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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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exactly fatima meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot they look like a bad movie studio script on al-jazeera. funerals held in the us are after israeli airstrikes killed several palestinians including a senior islamic jihad commander. will all come in peace adobe you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up more chaos in hong kong as demonstrators bring the city to a stop. spain's prime minister says a deal's been agreed to form a new government after the socialists fell short of an election majority. bolivia's now former president evo morales heads for mexico to seek asylum.
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substory at least 4 people have been killed and at least 20 were injured in israeli airstrikes on gaza funerals have been held for palestinian islamic jihad commander and his wife killed in a targeted israeli airstrike on their home in gaza overnight israeli airstrikes have also hit apartment buildings and a hamas facility in gaza syria says israel fired missiles towards damascus targeting another commander of islamic jihad it's unclear what happened to him but his son and granddaughter work killed fighters in gaza have retaliated firing more than 50 rockets into israel one exploded on a busy highway narrowly missing cars and buses a factory instead ops was also hit setting it on fire in a moment we'll go live to her before. that on the israel gaza border but 1st here
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we have all the day's developments with mohamed el. in the sky above israeli cities israel's defense system attempted to intercept palestinian rockets. and damage on the ground can be seen there is a state of eilat some schools have been closed and transportation services disrupted as islamic jihad fighters fired rockets in retaliation for the assassination of one of their senior leaders in gaza early on monday and israeli fighter jet targeted senior islamic jihad leader. at his home he was killed along with his wife some of his children were also injured the part of the building where he was lodging has been entirely destroyed extensive damage was also caused in the immediate area he's lying jihad vowed a quick and unlimited event so that we will make the enemy pay a heavy price and his citizen soldiers will pay a hebrew price for the crime of assessing knighting and destroying the harm of
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elida. and his wife and assess and how do you know what al of jury and his family at the site on after the firing of the 1st rockets from gaza the israeli military shut all the border crossings into gaza and sirens were head in several towns in central israel israel says i well i was the mastermind of recent attacks against it started 3 because i want to clarify israel is not interested in an escalation but we will do everything necessary to defend ourselves and i'm saying in advance it could take time it takes calm and cool hit in this we must allow the army to do its work. on tuesday 2 israeli jets also launched raids on the syrian capital damascus the target was another islamic jihad member identified as a common eye jewelry to survive the raid but his son was killed. palestinian islamic jihad is the 2nd largest group in gaza it allegedly has strong ties with iran and the hardline stance against israel. the new escalation threatens to upset
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a fragile truce between hamas and israel are disease. ok let's talk to harry forsett our correspondent live on the israel gaza border is that particular area harry pretty much in a situation of lockdown now. certainly areas around the very fringe of the border itself we aren't able to go any closer than about 55 kilometers or so away from the border where we are here because of a police road closure and still be the rocket fire does continue and the israeli response about 10 minutes ago or so we heard and saw a rocket coming out from gaza territory behind us heading north it was intercepted by the dome in the skies overhead and so that is the situation that remains we also heard israeli warplanes as well overhead so it seems another round of airstrikes could well be underway over gaza and inside gaza this all of course started with
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the striking of the home in the early hours of this morning of. the man whom israel holds responsible for a round of rocket launches from gaza into israel over recent months the israeli military said that it was an opportunity that it had been following him it had been warning islamic jihad against his activities and that it recommended so the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu along with the israeli internal security agency that this was the window of opportunity that was the time to strike and to kill him at a school of course they killed his wife along with him and the israeli prime minister in his comments at a news conference was very careful to indicate that it was coming this recommendation from the military and the security agencies at a time of real political instability inside israel at
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a time when of course there have already been accusations that politically it helps benjamin netanyahu to be seen as the strong military leader even though he's. in charge of a caretaker administration is facing the imminent decision by the attorney general on 3 separate corruption cases he's trying to be very clear that this was in no way a political decision but one that was recommended by the top brass both in the intelligence and military. thanks very much. spain's acting prime minister has agreed in principle to form a new government. got most votes in the elections on sunday but not enough to form a majority he's now signing a coalition deal with the far left party that was the country's 2nd general election this year and joins us live from hong pier on the border to be agreed to. well i think their group. together tried to form because even though these now.
