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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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security forces in georgia trying to disperse demonstrators have been attempting to block m.p.'s from entering calment. follow him to al-jazeera live from doha and martin that is also coming up the strongest earthquake to hit helping in decades topples buildings and injures thousands of people. but the. chaos in eastern democratic republic of congo protests is still a u.n.
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mission accusing peacekeepers of failing to protect. the new day ships robbery in germany believes got away with bread jewels were a $1000000000.00. but we saw it in georgia where protests as a trying to block people from entering parliament in the capital tbilisi they've been demonstrating for weeks demanding changes to the electoral system police have use water cannons to try to break them up but they're refusing to move when go live now to tbilisi our correspondent robin for s.t.a. walka is there outside the parliament what's the situation there the protests is still managing to maintain their positions. well right now we have a small crowd in front of the building which you can just see behind me but over to my left side you can see those yellow jackets 'd of police who have formed their
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own security by using public transport you see that begin to prevent any attempt by the opposition to gather round the king entrances of the building to try to stop governing party m.p.'s from entering. this earlier this morning. shortly before. roy police were again deployed this is the 2nd time now in a week or so they would deploy it's they used water cannon. and forms of filings to move down the streets and. protest is the way from the small tent that they set up outside the building that was how things looked in the morning this is how things were last night. is a position. the government won't be given breaking its promise of and that.
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after it failed to approve a system of. representation in elections street rallies against the government and it's. really becoming. it's an absolute must. reform which will give all your heart their ground and then people could whoever they want so no matter how harsh the government behaves whether they use the police or whatever we are going to. be very tough on our right to demonstrate is repeated that tactic of putting up tents outside parliament camps last week cleared by. right police. this is the 2nd it was something of a symbolic it stands to disrupt parliament to locate the streets around the
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police or over here. sure that nobody attempts to looks back on the gates but the opposition basically saying that this parliament lacks legitimacy given that it reneged on a promise of electoral reform to move the judges governing party says no changes to the electoral system before 2020 would be forthcoming time is so fast you have to wait up to 2024 that's your message to the opposition this is the message to the opposition. the government argues protest is a just supporters of it's discredited royalist united national luqman. underestimate the strength of public t.v. . it's never happened before in georgia that so different political parties are united and we are i mean civil society and political parties are united to have proposed interactions is that because we know that we don't want
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a one marriage rule we want to everyone to have day or wotan problem. the government hopes this protest movement will run out of ideas before it catches the imagination of the nation. and robyn we clearly had in your report the government saying just hold on take it a little bit more slowly because you can have proportional representation or electoral reform by 2024 what's the rush while the opposition party is in such a hurry to have the reform. well there have been a set of grievances against this government that have been articulated since the summer when in june we saw tens of thousands of people on the streets angry at the way the government as was being seen to be too lenient towards russia. we have this situation in this country where 20 percent of the territories occupied by
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russia. territories are supported by russia and so feeling here that things a sliding away from democracy with the country's richest man an oligarch in control of the of the governing party seen by the opposition to be somehow working with 'd all too lenient towards russia the economic situation here is very difficult for ordinary people. john employments. at a very very high. currency depreciating foreign investment going down everybody in here that i speak to on the streets tells me that this is the situation that they've got to. and so the government made a concession it's ok well we serious about democratic reforms we were going to introduce this proportional representation would bring it forward so next year 2020
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and then what happened the other week parliament voted and it was turned people feel cheated at least the opposition does and no civil society groups that we saw there in that report and that's why they want to continue to somehow keep up the pressure but it's difficult to see how more street protests are going to create change here unless something really gives more people can come out or some action or violence unfortunately that could tip things over otherwise what the government is saying is if you really have that popularity you can use this against us in elections next year and people will show their support you at the polling stations all right robin thanks for that robyn for us live in tbilisi now a powerful earthquake has hit albania the defense ministry reports that at least 6 people have died the 6.4 magnitude quake struck just north of the capital tehran or
