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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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accused of abuse in fiji. on al-jazeera. believe years ousted president there are more banks mexico's leaders for saving his life as he lands there after fleeing his country. hello barbara this is al jazeera live from london also coming. by incest delayed scepter an israeli airstrike kills an islamic jihad commander in gaza sparking retaliatory rocket fire into israel protesters block roads in hong kong and the battle police say the city is on the brink of a total breakdown and we travel to ground 0 of that the r.c.c.
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bola crisis where doctors are hoping to have no cases by the end of the year. thank you for joining us bolivia's former president there on what alice is landed in mexico where he's been given asylum 2 days after stepping down touching down in mexico city he was greeted by the country's foreign minister who thanked along with mexico's president for saving his life but alice resigned on sunday at the military's request following weeks of widespread protests over his disputed reelection but livia's new interim leader is expected to be sworn in in the next few hours but alice says that he will remain in politics this fight before spouting what he describes as a coup it will be lived. i want to tell you i'm very frank full to the president of mexico who saved my life. i want to
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say brothers and sisters the while i have life i will stay in politics to struggle continues. well in a moment we'll be speaking to mariana sanchez who joins us from la paz 1st though let's go to john homan in mexico city who was there as more or less landed so tell us a little bit more about whatever morales said when he did finally arrive in mexico . he said he was very grateful as you heard to the mexican government for taking him in he also said my one crime is trying to help the poor and the indigenous population and he brought up the fact that he'd almost have to extreme poverty during his nearly 14 years in charge this is a president who has done a lot for the poor that's done a lot also for indigenous communities he is the 1st or he was the 1st indigenous president in bolivia's history which is incredible when you see that more than 40
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percent or maybe even 60 percent of people have some indigenous background in that country so he was balancing doubt on the one hand and saying that's my only crime that i tried to help these people again said that it was a military coup that ousted him from power i think on the other hand the opposition are going to say well that wasn't your only crime point towards the fact that the organization of american states said that there was serious or regularities in the elections that happened 3 weeks ago and they say that he should have been standing in those elections because he had to change the constitution to run again and he held a reform referendum story to last the population if he could do that they said no and he know that to run anyway so i think this is a situation in which there isn't a black white in the country a president were is arriving in mexico finds a very sympathetic government the foreign minister of mexico and self has said that this is
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a coup mexico's president has said that he respects every moralist decision to resign to avoid bloodshed in bolivia and now they have to decide what's going to happen with every moralist in the country how are they going to protect him and guarantee his security where is he going to live all of those questions came up in the morning briefing with mexico's foreign minister and he said we have to wait for him to get here for. and there we can discuss those things with the work of exactly how this is going to work i think the one thing that we do know for sure is the president world is that president really story hasn't given up on politics he said that he was going to keep and go with that and he also said before even a right to the country the hope this was a period in which he could and the choice himself was going basically before going back into the fray so he's hoping that this is the end of his story john holeman with the latest from mexico city wherever morales land the short while ago for the moment john thank you it's going to be on
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a sanchez now she joins us from the bolivian capital as a man and i don't know whether you were able to hear john home in there but effectively to people welcoming of a morales also saying that what they think happened in bolivia is a coup potentially of our is trying to reenergize himself to then return what is actually happening in bolivia itself is there a power vacuum what's going on. well barbara i think this is a critical moment of the power vacuum left by morales when he left when he was 9 and then left the country no one is in charge and what should have happened today is to see the members of the legislative come in here to the national assembly to swear in an interim president apparently it's highly unlikely that that would happen we are hearing from inside information from our sources that the mass party
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the party of omar ellis is divided between the hardliners who are saying you cannot * come here to the legislators you have to resign we have to boycott this and those who say they want to come they want to bring the country forward but they feel threatened they feel threatened by their own party members and by the fact that many feel that there are no guarantees to come here the idea would have been to have 2 thirds to have 50 percent plus one of legislators here to be able to have a quorum for that that is unlikely to happen because 2 thirds of the legislators are members of the must party what analysts are telling us is the ideal way out to this power vacuum and to this crisis is to have a. new interim president sworn in but what is happening is that we are seeing fighter jets flying over us in the last hour we've seen several they've been flying
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over. protesters in the city of a level to which is a. place where many supporters of even with alice want to come down here to the area of the presidential palace and we are been seeing these fighter jets on and all the question to the analysts and to the people who have some inside information is what happens with the military and they say the military could take over in this power vacuum to bring back some stuff. but he was very he said it's very important to understand that both do not want a military government but that they if they take over and that is a possibility that would be to call immediately for elections barbara very crucial in tense hours and days ahead therefore bolivia marianas trench is for the moment from the money and i think you.
