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tv   Arabs Abroad The Doctor The Oilman  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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listen to. this. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the white house says it will not participate in the next step of the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump he had been given a sunday deadline to say whether he would send legal representation to a hearing on wednesday inquiry is looking into whether trump abused his power by asking ukraine to investigate his political rival. the iraqi parliament has approved prime minister out of a bill martin's resignation comes after weeks of protests where more than $400.00 people were killed across the country so manifold and reports from the capital baghdad. after only 13 months in office iraq's of bethel's prime minister
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he has officially stepped down yet his succession is mired in uncertainty according to the constitution the president is supposed to take up the office of the prime minister until they replace minister chosen but instead of the mahdi is staying on as part of a caretaker government. the largest bloc in parliament led by shiite cleric mark tidd out of southern must now nominate a replacement within 15 days 6 it's a murky and often lengthy process that requires consent from shia sunni and kurdish parties as well as regional and global power brokers 7. more than ever the choice would have to be accepted on the streets it's a daunting task for political parties would himself face the wrath of the protestors the hard. with the biggest block based on the last parliamentary election we have to nominate a candidate form
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a government with gardens from outside we will cancel sectarian and political appointments system we give the right to the protesters because the people are the largest bloc and the demonstrations are where the 2nd far as has been made the candidate of the people will be a choice as well. but an older people's choice would require fresh elections a key demand of the pa. lister's you want to do all of this government. believed in you. got the government just so you can say that to. make. sure for the course. for all of the expertise parliament members say that passing these reforms could take up to 6 months but we fully accept and fully support the idea of dissolving the parliament and having a fresh election but that you have to know that this there are. first we have to go
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with it we need a government even an interim government a government before holding the elections at this week we are discussing even past that new electoral law. which is overseeing elections in iraq the new election law currently tabled in parliament suggests an increase in independent candidates at least considerable power in the hands of political parties including the ability to choose the prime minister. protos just say that this resignation is meaningless if they cannot choose the next leader themselves they demand a presidential rather than a parliamentary system whereby the head of state is elected by popular vote a demand that has thus far been ignored by the political establishment see one of 14 al-jazeera baghdad. prime minister jens of moscow says he will stand down in january earlier thousands of people marched in the maltese capital but let him to
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go he's come under increasing pressure with the investigation into the murder of journalist daphne corona going to 2 years ago mexico's president has admitted economic growth in his 1st year in office has fallen short of expectations despite problems with the economy and continued i moderates he remains highly popular. a soldier and his wife in the democratic republic of congo have been killed by an angry crowd they were mistakenly accused of being rebels that happened in the eastern town of beni in north kivu province they suspected them of being members of the allied democratic forces which is blamed for killing more than $100.00 civilians in the past month. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the al-jazeera world station not so much in 5.
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in every part of the world there are stories of arab and me gratian people leave for many different reasons some are just keeping oppression or persecution others seek educational opportunities but others are driven by a simple quest to see more of the world. we meet iraq each other just follow. the channel to norway 5 decades ago he can specialize medical treatment for his
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baby son. today he has a place in history on earth in a museum as a pioneer of the norwegian oil industry. to brazil to meet petro tobias' a lebanese going to college just breast cancer specialist and a former regional president of the brazilian social democratic party and part of the state of south carolina. with modern. calamity man. minute the minute now lots of basho sitting with a man no happy hour for us i don't need a member to meet me by. the gentle guidance or we. don't allow for a man and for me dan regime i meant and had my own exceptionally well
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can't go on. what you do should stop going to heck no one is going to help. my shop with a one of us book but it is the end of me and no. blood no way i don't clash at least one better be here at all but i'm sure i'll have a page out of the. clinic. it will give the it will call your star 3 facing who are those that i want to solving the epitome of our mantra be some working sell some of things all those ha leftists or the incident. i don't know we'll see if i consider one but a miracle may egypt for you this same can all stubborn was lucky you know neil had
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me only he had it or had had a lot busier heroin with the army but yeah minimally on highway but do we arm last legally there is. in it heck malaysia i'm on the street here the pecking mash up sickle either land the money and the well because all do and has for the brave what because i do my job but my me and i. don't want to believe here and him but the weird thing he said will you do is. yeah yeah we are here the believe me i sent sheba dinny lolo market when i was young he can money though . this will come in
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a post for support each year in turn his call him lord jesus he won't be going to that out of it they are born put them on a lot of us i. was on period there was no magic amount of yours it is no more i got to meet seen on the moment my whole capital plus phone tomorrow for the hack eem doing the name she had played by the army. but. surely. mr ashley. danny she. is.
