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from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts. with the listening post on al-jazeera. there are as parliament is set to discuss the prime minister's resignation but protesters still demand a complete overhaul of the political system. hello and welcome i'm peter double you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up an angry crowd kills 2 people in democratic republic of congo after weeks of attacks by rebels in the east. a show of gratitude in hong kong with rallies to thank the u.s. for approving
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a human rights law and renew their call for change plus we want to be accessible to. the next. thought wrong to ask we'll tell you about the race to create a more attractive veggieburger. top story the iraqi parliament is set to meet today in the coming few hours after the prime minister marked his resignation is expected to top the agenda to know he's formally submitted that resignation the papers to go with his resignation but that's done little to calm the protesters there demanding a complete overhaul of the political system demonstrators have once again fought with the police in baghdad and medical officials say 3 protesters were shot dead similar fulton is in the capital. the day prime minister of the mahdi submitted his resignation. crowds in tahrir square showed no intention of packing up and going
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home banners were still held high doctors remained on standby to treat the wounded and new street art sprung to life depicting the aspirations of the protest movement for many the prime minister's departure is just the 1st perhaps the easiest step on a long road towards change they want parliament dissolved and fresh elections to be held under a new election law the problem is not just the prime minister it's not the queen it's a whole beehive all of them have to resign if the prime minister leave someone similar to him will replace him. it's a fear that risks becoming a reality in an emergency cabinet meeting of the mahdi said he would stay on as part of a caretaker government until parliament chose his replacement in the missing morkel to be. there is no doubt that the council and its parties and members will oversee the finding of an appropriate solution as fast as possible because the country in
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this circumstances cannot enjoy a caretaker government for a long time so i want the parliament to complete the procedures to appoint a new prime minister and government. that process could take weeks even months and requires buy in from local and foreign power brokers because. for sure the political parties are facing a difficult exam they can't go back to the balance of power that used to be in place they have to come up with an extraordinary government which has to complete the process of passing a new election law that is agreed by the protesters. but reforms won't bring the victims back nor will they appease those who mourn them as the death toll rises demands for justice grow louder. help comes to tahrir square every week to pray for the victims she doesn't just want of the mahdi to leave she wants his government to be held accountable. and let's do it in the outlook the not it is not that
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a number not just him fire. this is blood this is the blood to the people of the well it's a kilt. and they go to the greats instead of celebrating their wedding day stained with blood all those responsible for the bloodshed should be punished the government has promised to investigate the most recent violence but as the focus shifts towards appointing a new prime minister such promises risk being forgotten demonstrators have welcomed the his offer to resign but their joy is overshadowed by uncertainty over whether he will really leave and last will happen next with big changes to iraq's out of her law many fear that whoever succeeds him will simply carry on with what they see as the same failed political force that they want to hold me in all of this era of the. line to baghdad and my colleague. mohammed just walk us through what we think will happen in the parliament today. well peter it's expected the parliament is
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going to be meeting in just around 2 hours from now but you know we must be out of office when we say that and that's because there have been many times in the past couple of weeks when parliament has said they are going to convene when it's quite urgent for them to try convene and yet it doesn't happen maybe a quorum cannot be met perhaps aren't as people were just it's a little bit chaotic here right now nonetheless we just we're been told the phone is expected to meet and yet we're not quite sure precisely if that's going to happen. nonetheless let me tell you a little bit about what's happening here in your square at this hour we've spoken to a lot of the demonstrators who told us that they believe that the body that prime minister i've been mad he has submitted his resignation letter to the cabinet and to parliament they think that's a good 1st step that doesn't go far enough let me show you where we're at you hurts alone and talk in her report about people who come here to pray for those who have been killed in these demonstrations where we are here this tunnel into your square what you're seeing. here people who come out some of them youth activists some of
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them older people they're lighting candles they're sitting vigil they're reading out from the put on for the memory of those who were killed in these demonstrations . this is one of the things about to where that makes it so interesting while a lot of the time it is quite a vibrant atmosphere while you do hear music while many people are happy to be out here you also have so many of these activists that have lost a lot of people that they know and because of that they are upset and so they want to pay tribute to their memories this area right here has become quite well known as in this epicenter of the anti-government demonstrations but that let me just show you a little bit here what you see these are these these murals quite remarkable many of them painted in repainted every day they get more elaborate as the tunnel goes on they get bigger and they get more elaborate but this is protest street art here in baghdad artists many of whom i've spoken with who say look we don't have opportunities to express ourselves and to and to work and so we're coming out here
