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tv   Arabs Abroad The Doctor The Oilman  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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and how his in until how the top stories on al-jazeera the battle against drug crime in mexico has taken a deadly turn for the worse the country is just not stopped the most homicides in a single day since records began in 1997 after 127 people were killed on december 1st many are now questioning the president's strategy of hugs not bullets in tackling drug cartel violence alan fischer reports from mexico city. it will take a while to repair the damage to when you own city hall the memories of what happened here will last much longer. and saturday afternoon a convoy of vehicles covered in the initials of a local drug cartel c.d.n. drove into town and began fighting this the authorities believe was sending
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a message to the regional government to. security forces surrounded the turn 60 kilometers south of the texas border by the time the gun battles ended on sunday 22 were dead 16 gunmen 4 police officers 2 civilians pictures of local politicians were riddled with bullets locals had to literally run for the lights you mustn't run the past the yellow plastic they could feel we were arriving at the plaza with their children many began to shoot at us from the hill and we had to run in another direction the attacking question ended on the day it's no been confirmed was the deadliest since mexico began keeping records $127.00 people were killed on december 1st the day that marked the 1st anniversary of president andres manuel lopez obrador taking office he had promised a new approach to tackling mexico's violence and it is morning news conference claimed the incident quite reluctant was unusual is the castle this case is let's
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say unusual it is not something that happens in quite we'll every day we have a plan for the national guard we need 140000 guards but we only have 70000. later in the day the president met members. darren firmly 9 of them were killed in a cartel ambush near the u.s. border in early november we were updated on the investigation into the murders 4 people have been arrested didn't speak after the meeting. hoses took to the streets on sunday to protest against the president's 1st you know office one of the largest groups demanding he do more to curb the violence u.s. president donald trump says he's begun the process to designate mexico's drug cartels as terrorist organizations mexico opposes that idea but it may find itself under increasing pressure to do something about the moderate especially if there's another day as bloody as the same for the 1st 21000 alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city. police and democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed zain
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protests and benny on monday demonstrators are upset about what they say is a lack of u.n. protection from armed rebel groups u.s. president donald trump is stepping up tariffs directed against 3 allies trying threatens more than $2000000000.00 in new levies on french exports he also announced plans to reimpose new tariffs on steel and value many of them ports from argentina and brazil. amnesty international says more than 4000000 people living with disabilities in yemen lack access to basic needs and report the rights group says because of the current war disabled people around able to pay for adequate care or move freely to hospitals a saudi u.a.e. coalition has been fighting his he rebels since 2015 saudi arabia is urging the group of oil exporting countries to reduce production as it prepares to list its state owned oil firm on the stock exchange sources have told the reuters news
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agency that the plan would see another $400000.00 barrels per day cut from production this would keep our prices high enough during around goes initial share offering and clean up operations have begun in parts of the philippines after a powerful typhoon made landfall in the east parasites and it covered says and authorities are still trying to determine the full extent of the damage for me as president jimmy carter has been to be admitted to hospital where he's being treated for a yearly tract infection infection the 95 year old as the country's oldest living former presidents well that's up to date the u.s. continuous after al-jazeera world.
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in every part of the world there are stories of arab and me gratian people leave for many different reasons some are just keeping oppression or persecution others seek educational opportunities but others are driven by a simple quest to see more of the world. we meet iraq each other just follow. the channel to norway 5 decades ago see can specialize medical treatment for his baby son. today he has a place in history honored in the museum as a pioneer of the norwegian oil industry.
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to brazil to meet bedrock o.b.'s a lebanese gynecologist breast cancer specialist and a former regional president of the brazilian social democratic party and part of the state of south carolina. with modern. calamity man. minute the minute now lots of the shows any minute now know i need our friends i don't need a member to meet me by chum on. the general science or we've. done a lot for me and i've only dan regime admitted and had me on exactly we're going to share a moment. and he's then serious. source comes
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really must the shaba bit was really on moment a bit off. loan to the east yeah don't be sad that here we shop of. beef stock soup that will be like outside heat up out of our vision as may be known. to his struggles he. was supposed to have stashed. my stab you in the media had a motive though. hello i yell new good new friends that sounds happy. but my you who do you tell charlie. i can't go on. what you should stop i do heck no one is going to help.
