeera. news whole railway the planet but somebody has got to do it where do you go to the pilot goes the voice here promoting clean safe sanitation for the world but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities can his unique style really help clean up the mess sonny college show the pop culture is the fastest way those softest any
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asians problem mr toilettes eye witness documentary on al-jazeera. top stories. will call for a new. organization of american. election to win outright. a 4th term for. iraq's. security forces. violence against demonstrators who are protesting.
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punishment for those. hundreds of people have died in. voting is underway in general election in 4 years. however opinion polls suggest that it might break the. 25 years after signing a peace treaty with israel the jordanian government has refused to renew a cause that allowed israeli tourists and farmers vsa free access to 2 large stretches of jordanian territory that area runs along the border between the 2 countries it's another sign the relationship is under strain over israel's treatment of the palestinians for more on this is going to bernard smith who joins us live near a foreigner. rachelle at the state owed opening of the jordanian palm and here a couple of hours ago king abdullah reiterated his country's support for
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a palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital and he spoke that they'll be no compromise safeguarding islamic and christian holy sites in jerusalem despite increasing dangers and for some that he's referring to the israelis and bodies were out why we are where we are today a decision by the jordanians not to renew an easy access agreement for israeli farmers to land just at the foot of the hills behind me after 25 years it's all because of a breakdown in the relationship between jordan and israel. there may be a peace agreement between jordan and israel but it's under considerable strain. so these are some of the last israeli tourists to walk across the border without passports to visit jordanian sovereign territory that's been owned and farmed by jews for almost 100 years jordan is not renewing
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a 25 year deal that granted privileged access and a lot of us will lose some of our income that we could puts makes a living from these lands move got a deep emotional attachment to the area. israel got vital security cooperation along its longest land border when it signed the peace treaty in 1994 our viewers to see this valley become the valley of peace jordan's king hussein and his people were promised political and economic benefits but they've not materialized i think it's true that if there'd been progress on the palestinian issue it would have helped with a way to tional jordan i think jordan was also disappointed with the economic benefits that it hoped to gain from the peace treaty there was talk of one stage that we would have one airport in the south of and so forth jordan israel and israel decided that we didn't want to proceed with that then last year as farmers cultivated crops that take years to mature the u.s. recognized all of jerusalem as the capital of israel and jordan's economy continue
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to struggle everything combined to intensify jordanian public opinion against israel and these were all issues that king abdullah reflected on at sunday state opening of parliament. that's our national position on the palestinian cause a steadfast supporting our palestinian brethren to establish their independent state along the 4th of june 1967 lines with east jerusalem as its capital today i also announced the expiration of the peace treaty annex is on the outgoing mayor and backer and the imposition of a full sovereignty over every inch of those lines. perhaps the most important crop the fruits of peace has failed to take root here. now in the last couple of hours the jordanian government has said that those israeli farmers will be given continued access to this land until the end of the farming season which is next april as long as they apply for visas the israeli farmers will hope that between
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now and then some sort of longer term arrangement might be found that will allow them to continue farming or shall i write bernard smith live for us bernard thank you french anti-racism activists are protesting in the capital paris they say there's going to scream a nation against muslims in the country last month an attack on a mosque and they all left 2 people injured and a recent study from the french institute of public opinion show 42 percent of muslims say they have experienced religious discrimination. all merkel has used a pivotal moment in germany's history to urge european leaders to defend democracy the chancellor has a close connection to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago a mccain has more. germans remember a joyous moment which many thought might never happen the removal of a physical barrier that divided a city a country a continent in the end it was a wave of people power which swept over the burning wall and yet it was the people
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in power who let that wave topple it within weeks that same government was toppled and within months the 2 germany's would become one. angle america was one of the many east germans who walked into west berlin on that night in 1909 for her now as chancellor the 9th of november is a time for remembrance to feel him and to many people became a victim of the dictatorship we were not forget them i remember the people who were killed here at this because they were looking for freedom and i also remember the 75000 people who were present because they tried to flee their country have. the sudden fall of the wall transformed the city almost overnight and for some berliners it was hard to process. along with this. bill it took me a long long time to integrate east berlin into the wider city the feeling was that it was a completely different world and it took me about 10 years to embrace the border in
4:43 pm
my head about. your mood for those growing up in the newly liberated east life was suddenly very different gone with the certainties of centralized communist planning replaced by rapid privatization and rising unemployment. some analysts say this rush to capitalism had clear consequences the starting position of its germany after unification was very bad because of the one to one. version which essentially meant an immediate appreciation of the german currency and rendered german firms completely if not obsolete it is completely noncompetitive the industries that now flourish in the east bear little resemblance to the communist prita senses these days eastern g.d.p. is 82 percent of its western counterpart monthly salaries in the east are around 20 percent lower than in the west and the gap between the 2 is greater now than at any
