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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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something as monumentally horrific as slavery studio to be unscripted on al jazeera . al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this news hour i'm fully back he brought out world headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes crowds overtops u.n. compounds in the democratic republic of congo a war now keep targeting peacekeepers until all of them leave more than 20 killed and hundreds injured by a powerful earthquake in albania that buried people under their homes also this hour as sectarian tensions rise lebanon's outgoing prime minister says he's
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offering a solution by not standing again and can these plants help save the find out how they're being genetically super charged to consume more carbon dioxide. thank you for joining us crowds who have attacked targets targeted u.n. peacekeepers in the eastern democratic republic of congo say they won't stop until all of them leave they've been defying a curfew imposed after a 2nd day of violence accusing the peacekeepers a failing to protect them from the rebels and brian reports. around 18000 u.n. peacekeepers are in the democratic republic of congo to protect civilians from attacks by rebel fighters. but some civilians went on the attack themselves at a u.n. compound in north kivu province on monday accusing peacekeepers of failing to fulfill them. you weren't supposed to piss in but we never see the police
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yes. we want we don't we don't want them to stay young. peacekeepers guarded what's left of their base in the eastern city of binney while a 2nd compound nearby became tuesday's target we've come here today to see if these u.n. people are still here we will begin again and more places specifically the movie base. it was too dangerous to film near the movie base as an angry mob confronted u.n. forces and congolese troops. go as it's known is the biggest peacekeeping mission in the world it's been in the diaz say for the past 20 years and protesters say that's long enough for the u.n. to have defeated various rebel groups active near the border with uganda including the allied democratic forces or i.d.f. accused of widespread atrocities as they fight for control of the mineral rich
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region in is it incredible it is legitimate for people to wonder why this peacekeeping force persists in the d.r. see we've had good successes but now it's time to sit down and talk honestly about what could be done better because cannot stay in the d.r. c. forever. this latest ngo was triggered on saturday after 8 people were killed in attacks blamed on rebels the race to spread to nearby batam and goma the regional capital the un says it's working around the clock to battle the i.d.f. and has stepped up patrols with the congolese army in the dense forests around we are operating in a very very difficult environment and now having the protesters blocking our rocking our movements and preventing us from going out and doing our work this will all lead and ravines duration the un waste has forced the world health organization to pull almost a 3rd of its staff from beni where doctors a struggling to contain another ebola outbreak the w.h.o.
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warns the instability almost solution related to an increase in the bowl of patients alexia brian al-jazeera. as alexie mentioned the protests have spread to the city of goma katherine sawyer and tells us more about what's going on. the situation is still extremely tense in benny and put temple with cheese a neighboring city into temple we're told protesters banged a u.n. vehicle in a government office in many angry young men on the street all morning through the afternoon they were trying to get to a military base that is very close to the airport it's also major logistics hub but they were passed by. soldiers there's also a lot of concern about what's going to happen on wednesday because there's going to be a burial of one of the process this was killed on saturday he was very popular and
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one of the organizers of the protest was shot dead by a police officer who himself was killed in the same angle more absurd his concern that his burial is going to just escalate the tensions participators saying they're going to march around the safety of. his boldest of a tribute to here in goma there was also part of this morning protesters were trying to get to another u.n. base but then they were repulsed by police is too important to note that the president. kennedy on monday authorized a joint military offensive a joint military operation by the u.n. and government soldiers against a.d.f. rebels but this doesn't seem to really appease the protesters they're saying look the u.n. has been here for so long they're not protecting us we don't need them they're also saying that government. the government soldiers really are not organized that's why
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this this rebels even with an offensive going on coming back to the villages and killing them so brutally. well as our speak to political analyst raise our children who joins us via skype from the capital kinshasa thank you so much for being with us there's clearly a lot of anger at the u.n. mission what could do better in the east of the democratic republic of congo in your opinion. is our travel can you hear me yes i can hear you perfectly ok i was asking clearly we've seen a lot of anger not just in beni but also in goma at the u.n. mission what in your opinion could they do better in the east of the d r c. a lot of mixed feelings about the u.n. because. for the last several. years they have been trying to