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to support this movement and that's what makes the rear despite all the violence despite all the chaos and so many parts of the country that's what makes this place so special to so many who continue to come out day after day mohamed thanks very much will toshi later. crowd in eastern democratic republic of congo has killed 2 people it's accused of being rebels it happened in the east and town of benny in provence the crowd of tanks a man and woman dressed in civilian clothing off finding guns and bullets in their bags they suspected them of being members of the allied democratic forces which is blamed for killing more than $100.00 civilians in the past month the most recent was on friday with 14 people losing their lives to cooma correspondent catherine sawyer catherine is this violence still ongoing as we speak. well what happened is that this 2 people it was a couple and a child the child is safe so they were taking a taxi they went to take
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a taxi to take them to one of those areas. where people are still afraid to go and where these killings have been happening so the tax cuts a bit uncomfortable and took them to the main office where they were questioned they were not clear on that and says they did not have i.d.'s and when they saw this taxi people soft their bags they found all that paraphernalia uniforms belonging to the fire to see that the army. also bullets and a firearm as well and other paraphernalia so people gathered and stoned them to death now what is happening what has been happening since last night is the people in beni have been setting up checkpoints and satch ing everyone who's coming into the city particularly people who are coming from those areas where people were killed they're saying they want to take security on their own hands because the government doesn't seem to be doing that. a little later today catherine you've got the director general of the w.h.
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is going to be in the region what can we expect to come out of those discussions absolute. but we don't already he's going to be traveling to benny where basically is is going to be assessing the situation there and also boasting the more of his staff members that he's an area where people where health workers are responding to and a boiler outbreak that started a little over a year and a half ago just. to go and they've also been attacked boiler respond as this week's was passed 4 of them were killed in areas where people are still getting infected some compounds those off he says all of them are attacked as well so now w.h.o. has 7 reduced on the what capacity operations have come down they have also evacuated from stuff members we also have some humanitarian organizations like you
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when child agency unicef that has evacuated 9 of jill stuff members as well as doctors without borders and this is really quite detrimental because a lot of gains have already been made in this fight against a boy and you know this director general doc that had those again to use this to say is that if the situation the security situation if it goes on and checked then this is going to be a big problem because all those gains that have been made will be lost. catherine thanks very much. protesters are back on the streets of hong kong for another series of weekend rallies today one of them is a march of gratitude to the united states it's made its way to the american consulate there last week the u.s. president donald trump approved legislation aimed at protecting human rights in hong kong a separate rally is taking place near government headquarters against police brutality it will end at the polytechnic university where last month there was
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a siege by students so the clock is among the protesters in syria is it just young people so far today or are we seeing that sometimes not now almost predictable kind of demographic spread all ages people from different professions as well. where we're at the other rally it's a march in on calderon side and what i'm saying is thousands of people still streaming past space it's been underway for more than an hour now and we've got every generation represented here i should say this particular rally was approved by police which means more people are inclined to join it because they're not afraid of any kind of confrontations presidential this started at calderon at the star ferry about an hour ago and as you can see behind me they've now not just the few past but they're actually now blocking some of these roads is a 3 lane highway on my right and people are running or marching along there now the route where it's going it's starting in about the stuff areas going over why past or nearby polytechnic university how to how the home which is a very busy trying station of course is polytechnic university which is right in
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that the city the polytechnic university that was the out the you know the campus that was under siege for about 3 weeks and that's a journey ended last week and we had more than 1100 protesters arrested by police after leaving or finally leaving at that particular campus now this one as i mentioned it's been approved by police but we have right place in front of me and we have right place the whole way along this march monitoring things at this practice to peaceful but there could be violent confrontations if there's any provocative night 2 or. behavior from these protesters but at the moment as i mentioned it's meant to finish a few hours but the moment it's still a peaceful gathering so when the marches get to the polytechnic university could potentially be a flash point we're talking about. i magine there the right place whitfield off once again polytechnic university and i had left on friday off that sage and in the universe the management team went back in to clean it up but outside thousands
