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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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is it any way on al jazeera. crowds overtops u.n. compounds in the democratic republic of congo warned they will keep targeting peacekeepers until all of them. fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up more than 20 killed and hundreds injured by a powerful earthquake in albania that buried people under their homes. president calls for a new law allowing the military on the streets to protect infrastructure even a security forces are accused of committing grave abuses and why the u.k.'s chief
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rabbi says neighbor leader jeremy corbyn is failing to stand untie semitism in his party. crowds who have been targeting u.n. peacekeepers in the east of the democratic republic of congo say they won't stop until all of them leave they've been defying a curfew imposed after a 2nd day of violence accusing the peacekeepers are failing to protect them from rebels alexia brined reports. around 18000 un peacekeepers are in the democratic republic of congo to protect civilians from attacks by rebel fighters. but some civilians we don't need take themselves at the u.n. compound in north kivu province on monday accusing peacekeepers of failing to fulfill their mandate. but we never see the. this.
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peacekeepers guarded what's left of their base in the eastern city of benny while a 2nd compound nearby became tuesday's target we've come here today to see if these u.n. people are still here we will be in it again and more places specifically the movie base. it was too dangerous to film near the movie base as an angry mob confronted u.n. forces and congolese troops. go as it's known is the biggest peacekeeping mission in the world it's been in the diaz say for the past 20 years and protesters say that's long enough for the u.n. to have defeated various rebel groups active near the border with uganda including the allied democratic forces or i.d.f. accused of widespread atrocities as they fight for control of the mineral rich region in is it incredible it is legitimate for people to wonder why this peacekeeping force persists in the d.r.
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see we've had good successes but now it's time to sit down and talk honestly about what could be done better because cannot stay in the d.r. c. forever. this latest ngo was triggered on saturday after 8 people were killed in attacks blamed on rebels the at rest bridge to nearby batam and goma the regional capital the un says it's working around the clock to battle the i.d.f. and has stepped up patrols with the congolese army in the dense forests around we are operating in a very very difficult environment and now having the protesters blocking our. our movements and preventing us from going out and doing our work this will all lead and prevent the situation the un waste is forced the world health organization to pull almost a 3rd of its staff from benny where doctors a struggling to contain and now the ebola outbreak the w.h.o. warns the instability almost solution related to an increase in the bowl of
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patients elixir brian al-jazeera. has alexi mention the protests spread to the city of goma katherine sawyer is there and more about what's going on. the situation is still extremely tense in beni and temple which is a neighboring city into temple we are told protesters banged a u.n. vehicle in a government office in many angry young men on the street all morning through the afternoon they were trying to get to a military base that is very close to the airport it's also a major logistics hub but they were passed by. soldiers there's also a lot of concern about what's going to happen on wednesday because there's going to be a burial of one of the process this was killed on saturday he was very popular and one of the organizers of the protest was shot dead by a police officer who himself was killed on the same day ban and you lord so there's
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concern that his burial is going to just escalate the tensions protestants are saying they're going to march around the city of. tribute to here in goma there was also part test this morning protesters were trying to get to another u.n. base but then they were repulsed by police is too important to note that the president . kennedy on monday authorized a joint military offensive a joint military operation by the u.n. and government soldiers against a.d.f. rebels but this doesn't seem to really appease the protesters there saying look the u.n. has been here for so long they're not protecting us we don't need them they're also saying that government. the government soldiers really are not organized that's why this seeing this rebels even with an offensive going on coming back to the villages
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and killing them so brutally. elsewhere in the democratic republic of congo at least 45 people have been killed by severe flooding to rental rain hit kinshasa causing landslides water is swept through homes severe flooding has affected much of central africa. rescuers in albania are digging into rubble through the night looking for survivors feared trapped in buildings brought down by a powerful earthquake 21 people are known to have died in at least 600 are injured the manager of 6.4 quake caused the most damage in the capital tirana and cities in the north and west emma hayward reports the most powerful earthquake to hit albania in decades of one of its youngest victims reach too late why were skewers desperately searching for survivors in northern iowa bonior for those waiting for news these moments were simply unbearable. the earth shook quo many people were still asleep but by day the full scale of the quakes impact was clear to say you
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know. throughout the early hours teams had scoured the rubble to find anyone trapped. by dawn heavy lifting equipment was moved into the worst affected areas. when the quake hit the lights went off we couldn't see anything everything fell apart and crumbled. maybe because i don't remember such a quake since 979 it's never occurred like this. some buildings were almost completely destroyed in the quake and hundreds of people were injured albania's prime minister visited a makeshift camp in the main. the quake left us on a shelter everything is destroyed flats windows everything we cannot live there hero. the 6.4 magnitude quake was felt far beyond albania's border the government has declared wednesday a day of mourning for the country's many victims and heywood. israel has bombarded