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a number of aftershocks have been felt in the authorities have called on people to stay outside we can now speak to bessie lick met his a journalist an editor of b i. can investigative reporting met well thanks for talking to us and give us an idea then of how extensive the damage is well the damage is quite extensive across central bay now a major emergency crews are still digging with their hands with heavy equipment in the village of nicholas to the epicenter where 2 building collapsed also in the town of the portal city of durham as there is another collapsed building and that they are still looking for survivors out there. and what sort of area has been most significantly affected is it a densely populated area or because it's some way out of the capital is it most sparsely populated it is a very densely populated area the triangle between the city of tourists and through
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our nights most populated areas all they know where one 3rd of the population lives so the old this area has been affected and the earth quake it's been felt as far as the city of novice out all across the region of the balkans. means as sad to say but often in the airlie stages of a an earthquake the casualty figures are quite low and they steadily rise you expect the death toll to rise in this instance unfortunately with with the collapsed buildings and the work of the emergency crews still ongoing series that the casualty figures will rise but people are still hoping for miracles and the work is continuing to do is to save as many people as possible now it wasn't that long ago was it that albania had another earthquake small in this one it was in september it that suggests therefore that there is a level of preparedness amongst the authorities would you agree exactly i mean the
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reaction of the emergency crews that we saw in the capital today but also in the coastal town of tourists was much harder much more preparedness compared to the earthquake in september so this may help in a sense aides to the rescue considering that this earthquake is more significant than the one in september and what sort of happened what happens to communities when there is a an earthquake like this and obviously this one is more powerful than the last one in september but what what the communities do do they gather together do they need the advice and stay out of buildings where do they go. well the 1st response hispanic and then everybody came out of the buildings and the cup it took your eye where it sits and people stayed outside spending the night. let's say the early morning or late nights because the quake it's 5 o'clock in inbar so they could escape the aftershocks and but also come together relieve
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a little bit the stress there is been response by the authorities there's been calls 'd to stay outside the schools have been closed and there is also messages of so there to solidarity be sent out by late people but also by the heads of state best met a frank you very much indeed for bringing us right up to speed with the situation in albania today thanks thank you might now i'm rest in east and democratic republic of congo has continued with college set on fire and on demand on the streets is growing anger against the u.n. name benni over assistant attacks from mom travels despite the presence of the world's largest contingent of peacekeepers a monday people stone the u.n. compound there was gunfire and 4 people were killed the u.n. denies its peacekeepers fired at civilians the secretary general special representative layla's took part today in
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a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the allied to democratic forces otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of benny. well i would use al-jazeera produce. any has been speaking to us on the line from benny and gave us the very latest we have some. from. those who protested yesterday some of. this morning to try to. end this. there is no which is allowed to go the round. mainly from these protesters so they can easily move around but if. there is to shut down here i don't know really
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they're not around the u.n. . everything down do not to be completely. destroyed to talk to all of the equipment inside and i've seen some. of the same you around here. against the u.n. soldiers those who are still keeping this. compound for the time being now. officials in northwestern kenya now say that tens of thousands of people have been affected by the flooding and landslides there at least 52 people have died relief efforts have been slow to reach the region and some roads and bridges have been cut off by the flooding several east african nations have been hit by heavy rain and more is forecast scientists are blaming unusually high temperatures in the indian ocean. hong kong's chief executive has admitted the voters have delivered
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a rebuke to the terrorist leaders kerry lamb has been speaking after pro-democracy candidates won a landslide victory in district council elections she also said the poll which is normally focus on local issues is very different this time. we will where. the large number of voters coming out to cost and vote perhaps not do need to select a preferred candidate to sit on the district council but also to express a view on many issues in society including i would readily accept that including deficiencies in governments including unhappiness with the time taken to deal with the current unstable environment. is our correspondent in hong kong he has. which is the 1st time she has appeared carry lamb in front of cameras since this election on sunday and this overwhelming voice
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from hong kong people that are dissatisfied by the way she's handled the situation the crisis and why and the government quite frankly by voting for pro-democracy councillors in these local elections so that is really kind of the top line out of it now she. issued a statement on monday pretty much very similar to what she said today that you know she hears the voice from the hong kong people that they are dissatisfied with the way the situation has been in this political crisis but the key here i believe is that what the government does to calm the situation saying and recognizing that people are dissatisfied with it is one thing actually doing something about it is another. well to come here it out is here including another night of violence in lebanon between supporters and opponents of the current political system. why climate change matters more than the economy for the majority of british voters.