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of place will be deployed here in this area to try and stop them going back inside but as i mentioned to my myspace bill we have a number of generations old and young represented here you also meant to there were 2 other rallies in hong kong on sunday that's the other one that's thanking the u.s. for their signing of the hat human rights and democracy act as well as the others which are practicing or talking to police and this one is the anti government in general message but certainly they're trying to bring it back bring the message back to the 5 k. demands which are political reform and independent investigation into the police conduct during the 6 months of demonstrations 0 thanks very much. still to come here on al-jazeera why russian politicians pushing for a law to criminalize domestic violence the facing threats. and we'll tell you why christmas in bethlehem will be extra special this year.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast with a lot of weather to talk about here across europe 1st of all starting down here across much of the southeast we do have an area of low pressure pushing across the black sea and with that a front is making its way across turkey today we're going to be seeing a lot of winds a lot of rain exposure with the system but we're also going to be seeing a cool trend as we go towards the next couple of days so here on sunday we're going to see at about 10 degrees to the north though notice it's a lot clearer so once this pushes through things will get much better across much of central europe we're talking about a lot of clear skies here berlin you can be seeing tempers only reaching to about 3 up towards warsaw at 2. and as we go towards tomorrow the system out here towards the west is really going to bring a lot of clouds across much of eastern and also central europe and snow across much of the higher elevations for italy though it is going to be the rain more rain across much of this area of course we are talking about saturated soil so flooding
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is going to be a major concern there here across parts of the northwestern africa we're going to be seeing an increase of clouds as well as raid so for morocco really not looking too bad and are bought today with a temperature of about 18 degrees and as we go towards tomorrow we're going to be seeing a lot more rain coming into play there over here towards algiers though it is going to be quite a nice day with a temperature of about 18 for you. the weather sponsored by catherine. talked to al jazeera we were told that between all the ration has this been addressed by turkey we listen what these the proposal. for. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the ground 0. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.
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you're watching al-jazeera welcome if you're just joining us these are the top stories the iraqi parliament is set to meet today with the prime minister abdullah abdullah marked his resignation expected to top the agenda but that's done little to calm protesters who want a total overhaul of the political system. demonstrators in hong kong have held a march of gratitude for the united states organizers say they want to thank washington for proving legislation last week to protect human rights in the territory. and a crowd in eastern democratic republic of congo have killed 2 people accusing them of being rebels fighters from a rebel group of killed more than 100 civilians in the past month. well the u.n.
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peacekeeping chief is visiting benny where there have been protests against the perceived failure of u.n. forces there to protect residents against the violence he admitted the u.n. has room for improvement but he did call for unity among local partners to the city go bust a bit if. the message is that you shouldn't make the wrong enemies we are on the side of the people of this region. congolese people are there any things we can do better of course they are and we will work on it are our partners with whom we work with every day also thinking about how to work even more closely with us the f a r d c armed forces the national police the authorities. 6 european countries have joined a trading system developed to do business with iran without violating u.s. sanctions belgium denmark finland sweden norway and the netherlands have all become shareholders in stacks now the system was founded by france britain and germany all
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signatories to the 2050 nuclear accord with iran the countries say they're working to facilitate trade with tehran but insist iran must return to full compliance of the original nuclear deal thousands of people have joined protests in israel to demand the resignation of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu demonstrators gathered in tel aviv waving banners describing netanyahu as a corrupt leader last week he was charged with fraud bribery and breach of trust he's rejected calls to step down and has accused prosecutors of staging an attempted coup. malta's prime minister is due to address his nation later on sunday there's growing pressure on joseph muscat after a prominent businessman who's reported to close to him was charged over the murder of an investigative journalist your organ fenech has denied complicity in the murder of daphne cohen a girl it's back in 2017 her family has called on the prime minister mr muscat to step down his chief of staff quit earlier this week after being questioned by the
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police are that delay or as a journalist of the malta independent he spoke to us earlier about the possible repercussions the case could have for the prime minister. the prime minister he's expected to be giving a call about that tomorrow morning and the indication is that he will be announcing his intention to step down and got taking up the process for the leadership race for the labor party which he's part of which will culminate ultimately in an election which will involve will take place on the 18th of january as to whether he will that down imminently we are we are not entirely sure yet. about protests are demanding that his resignation it is immediate everything. the 1st of all no not in panic to help and days ago there have been protests and it's time the crowds get larger not all of them are calling for the same thing that is.