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my shop when they want to was booked up but it is what i have no. blood no way i don't clash at least one better be here at all but i'm sure i have a page out of bed the clinic. it will give the of. facing who are those that i want to solving the epitome of our mantra be some working cell some of things all those ha leftists or the incident. i don't know we'll see if i consider one but a miracle may egypt boys this game can all stop was a key you know neil had me only he had it or had had a lot busier to be the army but yeah minimally on highway
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but do we are less the calais there is. in it heck malaysia i'm on the street here the pecking mash up sickle either land the money and the well because all do and has for you brave were going on tomorrow but by me and i. don't want to live here and him but the weird thing he said will you do is. yeah yeah we are here the believe me i said she be did me lol a market. yet it can money though i am sure they come in a bus for support each year in turn his call him lord jesus he won't be going to that out of it they are born put them on a lot of us i. was on period there was no magic amount of yours it is no more i got
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to meet seen on the moment my whole capital plus phone 2 more before the hack eem doing that name she had played by the army. but among. almost. surely. mr ashley. danny she. is. these hospitals are northwest of sao paolo
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a city whose famous son the legendary brazilian footballer. the maternity hospital is a much needed facility which was championed by a doctor and politician better toby. who was a bit weird from the syrian the mistakes. but they are. my few who are there are a few who are getting a stash but no one must saudis or mars or. mars will grow up some paul martin somebody robberies but sin for your movie you know what we're. going to see more into the interview. but i'll share to. hear me just. tell the family his
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night of the so. me me. you know what i was thinking. he had to be nice. to have been. went down the line and i might be. attacked by beings who. is systemic. now not. going to. be. more going to. follow i need to. get id law beat myself. i'm a bomb i like. set up. the dough to.
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this i would then. i mean i had to be still. be. here. but i. would be a cheap shot. say i had. heard. that a sheep but didn't. dr toby ask could have worked as a doctor all of his life indeed as a medic he was one of the 1st to volunteer with the international charity doctors without borders his commitment has taken him from europe to asia and south america later he chose a 2nd carrying 1000 would work hand in hand with medicine
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a life in politics beckons for the young doctor. hired the end of the welcome but again. the. while a desire here can there had been. the hullabaloo she and. i left medical we don't have. this case he had a lemon one a proud moment to come so i mean i was a bit clueless from the boredom of. last through we had minute. or and i with no shirt on i. the. land where had not. made him.
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and this will. mostly be done with a machete by law to allow the sinking ship to shop showmanship to shabby b.c.'s he did to the country our. lives suck and in between. the friends danger zone. i let come a smaller or. near strange. men now with all the while at the. dismantle as. humble a bit of. every liberal here they have been our.
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while i'm out of the had a passion. on to brazil but our fate will be a hollow solid base to hold to. the whole of the rule of power is that while our mandala. xabi. as a member of the. me a bit of it i was. but a. little but as you lay on my your. for the. deal but as you. ain't so paul. demise
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the simply. simply quite a. little busy involved email to do stuff all that they feel most. people have is. as. can. be. but has it been really has been talking really. mean about mean and. in the she. has. me while. i back. home. has it. been me. what shop.
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do. i had. to let relieve. liberal views to the masses you daddy bought their votes didn't be companion romit bill to do. is get symbols. used to. act. a moment. by moment awkwardly regime. here that rain is. not about rational. they're. not even pushy evil person even when you know that if you really think you're going to feel good at
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washington's. right at remembering game can do that depends divisive you. can do that but it's not going to duck under that general glow. of. looking forward to retirement dr to be asked face the choice having thrown his hat in the political ring with candid it set out on our command in 2018 he knew that if his friends presidential campaign last he faced several more years in politics then are serious in you have to be. but the. last year i'll do all. the regime what he stuck around i'm about to be trash.