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egyptian mediators are working to restore calm between gaza and israel after the war still cross border violence in months fighters in gaza said the barrel of rockets towards israel after a senior sliming jihad commander and his wife were killed by an israeli airstrike those rockets prompted more air strikes which have since killed another 2 palestinians mohammad valve reports. in the sky above israeli cities israel's defense system attempted to intercept palestinian rockets. and damage on the ground can be seen there is a state of alert some schools have been closed and transportation services disrupted as islamic jihad fighters fired rockets in retaliation for the assassination of one of their senior leaders in gaza early on monday and israeli fighter jets targeted senior islamic jihad leader. at his home he was killed along with his wife some of his children were also injured the part of the building where he was margin has been entirely destroyed extensive damage was also caused in the
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immediate area his line of jihad vowed a quick and unlimited event said that they have we will make the enemy pay a heavy price and his citizen soldiers will pay he repriced for the crime of assessing knighting and destroying the harm of elida. and his wife and assess and i don't know out al of jury and his family at the site a time after the firing of the 1st rockets from gaza the israeli military shot all the border crossings into gaza and sirens were heard in several towns in central israel israel says i will add i was the mastermind of recent attacks against its territory. the action to thwart him was recommended by the chief of staff the head of the ship back and security officials it was discussed in the cabinet in a row of in-depth discussions over the past few. once the final decision was unanimously agreed on in the cabinet 10 days ago and the cabinet gave me authority to implemented at a time that would be suggested by the i.d.f.
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and the shabak the i.d.f. and the shabak indeed recognize a time to recognize the window of opportunity to carry out the operation under the best conditions with a maximum chance of success and minimum impact on bystanders. on tuesday to israeli jets or saw launched raids on the syrian capital damascus the target was another islamic jihad member identified as a common i duty to survive the raid but his son was killed. palestinian islamic jihad is the 2nd largest group in gaza that allegedly has strong ties with iran and the hardline stance against israel. the newest collation threatens to upset a fragile truce between hamas and israel are dizzy herefore says is live now from the border harry islamic jihad that promised to launch a major response for just about over an hour ago any sign of that actually happened . well actually just while we were listening to that package from mohammed we heard
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3 interceptions overhead so certainly there is at least some sporadic rocket fire still coming out of gaza judging by what we've just heard but as you're saying is i mean jihad was promising that from 8 o'clock there would be a surprise for israel telling people to look into the skies saying they're going to turn night into day so far we haven't seen that kind of a level of continued response the israeli army says that there were $190.00 rockets fired out of gaza during the course of the day and that they intercepted 50 percent of those that were heading towards potential built up areas and israeli targets and civilians however is as far as this promised response goes nothing significant so far but islamic jihad is promising that it will hold israel accountable and responsible for what it said was the stupid decision to targets. in the early hours
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of this morning the key question still remains what hamas is going to do an alcove some brigades source the military wing of hamas has told al jazeera english that they have received orders to join in this bigger response overnight however israel has been stopped all of its messaging from the military has been about islamic jihad it seems that it wants to try to separate these 2 entities so we wait to see whether hamas will join it in full force if and when this bigger response does come during the hours of night harry forsett with the latest there from the israel gaza border harry for the moment thank you and will join the list again now by al-jazeera seem political analyst the shyamalan great to have you as always it's been interesting benjamin netanyahu has actually been very careful to say that the targeting all of the senior sergeant you had commander. was actually a military decision almost sort of stepping away considering everything that is happening politically in israel right now why do you think that might be. well he certainly feels the need to justify himself because i think most israelis who know
