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if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minority in the world. more deaths in iraq as protesters continue to take to the streets even though prime minister hands in his resignation to parliament. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the pressure mounts on multiple prime minister to resign now a wealthy businessman is charged in the murder of a journalist. a day after a deadly attack and the london the u.k. prime minister bows to toughen sentences on terror offenses. we wanted to be accessible to the 9000000000 people that are going to be on the planet in the next
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20 years about watering task the race to create a plant based on pork or without any meat that everyone can enjoy. iraqi prime minister mahdi has formally submitted his resignation to parliament but that has done little to calm protesters across the country demonstrators clashed with security forces after trying to block a road in baghdad and medical officials say 3 protesters were shot dead and at least 58 wounded when a fault in our courts from back that. the day prime minister of the mahdi submitted his resignation crowds in tahrir square showed no intention of packing up and going home banners were still held high doctors remained on standby to treat the wounded and new street art sprung to life depicting the aspirations of the protest movement
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. for many the prime minister's departure is just the 1st perhaps the easiest step on a long road towards change they want parliament dissolved and fresh elections to be held under a new election law the problem is not just the prime minister it's not the queen as a whole all of them have to resign the prime minister to leave someone similar to him will replace him. it's a fear that risks becoming a reality in an emergency cabinet meeting of the mahdi said he would stay on as part of a caretaker government until parliament chose his replacement in the midst of morkel to be. there is no doubt that the council and its parties and members will oversee the finding of an appropriate solution as fast as possible because the country in this circumstances cannot a caretaker government for a long time so i want the parliament to complete the procedures to appoint a new prime minister and government. that process could take weeks even months and
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requires buy in from local and foreign power brokers because. for sure the political parties are facing a difficult exam they can't go back to the balance of power that used to be in place they have to come up with an extraordinary government which has to complete the process of passing a new election law that is agreed by the protesters. but reforms won't bring the victims back nor will they appease those who mourn them as the death toll rises demands for justice grow louder. comes to tahrir square every week to pray for the victims she doesn't just want to leave she wants his government to be held accountable to the not it's. not just him those who opened fire she gave the order this is blood this is the blood of the people of the year they kill their pride claims and they go to the graves instead of celebrating their
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wedding their stained with blood. but all those responsible for the bloodshed should be punished the government has promised to investigate the most recent violence but as the focus shifts towards appointing a new prime minister such promises risk being forgotten demonstrators have welcomed his offer to resign but their joy is overshadowed by uncertainty over whether he will really leave and what will happen next with big changes to the rockefeller or long many fear that whoever succeeds him will simply carry on with what they see as the same failed political force that we want to hold to al-jazeera. harbison iraq analyst at the washington institute for near east policy he says the resignation of a delta mahdi puts the entire iraqi political system in unchartered territory. the resignation of the prime minister automatically means the resignation of the entire cabinet. this is the 1st time that this happens in iraq so the legal ways forward
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not necessarily clear but one way or another there has to be a new the president has to give mandate to a new person or a new bloc in parliament to form a new government the prime minister in his resignation letter specifically said that iraq needs a permanent government rather than a caretaker government something that the street have requested the latter a caretaker government that you know once the affairs and till new elections are in place for the new system to be in place i mean adelman he was the face of this lack of accountability in the iraqi political system rather than the system itself so he could easily be scapegoated in fact is probably overdue for him to be leaving the scene but this is not the end of the road grand ayatollah sistani has played a significant role in channeling the protest movement into a single ask of the political leadership and of the government obviously in the absence of strong iraqi state institutions on the one hand and also in the in the
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absence of organized civil society the inability of the populists and public protest movement into being translated into employee specific apps that allow us that he has played that again referring back to. these resignation letter he doesn't say in response to the protesters but specifically says in response to the call by grant that the losses. pressure is growing on not as prime minister after a prominent businessman was charged in the murder of a journalist organic fan and chester ny complicity in the murder of daphne crayon eclipse jan 2017 this isabelle's into a major political crisis for the prime minister joseph muscat his chief of staff resigned this week amid reports he was being questioned by police but to albert de lay a journalist at the malta independent about the possible repercussions this case could have on the prime minister. the prime minister he's expected to be giving
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a call about that with tomorrow morning and the indication is that he will be announcing his intention to step down and got talking about the process for the leadership race for the labor party which would he's part of which will culminate cognitively in an election which will involve will take place on the 18th of january as to whether he stepped down imminently we are not entirely sure yet. about the protests are demanding that his resignation is its immediate ever since. the 1st of all not in panic to help and days ago there's been a process and each time the crowd gets lots and lots and all of them are calling for the same thing that is. his immediate resignation and this is something that that's tough but. ever since the assassination even the panama paper scandal and was 3 years ago when. people stop who resigned the law last tuesday and the new
