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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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an uneasy calm across the gaza strip a cease fire is brokered after 2 days of violence between israel and the group islamic jihad. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also a heads withholding security assistance in exchange for help with a domestic political campaign in the united states would be crazy i believe and i believe it's no. more damning evidence against the u.s. president donald trump by a senior diplomat in the 1st public hearing of the impeachment inquiry. another day of violence in hong kong the schools and universities are closed the cross the territory. issued its lack of. funding for the
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community needs. how years of conflict has devastated sudan healthcare system. follow a ceasefire has been agreed in gaza after 2 days of cross border fighting and israeli airstrikes egypt has been mediating between israel and the palestinian group islamic jihad $34.00 palestinians have been killed in the airstrikes since tuesday the escalation began after the targeted killing of a senior leader of islamic jihad by israel's military and israel's foreign minister says they'll observe the truce as long as the group does the same was lambing jihad spokesman confirmed the ceasefire. also what it went into effect on the ground it fought with islamic jihad conditions on behalf of the palestinian resistance.
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sections dealing clue to the occupation submission to conditions which is to stop the assassinations protecting the protesters at the march of her turns demonstrations and to begin practically the procedures to break the siege of gaza this is guaranteed by the presence of resistance in the field and it's really nice to respond to any aggression in the future and also the continuation of the egyptian role at the political level let's get an update from harry fox that he's joining us from the israel gaza border what more are we learning about the terms of the cease fire hereon as a holding so far. well guess so far it does appear to be holding there is as you say a relatively uneasy calm at the moment there's been nothing really said a rocket siren alerts in one of the gaza border areas that around 6 am this morning so about 3 hours ago local time and indeed israel has lifted restrictions on schools and businesses all restrictions apart from the areas immediately around the gaza strip but the terms of the cease fire are
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a little bit different depending on who you listen to islamic jihad is saying that it has secured from israel and undertaking not to carry on with or a return to targeted assassinations and not to have use of live fire at the border protests on fridays an israeli official has been caught in the comedians saying that that is not the case in terms of the protests and the israeli foreign minister israel katz has been on the airwaves to say that israel will target and kill anybody who it deane's a threat so you would expect differences such as this israel usually doesn't doesn't acknowledge official cease fires with groups such as hamas and islamic jihad at all however it does show that the situation remains tense the un envoy to the region nick limelight enough is saying that the coming hours and days will be critical he's urging maximum restraint on everybody and we should also emphasize that the death toll has gone up significantly in gaza overnight. and especially in
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the case of one particular strike targeting a house in which the husband wife husband sister and 5 children were all killed the israeli military says that he was a senior islamic jihad commander russ me i will madhu's so far we're not getting any confirmation of that from islamic jihad itself all right terry foster thank you for that update. a u.s. ambassador has described how president donald trump put pressure on ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden william taylor was one of 2 foreign diplomats to appear in the 1st televised hearing at the center of an impeachment inquiry into truong hiding so castro reports from washington the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god william taylor and george kent took the stand
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together at the 1st public hearing in the impeachment inquiry career foreign officers called by democrats to tell a compelling story to the american public taylor is the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine who upon assuming the post in june found himself dropped in the middle of a mystery once i arrived and gave discovered a weird combination of encouraging confusing and ultimately alarming circumstances taylor had begrudgingly agreed to come out of retirement to take over the u.s. diplomatic mission at a critical time his predecessor maria of out of it had been ousted without explanation and president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani was meeting with ukraine officials to discuss debunked corruption allegations against political rivals that had taylor worried and countered an irregular informal channels of u.s. policy making with respect to ukraine. unaccountable to congress taylor began