4:44 pm
point in this century underlying this economic reality is the political one for the last 4 years a succession of states in the old east have seen a stark rise in support for the far right and left fueled in some minds by the refugee crisis and a lingering sense that reunification has not brought what was promised 30 years ago east germans began the process of abandoning communism here 30 years there are many who have begun to wonder if democracy is any better dominant kain al-jazeera berlin film studio warner brothers has been evacuated in california as a wildfire spread in the hollywood hills too and are firefighters are being supported by helicopters and planes they had made progress containing a fire starter on saturday afternoon and wildfires that phrase parts of australia's drought stick stricken east coast have died down but authorities warn they are likely to get worse again in the coming days at least 3 people have been killed and
4:45 pm
dozens injured more than a 1000 firefighters are working to put out fires across new south wales thousands of people have been forced from their homes. tens of thousands of people have celebrated the coronation of japan's new emperor at a national festival in tokyo the festivities were originally scheduled for october 22nd the word delayed due to type 100 s. or he too became emperor in march after his father abdicated the 1st monarch in 2 centuries to do so. and uncertain times there is one place where there's always sunny days and everything is a ok talking about sesame street their puppet filled children's show is celebrating its 50th anniversary that would jangles and positivity says mr it also tackles serious issues like death hiv homelessness and of course are since a let me has more. on it was only $1.00 big bird ventured out of his usual neighborhood to celebrate at the empire state building. 50 years of
4:46 pm
entertaining and educating children on sesame street like the television show is modeled on a new york neighborhood and built on the notion that learning can be fun while diversity should be celebrated can be. catchy songs and goofy creatures from elmo to cookie monster are the building blocks of its success and don't forget those celebrity appearances. backed up we have celebrities on the show because we would like to draw on parents when parents watch the show with their kids the learning is the perv because you have a conversation about what you watch together sesame street's appeal extends well beyond u.s. borders big bird the celebrity around the world the children show airs in a 150 countries making it the most watched in history. local characters often grappling with local issues are what sets the show apart whether it's zaria
4:47 pm
an afghan girl who loves to learn in a country where most don't go to school no talk about grown up problems or carly an american whose mother is a drug addict in a country in the midst of an opioid epidemic. my mom needs help it's the universe reality that all kids deserve respect opportunity kindness and a little bit of fun but married with what's culturally relevant and what are the educational needs of the respective country put it all together and it's no wonder kids keep coming back to sesame street kristen salumi al jazeera new york still ahead and sport. your golden state's early teens and problems to find out how they did for the.
4:48 pm
u.s. president donald trump is about to host techies president rejecting about a run at the white house with their countries and odds over syria and french and u.s. sanctions. join us for extensive coverage the 2 leaders meet on. a story of blackmail. and. you'll have special i have strength i have a story of courage a what i feel is real. passion. and a very sicilian just. move. you know what. i'm . hearing that. from the ounces in around london prove
4:49 pm
to the special guests in conversation that the resistance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do that on from to its uninterrupted wire all of the people of color and they're just one color this way that is why don't they should they be people of no color exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot they look like a bad movie studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera the u.s. is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 near us the world's leaders fail to agree on a solution people are taking matters into their own. were tough enough even. with trying to suction to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's ridiculous both sides return to people's doors on 00.
4:50 pm
thank you for sport which you yourself thank you well cup winning rugby captaincy a collie see is returning to his hometown for a victory parade with the south african team the springboks have been making their way through port elizabeth when e.c. is the team's 1st black captain and lead them to victory over england in the final or for me to following that parade for me to port elizabeth is known as a hotbed of black rugby so also the city was secretly she's from as we've mentioned but how has this oh might exist inspire the next generation of kids. it is likely to inspire the next generation the people we've been speaking to and
4:51 pm
then just looking at the response from thousands of fans in port elizabeth but specifically in sweden we see a police he is from this really has inspired them and is also allows south africans across the board to to realize that anything is possible and this is very much the message that c.r. khaleesi is putting across when he spoke to the media early in the day heat of the sprayed and we're expecting that to a bus with the springboks atop the an open top bus to to process any time now when he spoke to the media he said this really was about this is symbolism behind what is achieved but also about south africans and doing it full 52000000 south africans people have said that there is concern around a lack of access in terms of sports like rugby cricket as well where it's spoken to the coach of. full. team the the african bombers in the sweden that's
4:52 pm
really played as a child and they talk about a lack of infrastructure and support and they're hoping that the world cup win led by a black captain specifically will be a catalyst for change and they'll be greater access yes there's still plenty of work to do but what has the reception been like today for the fans because it seems to be quite a party atmosphere. i think quite an extraordinary response from tens of thousands of people across sports elizabeth the 12 buses travel through a number of areas and people are of excited they they really just want to get a glimpse of and i'm looking to my left now of that bus is just about to turn the corner with the springboks the springboks and fans are cheering they've they've gathered at a number of different areas to get a glimpse of the springboks to congratulate them if that's possible but it's been a long 12 for the springboks have one more leg and that's in cape town on monday