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minister who also resigned last tuesday where we name the having secret companies. it's intervale the man who killed 2 people in a knife attack in london was released from prison last year after serving just half a sentence for his part in the failed bomb plot sun khan was shot dead by police on london bridge friday he began his attack at a conference he was attending on prisoner rehabilitation catherine stansell reports . dramatic new video showing bystanders as they take down an attacker on london bridge after he went on a stabbing rampage they use a whale tusk and a fire extinguisher to stun him and then tackle him before armed police move in. i've been born and bred and bred in stoke on trent in co beach and the older community knows me and the will know you if you ask them di will know that the labels will deploy not that i'm terribly nice to stuff you will know. i know tovey said those words spoken by just over 10 years before friday's attack.
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28 year old was attending a conference on prisoner rehabilitation when he threatens to blow up the venue he stopped 5 people before running out to nearby london bridge. in 2012 he was convicted in connection to a plot to blow up the london stock exchange he was released from prison in december last year serving less than half his sentence we will to toughen up the sentences full serious and violent offenses and i've said for a long time that i think that the practice of automatic early release where would you cut a sentence in home often that really serious violent offenders out early simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that is working i'm afraid with this case the pearl board said it had no involvement in his release in a statement it's such given the seriousness of this attack it is understandable that
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there is speculation about the attackers released from prison the parole board can confirm it had no involvement with the release of the individual identified. does the attacker who appears to have been released automatically on license without ever being referred to the board police are searching khan's home in staffordshire 3 hours north of london they believe he was acting alone and there's no further threat to the public the circumstances surrounding khan's release are now in the spotlight the former head of the national counter-terrorism security office has issued a scathing criticism of the criminal justice system saying that it's playing russian roulette with the public by allowing convicted criminals to be released from prison too early and this will be a key election issue here as well with police and prisons being subject to budget cuts over recent years catherine stansell al jazeera london. hundreds of people are protesting outside a police station in india where 4 men accused of raping and murdering a 27 year old woman are being held there demanding the police and the suspects over
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to them as honey on reports. hundreds of protesters gathered outside the indian police station where 4 men accused of killing and raping a 27 year old woman were behind bars the victim was a veterinarian she left her office on wednesday evening but never made it home about the ok that's what she was on her way to see a doctor she had parked her scooter near the plaza on her way over there at around 9 o'clock a stranger approached her to tell her that the scooters tire was punctured she called her sister but after that her mobile phone was turned off and police believe the suspect damaged the victim's tire beforehand a plan they say to offer help and then attack her her charred body was found the next morning under a bridge. the murder has renewed anger over the government's handling of sexual assaults with shame and fear of not being believed many cases are not reported
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political and religious divisions are often exploited into dry and the foreman and if it was one of them as well and so muslims are out the problem rather than think back to the uk here's the problem this effect will consent to the problem government figures show that 32000 rape cases were reported in 2017 the year before more than 2000 girls younger than 12 were raped in 2013 india's government double prison terms for rapists to 20 years it also lower the age which a person can be tried as an adult from 18 to 16. but some critics say these laws haven't done enough that needs to be some kind of a prevention program so to speak to prevent this because we have all various but all we're always shocked and angered by these crimes but we find ourselves left with no solutions. to address these crimes so that they don't repeat themselves this latest case now sparking
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a new wave of outrage across the country katia lapus of the young al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera anchor on the streets crowds kill just suspected problems in the democratic republic of congo plus. farms of the future we travel to wales to see how all techniques could help save the planet. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across turkey it is going to be very messy wintry weather over the next few days and the reason being is we have a front that is coming in off the black sea bring you winds out of the north temperatures will be falling as we go from sunday as well as into monday but starting here in ankara it's going to be a rainy and windy day for you temperature of about 10 degrees by the time get towards monday the temp is dropping but you will be seeing more sun in the forecast
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out to the east so it is going to be quite heavy snow particularly the higher elevations and a lot of rain down across parts of iraq for baghdad you will see that rain as well your forecast is going to start with rain starting on sunday evening very heavy rain by the time we get to monday as well as some very gusty winds and tuesday a much better day with the terms of their of 1000 degrees where here across the gulf expect to see some fog in the morning particular here in doha we're going to see a high temperature of about 28 degrees so very nice conditions on monday though we could be seeing a rain shower to notice that we do have some clouds just to the north from monday to tuesday those clouds will start to shift a little bit more towards the south so rain showers could be in the area and then very quickly across parts of southern africa it is going to be quite hot across much of the area we're going to be seen johannesburg at 32 in durban with a temperature of 25.