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centers and have reached this 10 point that they just announced and how they would deal with govern the country they still don't have a majority gather we'll have to do a lot of horse trading to bring onboard other parties that i think what the move here is really to try to get a stronger position and to try to counter the right wing parties that fared pretty well in this election. but this is just the beginning of forming a coalition this will have to convince other parties to come on board what's going on right now. well this is the we are engine care the main highway in the main roundabout that leads to the highway that these protesters for independence protesters called upon by the democratic tsunami have been blocking since yesterday now over the past hour or so we watch as
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the police have been pushing them further and further away from the highway to try to open the traffic again and about 10 minutes ago there was a pretty dramatic move because one of the truck driver may be exasperated from the long way on this side of the highway really rammed and was about to drive over to the protester he has now been arrested by the police and the police is continuing trying to push the protesters further work on the side roads that lead to this roundabout but certainly there were moments of high tensions it seems to be under control had a moment many thanks. the former bolivian president evo morales is set to arrive in mexico mexico city after the government offered him asylum he resigned on sunday after weeks of protests following his disputed reelection meanwhile the country he's left behind is bracing for more violence as thousands of his
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supporters march towards the capital john heilemann is at the airport in mexico city so john once he gets there is that his final destination do we think. yeah it does seem that way i have to tell you i'm not at the airport right now we're at the bureau we're going to head to the airport because we now have an arrival time and that's around the 1130 local time so that's about 1730 g.m.t. so it's been a long night of negotiations the mets can foreign minister was just describing it in a press conference he said that to get him here they had to negotiate with several countries to use that space you also described actually picking up now ex president were alice in bolivia he said that they finally got permission from the bolivian air force he said as an aside that shows you who sort of in charge at the moment and he said that when the plane landed it picked up x.
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president were ollie's but then. the plane wasn't allowed to takeoff there were armed forces within the airfield there were present present were atlases supporters on the outside of the airfield that was very tense atmosphere but now it's getting closer to mexico one question that he was asked actually in that press briefing was what was going to be how would this affect the relationship 3 mexico and the united states given the met for mexico this was a coup this was a military coup that pushed president is out for the united states is welcome still to transition after a fraudulent elections and he said well obviously that relationship's important we feel that we're in a good moment but that relationships based on respect not submission and we all have our own ideas so it's sort of mexico asserting it's a independence then the other thing that was interesting that was he was asked was about the right in mexico particularly the right his party pan who have been sort
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of tweeting against this and saying that really they don't want x. president morale is in the country that does seem not he's not welcome think of everyone here emits code that does seem to be sort of divided 'd opinion about what should be happening. but the foreign minister said well we're a country that's granted asylum to a lot of figures 30 years including actually later on throughout ski from russia so this is part of a prestigious tradition and something that we should something that we should continue so now we're just waiting for ex president more of his to arrive perhaps he'll speak a little bit later on in the day and give his own version of events and when it comes to his version of events john do you think perhaps the tipping point was that point during the counting process when the local electoral election commission suspended what was going on and everyone in the region sort of looked at everyone else went oh hang on something's not not right here.