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these hospitals are northwest of sao paolo a city whose famous son the legendary brazilian footballer. the maternity hospital is a much needed facility which was championed by a doctor and politician better toby. who was a bit weird from the center of the mistakes very little big. horn for all but the most are. my few who are there for you are getting a stash but no more stories on mars. bars. mars will grow up some paul martin some border agrees but since for your movie you know what we're . going to see more into the view.
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zach and i share to. me just. now the family has not of us help. me. you know what i'm going. to be nice. when. we. packed my bags who. is systemic all. be. more going to.
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allow peak myself. i'm about my little. set up on top of. the dough to. this i would then. i mean i had to be still. be. my mom would be. paid to have my child but i. would be a cheap shot. say i had. heard. that a sheep but didn't. dr toby ask could have worked as a doctor all of his life indeed as a medic he was one of the 1st to volunteer with the international charity doctors
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without borders his commitment has taken him from europe to asia and south america later he chose a 2nd carrying 1000 would work hand in hand with medicine a life in politics beckons for the young doctor. hired the end of the welcome but again. the. while a desire here can there had been. but i thought. the hullabaloo. m m m i i left medical we don't have a dog stays he had a lemon one a proud moment to come so i mean i was a different world from the boredom of. last through we had minute. or and i with no shirt on i.
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the. land we were had not. made him. and this will. be done with a machete by law to allow the sinking ship to shabnam ship the shabby b.c.'s he did to the country out. of mark and in between. new friends danger zone. here. come a smaller or. near strange. men santa with all the while at the. dismantle
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as. humble a bit of. every little he has been our. while i'm out of the had a passion. on to brazil but our fate will be a hollow salad with the whole new. hack and the whole of the rule of power is that while our mandala. xabi. as a member of the. me a bit of it i was. in the is
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a little but as you lay out my your. thought i believe. dudley bunny is but as you. ain't so paul. he is the simply. simply quite a. little busy involve email to stop all that they feel most. people have is. as. has has it been really has been really. mean and. in the she. has. me. back. home.
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has it. been me. what shop. did it. i had to. let relieve. liberal views to the masses you daddy. didn't be companion romit bill to do. is get symbols. used to. act. a moment. by moment akmal really. have that rain is. about rational.
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not even bush even. if you really think you're going to feel good at washington's. right after evacuating game can do that depends divisive you. can do that but it's not going to duck under the general glow. of. looking forward to retirement dr kobi asked face the choice having thrown his hat in the political ring with candid it said out of our command in 2018 he knew that if his friends presidential campaign must he faced several more years in politics there are sunnis in iraq to be published but the.
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regime already fuck around i'm about ready to rush that. but. my. niece didn't. nana listen haven't. you still email you still really to say. how the name of your had been. by as. a kid but as. the law but as you have another amalia mr amal see it via a mother of sorrow and a popular view assad had a child out of your. son how many i know about are examined by month on no drug
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the son has sabi were limited on was not suck i'm an eye. they'll be able to be as a stockholder. but i. get sears a suit will stand a been if you sue but as you a been if you sued the. doctor to b.s. has dedicated his life to helping others whether through his medical practice or in his political carry in hunting down for 2 full time jobs asked the question on his black life balance and not include his family life. god team should look to.
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one up we assume here that of course and i think you are getting more from london and jim what i'm talking about is the most. gas. and i'm back to the. same they. disobeyed wise and were formulas so much from him then when. you move into. the been. there you mean they took a moment for me to be his to be the pretty and. funny india.
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share that i've been to haiti but i got here but you. could have done better and where you came the blue. water where me on a mound below. that door he really was a made. up bell and the motto would regime i visited the fall to the prison suffuse it came a simple study we did it is a then the we thought then song. you think they told me to spend it by you. i thought of is this a try by little. to. get but i'm attacking. the king of her many my home and i've had. a lot of national and the harmony a. ballot
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but mini me and a month to the left my watch it can disappear that no adult will see is your memory addicted will bear. the left but from my loss or my homie much to little command. is a just keep babbling misdeed obama last night. on the town where one mama. left from adoption is a few years out of our budget she must mom and i some dear mom. today b.s. continues to practice as a doctor involved not far from the city of south. in the 20. 18 presidential elections he campaigned for his friend general dogman and failed in his bid to become brazil's president dr toby s.