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him and know what's going on is and the stand that there's a personal stake in all of this because again everyone knows he's facing major corruption charges 3 of them he's facing imminent indictment and potentially he's going to go to prison unless he stays prime minister hen hence he has a fundamental reason to deflect attention from his own corruption and court cases and so on so forth and then interest into forming a coalition government he failed the last time around the time before that and the his best way forward for a national coalition government is to bring back his old friend at the door lieberman who is even more to the right of prime minister netanyahu and he probably reckons a major escalation in gaza an assassination of this kind will probably bring him back in he already brought even a more extremists right wing politician if that had been it and assigned him
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minister of defense in israel so you can imagine you have this real march towards the right wing in israel and this sort of escalation house and then there is the strategic issue of there's a ticking bomb in gaza and damascus and everywhere so israel has to always preempt by carrying assassinations at it focusing on the political side because we really have seen political deadlock in asia just the inability to form any kind of government. looking at the past to do these kinds of escalations with does that tend to work does it do you think he will achieve assuming he does want to do that to sort of use it for political reasons you know some people call it the cycle of violence assassination list the escalation the story retaliation just cease fire for a bit and then to get another another assassination i've seen that the last 25 years . one to 5 years ago the 1995 i believe it was when isn't assassinated that you had
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lived that at the time but history cocky that 9095 since then is or has a sinister assassin it must leaders fight that lead the popular front leaders democratic front leaders etc etc and every time a dozen dozen of mind their leaders step up and would want to do the job even more and become even more radicalized why because israeli escalation creates pent up lions in gaza in the west bank in lebanon and other places where israel acted so it's not only a cycle of violence it's a cycle of foolishness because again and again is our says ok we took care of it knowing all too well other activists and militants will step up become even more portent leaders of resistance groups leading to more tensions and more escalation is also for that's why there is no military solution to gaza there is no military solution to the to the occupation accept the end of occupation. thank you.
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still to come in this half hour high winds fanned the bush fires raging along the strained his east coast which are now threatening sydney's separates and the dreamer is helping to keep that dream alive as a key part of trumps a migration plan bills before america's highest court. hello good or welcome back we're here cross parts of the central mediterranean we are looking at a storm system that is moving very slowly but it is getting stronger across the region a lot of clouds across this area and the biggest problem with the storm is going to be the very strong winds we're going to be seeing across parts of the adriatic so also heavy rain is going to cause localized flooding into the region power lines structural damage could be an issue with this storm as we go into wednesday now as we go towards thursday the storm system moves slowly over here towards the east for
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rome though it is still going to be rainy few there 14 degrees expected high to the north though we do look at some cool conditions there for berlin with a temperature of 6 and rome the rain is going to continue wednesday thursday as well as friday 16 degrees expected high that is about normal for this time of year where we are going to see some active weather along the coast of africa as well with that same storm system but a lot of heavy rain towards parts of algeria as well as tunisia now we're going to be seeing the coastal areas of libya some clouds as well as some rain windy conditions could be a problem as well for cairo that we're looking at a nice day if you maybe some clouds pushing through at 32 degrees there on wednesday a little bit better by the time we get towards thursday but for algiers it is going to be a windy day with attempt a few of $21.00 degrees. an inspiring quest for knowledge that led to remarkable achievements al-jazeera world
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meets the algerian entrepreneur. who helped pioneer computing in the arabic language and the egyptian islamic scholar honored for his contribution to arab culture both building successful lives abroad but never think getting beverage. arabs abroad the translator and the innovator on al-jazeera. a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera bolivia's ousted president there were a list as a bribe to mexico where he's been given asylum after stepping down and fleeing his country in the face of mounting unrest after touching down he thanked mexico's