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who are who are. nice to me. now listen. you still email you still really to say. my forehead and. by. then i'm not. a kid but i was in. the law but i was you have another amalia mr amal see it via a mother of sorrow and a popular view assad had a child out here so how many i know about are examined by month on no drug the son has sabi were limited on was not suck common i. they'll be able to be as
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a stockholder. but i. get sears a suit will stand a been if you sue but as you a been if you sued the. doctor to b.s. has dedicated his life to helping others whether through his medical practice or in his political carry and holding town for 2 full time jobs asked put pressure on his black life balance and not include his family life. god team should look to. do a lot of my will chemist rather than the lab some. demene. hakim
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care of the washington avenue or more from london and jim what i'm talking about is in a mouse. and i'm back to that. same vein. disobeyed wise and with formulas so much from him when. you move into. the bin that i've been there you know me then she came want. to be his to be the pretty and. funny india. he. comes hold me. kent is this mother. was serious she loved food bill baird she.
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shyly probably man the other one. wish to be. bill bennett the. deal is. he leave the. lolly any heel on the morrow. he and i will. but i do. not actually on a bit said near i see is he was there had not heard michael she any. the top dog in the bin it was. the look i want to. share that i've been to haiti but the commission here would say you. have done better and where you came the blue. water will hear me on the mound be. that
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he really was a made. up bell and the motto would regime i visited the father the prison suffuse again a simple study we did it is a the we've got the. field so what you think they told me to do this but i mean that by you. i thought of is this is. good but i'm attacking. her and maybe my home and i've had. a lot of national and no harm a year. ballot but mini me and a month to the left manuel to come to see if that new at the game we see is him
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every other kid will bear. the left but from my loss or my homie much to the commando. is a deep really misdeed obama lacks something that not. all the time when one. less from a dash is a finish our what obama did she must. do your mama. today b.s. continues to practice as a doctor involved not far from the city of south palo in the 20. 18 presidential elections he campaigned for his friend. who were injured and failed in his bid to the cumbrous else president. b.s. then stepped back from politics to devote all his energies to his medical care here and his family. employed the iraqi geologist traveled
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way seeking medical help for his baby son today he has a place in history honored as a pioneer of the norwegian oil industry. a story of love family and freedom calling from i was 8 years old you were at school we heard the sound of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me a midnight they told me to leave my son i said how can i buy him i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. and they are pricing coming soon on al jazeera. ancient emperors to communist
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leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning by 1000 years shaped china's world in the industrialized world. the china complex part one on al-jazeera the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square too often. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength.
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right now he didn't know how the top stories on al-jazeera mexico's homicide rates hits historic levels with 127 deaths reported on sunday that's the highest number in a single day since records began in 1907 it comes as president andres manuel lopez obrador completes his 1st year in office and fisher has more from mexico city. the president has said that there has to be a whole change in attitude he believes in hugs not bullets as you see he needs to address the social problems that lead to the economic power of the cartels and he's saying that he's changing what has been done over several administrations there in mexico so it's not going to happen overnight though he's also been saying that while he doesn't think what happened in the weekend was exceptional there are
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people who would argue with that what he intends to do over the next few weeks is published a report which shows the people who aren't doing their job police and democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed during protests in beni on monday protesters are upset about what they say is a lack of u.n. protection from on tribal groups u.s. president donald trump is stepping up tariffs directed against 3 allies trump presents more than $2000000000.00 in new levies on french exports he also announced plans to reimpose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from argentina and brazil and the report from amnesty international says millions of people living with disabilities in yemen that access to basic fundamentals and care the rights group says people with disabilities are among those most at risk since the civil war broke out 5 years ago it's estimated around 4500000 people in yemen currently live with some form of disability assaidi junie coalition has been fighting this year rebels since 2015 cleanup operations have begun in some parts of the philippines
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after a pair of full time made landfall in the country's east hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated and saudi arabia is urging the group of all exporting countries to reduce production as it prepares to list its state owned all firm on the stock exchange sosa's have told the reuters news agency that the plan would see daily production bridges used by another 400000 barrels this would keep oil prices high enough during a round goes initial share offering. well those are the headlines stay with us here on al-jazeera use it's up there it's back to how to sail world.