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then stepped back from politics to devote all his energies to his medical care here and his family. in part to the iraqi geologist to travel to norway seeking medical help for a baby son today he has a place in history on earth as a pioneer of the norwegian oil industry. the latest news as it breaks new polling shows 70 percent of americans believe the president did something wrong regarding the free with detailed coverage for the 4000000 followers of the movie brotherhood this is just a fully 50 foot their ritual capital from around the world the yellow ribbon became a symbol of the full shots a lot of competition it's jails
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a sufficient loss. a chinese casino empire is transforming cambodia bought funny rapid development and criminology so no one a 50 gave to win is a loser in cambodia. funny how does the ear of. al-jazeera . where ever you are. an investigation of how foreign companies plunder africa's natural resources with trust is showing portland in a big question revealing how new may be as officials demand cash in exchange for feta see. with confidential documents provided to al-jazeera by wiki leaks we're going to say for you committee i was part of the
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crowd and i am not denying it al-jazeera investigations the anatomy of a braai. and i'm down in jordan doha with a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera the white house says it will not participate in the next step of the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump he had been given the sunday deadline to say whether he would send legal representation to a hearing on wednesday the inquiry is looking into whether trump abused his power by asking ukraine to investigate his political rival iraq's parliament has accepted the resignation of the prime minister abdul mock the it follows weeks of violent anti-government protests which have left more than 400 people dead we will stay on top of the caretaker government but attention now turns to who will replace him. i
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want a homeland i want fair rule my heart is heavy you politicians are all thieves and you need to be rooted out. because the prime minister resigned the parliament should resign and the party should get out we don't want any of them. our demands was simple we will take changes and reforms at 1st but now we've discovered fake faces and we don't want any of them we want to change the entire constitution. malta's prime minister joseph muscat says he will stand down in january earlier thousands of people barged in the maltese capital letter urging him to go it's come under increasing pressure of the investigation into the murder of journalist daphne corona going to 2 years ago. mexico's president has admitted economic growth in his 1st year in office has fallen short of expectations despite problems with the economy and continued high murder rates under his money
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a lurker's of adore remains highly popular a soldier's wife and democratic republic of congo have been killed by an angry crowd they were mistakenly accused of being rebels happen in the eastern town of benny north khyber province the crowd attacked them after finding guns and ammunition in their bags they suspected them of being members of the allied democratic forces which is blamed for killing more than $100.00 civilians in the past month lebanon's trade minister says he's asked the central bank to cut interest rates by about half the caretaker government has been trying to tackle the country's escalating financial problems months long antigovernment protests about it to the crisis about $4000000000.00 in hard currency has been withdrawn since september. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al jazeera world stage thanks so much and lifer.
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for some people the decision to move to a different country is a very deliberate one for others chance is a major factor and when opportunities do are rinds it can also be about being in the right place at the right time. geologist carson was living in iraq with a young family this was some 50 years ago and young had no intention of leaving a good job in iraq. but then events took over. staring at always come out here for a. while and. one of the file of us off. my little beer while i was at the moment what kind of to me to a thought of a don't fit our poor daughter but i'm only of course a lot higher no i said no my daughter made obviously my lester.
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sylvia. you do be doing and if you had a. memo so to no reach for. me or my new city in. canada. to do a few. in the time full. of fear for. a while or. to pump up the dune check and wish to mind the regime.
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talk to them. when muslim i want to hug them you and me and all i are to call my mom former she sure or fear for you would wolfy. cardium. the israeli italian men into. we have been colleagues for quite some time. i started in 1978. to 1090 when he departed the n.p.t. we were. working close together and even though he is coming from another kind of quarterback on i don't think he had on the problems of adapting to reach your life . through culliver sees it differently. then no higher shock so you're. a sob she shift to
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a new all i had to move on shore arms to the moon it could be a sort of. wasn't enough we each kind had. the whole. lysine feel midian in some homes near in the congo and also dark arts so that part of the i don't know what. the shots in the general college modern day social scene corner and. shipping which. is on. the.
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in the each found its. to get uptight to walk past. a con with i would deem unusual form robot my fellow. if you have seen con or not these mean just done for them. the search for truth for the jewel in the. con the fear of. dash oh yeah john wells. the managing it only.