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as flames engulf to be honest in the world watched in horror but behind the smoke screen america is developing the. forest and its inhabitants vickie lynn pulled a personal police standing up on differently before he leaves sends a message to everybody in the community fold lines meet on the front line of defending their environment and docs who stookey into flames in both scenarios brazil isn't burning on al-jazeera. or watching your office or as a reminder the top stories this hour iraq's prime minister abdul mahdi has officially handed in his resignation to parliament but that's done little to call
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him protesters across the country with another 3 people shot dead in baghdad. a prominent businessman has been charged with complicity in the murder of a journalist the charges against organ finance put further pressure on prime minister throws of muscat to step down. and more information as emerged about the man who killed 2 people in a knife attack in london on friday based on khan had been released from prison after serving hatha sentence for his role in a failed bomb plot. there are many protests and israel demanding the resignation of prime minister benjamin netanyahu demonstrators gathered in tel aviv waving banners describing netanyahu as a corrupt leader last week he was charged with fraud bribery and breach of trust yes rejected calls to step down and accuse prosecutors of staging an attempted coons. place in mexico have killed at least 10 people in a shootout with members of a criminal gang a gun battle took place in the state a core we live not far from the border with us after gang members began attacking
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local government offices 4 police officers also died security forces for one made in that area for several days measles outbreak sweeping through samoa has now killed 42 people and more than 3000 cases have been registered since the outbreak began last month health officials say most of the victims are children under the age of 4 measles immunization rates dropped in samoa in 2018 after 2 babies died because the vaccination was not administered properly. unfortunately in samoa part of what is happening there has to do with some social net social messaging around an anti vaccine group and this is now being measured in the lives of children who who have died in in the course of this outbreak. a mob in the democratic republic of congo has killed 2 suspected rebels in the town of binay and northern keep to region the crowd attacked
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a man and woman dressed in civilian clothes after guns and bullets were found in their bags they accused them of being members of the allied him a crowd of forces which is playing for killing more than $100.00 civilians in the past month the most recent attack on friday claimed 14 lives let's take a closer look at the allied to mcready forces group it was formed in 1905 by ugandan rebel leader as a combined regional rebel force it was originally based in western uganda but later expanded into neighboring democratic republic of congo according to the un the group had an estimated 122-1500 fighters in 2013 and operated mainly in the eastern congo the city of beni the allies in the product forces has been accused of committing widespread atrocities in the region including rape and the use of child soldiers up and so as more of the latest attack in cuckoo tama and says families are still afraid the rebel fighters might come back. residents are now feeling that
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it's safe to go and assess the situation we're also hearing that some of the bodies are mutilated others have their heads cut off and this is a situation that people have been talking about for the past week or so people very upset with what is going on but. able to calm and carry out attacks yet we have thousands of soldiers in that area carrying out an offensive against a.d.f. we have u.n. peacekeepers in that area as well yesterday evening the 28 people who were killed this week. the families there are still very much in shock still afraid that these rebels might come back and we've been talking to the governor of north kivu where benny's a territory in north kivu province will be talking to the governor about just what is going on. he said that this seems to be a strategy being employed by the a.t.f. they want to cause maximum panic and fear they want to show that benny is and
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governable the security situation is out of control and they know that people are angry security forces so they're playing on that and they want to anger people even more so that we can see more protests going on and if this president has been re-elected for a 2nd term he won the presidential election with just over 56 percent of the vote he was 1st elected in 2014 with a sweeping majority but his popularity has slipped among amid that is growing frustration with the lack of jobs and economic difficulties. and sellers in the indian state of bihar facing attack after a massive hike and prices prices rose after weather extremes damage crops india is the world's largest exporter of onions but banned exports in september to keep prices down. russia's parliament has resubmitted a bill against domestic violence that failed to pass 3 years ago but m.p.'s pushing for the law are facing threats from conservatives and religious groups so it wasn't as a story from. reported her husband's abuse weeks before her death police