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leaders for saving his life a top commander of the palestinian armed group islamic jihad has been killed in an israeli air strike in gaza prompting retaliatory rocket attacks on israel. protesters in hong kong have clashed with with police on multiple fronts as violence broke out at 2 universities anger has been high after a police officer shot one demonstrator at close range on monday the vehicle palin reports from. a university campus turned into a battleground between protesters and riot police. barricades set up and fire bombs thrown as crowds grew in response to calls on social media for support this conflict the chinese university is just one of many throughout the day. earlier tear gas was fired at the city university as students and protesters blocked roads as part of what's being called
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a general strike the unrest proving too much for this taiwanese student printer like this is to shiria so i'm heading to the airport now. for a 2nd day in a row office workers rallied on the streets of the city's financial center and spend their lunchtime chanting protest slogans all part of the new strategy of the week day public disobedience movement this protest comes just hours after hong kong's chief executive said the government was trying to minimize disruptions to daily life instead office workers and people who don't normally take part in the movement abroad hong kong's financial center to a standstill the years in the face of protesters attempts to stop people from going to work and school through paralyzing hong kong this is a very selfish act but people from different sectors in society are holding fast to their positions and refused to concede to violence or other radical actions so i
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hereby express my gratitude to those who are still going to work and school today. her calls for a return to normality ignored as protesters filled the streets surrounded by multinational offices luxury shops banks and the stock exchange because we're fighting for the democracy for hong kong fighting for freedom for hong kong as the lunchtime crowds went back to work the streets were taken over by the more radical protesters they were soon dispersed by riot police firing rounds of tear gas and making arrests. back of the chinese university police attempts to make the students leave with tear gas water cannon and floors instead of the protesters. and with each day that poor appears to escalate. hong kong more protesters have
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been injured in baghdad after iraqi forces used tear gas and live rounds to disperse demonstrators protesters had gathered near a bridge leading to the green zone which houses government buildings that were also confrontations and here square the main focus of the protests activists say they will continue demonstrating until their demands are met by the government or than 280 people have been killed since the protests erupted in baghdad last month. afghanistan's government has released 3 senior taliban figures in an effort to trigger a prisoner swap the taliban prisoners include. the older brother of the deputy head of the group in return president hopes to secure the release of 2 university professors american kevin king and the australian weeks danny says the decision was very hard but he felt it was in the interest of the afghan people. in australia
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bushfires are edging closer to sydney's northern suburbs and firefighters say they might not get them under control until next week around 75 hours are currently burning across the state of new south wales as a perfect blend of hot air and strong winds helps spread them right along the east coast and the thomas for ports from sydney. australia is fire service chiefs have described conditions as catastrophic high temperatures strong winds and dry conditions are making bushfires trouble fast and people are being warned to prepare themselves for evacuate complacency kills we cannot afford for people to be complacent the fact that the catastrophic writing is there that's that's the highest level risk of all about dozens of fires a blazing in the state of new south wales and there are more in queensland to the north and in western australia and many have come close to cities this one just
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18 kilometers northwest of sydney's famous harbor bridge but firefighters were able to contain it got home from work and then heard sirens ok up front were 345 trucks in a straight line of cars the trees. everyone was running around like mad another fire took hold in sydney's western suburbs baseball fighters are hosing down the last of the smouldering trees here but authorities are saying that this is the exception rather than the rule in these catastrophic conditions they can't hope to get on top of every fire. emergency alerts have been issued some by phone and some people warned it was too late to leave their homes and they were safe even saw it all but that doesn't mean it's safe. many flaws are out of control and with more strong winds and high temperatures forecast for the end of this week they're likely to spread andrew thomas. al-jazeera. the u.s.