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19000000 marius. we did have a less a tradition to work with foreigners of course and norway has been cooperating closely with friends sheehan english and german us and other citizens. but fell a few from from the same melees africa and other places so he was indeed a little strange person in that setting. but by his knowledge and way of working with us i think a prove that he was a very valuable person to us you hochman awful. how soon that. door almost all out mile is dire and you have martin and john and you know in the region the new storm and the region as well. cosmopolitan. we'll be on your i shall bottom of what i can mark on. the map and salt in the way
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she sent me up once. qassam arrived in norway just when the country discovered huge oil resources off its coast he was a geologist who understood the oil business but more than this he had a vision of how norway's oil and gas could be extracted in a way that would benefit all norwegians in a manner that was back and environmentally sustainable. we've been doing patrol henri's also development for the last 50 years and. pretty early in our own experience taken out the petroleum resources a lot of other countries came knocking on our door to understand how we manage the resources and obviously we were lucky to have foraker already in the country come in in the late sixty's. he basically talked
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a lot off. the nitty gritty soft patroller resource money coming from iraq. he was instrumental also in the storytelling and the experience transfer that to other nations will always come a canard initially ne. big. fear be dire it's the how voice a little more stock will have a latino. so you argile bullet. and you can do or mimic to be locked up but we haven't the how and the can arm and all. and all marketing a play or your job and you buy srong fee to have all this the stock well. for a while to feel. the dorothy. for. their families are better of them and
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a bill mr leno. that's very interesting is still all custom pertwee we'll just have to wait and she. seemed to mean the list all. say they'll cost him. best montalvo ensure well look i mean me. bill said to her the beef that can tell larger most delicious c.f.s. deanne. so here can all. we joined our male iolo more than us and because he and i don't which would be. 4 sided i'm at. best and they are in the i'm. coming can too much more effect because when we stop and buy you. feel more stuck about feeling all the for. was indeed a bright future for all costs him he signed up for
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a month and ended up staying for good managing the resources of norway's petroleum directed it. noise management of its oil resources is the envy of the world with a southern wealth fund of over one trillion you as dollars imagine of his personal success is that today he is not simply f. is a turtle the norwegian petroleum museum a stab and he is in fact one of the exhibits all of them in new one is immune. no juice when your doctor is you would you. pick up a wooden sword. have it or. a swipe maturity on the wall. be a woman of her. as you believe and also your clubmen on your terms when they really. are a pickup and mom would have been killed if you thought it. so she
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a kind of 12 then and no woman and voted you don't. own my home. job here and there was another you knew you were going down like. you can see me and now i might have a heart on her but. you know. i only. as. it was norway has achieved what many countries tried but failed to do using its oil wealth to created jobs in a while class industry without damaging the environment perhaps the secret of norway's global success is not no region at all but an iraqi geologist named father
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who cut costs them mr fox. came to norway in a very important time in our development nation as well before before we started being produced at all and he poured in experience from a speck in iraq which turned out to be a very important in or the scion of a system for total management in norway and so in many ways you can say it was a white person at right time when you arrived back in white and $168.00 he is in many ways the backbone of the norwegian petroleum administration in in the rigor that he he showed that his rigor read led to 2 results in 2 important dimensions in my opinion one is seen in the results of the fields you know in patrol you
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you have the disadvantage that you take an initiative and you see the results only 25 years later so now we can look back and it's a great pleasure. the fields have performed exceptionally well many of them billions of barrels have been gained by the initiative gas hosts not been freer after the 1st few months and the other dimension is to look at the people who were around and they've all done very well sure armor for our them good. nice stop there and mr whitmire you shall we may in hum sourish mean we're in the near enough and long drawn. out. and i'm sure my monitor will be unsaid in a hunch a survey in an awful vision of
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a mountain. and the end of war surely cards. having a teacher in the air no knives out at home my luck. doctor enough still you who are fittest. for one's. own or have your tongue or your stamina stamina limb. above man cock hell you warm inside their calmer moments other. than clearing carkner all feel inside them. all it to be years or his you will starve us and our actions. by you either have him or him up oh no no no no no no i won't tell you from under her nose i look for helene in
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a tower one in couple. of corn a lot of us at home. if you walked in help. in the weeds. and the other fuck. that. do it in selene moon comes twice from kathy in our family a lot of mind being. now not agreed on of our offer. mr. feely senate. and fame will flush. their government. just a little mother cut off but it cannot reach. the men haley we shall. show off. doctors be on one k. s.