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headed there still rain across southern areas of europe without fighting rains of holes 3 fronts if they were also on a towards greece that was more in the full cause is just working its way of a slow so slowly across towards the southeast and this is the unsettled area as we go through choose to eventually pushing on into western areas of turkey as well meanwhile out tools in old west another system is on its way some very strong winds of this system and very widespread rain heavy at times and of course coming down the ticket across the u.k. on some very saturated ground now that will work its way wednesday across into the low countries france training right the way down into northern spain and then there's another system in the central med snow to the mountains and we could of course have a small flooding here because again it's falling on such very saturated grounds meanwhile those systems in the mediterranean they will have some impacts along
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these northern areas of africa it is mostly dry but we could see just a few showers as the system works its way eastward so way to coastal areas of libya and on towards egypt saudi woman head of this system $28.00 celsius in cairo on tuesday a little bit cooler immoral career got quite a bit of cloud again trading down for that same system across the med and then we have got 20 celsius and algis of this in a sort of story as we head on into wednesday. whether sponsored by cats aren't. as flames engulf to be honest and the world watched in hong but behind the smoke screen a marquee belt is devouring the forest and its inhabitants there killing people the person police standing up on differently before back elian sends a message to everybody in the community faultlines meets those on the front line of defending their environment and asks who still keep the flames in both scenarios
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brazil isn't burning on al-jazeera. toughest take a look at the top stories here it out as there are protesters in georgia are trying to block politicians from getting into parliament in the capital tbilisi it's all kind of a bid to pressure the government to resign and hold a snap election. a powerful earthquake has hit albania the defense ministry says at least 6 people have been killed 6.4 magnitude quake struck north of the capital to run your storage is a call on people to stay out of their houses. armrests in eastern democratic republic of congo has continued to choose they would call set alight and armed men
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on the streets 4 people including a soldier were killed on monday in beni as protesters stormed the u.n. compound angry and persistent attacks by armed rebels. well the election in the united kingdom is less than 3 weeks away and for some people their vote is going to be influenced more by climate action and environmental policies than the usual economy jonah hall reports from a region that's still reading from flooding. the flooding that hit doncaster in the north of england this november inundated homes and farmland affecting hundreds of people it should have been a once in a generation event no longer. for 2 years. exploded in 2007 and then 12 years later it. sounds as. if this
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is the environment yes what sets these floods apart from the last time it happened in 2007 is that there's an election looming party leaders visited the area pledging billions for flood defenses boris johnson was criticised for his conservative government slow response and the green party says labor's priorities are misplaced we have a. and the labor. worried about jobs and they're thinking about economic growth and. expansion because of thinking about. green because it brings jobs they need to completely change that. and. the community in this is putting in green infrastructure that kind of thing just environmental activists talk about that plummet election because the next government will be in charge of climate policy behalf of the coming decade within
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which the un says the world must act if it's to avoid the worst effects of climate change there are signs of progress in may m.p.'s declared a climate and environment emergency in response to protests by the activist group extinction rebellion and the swedish teenager grettir. legislation now also commits the u.k. government to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2050 it's great. when there's a question of whether. the real danger is is that we're not meeting the targets with cars. so the next 2021 are due to me at this stage and what we really need to see now is the policies put in place to meet those targets as you say 5 years of the next 10 years or going to be crucial so whoever wins this is going to be at the front of their agenda. opinion polls suggest more than 50 percent of voters are likely to be influenced by environmental policies the issue of climate change ranks
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higher than the economy for a majority of voters was the correct plan which a lot of people think yes i think they would yes that might influence your vote yes yes. and that's the other big difference between 20072019 climate change matters. doncaster. and lebanon's opposes of 2 shia movements have been fighting antigovernment protests is for a 2nd night running hezbollah and amal oppose protests as demands for a complete overhaul of lebanon's power sharing system where posts are divided on a sectarian basis and some of the worst violence since protests against the ruling elite began last month in the hole that has more from beirut. another night of violence linked to the political crisis supporters of hezbollah the 2 main shiite parties in the governing alliance took to the streets again driving around the
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lebanese capital on motorcycles waving party flags chanting in support of their leadership they even drove by this protest site and what the anti political establishment protesters thought was another attempt to intimidate them there is tension in the streets the night before those supporters of. hezbollah attack this protest site what they did last night was attack the protest site in the southern city of tire which is a traditional stronghold of those 2 parties really that protest site has become a thorn in. in their side because this tent within their own ranks is quite aware so the situation has entered a very dangerous phase many consider what happened last night as a message from the ruling alliance that we're ready to force we're ready to resort to violence to protect our political power what the anti political establishment protesters have been demanding is early elections and an independent government
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a nonpartisan government but the ruling coalition says no that is not going to happen yes we will accept a number of independents in the next in the next government but there needs to be political representation so the political deadlock is is dangerous a deeply divided the society and in the middle are the security forces the police the army they're walking a very fine line they're trying to to remain neutral because if they are seen as taking sides then historically we've seen that happen they disintegrate that and so this is the greatest fear right now lebanon entering this dangerous phase while this political deadlock continues. the chief executive of a scandal plagued australian bank is stepping down regulators say westpac broke and t. money laundering and counter-terror finance $23000000.00 times the most damaging allegations concern the bank's fadia to monitor customers who were