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empty training camps belonging to the military wing of hamas in the gaza strip israel's army says it was responding to rockets fired from gaza into its territory there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack no injuries have been reported in the exchange of fire. 3 bombs set on fire the same time have exploded 6 have killed rather 6 people in the iraqi capital baghdad in the 1st apparently coordinated attacks since anti-government protests began almost 2 months ago it's believed the attackers used to explosives field motorbikes and a roadside bomb meanwhile protesters are again clashed with security forces demonstrations continue they say the government is too corrupt and broken to deal with poor public services and high unemployment simona fountain is in baghdad in has more on the bomb blasts 3 separate explosions occurred around at around the same time 8 pm local time 2 of them were motorcycle bombs and one of them was an
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improvised explosive device and these explosions occurred in 3 different neighborhoods in baghdad. in the north as well as the security forces are still investigating who may have been behind these explosions as well as what the motive could be so we don't have any information on that at the moment but what is important to say that since the defeat of the of eisel in iraq such explosions have gone down significantly in the capital but that we haven't really seen many of these so it is quite unusual what is especially unusual is to see 3 of them go off at the same time in different areas of baghdad turkey's defense ministry says 17 people have been killed by a car bomb in the northeastern syrian town of. its blaming the kurdish armed group the white p.g. which he regards as a terrorist organization kurdish fighters withdrew from the border town last month
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under a cease fire deal brokered by the u.s. another 7 people were injured early on to say when a car bomb blew up in the northern town of a frame. in chile the president has asked congress to allow troops back on the streets to defend key public services the request by sebastian pinera came just hours after human rights watch removes a damning report alleging abuses by the security forces during recent protests the cname and reports from santiago. chile has been embroiled in peaceful protests and uncontrollable violence for more than 7 weeks the 2nd time in 5 days the government was served with a harsh report on the state of human rights this time from the washington based ngo human rights watch while recognizing a serious deterioration in public security and the report concludes that security and police are part of the problem rather than the solution the kind of reforms
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that began with chile has to implement to change the behavior and address the fundamental. problems of lack of accountability and brutality of the national police of chile our urgent 0 'd no 7 not excessive use of force illegal detention sexual abuse brutal beatings against thousands of citizens including children as well as destroying or distorting incriminating evidence part of a long list of the bill says used to describe a security force that has not been overhauled since chile return to democracy indeed what different governments have done is to grant it regularly more and more powers to the police without much responsibility in other words we believe in complete. unlike his strong rejection of amnesty
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international's report president civil stamping it out quickly embraced recommendations to create a new modern police force that can be both. affective and guarantee respect for human rights. but in the same breath the president sent a request to congress to authorize the army to safeguard keep public service installations without calling for a state of emergency. much of our basic infrastructure like electricity drinking water and hospitals have been attacked but there's a 2nd benefit it will free many police officers so they can concentrate on being on the street in our parks in the security of our citizens. given chillies history of brutality under military dictatorship bring out the army which is trained for combat is likely to generate more control to see depending on the scope of their mandate but the very fact that such
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a move is even being contemplated is evidence of the incapacity of the police to step to really address the challenges chile is facing and as things stand now it can be argued that the police is contributing to rather than reducing the environment of violence here you see in human al-jazeera. the even more street battles between protesters and security forces in colombia's capital bogota during a 6 day of anti-government protest demonstrators throwing rocks at offices 05 back with water cannon persists about corruption and proposed changes to the minimum wage and pensions as well as taxes and protest leaders are calling for a new general strike after a meeting with president evander kane made no progress on sunday the president opened what he called a national dialogue in an effort to end the anti-government demonstrations. still ahead on al-jazeera as sectarian tensions rise lebanon's outgoing prime minister
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says he's offering a solution by not standing again and can these plants help save the ethnic find out how they're being genetically supercharge to consume more carbon dioxide. hello it's still not startling blue skies and cold nights in china lotus tried streaming off the plateau which means much of central china will at least see some cloud the odds for to rain is not to be ruled out shanghai is down to 11 degrees now at home cause one young to pretty warm $26.00 was lowish humidity the pictures a little bit drier in central parts of china for choosing the temperatures very much the same in the more cloud the clear sky for many places to be honest the rain is still apparent in the philippines in just touching parts of thailand and maybe