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for some people the decision to move to a different country is a very deliberative one for others chance is a major factor and when opportunities do are rise it can also be about being in the right place at the right time. geologist qassam was living in iraq with a young family this was some 50 years ago and young adults had no intention of leaving
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a good job in iraq. but then events took over. staring at always. will and. one of the fellas with us off. while it's at a beer and wires at the moment what kind of tomato a fall out of a don't fit at all who are all to but i'm only of course a lot. of. my domain obviously. for now as a national figure. you know i'm enough here collins owes 2000000 reads con now from. all of us to. have been. an all to bar all why do i and nor game can on the side. that's our last shot in. pain filled that. i'm really alive there are many
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10. still more on timor-leste and york and when the other so they're threatening. i can talk about our stockland bad feel shows at the last 2nd. couldn't. they t.l. seattle had been. severe. or are. you going to be doing and if you had a much cleaner. and
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more so to no reach for. me or mine in a city in. canada. to do a few barley. in the time for. coffee or. a while or. to pump up the dune check and wish to mind the wheezy come up talk to them. when muslim i want to hug them you and me and all i had to call my mom former she sure or fear for you would wolfie. cardium. the age of any italian men into. we have been colleagues for quite some time. i started in
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1978. to 1090 when he departed we were mostly working close together and even though he is calling from another kind of quarterback on i don't think he had on the problems of adapting to reach your life . through culliver sees it differently. then no higher shots so you're. a sob she shift to a new all i had to move on shore arm to move to ms could be a sort of. wasn't enough we. kind of. ill arcata. know. lysine feel midian there some homes near in the congo and also dark outside
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that part of the i don't know what. the shots in the juvenile cottage modern day social scene corner and. shipping which. is an. evening. in the each kind of. to get uptight to walk past. a con with i would be an unusual form robot my fellow.
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if you're seen kano on the scene just done for them. the search for truth for the jewel in the. con the fear of. dash oh yeah john wells. the managing it only. 19 when in madrid. we did have a less a tradition to work with foreigners of course and norway has been cooperating closely with friends sheehan english and german and us and other citizens. but fell a few from from their same melees africa and other places so he was indeed a little strange person in that setting. but by his
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knowledge and way of working with us i think a prove that he was a very valuable person to us you have come an awful percinet. to almost all out while one is dying there you have martin and john and you know in the region so much time on the radio as well and so much cosmopolitan. feel beyond me i shot him of what i can mark on. the map and salt in the easy to set me up once. qassam arrived in norway just when the country discovered huge oil resources off its coast he was a geologist who understood the oil business but more than this he had a vision of how norway's oil and gas could be extracted in a way that would benefit all norwegians in a manner that was back and environmentally sustainable. we've been doing
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patrolling resource so development for the last 50 years and. pretty early in our own experience taken out the petroleum resources a lot of other countries came knocking on our door to understand how we manage the resources and obviously we were lucky to have foraker already in the country come in in the late sixty's. he basically talked us a lot off. the nitty gritty soft patroller resource money coming from iraq. he was instrumental also in the storytelling and the experience transfer that to other nations will always come a canard initially ne. big. fear be dire it's the how voice a little more stock will have
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a lety so you see you are gel bullet. yeah and you can divorce men make to be locked up but we haven't the how and not all men and all. and all marketing a play or your job and you buy srong few to have this the stock well. walter feel. dorothy. fairly better have them and the bill mr leno. that's very interesting is that all carson. pertwee will just have to wait and she. seemed to mean. say they'll cost him the best montalvo ensure well look i mean yeah. bill said to her the beef that can do a large almost get a shot so your friends near me. saw here can all.