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i think that was definitely sort of perhaps the seed of all of this we were actually there and believe it when that was happening when the vote count was suspended for almost 24 hours and that was when the doubts started to creep in that was when the protests began and that 1st night of protests we saw police tear gas lots of very young university students out in the streets but i think the real tipping point perhaps in which he no longer continue in power when the military seemed to say publicly that they felt that he should leave power was with the report of the organization of american states and that report which was an audit of that vote said that there were lots of serious irregularities and that really seemed to tip the balance and things seem to move very fast that came out on sunday morning and then by by the same day he presided and now what are we on tuesday morning and he's already an ex-president in exile going towards mexico so i think
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that things probably started as you say when there was a long delay and that was where suspicion correct him where these protests began but i think the really the nail in the coffin as it were was the oas report now interesting the organization of american states actually has an emergency meeting later today in which this is going to be discussed and i imagine that's going to be pretty fiery because countries on the left tradition in latin america like nick and i were then his whaler cuber of obviously said that this is a coup countries on the right like brazil for example have said that it wasn't a result of fraudulent election countries like colombia are also on the right at the moment saying well let's get on with things but try to get a peaceful and orderly transition a new elections it remains to be seen whether that's going to actually happen in bolivia because that country even without president morale is currently in the picture is very much divided between the many people there that support him is
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through the country's me. popular politician and those that feel that he violated the constitution to run in the elections and then committed fraud whilst in it ok joe millionaire many thanks. still to come for you here on out al jazeera out of control bushfires now threaten australia's largest city we're talking about sydney also park rangers in zimbabwe scrambling to save animals suffering a severe drought in high temperatures. i think smell the change of seasons now over china the northeast monsoon should be what we're looking for and despite the fact the cloud is still coming out of the high ground producing rain every now and again in for example sichuan that comes further inland if you clear that half of the way which is i think the trend it will
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feel cooler still low humidity so shanghai's it succeed in hong kong at $26.00 to breeze in the south china sea meaning the coast of vietnam get some rain but there's precious little else the monsoon troughs call now from india so a few showers in kerala or sri lanka seem to be the thing and temps around about the 30 mark is typical but still the still cold and i do mean cold compare with the average over places the north of new delhi up in srinagar jamul kashmir marketers more rain and snow showers are even possible down the middle of pakistan which is an unusual sight for this time of the year. there was a rain on sunday in qatar significant rain and in the u.a.e. it's gone so to signify as to change our season skies are clear now the breeze isn't particularly strong anywhere but by day the highest temperature in doha as an example is 28 it's still about 30 in the western side he was 34 in mecca.
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russia has jeopardized the united states security interest we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. but what's the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft to keep us russian goals to be achieved not peace to the russian on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera reminder of your top stories this hour 4 people including a palestinian islamic jihad commander being killed under constraint who were injured in israeli airstrikes on gaza the targeted assassination of. gaza triggered a wave of rocket attacks from rebel fighters the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the strike was approved 10 days ago by the security cabinet. spain's acting prime minister has agreed in principle to form a government. assigned a coalition deal with the far left party put in office. the former bolivian president evo morales is set to arrive in mexico city after the government offered him asylum and mr morale is resigned on sunday after weeks of protests following his disputed reelection. protesters and police are engaged in running battles across hong kong today with traffic brought to a stop outside the chinese university these are live pictures coming to us from on kong tear gas and petrol bombs have been fired outside building anti-government
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demonstrators have set up barricades as you can see there paralyzing streets and public transport a little earlier today the hong kong leader carried hold protests quote a very selfish act china's foreign ministry says stopping the violence is the most important challenge there earlier we spoke to but to go vice president at the center for china and globalization he says the police in hong kong have used appropriate levels of force against the protesters. what's happening in hong kong terms of escalation of violence is very regretted. and highly deplorable now i think we need to call. jack jack and call a spade a spade while there are still peaceful demonstrators in hong kong we should not deny that there are criminals and holy girls and there are people who commit violence and he knows crime setting people on fire and setting up all kinds of
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asses now this is very very dangerous and i think the hong kong government and the hong kong police force are urged to do whatever they care within the law to restore law and order to hong kong police move or live shots is always regrettable but it really depends on the level of violence committed and whether there are people all want to grab a gun from a police officer for example all want to physically attack police officers all these criminal activities should not be tolerated and should be condemned by all the peace loving people throughout the world is not an exception is not a jungle hong kong need to make sure that law and order prevail president xi jinping of china has already expressed the full support for kerry the chief executive of hong kong and the mainland chinese government of the central