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asking questions and learned the informal channel was aimed at getting ukraine to investigate joe biden trumps potential opponent in the upcoming presidential election taylor says career diplomats were sidelined as trump's chosen aides pressed ukraine to publicly announce a biden investigation george kent a state department expert on ukraine says giuliani was getting more involved in u.s. relations with kiev it became clear to me that giuliani's efforts to gin up politically motivated investigations are now infecting u.s. engagement with ukraine leveraging president selenski desire for a white house meeting but there was more ambassador taylor says he had a clear understanding that u.s. security aid to ukraine worth $400000000.00 was also on the line the money was essential for ukraine to fend off russia's military advances to withhold that systems for no good reason other than help with the political campaign made no
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sense it was it was counterproductive to all of what we had been trying to do. it was illogical it could not be explained it was crazy multiple witnesses have corroborated taylor's testimony much of the facts are uncontested but there is a critical factor still missing from the democrats' argument to impeach president trump and that is evidence that trump was directly involved and therefore to be blamed the closest democrats have come is a july phone call between trump and the president of ukraine a lot of years olinsky tells trump his country's ready to buy more weapons from the us for defense purposes trump sansar i would like you to do us a favor though then ask for investigations into democrats and the bidens this is extortion this is bribery and in any other instance. people would go to jail for sure trump says he's innocent and republicans are stunned sleep
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defending him but anyone from millionaire the democrat scorched earth war against president trump would not be surprised to see all the typical signs that this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign prior to the start of the public hearings americans were about evenly divided on whether to impeach trump and remove him from office now that they're hearing directly from witnesses all eyes are on whether the public's opinion will change. castro al-jazeera washington. or president trump has once again claimed the impeachment inquiry against him is a witch hunt he made those comments during a meeting with turkey's president at the white house kelly how has this report video come to water. as americans watched the 1st public hearings over the impeachment of the us president one person said he wasn't paying attention you're talking about the witch hunt is that what you mean is that what you're talking
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about i think i hear it's a joke i haven't watch but president trump's own twitter feed suggested the opposite sending out a number of messages during the hearings that lasted all day still trumpeted promise to release the transcript of a 2nd phone call with ukrainian president vladimir is alecky and you'll make a determination as to what you think they're the release of the 1st transcript of a call in july in which trop asked for a favor from selenski is now the basis for the house impeachment inquiry a top diplomat testified on capitol hill on wednesday the trump wanted to withhold security assistance to ukraine exchange for an investigation into a political rival former vice president joe biden trump also responded to reports he'd pressed another top diplomat about the investigations into biden just a day after that july phone call where they know nothing about that 1st time i've heard it although president trump wants the impeachment inquiry to go away his
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campaign is using it to raise money an e-mail to supporters to call the hearings not just an attack on president trump but on americans the goal to raise $3000000.00 from just the 1st day of public hearings kimberly held at al-jazeera the white house. there was so i was formally recognize bolivia's new interim leader janine and yes' but there's been widespread opposition to her appointment 2 people were killed in violence that broke out on her 1st full day in office marianna sanchez has more from the bolivian capitol. protesters clashed with police and the army on the streets of believe you live rounds were shot tear gas didn't dispel and we believe ian's who demanded interim president. to resign on her 1st day in office she's facing a country in turmoil i socialize political disputes are battled all around
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including the national assembly on wednesday some of it will more or less as mass party members tried entering congress and the other had resigned from the senate's presidency she tried to come back a police block the way you know did not get this government is trying to portray the court it as a natural thing where legislature's and we need to go to the assembly. on the other side of the barricade what is foes shouted adversaries a reminder of what sparked the political crisis the 1st president to resign. the interim president is reliant on security forces to restore law and order she appointed military commanders before the cabinet. taking up command of the armed forces at a crucial time for the state to bring this stage to an end and for new elections. the entering president has said that she wants to bring peace back to the streets