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support these posts and sort of. really. haven't really made it made them feel that they've been successful but what is suppose it is that immediately the president and you were all the security forces. were moved and they have the sorry to. enjoy your parishioners in the east so that peace and stability is. recovering. but is that going to be enough though i mean well as a rule the head of the u.n. mission in the d r c says you know the organization the u.n. is being used as a scapegoat for for the region's crisis you talk about they talk about joint patrols but to what extent does the d r c s neighbors have responsibility for what's going on in the east uganda and rwanda notably have been accused of backing some of these rebels that are operating
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in the east should they not also be involved in this conversation to stabilize the east and the r.c. . believe the 1st the very important question is the political we look at b.r.c. since the president's security has come to us maybe clear to the world their words. and the war in the e.c. and so far has been trying to leave that means that you have. as 'd you may know the country has been it's. so many. and only you when it's working with them assistance to peace and stability. as long as there is a political will. and actions that are going no we can release people can be hopeful but is it in the mail
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a sufficient. tries are i mean i guess this has been going on for decades now and it's no secret that the countries in the region have a role in what's going on in the east and the r.c. is a political well sufficient. this is true because the liberal countries have. a play by play rule into this because if a rebel movement comes from a neighboring country attacking your country you should talk to your neighbors about but let's stop principi what's canada the arts do right when the coming from. so they've turned on the u.s. so they've they're they have been successful in their in taking with vision basic so that means that we've the political will and the assistance of. the u.n. big can they can begin to make things happen but really if you have to talk to
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their labor and get them not to support the rebels and the now and make it difficult for these rebels to go and hide organize themselves from from the neighboring countries. thank you very much for speaking to us on our desire thank you for your time and you. now elsewhere in the democratic republic of congo at least 45 people have been killed by severe flooding to wrench all rain hits kinshasa causing landslides wa floodwaters swept through homes severe flooding has affected much of central africa and after 120000 people have been affected by flooding and landslides in northwestern kenya 65 people have died in the past 3 days relief teams have been slow to reach the area of west backcourt with some roads and bridges cut off by heavy rain from their mom or dad only thoughts. the
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primary school in korea has been tom into a makeshift come for victims of floods and landslides these people have never had much and now they've lost everything their homes crops livestock and positions it's the loss of loved ones that's most profound the 3 of devotee of capellas sons were killed when a torrent of mud and rocks serp their home away in the middle of the night in a student lobby i don't know what to do my house is gone my children are dead i'm left with just my wife and children were injured in our street or the government is promising to help but no assistant can bring back my children at least 7000 canyon's have sought refuge here the school can barely accommodate all of them many told us that they spend the night in the cold there's a shortage of almost everything here light there joe in a touchy chocola the people identity need food clean water intense they have no
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homes left with impassable roads are making that anybody of a difficult. the government has mobilized workers to rebuild bridges and sections of the road washed away by the floods it's a painstaking process slowed for the by the continuing torrential rains from the heels of floodwaters continue to gush. buck at the company to coworkers at treating the sick and the most common ailment that we've seen is a power a spirit or attractive picture which is basically associated with their call the place is a bit cold and also doing a lot of psychotherapy for their patients we have a number of psychological counsellors here and they're doing a lot of clinical psychology here with 4 more weeks of rainfall cause the government is trying hard to ensure the disaster of the top and here is not repeat that anywhere else in the country government officials are now appealing to people living in flood and landslide prone areas to move to safer ground 6 shelters in
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schools and government buildings the torrential rain currently pounding kenya is uncommon for this time of the experts blamed extreme weather on the ocean of is a flick of been far warmer than usual causing more rain to fall here mounted on the wall just zita. in northwestern kenya. rescuers in albania are digging into rubble through the night looking for survivors trapped in buildings brought down by a powerful earthquake 21 people are known to have died in at least 600 are injured the manager of 6.4 quake caused the most damage in the capital tirana and cities in the north and west reports the most powerful earthquake to hit albania in decades and one of its youngest victims reached too late by rescuers desperately searching for survivors in northern alberta. for those waiting for news these moments were simply unbearable. the earth short quot many people were still asleep but by day