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we joined our male ego a little more can i ask him because he and i don't which would be. 4 sided i'm at. base and they are near him. come contortion more effect because when we stop and buy you. feel more stuck about feeling all the folks. there was indeed a bright future for al qassam he signed up for a month and ended up staying for good managing the resources of norway's petroleum directed it. noise management of its oil resources is the envy of the world with a southern wealth fund of over one trillion you asked on. a measure of his person of success is that today he is not simply f. is a turtle the norwegian petroleum museum a stab and he is in fact one of the exhibits all of them in new one is immune.
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no juice when your doctor is would you. pick up a wooden sword. have it. for us walk mature again or. be a woman of her. as you believe and also your clubmen on your terms when they really. are. a africa and my heart would have been clearer if you thought it. so see your kind of 12 then and no home in a. voting age it don't. omaha i'm. just here and there was another you knew you were going down there. now i'm on. you can see me and now i might have a heart on how that choice.
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as a guardian. norway has achieved what many countries tried but failed to do using its oil wealth to created jobs in a while class industry without damaging the environment perhaps the secret of knowledge global success is not no region at all but an iraqi geologist named father will cost them mr prakash. came to norway in a very important time in our development as an oil nation as well before before we started being produced at all and he poured in experience from a speck in iraq which turned out to be a very important in or the scion of a system for
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a total management in norway and so in many ways you can say it was a white person at right time when you arrived back in white and 168 he is in many ways the backbone of the norwegian petroleum administration in in the rigor that he he showed that his rigor read led to 2 results in 2 important dimensions in my opinion one is seen in the results of the fields you know in petroleum you have the disadvantage that you take an initiative and you see the results only 25 years later so now we can look back and it's a great pleasure. the fields have performed exceptionally well many of them billions of barrels have been gained by the initiative gas has not been fully or after the 1st few months and the other dimension is to look at the people who are
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around and they're all done very well sure armor for our them good. nice stop here and mr my you shall we may in hum sourish mean we're in the near enough and long drawn. out. and i'm sure my man it will be unsaid there in a hunch a survey in an awful vision of a mountain. and the end of war surely cards. dick living. having the teacher in the air known at home my luck or her doctor enough still you who are fittest. for one's. own or how dear to him and i have
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the stamina stamina limb. above man cock hello i'm inside their calmer moments other. than clearing carkner all humans are the hammer in a wall it took me years or his starve us and our actions. by you either have him or him up oh no no no no no no monk are you from under her nose other felina tower one in cup the cock. her suck on the corner quite of herself at home. if you walked in help in the weeds. and the other for. that. do it in. some choice from kathy in our family a lot of mine being. none other than of often.
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mr. feeney senate. and fame will flush. their government. just a little mother cut off but it cannot reach. the men hey we shall. show off. as be upon k.s. . we say i'm your man not my tiffany said a man who we shall call macof that will cause happen to hunt them not to live here and them on a safe funnel across. the shopping never we fear me john so not enough.