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government has also expressed their full support to the hong kong government and the hon tom police force and i think the overwhelming majority of the mainland chinese people 1400000000 of them in total express for solidarity with the hong kong police officers and want to see that. our government do their utmost to restore law and order. the afghan government today announcing it will release 3 top taliban leaders in exchange for 2 hostages american kevin king and australian timothy weeks were kidnapped from outside the american university in kabul in 2016 the taliban prisoners include a kani who was seized in 2014 and whose older brother is the deputy taliban leader the afghan president ashraf ghani said the release of the taliban fighters was a hard decision made in quotes the interests of the afghan people a prominent cambodian opposition politician has met the german ambassador a day after his release from house arrest camps welcomed christian berger to his
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home in norman pan he still faces treason charges and is banned from politics for leaving the country become body and government's been facing increasing international pressure over its crackdown on the opposition and another opposition figure cambodian national rescue party acting leader sam rangy says he'll stay in malaysia where he's in exile no we did find another way to go back to cambodia i will be staying in the region because the situation can change very quickly and i will go back in cambodia. when days say much yearly physical possibility to do so with my colleagues. well the government's been given a month to respond to demands from the e.u. or preferential trade status the u.s. for cambodia on notice over what it says is a decline in democracy and human rights. as his country's economy was being
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put on notice the cambodian prime minister hun sen had culture on his mind. he arrived to oversee the closing of the water festival in phnom penh which marks the end of the wet season with the holiday period also finishing cambodians are about to head back to work but there is a threat hanging over this country in particular communities that are the driving force behind the economy. squalid areas like this around the outskirts of the capital city a built on the garment and textile industries which employ around 800000 people chance in it left her family village more than 100 kilometers away when she was 15 to come and work and a clothing factory she now earns around $6.00 a day on average and says the possibility of one day losing her job worries her. but my current salary is not even enough for my family to live i have to pay for this room my children's school and food my has been dry for months a backpack to help with data expensive cambodia has become
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a key manufacturing center for clothes and shoes that are exported mainly to the european union it wants the government to undertake labor and democratic reforms like restoring the banned opposition party and dropping treason charges against its leader. if it's not satisfied with the response the e.u. will cancel cambodia's preferential trade status the economy of this country has become heavily reliant on the european union last year almost half of all products exported from cambodia went to the u. 99 percent of those goods were subject to low tariffs or no tariffs at all any significant change to that policy would have a direct impact on communities like this. among those who have lobbied for international action against the government is the former leader of the opposition sam rainsy who says he'll return from exile soon speaking in malaysia he says the
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future of cambodian workers is in the hands of the government become one young government face responsibility if they don't want to face an economy crisis hundreds of thousands of workers losing their jobs they must restore democracy. those living in areas like this say they don't take much notice of politics or talk about the democratic future of cambodia the chance to work on a steady income and support their families is all that matters when hey al-jazeera phnom penh buy into europe the u.k.'s labor party says is being targeted by a cyber attack just weeks before the country's general election position party website was hit by a short lived attack designed to overwhelm the domain and take it offline labor leader jeremy corbyn says it was a very serious attack but no information was stolen. fire chiefs in australia say the bushfires sweeping across parts of the country are at a catastrophic level strong winds and high temperatures are fanning the flames
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close to sydney weather forecasters say conditions this week could make the situation even worse under thomas is that. australia's fire service chiefs have described conditions as catastrophic high temperatures strong winds and dry conditions are making bushfires travel fast and people are being warned to prepare themselves for evacuate complacency kills we cannot afford for people to be complacent the fact that the catastrophic writing is the that's that's the highest level risk of. dozens of fires a blazing in the state of new south wales and there are more in queensland to the north and in western australia and many have come close to cities this one just 18 kilometers northwest of sydney's famous harbor bridge but firefighters were able to contain it cut home from work in its aren't ok up front for 345 trucks on
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a straight line of cars the trees. everyone is running like mad and other fires took hold in sydney's western suburbs baseball fighters are hosing down the last of the smoldering trees here but authorities are saying that this is the exception rather than the rule in these catastrophic conditions they can't hope to get on top of every fire. emergency alerts have been issued some by phone and some people warned it was too late to leave their homes and they were safe inside although that doesn't mean it's safe. many fires are out of control and with more strong winds and high temperatures forecast for the end of this week they're likely to spread andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. ranges in zimbabwe say hundreds. animals in its national park who died during a severe drought and many are struggling to survive they plan to move some to areas with food and water but that could take weeks. travelled to monopoles national park