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the full scale of the quakes impact was clear to see. throughout the early hours teams had scoured the rubble to find anyone trapped. by dawn heavy lifting equipment was moved into the worst affected areas. when the quake hit the lights went off we couldn't see anything everything fell apart and crumbled. i don't remember such a quake since 979 it never occurred like this. some buildings were almost completely destroyed in the quake and hundreds of people were injured albania's prime minister visited a makeshift camp in the main. the quake left us on the shelter everything is destroyed flops windows everything and we cannot live there are you know. the 6.4 magnitude quake was felt far beyond albania's border the government has declared
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wednesday a day of mourning put the country's many victims and he would. 3 bombs set off at the same time have killed 6 people in the iraqi capital baghdad in the 1st apparently ordinated attack since anti-government protests began almost 2 months ago as believe the attackers used to explosive field motorbikes and a roadside bomb meanwhile protesters again clash with security forces as the demonstrations continue they say the government is too corrupt and broken to deal with poor public services and high unemployment protesters have also been blocking bones with burning tires in the southern cities of. they're trying to stop iraqi government employees from going to work at least 350 people have been killed and 15000 wounded in a nationwide protest that began in early october. turkey's defense minister ministry says 17 people have been killed by a car bomb in the northeastern syrian town of. its blaming kurdish group the
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kurdish on group the y p g which turkey regards as a terrorist organization kurdish fighters withdrew from the border town last month under a cease fire deal brokered by the u.s. and not a 7 people were injured early on tuesday when a cop bomb blew up in the northern town of offering. in the news ahead when you look at what came up came of talks between u.s. officials and libyan wallowed haile to have talked to. another writes report turns up the heat on chile's embattled president and his security forces and in sport will have the latest in the champions league way it's a never start for tottenham's new boss. lebanon's outgoing prime minister says he doesn't want to lead a new government harry reids an ounce mint puts the onus on his bibles to find an alternative who can steer the country out of its political crisis in
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a harder reports from beirut. yet more turmoil and even more uncertainty in lebanon following 2 months of nationwide protests against the political establishment caretaker prime minister saddam had 80 who submitted his resignation a month ago has said he no longer wants to head a new government in a statement he said he is moving out of the way after those in power accused him of preventing a solution analysts say howdy may be maneuvering not only does he have international standing and support but he is the leader of the sunni community in lebanon. it was clear he didn't agree to the conditions and names the other camp insisted on there are certain faces he doesn't want in his government and he's insisting on an independent government and through his stances he's trying to regain popularity. how does this isn't followed 2 nights of violence supporters of the ruling elite in particular parties i'm a little hezbollah are projected their strengths are the streets they drove through
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neighborhoods armed with metal rods and clubs resorting to violence in what appears to be an attempt to push a political agenda obviously the government is not willing to engage is not willing to listen to the to the people and this is why we are finding more and more pressure there on the process of finding one a more aggressive rhetorical and even their own people taking the streets to try to counterbalance to engage in a counter revolution kind of kind of approach. hezbollah has been defending the status quo the iranian backed group is worried that if it is left out of the government it would weaken its power protesters are demanding independent politicians govern until early elections. tensions are escalating sources close to the president say he will hold binding parliamentary consultations to nominate a new prime minister on thursday that could be a tactic to pressure how do you need to change his position or the ruling alliance
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may push ahead with what. it will be seen as a one sided governments. such a government would risk being perceived as hezbollah controlled and could face sanctions from the u.s. which lists the group a terrorist organization it's a dangerous period without a deal that will satisfy all parties for their violence is likely sent to their beirut. u.s. state department officials have met libyan warlord highly for have tougher tasks statement says a meeting on november 24th discussed steps to achieve a suspension of us any political resolution to the libyan conflict the frank discussions built on recent talks with temporary base officials the aim is to establish a common basis for progress between the parties on the issues that divide them these include concrete fs to address militias and extremists elements and the distribution of resources so they benefit all libyans mahmoud abdel 100 has more from libya's capital tripoli this meeting is according to many analysts.