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his immediate resignation and this is something that that struck back. ever since the afenifere even the panama paper. 3 years ago when. people who resigned the law last tuesday and in a minute a whole who resigned last tuesday where we name the having the company steering arms president supertaster is expected to return home from china as he faces a 20 year prison sentence he was found guilty of planning in ordering the execution of 15 political prisoners in 1902 to say he has 2 weeks to appeal against the conviction but the authorities have not called for his arrest yet the president has denied the allegations. hundreds of protesters in sudan have marched in the capital demanding answers from the new government they want to know what happened to their relatives who've been missing since a violent crackdown during a pro-democracy sit in khartoum activists say dozens of people have disappeared
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since june more than 250 people died during the demonstrations that forced omar al bashir out of office. namibia's president targe going god has been reelected for a 2nd term he won the presidential election with just over 56 percent of the vote he was 1st elected in 2014 with a sweeping majority but his popularity has slipped with growing frustration over a lack of jobs and a weak economy italy's coast guard has recovered the bodies of 7 migrants who went missing after their boat capsized last week that raises the death toll to 1249 people were pulled from the water when their boat overturned off the coast of lampedusa hundreds of migrants and refugees have died in the mediterranean this year trying to reach europe from north africa. russia is one of the few european countries where there is no law against domestic violence but some politicians are hoping to change that a bill to declare it a crime has been resubmitted to the parliament but m.p.'s pushing for the new law
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are facing threats from conservative and religious groups step rason explains from moscow. had reported her husband's abuse weeks before her death police had sent her away saying so gay a policeman himself could only be fined and she would jeopardize his career when she asked for a divorce her husband stabbed her 57 times but if. the child went to wake up his mom in the morning and found her with her throat sliced open covered in blood and her eyes half closed that's how he described it himself the fact that sergei has a child was considered a soft circumstance isn't an absurd situation he killed this child's mother he left this child alone with the body of his mom. there are no official statistics but hundreds or even thousands of russian women are murdered by their husbands every year those who managed to escape and go to
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a crisis center but they are only 15 government sponsored centers nationwide. religions are those who have efforts to criminalize domestic violence have failed so far hundreds showed up at this protest against the new domestic violence bill saying the law is counter to russian family values i think family is something which works fine in traditional cultures something recent not. by any formal the last number of laws. for family the better for fertility protests like these so no resistance that's facing women who are fighting against the most of the violence almost but the opposition goes far beyond these kinds of protests russian women say these groups are well funded and have powerful connections with oksana pushkin a has received threats for initiating the new bill that includes restraining orders for abuses and more crisis centers for victims it is a slogan. of course they have cover in the government it can't be any other way
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nothing would happen if they didn't have serious court we're aiming to win and if it doesn't happen now it will happen in 25 years when a generation changes but it's better if it happens now we can save many lives we can save children who see it all happening at home. but a new generation of russian women is already fighting back while they're protesting in support of the bill elaina's mother is fighting a legal battle to strip the man who murdered her daughter of his parental rights because their 9 year old son nikita is afraid what will happen to him when his father comes out of prison stop fast and al-jazeera moscow. the attorney in city of venice is holding a referendum on whether it should have greater autonomy from rome the damage caused by last month's flooding is at the center of the political debate the venice experience the highest water levels has had in more than 50 years to say the city
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should be divided into 2 municipalities giving the area its own administration for referendums have been held on that issue since the 1970 s. . thousands of climate protesters have occupied coal mines across germany the police fail to stop activists as they storm several open cast mines in the east coal production was interrupted for several hours the demonstrations are part of a campaign to pressure the german government into phasing out the use of fossil fuels. being a vegetarian is nothing new but the push towards a plant based diet has taken on i did importance because of global warming companies that make meat food racing to create the best veggie it's all part of an effort to reduce reliance on farming on the mills which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions his robe reynolds. that's a really good this is a plant based burger made by impossible foods what we do here is we take simple
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natural ingredients we take our knowledge of what those ingredients are and we recombine them to make amazing delicious products the goal is to revolutionize agriculture improve human health and reverse global warming a tall order for a little burger this company's goal is very clear which is to eliminate the need for animals in the food system by 2035 raising food animals and the crops to feed them consumes a 3rd of freshwater and nearly half of all the available land on planet earth remaining forests are rapidly being felled for farming destroying biodiversity and accelerating global warming about 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from animal farming methane the product of bovine belching and flatulence is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping atmospheric heat the people in