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cambodia and across border be concentrating more so in sumatra singapore and probably longer but what you should be seeing is rain here in a good part of indonesia it's rather lacking still there's a reason for it is one reason why kenya has been suffering the floods it's the indian ocean water is not as was it should be off the coast of sumatra for example that tends to kill off any prospect of a good rainy season doesn't mean they'll stay that way just as the moment. now the prospects of arriving in india of course are quite slight and i mean for the frontal system most of the north west very good news today because it tends to mix up the air a bit but the heavy rain is going to be for the south in. the weather sponsored by catherine ways. al-jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we don't know if they were bribed would just use a token of appreciation exposing trade and diplomatic passports today just to work
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$50.00 than the price will go to all of them not involving some of the region's highest officials might work. among the wall al-jazeera investigations diplomats for sale. you're watching al-jazeera recap our top stories this hour protesters have been venting their anger in the east of the democratic republic of congo towards un peacekeepers demonstrators accusing un a failing to stop militia attacks on tuesday 2 people were killed as crowds marched to a u.n.
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base. at least 21 people have been killed in albania by the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in decades the magnitude 6.4 trauma struck the capital tirana and cities in the west and north injuring more than 600 people and chile's president has asked congress to allow troops back on the streets to defend keep up except mrs amid ongoing protests this comes as a human rights watch report accuses police of using excessive force against demonstrators it's. in the u.s. dollar political rivals the democrats are moving into the next phase of the impeachment proceedings the judiciary committee in the house of representatives will hold its 1st hearing next week committee chairman jerry nadler has written to tromp inviting him to attend the session the impeachment effort centers on allegations that president abuse his power by withholding aid to force ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden political hain is in washington she has more on how the next phase in the impeachment process will unfold. so we now know
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the next step in the impeachment inquiry will get underway next week that will be when the judiciary committee has its 1st hearing the intelligence committee basically did the investigation they called in all the witnesses there now writing a report that they will send over to judiciary and the judiciary will host a panel of constitutional experts to ask was what the president did an impeachable offense it's not really defined in the constitution it talks about high crimes and misdemeanors and bribery so they're going to want to question these experts as to whether holding back military aid to the ukraine in exchange for investigations whose political rival raises to that level of impeachable offense now the committee has sent a letter to the white house saying the president can come his lawyers can come they can question the witnesses in this letter arguing that he can either take part or he can stop complaining about the process they've given him till this coming sunday to let them know if he is going to participate is given no indication of whether or
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not he or his lawyers will take part in this next step donald trump is planning to designate the mexican drug cartels as terrorists in the united states trumps announcement of the cartels holds in drugs and human trafficking he said the change in designation has been in the works for the past 3 months mexico's foreign minister earlier said he wasn't expecting the u.s. to make such a move. in lebanon are going prime minister the outgoing prime minister says he doesn't want to lead a new government saad hariri in these announcement puts the onus on his rivals to find an alternate see if we can see the country out of its political crisis as in a honda report some be able. yet more turmoil and even more uncertainty in lebanon following 2 months of nationwide protests against the political establishment caretaker prime minister saddam had 80 who submitted his resignation a month ago has said he no longer wants to head a new government in a statement he said he is moving out of the way after those in power accused him of
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preventing a solution analysts say howdy doody may be maneuvering not only does he have international standing and support but he is the leader of the sunni community in lebanon. it was clear he didn't agree to the conditions the names the other camp insisted on there are certain faces he doesn't want in his government and he's insisting on an independent government and through his stances he's trying to regain popularity. how does this isn't followed 2 nights of violence supporters of the ruling elite in particular the shia parties i'm a little hezbollah are projected their strengths are the streets they drove through neighborhoods armed with metal rods and clubs resorting to violence in what appears to be an attempt to push a political agenda obviously the government is not willing to engage is not willing to listen to the to the people and this is why we are finding more and more pressure there on the pressure we're finding more and more aggressive rhetorical and even their own people taking the streets to try to counterbalance to engage in
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a counter revolution kind of kind of approach. hezbollah has been defending the status quo the iranian backed group is worried that if it is left out of the government it would weaken its power protesters are demanding independent politicians govern until early elections. tensions are escalating sources close to the president say he will hold binding parliamentary consultations to nominate a new prime minister on thursday that could be a tactic to pressure how do you need to change his position or the ruling alliance may push ahead with what. it will be seen as a one sided government. such a government would risk being perceived as hezbollah controlled and could face sanctions from the u.s. which lists the group a terrorist organization it's a dangerous period without a deal that will satisfy all parties further violence is likely said of. beirut.