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resulting in a very strong statement calling on the war lord hurry for have to to stop hostilities and return to the peaceful negotiations to end the libyan crisis remember in back in april the security of a state might promptly you called on have to. retreat and to stop the military escalation in southern tripoli and since then this is the 1st american statement to. lake is said to address a stronger statement to have to stop the military hostilities and return to the peaceful negotiations but the question now is whether or not this meeting is going to take to contribute to end the conflict in southern tripoli unless the united states will address the countries involved in fueling the conflict in libya like
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russia the united arab emirates and egypt. and the u.s. also held talks with the other side in the conflicts the un recognized government of national accord the us ambassador. in a tweet the embassy in libya said ambassador norland met with prime minister 25th to discuss prospects for a suspension of hostilities around tripoli and efforts to find a solution a political solution to the conflict in light of escalating russian intervention. rivals the democrats are moving into the next phase of the proceedings a committee in the house of representatives will hold its 1st hearing next week committee chairman jerry nadler has written to trump inviting him to attend the session the impeachment effort centers on allegations of abuse his power by trying
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to encourage ukraine's government to investigate a rival let's bring in patika hain in washington d.c. for us patty so what can we expect from this house judiciary committee hearing next week. well it's just the next step in the process so you know that the investor intelligence committee they did the investigation they called in witnesses over several weeks they're currently writing a report the intelligence community committee will then send this report jude the judiciary committee in essence the judiciary committee are basically is the 1st step that committee has to decide whether or not the president should be impeached if they vote that he should be impeached this goes to the full house for a vote that it would go to the senate for a trial so we don't expect that they're going to rehash all the different witnesses that have been what they're going to do we think is call a panel of constitutional experts the republicans many of them their argument has been ok maybe what the president did would say may be inappropriate maybe it was
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wrong that he basically held back u.s. military aid for ukraine in exchange for getting them to investigate a political rival but it's not impeachable so what this committee's going to do is call in the experts who know what the founders had in mind and say is this in fact the definition of an impeachable offense because remember it's not really defined it's very broadly defined as high crimes misdemeanor bribery so they're going to try and nail that down and interestingly they've told the president come on come on in you can if you or your lawyers can question all these witnesses yourself whether or not he's going to choose to do that we don't know we're writing the president a letter basically saying either take part or stop complaining about the process so they've given the president till this coming sunday to let them know if he's going to take part in the proceedings so we'll be watching it closely and can we expect to hear from additional witnesses patty. you know it's not clear right now so there was this huge really really very critical to this whole process that came out just
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about 24 hours ago where a federal judge said no further when it came to the president's lawyer mcgann you don't have a direct immunity or total immunity and nothing like that exists and she specifically said that this applies to everyone who works with the president you can claim executive privilege but you can't refuse a congressional subpoena when it comes to issues of impeachment so that the justice department has appealed that as of today so we're going to have to wait and see what the appeals court decides whether or not that all of these tests these witnesses john bolton the national security adviser who's hinted that he wants to testify if they're going to wait for the appeals court if so that could take months and the democrats have said they're not waiting for the courts aside they're going to go right ahead with this impeachment process the question though is is the president going to change his mind he sent out a tweet saying he'd love for all these people to testify his secretary of state his now former national security adviser but he said he's protecting the presidency so really john bolton who's probably the most critical witness here he was in the room
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for a lot of these things he's respected conservative he's hinted that he wants to talk is he going to wait for the appeals court or basically say ok now one judge said i can come i will that's really what everyone in washington is waiting to see what happens there thank you for that patty cohen life for a sane d.c. . chile's president has asked congress to allow troops back on the strains to defend key public services the requests by sebastian pinera came hours after human rights watch release a damning report alleging abuses by the security forces during recent protests and reports some santiago. chile has been embroiled in peaceful protests and uncontrollable violence for more than 7 weeks the 2nd time in 5 days the government was served with a harsh report on the state of human rights this time from the washington based ngo human rights watch while recognizing
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a serious deterioration in public security the report concludes that security and police are part of the problem rather than the solution the kind of reforms that are becoming much easier has to implement to change the behavior and address the fundamental. problems of lack of accountability and brutality of the national police of chile our urgent oh no not excessive use of force illegal detention sexual abuse brutal beatings against thousands of citizens including children as well as destroying or distorting incriminating evidence part of a long list of the bill says used to describe a security force that has not been overhauled since chile return to democracy indeed. different governments have done is to grant it
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regularly more and more powers to the police without much responsibility in other words we believe a complete. unlike his strong rejection of amnesty international's report president civil stamping it out quickly embraced the vanquished recommendations to create a new modern police force that can be both a vector. and to guarantee respect for human rights. but in the same press the president sent a request to congress to authorize the army to safeguard keep public service installations without calling for a state of emergency. much of our basic infrastructure like electricity drinking water and hospitals have been attacked but there's a 2nd benefit it will free many police officers so they can concentrate on being on the street in our parks in the security of our citizens. given chillies history of brutality under military dictatorship bringing out the army which is trained for
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combat is likely to generate more control to see depending on the scope of their mandate but the very fact that such a move is even being contemplated is evidence of the incapacity of the police to step to really address the challenges cheney is facing and as things stand now it can be argued that the police is contributing to rather than reducing the environment of violence here you see in human al-jazeera. much more still ahead of a new case chief rabbi weighs in on the anti-semitism saga asked around in jameco men and his neighbor body and sports as arabian gulf cop is underway in qatar find out why it carries more political significance than not.