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. we say i'm your man not my tiffany said a man who we shall call macof that cuff happened to hunt them out to live here and the mouse a fossil across and. the shopping that we feed me john so not enough. i'm also not worried she gets i mean minus in. kind of the law and it is cohen mini and not up on. it's always to we learn and the regia. sex would. fit he'd been t. . nadia. a lot michael
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but oh you can come on on the mossad believe. would you want on fee also subject and then all can know yes. i mean come on he has your own minimal. legit mildly at least kind of his come on be an economy it kind of want to go another way jihad on the would. be a. little heidi. or a. little less of. sheer. weight of the quote that's up come your way up my horn. and here to lot funnier balloon come the moment of the we've seen it come the next a lot of. her protest keys alarm and cornyn a sob in the act of wimberley lord lot of beer and i want to clear.
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the ethanol but i got mom below i would be a job only been on the river you. have come on monica and to some of the. best buy then my in the. n.t. and his children grew up and integrated well into a not region society however after many years of marriage and his not return wife divorced. her did remarry to a woman from his native iraq who faces many of the same problems that father who came south faced when he arrived in norway many years earlier. and i might add all of that thought of. you to let us be some of. your colleagues she. has
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a photo you showed cumberland you were out of the sir you post to her did out quite work if you acted in your much my emotional lap for now which saves a long war. at our own mt so much why lim why are also you. if you not so what own but a few not so lot to tell us all your clear out. yes it does sound. emotional much. so now if you are. seated you can hear it how. she really. miss you. now believe you 1st took the sims.
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in this person in the deed. in the weeds y d's in a field outside our i took on the honeycomb acts of big fear of been spent any bar seen have him here all spotted on focal the white house and. one less of a closed it's all here to a fault oh. i know it. my lot was. gone and though i was just a little boss of them i should say something. who
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has given me an insight and his family life. and i've heard from consultant folk on. i have issues when i worked with them with other arab countries. so there has been a very good help from me. we have been to the theatre together we have been to other things together here in norway which he seems to appreciate. so i think we may have given each other both of us a little bit of a. look
4:55 am
at our house wow pleasurable week the mood easier than of the beach. you know the other kids up the whole time for he did come on what i mean he's a guy he didn't else i have a wealth of will he thought and his heart automorphic or he saw that we didn't know we. bedded in monte agent enough. command in the others get up at the colombo. shas and with amazing sun my feet and me on monday felt one but already here in another we were shopping. all the marketable whole fears loss to install. she told me i love you and the whole. time.
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the inspiring story of iraq you geologist will kill costs him. while his modest about his achievements he played a pivotal role in the success story that has benefited an entire nation. similarly through his work as a doctor and politician and brazil bedrock tobias' has touched many lives. their careers have brought enormous benefits to the people of their adopted countries in very different place. at cheeseman so both are truly remarkable. candid testimonies from lebanese women who is staying single longer.
4:57 am
what's causing this cultural shift in a religious society already in the grip of political and social tension. and all the implications for the arab world as a whole. single by choice on al-jazeera. well as those who choose to going back to where they came from and the thanksgiving weekend this unrolling winter storm is going susan the walls and states this is
4:58 am
a picture of north dakota maybe not a big surprise if you say fodder for example under the snow to if you seen the film it comes across as a cold state in the winter but this is unraveling and rolling eastwards through minnesota through ontario in canada towards new england and that is the story as this low is still in charge but look at the to the north of it as todd has balls means potential because it's because it's cold enough to stay and these windy these the daytime next time she's on sun they're all single figures and if anything it's going to get cold resisting winds up falling in behind it whether or not you get the snow the cold gets right to the east coast and snow showers on the appalachians a long way south as you can see you get to say slightly less cold the wind isn't as strong as you can see but also is rather less snow falling in california is going all the way down from north to south and the rain is possible in the sas during choose day maybe even. there's also a greater likelihood of shout showing up in most a small caribbean islands the breeze is picked up to some degrees and is producing
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big clouds. close your eyes. listen. to the muslim i never thought i'd be singing in parliament with the boy i never dreamt of the way the words fail music speaks to short films about how music enough down the rules and inspire hope for a better life a.j. selects on al-jazeera. al-jazeera world meets to arabs. left the middle east but for successful careers in other parts of the wilds. the lebanese kind of want to just turned on the tension in brazil. occupying the norwegian of the industry. the news on chinese leading to unexpected places.
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the doctor and the oil man on al-jazeera. but. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the opposite of a news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the white house says it will not participate you trump and preachment hearings as it labels inquiry baseless and highly partisan. the search for a new leader in iraq begins now promised a mufti formally steps down just over a year in office. malta's leader will finally resign next month of rest stumbles
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