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i'm also not worried she added sammy owes money has been. kind of the law and it is cohen mini and not up on. george tiller we learn and the regia. was. successful. but fit he'd been tear. nadia. a lot and michael been doing it kind of one on the most obviously. we're joined on thi also subject and then all can know yes funded us i mean come on he has their own minimal. legit money at least kind of his commitment be at any kind of homemade kind of one another we. could be a. little harvey leah. or
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a. little less earth. or she'll. get all the love for her quote mess up your guilt my horn you know. and but the a lot funnier but on come the moment of the we've seen it come the next and the whole room. for her because keys. recorded in the song only had of wimberley or a lot of beer and i wanted to clear. it out. but i got mom below i would be a job only been on the radio. for having to. have come on mon qantas to move the salary and a simple short bus by then my in the. n.p.r. and his children grew up and integrated well into a norwegian society however after many years of marriage and his not return wife
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divorced. him did remarry a woman from his native iraq who faces many of the same problems that father who came south faced when he arrived in norway many years earlier. and i might add all of that. when. you know lois some of. your colleagues she. has a photo you showed cumberland you were out of the sir you post to her do that quite work if you're actively in your mileage my emotional map for now words say the long war. at our own mouth so much or why lim why are also you. if you're not so what own but if you have so what's a tally of us will you clear out. yes it does
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sound. emotional much. so now if you. are seated can hear it. you know i lean. this you. know i believe you 1st took the sims. mr lemon in the deed or. ill in the weeds y d's in a field outside our i took on the honeycomb next a big scene of been spent any bar scene have him here all spotted on falcon the why
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in summer. when less of a closed i saw your tour for oh. my lot. got in there and though i was just a little possum i should say something. to how i was given me an insight. his family life. and i've heard from consultant folk on. arab issues when i worked with with other arab countries. so there has been a very good help from. we have been to the theatre together
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we have been to other things together here in norway which she seems to appreciate . so i think we may have given each other both of us a little bit of a. look at our house wow pleasurable week in the t.v. if in the future. you know they have their kids up the whole time for he did on what i mean he's a guy he didn't else i have a wealth of who bought me 5 and it's not the automorphic or his son that we didn't know we. bedded in mom to generate enough. command and how this could help
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if the cologne slutty shas in with amazing sam if he took me a minute cell phone but for leah didn't know we were shopping. all the marketable fears loss to install. she taught me to love you and the whole. time. the inspiring story of iraq you geologist for the local costs and. while his modest about his achievements he played a pivotal role in the success story that has benefited an entire nation. similarly through his work as a doctor and politician in brazil bedrock tobias' has touched many lives.
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their careers have brought enormous benefits to the people of their adopted countries in very different place. at cheeseman so both are truly remarkable. candid testimonies from lebanese women who are staying single longer. what's causing this cultural shift in a religious society already in the grip of political and social tension. and all the implications for the arab world as a whole. single by choice on allergies aaron.
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hello when it's getting colder in turkey now the cloud it's nothing itself it contains birds rain and snow falling out of it the temperatures behind it all coming down in stages this is the picture for tuesday's cloudy in turkey and chris about 8 as high temperature 15 aleppo but the sky here is rain or snow in azerbaijan or more especially in iran and down towards kuwait having had a wednesday in iraq the sun is now out baghdad at 90 degrees tehran of course down to about 10 and then the whole lot news in this direction tails off the sun back out in iran is carved up in turkey. in the forecast for wednesday on the high ground turkey maintains 6 as a high stephanie getting cold there it's back up to 21 on shore breeze you'll notice that given what's happening in iran there's always a hint of a shot destroying itself towards bahrain or qatar that is likely but that breeze coming to the north probably top attempt is a $28.00 and it's been cooler today in doha on wednesday $26.00 cloudy along the
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coast of amman and yemen rather more active cloud is showing itself in southern africa was significant right in the eastern cape ready for it to cross around the tower once again and eventually hitting jo'burg coating things down. canyon journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have a very desperate situations around someone. for. investigating government corruption and the national health care system functions in. africa and some say publish those things some people don't want to many that doesn't mean that the us truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. this is this opportunity to sleep in the area of the moment where there. is little.
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the u.n. says not an enemy of police from the congolese army chief after stopping an angry crowd marching on a nother u.n. base. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm joe to you navigate also ahead an unprecedented number of killings in mexico raises new questions about the president's strategy to deal with drug cartel violence. a powerful typhoon barrels through central philippines ripping roofs from homes and damaging an air.


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