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hello once again with the biggest travel day of the day before thanksgiving weekend coming up the weather's not playing ball this is often the case this is what the satellite shows and the massive clouds behind me it's over the high ground in the west and this is maybe early in ferocious snow anywhere from the californian harlan's across to colorado where we see the already significant snow there is kota tucked in denver before the snow comes in is at minus 3 as a high temperature so further east isn't to parents it's just about north and like if you like the upper midwest and across into canada the running from wednesday into thursday when quite a few people just won't be going to work if you've got there this is what will greet you if you look out the window snows through the plains down to kansas city or rain in dallas find further east you'll notice the stove is still falling a long way size in california all throughout the mountains of the state but it's still early and still could be quite heavy and quite disruptive to defer the travel
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and that's where most of the weather is if you come further sas is a distinct breeze of course the trades are blowing once more put a land mass in the way to build up the showers his son storms downpours from honduras all the way down towards panama that's the wednesday just as much for thursday. al jazeera is an investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't move to a bribe would just use a token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today stewardship discussed closure but then the price will go to one of the most involving some of the region's highest officials murtha to work with. the. al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale. when the news breaks. when people need to be hurt. and the story needs to be told
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$145000.00 prisoners under its care with exclusive interviews. and in-depth reports are you kidding me i'm going out of things to protect i'm told al-jazeera has teams on the ground and that's a story the thing right here to bring you more award winning documentaries and life means. you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to remind of our top stories protesters have been venting their anger in the east of the democratic republic of congo thorsten when peacekeepers demonstrators accusing un of failing
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to stop deadly militia attacks on tuesday 2 people were killed on this palace march to a u.n. base i mean 21 people have been killed in albania by the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in decades a magnitude 6.4 trauma struck the capital tirana and city is not. yes and north injuring more than 600 people and lebanon's outgoing prime minister says he won't head the next government side have revealed resigned last month optimisation wide anti-government protests. the palestinian red cross says 63 people have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces in gaza in the occupied west bank people were protesting against the u.s. shift on israeli settlements. israeli soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at the demonstrators who hurled stones back at them last week the u.s. declared that it would no longer consider settlements to be illegal the un among others describes the move as
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a big backward step in any peace process meanwhile thousands of people have rallied in support of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in tel aviv has been indicted on corruption charges and is bombing a possible rebellion within his own party that's now denies any wrongdoing and as described the charges as an attempted coup in one khan was among the crowds in tel aviv and explains why it's now still command says supporters it's a sizable crowd of supporters that have turned up in tel of the. day to listen to supporters of prime minister benjamin netanyahu though just about supporting him there's a lot of anger towards the supreme court and the attorney general they say the charges against. up a little motivated and the echoing the prime minister's words as well and they say that this is the attempted coup against him although there are a number of supporters say this is
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a divided country when it comes to the prime minister the latest polls suggest that overhaul of the country would like him to leave office however he says he's not going anywhere this crowd firmly behind. promises made so far on greenhouse gas emissions won't be enough to prevent climate chaos as a warning from the united nations in this annual progress report looking at the targets set for the 20342035 the paris agreements it found that despite the pledges concentrations of warn it warming gases in the atmosphere which are a record high in 2018 and even if all those pledges a met temperatures are still expected to rise over 3 degrees celsius this century so the un wants all countries to take much more drastic action to reduce emissions by 7 percent each year over the next decades how much of the focus on reducing global warming has been on cutting fossil fuel consumption but scientists in
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california are working on genetically modifying plants to help soak up greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and if successful it could be an important step in slowing global warming rob reynolds reports. the planet earth for dr joe ensuring it's a race against time jury is a multiple word winning plant biologist at the soul institute in california she's also been battling parkinson's disease for more than a decade her idea is to genetically modify existing crop plants to reduce the planet or make chemical carbon dioxide we knew that plants really good sucking up c o 2 from the air they've heard 450000000 years or more of no evolution and that makes the plant really efficient players can get that c o 2 out of their sphere and they can concentrate in the music during phone services
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think back to your school science lesson photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight water is 0 to into stems leaves and sea plants expel oxygen as. a byproduct but while forests are shrinking globally farmland is expanding a fact that cory says can help cut 0 to the beauty of our planet really comes down to never using the food. we've given them we another trait they can sequester this carbon and put it down in the soil the basic idea behind this science is to genetically modified crops plants like for cotton or soybeans to absorb more atmospheric carbon carbon is then stored in the plants roots and kept under round out of the air the scientific team wants to develop food crops that will grow
2:37 am
longer deeper roots to sequester the extra c o 2 they absorb in their tissues as they grow the hope is over. the decade or more that enough of that carbon dioxide will be sucked out of the atmosphere that we will be able to begin to mitigate the rising c o 2 levels because of the burning of fossil fuels jory admits it's a bold initiative which could take years to implement if the gene manipulation is successful but for her it's personal and there is an emergency with this project and for me you know i'm 64 years old ok i've had put this news for 16 years that's a long time while i feel good i have to do this you know we have to stay so on point to get it done right every single goal you have to keep your eye on that go joy ensuring a warrior in a laboratory fight for planet earth properly it's al-jazeera telephone.