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the palestinian red cross says 63 people have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces in gaza and the occupied west bank people were protesting against the u.s. shift on israeli settlements. israeli soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at the demonstrators who hurled stones back at them last week the u.s. declared that it would no longer consider settlements to be illegal the un among others described the move as a big backward step in any peace process meanwhile thousands of people have rallied in support of israel spahn minister benjamin netanyahu in tel aviv has been indicted on corruption charges and is battling a possible rebellion within his own party that's now denies any wrongdoing and has just filed the charges as an attempted coup. in malta 2 government ministers have resigned in connection with this scandal involving the matter of a journalist the prime minister's chief of staff also quite as police searched his
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home reporter daphne. was killed in a car bomb explosion 2 years ago while investigating corruption involving politicians and business executives. there's been public anger over the controversy a crowd of protesters so eggs that the maltese prime minister as he was leaving parliament many in malta want joseph moscow to quit but he says he won't resign. the u.k.'s chief rabbi has accused the opposition labor leader of failing to stem anti-semitism in the party the comments came as leader jeremy corbyn unveiled a new man a faster manifesto aimed at tackling racism needs barker reports from london. the labor leader came to deliver a manifesto all tackling racism but this is what awaited him. we call binns been accused of doing too little too late to rid the policy of anti
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semitism. this itll red book is a battle for the heart and soul of britain's black asian a minority ethnic groups but out of corbin's leadership labour's come under formal investigation for institutional racism against jews to jewish m.p.'s left the party citing bullying and corbin has been accused of embracing anti semites his comrades the labor party he said opposes all forms of racism there is no place whatsoever and to some of his men in any shape or form or in any place whatsoever in modern britain and under a labor government it will not be tolerated in any form what so ever i want to make that. the core bit hopes the release of this manifesto will help tackle bigotry racism and prejudice but despite the number of times he and his fellow m.p.'s denounce anti semitism is a message that fails to convince many british or jewish voters in an article with
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the times newspaper britain's chief rabbi ephram meir this accuse corbin of a failure of leadership a new poison sanction from the top he said has taken root in the labor party corben supporters including the labor peer. who fled to the u.k. to escape the nazis has been quick to defend him labor party base and face manifesto has some excellent things in it we've got to get that out to people in the country to the minority groups in the country to the to the jewish community to the muslim community and others really get it out and say to them look this is where we stand on this issue and i will say about that i do i do think it is a very serious business when the chief rabbi speaks and. boris johnson was quick to respond to the chief rabbi his comments denouncing what he called a virus in the labor party but johnson to face these accusations of racism describing muslim women who wear the burka as letterboxes a recent poll found that nearly half of conservative voters would not want a muslim as prime minister. the conservative party has
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a situational and systemic problem with islamophobia that it consistently fails to tackle racism is rife in society unemployed school parties left and right as you said no form of racism is except that parties must commit to addressing the concerns that have been raised about racism in their respective parties while britain's 2 main parties trade accusations of racism arisa didn't a london underground network has received widespread praise a muslim woman stepped in to defend a jewish man and his children and racist abuse in. the midst of britain's fierce political debate these are the kinds of values many would prefer the country's leaders to more clearly display the parker london. promises made so far on greenhouse gas emissions water enough to prevent climate chaos a warning from the un and it's on your progress report looking at the targets set
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for 2030 by the paris agreement it found that despite the pledges concentrations of warming gases in the atmosphere reached a record high in 2018 and even if all those pages a met sampras's are still expected to rise over 3 degrees celsius this century so the un wants all countries to take much more drastic action to reduce emissions by 7 percent each year over the next decades while much of the focus on reducing global warming has been on cutting fossil fuel consumption but scientists in california are working on genetically modifying plants to help soak up greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide rob reynolds has a story. for planet earth and for dr joanne shorey it's a race against time jury is a multiple award winning plant biologist at the salt institute in california she's also been battling parkinson's disease for more than a decade her old idea is to genetically modify existing crop plants to reduce the