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said santo we're seeing so gay a policeman himself could only be fined and she would jeopardize his career when she asked for a divorce her husband stabbed her 57 times but if. the child went to wake up his mom in the morning and found her with her throat sliced open cover didn't blood and her eyes half closed that's how he described it himself the fact that sergei has a child was considered a soft circumstance isn't an absurd situation he killed this child's mother he left his child alone with the body of his mom. there are no official statistics but hundreds or even thousands of russian women are murdered by their husbands every year those who managed to escape can go to a crisis center but they're only 15 government sponsored santas nationwide. literature those efforts to criminalize domestic violence have failed so far
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hundreds showed up at this protest against the new domestic violence bill saying the law is counter to russian family values i think something which works fine in traditional gun culture is something recent not. by any thoughtful the last number of laws. for family but a glacial the better for fertility protests like this show no resistance that's facing women who are fighting against the much the violence almost but the opposition goes far beyond these kinds of protest russian women say these groups are well funded and have powerful connections with oksana pushkin a has received threats for initiating the new bill that includes restraining orders for abuses and more crisis centers for fake them it is a slogan. of course they have covering the government it can't be any other way nothing would happen if they didn't have serious court we're aiming to win and if
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it doesn't happen now it will happen in 25 years from the generation changes but it's better if it happens now we can save many lives we can save children who see it all happening at home. but a new generation of russian women is already fighting back while they're protesting in support of the bill elaina's mother is fighting a legal battle to strip the man who murdered her daughter of his parental rights because did 9 year old son nikita is afraid what will happen to him when his father comes out of prison stop fasten al-jazeera mosco italy's coast guard has recovered bodies of 7 migrants who went missing after their boat capsized last week that raises the death toll 212149 migrants were pulled from the water when their boat over turned off the coast of lampedusa. funerals been hell for 8 members of the same family killed in an earthquake in albania the victims included 4 young
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children they died when their homes flattened on tuesday at least 51 people died in that 6.4 magnitude quake. the un says global warming is upsetting food systems reducing harmison intensifying poverty and hunger by the way we produce food accounts for nearly 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and they were to travel to wales in the united kingdom where farmers are trying to do things differently but farmers looking after the land whatever the weather is a lifetime commitment none more so than at the holden family farm in the welsh hills where they take a holistic approach to producing food no chemicals have been used on the palm 46 years and they've sown herbst into the pasture to build a copper back to the soil to help offset some of the me thank produced by the cows . that's chicory and in here as well this yarrow burnette and other herbal plants which the cows loved also they have deep roots and they help really live in
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the soil and build the organic carbon by which we need to have to do to address climate change. patrick is a pioneer of the movement to produce food more sustainably he wants governments to support and vironment friendly farming methods while taxing those that pollute and he's encouraging consumers to pay more attention to how the food on the table is produced a lot of farmers doubt whether the system could work and feed enough people but here is a which is demonstrating that this is the future the i.p.c.c. the un's body on climate change says global warming is already upset in food systems decreasing harvests an increasing food insecurity but it says poor land practices a contributing to 23 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from bombing agriculture and other land uses the trend towards more sustainable farming is something we can afford not to undertake and we need to act immediately because we
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probably have only 10 years left in making these changes if we are to avoid irreversible climate change. looking after the soil and seeing its potential for combating climate change is at the heart of what happens a few kilometers away applying camels and contributes to this organic palm success the company being created here is made of only natural materials like grass off when your wood chip if. it is biologically active with billions of microorganisms working to the life of the foil here they aim to be carbon neutral but plan to be carbon negative and everything that's grown goes into the local markets by managing the farmlands of the world you can bring carbon into a situation where it's stable within the saw oil and that will help the future not only for climate change per se but also for food production. farming wherever in