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of the country and that means the police will continue their patrols with the army . stability naming a new electoral court and calling on new elections in december is the priority of the transitional government but analysts say nothing can be done without negotiating with more or less his supporters. norsemen the president must begin a dialogue because the m.e.'s party is a reality whether people like it or not otherwise if there's no dialogue were lost . from his refuge in mexico former president model is pledged to return to your questions to me poor will be there if my people ask for it we're ready to go back to pacify the country but national dialogue is important otherwise it would be difficult to stop this cup from taishan. in the capital some roadblocks were removed and stores opened after weeks of near shutdown but just for a short time. thousands of angry believe yes we're back on the streets early
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a reminder of just how far believe this from coming out of the crisis. but in a scientists i just. believe you. well according to morale is the legitimacy of bolivia's new interim presidency isn't legitimate he says he was removed from power because of his indigenous roots john allman has a latest from mexico city. president rallies used his press conference in mexico city has been granted asylum in mexico it's called for national dialogue in bolivia to try and sort out the mess that's happened after the bolivian elections he repeated that the him this is a military coup in the country again said that he was asked to leave by the military and he said the proof of that coup was senator and now interim president jeanine and years declaring itself interim president of bolivia he also spoke about
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the election process in the in the vote count that led to the organization of nor can states saying that it was serious or regularities he said that there wasn't fraud he said that he felt that the organization of american states was acting in the interest basically of the united states so that's president morales is take on what. link back home in his country believe the organization american states define serious or regularities in the voting process there were serious doubts and that's the opposition a many people to take to the streets in a process that really hasn't stopped him believe via now looking at fascism so between the opposition and between the supporters of president morales the president the ex president now said that his sister's house was attacked in one of those confrontations so a very disturbing situation in bolivia and the president and next president that is
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now many miles away here in mexico still had on al-jazeera to meet the troops on the frontline in eastern ukraine to find out what they think about the u.s. impeachment inquiry. had a story whether in the adriatic really was quite something it's all part of this big system which is edging eastwards taken heat out of eastern europe and leaving behind it some interesting where this is flooding in venice are now very should be weapons is a highest tide mixed with a big wind keeping the of rain in the rivers so we've had the highest water levels for 50 years that boat is not supposed to be in a street even though it is in venice we also recorded the highest wave in the adriatic ever record about 10.9 meters was a big question mark at the still
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a strong southerly breeze at the adriatic still be quite nasty on the domination coast to the east where this cloud has moved we draw attention book rest down to 16 not so much above normal the further west that is cold that's 8 degrees in the rain in london 11 in madrid but look at the amount of snow in only marginally higher ground in spain suddenly. france and huge amounts of snow falling on the outs once more we've had probably the best part of a meets a night in the tour all for example in southern germany and austria with more rain to come to the south of that is a proper changing season some of it's affected today's your knowledge area recently but as you say you've. gone must be quiet again for up to $21.00 once more. i was taken to. a millimeter not. enforced in my state don't think he intends to make sure that women no longer
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entitled to basic rights more citizenship rights once their villages were burned were funneled into what is now the complex where the marines are basically a prison exile coming soon on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera a cease fire has been agreed in gaza after 2 days of cross border fighting in airstrikes between israel and the group islamic jihad 34 palestinians have been killed in the air strike since tuesday. the u.s. has formally recognized bolivia's interim president jimmy 9 yes 2 people have been
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killed in violent protests against her appointment on the former president ever more although says the new interim leader has no legitimacy. to u.s. diplomats have become the 1st to publicly testify the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump both william taylor and george can say they felt concerned over pressure trump put on ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival joe biden. well trump's threat to withhold military aid to ukraine is a key part of the whole inquiry and has received an estimated one and a half $1000000000.00 from the u.s. over the past 5 years stuff awesome reports from a training center in western ukraine where forces get specialized training from american soldiers. that are. laying low seems to be the message in ukraine after u.s. military aid was temporarily suspended in july the country was suddenly at the center of an american political storm involving a phone call between the u.s.