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planet warming chemical carbon dioxide we knew that plants really were good at sucking up c o 2 from the air they've had 450000000 years or more. evolution and that makes the plant really efficient some plants can get that c o 2 out of the atmosphere and they can concentrate in the music during photosynthesis think back to your school science lessons photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight water and c o 2 into stems leaves and seeds plants expel oxygen as a byproduct but while forests are shrinking globally farmland is expanding the fact that cory says can help cut 0 to the beauty of our planet actually comes down to never using the food. given them another trait they can see questions coming
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and put it down in the saloon the basic idea behind this science is to genetically modified crops plants like for cotton or soybeans to absorb more atmospheric carbon carbon is then stored in the plants roots and kept under round out of the air the scientific team wants to develop food crops that will grow longer deeper roots to sequester the extra c o 2 the absorb in their tissues as they grow the hope is over. a decade or more that enough of that carbon dioxide will be sucked out of the atmosphere that we will be able to begin to mitigate the. the rising c o 2 levels because of the burning of fossil fuels jory admits it's a bold initiative which could take years to implement if the gene manipulation is successful but for her it's personal there is an urgency with this project and for me you know i'm 64 years old and i've heard for 16 years at one time well
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i feel good i have to do this you know we have to stay so on point to get it done right now with single goal you have to keep your eye on the gore joyent jury a warrior in a laboratory fight for planet earth robert it's al jazeera lahore you kill for. now again i'm fully back to ball with the headlines on al-jazeera protesters have been venting their anger in the east of the democratic republic of congo towards un peacekeepers demonstrators accuse the un of failing to stop militia attacks on tuesday 2 people were killed as crowds marched to a un base catherine saw is in goma with more details about what's going on. the situation is still extremely tense in benny and temple which is
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a neighboring city in the temple we're told protesters banged a u.n. vehicle and a government office in beni angry young men on the street all morning through the afternoon they were trying to get to a military base that is very close to the airport it's also a major logistics hub but they were passed by. soldiers. at least 21 people have been killed in albania by the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in decades the magnitude 6.4 tremor struck the capital tirana and cities in the west and north injuring more than 600 people. chile's president has asked congress to allow troops on the streets to defend the public services are made ongoing protests this comes as a human rights watch report accuses police of using excessive force against demonstrators. 3 bombs set off at the same time have killed 6 people in iraq's
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capital baghdad in the 1st apparently ordinated attack since anti-government protests began almost 2 months ago it's believed the attackers used to explosives field motorbikes and a roadside bomb meanwhile protesters have again clash with security forces as the demonstrations continue they say the government is too corrupt and broken to deal with poor public services and high unemployment. israel has bombarded empty training camps belonging to the military wing of hamas in the gaza strip israel's army says it was responding to rockets fired from gaza into its territory there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack and no injuries have been reported in the exchange of fire you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's the bottom line stay with us.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question has congress convince the american people that impeaching president donald trump is justified let's get to the bottom line. the impeachment agrees officially 2 months old and it seems that the only thing that it is really proved is that americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes in one donald trump tried to bribe a foreign country into investigating a political rival to win the elections next year and then the other democrats are conspiring to destroy the president at any cost and their partners are an evil media spewing fake news diplomats and bureaucrats from the quote deep state plus some ukrainians who many believe are the real meddlers in the last election rather than the russians so what universe are we fortunately we have 3 people in the.


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