4:53 pm
and that's when the the cup will remain until the next world cup and we see just you know at the last members of the springboks coming through and people here just very excited it's been a really of a point of unity for south africans and especially in a year where there's been a lot of bad news both politically and economically yeah incredible same fair really really getting a reception like the rock stars that they are rugby for me to thank you so much for the well there will be a packed house at anfield on sunday and if you play mention city in the premier league that offending champions have raised concerns the team bus might be attacked again in her piece of what happened last april before the 2 sides met in the champions league and have a profound have been posting on social media calling for supporters to line the streets in the bus route and to bring their own pyrotechnics flags and banners. hopefully than the happen again so the police knew it in the champions league game
4:54 pm
before it didn't do anything. and i don't know they're going they're going to do hopefully will be an incredible game you know i'm feelin for the premier league full around the world to this would be one. now seattle's matches with toronto are fast becoming something of an m.l.s. rivalry for the 3rd time in 4 years the 2 tains will will face each other in the m.l.s. cup final later seattle won on penalties in 2016 water on tow took the cup in 2017 the match is sold out remove the 69000 fans expected as century link field in seattle. in the land of going top of the italian league for now at least despite going to go behind to verona matches the c.s. header and hold up but i'll strike late in the 2nd half gave me the 21 win antonio
4:55 pm
conti's team now have a 2 point lead over defending champions you ventus the plate struggling ac milan and the late on sunday. speaking of struggling teams now play had a ball a bad night up her to mull trysts week the stadium was barely a 3rd full in the fans hold the insults of the players who earlier in the week had defied team orders to stay at a training retreat napoli thought they'd scored against genoa but the goal was ruled offside didn't help the funds brought them off the pitch after this no no 2. fronts have won their 1st fed cup tennis title in 16 years they beat australia $32.00 in the final in perth on sunday after the 2 teams shared the singles matches it all came down to a doubles match to decide the trophy australia were looking for their 1st fed cup title says 1974 but the scene in the den of it john caroline go see it defeated ashley bossy and samantha stosur 6463 this is the 1st time france has won the fed
4:56 pm
cup title and comes just 2 years also losing in the final to the church but. lots of emotions to share this with car after you know it's like he said 3 years ago we failed in that on the last. on the last step of the of the tire and today we just wanted to take this little revenge for ourselves and it's just not despicable how we feel right now. meanwhile the world's best male tennis players are gearing up for the start of the a.t.p. final shortly know what joke of it should get underway in a few moments time defending champion items on their at least that's true as well number one rafael nadal will he'll still push to win the title for the 1st time but he is battling an injury from a week ago in paris. in the n.b.a. the golden state warriors have some 8 defeat at the same reason and they've only
4:57 pm
played 10 games the worry is a missing several stars through injury said curry is the most high profile of those currently missing top of the oklahoma city thunder in any marriage to show mercy on saturday ok i mean winning this 114-2100 it's. now donald trump has finally found his sporting fans at a college football game in alabama i was the president of the united states attended his 3rd sporting event in 2 weeks and this time he got a very warm welcome in contrast to the bears during game 5 of baseball's world series and the mixed reception he got at a u.f.c. match last week trump and his wife the one year left just before the end of the game which saw all the alabama crimson tide the nearest to the ls the tigers 39 to 27 are those are useful for now i have no feeling to shock you very much thank you
4:58 pm
for joining us here on the news hour keep it or we have more news on the other side of. every week news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media when the intelligence services control much of addiction media becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they would go on the stories that matter the most getting an actor. that informative story out of there is not easy they pose a too late we already have the information they're listening post on al-jazeera. the centuries it was the remoteness of brazil's indigenous communities that protected them from the rapacious outside walls now it's what shields those who are encroaching on protected indigenous territory starting fires and threatening the residents of the county when i had this 1st contact with the outside walls in 1978
4:59 pm
and what i catch eager to king had made through the night which translated for us into portuguese remembers it well she says they brought diseases that decimated the community but that. we had a lot of land and we lived peacefully we lived with fear that are very few firsts the invaders are coming closer it's difficult to gauge why a place so remote so tranquil should not so so much to the rest of the walls indigenous people who live here the would realize this but now is the smoke those the skies and the ashes pollute the river the rest of the world is beginning to realize it too. a story 1400 years in the make. a story of succession and the leadership.
5:00 pm
the story of dispute the friesian. that was sold to. president evo morales calls for new elections after an end dependent audit found irregularities in last month's vote. and richelle carey this is live from doha also coming up more violence in protests in iraq as people demand better public services then an end to corruption. spain's 4th election in 4 years after a campaign dominated by catalonia secession and fears of a far right surge. and jordan decides not to renew
5:01 pm
a 25 year deal that gave special land access to israeli farmers on its territory.


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