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that's now speak to juliette's roni vogl who's director of the climate change initiative at the university of massachusetts. thank you so much for being with us what do you make of this initiative this is being presented as something that could be a key defense against climate change how much can be achieved through this super charging process in your opinion. that's a great question so i want to start off by saying i'm really grateful to hear of great minds like dr torrey working on this problem you know we really need people from all walks of life to gauge this issue in our global society toward solutions i also think it's a great idea to carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into plants roots and soil whenever possible and in fact the good news is that while dr torrey's working on this and her lab there are ready existing faurisson ecosystems that are doing some of that work for us but the bad news is that even if we're successful
2:39 am
in supercharging plants to absorb c o 2 and even if we preserve the plants that we already have doing that work for us are naturally go systems we're still going to have a lot of work to do in other words plants can only do part of this job for us maybe it's a relatively small part so we can take a look at the numbers and add that up so for example. currently c o 2 emissions from fossil fuels from coal oil and natural gas add up to about $37000000000.00 tons per year right now therefore those supercharged plants would need to suck up $37000000000.00 tons per year in order to take care of a problem and that's a lot of current anna and lot of scientists i think agree with you when they say that you know the real solution will have to focus on that chimney reducing carbon emissions and that this does not actually do that so where then does the solution
2:40 am
how do you do that how do you achieve that given that most countries are not reaching that target. well there all the good news is that there are many things that we can do so including that agricultural soil sequestered in the dr torrey's working on so or slacks a good thing although really what we want is solutions that are available today solutions that are available now because if we wait 10 years of for example let's say that 1st great plant comes out a lot in 10 years we could be looking at 47000000000 tons for year even more land in fact something on the order of i have of india would be needed to sequester just 5 tons $5000000000.00 tons of c o 2 per year so what can we do now there are so many things that we can do now from the decisions that everyday people make in terms of our diet how we get around whether we're taking active forms of transportation like bicycles public transit how you know walking or even if electric vehicles where we get our electricity from
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and then of course what are what policymakers are doing and what policies we support in. in terms of things like pricing carbon and encouraging the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency but as you know a policymaker are divided on so many things as also opposition to genetically modified organisms says especially in the european union which has outlawed them so you know the question is where does it stop where do we begin is it the policy makers who we have to rely on or is it you know elsewhere. so i think that the answer is it's really all hinge on what real need is to. remember that there is no magic solution instead there are many solutions that need to be deployed and especially the ones that are available today to be avoid so whatever we can do to keep fossil fuels in the ground so depressed growth on fossil
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fuels and increase our energy efficiency in the pilot or renewable energy and i think there who are it's it's really this is like an invitation right we need we need everyone from scientists everyday people and policymakers to actually live it so we can preserve our climate and our our well being thank you so much for speaking to us tonight many of our guys from the university of massachusetts know all thank you for your time if you. have been more street battles between protesters and security forces in colombia's capital bogota during a 6 day of anti-government protests demonstrators throwing rocks at officers who fired back with want to canon and get persists about corruption and proposed changes to the minimum wage pensions and taxes. 20 people have been arrested in georgia's capital after protesters try to stop government politicians from entering parliament riot police used water cannon to disperse the opposition supporters they're calling for the government to step down and
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a complete overhaul of the voting system robin force a walk or repeat some tbilisi fell. on tuesday police outnumbered protesters outside georgia's parliament a sign that this government is taking no chances and good by its failure to deliver promised electoral reform opposition protestors closed off the area to traffic and encircled parliament on monday a 2nd attempt to disrupt parliamentary business in less than a week ended with police dispersing crowds. inside the building there's a sense of siege electoral reform is officially no longer of discussion but in any case government m.p.'s have nobody to debate within the chamber or was it to sort of position parties are absent they've got a parliament this is the right but those rights have limits if they try to disrupt parliamentary business the government will have to respond the don't the way to
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have 3 in 3 lections is if the opposition comes back here to debate it. this is what the opposition looks like empty seats instead of m.p.'s for the government of course it's business as usual but with no opposition they'll be no debate no compromise and therefore at least in this chamber no way out of this political crisis those. outside in the cold the opposition admit there's another barrier to break through a skeptical electorate one of the main reasons is that there is a huge segment in georgia societies it is it is this current government they are liars and they're incompetent but they are afraid of the return of the previous government. because because they failed to secure. the exit time and they don't want the same feeling to come back the opposition isn't just comprised of the government it's
2:45 am