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president and the newly elected ukrainian leader. undeterred by what's going on in washington ukrainian soldiers are preparing war games with the u.s. colleagues at the joint multi national training center in the west of the country tactics they can use in the ongoing war against russian backed separatists in the east where we pay attention to politics that doesn't affect our process will be heard tomorrow or as long as both governments agree that we're needed here . besides having ukraine's back against russia the americans are getting ukraine's troops ready to become part of nato. this is how u.s. military aid to ukraine looks like an army which was said to be suffering from corruption and the lack of funds now beefed up to face russia in the east but one threat to withhold this aid even though it was only temporarily has caused doubts about how much ukraine can rely on its most important ally. after the
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much debated phone call with trump ukraine's president followed a mere zelinsky said he did not feel pressured by trump's threat to withhold military aid but analysts say it has affected the image of the united states and ukraine and could even push some towards moscow what we're seeing in washington now that is under threat of unraveling completely as wide a report. in a series that for trump is not interested in any larger issues of democracy promotion state building and human rights in ukraine rather he's interested in using ukraine for his own political needs. but the us president still has some fans in key if this coffee shop only opened a few months ago i would say it would make ukraine more famous and more people aware of ukraine was happening in ukraine about war in the middle of europe ok but it wouldn't help ukraine in that many americans don't even know that ukraine is
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this young which i also believe that i don't feel any particular help from america so i think we have to rely on ourselves. not the sort of message ukrainian soldiers fighting what is known as the forgotten war against russian backed separatists want to hear they hope the u.s. will continue to support them step fastened al-jazeera livy from ukraine. protesters in hong kong have blocked many parts of the city's center for a 4th straight day. many are angry after 2 protesters were injured in confrontations with police and left in critical condition demonstrators are occupying the city's center and several major roads have been blocked schools are being kept shut until sunday let's get an update from sara quark's she's joining us from hong kong sara tell us what you've been seeing. but we've had 2 flash mobs are called rallies
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today and on thursday both are on central hong kong island one was in central where the water canon i believe has just arrived at about 15 place have come in to disperse those protesters which were gathering in central another one at the eastern part of hong kong island in an area called the smaller but where we are now is a polytechnic university on the calhoun side this is a very busy almost a construction site if you may be able to see behind me this is all the students who are gathering assembling here at this particular campus barricaded themselves in this particular university they created barricades and they're also they've blocked all access points or areas android's into this particular campus pretty much creating almost a full life force life experience that we have a number of riot police here really but they seem to have. further behind us and this is where they fired tear gas on these students the protesters early on thursday morning but the moment they've created the bricks scattered across the
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number of nile devices that they've made within campus we've also seen the make a number of petrol bombs they've got boxes and boxes of petrol bombs and they've taken their over the whole way along the top of the campus pretty much waiting for the police to move in all right sara thank you for that update from hong kong. the u.s. president all trump has met his turkish counterpart at the white house despite opposition in congress to that visit turkey's offensive in northern syria and its purchase of a russian missile system dominated the talks mike hanna reports from washington. the president and 1st lady had town to welcome the turkish leader this the 1st face to face talks following weeks of strained relations between the 2 countries president trump was quick to set a friendly tone we have a great relationship both personally and with the great country of turkey and we look forward to moving that forward and making it an even bigger and better
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relationship it's apprenticeship that dates back 7 years to the opening of the trump towers in istanbul buttressed by a warm relationship between their sons in laws one is turkey's finance minister the other president trumps close adviser jared cushion. it's a relationship that concerned many in congress the concern for the fueled by president trumps opposition to a bipartisan sanctions bill passed in the house and being discussed in the senate the ball was in response to turkey's military operation in syria. following president trump surprise decision to withdraw u.s. troops from the region. congress has been angered by the u.s. president's apparent reluctance to impose sanctions on turkey following its decision to buy a russian weapons system yes 400 are already being deployed in the face of protest by all of turkey's nato allies including the u.s. . just outside the white house a small group of protesters expressing their opposition to the turkish president
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while the protests the. president. group up republican senators. to persuade. against pushing usually do you want to start of the negotiation you know the president one senator had leased agreed to look for the silver lining in the relationship with turkey the purpose of this meeting is to have an american city. friends in turkey. and there's a pony in there somewhere if we can. and the hope expressed by the president that the relationship with the u.s. congress will improve as turkey we are ready and committed to sustain a very constructive dialogue with the united states congress and this is an idea that i've shared with president trump as well from president trump a few sort of praise and the hope expressed of further sales we have