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supreme court has begun to hear a case on whether president trump can strip pundit's of thousands of people of protection from deportation he wants to cancel that the 1st action for childhood arrivals program several lower courts ruled his attempts were unlawful but conservative justices appear to have towards the president as the 1st arguments were heard on tuesday morning now the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca is a scheme announced in 2012 by president barack obama it protects immigrants who entered the united states illegally as children the so-called dreamers from being deported it currently protects around 660000 people mostly hispanic immigrants who in many cases have grown up thinking of themselves as american it also gives them work permits but isn't a promise of u.s. citizenship president immediately moved to close down his lawyers a said obama overstepped his powers to bring the act in bypassing congress which
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couldn't agree on immigration reform but courts in california new york and washington d.c. say that trump broke a law on correct procedure in his efforts to kill the program which is why it's ended up in the supreme court the world health organization has told al jazeera that it's hoping to reduce the number of ebola cases in the eastern democratic republic of congo 20 by the end of this year more than 2000 people have died there since the outbreak was the last year catherine sort of reports now from where the 1st ebola cases were found. i seem about to take why is what is known as an airball or contact trace off from the north eastern city of beni in the democratic republic of congo she looks for people who have come in contact with a ball of patience and mourn and has their health put $21.00 days but that was fast morning stop is the home of a woman whose they died of the disease this month and then another neighbor where
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tended the burial this is not an easy job if you go in and out will sometimes people hostile others go into hiding or don't get their proper address but we explain to them that what we're doing is for their own good the number of people becoming sick has reduced in auburn towns and cities like benny but doctors are still struggling to contain the disease in the villages father out as we head to mangina town the number of stops on the road for people to wash their hands and have the temperature checked tells us approaching ground 0 it's in villages in this area where the fast cases of the fall of i discovered nearly a year and a half ago. lost 13 relatives including his mother and we a moment why out got sick 1st relatives nursed her until she died when we buried her and that's how more people got sick. some communities have been hostile to
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health visitors resisting attempts to get help several treatment centers and thousands of health workers have been attacked educating people about the airball issue is a big priority. here where large family members ever like their one time getting on my nerves and the reason i think you hear you read them at home how do you know them or not respond is all to working in volatile areas where rebel fighters ambush villages at will while health organization officials say despite this problems they're hoping to. 00 bullock cases by the end of the yeah it was important to make sure the situation holds for. 1000000 term of security but also making sure that you don't have. big cities going . at the market in beni as kitty's performed
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simulating a death and safe burial it's a serious story told in a simple way the performers hope it will drive the point home that it is real and dangerous can be treated if detected early catherine soy al-jazeera. eastern democratic republic of congo. many state workers in chile have gone on strike after a pledge to rewrite the constitution failed to satisfy protesters thousands of people have been marching in the capital while the country's currency the peso hit a historic low on monday president sebastian pinera agreed to replace the constitution which dates back to the pinochet dictatorship the document will then be put to a referendum protests 1st began over a hike in metro fares but soon turned into widespread anger over social inequality spain's king and queen are in cuba for their 1st ever state visit by
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a spanish monarch their arrival comes as the capital have ana prepares to celebrate its 500 anniversary the 3 day visit underlines the increasingly friendly relations between the 2 countries but critics some critics say it suggests support for the one party communist government. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera bolivia's ousted president ever more alice has arrived in mexico after he stood down and fled his country in the face of mounting and he was greeted by mexico's foreign minister and maintained he had been the victim of a coup after the military quested that he stand down remains unclear who now takes charge of bolivia before new elections can be held. i want to tell you to i'm very frank to the president of mexico.
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i want to say. that while i have life i will stay in politics to struggle continue . a top commander of the palestinian armed group islamic jihad has been killed in israeli airstrikes on gaza in total 7 palestinians were killed in the attack which has triggered the worst cross border violence in months around 150 rockets have been fired into israel from gaza hitting a busy highway and the fact. hong kong is on the brink of a total breakdown that's according to a senior police officer tear gas was again fired at pro-democracy activists on tuesday as students at one of the city's universities petrol bombs and bricks at police the situation remains especially after the week began with extremely violent clashes anger has been high after a police officer shot one demonstrator at close range on monday. bushfires in australia are threatening sydney's northern suburbs as
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a perfect mix of hot air and strong winds continue to fan the flames firefighters in the state of new south wales say the conditions are so bad they're not classified as catastrophic the weather is expected to continue in favor of the bush fires and they may not have them under control until next week. spain's socialist party has taken its 1st step towards forming a government after reaching a deal with the far left. acting prime minister pedro sanchez signed the preliminary coalition deal with. just 2 days after the election but they still need support from other parties for a government to be confirmed stay with us the stream is coming up next looking at the global legacy of. weapons and then we'll have more news for you in half an hour .
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hi emily and you're in the stream today we're talking about the kalashnikov assault rifle or a k 47 just what makes it the world's most popular gun will discuss its history and legacy and we want to hear your questions and comments about it share your thoughts via twitter or and our lives here to chop. hello i'm dr charmaine nelson professor of art history at mcgill university in montreal and you are in the street. russia is commemorating 100 years since the birth of thanks soviet weapon inventor kalashnikov for the russian ministry of education it is an opportune.


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