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transferring money for child exploitation the company is likely to be forced to pay more than a $1000000000.00 in fines. a politician from the chilean president's party has sparked outrage by suggesting that normality can be restored without violating human rights so that. made the remarks hours before another round of protests demonstrators throwing rocks at police cars they were met with water cannon and tear gas demonstrations began over 2 months ago over an increase in metro fares and social inequality earlier president sebastian pinera had promised a set of reforms to satisfy the protests is. a lesson america editor lucien newman is in the chilean capital santiago de explains why women are a big part of these protests. and this is the way that 1 may have come out. and there is. no peace without us this banner for example says against male chauvinism
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and it came community many are telling us that after $37.00 days of mass protests here in chile for social change the specific demands of women are still taking a back seat. oh yes everything they are saying is just blah blah they chant they're referring to the women's ministry another sign reads 2nd class citizens without rights or on or marching with her husband is 82 year old rocephin manis she's saying that it's never too late to fight for women's right especially now. earlier we met with members of chile's over feminist organization as they were preparing for the march they've been fighting for women's rights to legal and safe abortion and against femicide this year alone $58.00 children women have been killed the majority by their partners. and we're
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demanding that when we discuss a new constitution at least 50 percent of the delegates should be women we represent more than half of the population but they now. what is why women here are saying that the. feeling of more political and economic inequality. and peru's highest court has ordered the release of opposition leader keiko fujimori she was detained last year accused of money laundering and receiving illegal election campaign funds from a brazilian construction company fujimori denies links to the order put out corruption scandal a u.s. judge has ordered former white house counsel don mcgann to appear before a house impeachment investigators that this is a setback for president trump's efforts to keep the top aides from testifying and it could encourage democrats in the house of representatives to call on other high ranking officials to give evidence the justice department says it will appeal
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against the verdict now thieves have stolen more than a $1000000000.00 worth of jewelry from a gallery in germany they pulled off the heist in dresden by 1st causing the electricity priyanka gupta reports. robbery at dawn in one of europe's oldest museums the whole worth more than a $1000000000.00 included 318th century sets of children made of time and rubies and emeralds the thieves forced a window before smashing glass cabinet in the nearly $300.00 your museum there was a power cut in the area during the heist. the culprits as you were able to see got in through a window facing the palace square there they cut through the grating and then smashed the glass before they went straight to one glass cabinet that they destroyed they then left the building and disappeared 1st indications point to
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a car which was possibly parked outside and with which they could have fled. german officials say the stolen treasures will be impossible to sell in the open market because they are so easy to identify. i don't need to tell you how shocked we are also about the brutality of this break and just to put this into context this is of invaluable are historic and culture historic value and. yet the museum and dressed in has one of europe's largest collections of treasures the collections survived the bombing that destroyed the city during world war 2 they were later taken by soviet forces finally being returned in 1958 but the people of the german state of saxony the value of the stolen objects goes far beyond the price tag doesn't see and it's not just about the material value but also the immaterial value which is inestimable for the state of saxony as
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a state premier has said overnight the whole of saxony was stolen from this is an attack on the cultural identity of all saxons and the state of saxony. but a museum there was one piece of good fortune their most valuable treasure a 41 carat green diamond is on loan at new york's metropolitan museum of art priyanka gupta al-jazeera. covers it take a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera protests in georgia trying to block politicians from entering parliament in the capital tbilisi as part of a bid to pressure the government to resign and hold snap elections a powerful earthquake has hit albania the defense ministry says at least 6 people have been killed the 6.4 magnitude quake struck just north of the capital tehran or
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your therapy is a quarter of people stay out of their homes. officials in northwestern kenya say tens of thousands of people have been affected by flooding and landslides at least 52 people have died relief efforts have been slow to reach the region as some roads and bridges have been cut off by the flooding several east african nations have been hit by heavy rain and more is forecast unrest in eastern democratic republic of congo has continued into tuesday with carl says a light and armed men on the streets 4 people including a soldier were killed on monday in the city of beni as protesters stormed the u.n. compound angry at persistent attacks by armed rebels the secretary general's special representative layla's ruki took part today in a meeting of the national security council chaired by the president with ministers and military leaders she stressed that she understood the people's anger and frustration after further deadly attacks by militia known as the democratic forces
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otherwise known as the a.d.f. the mission will work closely with the authorities to jointly find solutions for the people of benny in lebanon supposes it to share movements have been fighting anti-government protesters for a 2nd night running hezbollah and amal opposes protests as demands for a complete overhaul of lebanon's power sharing system where posts are divided on a sectarian basis. a politician from the chilean president's party has fought outraged by suggesting that no maliki can't be restored without violating human rights senator and as i am on made the remarks hours before another round of protests demonstrations began more than 2 months ago over an increase in metro fares and social inequality coming up next hear it out is there the strain. yes there are we. believe the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was that pakistan would never start
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a war until we walk we meet with global news makers and tweak about the stories that matter just 0. i have for me ok and your in this story and i'm only can be allowed to base my lips knows no borders especially in this digital world today we discuss how to end online violence against women share your thoughts you can tweet us at 8 a stream or leave a comment to the live chat or also be in the street. 25th is the international day for the elimination of violence against women the goal is to bring attention to gender based violence it's an issue that continues to plague women and girls around the globe despite in 1904 united nations was a.


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