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in the north to find a more quick warning for you you may find some of the images in her report distressing. she's thirsty hungry and too weak to get up. cold water is poured on her to try and cool her down but the animal is too far gone 24 hours later she's dead is the dry season in zimbabwe but park officials say this year it's much hotter and drier than usual hundreds of elephants and other animals are dying. we've been through some pretty bad ones. when you see animals just walk here alone and elephants through example and they just collapse on their legs or really roll over they just collapse and die. it's very emotional. this is monopoles national park a unesco world heritage site in the north people here say the land is completely
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changed this is long haul the biggest watering hole in the national park this is distinct smell the smell of death over here is the carcass of an elephant and over there that hippo got stuck in the mud it couldn't get out for days and then died and if you look up at this tree over here the white line you can see there that's where the water used to reach but now the area is part temperatures can reach more than 45 degrees celsius and even the fish are struggling. there are too many animals competing for scarce food and water and many are exhausted. volunteers from the feed mana program bring in food when they can including fuel that in short supply it costs around $2.00 and a half 1000 u.s. dollars per truckload that's a lot of money in zimbabwe when the rain starts again it's going to take some time for areas devastated by the drought to recover park officials say that's why
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they're planning the biggest relocation of animals in the country's history reforming elephant zones in the country not waste much a 1000000000 which is a puzzle game artists broke so. we need some days of those 4 to overpopulate together to the public that's why we moved them. with the project that we are going to max one. hundreds of elephants to the northern part of the country predators and scavengers seem to be thriving in these harsh conditions the more animals die the more food they have although the parks are government owned they received no government funding those working here raise funds through tourism and safaris and by selling some animals to zoos abroad they still short of what they need and know they can't save every animal but they say they'll do what ever they can to help ease animals pain and suffering and save as many as possible in this particular habitat. how do al-jazeera monopoles national park
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zimbabwe. do try the website so was there for you 247 the address to see dot com he can also find links to all of our. programs like inside story as well. this is al jazeera these are your top stories 5 people now including a palestinian islamic jihad commander have been killed and at least 30 were injured in israeli airstrikes on gaza the targeted assassination. in gaza to trigger a wave of rocket attacks from rebel fighters the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the strike was approved by the security cabinet 10 days ago residents of southern israel spent much of the day in bomb shelters as palestinian rockets fell across multiple towns schools and transport facilities have been
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closed by the attacks hospitals in the region have aborted a number of civilian casualties. syria meanwhile says israel fired missiles towards damascus targeting another commander of islamic jihad it's unclear what's happened to him but his son and granddaughter work hills are a force that has more now from the israel gaza border still be the rocket fire does continue and the israeli response about 10 minutes ago or so we heard and saw a rocket coming out from gaza territory behind us heading north it was intercepted by the iron dome in the skies overhead and so that is the situation that remains we also heard israeli warplanes as well overhead so it seems another round of airstrikes could well be underway over gaza and inside gaza. spain's acting prime minister has agreed in principle to form a government petro sanchez signed a coalition deal with the far left party put in us the former bolivian president
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evo morales is set to arrive in mexico city later today after the government offered him asylum he resigned on sunday after weeks of protests following his disputed reelection protesters and police are engaged in running battles across hong kong with traffic brought to a stop outside the chinese university tear gas and petrol bombs have been fired outside the building anti-government demonstrators have set up barricades paralyzing streets and public transport fire chiefs in australia say the bushfire sweeping across parts of the country last a catastrophic level strong winds and high temperatures fanning the flames close to sydney forecasters say conditions this week could make the situation even worse as will keep you company from 15 g. i will see you tomorrow from 10 g. between now and then the stream but by far. the prime minister. mission if you believe the british on the 31st of october i believe in this country
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the great great. britain. is the late. follow drama brick sit on al-jazeera. and here in the street today should twitter allow political ads we ask what role social media plays in politics and what impact a ban on political ads will have join the conversation tweet us or leave a comment on our live chat to. twitter's c.e.o. jack dorsey recently announced that the company will no longer allow political advertisements on its platform the move the company says is to make sure politicians and political campaigns tell voters the whole truth it's the 1st such declaration.


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