a broad coalition they were snowfall in their own consensus on the street robin 1st to walk out easier to believe. in malta to government ministers have resigned in connection with a case involving the matter of a journalist a prime minister said chief of staff also quietus police searches helm reporter daphne khurana was killed by a car bomb 2 years ago while investigating corruption between politicians and business executives. and the u.k.'s chief rabbi has accused the opposition labor leader of failing to stem untie semitism in his party the commons came as jeremy corbett unveiled a new manifesto aimed at tackling racism need for some london. the labor leader came to deliver a manifesto all tackling racism but this is what awaited him. call binns been accused of doing too little too late to rid the party of anti
2:46 am
semitism. the civil red book is a battle for the heart and soul of britain's black asian a minority ethnic groups but not a corbin's leadership labour's come under formal investigation for institutional racism against jews to jewish m.p.'s left the party citing bullying and corbin's been accused of embracing anti semites his comrades the labor party he said opposes all forms of racism there is no place whatsoever for and to semitism in any shape or form or in any place whatsoever in modern britain and under a labor government it will not be tolerated in any form what so ever i want to make that. the core bit hopes the release of this manifesto will help tackle bigotry racism and prejudice but despite the number of times he and his fellow m.p.'s denounce anti semitism is a message that fails to convince many british or jewish voters in an article with
2:47 am
the times newspaper britain's chief rabbi ephram meir this accuse corbin of a failure of leadership a new poison sanction from the top he said has taken root in the labor party corben supporters including the labor peer alfred who fled to the u.k. to escape the nazis has been quick to defend him labor party base and faith manifesto has some excellent things in it we've got to get that out to people in the country to the minority groups in the country to the to the jewish community to the muslim community and others really get it out and say to them look this is where we stand and this is going i will say about that i do i do think it is a very serious business when the chief rabbi speaks and. boris johnson was quick to respond to the chief rabbi his comments denouncing what he called a virus in the labor party but johnson to face these accusations of racism describing muslim women who wear the burka as letterboxes a recent poll found that nearly half of conservative voters would not want
2:48 am
a muslim as prime minister. the conservative party has a situational and systemic problem with islamophobia that is consistently fail so subtle racism is rife in society and in political parties left and right as you said no form of racism is acceptable all that parties must commit to addressing the concerns that have been right about racism in their respective parties while britain's 2 main parties trade accusations of racism a recent incident on london's underground network has received widespread praise a muslim woman stepped in to defend a jewish man and his children racist abuse. and in the midst of britain's fierce political debate these are the kinds of values many would prefer the country's leaders to more clearly display of. london.
2:49 am
2:50 am
thank you very much the 24th edition of the arabian gulf cup is underway here in doha there's extra attention on the tournament this year because 3 of the nation's blockading catto saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain are all competing after confirming they would play just last week are the richest and has more from the khalifa international stadium was interesting when i was 3 countries decided some might not footballing you certainly got
2:51 am
a statement from the tournament organizers saying that it was a reminder that when it comes to the gold cup this region is as warm compare that to the situation had in the last gold cup in late 2017 just a few months after the blockade began that sort of it was hosted by the whites one of the countries that remained neutral throughout the the blockade on one occasion you had saudi arabia for example refusing to talk in press conferences it's all members of the cats all media in the room full of monday the saudi team arrived here in tire wall on a direct flight from riyadh this at a time when there are no commercial direct flights between the 2 countries so i would suggest there is some sort of change in the relationship is to be remembered though that at club level the aging champions league for example sayings from the countries involved in not to speak up continue to play against each other so that sort of footballing relationship has continued what it was been going on at
2:52 am
a political level but then let's go back to the start of fishing when the cats are national team out is biggest moments winning being the asian cup in it sort of and hosted by the united arab emirates while the teams met in the semifinal stage and the cats all players were helset with also bottles and shoes cheering the game and then when they went on to win the final they had to fly back. home and such is the some of the the fallout from the ongoing dispute very different welcome promise to the u.a.e. plays at this tournament the teams will make out. the usa will meet in the great state on december the 2nd organizers say all the signage around the stadium and on social media saying that everyone in doha is welcome. but on the field it wasn't a great start for the hosts in their opening matches they lost $21.00 to iraq mohammad cassim scoring a double for the iraqis within the 1st half an hour. team getting one back for cats
2:53 am
are early in the 2nd half and despite a number of late chances the hardest were unable to find the equaliser they needed to talk about through to the champions league knockout stages after a very nervy match against olympiakos it looked like josie renier would lose his 1st game at home in charge of spurs as the side went to kneel down inside 20 minutes for gold either side of half 2 are got them back into the match before they eventually run away with it to win 42 in the night's other games by munich how many red star belgrade they lead tottenham's group roma dread drew 22 with p.s.g. at the burn about whilst ensuring the event to speak at let it go one nil. champions liverpool can advance to the knockout stage on wednesday with a win over napoli at home at anfield the reds have lost their home in european tie in 5 years but manager garden club is wary of italian apartments after they want to nail in the opening group stage match in naples they won last year against us.