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this industry say that if consumers begin adopting clip based meats in a big way it could have and the norm its effect on global warming the current system of producing need is not sustainable air go it will definitely go away at some point we've reached peak how so what's in it soya for texture potato protein for. flavor and nutrition ferment it soil for flavor coconut oil for fat and sizzle and other natural ingredients getting the taste just right is the priority. to getting you know very wide adoption the plan fails products to actually give hard core meeting their real experience not like the. experience right some nutritionists warned that the processed ingredients in plant
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based meat are less healthy than vegetables by themselves but the demand is growing and plant based meat is already being sold by fast food chains fine restaurants and supermarkets we want it to be accessible to the mine 1000000000 people that are going to be on the planet in the next 20 years feeding humanity and healing the planet that's a win win so on appetit rob reynolds al-jazeera redwood city california. thousands of people have visited bethlehem to mount the start of this christmas season lights were turned on outside the church of the nativity where christians believe jesus christ was born palestinian prime minister mohammad and the mayor of bethlehem at the tree home saturday a relic that's been stored at the vatican for more than a 1000 years was returned to bethlehem is believed to be in politics the wooden manger that was used as the crypt the cult for the baby jesus that abraham has more
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from bethlehem the palestinians are hoping the return of the running will help tourism. part of picking up the pace. thousands of palestinians and the good to me is that come to the manger square which is there's another because church the traditional brotherly oh jesus christ. it took us i know where to get here from jerusalem to cause a israeli checkpoints we were delayed but this is where the way. it's a joyful occasion it's a new beginning nothing competes with the beauty. here but they have another reason to celebrate earlier in the day. that are believed to have been bartz of jesus christ more than 2000 years ago they've been moved to the vatican in the 7th century before making their way back to. the
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relics we'll give to resemble the ministry of tourism. the 3000000 visitors that came to palestine here. more news on our website as ever you know the address by al-jazeera dot com including the top story as well what's going on in iraq. ok let's recap the top stories for you so far today here on al-jazeera the iraqi parliament is set to meet with prime minister for his resignation topping the agenda he submitted his resignation to m.p.'s on saturday that has done little however to calm protest us who want a total overhaul of the entire political system. is in baghdad now on what could happen in the parliament today clearly parliamentarians want to show that they are working on this in earnest they are trying to do something that will satisfy the
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demands of these demonstrators who pretended to come out day after day. but politics are extremely tricky always have been here in it up and so it will be interesting to see if parliament actually does convene as expected today and if they as expected to take up the issue of the prime minister's resignation he has submitted that resignation to the council of ministers it has been accepted by the cabinet now go to the parliament so the question is are they going to vote on it are they going to discuss it what exactly happens next. the crowd in eastern democratic republic of congo has killed 2 people accusing them of being rebels fighters from a rebel group have killed more than 100 civilians in the past month. protesters are back on the streets of hong kong for another series of weekend rallies one of them is a march of gratitude to the u.s. it made its way to the american consulate there last week the u.s. president on trump approved legislation aimed at protecting human rights in hong kong a separate rally is taking place near government headquarters against police brutality
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. malta's prime minister is due to address his nation later today there is growing pressure on joseph muscat after a prominent businessman who is reported to close to him was charged over the murder of an investigative journalist yoakum fenech has denied complicity in the murder of daphne conical in syria in 2017 years family called on the prime minister mr muscat to step down the italian coast guard has recovered the bodies of 7 migrants who went missing after their boat capsized last week raises the death toll to 12149 people were pulled from the water when their boat overturned off the coast of lampedusa hundreds of migrants and refugees have died in the mediterranean this year those are your headlines up next is talk to al-jazeera more news on this channel in a little under 30 minutes see that. until now the. tragedies . but not feel. and that's what we do
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we go. have. a case that was. to fill a void that needed to be filled. in the. politician who's known by the stage name. is recognized as the new face position home but his rise to prominence has not been without its challenges. is considered a threat to a president. who's been in office for more than 30 years his government has arrested and prosecuted several times and the opposition figure.


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