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tv   In The Absence  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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in exchange for military aid a stray is prime minister scott morrison said he's concerned about reports that in the stray and chinese writer detained in beijing is being interrogated daily wall shackled young known for advocating pro-democracy causes has been held since january suspected of spying china's government denies ill treatment or torture still prime minister morrison says he and his foreign minister are getting worrying information russia is launching a huge new pipeline from siberia to china it will be about 3000 kilometers long connecting 2 fields in eastern siberia to a city over china's border the pipeline will eventually supply 38000000000 cubic meters of gas a year all those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness stay with us. the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing jane's to a breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for
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a year awaiting trial one o one in the philippines is locked up on al-jazeera. i believe you know you know. how you know they can go to europe or iraq you want to believe you even know who they're. going to you go where ever you will and what they're doing how come i know they've got money. i would assume never want to pay that's what i'll tell you i mean you're going to let him go that's what i like yeah i got i am telling you i'm out of service you can order a car to get it normally but if you were to go to cuba water not only on what you're not sure if you had carried on how high up from the top rated one operator. a load we got there were all.
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were. were. were. you know you you. know you don't like all. these are just. one or 2 little i. voting alone nothing to do with those 2 children. the little sisters of this would seem to me you know it's not
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a business. it would. make. her i'm sorry but i. think our number but i'm not quite sure where our doors. are going to fall off. i'm going to start a new version of what are you are going to do you do it will be. with you you're going to. put bill what kind of unity on. how you can move on to feel good about the idea of. the little bit because. d well for horrible. horrible
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horrible horrible horrible but there are or or i thought it was well for our. d country try to head on the government deal you could you know sort of come to that it would fill. up a little bit. but not have it was you know something. i do think that they are you know. i'm the only. one here you'll come back you know how my memory will. i'm going to meet you coming from tokyo are you ok i want to be with you. if you can communicate what you want
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to know where you i'm. i'm i. mean i'm. honestly nobody got. for you i love you. yeah. yeah. yeah yeah he she got me. when he comes home to known to his friends houses has to want to torture this back couldn't just one time you can do when you but that's what you get is when you go you're going to tokyo and those who say my son tend to go and it could him from his from. it are burned out on his and the tip is somewhere. over to christmas in my sometimes crystal so i seem to have ended a time out of the boy took out. the cooking didn't cook tito not on the ground at
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the time it's when i. look at thank god i have just wanted to know it's all good on monday. chip on his own showing on f.l. he's a young much unless you cool come out i'm up and i. will. clooney and will look ahead and out on and on don't go. she. had on the.
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right you. know. you. might if you had to. look at the new you. talked and that.
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you could. thank you now when the. yeah. go ahead joe. because whichever they can go to win and they're. just.
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by lead and they are then you got. out that it would totally teach that. 20th and then that obama got out then get out. until we. get it all. cried our nose from the logical or. i'll get a quill. all right.
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so you deny that he manny and if i don't own and. they also in your mouth. to each other as you call. my him then touches a. model to our john. king on the wound with which i'm drunk. it's something that. we're going to learn more this is a good time. to come along board with our program for. some of. the responders or 1st we're going to virtual.
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hands on a go ahead here. your honeymoon your article interesting argument imminent or are you kind of better for all if anything when i'm on computers or call. it you know when you're not get out in here and don't give something to know that you could just plug it in and then i saw 100 on and on the whole gambit you need to have had and i'm not a doctor good with genetic young focus of john the one to my core certainly got me all. ringback sure there will be a i'm going to do them one minute i'm the. only one. there gentleman very little. i've got he left a little relieved to have in an include when their mother or the other men are. you going to put a 700 m. could an hour yet criminal up on earth from
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a lot during the day i could jump on them you know you have julian's of them but i mean i was thinking of an air there was then abruptly i don't know where a dime on the logical permanent 100 of 100 a clear middle of heaven am. going to assume the employees she thinks going to get into you know it's funny to. turn to. god in. the cool thing didn't even know one day. i'm going to meet. the teacher didn't know milky got. to go in the us in this instance
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a is. still in there no longer just. a motive a wounded by the. smell you didn't go to the taste of the no. it will engender a lot don't always unless one of these think on the explosive going into the low end of a game is all you have people as well it's till we see god. or to become somebody to get help when it. comes on but us alone will do this all. of the part of public order what. he will put them on. the other 3 don't get
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a diva just get on purple were single were treated with under their. pillow under threat as has been done has all the wood in the wrong. place have up seemed on them should i talk to them all awesome elegy who was for take a look at what will. we will know in your own culture cause it hot sauce of all people question and reach it i ot of heaven will all thank the lord of. you know. you have to watch to always think i. get ahead of. shorter to. keep on pushing i was ahead i. wouldn't understand i'm going to. now know.
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the. apocalypse or. the i just saw it do you one day get. calls from going on. at the go or even. i saw. some of. the women there.
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determine the shutter or devoting. that i. talk with. talks it is. going to do them a whole that sort of the. you know what they've. done but in the. you get little money you can move the most awesome. that you can in the brazil just a little one of them into pretty. little
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thing is a total. load is it isn't the. body of the wood you can get. to most of those who don't know. how to hold the other hand the look banking on the. good that is home so that you can you to. will keep an. eye on is what i'm human. you just keep on going on because his youthful idealism. to the quest my sister who could do what it could you know who's who and who.
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knows. what it's all to. go you know if i could not done those little. what i was thinking didn't talk about. how i would have done is a ticket window sometimes. the one. i don't glue could respond to your better quit smoking and i want you smooth. secure with your
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paycheck or if he was a child clear. you don't. use you lose i'm told he. could share more couldn't the holiday is honorable. and i. don't. know would you get a. generality more. for not your targets or not or how about your target. you both similar patterson ok you really have been and you don't. know one bozo they only.
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montel you know it is you none have to know you don't know them. or the. whole you just. so it's you to change. i think.
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when turning in the league in the door to news home. peter. 'd
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i thought i'd. have. to live. with this. but better get out of the you know my god they don't have. well you know.
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i'm. a. country. that's what i'm talking about than the. ones here. even the ones who will. follow. you don't need to jump on. how
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much i want to. talk about. bombs and. so what times are. so. summed up country. so what. then i'm counting random times every day and cook your kitchen then bowden there's an american family that could talk it out it does and the manic mothers of the last thought i was a little. great i got there were abandoned their plans interesting again oh my god will be one of the well possibly their causes and they'd rather go to syria or allowed in there all of those things rather than the
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over in their hunting grampy i thought that as i said it. was up with a viable. but it was a while. and i'm delighted that i said was only there in europe secondly there. then and i didn't make the times of the month now that the people have to poach willing to consider do not know how to answer to the good cheer continue people at any time so that 2 people who say sort of people p. 3. to do. little to students about an open question. should.
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living in a war zone is a risk not worth taking for most. but for a 10 year old boy there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion. will echo one step closer to the place they call home. the distant barking of dogs a witness documentary on al-jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. the be.
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above. the be. above. the book. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together an investigation of how foreign companies plunder africa's natural resources but trust is show important in a big question revealing how namibia's officials demand cash in exchange for favors was the only. confidential documents provided to al-jazeera by wiki leaks are you committed or interested i was part of the crunch and i'm not dealing
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al-jazeera investigations the anatomy of a bra. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters in doha i'm dead in obligates coming up in the next 60 minutes gun shots are fired in the democratic republic of congo as protesters marched towards a u.n. peacekeeping base in bed and. these search for a new prime minister in iraq about as odd about the matthews resignation enough to end months of anti-government protests. the white house declares.


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