2:54 am
and now policeman we were really bad this year against us and we were not bad but not good enough to win the game. and they gave us the proper fight been there be played them here. and that's what they will do tomorrow night live as well and again so that's all i'm thinking about not about the games coming up. that russia could be stripped of hosting euro $22.00 of the football matches and the champions league final because of its ongoing doping problems the world anti-doping agency committee says russia tampered with lab data and wants them banned from hosting major events for 4 years the international olympic committee says the manipulation of data is an insult to the sporting world and it will support the sanctions but what has stopped short of calling for a blanket ban of russian athletes competing there as a sports correspondent lee wellings explains even if the proposed sanctions do come in not that much will change. russia aren't providing the date or the reassurances
2:55 am
they're not sending out the message that russia is providing clean sport and clean athletes so that takes it into another area that so familiar the big world sports politics and the international olympic committee play a big part in that you've seen them want to maintain a good strong relationship with russia whether they should or not is a different matter that's what thomas bach and the i.o.c. want to do and therefore they found a way to circle navigate the issue by having these olympic athletes from russia they're not officially under a russian flag but you know it's a russian tame it most unsatisfactory in this is what's most likely to happen that will continue through to tokyo and beyond by having russian athletes to complete their clean competing but not under our russian flag the fascinating thing about this is the issue of euro 2024 games in some petersburg russia due to take place members at all of the takes place across europe in 12 countries trading actually.
2:56 am
the way for heads of european football are not signed up to the water kind of favor is that you wait for reason and there's a loophole for varsha to actually state those games for a russian team to take part that's all that's needed really for that to go ahead so i think you will say russian in that tournament you are likely to see games in some papers but because of that technicality but it's an issue that people are unhappy with and as you say it's not going away andy murray said it start sort of return to grand slam singles tennis next year with the australian open in his diary for january where he was speaking at the premier of a documentary detailing his comeback from a career threatening injury i really want to keep. telling me you know. if you go back to playing 1st tennis. you could destroy him. or murray almost quit the game after an emotional news conference at the last australian open only to come back to win the european open in october but the 1st
2:57 am
grand slam of the new tennis season will be his big test over $0.05. now about belonging to the gentlemen behind me baseball legend by ruth is set to be auctioned off for over a $1000000.00 the balance was the one ruth used to hit his 500th home run for the new york yankees back in august 1929 that was over 90 years ago where ruth was the 1st player ever to achieve the fate the bat is just the latest piece of babe ruth memorabilia to hit the market the last few years in fact of the top 20 most expensive sports memorabilia items 9 of them by bruce collectibles in june of jersey worn by ruth so far over $5000000.00 and that is all the support for now will later. thank you very much for that as always much more news on our web site. dot com the very latest on all of the top stories on there including our top story and. the democratic republic of congo much more coming up after this short break.
2:58 am
on new era in television news we badly need at these moments leadership and this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here. i got to come in you're all i'm hearing is good journalism business. has resigned after all the lawyers the attempts of cover ups jews loved ones some form of closure people suffering.
2:59 am
in. the beginning. 16 saw the syrian army. in the city record it. would. happen. quickly. the brazilian journalist investigating a politically struction grab all the farmers. are elected and he's reprieve them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest people are almost willing to give their life away to guarantee the occupation of the land is journalism the last hope in the fight so steep that on the song this is not only land conflict but a conflict of narrative brazil the age of. truth is that any way on al-jazeera.
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crowds overtops u.n. compounds in the democratic republic of congo warned they will keep targeting peacekeepers until all of them. come fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up more than 20 killed and hundreds injured by a powerful earthquake in albania that buried people under their homes. president calls for a new law allowing the military on this series to protect infrastructure even as security forces are to.


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