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a lot of trade with turkey but it could be many times larger and turkey would like to see that and it would also be good for the united states so we intend to bring it up to about $100000000000.00 that would be 4 times what it is right now for president one and was a successful meeting not only with the u.s. leader but also with some members of the senate who had opposed him so fiercely in the past mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the u.n. special representative for iraq is meeting political leaders to try to bridge the gap between protesters and the guy. verman parliament is discussing constitutional reforms and it's satisfying demonstrators demands thousands of people have been protesting against corruption and a lack of basic services at least $319.00 people have been killed since the unrest began last month. and years of conflict in sudan has left many people struggling to get health care and those living in rural areas often have to travel to the capital
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for medical treatment but it can be difficult even for those already living there as have all morgan explains. when her son abraham was born 6 years ago it was 3 thoughts living in sudan's capital khartoum would make it easy to get medical help he suffers from brain damage sustained at birth as well as man nutrition and anemia his elder sister had malaria and john just and died after being diagnosed late and was through a fears that with treatment being so expensive to bring him to suffer the same from . his medicines costs so much that sometimes i don't get them all but if i miss a single one of them within hours he starts getting convulsions and has to be hospitalized the hospital's a free but the treatment costs money which i don't always have it's mostly people who take pity on me and contribute. my student says she has to travel more than 50 kilometers to take her son to a hospital doctor according to the world health organization wouldn't 35 percent of
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sudan's population of 40000000 people live in areas far from advocates health facilities that's because years of conflict have destroyed health facilities in many areas war and 20 years of u.s. economic sanctions have also depleted government funds and less than 10 percent is directed to health care for many the only way to get treatment is by coming to the capital but doctors their state even then it can't be guaranteed. number one the hospital lacks proper equipment and doesn't have enough beds moster native rehabilitation because they were built during colonial times then there's the issue of manpower we don't have enough doctors in government hospitals because the pay isn't enough so most prefer to have a go to private practice or leave the country problems facing health services are not arresting difficulty getting health care contributed to nationwide protests last year against the government and since and you transitional government took over in august the country has been suffering epidemics like malaria cholera and dengue fever affecting thousands of people so getting treatment has become even
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more important since september at least 300 cases of cholera have been reported including 10 fatalities and in early november more than 90 people suffering dengue fever were received daily in hospitals in the eastern state of. aid organizations say most of those infected are children and more than $2000000.00 suffer from malnutrition it's in the service side where there is an access issue there is lack of services there's lack of funding for this have this is that the community needs but those who believe the perception and the standing there is a community willingness to be with us in the same platform so that we can work with . immunization for polio as it kind of like seeing. mr says that she can't always afford to feed a brain properly which. she says she hopes to dan's new government will improve health care so he and her children can get the medical care they need people more going on just the right button. when you could head online to al-jazeera to find
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all the latest top stories and all the day's events. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour a ceasefire has been agreed in gaza after 2 days of cross border fighting between israel and the group islamic jihad's 34 palestinians have been killed in israeli airstrikes since tuesday kerry faucet has an update from the israel gaza border the terms of the cease fire are a little bit different depending on who you listen to islamic jihad is saying that it has secured from israel and undertaking not to carry on with or a return to targeted assassinations and not to use of live fire at the border protests on fridays and israeli officials being quoted in the call media saying that that is not the case in terms of the protests and the israeli foreign minister
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israel cuts has been on the airwaves to say that israel will target and kill anybody who it deems a threat to u.s. diplomats have become the 1st to publicly testify the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump both william taylor and george can say they felt concerned overpressure trump put on ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival joe biden. the u.s. has formally recognized bolivia as interim president jeanine any as 2 people have been killed in violent protests against her appointment the former president ever morales says the new interim leader has no legitimacy. protesters in hong kong a block many parts of the city center for a 4th straight day. many are angry after 2 protesters were injured during confrontations with police they were left in critical condition demonstrators are occupying the city center and
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several major roadblocks roads have been blocked schools are being kept shut until sunday the u.n. special envoy for iraq the representative that is meeting political leaders to try to bridge the gap between protesters and the government parliament is discussing constitutional reforms aimed at satisfying demonstrators demands thousands of people have been protesting against corruption and a lack of basic services at least $319.00 people have been killed since the unrest began last month those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news coming up after inside story. karim doomsday call to see would hundreds of fellow was to a tropical. one when a student instigates the secretive sect accused of abuse and violence in fiji. on al-jazeera. after yet another election spain is finally to
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have a government that's up to the socialists teamed up with a far left party but in a fragmented political landscape can it solve the country's many challenges this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan just a few months ago spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez refused to form a government with the put damus posse sanchez said he would have trouble sleeping at night if there were but they most ministers in his government but he's now performed a political u. turn and agreed to partner the hard left party to form the country's 1st coalition cabinet in modern times the breakthrough comes out of sanchez emerged as the weakened winner of sunday's general election spain's ruling socialist party once again fell short of a majority.


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