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the world has always been tough but a changing climate makes it even more challenging some farmers believe the answer lies in overhauling current industrialised farming techniques and embracing practices that both draw from and nurture the land and he would al-jazeera in the west of wales. companies around the world are racing to create the best burger without using any meat that's part of a push to reduce the reliance on farm animals which contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions proper and also investigates whether the fake made has enough says all to catch on. that's a really good this is a plant based burger made by impossible foods what we do here is we take simple natural ingredients we take our knowledge of what those ingredients are and we
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recombine them to make amazing delicious products the goal is to revolutionize agriculture improve human health and reverse global warming a tall order for a little burger this company's goal is very clear which is to eliminate the need for animals in the food system by 2035 raising food animals and the crops to feed them consumes a 3rd of freshwater and nearly half of all the available land on planet earth remaining forests are rapidly being felled for farming destroying biodiversity and accelerating global warming about 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from animal farming methane the product of bovine belching and flatulence is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping atmospheric heat the people in this industry say that if consumers begin adopting clip based meats in
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a big way it could have an enormous effect on global warming the current system of producing need is not sustainable air go it will definitely go away at some point we've reached peak how so what's in it soya for texture potato protein for flavor and nutrition ferment it soil for flavor coconut oil for food. and sizzle and other natural ingredients getting the taste just right is the priority the. key to getting you know very wide adoption the plan face me products means to actually give hard core meeting interest their real experience not like a new experience right some nutritionists warned that the processed ingredients in plant based meat are less healthy than vegetables by themselves but the demand is growing and plant based meat is already being sold by fast food chains fine
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restaurants and supermarkets we want it to be accessible to the 9000000000 people that are going to be on the planet in the next 20 years feeding humanity and healing the planet that's a win win so blown up at seat rob reynolds al-jazeera redwood city california. and richelle carey these are the headlines on al-jazeera iraqi prime minister abdullah abdullah mahdi house formally submitted his resignation to parliament but that has done little to calm protests around the country demonstrators clashed with security forces after trying to block a road in baghdad and medical officials say 3 protesters were shot dead and at least 58 wounded. were. i spoke with my resignation was essential to diffuse and calm the situation in the country i hope that problem and
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chooses a quick alternative because the situation in the country council stay in a caretaker government for too long the pressure is growing on malta's prime minister after a prominent businessman was charged in the murder of a journalist organ french has denied complicity in the murder of. a link 2017 it's a belt into a major political crisis for the prime minister joseph muscat his chief of staff. resigned this week amid reports he was questioned by police. more information has emerged about the man who killed 2 people on a knife attack in london on friday. had been released from prison after serving half of his sentence for his role in a failed bomb plot hundreds of protesters have surrounded a police station in the indian city of hyderabad were 4 men accused of raping and murdering a 27 year old woman are being held there demanding the police and the suspects over to them the woman's body was found on thursday morning under a bridge she had been doused in fuel and set on fire place in mexico have killed
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at least 10 people in a shootout with members of a criminal gang the gun battle took place in the state koa not far from the border with the u.s. after the gang members began attacking local government offices or police officers were also killed security forces will remain in that area for several days. in the democratic republic of congo has killed 2 suspected rebels in the town of benny in the northern region the crowd attacked a man and woman dressed in civilian clothes after guns and bullets were found in their bags they accused them of being members of the allied democratic forces which is blamed for killing more than $100.00 civilians in the past month. those are your headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come faultlines it's that next. al jazeera is an investigative unit goes undercover in the caribbean we do the world bribe with if you don't get
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a fair piece we should exposing trade and diplomatic passports today just to work so. hard on the parcel good will overlook involving some of the region's highest officials. al-jazeera investigations diplomats to sail. in is van. kagame on the eve of the one month. ante. when. just 3 days. in august the world watched in horror as images like this commander brazil.


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